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Good Blood
Good blood, good health; bad blood, bad
health; there you have It. Why not help
nature just a little and change the bad to
the good? Bad blood to good blood; poor
blood to rich blood 1 Ask your doctor how
this applies to Aycr's Sarsaparllla, and how
It applies to youl Could anything be more
fair? .
We have no secrets! We publish
the formulas of all our medicines.
Md )r lh J. 0. AfT 0 Low.tt, Uui,
Alt Mam,r4rrt of
ATIR'fl HAIR T100R-Pflht Mir. ATBn'8rHXa-Fweenitljtlfl.
NAvy Yard Needs Tun,
Wnehlagton, Marrh 88 The navy
department is In receipt ef ah estimate
Item tke commandant of the mv
ynfil At Ikeoklyn for 17,000 Ipm of
mI Mkely to bo required during the
fiscal year. This estimate to Ike flrtt
to l received for fuel for Ike mh
central power plant, a conditio which
rrfw" that Ike omI aboil be pur-
ekaeed out of tke fuwd for tke mainta
hmi of Mr; yarde nod Matte. Too
eelimaie Ium MMi icenctkiNg like
eeftMeroatloN In tke mt; departmeat,
for Dm reneea that It wIM be nssosia ry
t amend tke ectimatee for eeal, to nay
notkiag of lit numnroa otkor Home
iNiewdod for tko wv; yards and i
Ilea neat ymr, after July 1. In tko
mm of tko real for tko Xew York yard
tkn eet aaaaet be MHtok Im than
ft 1 1.000, poeelbly tko mm will bo
coaildoftibly more tka that. In view
of tke reswal of congr to appropri
ate tt tko urgent deftoieaelea, Inolud
Ink ff tko Mr? yards, II U k
Moved It will ko nacMiary to Mod In
l tko koUM NAVal COMMlttCe A NOW
Set f eetimatCC. Ml U already apparent
that tko item of (MM.000, recommend
ed by tke navy dopartmoat m eoM
oleui to malNtala tko navy yard at
Itfeeklyn aad otkor place ,will ko al
together laadettuaio, and tkt fully
IAM aaoold be added to tko UUI,
and perhaps U extra amount will ko
twit tkot amouat. Tko situatls
would bo ooamdocably aggravated,
should a atrlU of tko coal miners ko
declared aad tko price of coal raised
to much kiffkor Agoto.
of tptM homIoim nmt Ike moIIon for
hi romovHl from tho lHNfk will eomo
up koforo tho A)Mllnto dlrlMon of tko
Irtoe court toly an4 tko irool
iHKti ore awaH4 wltk ooootdoroblo In
toroot ia Uh widott olroioo,
Tko tUMtjt wropMod oonUIn Irs
OpooiAONllMO. It In tot fOttk lkt,
ovor 4mo July 1, 19M, wkoa Donol
wm HppolNtoA a oil NMfioirAU, ami
for OOMIO tlNM M-lor U tkilL ko kM'for tlu oroval IaV. fma U. .
A DoIohUno Wewdw,
T)nt wm tkat oUn4 to IU orMt
mako IWoUoa'a AraU kWWo a oIon
MIU wtMkr, It otro4 11 X. Mwlford,
)tror for tko ltroM f HwUh4ry,
WojrnwWro, la.t of a tMHrMU(
f HIm, It koalo tko worot Wtbi, ooroo,
UUi, uUn, Mitt, wH4a, ekIIUalao,
a4 mil rkrum. OnJjr Mt at J. a
lVrr'a 4mg rr.
kooN MHrK4 In tko kootoowi of own
lnCt NUMNieiNK, oAitlNK, priaUatr, OMM
vm4nk for ninI mIIInk pokllootUtM
kWN M "Town lpioo, Tbo Stoart
lot" hn4 "tA njmI 1mI" aal
tkot ko )hw k4 a aotlro latort In
tko Town Top litMiklNC OMpNjr,
tk Bmarl Bi InMMi1nk a)' ay aw4
tko 1'riNtora' nn4 I'MkoUkorrf Koalty
oopaJ". Tkai It wm part f tko
mMnm oarrM o Uy Town TomIm
a4 tkoto ooaaoto4 wltk It to aoiloit,
ttf, oooroo ami tompol tko paNto
of Uro mtHM of mono to tkom or to
tk mM oowpaNloo, r to prM mv
lato4 tkorowllk, Uy potMM of Bop
PomI mmm or mmUI tU4li; In tko
OMHWMlty by nhmm of ojtoa or ovvort
tkroalo to tao mM hkmi. Tko
karKM aro ko4 on orUoaeo admit
li In tko IIM oolt of JoUUe DonoI
axNlNH IWUor UnpmmI of OoUlor'a
WookJy, ami an Informatloa oWUInm!
from otkor toarooa Uy Dktriot At tor.
aoy Joromo, Jmwom W. 0Utn and
UdwNrd M. Mopard.
