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Load to Carry.
.dyspepsia comes nervous
iral Ill-Wlth. Why? Be-
erod stomach docs not per
to bo-nroDcrlv dlccatod. nmt
assimilated by tho system,
chanted with Dolsona which
i front this disorderod digestion, and
Um nerves aro not tod on good,
J, and wg see symptoms of nerv
.akeplessness and general break-
It. lit Mftt t.An.1 ,vrl nnw ,... Um
exertion that docs it. but nonr stnm.
work. With poor, thin blood tho
M not Mrotectod a trains t thn attack-
germs of nip. bronchitis and consump
M. Fortify the body at onco with Dr.'
bs uauen jsietiicai uisooverv a
SMOn OI- natlvn mpdlrlnnl
t wttfcout a particle of alcohol of
Msroaa hanlt-formliig drugs,
L llUloiVopk of extracts, from proml-
tt mtWMl authorities exUiIllnc- nvrv
tradtwat -contained In Dr. Pierce's
Men Mssm&I Dlsenvprv will )v mniin,
,re to astraddress on request by postal
ra otmhv. Auaress Dr. U. V. Pierce.
Buffalo, ;
I 'Many! of active practice convinced
i Dr. Fioree af tho value of many native
roots m Miiwainal agents and ho went to
prfwi Ms own i
rtdorfiMr jfem botl
Ok, aJflvfllve and
Tenia MAtfmaAtio rv
ll OSTS 1PHBBssw !-"
VMettseej meaavcry" Is duo both to Its
own peculiar DroccssfM for
rotsdesriawtjtiMB both efllclent and safe for
took, sifojnfltvo and rebuilding agents.'
us popularity oi "Uoldcn
great wmm, both In timo and in money,
I'setajMemoMsnoundlng and to tho actual
i araawnw vsiue oi lis ingredients. Tho
I pubtleatfon of tho names of the ingraif
"fHr on the wrapper of oery bottle sold,
J gives fulaeeuranco of Its non-alcoholic
!, character aod removes all objection to
i the use of an unknown or socret remedy.
, It is not a patent medicine nor a socret
S one either. This fact puts it in a class
allbwitoelf, bearing as it doea upon evory
i bottle wrapper Tho Badge of lloaesty, in
i the lulllhiof Its ingredients,
i The nJoMtas Medical Discovery "cures,
ijwealc stoat; Indigestion, or dyspepsia.
torpid liver aad biliousness, ulceration of
J Stomach aad Bowles and all catarrhal af
ffeetkns ae Matter what parts or organs
d aareatea wun it. ur. Pierce's
.Pellets aro tho original llttlo
KiMpttput up 40 years ago. They
4M itivlcorate. stomach, liver
Is. Much Imitated but novor
wwar-coated and oasy to take
.One to three a dose.
If . iiOHr
A Matter of Law.
fawas killed by a man who
him and shot him an the
the head, Mitchell, .the mur-
has sisters who wero ruined' bv
Ceel. fret believing that there
was a law in tho land to meto out full
aui, heook justice In his own
bane and ended the career of a brute.
AsUfall law.-ahidinjr citizens, notwith
standing general opinion, deploro the
fact that our courts and tho laws of
the land aro ignored in such cases.
.Many who ask for the freedom of
Mitchell are among those who condemn
faa lynching. in the South of far worse
brutes thaB.Crcfliehl. Woodburn Inde
pendent. A coarse, leathery complexion 'mado
anbeautiful by eruptions calls for a
general (reform In living. Tho diot
should be plenty of Holllster's Rocky
JToaataia To', '35 cents, Tea or Tab
led. Dr.vtVs drug store.
-Ceafereaco at Tho Dalles.
Ait' 8:30 yesterday morning tho an
jmildistriet ;conferonco of The Dallen
district Methodist church began its
regular busiasaa .sessions at the Meth
odist church. Tho devotional service
was ladi by tho presiding elder, He v.
"Walter Stypworth, assisted by Rev. W.
C. Eva, of Hood River, and Rev.
Robert Wawwr, of this city.
It wa.,eainly a fellowship meet
ijf, tus U)YJHen vrho have been devot
ing their tfftMt? for soveral months to
thIr pasteratwork without interrup
tion. aMe togsthcr in the sacramental
serylce. Br Skipworth conducted it
ia. his iHMiliMpre?slvo manner.
y- n i m . .. I. ..
