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At onv rate, you seem to be celling
of it on auction esle principles : going,
going, g-o-n-el" Stop the auction with
Ayer"a Hair Vigor. It checks falling
hair, and always restores color to gray
hair. A splendid dressing also. Sold
at Auction?
MAY, 1004, 13,287.
for over sixty years.
XVfUl , M
Jy m73K ti J5yir lr 9k WT
Olvo Thdm a Warm Reception.
Arrangements have been made by
the commercial bodien of this elty for
a proper reception of the Portland
business mm 'i exeorafou Tueedny.
But those organisations tnnst Iwti
the eo-operution of every bnsincse man
Hnd professional mm in tha slty to
make the reception suacesc
Every bust noes mun tnd professional
man mid capitalist who kM the wel
fare of this elty at heart should It
aside nil other appointments for Tors
dny trailing and help give the visitors
a royal welcome.
The pereoaat element araet eater In
to the situation. Ill at tar business
people have peroneal aeqaniatnNeeo
Among the vlsltore. Let the polat of
personal contact be made and let It be
made hearty.
The committee of fifty or sixty pe
one appointed to go to the train and
escort the city' guests la the Hotel
Willamette should find the katel
crowded with Salem people when they
return at 7ttO o'clock with the visit
ors. All who have flower la spare should
bring them to the hotel en Tuesday
Afternoon espeolally chrysanthemum
so that tby ean be weed in the dec
orations. Urine (treat meases of them
if possible.
Theee Portland ImilneM men repre
sent million af wealth and business
And property. They represent rail
roads, steamboat lines, manufactures
and jobbing houses, grain warehouses,
nnd banks'.
Let s Impress them all with the sin
eerity nnd the cordiality at oar wel
come. Let as make them all friend
f Salem. 1M them all ge .frlm here
talking a bo I ear elty and its people
in n favorable way.
lr a time quit knoeklng, eritlela
lag and fa alt finding with ethers, or
with the committees, and throw
good will, eordlallty and enthusiasm
far year elty into the situation person
ally. o
A BUto Whoro Women Voto.
It seems In a state where wamea
vote the newspaper peiltlelaM who
edit paper treat the subject of we
man suffrage very softly.
The Oapltal Joaraal b ready to
admit that if the wamea were voters
in Oregon It might take a different
view of woman suffrage.
Most men weald, lint the men are
not ehlvalroas enough to give up a
monopoly of vol lag wkleh they have
ao loag enjoyed. They had to give up
a monopoly of school teaehiag and
may have to give up preaching, but
they are going to hang tenaciously to
the ballot.
The Idaho Dally Statesman In an ed
itorial comment upon the tatting apart
of a day at the Lewis and Clark Im
position in honor of Abigail Seott
Daalway, paid a warm tribute to this
noted pioneer of Oregon. Uoferriug to
Mrs. Doulwey'a work in behalf of wo
man suffrage, the editor said in parti
"Who are better entitled to a plaee
at the ballot box than the women who
shared the hnrduaip and dangers of
feunding: the staler Who are better
entitled to have a voice in the gov
ernment of the state than the mothers
who carried their children In wagons
aerosa the eontlnent to assist in build
1ns: mp the commonwealth f Who are
better entitled to the ballot than the
daughters and grand-daughters of
those berole woman. With the bal
lot, women Will make conquests that
men are inenpable of aehieviag, and
she wilt eoatrlbale immeasurably to
ward building a greater Oregon; a
grander Oregon; an Oregon that will
stir greater pride in the breasts of
those coming generations than is felt
by those of this time for the Oregon
we now know." As a ohampion of de
velopment this paper would almost be
willing to give women the ballot If it
would be the means of awakenlag
this eemmenwealth. But would itf
Woman have voted In Idaho slnee 1W0.
The editor of the Statesman, therefore,
ia advoeatlag woman suffrage, Is giv
ing voiee to conclusions wkleh nre
based aa xperloaoa. An ounce af ex
perieaee is worth a ten af prejudlee
ea almoet a ay subject.
