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I IVft) Ctnmr nf f-fnnv 4h tr.l-Ll. m
.w ..., w. vtt uiu tcuuiuiu v-ompouna
lad Its Birth and How the "Panic of '73" Caused
It to be Offered for Public 5a!e in Drqg Stores.
rcmarkablo woman, whoso
tiamo won Estcs, was born in
lass., February 0th, 1810, com
tn. a rood old Quaker family.
le vcars slio taught school, and
i known as a woman of au alert
restore .tho family fortune. They
argued that tho medicine which was
so good for tholr woman friends and
neighbors was equally good for tho
women of tho wholo world.
Tho Pinkhams had no monoy, and
little credit. Their first laboratory
was tho kitchen, whero roota and
noros wero stecned on thn lnrn.
filling a gross of bottles.
como tho question of solllnir
Then cam
EVcsUgatlng mind, an earnest
rafter knowledge, and nbovo
osscd of a wonuorfully syinpa-
143 nho married Inaao Plnkham,
ar and real estate operator, and
u-ly married life was marked by
rily aud kannlncss. Thev had
children, throo sons and a
ioeo good old fashioned days It
ommon for mothers to mako
kwn homo medlolnes from roots
srbs, naturos own remedies
' In a physician only In apoolally
cases. jiy tradition ana ex
i many of them gained a won
I knowledge of Uio curatlro prop.
f tho rarlous roots and herbs.
Plnkham took a trrcnt Interest
study of roots and herbs, Utolr
Bristles and power over disease
Intalned that just as naturo so
(fully provides In tho ltarrcst
inu oronania vcgoiauio looua oi
ds o, If wo but tako tho pains
them, in tho rooia ami noma
.Hold there aro remedies ox
designed to euro tho various
weaknesses of tho body, aud
or pleasure to soarch theso out.
spare slinplo and effectlvo raedU
for her own family aud frleuds.
it of these was a rare comblna
if tho choicest medicinal roota
srbs found best adapted for tho
f tho Ilia and weaknesses neou
tho female oox, and LydlaK. rink
jrienus ana neighbors learned
ier compound relieved and cured
It became qui to popular onion?
; this so far was dona freely, with
money ana without price, as a
'of love.
kin 1873 tho financial crisis struck
Its lentrth and severity were too
for the large real estate Interests
to rinkham family, as this class
business suffered moat from
il depression, so when tbcCenten
rear dawned it found their prop
swept away. Some other source
me naa to do round.
this point Lydla E. Pinkham'a
(table Compound was mads known
i world.
le three sons and the daughter.
, their mother, combined forces to
.. .. a- ii-
It, for always bofbro thoy had glvon
it awav frcelv. Thnv filmrl n 4ni.
printer to run off Bomo pamphlots
sotting forth tho merits of tho medi
cine, now called Lydla E. Pinkham'a
Vogotablo Compound, nnd these wero
distributed by tho Plnklmm sons in
Boston, Now York, and Brooklyn.
Tho wonderful curnttvo nmrwrttna nt
tho medicino wore, to n great extent,
oolf-advcrtlslng, for whoever used it
recommended it o others, and tho do
mand gradually Increased.
In 1877, by combined efforts tho fam
ily had Bnfcd enough monoy to com
menco newspaper advertising aud from
that time tho growth and success of
tho onterprlso wero assured, until to
day Lydla IS. Plnkham and hor Vcgo
tablo Compound havo beeomo houso
hold words everywhere, and many
tons of roota and herbs aro used annu
ally in its manufacture.
Lydla E, Plnkham herself did not
live to nco tho great success of this
work. Sho passed to hor reward years
ago, but not till she had provided
means for continuing her work as
effectively as she could hare dono it
During her long and eventful expe
rlonco nho was ever niothodlaal In hor
work and sho was always careful to pre
serve a record of ovorycaso thatcamo to
her attention. Tho caso of every slok
woman who applied to her for advioo
and thcru wero thousands recotved
carofu study, and tho dotalls, Includ
ing symptoms, treatmont and results
wero recorded for f uturo reference, and
tc-day these records, together with
hundreds of thousands mado alnoe, aro
available to slok women tho world
over, and represent a vast collabora
tion of Information regarding tho
treatment of woman's Ills, which for
authenticity and aocuracy can hardly
bo equaled In any library in tho
With Lydla E. Plnkham worked her
daughter 'In-law, tho present Mrs.
