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I-- A Mp'Tl'" "M" - r v liABX EDITION, 330.
NO. 103.
cussed thin afternoon. Thoy concern
tho limitations of Bussia's naval
strongth on tho Pacific, and 12. rr-ln.
ing to tho opqnlngfcf the Siberian fish
ories' to Japan. 4
rtie Only Stumbling: Blocks
Now Are Indemnity ard
Saghalcin Island
Portsmouth, Mo., Aug. 17. Tho en
voy this morning wont to tho navy
Eociproclty Convention Hasa Warm
Tirao Today.
Chicago, Aug. 17. Tho reciprocity
convention received tho 'resolutions of
tho cdmmltteo. -after a dobato of two
hours., Tho' radical clement was ro
strained! with difficulty. Tho commit-
tco recommonded tho convention to rec-
rd over muddy roads but In bright Bntzo tno, principles of protection as
nshlno. Tho conferonco began at ino clni)IlBnoi' policy of tho country;
60. Witto has rocovorod from his
light lllucsa of yesterday. Korosco-
ill, tho Russian secretary, said:
Thero aro splendid prospects that wo
111 bring tho deliberations to a closo
Monday or Tuesday. Thoro aro still
Kiro great questions ror consideration.
bleb aro about indemnity and Sagha-
in, which mlght-tako longer than tho
thers." . ,
London, Aug. 17. A dispatch from
St. Petersburg says a prominent bank-
fconfiruis tho report of a Russian loan
nado in America. IIo statod suppio-
nenUry Ivivgrnlim Vrc(.trieUt 'Wlttwj
hrday. Tho foellng'in regard to peaco
Ii moro optimistic horo,
Portsmouth, Aug. 17. Witto, before
caving for tho conference, said "Wo
ipect to tako up article 9, 10, 11 and
2, and perhaps nrticlo G, which was
iascd over tho other day. As tho mat
ers aro in a mnnnor co-related, so wo
itllevo wo can handle them together.
can givo no idea as to how long 'tho
lonfcrcnce may continuo, as I am not
ood at guessing." IIo would glvo no
ndication as to tho natuo of tho ar-,
to advocato reciprocal concessions by
tiiis means and n minimum- tariff; that
tho question of schedules to bo consid
ered in such concessions would probably
bo suggested by n commission, to bo
created by congress, nnd to urge con
gress to take action nt tho carliost
possiblo moment. It also recommend
ed Jt ba called .tho reciprocal tariff
league, and that a pcrmapont commit
teo bo appointed to keep tho movement
alive. Gov.' Cuminingswns tho princi
pal speaker. Ho said "At loast two
dossetr articles now BCheduled-,in tho
tariff, aro too:high. Ho dcclaf etr that,
protected by tho present prohibitive
tariff, tho homo manufacturorlifta his
prlco into tho region of robbery. Ho
said tho excuses and ovastons"'-of con
gress Bhould not longer bo accepted,
and Wo must chnngo tho minds of tho
present cortgross or chango its member
ship." Speaking of tho treaty Presi
dent McKlnley nogotlalod with Franco,
which had never been discussod by tho
Bono to, Cummins saldi "Shaw com
mitted an offenso, against propriety
when ho said tho treaty gives Franco
everything, and tho United Statos noth
ings Shaw ncvor read tho tariff."
Montana-Timber Being De
stroyed by Widespread
Helena, Mont., Aug. 1 7. Advices to
day from Western Montnna aro to the"
effect that forest fires aro increasing.
Tho grcntost damago being caused is
by tho one in tho vicinity of Clifton,
whoro a large number of men, under the
direction of federal offlcorsaro fight
ing tho flames. The burning forests
cover an nroa of seven mllos, present
ing a solidi wall of fire beforo tho light
ers. It is Impossible to ostlmnto tho
damago at this time, though it .will
reach a large figure.
lielo. nor his opinion as to what action
lonld bo taken. For tho first timo sinco MDC TAfcCl APT
It! nr.tvnt Q.Ia ivn....A n wfi.ltln. . I W W 9 m MB m
Bta hii.iui wuiu VilC0.UU U fuurui
Iplnion as to tho outcomo of tho nogo-
ations. Ho said ho was sntisfiod with
tie progress, as thoy woro gotting along
last. "I think wo will hnvo poaco, but
Ms is just my personal opinion." Pro-
bcols of tho articles havo been ngreod
and will bo part of tho treaty.
hey woro drafted with tbo view of bo
ps ombodlcd in any treaty which may
to mado. I think it is intended for tho
onferonco to tako up all their probe
ems boforo going back to discuss Sagh-
I Portsmouth, Me., Aug. 17. Korosk-
lltz telephoned! at 1:15 tho following
pessago from tho conforonco roems:
'During tho session wo discussed ar-
jielo nine, but failed to reach a do-
talon. Wo finally decided to take- noto
If tho divergence in views, and proceed
nth tho discussion of lator articles.
