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Working Men In St Peters
burg Taking Steps to Pre
vent Further Massacres
St. Petersburg, Nov. 11. Forty
thousand working mon hold meetings
here today and decided to prees their
demands for nn elght-hbur working
day, notwllhstantting the threat of
their employers to close the factories
if this is done. The working men also
took steps to prevent the threatened
maesatre in this olty today of Jews and
"intellectuals," and rosolvod to pre
led tho Jews. Tho students them
selves nro organized into dotaahments
to gnard tho various sections of tho
city in the ovent of outbreaks similar
to those in the south.
Odessa, llussln, Nov. 11. Prisoners
in the jail at Klshlneff revetted last
night and demanded their freedom. The
request was refused, when the prison
ers set fire to the Jail. Treep? hurried
to the mono of the fire and killed M
and wounded man.
Jew' Housed Marked.
Warsaw. Poland, Xev, 11. The Jews
of this elty were thrown lnt a panic
today by the appearance, during the
night, on their deer ef strange mark.
They believe the marks are precf that
fresh anti-seutltlo rtats are Wing
planned, and the marks Indicate the
houses selected for the attaek. A dep
utation of tt aristocrats left today t
present the deuMnds ef the Petes for
Want Ballot lloxe auarded.
Allwny, N. Y., Nov. H.-lIearst has
petitioned floverner Hlggla te order
that all ballet boxes be plaeed in the
armory and guarded by militiamen.
Tho governor has tho matter under
consideration. It Is understood that
the plaees New selected for the ballot
boxea are net lire proof er burglar
Tlio Bult Oaso Mystery.
BostoM, Nov. 11. Dr. Perry MeLoed,
Lewis Crawford, William H. Howard
and Mrs. Jdnry B. Dean were Indieted
tolay fr the murder sf aWsaanc
OuU Prlee ef Crude Oil.
Pittsburg, Pu Xv. II. TVs Maud
ard redueed the price ef erode eK S
ffnt in the Knct, and two in the West
reotbsJl Scores. I
Nw Haven. Conn., Nov. 11. Final.
alr 11. Itrowu 11.
Who Skimps Quality
iot Pticzs
Is inviting bis best customers to go titm where. Certain business eeadl
tioas make
It possible iot some merchants
to undersell othef s on the same
quality of- goods
Eresesiva store expenses and Lsues from the credit system make It Im.
possible for "regular stores" to watch the ndcas ef as oeanjinloaUy man.
aged spot cash- store,
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Out Dy Goods
Contains the ehoiecst fabrics, that have met witi the approval of Ba
Iwa'a best drtMsen. Most stores add extra profits on novelty dress goods
to insure against losses from style chnnges. We mark at prices that close
them out in their season without loss. Salem 'a cheapest one -prieo cash
etore, Everything for the whole family.
Washington, Itov. 11. The Prosldent
today promised to Insert In his message
a paragraph urging the preservation of
Niagara Firths from dostruetlen by com
Many Jowa Murdered.
Kkwterlntoslav, Huftsla, Nov. 11. It
is estimated that during the throe day
J nntt-Mrallle riots of the mob the Jews
i killed Numbered 10 and wounded SsB
The Itusstana klleid and wounded, 86.
Nearly WO shop and 160 resldenses
were destroyed.
Tho Dally Train Wreck.
Fort Worth, Texas, Nov. 11. Thero
was a oolllslon bettwon passenger and
freight trains, 30 miles wost of horo,
this morning, on tho Trans-Paelfle.
Many are roperjed killed. A relief
train has gone to the ssene.
New York, Nev. 3 fc -Hearst has of
fered a additional reward of $10,000,
makUg a total of 47,000 offered by
him for the conviction ef Tammany
district leader, Alderman Haggerty.
who was arretted en the complaint ef
a pell wateher e a charge ef assault.
He was arraigned this morning, and his
ease was continued to Deeembor fith.
A subpoena was issued for John Veer
hM, president of the beard ef clso
Uons, te appear before the grand jury,
and preduse for their inspection the
registry books of the fifth election dis
trict, and the 90th assembly district.
It is charged that the face ef tho re
turns was changed, and It is alleged
there was much fraudulent voting in
this district.
New York's relltical Tanglo.
New Yerk, Nev. 11. In the event
ef the cowl not having adjusted the
Htayerallty contest by the first ef the
year, It U said that Hearst has decided
to take Um eaUt ef eMoc la that event
New Yerk will have two mayors.
He mi and MeOleliaa will each scud a
menage te she aldemea, each will ap
pednt uMcsala, aud the courts will bo
filled for mouths with tangled lltlg
Chisago Markets.
Chicago, Nov. 11. Wheat S0H9
S614; oru. UkQ4At oats, SvK49
zsvi&i'. &rM
Czar Refuses to Accept, But
the News Causes a Panic
on the Stock Exchange
Chieage, Nov. 11 The Dally News'
eorrespondent at St. Petersburg cables
quoting a prominent Itusslnn, who was
present at tho P.eterhof eonforonee
with tho Csar, says "Witto Insisted
that tho minister of war and the min
ister of marino should be subsorvient
to the premier. Ho also demanded the
resignation of 36 governors. Tho Csar
refused to sanotion this, and Witto re
signed. His resignation was not as
ooptcd." Humors of Wllto's fall cre
ated a panic on tho etook exchange.
Panic-stricken Jews nro fleeing from
tho elty, ovory boat being thronged.
