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- P. li. AND 400
NO. 207.
Seventeen Jews Flee to Swe
den, Carrying With Them
Thirty Million Dollars
Warsaw, Poland, Nov. 18.- Despite
tho proclamation of martial law
throughout Poland, and the declaration
ly the government Hint thero will be
so consideration of tho demands for
autonomy, tho revolt continues. Today
the railroads Are closely guarded, and
there is desultory firing.
Troublo in St, Fotorsburg,
BL Petersburg. Nov. 13. Tho city is
reasonably qulot today. Tho polleo
Jigfcrsodn crowd of roughs at Kovsky
Propt, who started to nttnek the
Intellectuals." Tho fashionable quar
ter of Moscow in desortod, and an at
t..le nt Mm atiitlnnia In f Annul trulav.
Ituwiatu Missed Them.
Stockholm, Sweden, Nov. 13 -Sevan-!
tern Jews, refugees, have arrived here
front Hussls, with M,(XK,000 in eafa.
tion and luneheon whioh the cbambor
of oomraerso has arranged in honor of
Prlneo Louis of Battonborg and his
oflleors. A large number of prominent
men have been invited to the funetion
and it will be one of tho most interest
ing events in which Prince Louis will
take part. It is quite Interesting in
that connection that tho New Yerk
chamber of commerce obtained its
charter from George III.
The other event of the day will be-:
the great dinner of the bine jaketa at
Coney Island. Twelve hundred Amer-
ienn sailers will entertain an oqual
number of British sailors, and Prince
Louis of Battenhere;, Admiral Bvans
ami several hundred officers of the
American and. Ilrltlsh ships will visit
the men while they are at dinner. The
American sailors, who pay for tho din
ner, have taken good care to supply a
sufficient supply of liquid refresh
merits to put thoir guests in the very
best of humor. The average allowance
per man l said to be fifteen glasses.
(Pour O'oloek Edition.)
Lawton, Okla., Nov. 18. Posses this
morning are "feearsliTng for the negro
who last night shot and killed Mrs. II.
ttedman, wife of the Rock Island
agent at Bblngor, while the nogro and
his confederates was robbing the station.
Tho Spanish Knight
(Four O'clock Edition.)
Vienna, Austria, Nov. 18. King Al
fonso arrived here today from Pots
dam. The emperor and high officials
met him at tho station, and drove to
tho palace through lines of treeps along
deeeratod streets.
(Four O'clock Bdltten.)
Chicago, Nov. 18. Stephen M. Mer
IHslngfors, Finland, Nov. 18. The
garrison in the fortress at Scveahorg, rill, the Methodist bishop of Chicago,
mutinied, the Itueetan soldiers demand- la dead.
Ing better treatment, frco choice of Keyport, N. J., Nev. 18. Bishop
lwk, and r furlough for soldiers kv Merrill 'a doath was due to heart fall
leg Krvcd their time. The demands ure. lie wm apparently in vigorous
wire partially granted, but the conflict health when he left here, despite bis
ntinues. 'advanced years. He was bishop M
. " - 'years, 84 of wblak he resided in this
juctie, ivoopa up Kcpuuuen. 0(y
(Four O'Clock lWltlen.)
Albuquerque. N. M.i Nov. 13, A pe
enhar accident occurred to a party of!
Hanto Domingo Indians near the on
Mmnted Mean, of Acorns. The bad
lxen hunting, and at night
(Four O'clock Edition.)
New York, Nov. 13 Jerome's as
sistants, Sanferd) and Perkins, this
morning instituted John Dee proceed
ings in the Otb, 14th and MOth assem
bly districts in the election fraud oasos.
The proceedings are said to bo the re
sult of new evidence obtained by Su
perintendent of Klectlon Morgan's
men, who this morning took several
witnesses to the district attorney's of
fice. Secrecy is maintained and the
grnnd jury resumed Ha inquiry into tho
election this morning, examining many
0 ota a aood Job.
(Four O'Cloek Bdltlon.)
