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T-T V'T-Vy
Armies In Manchuria Have
Arranged an Armistice
Pending Peace
St. Petersburg, Juno 17. Tho Novoo
Vrcmya says tho nrmistlco botwcen tho
armies in Manchuria has been arranged.
New York, Juno 17. E. Taknsknsh,
iho Japanese financial ngont, by whoso
effort tho war loans wero floated, has
been summoned) to Toklo. Ho will
lcvo New York Juno 21th. Takashash
will consult with tho imporlal cabinet
regarding further lonns neoded in bust
ncss operations, which will follow tho
cessation of hostilities. Ho said ho -bo-licved
n now loan would bo placed in
America or England, if a rnto as low as
four per cent wore obtainable.
Garden City Lost VYJiIle
Lying at the Wharf at
Port Orchard
Seattle, Juno 17. Tho Sound steam
er Gnrdcn City was destroyod by firo
early this morning, whllo lying nt her
dock nt Port Orchard. Tho captain nnd
crew fought tho flro desporntcjy, but
wero compelled to cut her looso to snvo
tho wharves. Tho steamer was built
throo years ago. Tho flro caught from
tho boilers.
Johnstono City, 111., Juno 17. Forty
lalldings in tho business section woro
dwtroyed by flro early this morning.
The lots is a quarter of a mllliou.
Tho Ifcom Process.
White House;
Results itotn
fee Ladies9
down's Po-
tess Ttn
ole Shoe
Twice tho wear of a welt sole, Is tho
Port wo receive from customers who
t wearing them. . That'a much better
110 we expected, but actual service
frerea It to be a fact.
sole is the Ideal of flexibility.
' haying no Insole la lighter than a
w, tut In appearanco can hardly be
""wgm&hed from the "Ooodyear
BT trices at 12.60 and 82.05 hrinff
Pa within the reach of all.
Cash Store
the only store la 8lem that ha;
Leaders in Chicago Strike
Breake Away From Shea
to End Strike
Chicago, Juno 17. A demand for tho
settlement of tho etrlko is being framed
by nnti-Shcn delegates in tho teamsters'
joint council, nccording to reports to
day. It is said that powerful leaders
of tho tcamstors' union havo broken
away from tho Shea clique, and will
attempt to sccuro enough pledges today
nndi Sunday to forco .tho joint council
nt tho meeting Mondny to call tho
strlko off. It is roportcd that repre
sentatives of several unions will protest
nt tho mcoting of tho Fcdorntion of
Labor tomorrow against tho continu
anco of tho assessment for bcnoflts.
Commissary Stores Burned
and Eight Persons Killed
by Explosion
Moscow, Juno 17. Over $3,000,000
damage has already been caused by a
flro which started last night in tho
commissary storo departments, follow,
ing sovcrnl mysterious explosions.
Eight mon lost their lives as a result
of tho explosions, which aro -believed
to bo duo to a plot. Tho flro is still
Suit Commenced in Nebraska
Against the Grain Deal
ers Association
Blair. Nob., Juno 17. Tho Worral
Grain Company, of Omaha, this morn
ing filed suit against tho Nebraska
drain Dealers' Association, asking
$128,000 damagos, nnd alleging tho as
sociation is n trust. Tblrty-nlno grain
Arms are in tho association.
Chicago, Juno 10. Fred Gardiner,
of tho Daniels Coal Company, and Al
derman Dixon, of the Dixon Transfer
Company, testified before the grand
jury today in tho labor graft investiga
tion that two women were all that were.
present to corroborate tho story told
by Drlscoll. yesterday. This afternoon
J. V. Farwell, Dudley Taylor, II. G,
Hartwell, all prominent business men,
went beforo the jury to give the em
ployers' sldo of the situation. Tho ex
oeutivo board of tho International
teamsters Brotherhood held another
secret session today. It is said the
board is making a final effort to secure
a settlement of tho strike.
Chicago, Markets.
Chicago, June 17.-Wheat, 8860tfj
corn, 53V45iy; oats 31.
SotmrJs like a broad as
sertion; bat some of our cus
tomers who have traveled
say that oar Ice Cream Soda
Is the best they have found
any where. Pare frait fla
vors is what does it.
382 State Street.
W. T. Stelr,
P. G. Myers.
Chicago Merchants Hire
Strikers to Attack Rival
Chicago, Juno 17. Startling testi
mony by millionaire business men of
Chicago, together with much ovldenco
furnished by women friends of tho la
bor leaders, today enabled tho grand
jury to lay tho foundation for indict
ments on n broader scnlo than was sup
posed possible. According to ofllcinls
In tho stnto's attorney's ofllco, not only
will conspiracy Indictments bo voted,
but there will bo truo bills tfor black
mail and extortion, nnd thero Is a strong
probability thnt thero will bo indict
ments for conspiracy to commit murder
nnd for manslaughter.
