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I. ly
Smllj"By tho Typcwfftcr. '
A Square Deal for Oregon." is the
significant motto of tho Wlllnmette
Valley Development Loaguo.
Tho Portland Journal editorially en
dorses tlio work dono by t the Willam
otto Development League.' 'Well, that
is eomothing.
' Tho Journal is making n persistent
nnd consistent right fofc (ho'"'UqvcIop
inont of Western Oregon. Thtfso who
understand what that means and who
zealizo tho energy that is put behind
tho fight nro subsoribing for Tho
Journalsco our bargain day offer.
Whatever tho Republicans may do in
tho way of nominations, thoy will not
tako a recount eonvort from tho ranks
of Democratic oflleo holders who cdmo
over at a convenient opportunity to
oflleo in tho Republican party and put
lilm into tho highest place on tho
Tho report on taxation, submitted by
J, A. Corson, of Selcm, was not only
well received by tho (envontlon. but
has been gonorally approved as nn able
presentation of tho subject. Mr. Car
son showed himself a man of ability to
draw up such a report, nnd scouro tho
unanimous support of tho conservative
committee 'with which ho worked.
Thero are no factions nmong tho
Marlon county Republicans. Thoy
stand for good work. Tho city govern
incut is cionn nnd accounts honestly
lor its rovenucs ana tries to do pro
grcssivo. Tho county is out of debt
nnd our ponplo seem to believe in tho
political church or tho best licks.
Charles A. Johns, of Raker City,
announces his candidacy for Governor
in tho Portland Journal. Not a bnd
piaco to annouueo it, considering thnt
tho Journal lms won every fight it has
mado in a political way.
Tho Orogoninn'a proposition that tho
Stato University nnd State Normal
schools bo consolidated nnd located at
Portland is a flno expression of liberal
Portland thought for the development
of tho whole state. Move tho state cap-
Scott's Emulsion is cod
liver oil prepared as a food
not a food like bread or meat,
but more like 'cream ; in fact,
At is tlie cream of cod liver
oil. At the same time it is a
blood-maker, a nerve tonic
and a flesh-builder. But
principally it is food for tired
and weak digestions, for all
who are fat-starved and thin.
It is pleasant to take ; children
like it and ask for more.
W'n Mud jrou uuptc, frea
SCOTT & BOWNE 409 Peit Street. Ntw York.
William W. Booth of Hillsboro
Killed in the Heart
of the Town
on npprovoH security whonovor con
dltlons warrant it. Preference, of
courso, being given to our regular
Porhaps wo. aro n little exacting
in tho seloetion of security. But
l our plan of loaning money Is ad
vantageous to ovory good borrower.
Salem State Bank
ital thero and tho state fair, and then
thero will bo no need of building any
railroads Into the Interior. Wn dan
flnko up somo that wo have.
That noted cinm-digger, lion. B. P.
Jones, of Lincoln county, was nt tho
Development Convention, nnd n tele
graphic invitation to tho big dinner at
tno American inn wan forwarded to
hlrn, costing $1.31 t olograph charge.
Ho paid it and wired a tolcgrnph reply
to Prcsidont Qoodc, of tho Lewis and
Clark fair board, that would havo cost
thnt goutiomnn about $0,50. There is
nothing slow nbout tlio mnn from Toledo.
William W. Booth, of Hillsboro, was
brutally snot iiown on the streets nea.
tho center of that town Snturdny night
Sovoral porsons hoard tho shot, nnd it
was but a few moments until Booth was
found and carried to his home, lie was
unconscious, and died about three hours
after tho shooting. Tho bullet entered
his left eye, nnd was found in tho brain
in tho autopsy. Suspicion nt onco fell
upon Sydnoy Bruggcr,a degcnornte,aged
about 15 years, no was arrested Sun
day, and confessed tho crime. Ho sas
ho had no intention of killing Booth,
but wanted monoy, nnd that whon he
pointed his revolver at Booth tho lat
tcr struck kirn on the pistol hand with
a cane, and tho pistol was discharged
Brugger fled, without attempting to
tako any monoy. ills wiro resides in
Albany, also two daughters. Mrs. Guy
Powers and Mrs. Horbcrt Knfcr. A
brother, Edwin Booth, nnd a sister, Mrs.