Chrlitlanlana, Norway, Nov. 13.
stacked liHTm to ,w, HOOOO favor In-
Uir arms like soldiers, and went to ,' K 7, , ' " VMmt,c' ,0
Jeep, During the night a gust of wind " , T "" K " ww.y, wun oniy svw
'lew down the. guns and discharged the "K",R"V lu
l-aded weaonn Jnto the sleeping IimII- ,. . .. A
Jnnts. One wan shot through the kid- "" UWT jwt.
inY and died Instantly, one had his 4BBr u ",0 n"OB.j
left arm blown oIT, another revived a 'Hten, Nov. 13. Morris Nathan
EcWg in the right leg, which will wu -wied today, nud freed from all
hne to be amputated, and a fourth was ,ml " enneellen with the
Injured so lmdly he may die. muraor or amsau Henry. He was held
i nnor ww moiwis as u witness.
Two Shaft Oaved.
Johannesburg, South Africa. Nov. 18.
I- A shaft in the BHcfontdn mine cJ-'
Elapsed today. On white wan and tT
est use were killed. .
(Four O'Clock Kditlen.)
Butte, Mont., Nov. 13. Billy Sm
por, a gambler, was shot by "Dutch
Swede," another gambler, in tho Turf
gambling reoma at Anaconda this morn
ing. The bullet entered tho jaw, but
was dotieoted by a geld; dental piste,
and Semper spit it out. Ho lay under
tho table feigning death until his as
sailant left. His physician, sayn the
(Four O'Clock Bdltlon.)
New York, Nov. 13. Unrry A. Leon
ard, the office loy, who stole MO,000
worth of securities by a forged check,
this morning pleaded guilty to forgery
in the second degree audi wan sentenced
te an Indeterminate oonteneo in the re
formatory. "
fored by Alfred B. Ma day, for hunt
ers that have huntod at lettsfc oight
timoa In tho last year with tho oamo
recognized paok of hounds. -All on
trios must bo rlddon by ftmntcurs.
Among tho minor trophios is tho Hotel
Martinique Challenge Plate for wares
and geldings, to be shewn to full-elaod-gigs;
ownor to drive, accompanied by
a servant. Another favorlto cup is tho
Aldlo Challengo Cup for tho best hack
ney or half-bred hackney mare or gold
ing. bred in America, to bo shewn In
single harnees to appropriate vehlole.
Thla cup must also bo won twioo by
tho snmo owner.
Tho horso ehow will last all week,
and th,ere will bo threo sessions vry
day, beginning at 10 o'clock in the
morning, and ending at midnight. The
attendance nt th opening was exceed
Ingly large and brilliant, and society
was well reprosontcd.
Land drabber Caught In Honolulu.
(Four O'clock Edition.)
Honolulu, Nov. 13, United Btntos
Marshal Hendry returned from Maul on
tho stontnor Llkollkc, hnving'Jn custo
dy 0. L. Brokaw, who is tinder Indjot
jnont by tho federal grandjury of
Washington stnto for land frauds. Tho
prisoner wan tnkon to tho Oahu prison.
After a preliminary h oaring It is cxr
peeled Broknw will bo returned to
Bpoknnc Brokaw gavo himself up to
the sheriff of Maul.
United States Supreme Oourt
Upholds Peculiar Ohio
MlnneeoU BUto OTisrltloa,
8t. Peter. Minn.. Nor. 13.-Tho
ball would havo entered his brain If it fourth Minnesota State Conference of
had not been for the false teoth. Ho is Charities and Correction opened hero
not seriously Injured. today with a largo attendance of delo-
Moro Itottcn Inanmnoo Showing.
(Four O'Clock Bdltlon.)
New York, Nov. 13 Tho insurance
investigation was resumed today. It
is believed Hyde, Hnrrlman, Tarboll
nd others of like Importance will be
examined this week. John It. liege
man, president of tho Metropolitan,
wan recalled this morning. Ho showed
statements of the financial transactions
of tho brokerage Arms. Tho figures
shewed ho allowed largo rebate en in-
terost, and en porMnnl nooounts.
The BritUU Squadron in
New York, Nov. II. Tho program
ur the entertainment of the cmcora
an.l men of the Brltlch cruiser squad
Tor Hunters Meet.
BardUwn, Ky Nov. 13-Thc a-
nmI meeting af the National Fx
HuNtrs' AneeclaUoM bcfN bore Udy
i with a kr attoodanco from all parbi
New York, of tho country.
Big Liner Tloated.
Now York, Nov. ll.-tfke liner Oraf
ton now on a visit in this city, inelude Wldc, which grounded Saturday.
two important featurs for today. The off Brooklyn, afUr starting for Ham
rtft and woat important is the recep- burK, wan Moated tbia morning.
