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fi ijwnuviiup
tockton & Co.
The Old White Comer
Out Real
Our announcements are made In the
newspapers to attract your Rtleutlea,
but having that once, we find ear best
and met effective advertisement is in
the good values and in the stylish
character of wr goods. We find that'
a well pleased customer often seads
u another, and many reeeat visitors
we have traced in that way to ethers
whs have bought goods of us,
We carry nothing but stan
dard grade goods for men,
men and oliildren.
Ladies' Handturns, Mc
Kay and Goodyear Welts,
Sl-50 to 5.
Men's Guaranteed Shoes,
Sl-50 to G.
Boys', MIsece' and Chil
dren's Shoes,
50 to S250-
Our lines are varied and
complete Yott ean hardly
ask for anything in this de
partment that we eon't sup
Umbrellas .
New Today
Beautiful oxeluclve novelties for
the holiday.
S5 to S12.C0'
Ladles' M-look Umbrellas, with
60 different styles of bandlesj
strlotly up-to-tho-mlnute novelties.
31 .
Another line, Just n little better.
1.25 .
And still another line, just a little
better still.
3150 Hh.
I l
Jt mj 4Mrf
IBB Neck--
Another now line of neetowenr
came yelrlay Lace Oallart, sMIk
foliar. Alle KooeeveU 'Hoe, Turn
overs, etc,
10 95.
ciMn$,fp, tuira
Mote New
Coats Satis
and SkitftS
Oame yesterday. They are the kind
they are wearing in New York to
day. 10RE MI88B8' COATS.
Qonuine Morocco, Seals, Walrus,
Snake Skins, etc High olaM up-to-date,
new Ideaa in Ladles' and Mis
ses' hand bags, ,
50 to S8.
Yen should, by all
these new things,
W wrt 0vSPj
why 18 IT,
see R
The Obemowa an! Wort aHovown foot
ball teams will moot tor a mate game
ou the Unlreistly Aokl tomorrow after
boor at S o'clock. This will bo the tirot
time tbts eaaooa that the Indiana will
bayo been soon In aotlon in tola elty,
and thorn will no doubt bo a good
erewd out. They always pjay good
ball, and tbl year have a stronger
team than usual. They made a good
showing against the University of
Washington, against the Unlvontty of
Oregon, the Oregon Agricultural Col
lege, and; have improved greatly alnee
thoy played these yewes. The julghty
Saunders, who played suek a great
game with Multnomah against Willam
ette Saturday, and will bo la the game,
and will play fullback for the Indians.
Nothing U known ooneorniag the
utrongth of the soldiers, further than
that thoy have a heavy line-up, and
several man who have had football ex
perioueo. Thoy bad a good team loot
year, and elaim to have a muoh bettor
one this. They will arrive tomorrow on
the 11 e'eJook train.
A large delegation will oome up
from Qhomawa to witaot the game,
and It is HowrfUo that the India band
will be present to furnish music for
the occasion,
Oao week from Tuesday Okemawa
will play tbe Sherman Indians, of Cali
fornia, this game will be in the
nature of a preliminary to that ovenU
The Obemawa team will line up as
follews: Loft end Sartor) left tackle,
Wbltebearj left guard, Williams: eon
tor, Soheehehuk right guard, Shiltsf
right taokle, Jameai right end MeOol
lyi quarter; Pollandt loft half, Pay not
right half, Mooa, fullbaek, Saunders.
Ooaok Bishop, of the Willamette
team, will' probably bo one of the offl
claw, and, in ease the soldier do not
bring a man with thorn, some other 8Je
lorn man will be other efliolaL,
The. cake baking demonetraltr
the Weonowy. store last wook sold
Wihl Bam Waar aauLl rut ba Uaai-.
Baby sleepa-and grows vMbMMiwL u WM th0 k te4 vr wd
sis ii Jiouw-er g ijooicy Mouniaw
What Is
Should there be any defeat in the shape of the eyeball, or should) the
yes be habitually abused, or overworked, the wuseles that ooutrel their
aetion are kept in a constant state. of tension or are aoutraeted unaatu
rally and spasmodleally the inevitable result is eyestrain whlaj ean be
-our4 only by having the eyes fitted with glasses that will relievo the
Wo bavo a skilled and experienced optUIan who will make a aeienti
flo examination of your eyes and tell yeu whether or net' they need
glasses. If the don't there'll bo no charge; if they da, the only charge
will bo the mere cost of the glasses.