To will rcsumo tho discussion at 3
J 'clock."
Portsmouth, Me., Aug. 17. Whllo
be envoys maintained their cordiality
tho conference this morning, it is
Icowa that Komura and1 Witto dls-
luaaed the indomnlty onrncstly, and, on
Ihe part of Witto, with much feeling,
t'itto declared that ho favored peace,
but could not agree to it on terms that
rould bo humiliating to his government.
Portsmouth, Mo., Aug. 17. A high
luthorlty says the failure to Teach an
greement on article nine sounds the
eath knell of tho negotiations.' Later
littucaions will provo to bo a mere for-
wllty. Articles 10 nnd 11 were dis-
"iiW Ws
For Women.
Bverv nfliv nnmUn.i all triA TauTi
able qualities of a modern made shoe,
SW, fit and satisfactory wear are
Pril features of the White House
Jne, Our prices aro much lower tp&n
on sn fin(j at regular stores for ths
Cash State
E. T. BARNES. Prop.
Woostcr, O., Aug. 17. Tho deposi
tions of C. J. Brugnior, master, and oth
er officials of the Reliof, who served
whon Taggart was quartermaster of tho
ship, dcolarod Taggart was sober and
devotod to his wlfo and cblldron. II. B
Mulcourt, formerly inspector of police
undor Taggart, at Manila, mado a sim
ilar deposition. Tho attornoys for Mrs.
Taggart proposo to ask tho court, to
grant her a divorce upon tho strongth
of Taggart ' admissions on tho stnnd.
If tho motion is not granted, Mrs. Tag
gart will probably go on tho stand to
morrow, whon her attorneys begin her
presentation of her caw. Taggart was
recaliod today to testify to certain
parts of letters not introduced yester
day. Attornoys for Taggart aro making
n final effort to get into tho ovidencoof
tho hospital rocord of Mrs. Taggnrt's
illness at Cincinnati. Subpoonaos havo
boon sent Commanding the attaches to
bring tho. hospital rocords to court.
That Chinese Boycott.
Minneapolis, Aug. 17. J. J. Hill, of
tho Groat Northern railroad, who" re
turned Bunday night from Nw York',
Wednesday gavo out n short intcrviow
upon tho crop situation nnd trade pros
pects mid conditions for the coming
"If tho Chincso boycott presents tho
export of otlr flour to the Orient, that
will forco about 20,000,000" bushels of
wheat into other foreign countries,
mainly into Kuropo.
Mr. Hill has boon going over tho crop
situntlon very carefully sinco his re
turn from tho East, and has, in fact,
kept informed over since tho crops be;
gan to mature. Ho bolioves that tho
Northwest crop will bo fully up to tho
ftvoragc', if not above. Tho fact thai
tho Chiuoso boycott enters into his in
torviow on tho sltuntion is evidence
that the Chincso situation is causing
gravo annoynnco among the handlers
of tho Northwest's wheat crop.
West Virginia Q. A. X. Reunion.
Wheeling, W. Va.,"Aug. 17. Tho aut
nual reunion of tho Grand Army of
West Virginia, which oponed hero this
mornfng, has attracted largo crowds to j
this city, and hotel accommodations
nro nt a promlum. It is n great event
for tho old Union soldiers of tbo
state nnd their families, and thoy have
-l LANDS j
Thousands Gather at Provo,
'Utah, to Seethe Lands
Parcelled Ont
Provo, Utah, Aug. 17. Thousands are
ihoro to witnoss tho drawing for tho
Uintah lands this morning. Tho draw
ing took placo on nn elovatcd platform,
supervised by n committoo appointed
by tho secrotnry of tho Intorlor. Envel
opes containing tho registrations mado
nt,. Provo, Wornal, Price and Grand
Junction were placed in a box, and 0772
names will bo drawn.