J. H. Gay, aro resldonts of this city.
lire. Potts Telia How Womon Should
Prepare for Motherhood
Tho darkest days of husband nnd
wife aro when they como to look for
ward to childless and lonely old ago.
Many a wifo has found herself inca
pable of motherhood owing to a dis
plocement of tho womb or lack ol
strength In tho generative organs.
Mrs. Ahta Potts
Rev, Elayor, of Independence, loft
his pulpit work long enough to attend
tho Eugene Development Convention.
Ho .does not wenr a long-tailed blnak
coat and whlto tio, but looks you
squaro in tho faco and moots men ns
ono of them. Ho made one of tho
brightest speeches nt the convention
nnd got n groat burst of npplauso for
his eulogy of James J. Hill, an a rail
road magnate, whoso coming to Oreuon
monnt something.
Tho Spring Vnllev telonhono line, in
Klamath eonnty, Is now in operation,
ami people living in tlie upper part or
tho valley ean eominunioato with Dnlry
or Bonanan. Tho subscribers own tholr
own phones, nnd pay no ront,
L. K. PAGE, President
E. W. HAZARD, Cashier
Is very often a hatd question for tho
person to salvo who is afllictcd with n
weak stomach. Exporlonco has taught
him to select his food with groat cau
tion or wise sufTor from attacks of
Iloartburn. Bloating. Iloadacho. Indl-
jgosUon, Cramps, Dyspepsia, Vomiting,
costivonesa ana Biliousness. Strength
en the dlgestlvo orgnns by taking n
doso of Uosteftor's Stomach Bitters
beforo meals nnd bo mado well again.
Insist on having
Wo pay money for the THREK Bi. Sve tho fronts of the Packages.
Simplicity, Economy, Assurance
Thousands of peo
ple are now using
this famous flour'
for Boston Brown
Bread, O riddle
Bread, . .Clriddle
Oakes, Muffltia and
Plum Pudding.
It Li tho real New
England .article.
Iut up in red
packages, and In
iO-pound sacks.
Ask yeur grocer
fer It.
Miss Lorna Pearl Landess nnd Mr.
Austin Sims woro married nt tho home
of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Sponcer, No.
209 North Twenty-second street, in
Portland, Wodnesdny ovenlng Inst. The
coromony was performed by W. S. Gil-
uort, pastor of tho lirst Prosbytcrlnn
church, of Portland, and was witnessed
by a number of rclntlvos and Intimate
Miss Mercedes Sims, sister of tho
. groom, played tho wedding mnrch from
jjonongrin ns tho party entered, nnd
during tho ceremony sho rendered
Mendelssohn's bridal chorus. Tho
undo was atetnded by Miss La Vorno
Fenton, ooustn of tho bride, whllo Ar
thur Derby, of this city was host man.
The brldo woro a handsomo costume
of orepo do Paris, with trimmings of
Duchoss lnco, nnd carried a shower
bouquot of brldo 's rosos.
Both tho yonnir penpln hnvo mnnv
frlomis hero. Mr. Sims is n son of
Thos. Sims of this city, and resides
In Portland. The brldo is tho dnugb-
icr 01 .air. nnd .Mrs. u. w. limitless of
Lafayctto, Oro,
Special Musical Program.
Special music was given nt the First
Methodist church yosterdny, at both
morning nnd cvonini; services. Profes
Bor T. S. Roberts, who is blind, prosid
ed at tho organ, and gave several num
bers, whllo the cjjolr rendered several.
Frcnucnt backacho and distressing
pains, accompanied by offensive dis
charges and generally by irregular
and scanty menstruation indicate a dis
placement or nerve degeneration of
tho womb and surrounding organs.
Tho question that troubles women
is how can a woman who haa 6omo fe
male troublo bear healthy children?
Mrs. Anna Potts, of 510 Park Avenue,
Hot Springs, Ark., writes:
My Dear Mrs. Plnkham:
" During tho early part of my married lire I
was delicate In health : both my husband and
I wero vory anxious for a child to bices our
home, but 1 hod two miscarriages, and could
not carry a child to maturity. A neighbor
who had been cured by Lydia E. Plnkham's
Vegetable Compound advised mo to try it. I
ana soon icn mat 1 was grot
r, my headaches and backaches
did so and soon felt that I was growing
onger, my headaches and backaches left
, I bad no moro bearing-down pains, and
felt like a now woman. Within a rear I
became tho mother of a strong, healthy
child, the joy of our homo. Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound u certainly a
splendid remedy, And I with every woman
who wants to become a mothor would try it."
