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New Rain Coats, New Dress Goods, New Jackets,
New Umbrellas.
Store fall of New Stylish Goods.
New MllllneryThe Newest of Styles.
New Silk Neck Ribbons 3 -2 to 5 Inches wide
only JOc a yard.
Pretty Turnover Collars, regular 25c, now 1 5c
Big store fall of New Goods. Dry Goods, Millinery,
298 and 300 Commercial St
Dlsoaaoa Brpught by Emigrants.
Dr. Allan McLaughlin, unucu
Itatcs Publio Health and Mnrlno Hos-
lital Service, in nn nrticlo on "Imml-
Tatlon ana the Publio Health," In
rhich lo discusses, tho vnrlous tils.
fuses Introduced into tho country by
amlgwnls, eayst
'Tho most important of theso dis
. ii. . - i-
iasc, becauso or uh iroquuuey, ia
rachoma. Of tho total number of
inscs of loathsomo or dangorous con'
sjjious discaso found in immigrants,
17 per cont aro duo to trachomo and
10 per cont to favus. Sovoral years
go tho provalonco of trachoma in tho
poorer districts of our largo cities,
End particularly among tho foreign-
orn population, caused numerous ro-
ucsts from mcdicnl men engaged in
tyo work in various parts of tho
Tnltod Statoa that trachoma bo placed
tho list of oxcludcd affections. This
ran dono in 1807, with tho result that
great many suffering with tho dis
woro taken from among tho
iccrago immigrants and doportcd. It
then discovered that ordinary
iccrago aliens suuering irom tra-
boma wcro being transferred to tho
nbin whllo en routo or after being
pfuscd passago in tho steerage nt tho
ort of departuro would bo sold a
shin passago, with tho assuranco
hat cabin passengers woro not in'
pected nt tho port of arrival. To
heck this practico and to mako the
bspection of aliens comploto, nn in
pection of cnbin pnsscngcrs was in-
Muted in tho fall of 1808.
I "Tho cabin inspection has been very
pcccssful in .preventing evasions of
do law, but many steamship com
panies wcro still apparently careless
of tho diseased condition, of immi
grants to whom they sold tickets. By
tho last immigration law (1003) a
ponalty of $100 is imposed upon tho
steamship companies for each dis
eased alien brought to our ports, pro
vided tho discaso evidently existed nt
tho timo of tho immigrant taking pas
sago and could havo been detected by
ordinary medjeal skill. This penalty
has had a salutary effect in causing
tho steamship companies to instituto
a moro rigid mcdicnl inspection at tho
European ports of departuro. For
merly tho prcsenco of a diseased alien
in tho stecrngo was a matter of moro
or less indiffcrenco to the steamship
companies, as they could carry him
back to Europo if deported, and still
mako a profit on tho price of his
original passage'
A Daredevil Rido
ofton ends in a sad accident. To heal
accidental injuries, uso Bucklon's Ar
nica Salvo. "A dcop wound In my
foot, from nn accident," writes Thoo
doro Schuclo, of Columbus, O., "caus
ed mo groat pain. Physicians woro
helpless, but Bucklon's Arnica's Balvo
quickly healed it." Soothes and heals
burns liko maglo. SCo at J. O. Perry,
Pennyroyal, pills
.-!W oruiatl ulr c.aiaa.
WJ'ffSakTE. ilw.i.t.li.bl. t.aJIt, lm M
Kf U!IIUlir-TlUll' AflUUSli
HKU 4 CM MltUU hiu, M.I.I
lUMt.rt.Ma. Tak....tar. IKIaM
aaraaa Haa.lllatiaa. aaa Italia.
tUaa. B.r ynrOri(Hl.fNl4 4.ll
tuaiM Hr I'artl.alara, Tetlaaalal
"Itallaf far Laalaa.'M iMlar. ar ra.
lam Mall. I O.OOO THUanim. S.lUj
ft 53
a If
" all
1 Draft!....
Sanaa, tau aapar,
Calaaa.lav Okaaalaal f-
Maala.a Miuara, 1U1UU ViZ
Wo pay monoy for tho THREE Bs. Save tho fronts of tho Packages.
Simplicity. Economy, Assurance
Thousands of peo
ple aro now using
this famous flour
for Boston Brown
Bread, Oriddlo
Bread, . .Griddle
Cakes, Muffins and
Plum Padding.
It Is tho roal New
England . article.
Put up in red
packages, and In
10-pound sacks.
Ask your grocer
for it.
Eostoro Fertility In Blblo Lands.