Tho first five names, in tho order
drawn, wore: Bay Daniels, Provo;
Noah M. Bladock, Vornal, Utah; Cary
U Ball, Salt Lake; John H. Pnrtridgo,
.GosVn; Frank C. Moylo, Salt Lake.
Patois is only 21. It is reported ho
lins, boon offered $100 for five years and
vuOyO cash for his selection when h
proyes up.
, Cccr Cost 5100.
IJtllsboro, Aug. 17. Judgo H. T.
Bagloy, Wednesday fined George Ar
inontrout, Charles F. Miller, Sain Vnr;
loy and Charles Stovons, of Forost
Grove, $20 each for violation of tho
game law rclativo to killing deer. Tho
party of four went out to Gales crook
district nnd landed n flvo-prongod buck
It is authoritativoly statod that tho
man who killed tho door is a well-known
pioneer, aged 73 years, and that tho
woapon used was tho first Marlln rlfio
ever brought to Washington county.
he joko of tho proceeding is tho fact
thai tho hunters gavo a picco of tho
venison to tho justlco of tho peace,
named Adklns, on Gales crcok, and
Whoa tho ofllcers searched tho plucCho
"peaohed" on the pnrt. Tho minimum
lino was imposed.
Georgia Populists Moot.
Atlanta, Ga., vAug. 17. Populists
from all parts of thW state aro assom
bIihhoro today for tho purposo of
proparing things for tho coming polit
ical campaign. Tho oxecutivo commit
too of the party mot at tbo Cannon
responded nobly to tho call. Bosldcs Hotel at tea o'clock this forenoon, nnd
tho regular encampment tho First :av was cnllod to order by Chairman J. J.
Excursion In tho Bitch.
Norfolk, Vn., Aug. 17. An oxcursion
train on the Atlantic Coast line was do
railed into a wator-fillod ditch near
Boone station this morning, Many are
reported killod and Injured. All phy
sicians nvailablo have been rushed to
tho scono of tho acicdent.
Tho acldont occurred nt Bruce Sta
tion. Fivo hundred excursionists wero
on tho train, which ran into tho draw-'
bridge, which was either open or broko
under tho weight of th6 train nnd en
gine. Ono car was completely sub
mrTPil In 25 feet of water. At 3
o'clock two dead and 30 injured had
been taken from the wreck.
n -
Giles Beats.Egaju
Chicago, Aug. 17.-E. E. Giles, of
Pittsburg, defeatod tho national cham
pion, Egan, for the Exmoor cup on tho
Exmoor Club links this morning, 3 up,
1 to piny.
Beat tho Butch.
Amsterdam, Holland, Aug. 17. A
dispatch says tho Chinese attacked a
Dutch post at Bambong, and killed 24
of tho garrison.
airy regiment, tho First, Twelfth, and
Fifteenth infantry regiments and bat
terlos A and B of tho light artillery
aro holding their annual reunion bore
Tho local veterans havo mado exesn-
sive preparations for the entertain
ment of their visiting' comrades, nnd
they will bo royally ontertained. Con
gressmen Dovencr, ,Coloncl Bich. Rob
ertson, and many othor prominent vet
erans will bo among tho speakers dur
ing tho camp fires.
Tbo Groat Salton Sea.
San Bornardino, Cab, Aug, 17. Tho
entire flow of tho Colorado river is
passing into Salton Sink, nnd the water
thero Is rising an Inch every 24 hours.
Below Imperial tho big canal intake is
practically dry. There is pave danger
that Salton Sea will be permanent, and
that important climatic changes in the
southern desert country will result. The
Great Delta at tho mouth of the Colo
rado, which has been gqwing rapidly,
has apparently dammed the stream,
Tho Southern Pacific will havo to con
struct a complete nety, track at least
25 miles long around the sea, from
Martemero to Volcnno 8prlngs.
Our home-mace candies are so
delightful to the taste that if yon
once buy of us, you will visit our
stores often.
Minnesota Lands Oponed to Settlers.
St. Paul, Minn., Aug. 17. By direc
tion of the secretary of the interior
tho 37,890 acres of land, formerly be
longing to tho Fond du Lac, Red Laks,
Wblto Earth and Chippewa Indian
reservations in this sta.to wero thrown
open to settlers todaj. Thero was a
great rush by tho thousands who had
previously entered, their claims in the
various land offices of the district.
Ono Year for OUpln.