Actual sterility in woman is very
rare. If any woman thinks she is ster
ile, lot her try Lydia E. Pinkhatn'a
Vegetable Compound and write to Mrs.
Plnkhani, Lynn, Mass. Her ndvtco la
frco to expectant or would-be mothers.
For the Republican Confer
ence and Reunion
Whist Party.
Mrs. George B. Waters entertained a
tow rriomls at an enjoyable whist par
ty Inst Wednesday, In boner of Mrs.
Virgil Ramsoy, of Seattle, Whsb. Mrs.
D. O. Sehuoklng won the first priae,
while Mrs. J. It. Whitney earried on
the consolation.
Euchro Club.
The Fortnightly Ruehre Club will lw
entertained for the first time this sea-
eon at the heme of Mrs. S. A. Dyer, on
South Commercial street, Friday, No
vember M. .
Asylum Hop,
The danea given by the employes of
U10 Oregon insane asylum Friday ev
ening was much eajored by a Urge
number of guests. The rauafe and the
floor were excellent, and frow 8 to 10
the hall whs it scene of much enjoy
ment. '
&B&& B.fr B. FLOUR CO.,
rAorrio coast factory, ban josb, oal.
Mali ua Are 2-cnt stamps and we wil aeud pimple. , Package prepaid..
Boys and
You can get Free School Blotters at
your Grocer, cy tell of Eppley's
Perfection Baking Powder
Last riope Vanished.
When leading physicians said that
W. M. Smlthart, of Pekin, la., had in
curable consumption, his last bepfl
vanished; bet Dr. King's New Dis.
eorery for Consumption, Coughs and
Colds, kept him out of the grave. Ho
says: "This great specific completely
sured me and saved my life. Since
then, I have used it for over tea years
ana. constaer it a marvelous throat and
lung cure." StrieUy Mlcailne cure
for Cengha, Sore Throats or Colds;
sure preventive of Pneumonia. Quar.
faateetl. Me and 1.00 bottles at J. C.
Perry's drug store. Trial bottle free.
Former Salem Qlrl Married
MJse Jennie Ooswiek, of Aberdeen,
nan., formerly of this city, was mar
ried Thursday to Mr. S. Yahnor
1 xiMHt, 111., at the home of her
parents in Aberdeen. Mis Unewlek
has many friends U this city who wkfa
them many years of happiaetH. They
1 "" i ie eiiT yeeieraay. nnd left
..... i,,v mui, utter whiefc
re"Ydi,Y CW-"8 watr w'U
Cheated Death.
Kidney trouble often ends fatally.
but by ekoeettig the right medicine, H.
H. Wtlfe of Bear Grove. Iowa, cheat
ed death, ne says: "Two years ago
x Kiuney irouwe, whUU caused mo
great pais and suffering and anxltv
but I took Eleetrio Bitters, which ef-
xeeieu a complete cure. I have aka
'found them of great benefit in gener
al aeuuiiy ana nerve trouble, nnd
Jtcep them constantly on hand, since,
a I find they have no equal.1 J, 0!
Perry, druggist, guarantees them at
'8tnte Chairman Raker informs Tho
Journal that tlie Kinpiro theatre has
Ijeon secured for the reunion and con
ference at Portland, October 12. There
will bo seats for all, and no reserva
tions will be made for the Pqrtlnnd
people. Tha conference convenes
Tho conference convenes Thursday
Thursday morning at 10 o'clock.
State Committeeman Hal D. Patten
has replies from nearly all the Republi
can city ami county committeeemen,
stating that they will be in attendance
on the conference, and has assurances
from many other Marion county Repub
licans that they will be la attendance,
and the indications are that a large
delegation will be present from this
county. Chairman Raker will place
tho seats for the Marion county dele
gates in charge of Mr. Patton. who will
hnvo headquarters at tbe New Laneje
hotel, and will be there in person to is
sue tlekets to all who attend from this
Frightful Suffering Relieved.
Suffering frightfully from tho vlru
lent poisons of undigested food, O. G.
urayson, or Luln, Miss., took D,
King's Xew Life Pills, "with tho re.
