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)iivo Paate, Onickon and Mtusb-
Pacta, Tonguo and Corn Beef
and Egg Fasto, Porta do
Anchor? Fasto. A most do-
breakfast -or luncheon dish. ,
ened beef hash.
leading grocers, confootfoneffl
bakers, 450-400 Stato etreot.
180 and 187.
tho best broad In Salem onr
co. A dainty lunch or dish of
always roady for you.
must onjoy your smoko if you
Corona Cigars. Tho beat 10c
ido. Wo solcot tho tobacco and
It's good.
Como Home This Week.
tv Treasurer IMohardson this
ig rccelvod a letter from Judge
in which ho states that Mrs.
Lis much better, and improving
They oxpeot to leave for Sa
to ml lle of this week, and in
no should arrive bore Saturday
)u or Sunday morning.
Ollf Can Walt Awhilo.
Clausen took an early morning
" thin morning, and" was taken 1r
by tho fklef of police after he
return?! curses for advice to make
Hon (Karri a ad1 kle language a
prr.jro fkcent.
lust Rceived
Also a car of
N0 1
lebraska Corn
four stock of mill feed of
kinds is of the freshest
id best. Let us quote you
ttom prices.
Try a Sack of
iHson & Co.
51,161 High Street
Phone Main 139
Cornell Incubators
! Wo have secured) the Salem agea-
y fcr this great machine, and will J
e glad to show It to all intending
The Cornell is without doubt the
best incubator en the Market. At
Iho Portland fair it took tho highest
twirl and made the best hatab of
ul tve machines there.
r.-ly made, it is as ernamant ta
"y ' -use, and Is perfectly safe;
" being absolutely a danger of
n cxrloslon.
il or send for catalogue. Our
10 0 wed catalogue vHkbe .ant
U""o, Beud us your name for a
Ec rv.
D. A. White & Son
255 Com'! St Phone 160
OSES Field
Tho beat coat you no mora than "
We Pay the Express
Aad oharge yuo so more than year sext doof neighbor. Bead for JUustratod
catalogue today. A eolieitor wanted ia
New Edison Theatre
Salem, Oregon.
Presenting "Galatea TJp-to-Date."
Singing "A Picnic for Two."
Oast of Characters.
Galatea Fellco Davis
Jack Fcnton J. A. Maaslo
Mrs. Wiggles ,. J....B. "8. Cobb
Wlggtaae .... . ..A. 0. Kelek
Now motion pictures on tko Bdison
osoope. Amusements
Tho Edison Theatre.
Tho sensation of ttbe Pacific coast,
"Galatea Upto-Dalo." First time In
Salem, oo don't miss tho opportunity
of witnessing this great sketeh. Folios
Davis, ao "Galatea," the statue that
ooma to Hfe and falls la love with a
aortal. J. A. Maeeie, as "Jack Fen
ton," tho jolly olub man, who wins
Galatea at a rafllo. Boyd S. Cebb, tho
woll-known) oomedian as "Mrs. Wig
gles," tho boarding houso keeper. Tho
rest of tho company aro oast to advan
tage Salem's favorlto baritone, will
aisg tho beautiful illuskratod ballad,
I "A Picnic for Two. Tho great come
'dy sonoatlon direct from Paris. Miwn
Lovers and tho Scholars' Breakfast."
i Over 1000 feet of this beautiful film.
Bvery lady attending tho show Tues
day ami Wednesday 4gkt will bo pre
sented with a souvenir photo of Peltoo
A Small National Park.
Governor Chamberlain thU morning
received a letter from Coaler's Weekly
In wMok U requested) Ms endorsement
of tko movement to make a national
park out ef tko old Lincoln farm home.
Tkk movement started by Colliers
soma time ago has met with a great
deal of oaeeuragemeat' in ma ay quar
Imperfect Digestion.
Means lew nutrition and In eonso-
quoneo loan vitality. When tho llvor
fiJls to eooreto bllo, tho blood bocotnoa
loaded "Yrith bilious properties, tho di
gestion become Impalrod and tho bow
ela constipated. Herb t no will rcotlfy
this; it given tono to tho stomach, llvor
and kidnojrs, strengthens tho appetlto,
clears and Improves tho complexion, In
fuse now Ufo and vigor to tho whole
syatom. 80c a bottle. Bold by D. J.
Lloeaso to Marry.
John V, Deaoor aad Lydta B. Clay
pool woro givaa pormUoloa to wedf late
Saturday aftoraooa.