The grnml 'jury is rapidly drawing
its ovldenco Into shnpe. and within n
tew days it is oxpected thnt thero will
bo enough to form tho most astounding
story of labor crookedness over told in
a court or anywhere else. Tho story Is
coming to the surface as tho result of
disclosures by John O. Drlscoll, who
acted as intermediary botwcen tho busi
ness men and union ofllcinls.
In conscquonco of theso disclosures,
Aldcrmnn J. T. Dixon, of tho million-
alro transfer company occupied tho
witness stand -today, nnd other wit
nesses summoned included Harry G.
Sclfrldgc, formerly managor for liar
shall Field; John T. I'lric, of Carson,
1'lrio, Scott & Co.; John 8. Fiold, of tho
Knickerbocker Ico Company, and Hob
crt J. Thome, nil rntcd as millionaires,
and hnlf a dozen othors.
Assistant Stnto's Attorney Fako do
clared today that tho ovldonco given
beforo tho grnml jury was of a startling
character, and It could only bo parall
eled onco in n thousand years. Tho tes
timony given today, he said, mnlntnlncd
the interest created by tho ovldenco of
Strlko Instigated by Rivals.
It is unofllcinlly declared witnosics
testified that tho strlko against Mont
gomery, Ward & Co. was instlgntcd by
I' rival businoss houses. Stnto's Attornoy
Henley said tonight that tho investiga
tion mm nsHumcu a scope so extensive
that tho full sosslpn of tho present
grand jury, which is to continuo for two
weeks, will probably bo finished bo
foro tho inquiry Is concluded, und that
n special grand jury will bo necessary
for tho routine cm on now ponding.
Admission wns mado by Stnto's At
torney Healoy that tho grand jury had
found Important ovldoneo confirming
tho roport that tho prosont strlko is
tho result of n conspiracy directed
against Moutgomory, Ward & Co., by
other employers and strlko loadors, In
volving tho payment of $30,000 in two
installments of $10,000 and $80,000.
Tho grand jury, whleh has been In
vestigating tho alleged graft in labor
business circles, adjourned nt noon un
til Monday morning. Two witnesses
were examined tills morning, George
Wnhl, storo keeper in tho States res
taurant, who told the jury that certain
labor leaders made a serious threat to
injure him if he continued to buy sup
plies from a boycotted house. As tho
conclusion of the session State' At
torney Fako said that the investigation
by the grand jury had brought about
a cessation of violence In the strike,
and had accomplished much good. lie
said all the testimony heard had been
secured under pressure, as neither la
bor leaders nor employers offered to
testify. Ho intimated that a number
of indictments would be returned next
week, and labor leaders would be in
vited to tell what they knew of al
leged bribes by employeis.
For Blnklng Neutral Ships,
St. Petersburg, June 17. Strong rep
resentations were made to tho Russian
government this afternoon on tho part
of Great Britain In connection with
the sinking of merebant vessels belong
ing to neutral powers, especially the
sinking of the British steamer St. Hil
da, by the erulser Dneiper, near Hong
Kong, June Stb.
Will Hold His Job.
Paris, June 10. The offWial an
nouncement is made that Premier Bou
vier has decided to permanently retain
the position of minister of foreign af
fairs, made vaeant by the resignation
nt Daleasse. The selection of a new
minister of finance will be made to
night or tomorrow.
Nohvay Will Have a King of
the House of Ber
naditte London. Juno 17. A dispatch from
Copcuhngon states that it is loam
on rellablo authority that if tho Swod-
ish riksdag agrees to tho dissolution of
Sweden and Norway King Oscar will
bo perfectly willing to doslgnato a
prlnpo of tho Houso of Bcrnndotto as
king of Norway.
Philadelphia, Juno 17. At a con
ference of Bcpubllcnn leaders this
morning It wns decided tho prcsldont
candidates for sheriff, coroner nnd city
commissioners should step nsido nnd
permit new mon to bo named.
Stockton, Cnl., Juno 17. Tho Ama
dor county double murdor mystery
seems further from solution today than
over. Tho sheriff, who has gono to the.
scene, telephoned todny thnt tho Indlnn
suspected of tho murder wns lnnocont.
