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P. M. AND 1:00 P. SI.
NO. 181.
lorer on Farm Kills Mother and Shoots
Three Small Children to Hide
More Vile Offense
Innonsburg, Pa., July 3a. Offl-1 rived in time to extinguish a blaze
hturned here this morning with that had been started in a bedroom.
r Dempster, a 19-year-old ne
cbarged with the murder last
of Mrs. Samuel Pearse and two
ren, and of shooting a third
Dempster was employed as a
er on the Pearse farm. He was
tat person seen about the scene
le tragedy.
blood stains were found on
! but the officers believe they
grounds for holding him. It
timed that the police have ob-
Id a confession. The police say
the negro told them that he was
itomed to abusing the 4-year-old
Jhter of Mrs. Pearse, and that
night she told her mother, and
the enraged woman tried to
; him. He wrested the revolver
her, and then killed her and
daughter, Margaret, aged four
the little son, Robert, aged
I, and then shot the infant son,
j In a cradle.
ten Samuel Pearse, a well-
la resident of Washington coun-
turned to his home from a drive
sight he found his wife and two
(ren dead and a third child dy-
Irom bullet wounds. Who fired
shots has not yet been learned.
rations point to robbery as the
i attempt had also been made to
Pre to the house, but Pearse' ar-
Mrs. Pearse, who was 25 years old,
had been shot through the breast;
Margaret, 5 years old, and Dwight,
11 months old, had been shot
through the head, while Robert, still
living, had a bullet through the
lungs. v
Narrowly Escaped from Lynching.
Washington, Pa., July 30. The
ofneers brought Dempster from Can
nonsburg this morning to prevent
lynching. A mob of 20 boarded the
train just outside of Cannonsburg,
dragged the officers and the prisoner
from the car. In the struggle the
officers were victorious, without kill
ing anyuony. inree Hundred men
met the party here and surrounded
the court house, crying "lynch him."
Radical Russian Appeal Says 'injunction Granted Restrain-
Country Is Divided Into
Two Irreconcilable Parts
(Four O'clock Edition.)
St. Petersburg, July 30. The full
text of the radicals' appeal to the
army and navy was made public
through underground sources. .It
denounced the emperor, and snys
Russia is divided Into two inimical
parts, a vast majority being peas
ants, workingmen, poor and op
pressed educated, best officers, and
soldiers, who see clearly, opposed to
these led by Trepoff. and associates.
Manchurian generals and dependents
upon the despotic government. It
calls for a general revolt.
! I 1 1 11 II I M I II I 1 I II 1 1 H 1 H-
Eluded All Detectives
And Then Surrendered. X
Patterson, N. J., July 30.
Ex-Mayor Belcher, who ab
sconded over a year ago with
$200, 000 ""funds of his friends,
and of firms with which he
was connected, and who has
been a fugitive since, returned
this morning and surrendered
to the jailer. The detectives
never found a trace of him.
linn mil iii mninim
Trcpoff Still Alive.
St. Petersburg, July 30. There is
no truth in the report that Trepoff
was assassinated. Solypln stll be
lieves the people will accept his plan
for Agrarian reform. He declares
the continued quiet is not ominous,
but indicative of the people's faith
in the government, despite the at
tempts of terrorists to cause an upheaval.
Harry Thaw's Mother Refuses
Spenk to Evelyn Nesbit.
(Four O'clock Edition.)
New York, July 30. Mrs. Wil
liam Thaw and Evelyn appeared at
Thaw's cell this morning. Doth
seemed in excellent health, refuting
the story that the older woman, had
suffered a nervous breakdown. The
conference was evidently exciting,
however. The younger woman hur
ried, noticenbly agitated, to the war
den's office, and upon a declaration
that the matter was of utmost im
portance, secured a suspension of the
prison rules, used the prison tele
phone, called up Hartridge and Aom
ara, who responded hastily, joining
the family conference In the cell
When the older woman left she
showed traces of tears, and wouldn't
speak to Evelyn when she passed her
In the office.
ing it From Interfering
With Lumber IBusiness
- (Four O'clock Edition.)
