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P. M. AND 4:00 P. M.
NO. 1M.
lire His Time Will
'hile Committees
rind Red Tape
Wmgm May 2 -It is believed
fW sttsssM'tMnmittee on privileges nnd
8 seven to six in fhvor
proposition that Smoot
is proper man to be a senator.
Oa the division, those said to be
against Sraootj! aro Burrows, Depew,
Diibois, Pet'tSKBailey, Overman, and
FraeJer,, 8iM0ffer him Foraker, Bevor
adge, ptitinghawt Hopkins, Knox and
Dolllver, Bt3tho Smoot opponents
aro diwtde4lmong .themselvose on tho
HuwfuosvvMwiBer no can oe exemueu
ttlfcSterSsiSf"f committee, meeting
.will be heldsfFridav, when it is likely
1 Hi... ,Hl
e than one report.
San Francisco, May 2. Owing to tho
subsidence of excitement attendant to
the Influx of vast crowds of refugees
and the restoration of order, the coun
cil has decided' to permit tho saloons to
open front S a. m. to 7:30 p. m. No
drinks can. be served soldiers, and
liquor cannot be carried from tko
drinking places on penalty of the re
vocal of the licensee. 'Saloons are still
closed. San Francisco beer peddlers
will not bo permitted! to deliver goods
at houses.
Partially Incinerated Body of Mrs.
S. Rodgcrs Last Recovered.
Disaster to Follow Calamity
Sister State to Suffer a
Special Session
itt BiiTiSSft at Stanford.
fy&pSE1" MaJ" 2. Th dilnpi-
"" dated eeMtie. of the one-time splendid
k,' buildup "she Leland Stanford, Jr.
Ji University, m a result of the earth-
b qHake,iijWubject of uncomplimen-
2 fHSffV members of tho f ac.
ultyflpfcVsffiho professors hint that
tho ertfaHgvftke has ebown that the.
buildings ..werelbedly constructed, and
give ifelktMii rumpr enrrent Palo
lit Alto dwisgfttoe past three years that
ike epeelisatieas were ignored in an
effect 4e oseotlrirctentioug but in reali-
ty cheap a4Tgingerbrcad structures.
Six ailHSjTdollars was set aside tc
construe ttfcelibrnxy, the museum and
u-Hbe Htemerial chapel. Expertg whp
is lave vie wwa-tho ruins of these build-
Airings deeJars that they could not have
i ioost more han $t3,000,000.
' Santa Rosa, May 2. The lUt of
dead and missing hai reached a total
of 7".
Tho last body found was" that of
Mrs. Augusta S. Rodgers, n dressmaker
with apartments over the Novelty
She was killed In tho collap of
that building and her body was partly
incinerated in the flames.
Operatore Oo Prohl.
New York, May 2. Tho anthracite
operators today issued a statement to
combat ,tho minors' contention that
they are underpaid, which quotes tho
statistics of tho saloons in tho min
ing .region, enforcing tho reason of the
workmen's poverty.
Garfield Comes to Life.
"Washington, May 2. Tho President
Friday will send to congress Garfield's
report on tho oil industry, with a spe
cial messago and comment.
Dt You Appreciate
The Real Buying Power
'jfo Of Your Money ?
Oakland, May 2. Two weeks ago to
day tho devastation of San Francisco
began, and in tho period since tho
great conflagration was extinguished
practically littlo has been done in the
direction of Restoration, beyond tho
clearing tho streets of debris nnd haul
ing safes out of ruins. Hundreds of
dangerous walls reiimin standing, but
the sanitary conditions coutinuo re
markably good. Hod Cross officials
have discovered evidences of grafting
in relief camps. Drastic action in sev
eral cntes has probably broken It up
today. It is unofficially announced that
a call for an extra session of the legis
lature will bo issued in two weeks. A
number of corporations aro wbrking
their wires to securo legislation rclm-
Order is Coming Out of Dis
cord and Thousands are
Again at Work
San Francisco, May 2. No disorder
s6 far has attended tho opening of tho
house bank for tho limited
payment of bank depositors. Lvery
confidence is shown in tho ability of
the banks, and there is no indication
of a run when tho individual lonks re
, v. .. ...
sumo business. Depositors' ciiecKs are
honored in sums of $300 to moot im
mediate ncedi. Th order of Mayor
Schmite, permitting tho uso of candles
until tho electric light sorvlco is re
stored, has added greatly to tho com
forts of residents In tho unburned dis
trict, and tent dwellers, who havo been
obliged to extinguish their lights at 10
o'clock. Cutting off provisions from
nblo-bodied men caused nt least 2C0O to
seek work no clearing tho streets, for
Music and Its Relation to Civilization By
Willamette University Chapel, 8:1 5 o'clock
4th in series Admission 50c
burging them for losses on stnto con
tracts, and "wiping out laws "now on the
statute books inimical to their inter
ests. Several traiploads of supplies
arrived at Oakland this morning.
