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Daily capital journal. (Salem, Oregon) 1903-1919, October 05, 1905, TWO EDITIONS, Image 4

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Wj. . i ? ara ik v - bV a jaw
! IV w "1 I
f . J t I Tho bashful Standish doth I
' m V l VVi kJrTL- notdaro I
K J 1 )WI V v ST To ask a maid his lot to I
p Si W aBpV 9 share. I
j t l ill 1 - y In fight he fears no foo 1
ts-MMMk B V.wttf Luf nor hurt I
t ' JkMWWBH JLJPL Yet trembles when he I
- i3y !l'-tiii'ny sees a sl"rt I
if 1 LWr ' f MTso dapper Alden, by his wiles, I
ftJl F B 1 Presents the loud ha-ha to Myles. I
V ftv ifl p-Pi-J fl For girls must ever choose a I
. MlkHf If f JB man I
U I Whose dress is close to fashion's I
1 aT"""" n 1 1 11 p11 I
II fl I II Poor Standish groans, I
1 IhmmL iJk J WK5 "My girl I lose
l I i ""wl"""'"lffJA 1 PV Because I don't wear I
k I II JHSMNL Wflr 8 Crawford Shoes."
g ? It fIM mj lJI
. fcW; Agents
Heavy Rains in Washington
Make a Mississippi of
the Skagit
IlelUngfaim, Wash., Oct. 5.-A so
cial to the Herald from Scdro-Tloolley
says: Tho warm oblnook winds prevail
ing for the past fow hours have con
verted the Skagit river into n raging
torront. All tributary streams up tho
valley have left their banks, nnd give
ovory indication of causing tho worst
freshet that the Skagit country, has
seen since 180S.
If tho present warm wind continuos
48 hours, tho valley will witness tho
worst flood known in its History, re
ports como from tho hlllo that terrific
snow storms havo been raging there.
Vestorday tho river roso 12 inchos
an hour. Log booms havo broken away
causing thousands of dollars damage.
Tributary streams, usually only a few
. .-Lin nnm mmsuro several hun-
luut. n.'ii., -
dred feet. Mill dams have ucen warm
ed out. Vnst tracts of country pro
tected by dykos near tho mouth of tho
river aro.in danger, as tho floods
descend toward tho sea.
Three Dead, Two Fatally
Burned and Nine Ser
iously Injured
Now York, Oct. G.-Thls morning
llirco children, girls of 0, 10 nnd 8
years, woro burned to death in a flro
in a row of houses, and tho father,
Charles Donnelly, nnd tho mother,
woro probably fatally burned.
Nino werHo sorlously injured. Si
families wcro saved by Firemen Tcaso
and Nugent. Tenso saw tho linmcs
break from tho building whllo stand
ing off dutv. on tho corner, llo turned
in nn alarm, nnd joined his companion,
who had In tho moantimo arrived, and
found tho doors locked. Thoy secured
a ladder and ontored through tho win
dows, and found tho Donnelly family
unconscious. Thoy carried them out and
nroused tho others, most of whom had
to bo carried to safety. .
Oscar M. Johnson.
Bmilos From tho Typewriter. , nnd glvo hor protection from tho boat-
Holding up a train isn't ps bad as ing winds and rnlns. Tho family cow
. '.
holding up n wholo stato.
Salem sports have succeeded in bug
ging their' trniisors this w'eok, if noth
ing clso.
Tho light rntnn lmvo put tho Salem
fltreots in tho usual condition. Hoov
lcr rnlns will improve them. Prolhem:
Would It not pay ovory business man
to havo nlno clonn streots suminor nnd
winter when tho Millennium comei
thero will bo nn mud in winter nud no
dust in suminor. Hut when will it strike
Salem f Not until Salem strikes tho
milonnium. We lmvo to meet lioavon
at least half wuy, or wo will never got
Want flowers for next year. Let us
.innko Bnleni tho flower city. Wo onn
havo flower by the wagon load from
February 1st to December 1st. Plnnt
bulbs for the next three months. Plant
roso nnd vino and shrub cuttings now.
l'ltutt. Plant, Plant. Wo remember a
dear mother who always had an abund
nnco in the kitchen gurden for the fam
ily table, beeiiuse she made a rule to
sow seod or stlek some young plnnt in
tho ground every tiny of the gardening
The public sehools this'yoar nro sav
ing on ink. Many a child will go with
out being nblo to learn his tasks or do
hl lesions for want of a few drops of
ink. It seoms poor economy to cut off
supplies of paper obalk, ink or pant, or
anything that would enublo a child to
lenru anything. Tho day of tho free
school aupplisa and free test-books is
not far away. Our petty economies will
bo brushed away to meet tho demands
of the eemmoa people for a deeoat od-
The time has cme to put up that
shwl for the eow, If you have no burn.