Dallas, Or., Aug. 17.-At a called
term of the circuit court, Judgo Gal
lpway presiding, held Tuesday, J. W.
Gilpin was sentenced to the penitcn
tiary for pne 'year. Gilpin issue- a
check on the Independence National
Bank, without funds in the bank, and
recelvedbe money for tho check, $50,
from W. B. McDonald, "of Dallas. The
charge was obtaining money under false
Cruiser Chicago Ashore.
San Franeisco, Aug. 17. Tho cruis
er Chicago, which, with the. Rmningtoii
in tow, was to have arrived from San
Diego this morning, 1 reported ashore
on Angel Island. Tugs went to her re
lief, at at 8 o'cleck: she waa pulled off
Irftih from Chicago. They wero receiv
ed ,nt tho station "by President Goodo
nnd- other officials of tho exposition
and escorted to tho fair grounds.
Ho was tnken directly to tho Illin
ois stnto building, which had boon care
fully prepared for tho occasion A
largo collection of souvenirs of Ab li
lt am Lincoln nnd othor great men inm
Illinois had been installed in tho build
ing during the past wock and every1
thing was In rcadiness-f or tho honored
An informnl reception was held by
tho govornor, nnd afterwards ho ad
dressed tho gnthoring- in front of tho
building from tho steps of tho portico.
Mrs. Donecn, who accompanied tho
governor 6n this trip, was tho guest of
honor nt another reception arranged
in hr honr by tho ladies of tho fair.
Conforonco of tho Disciples of Christ.
San Francisco, Cnl., Aug. 17. Sev
eral hundred delegates nnd ns mnny
lay members of tho Christian church,
or Disciples of Christ, arrived hero
yesterday and this morning to attond
tho annual conforenca of tho church,
which was oponed this morning with n
meeting in tho First Congregational
church. Tho conference is an interna
tional affair nnd thoro nro delegates
from all parts of tho United 8tM,
nnd from mnny foreign countries in at
tendance Tho hendqunrters aro nt tho
Native Sous Hull, The largo evening
meetings will bo held in tho auditorium
of tho Young Men's Christian Associa
tion, whllo tho business mootings will
bo held in tho First Congregational
Sho Will Visit Pekin.
San Francisco, Aug. 17. Advices re
ceived by tho liner Mongolia, and cor
roborated by tho Faclflc Mail Steam
ship Company, stnto that Miss Alice
Roosovelt will not return horo with
Socretnry of War Taft and his rnrty,
scheduled to return on tho Korea, nbout
October 1st. Miss Roosovolt, it is saidv
has been invited to visit tho family of
Mr. W. W. Roekblll, nt Pekin, nnd will
lenvo tho Taft party upon her roturn
to Japan from Manila.
Accompanied by her companions,
Miss McMillan and Miss Bonrdnian, sho
will procood to Pekin, lalor returning
to Japan or Shanghai, where sho will
board tho steamer Mongolia, arriving
horo November 3d.
Chicago Markets.
Chicago, Aug. 17. Wheat 8204 corn,
03 V4; oats, 28tf.
Leave Hudson to Make 400
Mile Voyage Among
"Thousand Isles"
Hudson, N. Y.,Aug. 17, This waa
an ovontful day for this town, which
usually is- not tho scono of stirring
oVonts. Tho cntiro population 'wns on
its feet early nnd n voritnbto holiday
spirit pervaded everything. Many
houses wero doeoratod and on tha rlvor
front flags nnd gay bunting woro lav
ishly displayed.' During tho morning
hours tho motor l)6nts who woro to
start from hero on n four hundred
mile trip rhlch will end , at Thousand
Islands, began to nsscmblo horo. Arf
tho boats arrived, tho captains wero
received by tho raco committoo to ro
celvo instructions for tho cruiso and
permits to pnss through tho Erio canal.
