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Thin Blood
nerves, general debility I We wish you
hl! Ask him to tell you Honestly
Thpn do DrCCtSelV nS lie says. ,,,
Contracts Let For 15,000
Freight Cars, Good news
For Oregon
(S. F. Chronicle)
Thn Hnrrlnian lines are making
strenous efforts to all to their equip
ment The recent freight car short-
ago in San Francisco has alarmed
tho officials, and they are determin
ed to tako no chances In the future.
The local officials learned yesterday
that in. response to their urgent re
quests, large orders for new cars
have been placed, and tUat some of
the cars would be sent to tho Pacific
In particular, the orders will bo
given for freight cars, and about
15,000 has already been ordered.
Tho condition of tho car manufac
turers Is such at tho present time
that It Is extremely hard to place
orders and Harrlman has had to
scatter tho contracts In small
amounts among all the car works of
tho country. Others will bo ordered
as soon as bidders are found, who
aro In a condition to take tho con
tracts. Tho Southern Pacific has now on
hand about 44,000 freight cars, and
efforts will bo made to raise the
number to at least 00,000, while the
stock of the Union Pacific will be
largely augmented Tho demand for
cars this year has been abnormal,
and the Harrlman lines hnvo had
great trouble In taking care of tho
In addition to tho new cars, tho
Southom Pacific and Union Pacific
have placed a largo order for loco
mptlves. A contract has been let to
tho Baldwin L'ocomotlvo works, of
Philadelphia, for 271 new engines of
tho finest type. Theso will bo main
ly used on tho Southern Pacific and
will burn oil for fuel. Somo of the
engines will bo especially equipped
for heavy hauling over tho moun
tains. It Is computed that It will
take the Baldwin Locomotive works
sovernl years to fill this largo con
tract. Tho capacity of tho works
averages about a locomotive and a
half a day, and as other largo orders
aro on hand, tho works will bo rush
ed to tho full capacity.
Tho passenger equipment will also
bo augmented. Orders have been
given for 191 now passenger coaches
and tho officials of the road are ex
perimenting with tho new steel
The Kind Yoa Havo Always
in use for over 30 years,
MMMJMJgaPBagM.MMi S1 ' "
All Counterfeits, Imitations and " Just-as-good" ar but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger tho hefla of
infants and Children Experience against Expert .
Castori is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, lrops uud Suothlng Syrups. It is Pleasant. Ifc
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance Its ago is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays JPevorishncss,, It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic, it relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipatloa
and Flatulency. It assimilates tho Food, regulates the
Stoniack and Bowels, gh Ing healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Pauacca tTke Mother's Friend.
Bean tht
a - r
'v w w
The Kind You Haie Always Bought
In Use For Over 3Q Year
Fvnirience count invthlne withVOU?
Then what do you think of 60 years
experience viith Ayer's Sarsaparilla t
Civtt, vpnrc nt rnrinit thtn blood, weak
would ask your own doctor about
wnat ne minus u win uu iui jum .i..
r.irmin.. or-ll onr tnndioltiM I Lowell, Mtt
roach. If this project proves a suc
cess, a large uumber of theso will
ho made. Harrlman has tho Idea
under consideration of making tho
new steel coaches In the shops of tuo
Southern Pacific.
Now York Republican Convention.
Saratoga Springs, N. Y., Sept. 25.
The largest Republican state con
vention ever held In the state of
New York, was called to order at
convention hall at noon today. One
thousand and ten delegates were In
their seats when tho convention was
opened and this means that 506
votes will bo necessary to secure a
nomination. That thero will bo a
bitter fight for supremacy In the
convention, Is beyond doubt, but It
Is considered moro than doubtful
how the contest of factions will end
and who will, eventually, bo the Re
publican candidate for governor.
Tho bitter fight between Governor
Hlgglns and ex-Governor Odell,
which began long before Hlgglns
was nominated last time, has been
carried on without Interruption ever
since and tho drawing of President
Roosevelt Into the factional fight has
tended to make tho situation oven
more complicated and Increase tho
bitterness between tho factions to a
considerable extent.