should not bo turned out twonty-fourl
hours in all kinds of storms. It will'
!ny to mako hor comfortable. Give ,
hor a dollar blanket at night. A dry
placo to stand in when tho rains como
down nnd n dry, clean placo to lio down
at night. Do not protentd to bo a
Chrlstinn nnd try to got into the pearly
gnton on a cortiflcato of neglect and
cruelty to animals.
a a
With tho advont of tho rainy season
come tho womon's parties. AVith mud
dy streots and crosswalks comes tho
tlmo for gadding about in Party gowns
Ilut it makos business fur tho hacks,
and still it does not scorn posslblo for a
half dozen hacks to hnndlo somo.of tho
crushes of two to four hundrod lndlos
at an afternoon rccoptlon. What will
tho fair crontures dot Walk or glvo
smaller parties! Parties mako business
for the florist, tho cntoror, the dress
maker and tho dry goods man. Thon
they all like to read about thorn in tho
paper afterwards, and that makos busi
ness for the newspapers'. Partios mako
our little world go round, but back of
it all they are a terrible wasto of time
and effort. Hut is not that tho way of
mortal manf
on approved security whenever con
ditions warrant It, Preference, of
course, being given to our regular
Perhaps we are a Utile exacting
In tho selection of security. But
.our plan of loaning money is ad-
antageous to every good borrower.
Salem State Bank
L. K.PAGE, PreskJent;
E. W. HAZARD, Cashle
Taooma ought to grow, it was woll
irrigated Monday.
Tho Telegram built another railroad
dowu'Ceos Day way last night.
AVith tho big maple trees, it is sure
onough the sere and yellew leaf.
Only tea fays mere af the fair, and
It Is pleaty, for everybody Is getting
tired of It.
llarrlman will start kome on the'
18th. AVltlle away Jim Hill took a look
aver his territory. ... .
a ' "
There Is it 111 mora rOtn en the map
of Oregon for a few more rullreads, if
thoy are not toe long.
Young ladlei can go to the play Sat
urday night without any esesrt. Tho
oompany provides Chaporones for all.
Now York, Oct. C When tho Tarn
many city conventions moo ts In Cnrn'o
gio hnll tonight it will bo to ratify
tho tlckot already framed by Lead6r
Charlos F. Murphy and his Houtonanta
of tho Fourteenth stroot "WlgwamJ"
Though tho powora that bo have mado
no doflnito nnnouncomnt of their slate
tho ticket will In all probability bo
mado up as follews: For mayor, Geo.
B.' McClollan; for controller, Herman
A. Mot, of Brooklyn; for president of
tho board of oldermon, Francis Burton
Thero has nover been any question
about tho ronominatlon of Mayor Mc
Glellan. Controller Edwnrd M. Grout
hns been talked of for another term,
but it is bcllovod that Mr. Metz, who
has tho Indorsement of tho McClellan
faction of Brooklyn will prove strong
er la tho running. No ono has been so
rlously mentioned for tho presidency
of the board of nldermen oxeeptlng
Francis Burton Harrison. Mr. Harri
son is wealthy, a good campaigner,
hns served a term in congress as a re
sult of a victory in a strongly Repub
lican district, ami mado a crcdltablo
run for lieutenant-governor on tho
Democratic tickot last year.
Refuses to Mako Reparation Where
Officer Whom It Had Bondod
Chicago, Oet. C A dispatch to tho
Trlbuno front Slgeurney, la., sayst
Presiding Judge Scott, of the sixth
judicial district, yesterday ordered tho
olerk of tke court to receive bonds of
fered by any foreign fidelity bonding
oomrHiny. The order oitea a ease in an
other Bounty. Whoa a defaulter's bond
was ft) r foiled, it was dlseovered that
Sn Bastern Iwnd oempany, the mrety,
refused to make reparation, having no
("property or collateral whatsoever In
this stnto
President Establishes Million
Acre Reservation in
Washington, D. 0., Oct. G.-Tho
Prosidont hna issued a proclamation en
larging tho Lake Taboo forest rosorvo
to nearly, a million ncros, Including tho
wntorsheds 'on tho South, Middle nnd
North forks of tho American rivor, and
b'oth tho Tahoo and Truckce basins, ex'
tending into Novndn. Tho raining In
terests will bo greatly furthorcd by
thus furnishing a permanent supply of
timber. Fivo more Importnnt water
sheds in Northor California will bo
plnced under government protection by
tho establishment of tho Shasta reserve,
Including tracts In. Shasta, Siskiyou and
Trinity counties, aggregating over a
million ncres.