Inspect the goods on
our 8 cent and 9 cent
counters. Some de
cided snaps in useful
articles for your buy-
The China Hall
Next to Edison Theatre
Gtovrn "
aay old thing." It will pay yon to boy
every towa.
A Mud-Slinging Cam
paign That Will
Anonymous Attacks Sent
Away From Home to Be
little a Faithful Man
Mr, llawley's masagers are in poor
business If they oaanot hewlnate that
genttemaa without engaging in a mud
sltaglag oampalgn against tho man
who seem to .bo la the lead for the
Mr. Teoso ad hla frlaado have nev
or referred to aay ether Republican
aoptraat la a disreepottful manner, ro
allaiag that tkoy axpeet to support
the nomiaoe, and leaving It to the Dam
ooratle press to brbsg out whatever
might bo said against any Itepublloan
Wo repeat If the llawloy managers
aro reeponalble for what appeared In
the Democratic) Albany Argus and tho
Prohibition Newberg Graphic ngnlnst
r. Tooxo thoy aro In vory small busl-
If Salem managers of Mr. Hawloy's
oampalga hove to somt attaaka front
Salem umfar nMoaymous signature to
papers la other towaa to get publicity,
for it, the situation Is a deplorable one
from any stand point.
To get up a Mat of Itepubltoann any
portion of whom are against Mr.
Tooao they have to go book Into tko
polltlos of tho post twenty years, ami
ImtlMdo tko aoolaltoto and Prohibition
lata. Any ItepaWlon eaa oxattoa Damo
orotto mtnora for dotwg imh tklamt.
Tho Domoeratia proaa have a right to
atmok tho sdttor of this papor, Imt
tho same papers sailed him a wUat
whoK ho wm koiplHg thoir aaaso.
Tko fttUmpt to twra tho Grand Army
men ef Oregon ajmlaot Tooao, aad In
favor of llMWloy will not work, as both
men have a roaord. on matters dear i
tha flram) Army, and Mr. Tooao has
HotklHg to fear.
If tho tight I (trtlng to be JIawloy
vorws Tooao, let the whole tdstory of
lmth moa. soma out, and for vatr(oti
davotlaH to tha old soldiers and tk
omm thoy fought for Mr. Tooao will
ataatl InvoaUgatloN.
Kmmbor, fr. Toom and his friends
kavo not attaokod Mr. Ifawloy, and
hava aetodt m geatlomoa Huoogh this
hoa oampalga, while tho TSawloy
WMMMgerK have goao lalo norooaaliUsa
and mad-lhroHliMf from tho start,
Tko Newberg Oraphlo attaaks Tooae
for wring a oampalga oard la 1WM as
aoonrsxioal shairmaa of tkla dWriet
for the KopublUaw party, repeating an
attaok taiat wm Art made la Claok
awaa aooaty.
lat. A Prof. Hawloy la a lawyer
ka mast admit that this oard Is abao
latoly legal ia oharaatar aad I no
saaflii a dMsoerwJso hrIsos we iadiet
tho whole aatJooal RopuWlaaa torn-
mlttoa far mlsosUg tho flag.
tad. Tko ovidoai latoatloa of the
eacd la of tho Mgaiost ardor, munaly
pairlotlo. It waa tho wotolrword of
tko ejompaig of 1W "86,000 ma
jority for Hoosovolt."
Ird. Thora aro no store arowdod out,
ao akorgsil. Tko wsmbor of atara oo
tho Hog la ako samo so woa tko iron
RopwbMoaK -iotory woo woo in 1M0,
ad tho ok) votorano boro tko flag to
viatery uador Waoola, o tko gory
battlefieldb 07 tho Sooth la tko eivil
war i thoir deoporato struggle to
kop all the stars tkoro.
4th. The llawloy maaagoro shooM
bo slow la attaektitg tho patrlothm of
any man, eapoamJly a rival oaadidote,
whoM thoy will oay stir ujp momorlMi
of a laoturo doUvorod by thoir candi
date oa Jok Drown of Oseawatawio,
whioh waa eandamnad by Grand Army
mop goaerally.
5th. Not a word of aritioiam woo
oaood by tko wso of tsioso oards ia
1904, wkoat many tboosaado wosa pat
ia ekonlatioft to advortiso Theodore
Reosovolt ami too RofrnWIoaa party,
and whoa Mr. Too wa not a eaadi
dato for Oongrosa.
ftth. Mr. Tooao boa boom popular
with tko Grand Army, has booo thoir
orator on many eoaasioos, and will
bo la the future, while Mr. Hawley
has not beoa ao iatessely popalar
sinoo his John Drown speotn.
