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r -?p fWFWWJ
f AM'tclablcPrcpntfltionforAs-
Promotes Digealion.Crutf rPuh
(VtuuMorpliino nor Mineral.
, e0ujyxwiazrjrcaa
'VflJ r
ApcriVcl Homtxly for ConaUpa
h .n.SourStotnnch.Dlarrlioca
mul Loss OF SlXEP.
Facsimile Signtilurc of
Brick furnished in largo or mull
quantities. Fressod brick mado to or
dr, Yard on Stato alroot, outh of
A. k. BURTON, Prop.
Patronise Yotit Home In
dustries and keep your mon
ey at home
Not a now business, but tbo old black
smith, wagon and paint shop of Jtteob
ts Arthur very waoh enlarged. Wo euro
prepared to do all kinds of fancy paint
ing sign painting nnd buggy, carrlngo
and wagon painting; repainting nnd re
pairing furniture nnd musical Instru
msuts. A first-class painter employed.
Light and heavy wagons and buggies
en band nnd mado to order, Work
(ailed for in any part of tbo city and
returned1 freo of charge by G. W. Johns
or Willlaia Cress,
Phoae Ubi Mtin. SMO N. Front St.
Will always be right if
you get them at the
White House
Phone Main 2121. State Street
MCrflw St -
293 actes in Waldo Hills. Well fenced, new eight oom
house, big ban, sevet-ai out buildings, fine otchand, about
twnfv ariQ y &h nlrtffnb. balance
fine springs neat? house, I I -4 miles ftom Stayton,
miles fuom Sublimity. Good German community.
$40 an acre. Time given if purchaser desires.
For Infants rtiid Chlldron.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
or Over
Thirty Years
TMt oitrTAun eMrnr. nrwoi crrr.
William Toesend, a farmer living
near lllllsboro, was thrown from bis
wagon, while on hie way from Portland
Wednesday, nnd is now at the Good Sa
maritan hospital, At Portland, nnd lit
tle hope In entertained of hia recovery.
Toesesd's tern was frightened by an
aHtomohlle, seining from Portland at
the, xnt ef -10 wile an hour, ami it
waa while trying to iteady hit hornet
that he wan thrown out, lie it Mid to
have been intoxicated.
A Disastrous Calamity.
It la a dieaitroun calamity, when you
lete your h'nltb, becauio indigestion
nnd oonitlpatlon have napped it nway.
Prompt relief ean bo bad in Dr. King 'a
Now Llfo Pills. They build up your
dlgentivo organs, .and euro headache,
diulneee, colic, eenatfpatlen, etc Guar
anteed at J. 0. Perry 'a drug etore; Me.
P. M. Shepard, an aged pioneer of
Marlon eownty, who ban figured eou
ajdeMOHtdy In the settlement, develop
MOHt and Mphtilldiag ef Silvertan, died
at that plaea Monday, at the home ef
hia daughter, Mrs. George Morley, of
Bllverten. lie wan born in Itlonia
April 3, 1MQ, and eame aero the
plaina in 181, settling on the Ablqna,
near gllvertan. On May 6, 1M0, he
married Lualnda J. MtKen, who, with
three sitter, three brothers, and IS
children survive blw. The funeral was
held Tuesday.
Curo Cure for Piles.
Itebing Piles produce moisture and
cause itching, this form, as well as
Blind, Bleeding or Protruding Piles
nro cured by Dr. Bo-ean-ko's Pile Rem
edy. Stops itebing and bleeding. Ab
eerbs tumors, 50c a jar at druggists,
or sent by mall. Treatise free. Write
mo about your case. Dr. Bosanko,
Pliila,, Pa.
Bears the i
Signature W
ft 4 RV
mmemm jk mrm imp mm
for SALE
- -
Portland School of Domestic
Science, Moves in Right
Suitable laws for sanitary protec
tion of food are being prepared for in
traduction to the council by the wsmen
of the Portland Stbeel ef Domestic
Selenee, assisted by Mrs. Sarah A. ISv
ans, food inopeelor.
While all the details of the proposed
law are not computed, the mors Im
portant meaeMree are agreed upon.
They aret
Meat must not be exposed for sale on
'the sidewalk in Pertlnnd. In Portland
there has long- been complaint that ear
eaeaee nro kept on the street, nnney
lag people nnd gathering disease gar ins
Broad mnst be delivered In wrap
per, or in some ether manner that will
protect It from duet and dirt. Drivers
will not be permitted to take it In
their bare hands.
