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Daily capital journal. (Salem, Oregon) 1903-1919, May 25, 1906, Image 7

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' .1 HI II I
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iW r
The Journal Gires its Readers a Splendid
Volume witt Full Details of tie
Great Disaster and Fully Illustrated
L O T H I N i
If ever grace, distinction, fashion, fit, wear and all-around
excellence were compressed into a suit they are in these
i. t "
plire, fancy worsted garments.
" 'I fir ffl kmW
III- aiip
BBBBb BBkTi nPr-em ciSfclB
bb sir to. jH w-MijH
I If jgrSL .0
I. i
Suits That Fit
That are shapely, that have tone. Not one detail neg
lected. We are showing men how to dress well and
have money left for other things. In our display of
Plymouth Brand
You'll find many little touches of styles that other stores
will have next year. Remember we are standing right
behind every suit in this stock with our personal guar
PLYMOUTH BRAND CLOTHES arc kept pressed and
repaired one year FREE.
fV i t '"xnyW
There isn't a place in town where you'll find such a complete and exclusive
assortment of plain or fancy underwear as here. We are prepared to sup
ply your want in this line, both in price and quality. ' .
brrect Hats
lor Summer
showine of summer hats you'
Rod exclusive styles, correct m
finish and color. Come in
k them over, even if you are
Mt yet ready to buy,
A young man's taste
is .told by his tie. No
other article of ap
parel expresses so
much of the wearer's
individuality. Notice
our. 50c grade of ties.
These are winners.
Fine Shoes
for Men
Are not made in a day. We have
been at work for months in producing
our many lines of new fashions and
styles in $3.50 footwear. In new
ness of form and fashion, in perfect
ness of fit and shape they ore the
ideal consummation of the shoe
maker's art.
Oscar M. Johnson.
It is not often that a dally nowspa
por can secure n premium that has
proven oa popular na tho book wo adver
tlso In today's Issue It will repay
every ono to read) ovory word of .tho
advertisement. Tho Jourrml was of
fered this hook by tho publishers anil
accepted1 their otTcr without seeing a
sample, because previous dealings had
proven them to bo reliable, and that
their books wro all that waa claimed
for thorn,
Tho sample copy arrived in duetlmo
and It proved) to bo a much more do
alrablo book than wo had anticipated,
lb is well prltod on heavy book paper
front now plates, and tho half tone
Illustrations aro exceedingly Reed. Tho
binding la In cloth, of a golden yollow
color. In tho conter of tho front cover
Is n mlntnturo photographic reproduc
tion showing ,0io business section of
San Francisco on fire.
Thla book wns written by Ople
Itoail and CUas. Kugono Banks, two
well known authors, nnd tho facts ro
latod havo been very carefully com
Ndt only does tho book, in Its 4C4
pages, tell of tho San Frnnolsco ills
astois but It also tells tho story of tho
recent devastating eruption of Mount
Vesuvius in Italy. It also gives u
brief but vivid historical sketch of tho
great earthquakes, volcanic eruptions
and floods of tho last 10t)0 years.
Tho book Is written in tho very best
literary stylo nnd Js worthy & place in
nny library. We cannot speak toe
highly of it, audi are satisfied that any
reader of tho Journal who receives a
copy of it will bo more than aatisaed,
Tho book is not for sale by the
Journal, but Is given to any reader
asking for It on ouo condition. The
condition Is this: Fay two dollars in
advaneo, and get tho Dally Journal by
mall for six months, or by carrier for
four months, or tho Weekly Journal
for two years, and add twenty cents
to pay poatago, nnd wo will dollver a
copy of the book ut your nearest post
ouW, or If on n rural delivery route,
tho hook will bo delivered at your
The writer has seen aavoral Ban
Fraud co enrthqunko books handled
by canvassers, nnd not ouo of them Is
equal in merit cither of toxt or Illus
tration to tho splendid1 book offered by
tho Jouraul. And tho only coat to you
for this book Is tho SO cots you pay
for postage
Tlio Journal gives you (ho book as an
acknowledgment of your Interest la
paying for your eubscrlptlou to the
Journal In advnnco. You simply pay
tho postngo on tho book, If you r
now In nrronrs, It Is necessary to pay
up, and thon pay $2,00 In advance.
Kvery homo In Marlon county should
have This book.
Without Future Hope.
Tho matron of a "Vermont house of
correction in out with tho stntemont
that woman, onco eho is fallen, novor
roforms, and that whllo in prison she
novor mnnlfosts .tho least disposition
towards bottor things, llko Improving
their imprisonment by learning nnd
bettering their conditions for future
yearn. Tltoro la n vast difference, any
that matron, botween tho oourso offiion
mid women who nro Imprisoned, for
tho inon as a gouornl thing, nro anxious
to improve tholr mental condition when
serving tlmo. This 'shows rather a
socinl contrnat that moat p.oplo will
not bollovo without proof, yet it ll
truo In a largo majority of cnos.
