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W Orange Sherfcett
L- T ncranberrv Sherberh
)tst Ice Cream,
r . T. ffoam Soda.
K?rirmrif '
Ire more popular than ever
je Just the things to satisfy
Salwn'a Loading Grocers.
Confectioners and Bakers.
50-460 State St. Phonos 182-187
eam direcr. irom me oairy
ii oar freezer makes perfect
o cream.
By Special Request
fhe Beautiful 4 Act Comedy
The Country Girl
Tonight and Remainder
of Week
Big Prize Given Away at
latinee Saturday 2:30 P. M.
iatinee Prices; Any Seat 1 0c.
Another Big Prize Given
Away Sunday Night,
wm n 1 1 it 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
I Articles of Inoorporatloti J.
t Granted Enterprises Backed I
T bv Orotron Capital.
il 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 II HI 1 1
The following articles of Incorpo-
tions were filed this morning In the
office of the secretary of state:
The Dorrnnco Lumber Company,
jofNewberg; capital stock, $5,000;
Incorporators, D. W. Dorranco, R.
L. David, M. H. David.
Portland and Sandy River Elec
tric Company, of Portland; capital
stock, $100,000; Incorporators, M.
F. Donohoo, Dan J. Malarkey, Char
lotte Ohle.
The Iron Dyke Copper Company,
Incorporated under th laws of Penn
sylvania, with a capital stock of
$500,000, filed a declaration of in
tention to do a general mining bus
iness nt Homestead, Baker county,
Oregon. A power of attorney was
given to Frank E. Pearco to manage
the business in Oregon.
That was a very nrotti thunder
shower this morning.
To bo In season Tho Capital Jour
nal has a new summer dress.
At Snlem launch parties are tho
rage. The pleasures of tho river
are dawning on our young people.
A few more poor devils convicted
of timber land frauds, while tho
great corporations steal their mil
lions of acres.
Those bova who cot un West Sa
lem park call it Riverside park,
toys are tho right stuff. They can
do things without a government ap
propriation. '
Wo look for a statement In tho
Harriman time cards of the" future
Hko this: "Tho population of Salem
la not 5000 as nubllshed heretofore,
but nearer 20,000."
The city of Eugene, without a mllo
f street car track, is advertised in
the Harlrman folders as having 6000
Population, while Salem, with about
sloven mileo of electric road, Is set
down at 50001
Tho newest Harriman advertising
bok, 'Oregon, Washington and Ida
ho, and their resources, 1906," gives
Salem a population of 14,000.' That
Is more nearly right than 5000 as
Slven In the blue folders.
Speclnl Meeting at Y. M. O. A.
Mr. Charles E. Dodge, of Massa
chusetts, will conduct a special gos
pel service for men at tho Y. M. O.
A tomorrow (Sunday) at 3:30 p.
Mr. Dodge is at present on, his
ay to China as a missionary. He
h&s been actlvo as a Bible expositor,
Preacher and evangelist for eight or
n'ne years. His thomo Sunday after
noon win be "The Gospel According
o John," AH men aro most cor
ai-Hy Invited to attend this service.
Hiram Mann, of Macleay Is In the
Professor Charles O. Boyer is in
Portland today.
Mrs. E. M. Crnlnnn l.no
Newport for a visit.
Mrs. W.- E. Miller returned from
Portland last evening.
Attorney Webster Holmes is in
Portland on business.
W. L. Jones, of Jefferson, Is trans
acting business here.
Henry J. Ottenhelmer, tho
man, Is in Portland today,
Miss Martha Winn, of Beuna Vlsta
is visiting friends in this city.
Alox. Daue, wife and baby have
gone to Newport for a few days.
Gegrgo Dorcas, of Portland, Is
hero looking over tho hop situation.
Superintendent of tho Prison C.
W. James, went to Portland this
Rev. A. R. Laudy, presiding elder
of tho U. B. church, left today for
Alden Marren was among
Portland-bound passengers on
morning local.
Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Sroat and lit
tle daughter, have gone to Newport
for a brief visit. .
Mr. and Mrs. Myron Stono and
Mrs. E. W. Stahl nro camping at
"Camp Willamette."
Contractor Young and nice, Miss
Caroline Cadwell, have gone to New
port for a few weeks.
T. B. Jones, the Mission Bottom
farmer, wns a northbound passenger
on the morning local.
Morris Schwartzchlld, tho Eu
gene bookseller, was In Salem the
past few days on business.
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Joshson wero
guests of Dr. and Mrs. W. R. Allln
at Independence part of tho past
W. V. Wiley, of Hlllsboro, went
home today. He was here ou busi
ness connected with the state fair
Ben Cook, tho Portland real es
tate man, came up today to locate
an Eastern man on somo property
near Salem.