San Francisco, Oct. G.-Tho trans
port Thomas, which has recently bcon
overhauled, sailed nt noon for liono,
lulu, Gunm, nnd Manila. Sho carries
tho Thirteenth infantry, tho enlisted
men of Company E, slgnnl corps and
many officers and cabin passengers.
. o
Portland Poulthy Show.
Portland, Ore., Oct. G.-Tho first
poultry exhibition representative of
tho ontiro Pacific Nortwcst openod to
day in connection with tho Lewis and
Clark Eposltion, and will bo continued
until tho 12th Inst. Over 3000 ontrlea
of high class chlckons, ducks, turkoys,
geoso nnd pigoons aro oa view, tho dis
play of chickens and ducks being es
pecially fino. The (exhibitors reprosont
a seoro or moro states nnd various
parts of Canndo. Ovor $50,000 In
monoy prizes and trophies has bcon of
forcd by tho management.
Tho juilgcs of tho exhibition aro
Thoodoro Hewcs, of Indianapolis, Geo.
D. Holdon, of Owatonna, Minn., W.
W. Browning, of Ogdon, Utah, O. G.
Hlnos,. of Alameda, Cal., E. J. Ladd,
of Portland, 0. II. Hallock, of St.
Louis, Thomas Wilkinson, of Nanaimo,
B. C, and H, II. Colllor, of Tacoma,
Will Chango Its Motlvo Power,
Now York, Oct. G. Tho Now York,
Now Ilavon and Hartford railroad is
making proportions for changing tho
motlvo power on so mo or all of Its
linos from stenm to olectriclty. An
ordor for 2G cloctrlc locomotives has
bcon placet! with tho Wostlnghouso
Electric nnd Maehlno Company by the
railroad company. These locomotives
will bo driven by an alternating cur
rent, single phase, which is said to
bo tho most economical application of
olectrical power yot made. Each lo
comotivo is to weigh 76 tons, and is to
bo equipped with four motors, each of
400 horse power, making a total of q
1,000 horso power for each locomotive.
This is about 600 horse powor greater
than that of steam locomotives in
present use.
Tho motors will bo able to maintain
a spcod of 80 miles n hour in local
service, reaching a maximum speed of
15 miles nn hour betweon stations, and
hauling 900 tons. In express serviee
a speed of CO to 70 miles an hour ean
bo maintained with a train weighing
250 tons. For heavier loads two or
moro locomotives can be coupled to
gether, and operated from the front
cab by one engineer.
The harmony at that Portland meet
ing way not all be of tho Beethoven
variety. It may dovylgp some ragtlmo,
with tho rags all chewed, too.
Direotor-Goacral Goodo's addresses
of wulcomo aro getting somowhat
frayed at tho edges, and, like Rockefel
ler's money, are slightly tainted.
- I... '0
Ma shfleld is nbjoet to a longshore
man's strike.
Dr. Stone's Drug Store
does a strictly cash business, owes no
one, and no one owes it carries, largo
stock; iti shelves, counters and show
cases are loaded with drugs, medicines,
notions, toilet articles, wines and
liquors or an unas ror medical par
poses. Dr. Stono Is a regular graduate
la medicine and has had many years of
experience In the practice. Consult
tlons are free. Prescriptions are free,
and only regular prices for medicine.
Dr. Stone can bo found at nil drug
tore, Salem, Oregon, from 6 In tho
i aornlB,B,ttfltii .nh
Last IIopo Vanished.
When leading physicians said that
W. M. Smltlmrt, of Pekln, la., had In-
curable consumption, his last hope
vanished; but Dr. King's New DIs
covery for Consumption, Coughs and
Colds, kept him out of the grave, no
says: "This great speelfle completely
sured mo and savod my life." Since
then, I have used It for over ten years
and consldor it a marvelous throat and
lung cure." Strictly scientific cure
for Coughs, Sore Throats or Colds;
uro preventive of Pneumonia, Guar
anteed, 60o and $1.00 bottles at J. C.
Perry's drug store.. Trial bottle free!
M 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 n.
Giving Away Dollars.
On Saturday, October 7th the Dally
Journal will hav.e a Great Special Bale
and sell subscriptions to tho Dally Jour
nal at $3, cash" In advance, for ono year
by moll, or ono yoar by carrier for $5,
Better take advantage of this reduction.
Read tbo big display ad.
ii ii m mil in i mi i nt
City Will Loso Playground.
Pittsburg, Pa., Oct. 5. Thero is
sorious troublo botwoen Henry Phipps,
tho steel magnate, nnd tho tax ofllclnls
of Allegheny nnd tho result will un
doubtedly be that tho city will loso tho
fino playground which Mr. Phipps hns
had fitted up at his own oxponso upon
property vnluod nt $1,000,000. When
Mr. Phipps turned over tho playground
to the city he did not deed tho prop
erty, but informed tho ofllclnls that it
was to bo used for Its prosont purposo
ns long ns the city wnnted it. Tho
property was not assessed by tho coun
ty, but this year tho Allegheny city
official assessed It and sent a tax bill
amounting to $2,155.78 to Mr. Phipps.