2 KjyKMfcw
ts Tmrr
oi ,-WfiAi
IS 3 S
A) dj
x " MHF
jp f.in
' '-MBH
Gray Panama Suitings;
i fine wool dress goods
lit $1 cloth, yd. . . .35o
Wash Silk, yd 19c
Taffeta Dress 811k in
sew shades, yd' 49c
.fcFinislwd Velveteens, in
I'fMir shadings, yd ,.39c
; tho most be&ntuul
rabat ever wens efaown
,!! &t about UU what y?u
d,vrr elwhre.
NfclfTlPi' Taffeta Ribbon, yd.. 3c
No. 4$jSLty Pertdaa Neck Rib
Ww; Hi quality, yd 10c
ak. Malice YeiUng, yd'.... lie
Chiffon, yd.. .'. 25c
Cover Embroidery, yd 2Cc
Black Darning Cotton,
Cotton, epool......2c
Silk, ball lc
IteM 'supporters, pr 10c
Preale and Calico
Aresta, price . ...35c
iDow&, Ttea lSc
'Ack Stockisg, pr.,..10e
l ,aj
'i tmKKalia
s umw
We aro agenta for th. Jlack Cat and
Buster Brown Hosiery, tie bejt
in the world.
Ladies' Swim' Bibbed Summer
Underwear, price 9c, 12el8c
ai .... . 25c
Ladies' $16.60 Sand Gray Panama
Cloth Suite, Maartailorel and
baadeomely trimmed; pric4t,jd.90
La&eV New Pony Jacket; aaTe
price $3.45
'J Better Jackets and Long Coats aU
at small price.
Ibe Chicago Store doea the bust
ae in iillinery.
W re ogents for the Stndard Pat
tens, tie best on earth.
LjiIIn' beautiful mow white
Shirt VaMa ia lawn linen and
silk, ort and long ileeves. Prices
49c, 75t, 0S and 1.25.
We jre gnt for the Warner 'a
Burt Pxof Corseta; trj one;
you will vererwear any 'other;
prices, 49c 75c, 9S, $1.25, $1.49
50e Girdle Co-, talt price,. 39e
50c Gold Belts, new arrivals... 25c
8ilk ilittf, elbow length, price 65
Soiled Laee Curtain . . . Half Price
balmc'i auATisT oxoworo STOKE.
Corner of Coatr
cUl aid Co rt Streets
(Four O'CTook Edition.)
Wnshinjfton, May 2. Senator New
lands, of Nevada, introduced a resolu
tion today in tho ecuate providing the
waj-fl and means committeo and the
houso finance committee and senate
jointly consider plans extending finan
cial for tho restoration of 'Frisco. It
nska tho joint committee to report on
the advisability nnd practicability of
tho national government furnishing aid
cither by guaranteeing loans at a low
rate of interest, or by tho promotion of
tho organization of n great financial
corporation of the state or nation.
Cannot Collect Commioelons From City
Employes Because Papers Are
San Francisco, May 1. Tho money
brokers are confronted with a serious
problem, especially thoge who, month
after month, have been in the habit of
'advancing tho ailarles of municipal em
ployes. Today is payday in many of tho do
pjtrtmente, the day on which the brok
ers have been in tho habit of present
ing their demands and collecting the
2, 3 or 5 per cent commission which
tbey exact,
Between the fire and earthquake
many of bo u&lgnmont.i have been
destroyed, and Auditor Horton is be
sieged by anxious brokers demanding
that he accept a substitute for the
missing powers of attorney. Horton
refuses to give any satisfaction,
, "Tho warrants will be given to the
pereoc to whout they belong unle
proper documents showing a bona fide
assignment ia filed," he declared.
Sixty per cent of the city servants
draw their salary through brokers Tho
profit in the. business bus become to
great that the privilege of negotiating
such loans has become a political plum,
To secure it, some brokers have ad
vanced largo sums for campaign pur
poee, with the understanding that tho
pusiness will be directed to them.