Suit," he writes, "that I was oured."
All stomach and bowel disorders give
way to their tonic, laxative proper
ties. 8& at J. O. Perry's drug store.
Enthusiastic Body of 148
Students Get Acquainted
With the Faculty
Tho Salem public schools oponcd this
morning with all toaciiers in muir ru
spectlvo rooms, but with little moro
than half a registration of pupils. Tho
hop yards nnd tho prune orchnrds will
keep many out for a week or two,
whilo n lnrgo number, knowing thnt
thero would bo no rceitntlona today,
put off showing up until thero is no ox
cuso for staying away.
Tho corps of instructors which hns
been secured Is a vory complete- one,
nnd tho prospects nro origin ior n
successful nnd harmonious year of
work. Tho only drawback is going to
bo tho congested stnto of affairs which
will exist in tho school rooms, until
tho new high school building is com
pleted. Tho East building will sudor
tho most on this account. There will
bo 10 teachers in this building, and
only 12 rooms. Both upper nnd lower
hnlls and tho basement havo been
tir.i.avl fnin service, nnd tho superin
tendent thinks thoy will thus bo alio to
mnnngo for nwhllo.
Thero wero 118 pupils registered In
tho high school this morning. Superin
tendent Powers nssomblcd tho high
school students nt 9 o'clock In the
socond floor of tho building nnd ex
plained tho courso of study which has
been outlined for tho high school. Ho
spoke of the coming year's work, and
then introduced tho new high school
Prlncipnl Marlatto was the first in
troduced, and his npnoaranco wits grectc
od by a storm of cheers from tho as
sembled students, who havo nlrondy
learned to Uko him very mucb,a Ho
spoke briefly of tho relations which ho
hoped to sustain with tho students, nnd
said ho voiced tbo sentiment of tho en
tire faculty whon ho said that thoro
wero throo things which the high school
faculty stood for, they wero hard work,
scholarship and student enterprises.
Ho stated that ho was nn enthusiast
on athletics, debating and nil klndrod
enterprises, nnd would lond his hearty
support to all such, in so far as they
did not conflict with scholarship.
Tho other teachers wero then Intro
duced, but only Prof. Smith, of tho
Science department made n speech. Tho
Misses Richnrds, Clnrk, Townsend nnd
Swnfford merely acknowledged tho tip
plauso that followod tho announcement
or their names.
It was certainly tho most enthusias
tic studont body thnt ever assembled
In n Salem school. The senior class was"
tho first to reorgnnlzo for tho year.
Prosldent Harvoy Slater called tills
olass to order soon nfter tho superin
tendent had dismissed them, and tho
work of reorganisation Mas soon com
pleted. The total enrollment in tho Hast
school was 352.
HI m
cnt ntrnrt atm --,
Prospect Pork, Brooklyn, N. y.
Tho Now Yorker who wniA'
REALFaIlovcrcoat,atyllsh C
faddish, wears tho wkW'8?
" BENJAMIN overcoat KoVffl.
which, for exclusive excellence tf
mDnc, in, nnu tailoring lit, I
Thn mulfftr' fmfti-finfAi nh.1 a. ... 14
garment bearing thii label. "i1"!
Wo aro exclusive am-nta W. J
G. W. Johnson Co.1
I'llllll MIlllllrH
Stato dame Warden Baker has eel
looted 110 i fiaee for the violation
f the gaase laws. '
'0 ...... .
Do You Believe In signs,
A nrk, note, token or symptom,
indieatea that by which anything may
be known, that is, we are forewarned
tf ovll is to befall us, or we have the
plensuro of anticipation if the skm.
Retaken a fortunate oeeurrenee. As-
oMeutal occurrences all have their
aigus, every disease has its symptoms.
Tbe point is to heed the former, a ad
emnteraet the effect of tt.. i....
Lucas County.
State of Ohio, City 'of Toledo,
Prank J. Cheney makes oath that ho
Is senior partner of the firm of F. J.
Cheney & Co., doing business in tho
elty of Toledo county nnd stnto afore
said, and that said firm will pay tho
for each and every ease of catarrh that
cannot be cured by the uso of nnll's
Catarrh Cure. PRAMC J. OHBNBY.