State and
Liberty Sts.,
Salem, Ore
Tea Is give. Ihj tk yoatoat ba
meMleiae evor otroreii loviaf moths
Mk eenU, Tea or Tablets. Dr. Stoao'
Drug store.
Mlee Guaale Purnell baa reeoived
speeiai mvmuon irom Ainany u r
preduee bar Inimitable porformanoei
in the KaUonjammor Piwie. reoontl
played here, on November list.
baa aeeepted.
i i O ... i
In praising the game of football
sure the man yeu are talking to is nel
tho father of a vietim,
Sixty Cents
Bnys an umbrella rank on Wednesday
at Bursa & Hamilton's speoial sale. '
8t '
Sot Up tbo Beer.
(Four O'eleek Bdition.)
Now York, Nov. 13. Prlnee Louts
lunehed with the ahamber ef eommerae
at neoR. With ito ofllsers be went to
Coney Island tbis afternoon, and will
go to th ehorso show tonight. Tars of
both tbo BagUsh and Ameriean fleets
went to Coney Island and partook of
the royal feast, 0000 bottles of beer be
.lug eoaeumed.
reder&uon orgasued.
(Four O'oloek Bditloa.) I
TItfoVue Vai 14 T, Anavtoa-?
a 4rauGi4 jrtvii . -a-oew amvv'i
FodoratloB of Labor met today in eonr
ventioa and formally organized.
And the Cook Got tlic Drop
and Made -a Colander
of Him
While in a drunken frenzy, L. B.
Hedges, a logger in the employ of the
Detroit Lumber Company, at Detroit,
raYt amuck and almost killed George
Itambo, company foreman, before he
hlmeelf was slain by William Hdler,
the company aook. The tragedy oe
curred yesterday evening at supper
time. Sheriff Culver was notified of
the affair, and, in company with II. H.
Turner, deputy eoroner, went by laet
night's train to' the seene of the shoot
ing. Hedge, the dead man, waa known
as a deeperado of the most dangerous
eharaeter, and. has figured in several
incidents of a more or less lively nn
turo. About n year ago ho almost mur
dered n man nt the Mtso plaso where
yesterday's homloido was oommitted.
He was in tho habit of drinking heav
lly, and when drunk was glvon n wide
berth by all who knew his dangerous
Yesterday afternoon Hetlges prlmml
up with whisky, and grow exceedingly
ugly. He entered the mill eook house,
and eommoneod to torment the eook,
William ltdler. George Itambo, fore
man, warned Hedges to deelst and to
cease using foul language, as there
were women in tho kitchen. Hedges
turned to Itambo and commenced to
abuse him. Itambo, with another warn
ing, left tho eook house. He waa fol
lowed by Hedges, who continued his
abuse, and finally took to actual vio
lence. Ho knocked Bumbo down with a pew
erful blow, and then proceeded to kick
the fallen man Into Insensibility, ltdler
interfered when Itambo was seen to be
at the morey of the Infuriated man, and
succeeded in dragging Hedges away.
The latter, more excited than ever,
threatened Ildler'a life. Ho ran to bis
cabin, about 100 yards awfyy, and so
cured a gun. With this he returned,
searehlng for lMler. Aa ho entered
the eook house, ltdler was waiting for
lilm, and without warning epenod fire.
Hedges dropped instantly before he
oould bring bis gun Into action, He
was shot in three plneen, and died al
most Instantly,
Kdler made no attempt to eoeapo, as
the net bad been oommitted in self
defense Ho was, taken in custody by
Sheriff Culver, and wiU be brought to
this elty tomorrow. Tho shooting was
witueoscfl by a number of employee of
the company, all of whom declare that
Mdler acted in aolf-dofonoe.
MTjSLijrJtJLMiuJ jvsuiwmsiu3u.y sJjHruiwj
Greatest Wonder
Ib tho CHICAGO STORK; built up in a few years from nothing ! ft
now one of the loading bus in ess ostnuusnmonia ox tuo oity, employiig
twenty-one olorks, doing the biggest buslnees, selling tho most goods ad
selling thorn cheaper than any houso that over opened their doors In jfe.
lem. What baa dono all this in such a short timet Knowing the lartet
track of buying, little profits and a big volume of business.
Buron & IftuwlltoR
Are making a aula of Iron and braac
umbrella racks for Wednesday. Thoy
will sol a rack worth $1.00 for 60
cents. St
W. B. 0, Will Meet,
Tho Woman's Belief Corpa of tbo G.