Plnkham, She wasearefullyinstructcd
In all her hard won knowledge, and
for years sho assisted hor In her vast
To her bauds naturally fell tho
direction of tho work when Its origina
tor passed away. For nearly twenty
Uvo years sho lias continued it, and
nothing In tho work shows when tho
drat Lydla H, Plnkham dropped her
pen, and tho present Mrs. Plnkham,
now tho mother of a large family, took
it up. With women assistants, soma as
eapable as herself, the present Mrs.
Plnkham continues this great work.and
probably from the ofllce of no other
person have so many women been ad
vised how to regain health, tilok wo
men, this advice is ''Yours for Health"
freely given if you only write to ask
for it.
Such is the history of Lydla E, Plnk
ham's Vegetable Compound ; mado
from simple roota and herbs) the ono
great mediolna for women's ailments,
and the fitting monument to tho nobis
woman whoso name it bears.
Automobile Engine's Ancestor.
vn wan reason be ooieeiea mm
named qualities are the wont
Irrt ones in practise, and since
' '-mobile s, first of all, a arti-
If T Xurv, the question of economy
of secondary importance oaly
ft? this reasoning is. correct when
a'-ne is considered it cannot bold
eu tho' automobile Is looked up
n tho point of view of utility,
a, aa a means of rapid loeoino
fr peeaeagcra. of transporting
lada or of making parcel de
riw in cltiea. etc. There. InctoeU,
h'o future of tho automobile in
auecot-a must bo sought along
line, because there lira tho field
rfc oh tho automobile will havo the
applications and tho most sew
to safe and steady running
f a added economical operation,
1'itiea whiah seem to bo the at
's of the most noble, if sot the
useful, eoaquest of man, I bo
" o momoBt has oorae whoa de-
o- must turn their attention apon
t":me in ordar in man it a more
-'. machine that is, ono more ia
cy with tho great scientific laws
seem to have been too muck;
Ff"teJ in the development of auto-
P- " fCrinM
fcky Mountain Tea Nuodets
a cray HemUas for Bmt Pm61.
ftiiiivii, luuunsuw. jiva
i 'i.i.Crpaih. siuKgfeh BoweSTUeAdAcha
c .7 "RoAyouaitaTw.taUb.
.wA wt- lx c Ueoiuoe mado by
ra Ccxnxr Vntiinn Wu
It is sot the Industrial gas engine
wh3e power aad vitality are maaifeet
ed dally ia a manner that is perhaps
too mask igaared by aatoiaeblle de
sigaars aa laterestlag "aasestor" of
tbe autamablle eagiaef It is there
fere well ta rewind them that alongside
af the marvellous little engine which
they have so skillfully applied to the
hcw method af leeoraotion, there has
developed a giant -the great gaa en
gine, wbioh baa acquired tbe right to
be mentioned concurrently with tbe
old steam engince of our work shops,
iron factories, etc., whero it is repre
sented by uaita of 100, 1000 and even
3000 horse power. Oae construction
company has produced in feur years
about 100 gas engines, representing
a total of more than 100.000 horse
power per unit. These large machines
aro fed either with poor gas whieh
is prodaeed ia the plant or factory it
ealf ia spea(al gas producers, or with
gets from bkst fursaees, cake ovens..