San Francisco, July 30. Judge
Morrow, of the circuit court, this
morning granted an injunction
against the sailors union, restrain
ing Its members from Interfering
with the business of the Hammond
Lumber Company. It is alleged that
the unton, in whose action the strike
wns called, was Injuring the busi
ness of the company. The decision
is expected to aid vessel owners in
their fight against the union.
By noon the men working on the
Sutter, McAllister, Hayes, Polk,
Halgh and Valencia lines had quit
work. Pickets were sent to San Ma
teo cojinty for the purpose of stop
ping recruiting there. This strike,
reinforcing the linemen, who were
holding out for better conditions,
completely paralyzed the rebuilding
of lfnefe on the streets named. Nearly
3000 laborers are idle, who are pre
pared to enforce their demands
against the Street Railway Com
Husband Has Been Arrested on Suspicion.
After Wrangling More Than Twenty-Four
Hours Brings in Verdict of
Tillamook, Or., July 30. After, ant unon the cnlllnc of tim nno.!nn,i
a deliberation of more than 24 hours man to the stand to testify In his
the jury which heard the testimony own behalf, his story belnc of the
occurrences on the morning of tho
"oring this sale there will be sweeping reductions made in every
hrtment. We need the room and will now start in to empty the
itos and make space for our fall stock which is now beginning to
pe daily. Thousands of articles throughout the store will be sold
pBt and in many cases much less than cost. It Is the volume of
'aess we are after and it looks as if wo are getting it In good
fPe. Read en:
anants of Dress
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Goods, all
aiants of Calicoes
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and Mus-
vorth of New Plaid Dress
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'PVflV BDAC Corner of Commer-'-
T K) I DitUd. cfal aad Court Streets
John I). Rockefeller
Grew Tnlkntivo.
(Four O'clock Edition.)
Tarrytown, N. Y July 30. A re
porter met Rockefeller driving
through his estate at Pocantico Hills
today. Rockefeller drew rein, shook
hands and said: "Glad to see you.
I remember you. Hope you enjoyed
the drive through the estate. I am
going to leave it open to tho public.
I used to do the same with my home
in Cleveland, but the city crept up,
and vandals overran it, and because
of a few ungrateful I had to close it
all, depriving deserving people of the
pleasure. The same 1b true in all
walks of life. Good newspaper men
suffer for the vandalism of tho un
scrupulous few. But I never despair
Some time the cruel things they say
hurt. I believe In the brotherhood
of men, and ara confident everything
will be right in the end. Take my
word, young man, you can always be
lieve in real men. Sorry I can't take
you to tho house for a long 'talk, but
I am hurried. I will make an inspec
tion of the place, and will take the
train for Cleveland at C:18 to
night." o
Took Letters Prom Trunk.
Pittsburg, July 30. Detective
Staub testified in the Hartje case this
morning that he obtained the letters
used as evidence in tho divorco trial
from Madine's trunk, at the time
Madlns reported to the police that
his trunk was located.
Other detectives corroborated De
tective Straubb'B story, and told of
1'collectlnc other evidence. The po-
(lice scattered an' angry crowd which
I awaited Straubb outside the court
room, to punish him for looting Ma
dine's trunk.
Chicago, July 30. The body of
Mrs. Ernestine Voss, 43 years old,
was found burned to a crisp In the
ruins of her home in the northwest
ern part of the city early this morn
ing. The circumstances of the case
have led the police to arrest her hus
band, John L. Voss, and he is being
held pending tho result of tho coro
ner's inquest.
A post-mortem examination of the
corpse revealed 13 small pellets of
metal In the body near the backbone.
The body was found in a summer
kitchen, nnd neighbors told the po
lice that when the fire broke out
Voss searched all other parts of the
house before directing his attention
to the outbuilding, which wns the
last part of the residence to take fire.
Voss is said to have asserted that
his wife was away from home nnd
in no danger from the flames. Neigh
bors told the police that the couple
had quarreled frequently over money
In the Hembree murder case Sun
day afternoon returned a verdict of
manslaughter against the defendant
Tho verdict of the jury comes as a
surprise, as it was generally expect
ed by this community nnd others who
have followed the developments of
the trial that tho accused would be
adjudged guilty of murder In the
first degree.