Dr. T. C. Smith, Jr., was a Newport-bound
passenger this morning,
to remain over Sunday at tho beach
with his family.
Fred Legg, the architect, has gone
to Newport to spend Sunday with his
family who have been camping there
for several weeks.
Mrs. J. C. Perry left this morning
for Albany to visit friends. Mr. Per
ry will Join her tomorrow, and they
will go to Newport.
Miss Lena Mclntlro left this after
noon tor Fortianu, wnero sue will
join a party of friends and spend the
day on the Columbia.
James Lamblrth and wife, former
superintendent of tho electric light
works here, are visiting Mrs. Lam
blrth's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Professor J. T. Matthews went to
Newberg today. Ho will occupy tho
pulpit of the Methodist church there
Sunday at both morning and evening
Miss Vera Byars, who has been In
Maderla, Cal., tho guest of her
brother, Dr. Alfred Byars, has re
turned affor an enjoyable visit of
seven weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Boise and son,
Breyman, and .Miss Mae Bolso have
" "
Heart Beat
Forces about 8 ounces of blood
out of the heart, and sends it
coursing through the veins to
the remotest part of the body.
This is the amount required by
nature to nourish and sustain
your body. Every ounce less
than this means a shortage in
nature's supply of building-up
material. A weak heart cannot
meet this demand, and conse
quently you suffer. If your
heart skips a beat, or flutters,
palpitates, pains you, or you
have shortness of breath, you
may be sure that the heart is
working imperfectly.
Dr. Miles' Heart Cure will
strengthen the heart muscles
1t SSTSn a rmt sufferer for
1K vaaro At the time I commenced
.JfJUrtr iillea' Heart Cure I had
taking Dr. JleA v bed for four
durtnk which my Wt would -m
altogether nve "'"fiot baUru and)
suss Pvh ot mr
.Sff-ftft fSST-lS
Facts Concerning Educational
Matters Presented in
County School Superin
tendent's Report
Professor E. T. Moores, county
superintendent of schools, has com
pleted his annual report which con
tains much interesting Information
concerning things educational in
Marlon county. Among other things
tho report shows that there are
10,334 persons of school age, that
Is, between tho ages of 4 and 20, of
whom 5165 are females and 5169
aro males. Tho number of these,
not attending, are 2845. A year ago
with a total enrollment of 10,210 of
school age, 3506 wero not attending
school. There are 222 teachers em
ployed In the county, 43 males and
179 females. Sixty-three tenchers
hold Btate certificates; 68 have first,
50 have second, and 50 have third
yenr certificates, and 2S Just primary
papers. During tho year there have
been 131 applications for teachers'
certificates 10 males and 121 fe
males. It is also shown that there are
19,518 voters for school purposes
and that there aro 123 school houses.
Seven new school houses wero built
during tho year and there aro IIS
orgnnlzed school districts.
Superintendent Moores has visit
ed all, and has held four local insti
tutes. The total appropriations for
educational purposes have been
$173,797.74, and the total disburse
ments $152,947.45, leaving a bal
ance of $20,S50.29 In tho treasury.
The average monthly wages for
male teachers Is $58.03 and for fe
male teachers $40.22.
The estimated value of school
houses and grounds Is $260,743.95;
of the school furniture and appa
ratus $38,497.50, and tho insurance
carried on school houses and other
property Is $128,562.
The number of teachers employed
In private schools Is 47, and the
number of pupils enrolled Is 564',
and the number of private schools
is 6.
returned from an enjoyable trip to
Alaska and Puget Sound cities. Miss
Boise will remain In Portlnnd to
Among the Jefferson people In tho
city the past week were: R. P.
Myers, C. M. Smith, Mr. and Mrs.
J. A. Aupperle, G. B. Hoyt, Guy Ro
land, Mrs. C. Clodfelter, Miss Maude
Moon, and Mr. and Mrs. Marlon
G. M. Parmnn, a young attorney
of Condon, wns hero yesterday visit
ing friends. He took his law course
hero at tho Oregon law school. Ho
Is optimistic concerning tho growth
of Condon as one of the metropolises
of Eastern Oregon, and Is enjoying a
fine practice in that locality.
Dr. W. W. Allen, of Jefferson, has
purchased Dr. W. C. Hawk's prac
tice of medicine at that placo. Dr.
Allen Is a graduate of tho Willamette
Law School, and has boon In Jeffer
son for somo time past, whero ho
has gained In popularity. Dr. Hawk
has grown old In tho sorvlce, and
wlshos to retire.
When You Want Harness.
Call on P. E. Shafot, at bis new
store, 187 Commercial street, near
Ferry. The finest stock of harross in
Concert nnd Launch Hide to WIN
laiutto Park Sunday Evening.