A. K. will moot at tbo homo of Mr.
Mary Urigga next Tuooaay, Xov ember
lith. All momboro are roqwootod to bo
prottowt, no Important buciuoos will boJ
tranoaotod. It
mm silks.
We have them hero In every dain
ty style and shado and at prises
that will induee quick selling.
30e Indian Silks, all colors, yd... Me
H Colored Taffeta Silks, yd...'lPe
75c Blaek Taffeta Silks, yd.... 40c
$1 Alice Blue Taffeta Silks, yil.OSc
$1 Fancy Drees Silks, yd 05
$1 Pretty Plaid Silks, yd 06c
s)1.40 aO-ln. Blaek Bustle Taffeta
Silks, yd PSe
76o Coloretl Satins, fine quality, yd.
7Gc Silk Finlshod Velvets, yd..40e
1.3B Imiorted Fine Silk Velvets,
yd , 86c
COO yds, Plain and Fancy Dross
Goods, yd.... Me
COe Broadcloth Dress Geods, yd.SOe
75c Black Wool Dross Goods, yd,46c
76c Bannookburn Suitings, yd., 48a
$1.30 Bain Proof Dress Goods, yd
76c Fancy and Plain Mohair Dreec
Goods, yd 48c
$1 J6 Colored Bnglleh serges, yd 86c
Novelties In Fine Dresa Goods and
Waietfngs at small prices.
2000 yds, 8 l-3c Outing Flannel, yd
600 yds. 10a Outing PlannoU,' yd.
i 81-3c
1000 yd. Velvet Wool Flannels, yd.
600 Full sine blankets Mc
76o Itxtra Heavy Blanket 4ic
1.10 11-4 Velvet Wool Blankets,
pr OSc
Fine Wool Blankets
WM, 3.60, and 3.06
Wo onnnot get them fast enoug
Small prices does It.
10 & 11.50 Bain Coats, prion ft
10.60 Bngllsh Bain Coat MM
18 Swell Suits, sale price.,.. .ga,
16 Tailored Suit, price,.., 14
0.50 Silk Petticoats, price... ,n
6 Silk Waists, just arrive.!., $1.71
Whero tho Hats and Bonnets g
to Is n myidory. Wo soli so mas;
of them. 8 nuil I prices does it.
Children's Trimmed Hats
76c, 06c, and Ut
Ladles' Polo Turban Hats, prk
Ladlco' Trimmed Hots
1-06, .C0 and JJJti.
Men's 0 Suits, salo price,... !M
Mon's 12.60 Suits, sale price HM
Men's 16 Suits, sale price... fttt
Boy's Two Pleoe Suits, sale prioi
Boya' Knee "Pants, sale price. ,,ttt
Beys' Overalls, sale price.. ...tfc
We are showing a swell line ef
Ladle', Men', and Boys' rcet
wear. Did you get our prices! Hen
Is where your dollars stretch out i
long way.
Ladies' UC Fine Dreos She,
1"' R
Ladles' 4 Patent Leather She
P'l" ttJI
Men's 3 Fine Drete RbeH
Pf' I1.X
mTCle iiu7j2o;
In the following departments'
Corner of Commer
cial and Court Streets
Norwich Union Fire
ance Society.
Prank Meredith, Resident
rr Rent Six-room bouse, Inr I
lh.L Iaquira ,t aJ8 c....artd
Agent, etroet. See Damon, tbo ernrru mu.
wjubq wju wa, uruwn uo., JiO, 13U, jj 13 jt
poifuuereJai Street.
University Notes,
A short but exceedingly enthusiawV.
Jolliioatloii waa held by tbe aJeicett
f the University this morajsg h
honor Of tho vialan- Avar Muttmtk
Wutod,-Hy a yomg girl, light hoooo Saturday. Xrery member of tie fed-
work 10 ao, or care of ehild. Ad-, ball team waa given three .
"Q" lMS-tta iProaidont d,,.. mj . .m
Strayed,-1 a x8alem, Sunday forenoon, d A. W. Froseott, of tho Or -rfoawc,
wwto mar, halUr on. Phono L, II.. ! tbo wbjoct of dotuh tktsei
MoMahoa. 1 M3.it I well.