The 8wanl Wtokly Gateway, of
Sward. Almtka, irlroi tk following
eoont of tko work on tko Amoka On
tral railway wklk i now kola; ruphffl
iato tho iNterlor of tko torritery:
Tnnaol work on the Alk (Vntral
io now tho ImportONt fMtnro of rnn
otrwtioa oporatlomi, altkongh oxtenivr
rock work i procoodlny in arvrritl
plaM, ekloOy on Taraojrala Arm. IV) r
imr it now In nrovrooi on At tnnnetr
aNd preliminary work la proceeding at
tko porlalo of tko otkor two.
Tko romrtroetion demmmont la anx-
loua to puok work on tko toaal to a
eonrluiioB by tko oarlloot poootblo dalr
th laak lo ibiw of aoeompllohmfnt
at boot, for tko obflom roaooN that It
ran not bo mbdlvldod and operation
rondocte.1 In a Aforo of plaeeo at onr.
iiko iradiHff In tko 'open. Tko beat
that can bo dooo lo to bore on both
mmm of Mirk tttNNoi mIimnIUroonoIv.
Tko Urat taonel on mile lit I being
liored by tko railroad oomtmNr and
drllla drlren by a atoam eompreaaor
are pernioteally poNmUNg away Ihr
rork faee at tko farther oad. Work at
the portal of the nearer and kao been
Jmadoaed beNNe of tko deep mow.
A alide aoarly borled It two monlhi
ago. It wm found Impoeeible. to make
Mtwfaatorr rwogrooa en a oat and All
near ly beemaeo a gaag of men had lo
bo employed all tko time in nhoreling
(mow wway from tko Nil to make room
I B s "V f I
Nervous Women
Their Suffering Aro Uauollr
Duo to Female Dieordero
Forhopo Unsuspected
Can we dispute
tho well-known
women are ner
vous? How often do wo
hear the expres
sion, "Iamsoner
irons, itsoemaaslf
I should fly;" or,
"Don't aneak to
me." Little things
Itnnnv you and
make you Irritable you oan't sleep,
you are unable to quietly and calmly
perform vour dally tasks or oara for
miir children.
The relation of the nerves and m
raiiv nnraiu In woman la so el
that nine-tenths of the nervous pros-
llliui h.waiii 1atitlWf. ftln lllUM.
aleeploosnoM and nervous irrltabilitjr
arise from some derangement of the
organism which makes Iter a woman.
Fits of depression or restleasneM and
irritability ; spirits easily affected, so
that one minute she laughs, the next
minute weeps pain in the abdominal
region and between the shoulders;
hm of voice t nervous dyspepsia n
tendency to ory at the least provoca
tion an uiose point 10 nervous pros
tration. Nothing will relievo this distressing
condition and prevent months of pros
tration and sufiorlnfr no surely as Lvdla
IS. Ilnkham's Vegetable Compound.
Mrs. M. K. Shotwell.of 103 Flatbush
Avenue, Urooklvn, N, Y writes:
I rsnnot etprrw ths womIrful relief I
rrehlblUen County OonvenUon.
Tko MWrifH OMBte- ProMkltle Con
rostood U kerel. eM4 to meet on
Mrk MO, M II e'oiosk m at tko
w. a T. u. kou. ruuxuArtj.i u t-.
to iMmlaato a fuM
eom4o- Uokots. AH Irftklk4MeaUlN are
itt N aHe4. Oliver Jerr. rawnir Uv fMJ Jki,n i ' ui..
w. . .- -.... , wnvcik mo HID
the mn can dlopeoo of the snow much
more eneaply a few weeks later it wm
decided to let an tor loke Ita eONne
md tko men wore tent to tko tnoneU
Ad to Turn gn In Arm.
Hleh k Harris bnsro MO won em
ployed npon tko aix twonok tt wblih
tkoy kold tko oonlraet. Tkla force Is
ewitletod over a dManoe of ,00O feet
a moe M ami M. tko ooMtraet lo.
clMdiog akort Mmooa of hm work be
tweoN tko tNMiols and tko approaches
to tko Urn and met, Tke six tNanels
AggregU aboNl 4,00ft feet In iengtk.