The testimony wns nil circumstan
tial, but was of such a nnturo ns to
lead to the belief that Hembree
would either receive tho heaviest
penalty of the law or that ho would
be acquitted. Hembree was given
the benefit of a doubt by several of
the jurymen, who were reluctant to
sentence their neighbor to death,
notwithstanding the hldeousness of
tho chnrgo against him.
The Jury retired Saturday and
Sunday afternoon it returned the ver
dict. Tho Jury wrangled all night,
and it Is said that it looked for a
time as though no understanding
could be arrived at by thoso who
composed the body. It was learned
that when the first ballot was taken
that nine stood for a verdict of mur
der In the first degree nnd three for
acquittal, and tho outcome Is what.U
known as a compromise verdict.
Tho crime with which Hembree
wnB charged, and for which ho was
found guilty of manslaughter, was
unusually revolting. Tho defend
ant wns charged with having mur
dered his wlfo nnd 16-year-old daugh
ter, whose bodies, It is alleged, he
tried to dispose of by cremation In
a stove. Finding that he could not
hide all traces of his Infamy, ho Is
alleged to have set fire to tho home
and spread the news thnt his wife
and daughter had been unable to es
cape from the flaming dwelling and
had met accidental death.
chase out crtxtjoes.
American Machinists Driven Out of
.Mexico by Native Railroad Men.
El Paso, Tex., July 30. Nine
American machinists arrived today
from Chihuahua, where they were
employed in the shops of tho Mexi
can Central railroad. Tho report Is
that they were forced to resign be
cause their l'ves were threatened by
Mexican machinists employed on the
same road. Seventy Mexican work
men quit last week, stating they
would not return to work unless giv
en the same wages as Americans.
fife nnd tho explanation that ill
health accounted for his seemingly
Indifferent attltudo toward tho fate
of his wlfo nnd daughter whon ho
arrived at tho Hoyt home. Nervous
when ho took tho stand Hembres
soon regained his outward calm a
mask ho has worn throughout tho
trial, covering completely tho emo
tions which have been tearing him
within tho Innormost recesses of his
heart to tho extent that ho Is hag
gard and pale desplto his apparent
Hembree TcIIh Story.
On tho night beforo tho trngody,
according to tho story of tho prison
er, his wife, daughter and himself
ate supper, then sat around tho kit
chen fire until 9:30 or 10 o'clock,
when they retired to their rooms on
the .second floor of tho house.
Everything wns soon quiet nnd
nothing unusual occurred until be
tween 1 and 2 o'clock tho noxt morn
ing when tho smell of smoko awak
ened him. Discovering thnt his
house was on firo Hombrco quickly
awnkened his wlfo and daughter and
they ran down stairs.
Seeing that no tlmo wns to bo lost
If tho house was to bo Bnved from
tho flnmes Hembree seized a largo
tub and calling to his wife to follow
ho rushed to tho crock. , Hombrco
and his wlfo attempted to carry tho
water back to tho house after tho
tub Jmd boon filled, but the weight
proved too much for Mrs. Hembree,
who Btiimblud and foil. Thero being
llttlo chance nt thnt tlmo of saving
the structure, tho members of tho
family begnn to work to rcscuo what
fow of their possessions they might.
Wumed Women of Danger.
Mrs. Hembree and Ora were in
structed by the accused man to carry
Borne things off tho porch while- ho
went around to tho kitchen to sccuro
some of tho most vnltiable articles
in that portion of the bluldlng. Ora
wanted to enter tho blazing houso
Overland Reported Wrecked.
(Four O'clock Edition.)
Salinas, Cal., July 30. It Is re
ported that the second section of the
overland train, No. 10, which loft San
Francisco last night, was wrecked
near Paso Robles at 10 o'clock this
No- one was injured. Tho train
was delayed 3d minutes.
Denver, Col., has started a cam
paign to secure the Democratic na
tional convention for 1908.