When ho rofused the property was
advertised to be sold for taxes. Then
Mr. Phipps paid the taxes, but ordered
tho playground closed.
Ohoatod Death.
Kidney trouble often ends fatally,
but by choosing the right medicine, B.
II. Wolfo of Bear Grove, Iowa, 'cheat
ed death. He says: "Two years ago
I had kidney troublo, which caused mo
ere-t pain and suffering and anxiety,
but I took Eloctrlo Bitters, which ef
fected a completo cure. I havo also
found them of groat benefit in gener
al debility and nervo trouble, and
keep them constantly on hand, since,
as I find they have no equal." J. O.
i'erry, druggist, guarantees them st
Buying PianV
Large Quantities
Its Effect Upon Price
Tho t.wJesnler has nn adBf,
ovor tho.-rotnilcr, simply bccaii
able to buy in larger quantities, j
Thorotnllcr must buy ftonj hl ,
..vu nu vy mu 1IUUI1C. ij
, aupposo you were tho retailer :
You would savo his profits.
.Ellofs Piano Houso makes "yon
inllor when vnu linv n i... i
Tf. '' --"'"""" ,
Bccnuso wo buy for the lar-.'.
busiest piano houses on the Pi
const-ono In Portland, one is 'J
Francisco, ono In Oakland anj 84
ton. Cal.: Snoknnn. R-.niiu ..j .?
Walla, Wnsh.; Bolso and LeirljjJ
Ida.; Snlcm, Astoria Portland atjg
gone, Oregon. i
Wo can afford to sell you a pijjJ
just 'about tho same nmount that 1
ordinary dcnlor himself mtut parA
inctory ior it.
For oxamplo, say the retail nlj,
nn instrument was $350. Th erjii
rotnllor would sell you that It
mons ior qzvv, ana boldly afrt
that you got tho benefit of a. (,
of $00. That piano qost him i
$250. If you went Into the retail
business ns a dealer It would cort
nbout that amount.
Now wo sell that piano to voau
ns $10G,
This Is whero your benefit oa
whon you buy a piano from .
Tho fact that wo practically tii
salo to you oxplalns tho whola pK
of prico.
Of course, wo rcduco ihlppltjj
ponscs by dealing in largo qaaatitt.
Wo don't ovon ship In boxes. Oortf
ciai enrs como direct from the tit,
to our largo wholesale warchoaiett
corner of 13th and Northrnp tri
Portland. Tho pianos are ikipwl
our pntont hnrnoss dovlce, and C014
us In porfect condition. We sire
by at least $125 on each carload i
freight alono.
Wo havo not only solved the p
lorn of shipping, but others as well,
you get tho boncfit of every dollul
Theso things show why wo d)
largest business of nny piano hooi
tho Unltod States why we in d
stnntly, increasing tho volume ol
In tho matter of quality of goii
soloct tho finest Instruments that to
enn buy. Today wo cafry the
pianos manufactured in the vrorM,
colobrntod Chickerlng, of Boston;
bonutiful Webor, of New York.
In addition to theso wo have tU
clton, Lostor, Ilobnrt M. Cable, Cii
Orchestral, Story & Clark, Hi
Schumann, SchUler, etc, etc,
makes in nllj giving tho purchtwr
only tho lnrgest stock to select
but moro makes than are to be Ii
In nny other piano lnuso In the
Lowost prlcos, easiest terms 4
Instruments nro inducements till
offor vou.
Aro thoy not worth investlgiU',
Tho Pianola, tho nnst perfect P
nlnvor made, is soli exflwlrelT
Room 7, McCornack building.
W. Simon, manager. Tuning 1
pairing a specialty.
Packer Get More Tims.
Chicago, Oct. 5. Because the; f
not ready to submit a demnrrer t j
Indictments to Judgo Jiump.-
attornovs for tho packers this 1
onpliod for and revived m t:
They promised to be ready toa
It Is expected that several asji
nnnanmml In nrmimcntl. 8nd ttl
-i in i.-i.k. t rives t
viaiuu Nii yivuuut) uv- p
-iJ llk MM . Tak J
r fcMDruiUu. C'atlMM"a?7rl
MMH. ala . WaJUaaMU'' 1
1WW. HH T.r.. . -
I Wet Weather Good;
Steel Rims and Mud Guards m
g Bicycles
Water Proof Leggins
3 Water Proof Chaps
S Water Proof Shoes
JrF,jCs,A XJ2$teL

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