It wns discovered this morning that
Mrs. Williams' skull was not fractured,
as nt first reported. Tho throat of
Chostcr Baker, her grandson, had bcon
cut from car to enr, nnd tho head al
most severed from tho body. '
New York, Juno 17. Following tho
nxamplo sot by tho Pennsylvania Inst
week, tho New York Ccntrnl will to
morrow innugurato its now fast train
sorvlco botwcen Now York and Chica
go, reducing tho tlmo between tho two
cities to 18 hours. Dcsnito tho fact
.!. ll.la la At. fiatAt n I .. ...( -'
umt iiii. in biiu iiiDivov mini dvivivu tur
long distances over attempted in this
country, it is tho belief In railroad cir
cles thnt It Is but tho forerunner of
still further reductions. With the com
pletion of tho Pennsylvania terminal in
New York next year it Is roportcd thnt
tho time between this city nnd the
wostern metropolis will bo clipped at
last two hours, bringing it down to 10
hours for the lOOO-milo journoy.
Portland, Oregon, and Oood Old Boston
Portland, June 17. Tho anniversary
of tho battle of Bunker Hill was com-1
inemoratod today by tho dedication of
tho beautiful edifice erected by the,
state of Massachusetts at the cxposi-,
tion, in the presence of an assemblage
of distinguished citizens from all parts
of the country, including a large party '
of Massachusetts people. Today was
also Shriners' day at tho fair, the mem
bers attending in a body. Visiting Ne
braska lumbermen were also guests of
tho exposition,
Boston, June 17. The anniversary
of the battle of Bunker Hill was cele
brated today by the suspension of bust-1
ness, a military display at Charlestown
and other festivities.
Minute Man's Statue,
South. Faimlngham, Mass., June 17.
An interesting feature of today's cele
bration of Bunker Hill day was the
unveiling of a bronze statue of a J
blacksmith minute man as a memorial
to the revolutionary soldiers of this
town. Tho statue stands opposite the
site ef the old Buekmlnster tavern, J
where in the early spring of 1775 a
detail of British officers on & recon
naltering expedition observed from
their window in the tavern the com-l
pany of militia maneuvering, and ad-,
jaeent to the obi burial ground at
Church bill where sleep Fraujlagham'a
quota of revolutionary patriots. I
Leading Corporation Attorney
Selected to Succeed
Portlnnd, Juno 10. Tho Orcgonlan
will say: Senator Fulton an
nounced last night that W. W. Cotton,
ono of the foremost nttornoys of tho
state, will bo appointed to occupy tho
United States district judgeship for tho
district of Oregon, left vncnnt by the
death of Judge 0, B. Bollinger. Mr.
Cotton, tho Oregonlnn says, linn ac
cepted tho' tender of tho appointment
upon tho condition that ho will not bo
required to qualify beforo September.
(It is reported that Mr. Fulton first
offered the. appointment to Mr. Cotton,
but that genllemnn declined on tho
ground that, as counsel for tho Hnrrl-
Portland, Juno 17. An Invitation
wns today wired to Wnshlngton by tho
exposition ofllcinls and Governor Cham
berlain, suggesting thnt tho peace con
ference bo held nt Portland, nnd stating
tho conditions wero ideal, The city is
tho nenrcst tho scat of war; has trade
relations with both countries, nnd a de
lightful climate.
gives way to anowTir.,
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t2.oo wool BimtTa
man lines, ho was getting $18,000 a
year, and that tho judgeship did wot
pay over half as much. So it is re
ported that his nnmo was not eont fta
for appointment. It seems thnt wns alT
a blind, and ho hns bcon slatod for the
plnco nil tho time. Tho peoplo of that
state will not beliovo thnt ono of the?
attorney of tho Harrlmnn system has
been appointed until they nro compollexf
Ootton'a Appointment Certain.
Wnshlngton, D. C, Juno 17. It far
deoldcd thnt W. W. Cotton, of Portland;
will bo appointed judgo of tho Oregon
district, to succeed tho Into Judgo Bet
linger. Ho takes his seat September
old Geo. W. Gray cstato, on Kast State
street. Ho has commenced work nnd
will erect aovernl residences on It, fac
ing Stnto street, which will bo for root,
nnd it is understood that ho already
has tcnacts for them. Whllo nil nro
glad to sco tiio improvements going;
forward, many, and especially tho old
timers will regrot to seo this landmark,,
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homo of ono of Salem's most usaful
families, subdivided. Up to this time
the block has not been platted nor di
vided into lots, ns It wns rosorved be
fore that part of tho city was laid out.
Of couro tho old homo will remain In
tact on tho east hnlf of tho block,
nnd Is now occupied by tho family of
Chns. A. a ray, tho only ono of tho
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