The attaak oa Mr. Tooao aosaiag
froaa the Hawloy maaagors is not going
to hort Mr. Toom's aandtdaay with
tcae ss of aay party. Its purpose
Is evidoat. Unable to defeat kirn en
his merits as a a& and a Boaublioaa
personal misropreaontatioas aad at
tasks must b rosortoa to. i
President Coleman, of tho Urdverai
y, hm4o somo nnnouneomonta this
poraiag at ohapol oxorelsos whioh
Jwere ballets with tlollght by tho atu
poats. Four mon who rofuso to allow
their aamco to bo tmulo public, havo
tneiO) poaslbto tho following improve impreve
ments: Tho painting of tho main
building and tho gymnasium bofoM
JoommoMefltent of tho present year, tho
ilttlng up a&4 rearranging of tho mu
noum, ami the orostion of a building
!for the Collego of Theology. In addi
tion to this oho man baa agreed to
make up aay dofieleney that may ooeur
in tho current expenses of tho sobool
for this year, aad tho finanoinl affairs
of tho Institution are bettor off by
'$7100 than they wore 33 days ago. An
other announoomont woo to the effect
tbav IMakop Moore had started a movo
meat for the lutmediato raising of $So
000 ftidowmont aad pledging to give
the last $600 of it himself.
"Xot only wateh, but help Willam
ette grow," wore tho closing worda of
his short addreos, which waa teeming
with eathuslaMn and hopo for tho fu
ture of tiro old) school.
Tho painting of tho mntn building
and tho gymnasium aro Improvements
that havo beon nocdoV for somo ttmo,
while tho musoum hno boon In n de
plorable eomlitlon, although tho colloo
Uoa eoatalnod thoroln Is a largo rind
valuable one. It will now bo flbtod up
properly ami put ia ahnpo that will
make it of somo use.
Tho ma. who oxpeata to doaato tko
raoaoy for tko orrotlea ef a building
for tko ahoologioal department) will
proaent hla proposition to the trustocs
wkoa tkoy moot In Portland, Wodaos
day, Jamtary list, aad tkore Is little
doubt that km propooilsoa will bo no
soptod. In mak'ag thia announcement
Proaldoat' Oolwnaw aald that It hod
'not rot bam doeldod wkero the new
ballding would bo located, but ko
'thought It might 1 appropriate to
place It aoar tko College ef Medicine.
o - -
For Biok and Nervous rooplo.
Wo kavo a euro for nervous and un-
sieaoy peopioj woaa, urnHrej peopiai
nni pimply, wa or sauew poopioj poo-
nils who aro troubled with loos of am
bltlun, falling memory, deprowlon of
spirits, look of confltlonco, norvoua
hoadaeho and wakofulnO( all those
symptoms ari produced by woak
enod nervos, brought on by tho watery
osnditlen ef tho blood. Maka strong,
Vlah, red blood, and furnish food far
tho nervos Is tho way to stop tho
sou rco of disease, and the care then Is
only a queatioa of day. Tho best flesh
and Wood balkier ia Dr. Guna'n Wood
& tferve Tonic, In tablet form to take
at meal Umo. Sells at 7c a box, or
Utroo boxes for If, at all druggMs.
People gala rroat oao to tkreo pound
of aolld, healthy Aesk per week, by tke
use ef this medicine. That Is sa Indi
cation It Is doing good.
A Ian PraacUco Chroalolc rearo-
soAtfUvo has spoat ton days la'vcoU
fafctag Um ooadltioaa oa tko dosort
whore tko Colorado river la pouring
Into Saltan basin. lie reports that tko
now of tk Colorado and Gila rivers
ia poarlng lata tka tko Salton sea, tke
tko bod of wkloh Is M feet bolow tk
level of the soa. Bolow tho point whore
tha OoienuSi leaves tka old hau.nol tko
bod af tke stream, which formerly emp
tied lata thu galf of California, SO
miles away, is now ao dry as dast.
Saltan basin ia rapidly becoming a
great inland soa, which threatens to
modify tka ' ettmato of all southern
California. Saltan soa la now from 10
to 15 mlloa wido and 4ff miles wag,
aadi In tko deepest part has a depth
of i feet, which is Increasing at tko
sato af ever half an inch a day. Tko
area af tka basin, whioh is bolow tha
oa leval, is SM0 square miles.
