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VOL. XV. ' " : " - --r--r- ,
NO. 213.
togcthor In tho ring nt Colonm this n.
tornoon Britt will bo defeated."
Tho mnnngcr of Brltt said: '"Thoro
, M no chanco for us to lose. Jimmy is
mnstor of Nelson, or nnv ntw 1IM,
IT NnWlr0lght in th0 rhi Complications
II ll J TT I bnvo aris y tho attempt of Nolan to
I run, out, but thoro will bo a fight, and
wo Will TVin.
Britt and Nelson Have
Early Morning Rag
Chewing Contest
Question of Referee Still Un
settled up to 2 O'clock
This Afternoon
S.in Francisco, Sept. D. ATnnagor
Nolan is still on tho ronco regarding
tho rcfereo In tho Brltt-Nclson light.
Ho said this merning: "As I feci now
I will not accept Jeffries. All wo want
Is a squnro deal. If tho two men get
Jeffries this morning reiterated his
determination to reforco tho fight, ro-
gnnuoss of tho attltudo of tho manag
ers. Ho said: "I feel that my rcpu,
totion is nt stake. Each ono of tho con
tostnnts will got a squnro denl, and
Hint's what tho public expects."
At tho training quartors this morn
ing Nelson said: "Brltt will havo
littlo chnnco to indulge In fancy .work
this afternoon. I never felt bottcr In
my life, and I will bo after him a'll tho
tlmo. Ho will havo to stnnd un nml
fight. I feel that I am a suro winner."
Brltt said: "I never was moro con
fident In my life. I intend to moot Nel
son nt his own game, and if ho wants
to slub, ho will find mo in tho center of
New Yotk to Chi
cago in
J 6 hours
That's going some, isn't it. Well, this only demonstrates the progress of
railroading In tho last few years". From ono to thirty teeth In two min
utes without any pain whntovor domonstrntos tho progress of Dentistry in
tho snmo poriod.
I gunrantco to do exactly what I say, nnd without pain, or bad offer
effects. If you want tho original In dentistry como and tnlk It over.
Dr. Wright extracted eighteen
teeth for mo without pain.
Routo No. 7.
B. E. Wright
M.J SUNDAYS, 10 A. M. TO 12 M. PHONE 200.
Foi the Fall Season is Now
It Includes overy
hard service,
desirablo stylo nnd quality for cither dress wear or
Tho 3kom Process.
White House; v
It puzzles the shoemaker's to know how It Is made. It looks like a Good
year welt, but has no Insole, and Is as flexiblo as tho lightest turn solo
made. It wears fully 60 per cent longer than elthor a welt or ordinary
turn sole.
Out Prices Ate $2.60 and $2.95
TVo havo the most complete lino of NEW SHOES in the city. "We make
a special effort to secure shoes for children that combines neat appearance
anJ durability. You'll find the prices much lower than at "regular stores."
s r)-M
&rsv&&d oczd
' &&y&ank &tf"
You can't afford to overlook this sale of the neatest and most comfort
able waut that a "woman ever wore.
I havo just had twenty-ono
teeth extracted by Dr. Wright,
nnd recommend his pojnless sys
tem to all. MRS. O. V. BOQGS,
Ninotcenth nnd Ferry Sts.
the ring. I cau boat him any style, and
this match Is not to be won on a de
cision. Long beforo the 45 rounds nro
fought I oxpect to henr tho time-kcopor
count ton over Mr. Nelson." ,
San Francisco, Sept. 0. Somo of tho
brst ring ndvisers in the country wllj
to uolilml tho principals this after
noon. In Britt's corner will bo Jnmcs
"Spider" Kellcy, recognized as tho
foremost second in tho iCorld; Snm
Horgor, tho amateur heavyweight
champion of tho Pnclflc coast; Frnnk
Rnfnel, Britt's spnrrlng pnrtnor; Tiv.
Krolllng, his boon compnnion nnd train
ing partnor, nml Curt Richardson. Bo
hind Nelson will be Ocorgo Gardner,
who aspires to hoavywolght honors;
Martin Murphy, tho celebrated hnndlor
and conditioner; Hnrry Foloy, Billy
Nolnn and Fred Lnndcrs, tho locnl
lightweight, who has been tho sparring
pnrtnor of Nelson. At 10 o'clock this
morning tho betting was 0 to 10, with
Brltt ruling a strong favorite, with
eon money being offered that Brltt
will not win insido of 25 rounds. This
indicates that wise bettors expect him
to win tho decision nt the end of tho
4" rounds.
Both men weighed In early nt 133.
After tho men weighed in Nolnn do-
just entered the ring. His appcarnnso
In the ring was greeted with a tre
mendous uproar, but tho cheorlng
lacked spontanioty. Brltt was accom
panied by his seconds nnd George Hart
ling, the veteran tlmokccpor, who Is
to act In thnt capacity for the Colomn
Club, Gather will be tlme-keoper for
Urltt, and Jim Noil will sorvo for Nol
Brltt is sentod In tho southwestern
corner of tho ring. Ills seconds nro
now wrapping his hands with strong
tapo bandages.