Wash rooms will be required In nil
places where food is sold that tbo
hands of the salesmen may bo kopt
Floors of bakeries and tnont markets
must be of cement to keep thorn from
becoming sour nnd dirty.
The following, if put on exhibition,
must be kept under glnsst Bread,
cooked meats, cheese, dry fruit, honey,
olives, pickles sauerkraut and similar
fowls which are sold in bulk.
Strawberries and other fruits mutt
not be exposed in doorways, and under
no olreumetaneett may boxen bo used
twice for such things. All boxes eon
talnlng foodstuffs mutt be kept nt
least two feet nbeve the floor.
There is another feature in food pro
teetton law which Interests the women,
but which It to expected cannot bo cov
ered by an ordinance, and that Is the
enforced eleanllneM af aprons used by
butchers and clerk. Mrs. Hvnns states
that In some place she baa found men
wearing blood-stained aprons which ap
parently bad net been washed for sev
oral days.
When nil the features of tho pro
paced sanitary law have been arranged,
some member ef the eounell will bo
asked to Introduce It, and the women.
will go Into polities in a way that will
Insure Its parage
Home Treatment.
We have a medleino for stub troubles
as are caused by stow a eh disorders, re
suiting In dyspeaJa,' sick headache and
general weaknew, that will put the
organs ef digestion in first etasc work
ing condition. ISat wholesome food,
have it properly digested. and you
have taken away the aauic ef more
than half the ills of life. This medi
cine is called Dr. Gunn's Improved
Liver Pills. Sold by all druggists for
9c per box. Only one tor a dote.
They do net digest tho feed you eat,
but do the very beat possible thing,
put the stomach in condition so that
the food1 yeu eat is turned into strong,
rlcb bleed, driving out and preventing
disease. Women write us that they
use netblng else for tbo complexion.
They keep the skin clear, preventing
pimples nnd liver spota from appearing
on the face, and purify the bleed.
UmmOs fta KM V Hew Atari BHfl
fta KM YwHw Atari
all cleaned. 1 wo
2 1-4
"- - . . b JfeMJkBtflftff
For Sale. Seven-room resilience, barn,
largo half block, oloctrlo lights, bath,
hot and cold city water. E. BTofor,
Journal ofllco.
For Balo. Htnnll dry nr wood, nt"3.2G
per cord. Phono Black 2001. T. L.
Davidson, Jr., Mbrningside. l20tf
For Salo. An upright Wobcr piano, in
excellent cendftlfln, Original cost
(toO. Will soil for IflOO Inquiro of
Hoary W. Mayers, enro of Moyors
& Sons. 84-tf
For Sale, A John Doere double dlso
plow. Inquire of P. B. Shnfor, tho
- harness dealer, 120 Oommorclal
street, or Shafer Bros., Turner, Or.
For Sale Large 4-holo Jewell gae rango
with two ovens; used only 2 months.
A bargain. Address Q, enro Journal
oMee. lO-HHf
For SaleOfeap. AersV eow, very
gentia. Inquire nt oorner of 10th
and n. oLrMta. Mm. Btarr. lM0aH
For Rent Tho lower floor, containing
flvo rooms of oollngo nt 1008 Summor
street, on Ittlr Grounds elrcot car
line. No smnll ohildTon wanted.
Form for Rent. llncrce, fruit nnd
meadow lnndi good now houso, 4 miles
from Snlcm. Inqufro of W. A. Lin
ton, McCornnck block, Balcm.
Bookkeeper Wantod. A good position
for tho right man.
Address "i...."
care Journal.
r'-''' m y w ' -
Mrs. Zi. Oiunrboll, South Comtnorclal st.,
near oemelcry, Is propared to do all
kinds of dreosmaking. Phono, Main
1270. 10-17'lm
Capital Bakery Ullom & Rntborford,
proprietors, 430 Court street. Fresh
bread, pics and cakes dally. Maoea
roons, lady Angora, angel and devil's
food cake, candles, nuts, otc Doily
tIm made to any part of tbo city.,
Phono Whito 321. P-l-tf
Salem Iron Works Founders, machin
ists nnd blacksmiths. Manufacturers
of all klnda of sawmill maehlnory.
Hop and fruit drying itovca, etc
Manufacturers of tho Salem Iron
Works Hop Trees. 11-20-lm
Davey & Savage. Real Katato, Loam
and Insurance, Conveyancing and
Uxalning Titlea. Notary work dona.