One-Half the States Elect
New Rnlers This Year
Tho terms of 29 governors expire
this year or early in 1S07, and their
successors must bo chosen before the
end of the year. Tho Philadelphia
Public Ledger says: Oregon will elect
a successor to George E. Chamborlalu
on Juno 4. The Arkansas stato election
will be held on September 1, Vermont's
on September 4, Mnino's on September
10, Oeorginr'a on October 3 and Ken
tucky's" on November 5. Tho other
states choosing state oflicers will elect
them on November 0, at thg same time
representatives in congress aro chosen.
Tho atates that elect governors this
year, with the. nnmo of tho retiring ex
ecutives are: Alabama, W. D. Jenks,
democratic; Arkansas, Jefferson Davis,
democrnt; California, G. C. Pardee,
democrat; Colorada, J. F. McDonald,
republican; Connecticut. Henry Rb
erts, republican; Georgia, J. M. Ter
rell, democrat; Idaho, F. R. Gooding,
republican; Kansas, E. "V. Hock, repub
lican; Kentucky, J. C. "V. Beckmnn,
democrat; Maine, William T. Cobb, re
publican; Massachusetts, Curtis Guild,
Jr., republican; Minnesota, J. A. John
son, democrat; Nebraska J. II. Mickey,
republican; Novada, John Spark", dem
ocrat; New Hampshire, John McLanc,
republican; New York, F. W. Higgins,
republican; North Dakota.E.V. Searles
republican; Oregon, George E. Cham
berlain, democrnt; Pennsylvania, S. V.
Ponnypacker, republican; Rhode Island,
George II. Utter, republican; South
Carolina, S. II. Elrod, republican; Ton
nesseo, John I. Cox, domocrnt; Texas,
S. W. Lanham, democrat; "Vermont,
Charles J. Bell, republican; Wisconsin,
J. O. Davidson, republican;. Wyoming,
B. B. Brooks, republican."
Fortunato Missourlans.
"Whoa I was a druggist at Livonia,
Mo.," writes T. J. Dwycr, now of
Grayaville, Mo., "three of my custom
era wero permanently cured of con
sumption by Dr. King's Now Discovery
and ore well and strong today. One
was trying to sell his proporty and
movo to Arizona, but after using Dr
King's New Discovery a short timo ho
found it unnecessary to do so. I re
gard Dr. King's Now Discovery as the
most wonderful modicino in existence."
Surest cough and cold euro and throol
and lung hoalor. Guaranteed by J. 0.
Parry, druggist. 60c and $1. Trial hot
tlo free.
Por Sale Gnvel nndi cemoat business.
at Na 500 North Capital street, Sa
ln. a-16-2w
Soft White
A dellcloai combination of ,,J0-MuleTtm'
Borax and pure white Toilet Soap. A bath
and toilet luiury. Delicately perfumed with
odor of fresh Vlolett, its me in the bath or
bowl produces a foamy liquid of cxqulalte fra
ertnee, treatlni the akin medicinally while Im
parting a deUshUully cool and cleanly edect.
Especially adapted for Baby's Batti(
being absolutely purs
All dealer. S3 cents. Free sample for top)
of one-pound carton tO-Mule-Team Doras
and dealer's name. Send for Illustrated book-,
letHUorax In the Home." Address PACIFIC
COAST BORAX CO, San Francisco, Cal.
Hopl Indians First American Weavers.
Tho Hopi were tho original weaver
of tho southwest and taught the Nava
jo tho craft that hns mado him famous
"her," rather, for it's tho Navajo
women who do their weaving, tho men
devoting their timo and energies to
ward the business end, disposing of
the wemen: 'h products at tho trading
20 - Mule - Team Borax
Cleans without Injury the most delicate fab
rics, as well as kitchen utensils, wood-work,
sliver, china, ols ware, linen (table, bed and
personal), blankets, woolens, silks, and all
household articles. It Is of the highest valus
In the toilet, bath and nursery, and Is a harm
less disinfectant. All dealers.
New Address: Bacon Building, Oakland
For Sals, DoLaval separator, aearly
new. Bought for $00, will sell for
f SO cash. Inqulro of A. W. Nusosa,
Gervats, Bouto 2, or phone Farm 69.
For Sale. A two-story, six-room houts
new, in Englewood, with two lots.
barn, well and fenced. A bargain to
a quick buyor. W. H. Dalrymple, T,
O. box 242, Salem.
For Sale. Two Guinea fowls, $1.50
Inqulro of Mrs. J. A. Bishop, "Ding
ley Dell," South Salem. 5-24-3t
For Sale. Young driving mare. Will
bo at Low's stable Saturday. May
Farm for Salo S3 acres of tho best land
in Marlon county, lVt miles from Sa
lem, 30 acres in cultivation, 1 aoro in
strawberries; largo new house and
barn. A bargain at $50 per acre,
Inquiro at this office. 0-14-llt
For Sale partial sot of Oregon Sit'
premo Court Itoports, 1 to 34 vol
times inclusive Inqulro of Grant
Corboy, attorney at law, Salem, Ore
gon. 5-22-lwk
j h
Xfc Kind You Havo Always Bought, and which lias licca.