Nelson refuses to ontor tho ring un
til tho roforeo question shall havo boou
decided. Kvory effort Is being mndo to
get him Into tho ring, ns onco In tho
clmneet of breaking the deadlock would
bo Improved. Wlllio Britt still holds
out for Jeffries, nnd says: "I fear
Nolan has dofaultcd."
Willlo Brltt is engaged in convers
ing with Coffroth. "It Is nftor 2
o'clock," said Britt's mnnngor, nnd I
Insist upon Nolnn being brought here."
At this time tho outlook for tho fight
coming off is none too promising, and
Coffroth is already discussing ns to tho
best method of refunding tho money to
sent purchasers. Through It all tho
W of
If you want to wear tho bost hat In tho market, ask for tho
Roberts $3.00 Hat.
Best In style, quality and comfort.
fall hats in tho city.
Como and sco tho Inrgcst lino
&a.1t?m "Wtfinton lVTJlf fna S
c'nrcd ho would not ngrco to Jeffries
ns referee.
Tho heavy fog which enveloped tho
arena at Coloma all morning gavo
placo at noon to bright sunshine In
nutomobllos, carringo nnd street enrs,
15,000 fight enthusiasts early wended
tnolr way to Coloma, nnd disappeared
within tho immense stockndc. A hun
dred nnd soventy-flvo deputy sheriffs;
took, their places about tho vnst arena
to prcscrvo order. Tho picturo appara
tus was tostcd, and nil is in porfcet
readiness for tho ontrnnco of tho fight
ers. At 10 o'clock Brltt nnd Nelson
weighed in nt Harry Corbett's resort
on Ellis street. Whilo both aro oaslly
within tho 183-pound limit, Britt lmd
a few ounces tho bottor of Nelson. Tho
fightors then wont to breakfast, after
; which they took autos for tho scene of
tho impending battle.
Early in tho morning a great mob
gathorod nbout tho aronn, only to leitrn
that nil bloachor seats, whloh had been
advertised at $3, had been scalped,
and woro being sold for $5 The snmo
color seliomo applied to tho higher
piiccd seats, speculators asking from
$2,50 to $C over the regular prices.
At 1 o'elock tho question of a rf
oreo is still unsettled. Noland will
not tako Joffrles, nnd Brltt insists on
Jeffries. When tho tlmo comes to enter
tho ring If thesltuation Is not change 1
Coffroth win take Nelson's forfeit,
At this hour 1:30 the question ff
who will referee the great champion
slilp' oonteet betweon Jimmy Britt and
BatUlnc Nelson is still unsettled. Man
ager Brltt positively asserts that no
one but Joffrles will aet as umplny
whilo on the other hand Manager No
lan-, for Nelson, Is equally positive that
tho former heavyweight champion will
not officiate. James Coffroth, of the
Coloma Club, announced that Jeffries
will appear as per announcements. He
further states that unless tbo mon can
agroo on a rotoreo before the time of
the. contest, whloh la to begin at 2 p.
m,, ho will call the match off, claim
the forfeits, and refund the gate money
to ticket purchasers. There seems to
be an undercurrent of opinion, that
when It comes to a show down, that
Nelson, in doference to the public
mind, will disclaim Nolan's obstinate
insistence and fight.
Coloma, Cal., Sept. 0. Britt has
spectators aro wonderfully patient,
nnd havo thus far remained silent. At
2:10 p. m. Coffroth hns instructed tho
announcer Jordan, to cull Joffrles Into
tho ring. His appearance started a
volley of applause that lasted 15 or 20
secondn. Jeffries, Coffroth nnd Brltt
aro now In tho contcr of tho ring in
consultation' Announcer Jordan nd
'dressed tho crowd, saying: "Mr. No
lnn will not enter the ring unloss somo
other man than Jeffries is selected."
Tho announcement was greeted with a
Chinese Government Orders
Ten Thousand Tons of
American Flour
Minneapolis, Sopr. 0. Tho Chinoso
govornmont has ordored, through a San
Frnnclsco concern, 10,000 toils of flour
from a locnl firm.
Toklo, Japan, Sept. 0. Premier Knt
sum, nt nu informal meeting of tho
membors of both houses explained tho
ponco terms fully. It dovclops that Ja
pan hns tho right to fortify Capo Soya,
commanding tho Perouso straits nnd re
tains tho full control of tho coal mines
of Fustian and Yon Tnl, and tho right
to protect, by troops, tho Manchuria
railway after tho Russlnn ovacuntlon.
Oisbl, londor of tho progresslvo party,
advised tho cabinet to rostgn. Ynmn
moto, minister of marine, dofondod tho
government, nnd declared tho torms
woro tho bost for tho country.
Robbed Old Jim Young.
Stockton, Cnl., Sept. 0. Four Chi
neso hlghblndors stood up, tied nnd
robbed Chinoso Jim Young's store nnd
ltsNoccupants on tho Byron trnct, near
Byron, Inst night, securing $1100 In
gold and opium. Tho robbers woro unmasked.
Shook Thorn Good,
Rome, Sept. 0. Tho latest omclnl
advices placo tho death list In Calabria
at over 500, and tho injured at 1200.