Bring us list of your property for
salo, 403 Stato street, near High.
8 8-tf
Tbo Seloy Studios. Thorough inslrue
tloa la music, Mr, and Mrs, Franeee
00 Seley, specialists la Voieo Produc
tion, Interpretation and Harmony,
Opera House Building, rooms 0 and
10, Roaideneo phono Main 574.
Hello. noro I am again with a full
line of crockery to be sold at three
gallons for 25 cents, Alto tents,
camp atovaa and all klnda of new
and second-hand household goods.
Olvo mo a call, corner of Stato and
Liberty street, Salem. Conrad Dill
man. 8-3-lm.
B. R. Ryan & Co, and Geo. D.
Spraguo & Co. have consolidated their
business as real estate dealers, and the
business will bo conducted at tho old"
George D. Spraguo stand, No, 648
State street, opposite tho Court House;
wbero we will ba pleased to meet "all
our old customers, also new ones. If
you bavo property to sell, rent or ex
change; or want to buy, rent or trade
property. Or If you want a loan on
real estate, or have money to loan on
good first mortgage realty wo can place
it for you on short notice. Wo also
ean give you tho best of lire, life and
accident insuranco at lowest rates. No
tary work of all kinds done.
R.R. RYAN &Co.
Salem Box Factory
I am in South Salem, where you will
find me for ajl klnda of fruit trays,
orchard boxes and hop baskets.
Miller street, Salem, Phone Mala 809
Hotel Scott Nowly fnrnlHbefl, Tory
i.i i anA first clasn. lUkmifl
at rc5aonnblo prioos. m
block, Salon. A. Scott, prop
Wantodv Good chipping npplco, pa
and all farm nnd dairy prodtlco want
ed. Capital Commission Co. Phono
Main 2231, opposite WMamotte
Hotel, Balom. Oregoe.
Salem Stoom Dyeing
anfl donning
Works Wh on your best girl says eno
,rf,l bo a sister toyou, gjvo , t.r yor
irl says she
clothe, to prose. o "L"?
.. , i. .tanmnther. and set
Clotncs 10 proas. uo j
thom to your stepmother,
IP Dill tu VM - .
iL.. !, rl frill 110 matter W:
,'ii . a.i Hun. nroBHoa uj
- month. Oloves, nccktW, .Ilk glow
or any fabric, no matlor how deli-
- cato! madoto look like now. Mrs. 0.
JWnlker, mop., 105 Commercial
Tho Tlllsoa CoDcalora In chopped
foed, seed bran, bay, flour dried
fruit, etc. nigh "trcct, adjoining
nnnrn house. . 0-lyr.
SnIIavo you tried H. H. Pauls for
ricalst Ho has tho best sausago In
town. Comb and try It, and bo con-rirrt-od.
410 East Stato etrot.
Dr. W. I. Morcor. Gradunto of Kifks-
..,,. in ..rwlm. fntinilor of OStCO
patny. Iooma 25-20 nroymaa bldg.,
Commercial Bt phono 010. Bosl
dpneo 410 N. Hummor st... pnono '
Troata nculo nnd chronic disensos.
Bxnmlnatlona frc6.
Dr. B. li" WMtoH&frndunto of llLlrka
vilcl, Mo., under founder of oslco
palby. Room fil Broymnn bldg.,
Commercial at, phono 87. Rcctdenco
BOO Stato, cor, Church, phono 1110.
Treats neulo nnd cbronio dlsoasca.
Bxaminatlona froo.
mJm AKoiin'Soxr
W. D. Pngli Architect and rraporla-
tendent, plana furnished for all claaa
osj of building and structural work.
Ofllco 11C Stato atroot, Tioga block,
Balcm, Oregon,
Whito & CummlM Do a general dray
nnd transfer business, moot all
trains. 'Phono, down town, Main
170. Stand 100 Commercial atroot.
.Bamaritan Hospital Salem, Orogon
Nonrseotarlan. Rates, 1.00 to $3.00
per day. Mine Agnoa O'Kecfo, Su
perlntondcnt. Miss Anna Stout.
Awt. Supt. ll-p-lb
Tboo. M. Barr Successor to Barr k
Pcttcl, tinner and plumber. Hot air
water and steam heating a specialty,
Salens, Oregon. 8-2-
Bernardl 01 Dunaford, Plumbers, steam
and gas fitters. All kinds of plumb
ing supplies. No, 60 Stato street.