IterlNg m In progroM on four of tke
tttNncU embraced In tke Kick & Harris
ontrAAt And work on the porUle or
approaokoc of tke otkor two U ako
wader way. One air MmMMMr it..
beN drlviag drIIU for two moatko aad
another aad larger one kAa inst beea
t np, Tn a abort tlmo tko driMa will
be eultlNg It face oimNltANConely.
' i
aivos Itealth, Vigor aud Teo
Herbiac is a booa for Mfferere from
Aaaemla. Ty, lie tke Ideod Is
pilekiy regeaerated aad tke oolor be
eemfo normal. Tko dreeplag streagtk
Is revival Tke languor Is dlmlmeked.
Health, vigor aad toao predominate,
New Mfe aa krr sttv4tv reeulu.
Mrs. VeUo If. Skriel, MkbUesberouga,
uiH wnuai I nave bea troubled with
liver eompjalat aad peer blood, and
have eiitrrteneed by taking Lydki K. link
bsm's VrtieMtile Cotntounl. I rulTrreI for
a Intttf linui with nimriMia timtlrntlfHi. linob
ehe, ItMibiehe, Iom of nnrtit, I rouhl
net tkp and would walk the Door Jnwt
every nickt
"I ImiI UtrM iloetors ami rotnolx-ttr. ntut
life wm a tmrilen. I wm ndvlenl to try
Before the Direct Primary, April 2(1
m " v
1 1 1 1 1 n i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 n i n i ii i
Ansouncenients of cttndldotc .
for ofiiee will be published In ',
thla eelurnn at reoaonablo rntee 1 1
fnr mnn at all DMticS.
lniniiniin i iniiiriii i
To Republican votersj If d
boforo, I shall support tho JujZ
eholeo for United States srnaterS
favor Indirect taxation; fewer u
' scliools, and an economical W?
tD. T. Juj,
Bepublieans of Oregon aro hereby
informed that I am a aaniHdate for the
semination ef governor at tho primnr
les to be held April SOth.
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for the office of secretary of stato,
aad aek tke support of all Republi
cans. F. T. WRIOUTMAK.
Tke undersigned announces himself
as a candidate for tke ofilse ef state
treasurer, subject to tke decision of
the Republican voters at the forth
coming primaries.
J. 11. A1TKBN.
I.vdk K. llnkhsm't VrsMabte Comnoum
omJ 10 L.OLC1 Aoorfkcif.1 -t c4o coca
Oivoc it- iiujsi mn eTo vrIT rw ivi nroe
"I am a wrfl woman, my nervoumess Is all
gone and my frlemU say I look Mi years
Will not the volumes of letters from
women made strong by Lydla K, lMnk
ham's Vegetable Cmh pound convince
alt woman of IU virtues ? iurcly you
cannot wish to remain sick, weak
and discouraged, oxhaustod each day,
when you can bo aa oaslly cured as
otker women.
tylvaiMM lwuoM iecre-
rriday nvealng
TkotO will ba a kuilMVU ai..
nt. .... . : . """ " ".
"""t"' wtHoe ueuei. -nnu NMly taw at tko Wwt M K.
Kow Yrk. Ur,. ?3 -TW u, 9kmik. Mrek ttd. by tke Y. 1. 1 XT.
in iar aanrr in mo aaruoc RMlutlH lhvUI. lui 1
M-h M Ik-url tf the rourt gram.
JueWre Jr
Herblao. I kopo Never to be without
It. I have wished that I had known
f It In my husband's life Ume, Mc
Hot sale by D. J. r'ry.
1 o -
To Receive OcRwuHder Bva KcoUu
New OtIonns. Murrk ! tw- u
ronwduraUo Uir amoug lual Halvaltua
Army member over tke arrival of
I'omNuuNlor ttv Kootk. who i expert-
ed here today and who will be the
principal speaker nt a urge uum mert
tag at tke Odd Illow' kail tonight.
Major J. M. Her rime a, who is In com
mand of tko soot kern territory, sail
kis bride, wko are kere on an laepeo
Ho tctr, will receive ('ommaNder
Itootk mhcci ker arrival. Tko subject
of kcr lecture this cvcnI will be
"IMdgJAgtkoOulf." ItMOAcofkcr
fttvorlte aad moot famous lecturmi and
k w exNocioa mat it will attract a
huge audience.