Nothing Deftatte Known.
(Four O'cleck: Edition.
New York, May 2.It is learned in
banking circles here this afternoon
that nothing of a definite nature has
yet come to light in regard to the re
ported purpose to organize a $100,000,
000 for the reconstruction of 'Frisco.
which thoy get $2 n day. Five thou
sand men are now nt work In the ruins,
and tho number Is augmented daily.
Tho state labor comnvipsioner today be
gan tho organisation of n labor bureau,
which, it is expected, will provide
work for 20,1)00 men in a short time.
Today trolley cars started on Market
street, from Valenciu to the Ferry, and
onMwo other lines in Jho burned dis
trict. Tho work of restoration on tho
Bryant street power house will bo com
plete! In a few dnj, and then thoro
will bo a general tosumption of trol
ley .service on "the cleared streets.
There I considerable fear in biisinefs
quarters tluit valuable Chinese trade
will bo lo-t by tho removal of the
Chincee population to Seattlo and other
coast cities. Tie Chinese arc Indig
nant nt tho way in which they were
forced from camp to camp by tho mili
tary authorities. Unless permitted to
occupy tho old Chinatown, they threat
en to movo the entire colony.
San Franelitco, May 2. Tho plan by
which the federal government may
lond credit for rebuilding tho city still
has strong suggestions. At a confer
ence last night General Greeley, "Sec
retary Metcalf, Mayor Schmltz, ox
Mayor Phclau nnd Doctor Devlne, a
plan wan presented In detail to Metcalf
In order that the secretary may lay It
beforo tho President when ho returns
to Wnshlngton. On unaided credit San
Fraclco will take 10 or moro years to
rebuild, and with government aid it can
be dono in one-qnnrter of that time.
While probably there will be much op
position in Washington; the supporters
of the plan are determined to secure
a fair bearing before rongress, and aro
hopoful ttrnt the &ired aid will be
Chicago, May 2. Tho Chicago re
lief fund now has n half million to its
oredit, nnd tho 'total is Bald to bo
$923,000 when all is in. A. houso to
houso collection by tho police brought
tho amount of $41,000.
Chlcngo, May 2. Dowio is reported
ns dying. During tho night his wlfo
attempted to enter his room in Shlloh
House, but was Tcfused admittance,
nnd alio created' a scone.
La tor Dowao's followers1 denied
that it is n fatal illness, but declined to
specify what tho conditions wero.
HcBidonts of Zlon City aro said to bo
In an ulmott destitute condition,
Idle and Foolish Rumor That
the United States Bought
Plans of the Dreadnaufht
London, May 2. -A gruvo naval scan
dnl has dvvolopcd over tho mysterious
disappearance of tho plans of the now
battleship Drednnught, lauuchod a
short tlmo ago. It Is believed thoy
wero sold to some foreign powor by
some navy department oftlclal, and re
turned to tho ndmlrallty through tho
mall after months of nli9c,nco. Sus
picion is directed) to. America, on ac
count of tho Intention thero to build
tho dtodnnught's counterpart.
' o
Dowio Near to Doath.
Zlon .City, May 2. John Alexander
Dowio is again nt denth's door, ac
cording to n report received from Shlloh
Houso by Overseer Volivn nt tho ad
ministration building. Volivn. stated
that ho received Information both yes
tcrdny and today that Dowio was near
to death from drops, that his lego
woro swollen enormously, nnd thnt his
henrt was seriously affected.
Becauso of tho deposed "First
ApostloV condition Vollva has de
cided to postpono sending to Shlloh
House tho list of chuVgrs ngnint
Dowio, to which tho latter is to mnke
reply to bo read) beforo tho governing
ChJcaeo Market.
CMcagi, May 2.--Wheat 78',$7B-i,
Merchant Shoots niaself After View
ing Rains of Business.
(Four 0'CJock Edition.)
San Bafael, Csl., May 2. John W.
liuggles, n member of tho firm of Dodd,
Sweeney L Co., which lost a great deal
in the flroln San Franoisco, committed
suicide hero Tuesday morning in the
buck yard of his residence in Boss val
ley, by shooting himwlf in the head
wit ha revolver. He was vtrf despond
ent over the torses he had suffered by
tho disaster In San Francisco, and last
Monday viewed the ruins, which add
ed to his mental depression. He leaves
a widow and children, and' was very
prominent in social as well as In buil
ness circles.