Taair gigantic aspect and striking
oatliaea hardly remind one af ear lit
tle graceful automobile engines, al
though they have tbe samo essential
parts.- Itadalpb Mothot in Engineer
ing Maga-iae,
Pleasant and Most EffectiV
T. J. Chambers, editor Yiadaeator,
Liberty, Texas, writes December 26",
"With pleasaro and uaeoUelted by
yoa I bear tostiaioBy to the curative
power of Ballard 'a Horeheaad Syrup. I
have used it and my family oaa cheer
fully affirm H I tho meee effective and
beat remedy for eoagha and eolda I
have ever wed." Sold by D, J, Try,
Grange Bills to be Initiated for
Partial Reform
State Press Association Stands for Pub
licity of Tax Rolls Plutocrats Op
pose all Initiative Measures
All true friends of Indirect taxation
are urged to pull off their coats and
put 'in oae solid week for the bills to
be initiated for establishing indirect
taxation and wipe out tho present high
state tax levlw that are the greatest
obstacle 'to the development of the
Qrango Support tho Principle
Tho State Orange endorsed the prin
ciple of Indirect taxation nnd is cir
culating petitions for tke Initiative
of two bills along the same lines as
tho bill called by the Statesman a pop
ullstla measure. Tho grange bills do
not go so far as tho farmers' and ship
pers' bills, bat do attempt to tar groM
earnings of certain corporations and
th tank line earn, the refrigerator
ears and the Pullman ears. The grange
bills should be supported by everyone
who stand's far the principle of Indi
rect taxation, and this great reform
will h-avo to be won Inch by inch. If
both the grange bills and the farmers'
congress blUs are Initiated they will
almost wipe out the direct state tax
If enacted and all ottineas who favor
taxatien: reform should strike tlo
blows In the direction and net find
fault with technical defects or diffor
eneea. Tho Journal urges all to sign
tho grange petitions and to vote for
the bills It Initiated. .
Publish tho Tax Holla.
Tho bill Initiated at Woodburn
ahouhi bo supported for containing tho
great principle of publicity in taxa
tion refornr. IMght In this connection
we wish to say that. school land frauds
are not the only retten things In Ora
iron. The whole assessment system as
now conducted by county nMeeeors is
unjust. Personal pro-terty nearly all
eneapea the tax aolleeter. Land ia as
seaftfld at many values. One man has
twenty acres near Salem that is as
aeased at twice what M0 aares are aa
swed that Ha alengaide ef him. Ttlch
men have been dodging taxes all their
Uvea and tbe evade the inheritance
tax law aa new drawn before thay die,
Thoy naturally fight the farmers' and
shippers' congress hill. Hut publicity
will seme day be shad en the present
retten r vs-tew that reba the small Vrej
arty owi'er to protect the mttllenaire
ami tbe corporations that are shielded
here and hereaftc.
C'itiseas, pay no attention te the crit
ics. We have one week t Initiate the
indirect taxation btlls. Sign tbe peti
tloas and let- a mere just system be es
tablished. Let all true Americana help
strike down the privileges (bat make
tbe rich richer md the peer paerer.
Against AU Initiative.
(Salem Statesman editorial.)
There is a growing "ne" sentiment
In this state and vtry likely it will
make itself manifest BY THE DE
POLLS NEXT JUNE. That some good
measure are apt to be initiated amy
be true, but there ia too much ef the
"ono man initiative" ia evidence on
every thing eo far suggested la tbe Use
of general legislation.
What with Clackamas county's
Ultan, initiating a lot of ameodaveats
to tbe constitution along these lines
whioh have already "balled up" our
statutes, and Marion county's "great
hill -county initiating tbe refereadum
ea tbo general appropriation bill, and
Linn county initiating a "bunco" pur
chase of the "Willamette valley wagea
road gold brick, it begins to appear
to tbe people in general that "no
is going to be a popular and "aceea
eary" word ia the June election.
Comment on the Above.
In reply to tbo Statesman's refer
TAX LAW" wo will say that there i
not a new feature ef the proposed tax
bill that has sat bees before Bepubli
can legislatures one or mere times and
nearly amy feature passed the lower
bouse one or more times. Tbe Davey
bill to tax gross earnings was defeat
ed, Tbe Harris bill to tax .franchisee
was defeated, Tbe Sonneman IU1 waai
defeated. The, Griffin bill to tax Pull
man palaee ear companies was defeat
ed. The WU to require publicity of as
aeesments before equalisation waa do
f i ted in the last house. Why should
net the people have a ohaneo to vole
on these Itopubllcan moaruros without
having It thrown at thorn that thoy
are PopulisMc moasurosf Furthermore
the bill has the specific endorsement
aa to that feature of tho manngor of
the Statesman, who now attacks it, as
Over Hendricks' Signature.