The Tour du Monde of Paris, recent
ly devoted an exhaustive nrticlo to tho
plnn of Mr. Wlllcocks, tho well known
engineer, for the irrigation of Mesopo
tamia. According to M. Wlllcocks, tho
country between tho Tigris and Eu
phrates may bo made by irrigation as
fcrtilo as Egypt. In a recent' state
ment on tho subject tho engineer care
fully went over tho wholo matfer and
showed that tho sum of $10,000,000
would bo sufficient to develop nlong tho
Tigris moro than 1,000,000 acres of
land, now practically a desert. Tho
revenuo from tho rcclnimed land would
bo $40 por ncro per yoar, nnd, esti
mating that one-half of this sura would
bo spent in maintenanco wo should still
havo $20,000,000 per year as net to
turn. M. Wlllcocks then dovotes his at
tention to tho country botween Bngd-nd
nnd Bnbylon, believing that hero 1.200,-
000 acres could bo opened up for tho
sum of $05,000,000. Tho total cost of
tho two undertakings mny bo cstlmatod
at about $100,000,000 which would do
volop 2,200,000 acres and havo an enor
mous yearly roturn. At tho samo timo
that tho irrigation problom is solved tho
problem of navigation on tho Tigris nnd
Euphrates may bo settled, nnd this
without any additional expenditure.
Tho navigation of the Euphrates nt
present amounts to nothing, nnd is per
formed solely by a few rnfts. Thoro
Is, however, a general agreement to
tho effect that tho river may bo mado
navigablo to Mcskenck, forty miles to
tho southwest of Aleppo, Tho Tigris
is navigablo to Diarbckr also, by moans
of rafts; theso rafts aro of tho samo
typo today that woro in use in tho timo
of Nlnovoh, 3000 years ago. Tho reg
ular courso of tho river navigation is
from Mosul to Bagdad, tho distnnco bo
tween Diarbckr nnd Mosul being about
400 miles. In tho spring tho trip is
inndo by rafts in four days, but whon
tho water is low tho trip -takes throo
wcoks. Prom Bagdad to Bassorah tho
navigation of tho rlvor is now por
formod by steamboats, tho dUtaneo be
ing about COO miles. M. Wlllcocks
plans to mako tho Euphrates navigablo
to BIrodjik, tho Tigris to Diarbckr.
Why Suffer Whon by Mcroly Sending
Your Namo and' Address Yon' Can
Havo a Froo Package of a Remedy
That Will Curo You.
Wo rocclvo hundreds of lotters Hko
tho follewing: "I havo been feeling so
good I could hardly bolievo it, after
sufforing with piles for a year, to And
that 1 am once moro feeling liko my
self. I wish you could havo soon mo
boforo I started using Pyrnratd Pilo
Curo and look nt mo now, and you
would sa I am not tho samo man. I
havoigalnod 20 pounds, nnd nil on ac
count of Pyramid Pilo'Cure." Wnltor
ShnTkley, CO Pnrk St., Springfield,
"I bought n fifty cent box of Pyra
mid Pilo Curo nnd used ns directed
with tho most unexpected results, n
completo cure. I havo bcon troubled
with piles for thirty. years, nnd was
in much distress nnd passed much
blood, but nt present am freo from any
kind of piles." F. McKay, Weaver
ville, Cal.
"Pyramid Pilo Curo has been worth
thousands of dollars to mo; it cured
mo after using numbers of other romo
dies nnd taking medicines from doc
tors. It nlso cured my son, nlthough ho
could hardly walk, cat or sloop, ho is
now nil right." B. Strlngfcllow, Post
master, Elko, S. C. .
By tho uso of Pyramid Pilo Curo.you
will avoid any unnecessary, trying nnd
oxponslvo examination by a physician
and will rid yoursolf of your trouble
in tho privacy of your own homo nt
trifling oxpensc.
After using tho -freo trial packago
which wo gladly mail yon, in a por
foctly plain wrapper, you can socuro
regular full-slzo packages from drug
gists at CO cents each, or wo will' mail
direct in plain packago upon receipt
of price. Pyrnrald Drug Co., Pyramid
Building, Marshall, Mlcr.
Daily Journal's Special Sale
'i iviiiiiiififivifivitifisii
No Piano Complete Without
the Pianola
Instead of havlno? nn. Instrument in tho homo which only a musician
I can play, why not havo ovory membor of tho. family making music, ovon
I tho llttlo tot who cannot talk plain.
Evory class of musio is avallablo to tho possessor of tho pianola, sacrod
music, .classic compositions, oporas, dnnco music, popular' airs, you may
bocomo familiar with them all, and play them oaVwell as' any musician,
even if you do not know a noto of music. Tho Metrostyle, which Is now
a feature of all pianolas, indicates for you ovory shado of expression.
All you havo to do is to follow with tho polntor tho red lino markod
upon tho music roll.
Prices of Motrostylo Pianolas $250 nnd $300. Purchnso mny bo mado
by modorato monthly installments. Sold in tho Northwest only by
Eilets Piano House
Salem Storo, Room 7, McCornack Block.