Music lovers will no doubt take
advantago of tho opportunity to
hear a fine musical program, and
enjoy a pleasant launch ride Sunday
Tho Maples (Wlllametto Park)
has been Improved during tho past
week, and a good orchestra has been
employed, and an enjoyable evening
Is assured. Tho following excellent
program will bo rendered:
March Semper Fidelias Sousa
Overture Concert Scones.. Kelsler
Waltz Souvonlr ..Do Baden Baden
Overture Siege of Paris ....Ripley
Euphonium solo Selected
March Amlzltia Chambers
Overture San Soucl
March Chicago Tribunes Chambers
jSk. m If C3 SS. S -A.
, Mi Kind Yea Hw Wjs tatfl
Albany Herald Gets Them.
Judgo and Mrs. George H. Bur
nett and Mr. and Mrs. George G.
Brown, of Salem, arrived on the
noon train yesterday, nnd left for
Cascadla for a month's outing at
that popular resort. They will Join
the Salem colony there, and aro but
the forerunners of a larger company
going to tho mountains In a few days
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Carlson, of
Salem, spent a portion of, yesterday
In this city on a visit with friends
They wero on their way home from
Sodavllle, whero they enjoyed tho
past two weeks at the soda springs.
Mr. Carlson pronounced that placo
one of the most plensant summer re
sorts he had visited In Oregon.
Miss Kittle Moore, of Salem,
daughter of Justice Moore, of tho su
premo court, wns In tho city yester
day noon, and loft on tho bay train
for Newport for n couple of weeks'
D. H. James, tho Salem furniture
Uoalor, came up yesterday for a short
business stay In Albany.
W. R. McAlvln, of Salem, came
up yesterday for a business visit in
this city. Albany Herald.
"Xlin Country Girl."
Another good-sized nudlenco gath
ered at the Edison theatre last night
to witness tho fine performance of
"Tho Country Girl." This popular
play will bo presented tonight nnd
tomorrow night for tho last times,
as 'tho Edison will not bo opened
again until tho fall season In Sep
tember. Then tho Brlgham-Cooper
Company will roturn to Salem, en
larged and with new scenery, and
will probably play at this theatre
during tho winter, presenting thor
oughly high-class plays with special
stage equipment for nearly ovory
production. Those who wish to see
"Tho Country Girl" must romomber
that there aro to bo but two moro
performances, tomorrow night's be
ing tho last. Coupons with numbers
on them have been given out during
tho week, and these numbers entitle
the holders to a chanco on a valu
able prize, which Is to bo given away
Sunday night Immediately after the
Working on the Swimming Peel.
It will be a comparatively short
tlmo until tho Y. M. C. A. swimming
pool is completed. Work hns begun
In earnest, and tho oxcavatlon for
the pool has been completed. Car-
'penters aro busy today setting tho
framework for tho building of tho
comont walls. When finished tho
pool will be 39x18 feet and have a
slant depth of 8i fee at ono end
three feet at tho other. Adjoining
on tho west sldo will bo a room con
taining 100 well-appointed lockers,
and threo new shower baths will bo
constructed. During tho last part of
September tho Y. M. C. A. night class
es will bo resumed.
Teachers' Examinations.
Notlco Is hereby given that tho
county superintendent of Marlon
county, Oregon, will hold tho regu
lar examination of applicants for
state and county papers at tho Meth
odist church, beginning Wednesday,
August 8, 1906, at 9 o'clock a. ni.,
and continue until Saturday, August
11th, at 4 o'clock p. m.
County School Superintendent
S? m KM Yw Ha w fo$t
28, 1000.
Two Piece Suits
If you have an eye to
Swell Summer Suit you
advantage of the values
Two Piece Suits.
. Special Price
We have just a few of the Children's Wash
Suits left. They are the best and coolest
clothes for children to wear during these hot
Summer days.
Special Price 65c
Salem Woolen Mill Store
Hendricks of Wheeler County
is On Trial Now.and
Who Next?
The trlal'of Hamilton H. Hon
drlcks, ex-Unltcd States commission
er, lawyer, president of tho Butto
Creek Land, Livestock & Lumbor
Company, and prominent citizen of
Fossil, Wheeler county, for suborna
tion of perjury of witnesses began
boforo Judgo William H. Hunt In
tho federal court yestorday.
Tho entire forenoon was occupied
In empaneling a jury, and It was
noon when tho last man took. his soat
In tho Jury box. Judgo A. S. Bonnott,
of Tho Dalles, represented Hendricks
and United States Attorney Bristol
represented tho govornmont.