Swern to beforo me and subscribed
in my preeenee this Oth day of Dcoem-
ir, A. D. 1SS0.
(Seal) A. W. GLBASOX,
Xotary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter
nally, aaU acts direetly on tho blood
and raucous surfaces of the system.
Send fer testimonials free.
P. J. OIIBNBY, Toledo, 0.
Sold by all druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Tamlly Pills for con-stination.
John MeXeai, ef nalsey, is the vic
tim of the first gun accident of tbo
bunting season. He was seated on the
feneo, when his gun accidentally slip
pen to the ground, dlseharglng tho con
teats into his loft arm. below h 1.
W, shattering it in a terrible manner.
For a man who is st-ve nn i
nnif.,... ni.M.i.A.i.iu i- . .
vp.t..uu. uuumuviium is someirliWI
Aftor nil Portland Dav wa minX
per cent off, which is a good irenar
This is tho day when the imillWril
foot stutter, whon they point tmJ
mo scnooi nouso.
It remains to bo seen wbtt lt IVI
volopmont Loaguo has develops, Irctt
suro uovciopou someioing.
Tho Chineso pheasants vcstenhrU!
ns strenuous n titno as though it d
ooon, lue nrst uny or scnooi.
Dowlo, Elijah IT., lias had. , tirtbl
or pnralysis. nnd will not recover. Bl
sAys his successor hns been uledtil
but his namo has not jet been !ik
outr no win probauix tako tbe ttUes
i.njan iii,
Tho disnntchos state that the Pre!
ident'f daughter, Miss Alieo Roonrf
is to bo married to Congressman Lk.1
worth. Tho great reading public nl
numtro tbo rrosiucnt will be Rw,
know this, ns, whllo they respect t
I'rostilont's family, ami all that i
his, at tho snmo tlmo they see d i
ttnitlfif rnnBAii tvliv ttiA Yrl.Aa tlinnM
kept hot about his daughter, no !
tor how good ana attractive sue it.
A Darodovll Ride
of ton ends in n sad ailent. To it J
nudldnntnl injuries, uso Ruekles'i A
nioa Salve. "A deep wound is J
foot, from an accident," wrlteJ Tit
doro Schuolo, of Columl us, 0, "av
od mo groat pain. PhysicUni wcl
helploss, but Bucklen's ArnlciVt Sihl
qulokly honied It." Soothes and In
burns like magic. 25c at J. C. TcrI
Ohancn for School Children.
An extraordinary "V r is bcingni
by ,tho Chleago Sto'- fo vUflol 1
dron, that it will pav , rrtti ta-l
See nd on first page,
New Studios.
Mr. and Mrs. Francesco Soley an
nounce the owning of their new music
studio a the Opera House building,
where they will receive pupils in sing'
ing, theory, harmonv, public school mil
sie and accompaniment playing. Thov
will welcome frLmU nV .,..... ,..-:
Wednelay, October 4th. """
Ii. II. QUI, of Snrincfleld. air m
Spoils of slek headache fallow iadigee- :' was orou6Bt to the asylum last
wun n siowaea atserders, belehiatr. "TO, ie cause Is aponlexv.
blllausnoM ami dyspepsia are signs of T Tt " US, an aged resident of
jdeknew. People that believe in these
t-igas ana know that they are tree freea
axporlenee, can get immedUte riiur
and a speedy cure by the use of Dr.
Gtmn'a Improved Liver Pills. Seld by
u.ubK..( iur no per ux. Qair 0M
for a dese.
i A.1 i00 ' Un were
iveBn1ng.tt W"Uy to toHny.
A wonderful tonic Drives out all
Impurities, gives you strength, health
and happiness. That's what Holit.....
Rocky Mountain Tea will do Dr
Jffersen, died at that place Sunday.
Sure Cure for Piles.
Itching Piles produce molsturo and
mi Bleeding or Protruding Piles are
eared by Dr. Bosan-koN piu -r..j-
w", 1 " 3ar at druSts, or sent
-i ..,. iimti.A ...
at your case.
adelphia, Pa.
Write me
Dr. Bosanko, Phil-
Sto?m Apffoas
Hofse Covew
Baggy Rofces
Moeki east of T n n' i005' "
E. S Lamport,
S&ddlety Co
289 Commercial St.
t of I. o.

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