L. W. Fnnshor, of Talent, hns shlppod
moro than 5000 boxes of pencboo from
his orchard this year. Tho not nvorago
price, f. o, b., is 00 conts por box.
Negro Pulls a Very Ancient
Pullet From the Matri
monial Perch
Los Angoles, Cnl., Sopt. 0. Tho col
ored peoplo of this city nro greatly In
torostcd In a wedding whloh is soon to
tnko placo horo. The blushing brldo,
Aunt Susan Johnson, a full-blooded no
gross, 120 years old, or nt least, thinks
sho is, hns been married six times, sur
viving hor husbnnds, all of whom woro
considerably younger than sho. Aunt
Susan was born on tho NIckoll'a plan
tation, near Wnrrcnton,-Yn., In 178G,
whoa George Washington was presi
dent, and sho says 'that sho had ofton
seen him when sho wns a child. Tho
old woman has not a tooth in hor
mouth, nnd scarcely n hair on her hoau
Hor fnco Is deeply wrinkled, but sho Is
still wonderfully activo and vivacious.
On her way from tho East sho lost her
tlckot nt' Dunlop, In. Sho was com
pelled to stop nt Oinnha, nnd waited
thoro until tho ticket was found and
forwarded to hor, when she continued
her journey, arriving horo littlo tho
worso for hor long trip. Hor futuro
husbnnd Is a negro, less thnn half hor
ago. Slnco hor nrrlvI In tho city tho
brldo lute been tho rcclplont of many
attentions from tho peoplo os? her race,
and many called on her to hear hor talk
of oldon times, far beyond tho recol
lection of tho present generation.
Cream of Tartars.
' St. Petersburg, Sept. 0. Advices
this morning roport a battle in tho
Caucasus between Tartars and Armoiv
Inns, in which nt lenst 1500 woro killed.
. o
Kapshak Goes-back.
Warsaw, Poland, Sopt. 0. Kapshak,
leader of tho rovolt In this city, was
hanged last night. A fresh outbreak
is expected' when this is known.
Chicago Markets,
Chicago, Sopt. 0. Wheat, 82 ; corn,
C3Vjj onts 26.
on pago
1 X JkSJlkueAMonA 2J I
COATS f r ifflWitfWfif iYT-t ffi?fti1llHi3B?iZMWBlty rAWQ I
5 Ji TVFrkc-J. Vwv TSTT I
I Vr 5-J? Y.auia& Ji. VlfUe 2.yjL1Gi.X
M 'ft nm m
Who Bay a New Fall Salt
Will select tho doublo-broasted stylo. This is tho college man's favorlto
and tho emphatic decrco of tho stylo makors hns given it approval. Wo
havo ovcry possiblo color, shade, and all tbo cholcost fabrlea represented In
our stock, and wo havo your slzo at you prlco.
Note the wide lapels with the straight edges; the
length of the coa'; the graceful shape and draping
Shouldors, oollars ami ooat fronts are the faulty parts In moat clothing.
Theso aro the strong points In the clothing wo offer.. The makers of the
clothes we sell build their shoulders up in finely graduated layers of "wad
ding, all stitched in minutely and tapered off. Lapels Ho fiat, with an easy
turning roll. Collars set snug about the neck without bintMug,
We Have Complete Outfits For
Boys Youths -
up the price
scale to
A Ftdl Line ot g
New Cardies
5 478 State St, 360 Court St.
M phone Main 215Pbono Main 154
Ladies' Suits
Bemarkablo values in this sea
son's newest creations in the newest
and most popular shades and colors
of tho fashionable materials. Delay
and disappointment are usually the
lot of tbo woman who trusts to her
modiste for her fall suit. Likely us
not, the stylo effect will not have
tho appearance she expected. Often
tho materials do net make up as
pretty as she thought, and nine
times out of ten the garment Is not
delivered in time, wbieh Is vexa
tious. All these aasoyanees are ob
viated la our suit section. Here
tho variety of choice covers the
whole of the season's style offsets,
and you can tell immediately which
suits you best. And we can lnsuro
o perfect a fit that it could hard
ly bo hoped for from other than the
most exclusive modiste. All sizes.
$4.00to $37.50
An exquisite fabric, light in
weight, firm In texture, with a beau
tiful silky surface. It will not spot,
is sponged, refinlshed and ready for
tho dross makor's shears. Wo show
a very choice lino of colorings, in
cluding the new Browns, Mahogany,
Navy Bluoa, Oxfords, Blacks, etc.
Something in eh ado, quality and
price to suit your requirements,
Stiit Cases
Itussot, Brown, Olive, Strap or
bolt fastening. Stoel frames, shirt
fold, linen lined, brass lock. Boat
value ever offored at
Nono too oarly to make your se
lections, wbero 'you oan get what you
wont of dependable merohundlso.
We are offering n splendid line of
the justly celebrated
Whleh is known all over tbo coun
try for their excellent qualities and
beautiful finish.
AHStees-- All Prices
Are now ready, A most comploto
assortment of newest styles. AH
widths are carried in stock Jj?3,50

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