The politicians ars not figuring on
Eastern Oregon. Indications are if
they get the nomination for state
treasurer nnd for United States sen
ator over there they wUl be piftty
well satisfied. But wlflt lias than
that there will be h II to pay In the
Republican camp.
Of course, the Oregonlan and a lit
tie' bunch of cold-footed Portland cor
poration boosters who belong to the
Silurian age, can tell that Washington
railroad eommhwion just what to do. A
state with four elties all rivals Vf Port
land and which hns two tails" af rail
road to our one, and double the pop
alatloa of Oregon at half ear age.
needs to be instructed from -up-UMatr
sources on stats building and corpora
Hon management.
All Humors
Art lmHire ttinUors which (he skin,
liver, kiduey? ami o titer organ oan
not take oare of without help, there Is
eueh an nocttmuwtiou of them.
They litter tlte whole system.
Pimples, bolls, oomiim and other
eruptions, low of appetite, Utat Until
fooling, bilious turns, fits of Indiges
tion, dull haailaelHM and many other
troubles are dim to them.
Hood's Sarsaparllla
and Pills
Remove all humors, overcome all
Hheir effects, strengthen, toue and
Invigorate the wholo system.
MI had salt rheum on my bands so that I
could not work. I took Hood's tiaruparllla
and tt drove eat the burner. I eoutlnued
its use tilt the sores disappeared,1 Mas.
Ibjl O. Duo ww, llumlord Kails, Me.
Hood'a Sarsaparllla promlaoa to
cure nnd koepa tho promlso.
You Idle
Don't pay dividend. Why sat
tnako it earn Betrothing, A saying
bank account affords aa investment
CONVERTIBLE into oa&h when
wanted. Yeu ean increase or decrease
tho amount invested as eireuaitUnsea
requlro. There is no other invest
tnont that combines these features
in such convenient .form,
Interest paid at the rate of three
per cent, compounded semi-annually.
Savings Department
Smiles From the Typewriter
Toledo Ileporlori The aeroplane hats
wora by the ladles this fail may lead
to some startling results when the
November wind eoms sweeping aloag.
Harry Murphy hasn't begun his
series of cartoon of prominent Oregon
Journalist. Will he head the list with
John 1'. Oarrell af the Portland Jour
nal. MamWfteW Malh Salem Is making
well dlreetod effort to Itcoome the
flower elty of Oregon, and 1M0 rose-
Intake will be planted an one avenue.;
ill vet ton Apnonli W II. OhorringUtu
of Salem waaeunoo privately -that
ha will be a candidate for nomination
on the Xepublicaa tlokot for represent
atlvo la tho lower house. Why aatf
Tho aext session of the farmers'
congress and skippers' eoavoatlaa hi
lag conducted by the Willamette Val
ley Development league will be held
at Woedlmr-R. lea't there any way to
atop Walter Teoee's candidacy f
According to the New York San
Professor It. L. darner is going again
ta West Africa with bU gramophone
to study toe ape language. lie should
study the W4s of some of the aspirants
for ettoo.
Tho old-tashJoaed meaningless ooa
veatioa of poWtlelans has uoea sup
planted by mats conventions af the
farmers and business man where, the
politician nutet catoh an if he can, '
Forest Orove TimjMt It is becoming
more and wore evident that the man
who is to became the next United
States seaator from Qregea must come
out into the ope field and submit bU
name to tho eonsldcratiaa af the peo
ple at the pells.
There Is a general prediction ia the
valley that the Wfllaaiettos will de
feat Multnomah tomorew by two or
three touehdewas. The Deweorat'a
prediction ia that Willamette dees net
defeat Multnomah. Albany Democrat.
The Democrat has ceased to be a
football prophet.