. to jape for over 30 years, has borno tho signature of
Jlf and lias been mado under his pcr-
JPssj4?-?-'. sonal sapervlslou since Its Infancy.
yjplf&ye 6CCZ Allow no one to decoivo yon in this.
r Counterfeits, Imitations and' Just-as-good" ar bub
lents that trlflo with and endanger tho heeit of
and Children Expurlcnco against JOxpwiamU
Is a harmless substitute for Caster Oil, Fare-
Drops ud Soothing Syrups. It Is Pleasant. Ifc
neither Opium, SCerphine nor other Narcotic
see. its ago is its guarantee, it uestroys werss
sVHays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and "Wind
k It relieves Teething Troubles, euros Coaetlpatioii
FlutulcBcy. It assimilates tho Food, regulates the
jMMHfsch and Bowels, git1ag healthy and natural sleep
.'sHhsl fVtillilnui'A Tuncoa. .T'lin Motliar'st F'rlAtul.
2trs tk liyiiHture of
, i".
t- aa
1 MshHII
posts. Very few specimens of tho
liopl's exquisite work reach civiliza
tion, for nearly everything thoy mako
is for their own use. Tho womon of
tho trlbo aro jnost consorvntlvo nnJ
adhcro to tho native dress woven in
ono piece, folded, laced togothor with
colored yarns and belted in with a long
woven sash of bright bluo. It is blaek,
a diagonal weave, with a ton inch bor
der nt top and bottom of dark Uluo in
an. embossed diamond pattern. This
Is caught over the right shoulder, leav
ing tho left bare, and they generally
wear a mantlo of n smaller blanket, or
of calico, caught over tho loft shoul
der and' flowing free behind. With1
this arrangement of costumo and their
own odd mot hod of hair dressing it
would bo n long trip to find) anything
inoro plcturosquo than n group of wo
men and girls gathered for their daily
trading boo and "mothers' meeting"
on a kiva roof, or on a houso terrace,
weaving their bright colored trays
and lunchjng, or particularly on the
houso tops, viewing a "dance" in the
plaza,' when eneh ono wears her best.
At such times tho unmarried girls are
supposed to retiro modestly to their
homes beforo tho closo of tho cero
mony that they may not havo to mingle
with tho dispersing crowd. From Hopi
Indians, Gentle Folk, by Louis Akin
in The Craftsman for June.
For Salo, Now light nod tisavy spring
wagons, carriages, carts, new and old
buggies, buckboarda and ono deliv
ery wagon, at the Salem Carriage and
Wagon Factory. W. Fennel, prop.,
801 to 805, North Liberty street.
For Bent. Furnished and unfurnished
rooms at 790 North Commercial
street. M. A. Dice, prop. B-l-tf
Wanted. Branch managers wanted, $20
cash wcokly. Livo at homo. Experi
ence unnecessary. Aluminum Ilang
or Company, Chatflold, Minn. 5-14'lm
IsJssb Irea Wsska fccasasra, aaaehui
kfa aad blaekaWths. Mamtfaehireta
of all kinds of smwmlll HMahiaerr.
Sop and fruit drying, sWreo, ek.
MsmufaetBrers of tho Balsa Iron
Works Hop Frees. ll-M-la
f . . ;
' , , 5TaO?ATSS. '
I W W II w
WaaW, Ttwk), geo, Oseka, aUek
easb prica ptid tn suae. Capita
OomsaiacioB Ootnpasy, 267 Oomaww
eial street. Telp)w 17.
Hotel Sefttt Mswly funUA4, srery.
thing oMaa aa srst ohus. KessMi
at rassosasle prteec, la Oatthi
block. Sales. A, Beetr, pros. ?-4t
At Your Stepmother's Sb sab statist
clean or dye Utess, aad mt yea a
now suit, press and rapatr, rolls.
furnish buttons. Ta most delicate
fabrlce can be cleaned by ker dry
cleaning method without injury. It
does not shrink or chanjs Its color,
It la next to The Journal Bee, 231,
Commercial street.