Chemawa vs. Ft. Stevens
On Willamette Fieldl.
Embalmed In Oil.
(Four O'clock Bdltlon.)
Dayton. 0., Nov. HI. Tho nolle he.
, llovo that Dr. Ollvor Hnugh, who Is bc-
S oused of tho murder of his paronU and
Tticsday, Nov. 1 4, 3 p. m. Admission 50c
brother, embnlmed thoir bodies in oil
beforo Igniting them. It Is bollevea
ho killed them with hyoeldo.
( Four O'Olosk Bilition.)
Washington, D. a, Nov. lBr-THe
supreme court tday uphold tho peon
liar Ohio law wklok permUa any real
dent of tho state to reeovor monoy lost
nt gambling, regardless of by whom It
wao lest. A woman brought euit
against the ownors of a building in
which monoy bad been lost by gam
bling, and fllod n lien ngainst tbo build
ing. Tho ntato law waa dodnred valid
by tho blghoot court today.
i o '-
Nino Hallronda and a Brewery.
(Four O'Clock Edition.)
Milwaukee, Wis;, Nov. 13. In tho
fodoral court today tho gbvornmont
flled suit ngainst nino rnllroads and ono
brewery; in an attempt to ascertain
whether or net n. railroad oan lawfully
pay indirect rebate through privato
oar linos, owned by largo ablppors, ouch
oar llnoa being, in tho opinion of tlto
government, a moro davloo to securo
reduction over ether shippors And com
petl tiers.
Milwaukee, AVls., Nov. 13 Oastar
Pabftt, presidont of tho browory, doniea
the obargea made. He sayn the whole
thing U based on malicious lie. lid
ays he wan once ait officer of tho Mil
waukee Transit and Itafrlgorator Oomr
pany, but jual now is net Interested,
llo declares ho had no alleged dealings
with tho read named. Judge Seaman
Iirji ordtjrwl that tho nnawer to tho com
plaint must bo made within SO day.
Determined to Die.
Dcs Moines, la., Nov. 33. After
fighting all night with bin wifo -who
tried to prevont bin suicide, Clarence
Hooves, aged SI, took rvcld this morn
ing and died.
Great (lathering of rarraors,
Otmttaitooga, Toan., Nov. 13. Thotv-
mh4 of farmora and busUwui
Who Skimps Quality
io$ Pttce,s
gate from all parta of the state. Gov
ernor Joknsoa dollvrcl the opening
addrcM and wclcawad tin. .y.iu t.
from tkU county and the wrroundlHg A. Hosing, of tk SUto Board of Orn-
diVieU arc hero to attond the Iiamll- trol and UnlUd 8UtM Senator JOiuto
ton county farmer, fair and trade tar- Nelson are among the prominent speak-
nival, which opened today at Olympia ora wl will addrm tke oofroo
Park. The nnmbw- of oNtrica la unus. during the threo days of its session
ally mr, and over 1W in prfos la . 0
offorod for thubeat axklblLa ! t.k va. m. . ... .
r!MM mtMaaaa .. : 7' .:il T'r1 wwonnl Horso Bhow.
w. -w , ww iiiMiMmnjpi AfjnojHIVT AW
iHMHMon a earnival mow with U M
York, Nov.
II. Thla is the
lnct feature. TV- -!.. j 1lS day of the twenty-first Nation-
stk ahow l particularly InUreMlnif ' ", for wr Madlsa gqHar Oar-
nmJ ArAJItalJo iLh. .. rm.. ..t in . ' "" OVCjH
.-,. ..,., - wn. tmv imii will
last all tbuHigk this week.
Is inviting kb bcM etmw to go olMwhera.
tioni mako
OnrWn lmlnas Cjondir
Kt possible o? some merchants
to tmdetszll othets on the same
quality of goods I
Excessive store expenses and losses from the jcedit system make it im-
RxMiiHble for "regular etoreo" to matek tho prjeoa of an eeoaetaloally man
aged spot cask otere.