A UveiyTuceifl
Wltk an old enemy of the race, Con
stipation, oftA oacVs In AnctoNdsciUA
To nvoM alt serious trouble witk
8tosack, Liver and Reweli, take Dr.
Klag's Kew Ufa PWo. They perfectly
regulate these orgM without nolo or
dtccomfoft, Hoc at J. a Perry's 4ruf
store, Salem, Oregon.
Campaign Rates
To new suhscrihcfs to tie Daily and Week
ly Capital Journal.
Help sustain Republican National Policies
and elect the ticket in Otegon by circulating
tie Journal
Dally Jotftrnal 4 mos. on trial $.00.
Weekly 4 mos. on ttial 25c
pae copy itzz to petson getting up tie clcb.
Central UllMois Sokool Teacher.
Ouleeburg. HI.. March SS.-The
twcNty-ceeead annual meeting of toe
Ceuural Illinois Teoeker' awoeiatiea
opened here this morain. IVemdent
U II. Urlastk of IwarUle. Ml., omnrnd
tke wootinr nad delivMeerf kU ....i
addroM. r. J. W. Iledway of Xo
York delivered aa addrew on "Keeeu
llale la Ueofratdiy." There will be
another eeemoo lals evening and tko
eloeing .hsoIon tomorrow ftrrnsss.
Amoog the prominent penker oa the
program are Ir. C. W. Thsmm
protadeat of Ike Ohio aie uaiveMit
i'olumbiM. U5 Ur. J. W. ,. uw.
porinieodeai L U. Uarrey, McNCAniuee,
Mick, and Mies )lcnjlllr. IndUMpo-'
The undersigned Announces hlmsolf
oa a Republican onndldAte for ronotrv
Ination for stale printer, subject to
the decision of tho Republican voton
At the primary elootlon April 20.
Now aerrlng flret tortn. Tho rimo
xmrtesy that has bcea Accorded to
state officers souomMy, Uiat of n ro
noBlAntlon, would be grcAtly appre
ciated. J. ft. WIITNHY.
AibAay, Oregon,
roR surHRurrnNDKirr or tub.
I hereby announce myself as a can-
didato fer rsBCmlnatlen for the office
ef uperlBiefldeat of Public Instruc
tion, and solicit tko support of all Ito
puhiieaM at the primaries April SOth
Tho undersigned hereby announces
himself aa a eandldato for re-election
to the oftlcc of attorney-gcnoral, sub-
Jeot to the approval of llepublleaa
voters at the ptlmariee,
I hereby annouaec myaolf m a sad
KdNte fer stato senator ef IbU die-
tdot, eubject to Uo nomlMtlca at the
kandc of tke Republican voters of Ma
rlen county at tko fortheenUag pri
mary election.
Tho Undersigned" is n p--t-
oajwMdflte for stoto Betrn'or, eihWj
tue primary eioeifon, April JJOii, ,
WM. II. H0Be
I hereby nnnounoo myself u i jj
uloato for tno oweo of county rtenk
and solicit tho support of Rtftfes
voters fer that nomination at Utiof
coming primary election,
W. L. JOKn
I horoby announce myeolf uil
didato for ro-oloction to the A
county treasurer, subject to noabtfa
by the RcpubllcAna of Marlon emb
at tno Xorthcoming primaries.
Tho undoralgnod la a CAndtoiUlc
Justlco of tho poaco for Salem pr
clncts, subjeot to Ropubllcaa jrt
marloni P. N. LATHROP.
Salem No.
tor justice or tiib team.
I deolro tho nomlnAtion of the Bt
publican party for tho office of JsjuoI
of the peAco of BeJom district.
Biouratona Every How,
la order to givo the people f fitlm
An opportunity lo sec the UitUte
country south of Bclem, and totntU
development beioff mado Ir li w
pany, tho Citltcas' Light k Tmtln
Company will run excursion cart te Ut
rock quarry, south of Odd Men'
cemetery, leaving tho Willamette VU
on even hours. Knjoy a pIM&t rUs
and sec for yourself, tt
Tke uadoraigued would respectful
ly aaaoucee himself as a Republican
CAndMate for Joit senator from tho
Una-Mario senatorial dlitrlot, sub
iect te tke direct primary BomlnAtlng
kw. PRANK J. MIM.wn
-" .... ,,
Hcaored by Uo Delta UpsUca Club.