Will Call Off Strike.
Tacoma, July 30. J. O. Belger,
president of tho International Shingle
Weavers, arrived today. A confer
ence will be held tonight, when, it la
said, the strike of the weavers In this
state will be called off. Much dis
satisfaction exists among the weavers
over the strike Is admitted.
Sixteen Hundred
Go Out ou Strike.
; San Francleco, July 30. The
local Btret car situation was I
further complicated today,
when about 1C00 track layers
) and pavers struck for an eight- I
hour day, a wage of $2.60 for $
. laborers and 13.50 for pavers. J
They have been working ten
hours for 11.50 and $2.60, re-
! Bpectlvely.
Although the utrlke serious-. .
; ly hampers converting tho old
cable lines Into a trolley sys-; ;
' tem, still a largo force is em-
' ployed, which the union ex-', ',
pects to win over later.
tii i i 1 1 i ate i ii 1 1 a m i g 1 1
Locked Up at Midnight.
At midnight the Jury trying
Abram Hembree for tho murder of
his wife and daughter on December
28, 1905, wns locked up for tho
night, having failed to reach n ver- an(1 try t0 8avo hor trunk ut was
diet after having been out over nn ordered to stay on the outside by hor
hour. father who warned tho women of tho
Explanation of the discovery of danger of going Inside
human bones In front of an old stove When he returned to the front of
In the .ashes of the burned house of tho ll0USC "Nor remaining somo tlmo
Abram Hembree, which ho Is ac- ,n tho vicinity of tho kitchen, Iloin
cused of having fired to cover the breo discovered that his wlfo and
evidence of having murdered his daughter wore missing. He hastily
wife and daughter on the morning Bea""ched tho barn and outbuildings
of December 28, was offered by the, and fu,H"K tp find thorn concluded
defense this afternoon in the testi- they nad "tartcd for tho home of
mony of his two little sons, who BOIU0 neighbor. From later doyolop-
swore that they placed tho charred meit he believes now that thoy at-
frngments of the human skeletons tonPted to go upstalrH to get Ora's
upon the spot whero they were later trun, t
found while gathering up the re- Defendant Whh III.
mains of their dead mother and sis- Hitting upon tho Hoyts as tho
ter. most probable place to find his dear
It was a pathetic picture, the llttlo ones Hombrco started for that placo.
fellows called to the stand to testify Upon his arrival ho found that thoy
In an effort to save their father had not arrived, but hlH physical
from the hangeman's noose, ho ac- condition made It ImpoHsible for him
cused of tho slaying of tho children's to proceed farther In search of them,
mother and sister. The court room For yenrs he has been troubled with
was crowded to tho doors and among n's head and from a rupture. His
tho whole crowd of men, women and head under the stress of tho excite
children there was not a soul who ment, had becomed dated and tho
was not deeply touched by tho pathos rupture- precluded further walking,
of the situation. j Entering the Hoyt homo ho had
Heaped Bones Near Stove. ""J Hyt, htUo " wUh ,wut
, . . cloths and then laid down to sleep
In their testimony the Hembree t0 rogaln h,8 8tr0nEth
boys showed that after tho fire, ' In the morning he drank a cup of
which ended the lives of their coffee and returned to, the site where
mother and sister and destroyed his home had stood and searched
their home, their father told them to the ruins for trace of tho missing
search among the ruins of the house ones.
and gather up tho fragments of what Nutural Tooth Found,
had once been the bodies of Mrs. An Important point in tho testi
Hembree and Oro. While engaged mony was brought out by Carl At
In this task thoy heaped a small klnson, who was called by tho de-
portion of the bones near the old
stove, which has figured bo promi
nently in the present case. Upon
tho same day the .arrest of their
father on the charge of murder oc-
(Continued on pZt eight.)
Dr. J. F. Cooker
curred and they were taken from to 340 Liberty Street, where
their task. Later the bones were , W t a
discovered by Thompson and Eld- - c .
patients, ror any msease,
Hembree oa Stand.
No exciting features were attend
1 caM on Dr. Cook.
tkxi free,
n M

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