Hands Baby Coin for Candy, Steps
Back oo as Not to Interfero With
Clttmo and FiUla in Cellar.
Chicago, May 2. For tho smilo of a
happy littlo child., Stephen Kldd, CO
years old, wont to hln death. Ho illoU
from a fracture of thu skull recolvod
In a fall as ho stepped backward) into
an open stairway after handing a tod
dler flvo cents for w candy.
Kldd had four children in his homo,
but ho was tho friend and companion
of nearly nil tho littlo tots of thb
Whllo in front of a enndy store ho
stopped to play for a moment with a
littlo cliild on the sidewalk. Ho handed
tho tot u coin nnd then stepped back
so as not to interfero with tho baby
game in which Ito child was engage!.
Ho neglected to turn as ho backed
nwny, and foH Into a stairway leadit'g
from the eidewalk to tho basement.
Ills skull was fractured nnd ho novo'r
regained consciousness.
In addition to hit four chlldron, Kldd
loft tt widow.
New York, May 2. Confusion was
supreme in tho stock exchnngo this
morning. Bundles of stocks wero
thrown over tho first few minutes. An
aconda Steel, Rending Amalgamated
and Union Pacific wero among the
most active. Anaconda opened 08
points below the hlghprlco of tho year
It looked llko an attempt to slash tho
market, but banking support nppsired,
and prices rallied sharply until noon
when another break came, Some issues
declined lower than the, opening, aud
the street is filled with rumors.
Choir Guild reetlvai.
Boston, Mass., May 2. The 30tb an
nual festival of the Mast-aehusott
choir guild, nn organization of tho
Episcopal church in the stato, will bo
held in fotir sections this year, thoro
being 30 choirs In tho guild. The first
section will bo heard at Trinity church
this evening. Albert W, Snow, choir.
master at the Church of tho Advent,
will direct the concert and William A.
1-aul will be at tho organ.
Great Britain's New Wan-hip.
Iondon, Mny 2 According to of
ficial reports, Great Britain has at
present no less than' six battloshlpa,
ten armored crulwrs, eighteen destroy
era nnd fifteen submarines unilor con
strnctlon. During tho jenr 1000-7 four
armored verwels, seventeen dostroyors
and twelvo submarines will bo com
menced. Tho dcsluns of tho vchboIs
havo not yet been determined1, and It.
Is, therefore, impossible to form nn ex
net Idea of tho total lnnblllty that
win uo Incurred by thwe admiralty
proposals. As far as ca bo gnthorod
from tho cost of recout corresponding
type' however, tho Jnrgo amount of
,$40,000,000 will bo absorbed ns thu
KK"Kat cost of these vessols, and
tho solo provision made during 1900,7
to meet this expenditure amounts to
about $3,000,000, whlcb is roughly one
twelfth of tho total cost.
-- " O ' in i
Nobody Cares, Afiyway,
St. Pctereburg, May 2. Thoro Is a
Hsml-offlelal announcement that Wit to
has resigned nnd that Oarcmykin, for
mer minister of tho Interior is his successor.
No Penny Postage.
Borne, May 2,Tbo international
postal union confrreiM'n rojected tho
proposal to establish u universal penny
Laid Oat by Gas. '
Jersey City, N. J., May 2. Carbon
monoxide gas laid out 18 workmen in
the New Jersey railrosd tunnel this
morning, but there were so fatalities.
T&e Actor Quit.
Los Angeles, May 2. George Fair
field, a vaudeville actor shot himself,
and died instantly in c. lodging borne
this mornlsg. Ho was ill nod had
A Dental Bridge
By which tost teeth are restored through artifktal
means. Does away with the clumsier plate and gives a
natural appearance to the month. Costs very tittle more
than the ordinary plate
I do aM my work on the guarantee plan. Every fill
ing guaranteed to stay in. Every plate guaranteed to
fit. Every operation absolutely without pain. Every
patient satisfied. Someone ta get a $90 ttmmowl ring
on July 1st
And My Prices Are Very Low.
Dr. B. E. Wright, The Pninlpss Dentist
OCes tars, 8 a. m. t t f. . T F-. to 8 p, . Stasdays, ly , , W W
been jilted by a wossas.
v t
eorn 477-i; oats 32H32.

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