The rumor that Governor Chamber
lain would appoint Jeff. Myers United
States senator waa started by some
eaemy af the governor to kill him eff
for re-elioUen. Myers for the presi
dency ef the Lewis and Oiark fair
I was about as much as the people would
stand, even from Ohamberlain.
There were quite a number of poli
ticians at tho farmers' congress and
shippers' ooaveBtioa held at McMlna
vule Saturday. Tho politlalaa thinks
the farmers is easy game, but the ship
pars know & thing qr two. They un
derstand the Importance of rates and
the potency of the pass.
Also a few Facta en tho Samo BubJecU
Wo hear much nowadays about
health foods and hygienic living, about
vegotnrianiom, and many other fadu
along the same line.
Restaurants may be feund4 in- the
larger cities where no meat, pastry or
coffee is nerved ami the food, orank is
in Ms glory, and argument nnd the
ories galore advanced to provo that
meat was never Intended for human
stomachs, and almost tnako ua bolieve
that our eturdy Ancestors, who lived
fourscore yoars la robust health on
roast beef, pork and mutton must have
been grossly ignorant of Uio laws of
Our ferefathern had other tbisge to
do than formulate theories about the
feed they ate. A warm woloemo was
extended to any kind, from baeon to
A healthy appetite nnd common eeaoe
are eieeUeal guides to fellow ,Ia mat
'tern ef diet, and a mixed diot of grains,
fruits and moats is undoubtedly tho
Aa eempared with gralas and vege
tables, moats furnhtkeo tho most nutri
ment In a highly aoaeontrAted form
nnd Is digested nnd aeslinilatod mere
flulekly than vegetable or grains.
Dr. Julius Remmson, on this subject,
aayst "Nervous persons, peeplo-run
doiVH in health and ef low vitality
should eat meat and plenty ef It. If
the digestion is too feeble at first it
may be easily, corrected by the regular
jmo of Stuart's Dyspepsia, Tablets after
each meal. Two of these excellent
tablets taken after dinner will digest
several thousand grains of meat, eggs
er ether animal food la three hours,
and no matter hew weak the stomaeh,
may be, no trouble will be experienced
if a regular practice ia made ef using
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets, because
they supply the pepsin aad diastase
necessary to perfect digestion, and
every form ef indigestion will bo over
oomo by their nse.
That large elaaa of people who come
wader the head of nervous dyspepties
should eat plenty ef meat and insuro
its proper digestion by the dally uso of
a safe, harmless digestive medicine
like Stuart's DyspopeU, Tablets com
posed ef the natural digestive prin
ciples, pepsin, diastase, fruit acids and
salts, which actually perform tho work
of tygeetieH. Okeap cathartic medi
cines, masquerading under the name ef
dyspepsia cures, are nsalesa for indi
gestion, an they have absolutely no of
fset upon the actual digestioa ef food.
Dyspepsia, in all its many forms is
simply a failure of the eUmaoh to di
gest food, and the sensible way. to
solve tho riddle and cure the dyspepsia
is to make daily use at meal time of a
preparation like Stuart's Dyspepsia
Tablets, which ia indorsed by the med
ical profession and' known to oontain
active digestive principles.
Fa Winter
KUbard W. Bills, a native ef New
York, aged 73 years, a Scott's valley
pioneer, who owns a ranch near Ash
land, died last Thursday. He waa a
prominent member ef the I. O. Q. F,
For Destitute People.
Any one having any cast-off cloth
ing for destitute families will kindly
Vaavo them at Mrs. It. A. Orossan's, 430
Winter street, for the Woman's Re
lief Corps, to distribute,
Salem, Oregon.
Normal, Academic, Business, Teleg
raphy, Civil Service and Music.
Wo aro fortunato in securing tho
cervices of Dr. Parvln for this depart
ment. We havealso arranged for a
Primary Dep&artment, and shall have
classes in all grades from tho first to
the twelfth.