Jewish bankers who called upon Witto
say tho premier looked ghastly. Ho
denied tho rumors of tho proposed
massacre of Jews, and assured his call
ers that every means would bo taken
te protect lives.
Ity clever handling ef the pre
Witto has stepped practically nil op
position among the people. Tho pa
pers will print excerpts rem American
and tturepenn papers, praising the pre
Philadelphia, Nev. 11. Harvard and
Pennsylvania met this afternoon before
11,000 poeple, Thero is oxcellent weath
er Pennsylvania scored, Lnmsen oar
ryin the ball, and in lew than two
minutes after the start ef tbu game
goal wasNcieked.
Drill scored for Harvard after a se
ries of fast plays and kicked goal.
Philadelphia, Nev. lUHarvard'a
steady advance was blocked by streug
resistance, and the play was desperate.
Parker wus disqualified fer slugging
MInnI Harvard 0. PcunuylvAMM II.
Washington, Nov. 11. A member of
tbu ltulN revolHtiuuury committee,
la this city, has received a cablegram
from aa ageut ef the Japan, declar
ing Owt M.0O0 Xusslan settlors, held
captive there, had embraced the beliefs
tf sucialUm. and weuM eilllK under
the rid g when they return t ltu
Hops rirmor Today,
Tbu hop market tedaar vrus verv flm.
but axcc4iagly quiet. Ne bcal trans
aeUow were reported up t t o'clock
thie afterueH. Quetatiens seemed to
have aa up-urd teadeiMy, ad daalsrs
predict that by Mauduy. or at most
Tuesday, prices will have Mounted tt I
above 11 cents. Numbers of growers'
were intown teduy, but they shewed no
UtspeBttten to sell, always asking more
than the price offered, 11 aenta.
New Yek haps today wore auotod.
according to bdyers' advices, at from
15 to 19 cents, according to quality.
California gives evidence of a grsat
deal of activity in the hep market.
Tho great portion of this year's crop
has been marketed there. In Washing
ton hops are weaker,, and the market
there averages slightly less than on the
rest of the coast.
S They will Stop that Cougu and S3
B "?..
mjixixt aiAUti
g at
f Zliins I
Chinese Ambassador's Idea
of Missionaries-They
are Wanting in Tact
Chicago, Nov. 11. Sir Ohentung
Liang Ohong Chinese ambassadtfr te
Washington, who"spenks tonight before
tho Chicago Merchants' Olub, says Itus
slnn reforms will be followed by par
liamentary gevernmont in China. lie
said he did sot believe tho boycott
against Amorionm goods would amount
to rnueb, and declared no national slg
nlfloanao attached to tho massacro of
tho missionaries. Ho said tho govern
mont reaogniees tho oxcellont' work tho
missionaries do, but ohnrged thoy of
ton lacked tho oommon sonso whloh
should bo possessed by persons In thoir
Albany. N. Y., Nuv. 11. The gov
ernor refuses te interfere in any way
Is regard to the Hearst' petition.
That ratAl Tint riht,
Washington, Nev. 11. secretary
I)ena(Hirto today ordered tho court
martial of WidsbipHtan Miner Merri
weather, Jr, of the third claw, in tho
naval acudomy. This nollen is based
en tho fist fight from tho effect of
which Midshipman James It. Hranolt
Senator Ilurtcn's Trial.
8U Iuls, Nev. 11. The trial of Sen j
atur Ilnrten will bo held November
IWth before Judge Vandevanter. In 8t.
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Now York, 2sbv. 10 VoorhIr .ls
nflornoon, in discussing tho reports
that ballot boxos wero dumped into tho
river, said j "Thoro is nothing to this
talk about missing ballot boxes, Tho
beard of election knows exactly how
many boxos It gave out, and how many
wero returned. So far as I know they
all onmo back. Tho story about boxes
bolng thrown Into tho river is all false.
If a box was found In n babor shop.
I nm euro It was ono of tho small boxes
.for mutilated ballots, which aro nl
I ways destroyed aftor tho good allots
nro counted. Tho report that somo of
tho looks aro missing is untrue. Somo
of tho seals may have been brpken in
- o
Six Tears and No Money.
TitUburg, Nov. 11. Cunllffo was
sentenced this morning to six yoars for
stealing $101,000 from tho express com
pany. , ,
Who Wffl
Much speculation Is Indulged In regarding the outcome of tho foot
ball game played this afternoon at-Portland between the Wil
lamette University oleven and Multnomah. A large delegation ef
Salem people went down this morning, And are sure the 'varsity team
will win, still tho outcome ef tho game Is in doubt, but there Is never
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Initiator v Safo
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Ladles- gaoe of PaUaf Kid, Quban
, xvv. uiuuieage. gale
Mount VoraeB, Ohio, Nuv. 11Core
nor tSoarboreugh reported the verdict
of lho jury in tho oaso of Stuart Plor
... ! TtAnvan eolleee student, who
was killed by his initiation into tho
D. It K. fraternity, Tho verdict says
Piorson was tied to the track.
Comparing Tally Bhocta.
New York, Nov. 11. All day clerk
undor the direction of Hearst 'a law
yers, continued the comparison of, the
tally shoots of the various precincts
and tho eount turned in by tho police
and election judges.
Cold Wavo In Chicago.
Chicago, Nov. 11 Vice-President
Fairbanks visited his son, Wnrrcn, in
this olty a short timo today.
... o
Consul atowoll Dead.
Carlsbad, Germany, Nov. 11. John
Btowcll, tho American consul hero, died
this morning.
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