Gees Back to Iewa,
A requioltJoa waa honored thtt morn
ing by Governor Chamberlain from tho
governor of Iowa for the oxtradiUoa of
W. X. Patton, aeeueed ef eo4uot)on.
Tbo man was arretted but wook; at Ft.
Stopona, Clatsop county, at the instance
of the Page county, Iowa, authorities.
Sheriff it J. Mtflerd, from that county,
oame to tbts otfite after the prisoner.
Obetlnato oetVstipatioa, ludigosttojt.
and stsmaab disorder are permanently
and positively cured by taking irellis-
tor'a Rocky Mountain Tea. W cents,
Tea or Tablets. Dr. Stone's Drug store.
Hyatt's Sontoocro Commuted,
Governor Chamberlain this morn-
lag oommunieated the seatoaoo of
Obwlofl Hyatt, of Multnomah county.
Hyatt was convletet) in Portland last
January of the theft of 11, stolen
while he .was aa employe of the Y. M.
a A. of that elty. At the request of
the aBsoaiation, upon eoavistion, he was
given the heavy sentence of one year.
Tho matter waa brought to the gover
nor's attention through a petition, en
dorsad by the district attorney of
Multnomah eeoaty and tbe Y. M. O. A.
authorities, aeklng that the young man
lie pardoned.
O 11 1
Always bake with Wild. Bso Flour
and you will bo satisfied with results.
1.05 a sack. 2t
Th grot ef tbe realtala of th Oct !
isa a Aul. a t a . .is i
your ordora for voar a-.l TB' . v7 w mw yoar am -
For Bale-Oboic. out ohryoantbomuma.1 , " J? ! '
th,- 1. .. a L -.. 1 Oratory for
wwwrw JVWt WfWVIV AWT TOJSjr 1111,1 ..-''.
day and Saturday dowers. Its . " u"lvwV H r,t'
J booo vor popuwr, and tho people ef
s J will b glad t know that the
Moooa, sot iiiuar at root, South Sa-
tx.-A young dotj, blank with a lit; have eUrtod for tho soaaoa, and tbst
ti whim wHwo for Jagg,
aooparcb anowor to name af juv
r" Flavor plaaM roturn to Prof.
Mntthewo ISM, ltb stroot, Yow
fmk. an etaima rowarC lM3-8t
part .one will be given, every wouib to
this Umo on. No admlsoioa is ctisrfol
,ti thoso, and the public Is eorJially b
vltej. The College of Music will f-
nUh some musical numbers.
Wanted. Five men immediately for
railroad work, $1.75 a day, steady
job. Ako 80 men for timber, from
4.00 to MM. Board from $JU0 to
4.00 a wook. It. R. RjWR gefan
BwulormMt Bureau, oppgko court
bouse on State street. lM8-3t
Ladleo I want all to know of the
splendid opportunity I ean give any
woman whereby eke ean aetuaUy turn
her opvo time into money. The work
is very pleasant and will easily pay
18 per weak. There hi no deception
about this. No experience is noeos
eary. If yu roaUy want to mako
money, write to mo at ease. Address
Harriet M. Biobards, Box H, Joliai,
"l lMS.3t
NoItjo. 800 reward will bo paid fe'r
tho arrest and ooarlotloa t the man
who held me up aa the 8d af May,
1005. A. H. Daman, ll-lS-St
For SaleBuUro household furnituT;,
-"" "wn. Jtwankets, brie-a-braek,
hair and wire mattrosee- art
euares, rags, book., laap,, etc. Ja8
FarnoB, No. 801 8. 18th street, corner
of Lee street, (Yew Park), Salem.
"I Thank tho Lordl"
erled Hannah Plant, of Little B,
Arky "fer the relief I got from H&'
len'a Arnjea Salve, It cured my fw
ful rnnnlag sores, which nothing W,
would beal, and from which I had suf
fered for 8 years." It is a marvelon
healer for outs, burns and wou.
Guaranteed at J. 0. Perry's drug store;
Me. x
Liconsa to Harry. 1
A liooase to wed' was this moraWJ
Issued by tho county elerk to WaHKi
B. Seajy, 8gftd nt aHtl Ktttie m pr
or jb yeara olu.
Wednesday Special
Umbrella racks, worth 1.00 far '
at Buren & Hamilton's.
Tired of Matrimony.
Dora Richardson this morning fih
suit for divorce from her bosbssi j
Frederick Richardson. Tbe couple wer
married in this city six years ago.
Money to Loan
Over Ladd fc Busb'o Bank, Salem, Or.

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