Six men wero excused during tho
examination of Jurors, threo by tho
government, two by thodofonso and
ono for cause.. JJrlco Wilson, of
Washington county; J. A. Hattou, of
Clackamas, and Arthur A. Harris, of
Portland, wore peremptorily oxcusod
by District Attornoy Bristol. Harris,
It was bolloved, was too woll ac
quainted and too closoly connected
by business relntlons with ox-Senator
Winlock W. Stelwer, who la a de
fendant In anothor caBo in which
Hendricks Is also Indicted, and who
Is also a friend of Hendricks. Eman
uel S. Brubnkor, of Mount Tabor,
was excused for cuuso, on tho ground
that ho Is In tho employ of tho gov
ernment as superintendent of tho
postal station nt that placo. Taking
testimony began In tho afternoon.
Hendricks Is being tried for su
borning George W. Hawks and Clydo
Brown to commit porjury when sum
moned boforo tho United Stntcs cir
cuit court grand Jury In January,
1905. It is nlleged that Hawk and
Brown woro homestead applicants
for land In Wheeler county, nnd that
thoy wero taking up tho laud with a
vlow to transferring It to Clnrenco
B. Zachary, manager of tho Butto
Crock Land, Lumber & Livestock
Company, of which Hendricks was
In a enso undor Investigation by
tho grand Jury against Winlock W.
Stelwer, Hamilton II, Hendricks,
Clarenco B. "Zachary, Adelbort C.
Zachary, Charles A. Watson, Clydo
E, Glass, Blnger Hermann, John II.
Hall, Edwin Mays, Franklin Plorco
Mays, Clark E. Loom Is and Edward
D, Stratford for conspiracy to Ille
gally fenco government lands, Hawk
und Brown wero examined as wit
nesses, and it Is alleged that they
wero suborned by Hendricks to go
beforo tho grand Jury and swear that
Men Ate
I They Have Their Clothes Made By
Cleaning, Pressing and Repairing.
economy and want a
shouldn't fail to take
we are offering in our
$6 to 1 2.50
thoy woro taking up ho land for
thomsolves, when, nccordlug to the
govornmont theory of tho case, thoy
woro taking It up for tho purpose of
turning It over to tho company, up
on which to build a fenco to enclose
Government land.
Hendricks maintains a law offlco
at Fossil. Ho is a graduate ot the
University of Oregon.
Everything Shlp-Slmpo Today nt Dr.
Cnlbrrath'H Retreat.
With tho excoptlon of a few holes
through tho roof, through which tho
unfortunates may study astronomy,
everything Is In sptondld order "nt tho
Oregon lnsano asylum. Few marks
of tlio flro of yesterday aro In ovl
donco. Tho beds and carpets that
wero saturated with water, wero at
onco spread In tho sun and woro drjj
by night.
Tho Inmates occupied tho wards
In tho north wing last night as usu
al. Dr. Calbroath, superintendent of
tho institution, says that tho ropairs
mado necessary by tho flro, will bo
commenced ns soon as ho can pro
euro tho material, and ho Is of tho
opinion that tho damages will not
amount to moro than $5000.
How's TMs7
Wo oiTcr Ono Hundrod Dollars Re
ward for any cao of Catarrh that can
not bo cured by Ilnll's Catarrh Cute.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O.
Wo, tho undersigned, havo known F,
J. Chouoy for tho last fifteen years, and
bellevo him perfectly honorablo in all
buslnoss transactions, and financially
ablo -to carry out any obligations made
by his firm,
Wnldlng, Klnnan & Marvin,
Wholesalo Druggists, Toledo, O.
Ilnll's Catarrh Curo is takon intern
ally .acting dlroctly upon tho blood and
mucous surfacos of the system. Testi
monials sent freo. Prlco, 75c por bot
tle Sold by all druggists.
Take Hall 'a Family Pills for constl'
, Polk County Sawmill.
A now sawmill with a capacity of
20,000 foot of lumbor a day Is tho
latest addition to Polk county's rap
Idly growing list of manufacturing
Industries. Tho now firm Is known
as tho Oborer-Myor Lumbor Com
pany, und tho mill will bo located In
tho timber three mileB west of Falls
City. Tito proprietors aro both expe
rienced sawmill mon. E. A. Myers Is
a rosldent of Portland,' and F. J.
Oboror formorly owned and oporatod
tho Charter Oak sawmill la tho hills
south ot Monmouth.
Ooliig to Seo tho Mines.
A special car, chartered by tho J.
C. Loo Co., of Portland, wont through
on tho Shasta express today, carrying
u number of mining exports to boo
tho mines In Southern Orogon which
that company is selling stock for.
Col, Iko Manning, editor of tho Sa
lem Statosman Joined tho party hero.
Well Dressed 1

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