Mon may servo a .term in prison,
may roform audi when they como out,
engage In somo buiilnesi occupation,
ami mlnglo with other men, and grad
ually Hvo down thy taint of tho prls
ob, i especlnny if it Imppens to havo
been with them tlttf eno blot upon nn
otherwise Btnlnlras llfo. They havo
something to hopo for when they be
uln llfo nnow. Ilut how different M-
clety treats tho woirmihtf hns beon
behind tho Lars, If released women
prlsonors do roturn to evil ways the
Instant they nro released and free, nro
thoy wholly to blamof
Is not tho social codo, which re
fuses thorn tho Tcspcct of old friends,
an Implement of tortus to those wo
men! And Isn't this codo rcsjMnslblo
to u groat oxtont for tho hopelessness
with which they omorgo from the
prison and view tho world!
Theso rules, of course, havo their
exceptions yet tho woman once dis
graced, has no moro than ono clianco
In n hundred to hold tho plnco in the
gnnjorol respect of hor former associ
ates, no matter how earnestly she
might try to ba worthy of such res
pect, Tho thought that sbo Is a
marked Individual Influences moot
women against making tho attempt to
conduct themselves according to the
demands of morality, Bh knows the
wicoiiMglng word will not bo given
and that few things will shape them
selves toward helping her in an en
deavor, no matter how earnest it may
be, towards reformat Ion. Hho is with
out hopo, and who is respoiiMlble for
this but the friendW of her former station!
"Make Salem Qeed Heme Mtrfeet,"
I i l.J
t il t
rentes, Or., Utj 1 M, 1M.
Por the sbovo occasion the Soothers
Paeiie Ccwpsay will H rua4trp
tickets frost mUm lor MM. HaU
dates May 22, aH jrswW peweeger
trains. Mxy U treiite Kee. IS asd 14
Friday moraJsg. Llwltef tlsketa May
27, 1WXJ. For partftttlerfl eell exeats.
i i
Cows 30.
Hlioop nc.
Droisod Veal CiO.
Fat Hogs 00lio,
Orals oad Teed.
Baled clover S. i
Ch sat 47.00. 4
llrsa 420.
Bhorts $22,
Salem Flouring Mill.
Wheat 60c,
Flour-$3.0. -v
Portland Market.
Wlieat-Club, 7172c.
Valley 70e.
DIuofltem 72c.
Oats Choice white, 429.
Mlllstuff Bran 417.
Kay Timothy, $1213.
Potatoes $060,
Poultry Average eld hens, UQ
15ej mixed chickens, 13&14ej broil
ers, 2022 j yennf refers, 12 J418
chlckeas, 1S10H) turkeys, lire, 17fV
18c turkeys, dreseed, choice, tt
23cj gite, live, peuad, 10j xeeee,
dreeied, per pound, 10oj kks, 171S;
pigeons, l2j sjHahs, 4fi.
Perk Dressed, 77Vte.
IJeef Dreeeed, 'AmA.
Muttea Dressed, &QU.
lfope-Oregen 1M, UV4lxV4j eld
Weel IM ellp, valley, eearae t
asediaai, Me$ie: liaetera Ofwrea,
Butter Faaey Crsamery 17
30; etere, 139126.
Mtutltit Ibujifstsi Tas HiuasMA
wffsj frwwfiirn ism nsssssisj
Aluf Ml Mlln Ur Bur PuL
SftsM gtUit JUtiA uj tin .J wi
TTWfW ewssBi smi AWrtreja y JHf,
Poultry At Stelnem Market,
Kggs Per iroron, 17o.
Chickens lllCc.
Frye 1618c.
Ducka Wo.
Poultry, Eggs, Eto. j
Kggs Per dozen, lO'j, - '
Duller, relall 80o, j I'i A
Trknain7)11n - I-1'? ".
Frys-lOKjo. "
Ocose 8o, j
Duoka Do,
Frulte, Vegeublea, Bte. ;-
Potatoes C5O30e.
Onions 2W to 3c, "
Treplcal Fralta.
Bananas 0a per pound. -,
Lemonn-44.60 48.00.
Lire meek Market.
Steers 33e.
.'nfmt eweswejeeiV'Wilj MTV
A. It. UKAI0,
tf 0afsJ FMteeger Ajsm).
ssssssjssbb ssfw, jeBMPRkeMn
RV ittaiaaUU TmM. la tiim
if,1 ii? Ue- .
m.iH mmen fm auw Mevii1
TO. (
. , JW ..
4 - JL M H
tMhm,' iiaa mStimtikikMiMi
- -" -- "-

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