Largo stores Portland, Spokane, Walla Walla and Seattle, Wash.j Bolao,
and Lowiston, Idaho) San Francisco, Stockton and Ooakland, Cal.; Astoria
and Pendleton, Oro. ,
I aUS A aaAMaaaaamMaaMaala.
WaaVaaVaaVBaayaaVBw" I1
and thon to unite tho two rivers by nu
merous canals, In this way tho navi
gation and irrigation questions will be
sottlod at ono and tho samo timo.
So far as they go, Schilling's
Best take doubt and difficulty
out of getting your tabic
Al your inert' tl DaaaytAaK
Civic Betterment Discussed.
Clovolnnd, O., Oct. 5. Tho public II-
brnry as a factor in civic improvement
nnd Carnegie llbrnries ns civic centers
were tho princlpnl topics dis oud
' this morning at tho annual mooting of
the American Civic Association. The
afternoon was given over to depart
mental mootings, the interest center
One of tho most daring and oxpert
jobs of safo-crncking over perpotratod
in tho Northwest occurred at Baker
City Tuesday evening, when the Pal
mer Grocery Compnny was robbed of
$600 in onsh nnd n numbor of valuable
gold nuggets nnd nnpors. What mnkos
Most Generous Man in the
,WQrld Weds Stingiest
Woman in Russia
, . :
Tho-truth-of the, old-ndngo, that "ex
troracH meet," ,is proved conco again
by tho marriago of "tho most goneroue
man in tho world" to tho "stingiest.
woman in Russia," which event forms
tho subjoct cf tho latest ecnsationnl
story in tho Russlnn press. Matvoi
Hosanoll enjoys tho rcputntlon of be
ing tho most eccentric subject of tho
Czar. Possessed of n vast fortune, in
horltot) from his father, this Siberian
tnlllonniro loved to poso ns "tho most
generous man in tho world.'
Rosanoff was always willing to sub
scribe to charities, provided tho fact
was duly chronicled in the press. It
is asscrtol that nn Irkutsk photogra
pher was regularly employed by tho
'eccontrlo millionaire to photograph him
whilo in tho net of distributing nlms to
beggars, whom ho paid to stand around
him in picturosquo attitudes of suppli
cation nt tho cathedral gates.
En,unlly stTango nro tho storlos told
of tho millionaire's bride, "tho sting
iest woman in Rusln." Credited with
possessing nn Immonso fortuno, Mmo,
Wclski is tho widow of n wealthy Kloff
contractor. Sho lived in cheap board
ing houses in order to savo tho cost
of nn establishment of her own, nnd
on n dozen occasions during tho Inst
throo years sho was chnrgod with at
tempting to obtain bonrd nnd lodging
without paying for it.
la as good ns somo firms Sell for
35o nnd 40c.
Do not tnko our word for it, but
try a pound of it, and 'you will bo
convinced. .
r !
The Popular Grocer
Cor. Court and High
Phono 210 Mnln.
Bids for Bower.
Notico is hereby givon that soalod
btds will bo rocotvod by tho City of
Snlcm nt tho ofllco of tho undersigned
at tho City Hall at Salem, Oregon, up
to 10 o'clock a. m. of October 18th,
1005, for tho construction of a six-inch
alloy sower through tho Charles Cart
wrlght addition to tho City of "Salem;
thonco across Cnpltol street, and
thonco through lot No. 2, in block No-.
80, in said City of Salem, Oregon, to
connect with tho nlloy sewer in said',
block No. 80, to bo built in nccord
nnco with tho plans nnd specifications
tberoof now on filo in tho ofllco of tho.
City Rocorder.
Each bid must bo accompanied by a
certified chock to tho vnluo of ton por
I cont of tho ninount of tho bid sub-
Mn.lnmn TCnl.lrl. fiiri.rniio.1 rf romnlu ' mittod, as a gUBrantOfl tllftt tho bidder
handsome, used to dross in eccentric I wl" 1unnfv V Ktt bonds as pro
fashion, ono of her most extraordinary ' vl(Jod hT "M reciflcatlon, to be ftp-
costumes being n fur clonk mndo by Forcci uy tiio mayor, nnd enter Into n
herself from tho skins of hundreds of
Htniy cnts. which sho caught with a
tho robbery all the moro daring is tho lft0 while prowling, as was hor cus-
ract tuat Jt was Uono Jn .plain view of torn, about tho streets nt night.
anyono pnssing the store. It is not 0
known nt what time of tho night the I Sure Curo for Pilos.