Salem, Oregon,
Fine (-let liea Mehers
The eeeontlal qualities of a good overcoat arc fonri style, fit, quality and prion. It is not often t1,at p,
And the Urst thrso combined nt the right price, and that ia why our medium-priced overcoat are such unused
offerings. Tholr eomlng from Schlose Bros, k Co. ef Baltimore, cmwret their quality, for everything brnring too
Sehloes label k Head Tailored, and therefore far superior to tho ordinary machine-made garment. The fltlitg
qualities will astonish you whea you see the coat reflected in a mirror It is the perfect draping to lo "xpectei
f rom a high-prioed custom-tailor and seldom found elsewhere. And when It cornea to style Judge for j ourstMi
Whether your taste inclines to the conservative Box coat, the warm Belt-Goat or the ultra fashionable Padthnk
whatever It Is we'll show you a eut aad pattern pronounced the best of style by the foremost Judges of gj
fashion in the laad. Come in today or this week euro nnd let us show you soma of tho new styles we have jtt
OVEROOAT8, $1Q TO $25 8"? 8, $1Q TO $25
Should be faultless If you nre to
meet well-bred people at dinner or re
ception, ami above all your linen should
be snowy white and Immaculate as that
which capo the anow-ebtd Alps. There
la no outward mark of gentility that
tells the tale so plainly as Irreproach
able linen, such as we send home In
perfect condition and with a color
and finish that only the artist can
reach. Our methods oa woolens are up-to-date.
Wa return them soft, aweet
and fuU-else as seat. Family work,
rough- dry, V cents per pound.
Salem Steam Laundry
Colonel J. Olmsted, Prop.
Derons D. Olmsted, Manager.
Pheae Sff. SM Liberty 8t.
Bondon has completed a new shingle
mill, whiak will begin operation about
December 1st. The will will manufac
ture white and red cear shingles, and
expects to branch eut In other lines
Tho next few days will teli who nnd
what the woman Is who was arrested in
Albany, And who gavo her name as Kvn
Marshall, ami whether or not sho is
wanted elsewhere. For several days
sho refused to toll where she waa from,
but once she spoke of Johnstown, l'a.,
and Sheriff White Immediately tele
graphed to that place asking for in
formation regarding her. Saturday be
received a telegram to held tho wo
man until further communication was
hod. A telegram was alio received
from Thaddeua Jones, of Hbeaburg,
Pa., who claims to be the woman's
tUrjtU f IN Kd YW tori Atari itoU
In making Boston Brown Bread Ii
cured if you um.
It is already prepared, reqttlrisga
ly tho nddltien ef molasses aad wtt
Directions inevcry package,
F&oifio COASt Factory, Ban Jois, (hi
Strong's Restaurant
.BMTni tt BBFFBRT, Props,
Yeu will always be satisfied. Every
thing firet-class.
Regular 99a dinner from 12 to 6 30.
Merchant 'a 80a lunch from 11 to 2.
fl A. H. TO 0 P. M.
In Ladies' and Men's Dreea Shoes,
Nothing ever belter shown ia &
Men's Heavy Working Shoes
Warranted waterproof,
, ... . . . . fl
in oraer i reuuse my aioctc i am soiling Women's. Men's and CJitlaWlU
shoes at prises lower than ever before made In this city.
All the shoes offered at this sale are late, up-to-date styles aad skip
Come !u and eeo these goods, for I save you money on overy purehais.
State Street,
Opposite Patton Bros. Store
Building Material
Of all kinds and the right kind can be
found at our yards. We sell only the
best lumber, and those who have used
our building material have always
been satisiel Lot us figure on year
next bill of lumber.
Near 8, P. Passsenger Depot.
Phone 62 Main.
Eppley's Perfection
Baking Powde
Successors to Burroughs k Frajer,
Plumbing, Tinning
y and Roofing
OornicA Work, Heating and BnUdlng Work of aU kinds; eatlm'
ibauo ana worn- guaranteed.
867 State Street, Salem. Ph&aa 151L

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