(ozdA okice-
Will Stand by Wall Street,
WneWngUn, D. 0.. Nov. 18. Secre
tary gkaw autlwrisoe the statoment
that he will not go t the relief of the
money market, unUl convinced tkat
bnetnenc intresta will suffer. Should
any buelnees oenoern be denied de
served credit at a reasonable rate, the
secretary mya he should know the
, Tll!,Xr.? 1iU" n1U hwft "' evening for two hours
wVu bt dot Z T 8Hd -"H there
will bo. big dolagc while Uit bHtr are bore. There are Wg doings
paiMeed dentist, wbe does euMrantaed dti wa,v .... ,,'..
iKirr M Mai8a SjquarO Oar- 3 Other JanJUt- -U... ii - .. i jdi n WMt
anally attracu JJj "J ''J Jg- J - . wHm rnbbr platuo for
f hvo of s.wa, u 2 5, '"??fn.W """. " y ttry o,U Ww. Had vou.
.! - "- niti hsjvmt rAcvrior it a u j i ... .
Tho narvard Bumping Eacee.
Boston, Mass., Nov. 13. The first of
the series of "Bumping Bate?" of the
"Dormitory Orews" of Harvard take
Uzjste&, &&
Offers you the best at prieea usuaHy asked for medium grades.
Out Dy Goods
OaateiM the sheieest fabrics, that have mot wltktto approval of Bi
iea'a best dressers. Most stores add extra profit on novelty areas goods
to inaaro against losses from style changes. We mark at prises that close
them oat in their season without loss. Salem's cheapest oao -price eask
store. Bvarythlng for tho waolo family.
place today, and will wind up tho sea
son. BuroplpB races are a regular fea
ture of the university orews in Bug
land, where the boats actually bump.
At tho Harvard bumping rases the
linot. An a. 1.. xl . Ol
" V" oi. uuiajj, uh iuey WOUIU
break, being too fragile.
and new tke Now York horse show is
probably on f the west important
functlowi 1h whiok Amorlau'a arlsUw-
-V wajW Ukca part, necognia
ig tke steadily inciBg iprtaBae
of M evwt, tho managers of the
horse show have constantly added to
the nnwber of da, ad also te the
Utaad sire .( the prints, until ,0ir
jTei. L6a 6,gftBU W9W
From sixty or seveatv ,,. M.v
of clawes to bo judged was increased
-ui never reret u, Ad If yau r. I,,tr..i i .i. . '..,. '
watahe. 1 i. i- .- " - , "" " HM,u
- nw ; k- a. u v iaaa v r m .. . m . t m.
..-" i.r """ .7""' ' unwwiry ik y, tan find out all
kin nltiA n..it ..w.i. . . , zz
. VH k Tfjj, g0 isuay.
Ohioago Markets.
friiui VAAw A ....
137 this yMr. Besides 'the olas
which were exhibited In former years
there are several special classes, which
will add considerable Interest q tho'
dMay! The total of tbo prices offer. I
fj aggregates $87,000, not including
the famous -Woo Waldorf-Astoria
challenge oun for the bt .
m.lNA XT 1A -rvvc ... . Ifliif sai,.i..1 OOf DOi
w.6, .. io. wneai, boJ,"7 omer prises of a similar
Sfgi corn, UQU, W, " Tho entries for tho -Waldorf.
A8trIa "P b driven by thoi
...-.- BU ueajers aua profeid ,
TJu"?- Tt,,auP'tbowon
three Mmeo before It becomes the nn
disputable property of the winner. This
is probably tho most-eagerly sought for
'tht7 fT 8t tha h0 ---Another
valuable cup is that offered by
best I", T Ca0hIn'' aub ' e
best road team, fonr-in-hand, to be
"hewn to a coach driven by the owner
??' " t bo approved
by the eommlttee. mtu r . .
Iwan't " w "OK do
,: " n"' "fT o same owner befere
it becomes lit. .. "ero
The Spa
If you want a good assortment of
candies to select from, remomber we
oarry the most complete line in the
city and a larger assortment than ever
before, and also, 5 yory fine line of
W, T, 8TOLZ. P. 0. METEBa
Wednesday Only
"""- "ruiAi NO. 2M.
For our Mid-Woek Special we offer
Knit Shawls
In colors Black. Bod PfnV ri , . ' "
Pretty stitch s i (1 Z! WhUe' ' '
ines np to 35c. & th. cool woatbr.
Bo among tho early ones. 18?
S8S State Street.
Then thero is tho hunter's cup, of.
I i MMfc nin

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