Dr. W. Ifc.Miawier. Oiaeeate i
t11(l Mo.. .( faa4r"
Mthy. bm M-M nyaa Iskfk,
Csaamarssal St -pksae lt. BtK
denes els N. 8ar st- is si
iTSftM aeMi,ajMi fcroae etswae
JSzanUaatUM Set. . -, . - v ?
i .i
Dr. B. K White. Onfeate ef KMkaw
Tilel, JJo nadsr fseader of osej
pAthy. Xoosa SI Sreymaa bMslg
Csauaereisi at- Awm 87. BtaliaiBi
B9 Stats, ear. Qharsk, Am 11N.
Treats at . ekrsale aase&i
EwsjIsaUom tree. v
sash, dwa, molding. AH laVaes ek
hoasa finish iU kaHw4, wwAt.
Froat ttrett bstweea Siata art Oasef
vana' Barter SOB.ETerytalBg new;
and up to date. Finest poreelaia
baths. Shaving, IDs, flsireutting 85c
baths 25 First alaaa beotblaeks.
C. W. Bts-hs, Prapriaier
anraio STUDIOS.
Mtssto Stadia. Frank B. OhurekUL
Musical Studio. Aasociata teaoher
Wsstara Oonaerratory, Chisago, M.,
represeaiiBg Inter-Stats Bystea at
Salem, Oregon. Ia the Qray block,
room S. Studio hours 9 to IS and S
to S. 8-l-tf
Wanted. Gentlo family driving horso,
about 1100 pounds. Dark color; rea
sonable. No. COO North High atrot,
Lost. Two canury birds, ono a bright
yellow, tho other black and yellow.
Finder will bo paid to roturn .thorn
to Mrs. Z. F. Moody, corner of Court
and Winter streets. 5-24 3t
read Bara. tjpscka attention te tra
cient teams. Farasra' patron sga ae
Hcited. Waiting rooma far ladles.
Ws also carry a. fall Has f feod,
Loeated at Oub Stablea, corner Llb
etty andjFsrry'atraela. Fhaealeak.
7. Prunk A Darby. 12-14-6m
Ills Candidate.
(Harper's Weekly.)
District Attorney Jerome tolls of a
certain citizen whom he oneountenM
on the last presidential election do.
Conversation was romewhnt hamperel
by the fact that the oltizon's vornbn
larv was limited to nbout 85 wr 1
"Who" and "what" wore evident!
one to him as yet, but ho made himself
clear on one point.
"How long havo you boon In tin
ouutr f" he wns asked.
"Ah bane one mouth,' ho answer
"Are jou going to votef"
"Whom aro yo'u going to vote t rl"
"Ah bane goln' to vote fpr tan l
lari," wa the self-satriflejl respond
Now Haven, Conn., Juno 3 and 0, 1000.
For this occasion tho Southern Pacific
Company will sell round-t,ip tickets to
New Haven, Conn., for $02,75. Bale
dates May 24, 25 and 20, limit going,
funo 0; tinnl return limit, August 31,
1000. For particulars call on agents.
tf General Passenger Agent.
tj O. B. & N TTJdB SAVEK. ,
Chicago 17 DTours Nearer via This Pop.
ular Columbia Biver Route.
Franklin was Ight when ho ald:'
"Lost ime Is nsver found again."
Tho O. It. la N., In addition to giving
you 200 miles nlong tho matchloss Co
lumbia river, saves ou 17 hours ta
. , w -
Foresters of AMsr&a-Oewt Shsrweaf
For osiers, No. 19. Meek Taesday hi
Hurst hall, SUU stress. V. BSMiti,
O. B. A. L. Brewa, P. 8. ? j
Oeatral Le4e Me. IS, X. ef Pr Oaasae
Hall ia Heknaa block, eernar SWsii
1 and Liberty ssrsetfl. Tuesday at el
week at 7:90 p. n. J, 0. Qraheaa,
O,, W. L Stalsy, SL e B. ead ,$
Madera Weedaaea ef Aaaartaa. Qa.
gw Cedar Cap, Ne. $U4. Maefl
every Thursday arselag at 8 a'eleali,
Hohnan nsii. W, W.
F. A. Turnw; Clerk.
3 tl
HU1,.V. tt
Weodnua of World.-Meet evory Fri
day night at 7t30, in Rehnaa Hall.
A. J. Bseey, a O. P. TJ. feeek,
dark. 1-18-lf
Dr. B. J. YeEBg Veterinary nrgee
and dentist, 33 years' expert.
All work guaraataed, Difficult eergiea)
operations a eelalty. Phena 0M.