Phono 118 Main. 10-2U
Fraik M. Brown Manufacturer of
sob, doors, mouldings. All kinds of
houso finish and hardwood work.
Front street between Stato and Court
X St, Cwu buu M OvrraMua VwminM,
iiyii jfKSWN to rail. st.i fi ii auu.
M1H W Will
lka MlllU.MUUllM
Ur tUm ft Ituwiin W Il4
UftMM'fM. Iffwwdnxu&
OMITftMfDICALCO.,oT4,L4N-Jl.T. ri-
SOld la Sajeis by B. O. Stone,
Wo are exclusive dealers in Wall
Paper, and carry tho finest arid most
complete lino In tho city. We ean
please you with goods and prices.
Come and sea us.
E. L Lemmon
299 liberty SL
Phone 2475
O. C. T. Co's
Steamers Pomona and "Oregona
leave for Portland dally except
Sunday at 7 a, m.; for Inde
pendence dailyt except Sunday
uuout o p.
M. P. BALDWIN, Agent.
Foot of Trade street
Mrs. Bufus Hamford. of Hal,, i,.
been committed to the, asylum, and was
brought her yesterday,.
Muete Studio. FranK ja. vauieu
Musteal Studio. Associnto teaener
Western Connorratory, Chicngo, Dl
representing Intcr-Stato Syatem
Balom, Oregoo. In tho Gray blocli
room 3. Studio bourn 0 to 12 ftd t
to 0. JJ" r
Fomstora of Amorica Court Sherwood
Forestors No. 10, Moots Prldny l
Tumor block.- Ira Jorgonsea, 0. B.)
A. Ii. Brown, Boo.
Central Lodo NO. 18, X. of P-Cattio
Hall In nolman bloek, corner Stat
nnd Liberty Btroots. Tuesday of eaek
wook at 7:30 p. ra. T. J. Croniso, a
a; W. L Btatoy. K. of R. And S.
Modorn Woodmen of America- Ore
gon Cedar Camp, No. 62-10. MoeVt
every Thursday evening nt 8 o'clock,
Holman Hall. E. E. Matten, V. O.J
A L. Brown, Clerk.
oFFion orrsr nAix.
Tor walor servlco apply at ofilea.
Billa payablo monthly In advaae
Mako all complaints at tho office.
A Pleaaaut "Way to Traye!.
Tho abovo la tho usual verdict t
tho trarolor using tho Miiwourl Pacini
railway between tho Pacific coast aad
tho oast, and wo boliovo that tho aecr
loo and accommodations given taarit
this slatoment. Frora Dcnvor, Colortv
do Springs and Denver tboro ara tw
through trains daily to Kansas City
and St. .Louie, carrying Pflllmaa' lat
eat standard olectrio-Ughtcd aloepUf
cars, chair cars and upto-datu dining
cans. Tbo samo excellent servlco Is
operated from Kansas City and 6H.
Louis to Memphis, Little Rock And Hot
Springs. If you aro going east e
south, writo for particulars nnd fall In
formation. W. a M'BRIDB, Ocn. Agt
124 Third BL, PorUand, Ora.
"It's a allly goose that somes te s
fox's sermon."
Low prlao arguments aro often a pit
fall to the Inexperienced buyer who
doeo not consider quality.
There ia woro to ba gained by pay
lug- too much, for an article than pay
ing too littlo for something that will
not give you any satisfaction.
There Is full valuo .for you wbea
you buy groceries of us.
Bakcr,SLawrcnce & Baker
Successors to Harrltt XAwraoe.
Carpet Sale
I will close out my lino of Carpatsj
at COST. Sco ma before buying.
New and second-hand
Goods bought and sold. J
170 South Commercial St. (
Phona 1233 Maiix 170 Oonaaewial It
When you visit PoriiBiwV rw v-
tePJKJ 5iX ! ," Who,
iV - """ iU ao mpons4. Sates
lights, call belU, elevator, steam hoafc
rooms with running water
The New Fashion
Consolidated With
The Clb Stables
Modern Managefaeat.
First-dasa Livery and Cab lis.
Funeral turnouts a specialty. TaHy.k
for picnics aad exeuraies, -fartleu, Kw(
?aii0J phoaa 44. dub phoaa 7.
! 'I

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