Whon tho signal for tho start was
given p nnnnx about twenty motor
boats, all spick and span nnd with all
their metal parts highly polished,
stnrtcdi their machinery and began to
churn the waters of tho Hudson. Ac
companied by the Ooromodoro of tho
Albany Yacht Club tho floot will run
up tho Hudson to Albany, whoro thoy
will spond their first night Tho cap
tains of the fleot will bo entertained
by tho Albany Yacht Club. At Water
vllet tho boats will enter tho Erio
canal and they will leave it at Oswego,
whoro thoy will bo ontcrtainod by the
Oswego Yncht Club. From Oswego tho
fleet will run to Thousand Islands,
whoro tho Thousand Islands Yacht
Club has prepared a rousing welcomo
for thorn, It is expected that all tho
boats taking part in the cruiso will go
to Frontcnae to witness, tho wntcr car
nival thoro on tha evening of August
25. On the 24th, 20th, and 20th of
August tho races for tho American
Power Boat Association challenge cup
will be run under tho auspices of tho
Chjppown Yncht Club. Th.9, cruise will
officially end on tho evening of August
Holloway. Ho addreseod tho meeting
nnd cnllod attention to tho importanco
of an early start in laying plans for
tho coming election. Tho usual com
mittees wero appointed nnd after sev
eral othor mombors of tho committee
had spoken, rccoss was taken until
this afternoon. It is generally expect
od that tho populists will develop un
usual energy nnd octivlty during tho
coming campaign.
n inir"- - - -
Veteran Voinntoor Firemen's Muster.
Manchester, N. 11., Aug. 17. Tho
annual muster of tho Veteran Volun
toor Firemon openod hero this morning
with n parado. tho largost and most in
torestinir ever held in this city. Conv-
pnnlci from all pnrts of Now England
woro ropresentod and among tho mem
bers wero many men well known all
through tho East. Henry B. Fair
banks was tho chief marshal of tho
parado and Fred S. Bean, Manchester,
Chlof E. 8. Hosmer, Lowell, W, E.
Mnyborry, Bralntree, Mass., Chief J.
D. Randall, Portsmouth, and Andrew
J. Oummlugs, of Portland,' Me., acted
as judges.
i. 1 1 i
Louisa's Confederate Monument Un
veiled. Loulsfy Va.,, Aug. 17. The Confed
erate erected here in honor of the
brave men from this district who were
killed during the civil war, wss un
veiled today "with impressive xeromo
nles. Many "prominent 'citizens deliv
ered addresses, and, after the unveil
ing ceremony, joined the crowds at
their popular celebration,
Indiana Elks in Session.
Muuclo, Ind., Atrg. 17. The annual
convention of the Indiana Association
of Klks opened its two days session
here Jodoy. Every district of the
state is well represented and many
members are accompanied by their
wives and families. An elaborate pro
gramme for the entertainment of the
visitors has been prepared, including
several excursions to interesting points
in the vicinity.
XUlnoU Day at the Fair.
Portland, Ore., Aug. 17. Today is
Illinois Day and the state, la whose
honor the day has been named, waa
well represented on, the fair grounds.
Governor Charles S. Deneen, of Hlln
o'ii, accompanied by a large party of
prominent eitigeas of his state, arrived
-.w. '- . i
hero early tola morning in a special
Clearing Sale
No matter what purchase you may mnko during (ho nalo, just dopend
upon it, yoa will savo money, To tho nverngo homo it means eoonomy in
tbo strictest sonso of tho word, nn opportunity to buy seasonable, depend
nblo goods at tromonduously low prices.
Moro than a month, of warm
weather ahead In which to wear the
dainty summer suits and at these
prices they mako mighty good in
vestments to buy and lay aside for
another warm season. All are of
this season's materials and fashion
Several lines of black lace hose in
well assorted) sizes in patterns to
suit your taste.
2Cc and 33a values in black laco
hose 191
50c values in black lare hose. Spe
cial 30
25o valuos in cblldron 's ribbed hose.
Special 15t
35o values in pink and white
sleeveless vests. Lace trimmed.
Best qualities ., 10
Our Furnishing Goods Depart
ment presents a bargain feast pre
pared particularly for the men. Our
entire stock of nowesl nnd latovt
shirts, worth $1.00 and $1.25, nnd
sold by us regularly at these prices.
Come in and pick out the patterns
you want nnd pay the man.
SO cents
No better values nnywhere.
$15' OO Bell System Men's Cloth,
ing-. Good assortment -.,.$7.50
In colors, green, garnet and black.
Accordion plaited flounce 80 inches
deep. The best values in the city
at $10,00, but as nn extra Induce
ment for our August clearing sale,
we offer them at the unprecedented
price of
Public Demonstration
MJm Isabella naggerty, demonstrator for the famous
AVSll be with us this week. An Invitation is extended to the ladles of
this city and vicinity to call and see these shields. Absolutely odorless
when washed according1 to directions. All sizes in stock.

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