And you get the safest and most rotta
ble remedy ever compounded for tka
ailments of the Stomach, Liver and
Bowels, and the one that is backed by
a phoaomoaai record of cures.
Makes the oatlre system streag aad
healthy audi thus cures Indigestion,
Dyspepsia, Costivonesa, Heartburn, Fe
male Ills, OoULs and Grippe. Try It.
row People Realise tho Importanco of
OoSd Digestion' TJrttliit Is Lo&
Many pcoplo suffer from dyspepsia
ami dtf not know, it, Thoy fool moan,
ont of sorts, povlsh, do hot sloop well,
do not havo a good keen appetite, do
not novo tho inclination; and energy
for physical or mental work thoy once
bad, bjit at tho samo time do pot foot
any particular pmn or aisiross ia mo
Bthnicofc Yot all this is tho result of
poor1 digestion, nnr Insidious form pj
dyspepsia which can only be cured by
a remedy spodnlly intondod to euro
it. and making tho digestlvo ergana act
naturally -and properly digest tho feed
eaten. DlCtcrs, after dinner pills aad
serve tonics will novor help the t rou
ble; they don't roach It, The new
medical discovory does. It is called
Stuart's Dynpepsla Tablets, and is a
specific for dyspepsia and indigeatlon.
It cures beeauso it thoroughly digests
all wholesome food taken Into tho
stomach, whother tho stomach la in
good working order or not.
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets, by di
gesting tho food, instead ef making
.the worn out stomach do nil the work,
gives it a much needed1 rest and a euro
of dyspepsia is tho natural result.
When you aro nervous, run down,
and sleepless, don't mnko tho common
mistnko of supposing your norvous
system needs treatment and All your
stomncb witb powerful norvo tonics
which mnko you feel good for a llttlo
whllo, only to fall back farther thnn
Your norves nro all right, but they
nro stnrvod, thoy wnnt food.
Nourish them with wholesome ovory
day foed and pi only of It, woll di
gested, nnd you can Inugh at nervo
teniae and medicines.
But tho norves will net be nour
ished! from a weak, abased stomach,
but whoa tho digestion has been made
perfect by the use ef this remedy all
nervous symptoms disappear.
Who ever hoard of a man ar woman
blessed with a vigeroas digestion and
good appetlto being troubled with
thoir nerves
Good digestion means a Strang ner
vous system, abundance of energy,
ami sapaslty to eajoy the good things
f Ufa. .
Staart's Dyspepsia Tablets will cer
tainly Ml your stomaoh and digestive
organ right; thoy oaanot help bat do
It because they nourish tha body by
digesting tho food eatan, nnd, rest tha
You get nourishment and rest at one
and thu same time, nnd that Is all the
worn eutt dyspeptic noetic to buRd blui
up ami give new Hf to every organ
aad an added xost to every pleasure
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets aro a
god send to thu army af mea aad
woman with weak stomachs and
norves and justly merits tho claims af
bolag oao of tko most worlky modtoal
disoovariea of ths time.
If tko now of tko Colorado la not
eoatrollod It wlM, la tlmo, again nil
tko aallra basin to soa lovci. At pres
ent tko now 1 about MOO cable foot
a so send, while the avaaoratlon aver
tko area now covered by water Is ene
keacVetUfts ef an Inok to avary t
Where formerly stood tka town af
Salton, and the great salt works, the
water Is now SO feet dooa. Moat af
tha buildings are gone and the eth
ers aro rapidly going. It la woll nlgk
impossible to turn tha river back to
Its old channel, as tho now okaaaol Is
fully five fcot bolow the larol of tke
old bod.
A short moetlag of tka saaool boad
waa hold latarck" ivsnlag la tko room
provided for that porpoM at the Hw
high school ImiltHag. Dtroators Byrd
aad Oroma woro ahiaat, aad 9 boot
mm of iwpoiiKMna tfaa.io$ a
coatlag tko payftrg af tk following
Hafor Bros $ ILK
A. 8. MoOtarg & Oa. 1.40
WMok & MaMrr &4S.60
W. O .MaIkoraa Oa. 27.00
M. I iklff S47.00
Cured Lumbago.