Onioo at Club Stables. Pheaa 7,
Iem, Oregon. S-B-W
J, P. Veatsh, contractor andi buUdea
of cement walks. Septlo aawer iaaha,
fmiadatione ami floors. SS8 .Marswt
t'cet . .. .s.if .
. . . , r fTi '" r-.iarf
vuioago, it is.tBS ,
Short Hue to Lowltton.
I J.
mm -swwsafr'WSSylNrfVXrjssxnpAL-
Irrigated Farming Laade 25,000 Vrer
of cholco farming land, which wlaji
bo under tho United States govern?
mont dltchea on Lost River Valtef
In. Klamath eountj, Oregon, to bait
sol on easy torme; 1Q to Mjpr
acre. 'Wrltiss for a'prlatil'deacrlp.
tive price niJ. Butler AOo., and
bgonls, Bonnura, Klamatu Co., Ore"
Ron. B-18.tf.dw . I
Some qf Our SargHna.TOn4 ,mw,(i
room' cottage, modern, onlr- e'lMOs?
Good, now 6-room house and two lotalf
Short line to tho Palouso country, fiOn'y 850. Furnlturo and fixtures 111
Short line to Spokano, ' llrgo rooming houso vory cheap, ThU
uiiuii, jiuo io mo woeur u'Aieno coun
Short line to Salt Lake City,
Bursts mlmwwMtmfc
Kind You Hare Always Bought
,uv in u& Frir Ovftr 30 Year.
p Vtm aaswaos aaaswsiisv it iwum wwt. turn ? swA
And Four Brass Bands Woflhnrn
Takes tho Bun.
Tnero will he a great big time In
Woodburn next Sunday. The principal
features will bo a rattling ball gme
that will warm the hearts of the fast
and a band tournament. It will also
bo the first gamo on the Cow hill
groundu When, Woodburn 'and SdvfTj
ton played not long ago the sore was
7to 7 at the end of tho 12th Inning. It
is now proposed to play a game to de
cide the other tie gamo. Both slds
are preparing for a battle roytl, and
there will bo wins pretty playing by
two strong teams. There will sUo be
plenty of music. The Silverton, Aurora
and Woodburn bands will participate,
and probably the, Mt. Angel baqd will
also be here, It will be a great day.
Among the excursions will be a big one
from Bilverton. An Immense crowd i
expected. All the surrounding towns
and eoaatrysids will be well repre-
Short line to D'aaVor.af S
Short lino (olCaaeas'Oity, '' I
Short line to Omaha,
-Short lino to Chicago,
Short line to all 'points L'ast.'(
Threo trains daily, fi;ltr s, ra., fijlC
p, m. and 015 p, m. The "Chicago
Portland Special" Js, as fine as the
flnesj. lively cemfojCof bom?.4
:For particulars ak any agent 'of the
Sipthom raeiflc company, or write
A. L. CltAIO,
General Pasmgr Agent, P,ortlandrOr.
property must be sold. If you wans
to buy, sea us. Wo havo tho goods!
If von wnnt in nll II. u. ........
. i - .!., .. ui l"";
forty with usJ Wotsall jt. Swegle aV
phono '45; No. 4W Btatt.l
iFor wter servleo apply at odsco.J
Mllf' payable monthly la . RlWs.. j
Mdko all complaints at the office
You'll seodi them on the now house
or for repairs. Wo eim supply you
with the best quality of lumber of all
kinds. Don't forget to get our figures.
Pboao 62.
M. S. Gile & Co.
Wbolesalo lercfaants and Dealers in
Wo Lave largo supplies of berry
boxes, both tin top and foldlsg, also
crates. Get your supplies here. W
bey butter, sg, poultry, ptedase, t.
' For IafeaU as CklWeaa.
Tin Kind You m Always Hwfiht
Boars tho
Stgaatare of
I' HAVE just
1 rcceiv.ed si
fine assortment
of Commence
ment Announce
ments. You are
invited to call
and look tliem
oyer, ......
lsBA srnfnBsj srvWsHsrw
g,a.esU B-l
Fsaesew safWssrVVsV
Gold Dost .Ftitfa I
Made fey'TH 8I0NCY rOW.
tn .COMPANY, Sldaey Ore
goa. Made for family cue. Aak
your grecer for it. Bran and
ftWerk. always Mthaad. r
P. B. Wallace
Then ItwUipay you jlo shop aHhe A
best market 'fa Salem. Everytblng7Wt ' '
want at tbo right price and ym ereer
delivered ia time for dlaaor.
Pay oeafc.
rtmasac '
-..-, '
;iJ&.X4JWiW '
-, MlniU.

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