Salem, Orogen, Dec 14, 1000.
Moeers. X A. Orson, J. A. Aupperla,
O. W. Griffin, II. P. Jones and Qus
Hurley, tax bill cemmitteo Willam
ette Valley Development League.
Oeatlement That portion of the bill
which you propeea presenting to the
farmers' and shippers' cengrc-M at
Woodburn December 35, 1006, where
in greater publicity of the tax rolls
of tho several eeuntlca is favored, fob
lowing the Illinois plan, has tho un
quallned endorsement of tho Oregon
State Press association, and it is sin
eorely hoped that tho congress will sco
fit to endorM the same. Tho commit
tee from our organisation upon mak
ing a thorough Inveitjgntlor. declared
that tho revenue of tho stato would
Wants of Eye Glasses and
Spectacle Wearers
Oanl bo supplied in any style framea, guard, springs, or we can mako ap
an ontiro framo to euit the individual caec Wo aro headquarters in
optical goods; wo can mako tho most! thorough oyo examinations with
tho latest mcrtfcoda and lnatrunVonta; wo grind our own lenses; candup
licato complicated lonscr on ehort notice
Try ua, if not alroady a customer,
Chas. H. Hinges
New Jewelry and Optical Store
1 23 Commercial St. Next to Capital National Bank.
bo increased half n million dollars by
tho adoption of such a plan.
President Oregon Stale Press
Albert Toater, Secretary.
Drummers and Railroad Operatives'
Aro Giving Support to tho
Woodbtim Man.
Dcafnosa Cannot Bo Ourod
By local applications, as they cannot
roach tho dAonsod portion of tho oar.
Thoro ia only ono way to euro deaf now,
and that is by constitutional remedies.
DvAfncea is caused by an infinmod eon
(Ution of tho'mucoous lining of tb
Duntnchlan tube. When tho tubo in in'
flnmod you havo n trembling nound or
imporfoct hearing, nnd when It ia en
tlroly closed, doafneas la tho result,
and unleos tho lnuammatton can ho ink
on out and this tubo rostorod to ita nor
mal condition, hearing will bo destroyed
forever; njno canon out of tea aro cauo
cd by catarrh, whioh la nothing but an
Inflamed condition of tho mucous sur
Wo will giro Ono Hundred Dollars
for any oaso of doafnem (caused by ca
tarrh) that cannot bo cured by Hall'.
Catarrh Our. Send for circulars free,
1 J. 01EKNHY A CO., Toledo, 0.
Bold Uy druggists, 76c.
Toko Hall's rVmlly Pills for constipation.
Bms Us 9 II M Yh Hm Unyi BwtU
Or tho neon train yesterday Hon.
Walter L. Toeao of Weodburu, ono of
tho Republican aspirants for tho nom.
inatlon for congress, passed through
this city for Halscy, where last overt
ing ho doltvorcd an nddroM. Mr. Tooio
has atlraotod wldo attention slnoo his
campaign was launched somo time ago
and strong support is coming to- him
from all parts of tho district. His ag
grosalve campaign, his bold nnnounoo
tnent of a platform "covering tho many
important things that tho peoplo of
Western Oregon particularly dealro,
ami tho faot that his opponents
promptly adopted tho same platform,
havo made him the leading candidate,
ami voters in all parts ef tho district
are flocking te his banners In SHeh
numbers that Ms nemlnatien la prac
tically aseured. Almost tvty travel
ing man ami the majority ef train
men In Weetem Oregon nra support
ers ef his oandldncy, and every one of
them Is enthusiastic ami predicts hit
success, liven tho Ralibttvlllo corre
spondent, though otttsldo of tho dis
trict, Is cheering for Walter L. Tooee.
Albany Herald.
Burt lb UiKMHawlta)tB
Clearance Sale
Is doing business both, lot otitselves and those
who know a good thing when they see it.
Dutiiig the balance of Janaa $ y we will
dffe out entire Capet Stock except
factory made oom ttgsat Clearance
This will he the
the season to buy
opportunity of
at satisfactory
saving Prices It will cost yot nothing to
have a room measured and estimate made
The House Furnishing CO

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