A B. Oanaon, Chicago, writes Mareb
4, 1003, "Having boon troubled with
lumbago at different times and tried
one physician after another, thea dif
ferent oiataoato and liniments, gave it
up altogether. Bo I tried once more
aad got a bottle of Ballard's Saow Lla
Imeat, whlab gavo ma almost instant
relief. I caa cheerfully recommend It,
aad will add ray name to yes Lal of
tuorora." Boil by D. J. Fry.
-n. j.-twr -fBHf ', i
i -i-.
Ia a "rough and tumble," iteatch
as oAtoh caa," "knock down ana-drag
out," "frea for all rough .EbusojV
gamo of basket ball played Injfko Yv
M. C. A. gymnasium bist ESwday
night, tho ti&sknt ball toam!' froln the
Monmouth Normal school doieatod, a
pioked team f ronlr tho Salem Y. -M. 0.
A. by tho scoro of U to 22. Or the
stdo of this exhibition, of w.bnt has
been termed) a "girls' game,' tlhd
great game of football, against which
thore has been such a great huo an'd
cry raised from press nnd pulpit, would
bo as a gamo of mumble peg to the
baltlo of "100 Meter Hill."
It was a course gamo and afforded
nny amount of excitement ami amuse
ment for tho 100 or less spectators,
who went thsro with the expectation
of seeing something In tho sbapo of
basket ball, Fouls and) rumors of fouls
were tho order of the evening. There
woro many of them called and many
moro mndo that should havo been
called. Tho whistling of tho official,
in an effort to bring order out of ohaos
was only exceeded, by tho howling of
tho yell leader and his faithful co
horts. "VcrllyJ vorlly, I nay unto
thee" Ihero was somolhlng doing.
As tho score indicates It was no
body's gamo up to tho tlmo tho Inst
trumpot sounded "hold, onough." Fivo
mlnutos boforo tho closo of tho setinco
tho Salem boys woro four points ahead,
but a eouplo of freo thrown from the
foul lino and as many field goals did
tho work for the future wieblers ef tho
birch red.
Hargrove was tho bright and shining
light for tho locals, while Stela played
star ball for tho visitors.
Tha teams lined up an fellows
Stato normal i Stein, 1, forward
Poreo, . r. forward ltveadea, center)
DuUer, l 1. guard; llutler, a, r. guard.
Y. M. 0. A.I Hargrove, 1. forward;.;
Ithodos, r. forward; Stelnlmak, center)
Wlastanley, r. guard; James, r. guard.
Itafereo, Itay Smith; umpire, Halph
Ia tho gamo Saturday aftcrneea the
Intermediate Y. M. C. A. defeated tho
Mute school by a score of SO to 13.
Slokonlng, BMvorlng nta.
Of agua and malaria can be relieved
and euro! with Hleetrlo IMttors, This
Is a pure, tonic modlelno, of especial
boneflt in malaria, for It exerls a truo
curative laflunnoo en tho disease, driv
ing It entirely out ef tho system. It is
musk to bo preferred to quinine, hav
ing nono of this drug's bad after af
fects. K. 0. Munday, ef Henrietta,
Texas, write! "My brother waa vwf
low with malarial fever and Jaundice,
till ho teek Rleetrlo Hitters, which
saved his life." At J. a Perry's drug
store; price 60c. guaranteed.
Just toek at the lUt bolow. There
art) a lat of bargains that are hard to
boat i
S cans Table Pea eke Sfc
S aaas Tomatoes .Sao
3 aana fiweet Cora Soa
1011 aaak Cora Moal Mo
1 quart betUa Maple Syrup ..,,.. Sic;
T pound Panay 11mm Sao
I pounds Geedilliee ..,..314
pounds Now Oarraats ,,..Sfc
S peuMw (MiMoatol mieino voH.oSoc
Saltana naislas, par poand 10c
10-tb box No. 1 Maoaroaj ...... ..40o
Oallforata WWU Honey ife
The bwt Catsup ia town, per bottlo SOc
1 galloa Toamta Catsup ......... gOc
Vo dotlvor gojH promptly.
Phono S10.
A. L. Harvey
Flno Groceries.
Preferred Stock
We carry a complete as
sortment of "Preferred
Stock" canned goods. These
are the finest goods
sold in Salem arid are ab
solutely guaranteed. Corn,
Peas, Beans, Peaches, Ap
ricots, Tomatoes, and many
other things.
Roth & Graher
Salem's Best Grocers,
410 State St. 803 Commercial St.

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