theft was committed, but it is thought Itching Piles proijuco moisture nnd of Salem in enso- tho bidder falls to
eontrnct with said elty for tho con
struction of n sowor in nccordanco with
specifications and bid submitted within
six days nfter having received notico
of tho acceptance of his bid, said cer
tified check to bo forfeited to tho City
fofflrf, B. B. B. FLOUR CO.,
IMail ns five 2-cent stamps and we will send Sample Package prepaid.
botweon the hours of 1 nnd 2 in tho causo Itching, this form, ns well as
morning. At that timo u prescription Blind, Bleeding or Protruding Piles are
elerk In tho drug store noxt door was curod by Dr. Bo-san-ko's Pilo Remedy,
awakened by n peculiar noise, but he Stops itehlng and bleeding. Absorb
thought nnthlmr nt It. Tim rntirmra tumors. BOfl a lar at (Iflloclltt or font
. . . ... m - li " o "- - -- '
ing cnieuy .n w.o conierencu i 'UD gained admittance to tho store from by mail. Treatise ttee. Write 'me
woman's outdoor art league 1P"- tbo alloy, by prying bnok the iron shut-j about your case. Dr. Bosanko, Phil.
mont and the factory betterment d
partment. Clinton Rogers Woodruff,
of Philadolphl
ing session and
McFarland delivers tho annual ad
ters. Tho robber was an old hnnd nt ndelphla, Pa.
tho business nt snf rnektnir. nn wo. I
a, presides at the i oven-, 9vJ(knt fom u bwken ,n
ad President J. Horace Q Tho wrJt, on hfj
case, but nothing has been learned,
if Is
'ou can get Free School Blotters at
'our .Groccfc. Iheya,tellof Eppley's:
Perfection Baking Powder
-' 'V
Owing to the several reports circu
lated concerning the minimum charges
to be made for electric and gas services
notice is hereby given that the mini
mum charge for gas service will bo 6Qo
per month, while the minimum charge
for electric lighting service will be 1
per month,
tf Citizens' Light 4 Traction Co.
A Pleasant Way to Travel,
fho above is the usual verdict of
the traveler using the Missouri Pacific
railway between the Pacific coast and
the east, and we believe that the serv
ice and accommodations given merit
this statement. From Denver, Colors
do Springs and Denver there are two
through trains dally to Kansas City
and St. Louis, carrying Pullmsn's lat
est standard electde-lighted sleeping
Cars, chair ears and up-to-date dining
ears. Tne same exceuen. service
operated from Kansas City and St.
' Louis to Memphis, Little Rock and Hot
'SnrintnL If von are jrolaff east or
south, write for partlenlsrs and foil In
formation. W. a MTJBIDE, Gen. Agt,
124 Third Bt, Portland, Ore.
Boat of meats, low prlees, quick ser
vice at Harrington's Meat Markot,
No job too small, nor too largo,
for us to baudlo.
NEXT QRDEU. You will bo
pleased with both work and prlco
Tho Washington Stato Agricultural
Collego football team and tho Spokane
high school tonm, played tho Pullman
team their first gamo of tho season.
Tho former won by a score of 50 to 0.
Phene: Main 1213
217 South Commercial St
IIHIIIIinil ItlltT-HOtl-
Only Two Moro Days.
Remains before the date of The
Daily Journal's Great Special Bale
, Saturday, October 7th. On that date
'you can get Tbo Daily Journal for
ono year by mall, cash in advance, for
1 13, or by carrier for $5, Road tho
large display ad In this Issue,
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 n 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
qualify nnd oxeeuto said oontract ns
Tho City of Salem reserves the right
to reject any and all bids, nnd the
bid of any person who hos bid beforo
or contracted for such work nnd
been delinquent therein will not bo
Plans and specifications can beseon
nt tho ofllco of the undersigned at tho
City nail.
By order of the Common Council.
10-4-llt City Roeordor.
A teaolier mny bo sharp as a stool
trap in all tho sciences and yet not
bonefit our ohildren much.
Rocky Mountain Tea Nuggets
& Dqit MaJicIo. for Vuj PopU.
Brlsf i QMtn H.lth sad K&ivl Vigor,
A ineclHo for Con,t (tuition. 1oUkiUou, tire
?J?d Kldntr Troublss. llinples, Ecienvt. Impurs
Wood, Had Breath, Hlutntl.u liow.lt, lleodsclui
and Ilsckacbv, It's Ilocky Mountain Tra In tab.
H form, M cnt a box. Oenulns made by
llotuarea Havo Con-tuny, Madlaoo. "Wla.
Now is the time to buy your Winter
Slab Wood
-. Single load $1.70
' 10 loads ,..,,, 10J50
; (ppfoorIng, No. 1 ,.. M.OO .-i , V
' Flooring, No. 2 .,.,. ,,,, ,t,, 82,60 .
Flooring, No. 8 .... ,... .... 15.00
The Chas. K. Spaulding Logging Co. !
T .

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