Now York, March ttTke Dolta
Upeileu eluk of New York will giv
iU aNNual diauer at tke Hotel Savoy
tku evoaiag. aad Motriet Attormey Je
rome and llmrlee K Hugh. ooaaeW
far tke AxmMroag iaoaraacc iaveetig.
tia eoMimilue, wiU ho tke rmu of
honor of tke eveaiag. Mr. Jw u
aa alamaue of tke Awkerii chapter of
ie tmoraity and Mr. Hugaco of tke
urowa eaapter. iurr J. Mur-Av of
law ety wiU prcetdo at the banquet.
- .
To MobUUe fer Summer MB-nr.
Waeeiagtoo, Mak ex-Tj, Uasum-
maaouven. whiok are to iiu.
tke mobslioaaoa of all l.f !,,-
airy and Acid artWery troops a't scene
wm eawsML tu vm v .
AemU.g tw-f- mt tH,
Wrracke, New York, cmaeactug the
troepc whiok are aa duty at MadieeB
barracks. Port Oacarie, Vw v,v.
Port Ntagara, N. y.; pj Ja x y J
Port Btkaa All, vt , wu. ,.'
K. Li Port Weed, N. Y.. aad WackW
to barracks, D. a
I hejremy announce myself aa a ean
dldato far tke nomination for Atato
soAAtor for tkU district, subject to the
deoecio of tke RopublioaQ votera At
tko eocaiag primary election.
Tko umiercipMd hereby ansounccc
kluMulf a candidate for ropreseaUUve
ir .Marion county, on tke RmiUIub
Uekot, suhdect U tke choice of Repub
lican voters at Ue primariec.
I korok- aaaouaco say oaadfaacy for
tke somUaUou u ropiescataUve oa the
Rspubtieaa Ucket.
Noblo, Ore.
The undersirBcd herhv .nnn,A
klmeelf a eddte for county cWk
of Marion coaaty. nad aaVa tk .
of Rcpublicaiui for that poaitlea, at the
wwwoisg pnmartea.
Tko wuloruigDea vIB ba a caa
didato. for Oouatm Cterfc o xr.H
ewaty at tho RepubMcaa prin&rtea
Wo havo some farms to rent, ekuls
raBOhee to sell on Installment plan, jUs
housfa and Iclo. If yon havo preps
to sell or rent call and see us. If j
want to buy any kind of prepertr a
want a loan on real estate or itU?
Tfork of any kind. If you wit l
or want vr crk of any kind call aid rf
Istcr your wanta la our epk7til
AVo have M acres of fine Ul lottl
east of depot to rent or sell Is ItmU
Albany, Oregon, of 8 or 10 acres, with paymesU et $1
( 10 dews and AS per month oatU tU
oat t) per cent interest oesal-sButlf.
R. R. RYAN & Co,
To Fence Buyers
No doubtl you waai tko kern
Wtt f aacc you n buy for ywjr meo$
Wo kewe ie, amt oaa prove it to je)
OsMMfHCCion f vni wiM in nub state
Our sokti are larger tka ever m
are iBoreaaac aoJurtaaUy.
Lowest price oa Pii asur Lawn !
I"ooltry PWit Barb "iro (it
Posts ami P. & D. raulv- roofiat?.
860 Court St., Salens.
Corner of Seventh and Stark Street
Portland, Oregon.
The BOW and ntrnWn luil! tt the eat
Catero partlcularlr to reeldcata of 3
ich ana oticr Oregon eitiea, Burcpca
piaa. lYcc bus. Rated $1.00 per OJ
aad uowaxd. BuMmMt orill la
Weot, aad pricco aa low aa in pi""
jeaa auraotlvo. Dally Capital jours
on file.
Bvc you palas la Uc bask. U.-
fcattoa of aay ksod, racueaalaam, fclat
la spcUs, Sodcy Mcuatala Tea aakee
yea weU aad ke you wdl, 36 ceat.
Or Steao'e Drag Store,
I hereby aaaouAeo nru . t
Oatc fee the offi of eceaty trcaauror.
kA ck.aV it. 9
" wpport ei aU BconbU-
I J to awouace ay oaadidacy
ApnJ SOth, quo. p. BODOERa
Steamers Pomona aad Alton li
for Portlaad Moaday, WodBCaday j
Riday, et 10 a. m. TuecdaT. Th
day aad SaturtSnr at 9 t. s. L
for OorvsdHa Toceday, Thorciar
Sabunlay about 6iS0 p.. vs. Tot AlbJ
da except Sundby about 6:tt P-
M.P.BaMwia, Aft

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