Odell has mado himself disliked
among many members of his party
by his boss-methods and It is a re
markable proof of the strength and
vitality of the machine, headed by
Odell, that tho latter, has been able
to maintain his position to the pres
ent day. When the Republican stato
central committee met to select tho
place and dato of tho state conven
tion, the committee was almost even
ly divided. Hlgglns had one vote
tho bettor of Odell and carried hl3
point In having the convention call
ed for today and at Saratoga. That
his support, however, was by no
means too reliable, became apparent,
when tho vote by which Lieutenant
Governor Linn Bruce was selected
for temporary chairman was recon
sidered and the election defeated
by a small margin, leaving tho slato
It Is fully expected that tho Hlg
glns faction will control llio con
vention, when It comes to the test,
but even that does not clear tho sit
uation very much and leaves tho
question concerning tho probable
nomination of tho candidate for
govenor still open. In well lnfo'rmed
circles It Is believed that tho con
vention will probnbly last two or
threo days and that no decision will
bo reached before It Is known what
tho Democratic stato convention at
Buffalo, which meets at noon today,
has done. It Is understood that
Governor Hlgglns will not decldo
whothor ho will accept a renomlpa-
Bought, and which has been,
has hornq tho. signature of
and has been made under his ter
sonol supervision since its infancy
Allow no dne to deceive yon in this.
Signature of
tlon or not, until he has ascertained
what tho Democrats are going to do.
Ho will not accept a nomination un
less it Is beyond doubt that there
will be two Democratic candidates
for the governorship In tho field.
Tho Odell faction, knowing that it
would bo Impossible under tho pres
ent conditions, to have n machine
candidate nominated. Is said to
favor tho nomination of Hughes,
who would be a strong candidate,
probably stronger than Hlgglns.
Tho question, however, Is w'hether
Hughes will bo nble to get the vote3
of a sufficient number of. dolegates.
None of tho delegates are Instruct
ed as to tho gubernatorial nomina
tion, It Is true, but tho organiza
tion of the Hlgglns forces Is not a
whit less compnet than that of tho
Odell . forces and,, unless Govornor
Hlgglns should pass tho word,
Hughes wtmld not get many, If any
of the Hlgglns votes.
The fact that President Roosevelt
Is friendly to Governor Hlgglns, but
Is believed to favor the nomination
of Hughes adds to mako tho situa
tion even moro complicated. There
aro two other candidates available,
lieutenant Governor Bruce, who Is
an excellent orator and a man of
great force of character, and Senn-
tor Edgar T. Brackett, of Saratoga,
but neither one nor the other Is like
ly to enter seriously Into tho guber
natorial fight before tho convention,
as there Is no prospect that a dark
horse will bo sprung upon tho con
vention. Tho fight Is purely and
simply between Hlgglns and Odell
nnd. If Hlgglns Is not nominated It
will probably bo becauso ho does not
want tho nomination. In that
case HiiEhes would have tho strong
est claim and would, It Is belloved,
bo nominated with tho consent of
Thero Is a strong element of In
dependent Republicans, outsldo of
the Odell and, Hlgglns organizations,
which would favor tho nomination oi
Hughes, If It could be brought about
without causing a serious split In
tho party organization.
It Is belloved that, when tho ques
tion of permanent organization of
tho convention will come to a vote
this afternoon, the latter will show
more clearly from which direction
tho wind Is blowing. At present
writing everything Is still dark and
Two years ago the number of dele
gates was only 973. This year each
district was entitled to ono dolegnto
In addition to ono for each 1000
votes or mnjor part thereof cast for
President Roosevelt at tho last presi
dential election.
ABSCESSES with few exceptions,
aro Indicative of constipation or de
bility. W. H. Harrison, Cleveland, Miss ,
writes, Aug. 15, 1002: 'I want to
say a word of pralso for Ballard's
Snow Liniment. I stepped on a natl,
which caused tho cords In my leg to
contract and an abscess to rise In
my knee, and tho doctor told me
that I would have a stiff leg, so one
day I went to 3t F. Lord's drug store
(who Is now In Denver Colo.), He
rccommonded a bottlo of Snow Lini
ment; I got a 60c size, and It cured
my leg. It Is tho best liniment in
tho world." Sold by D. J. Fry.
Real Estuto Transfer.
Tho following real estate trans
fers have been filed with the county
Agnes McElroy et nl. to Maggie
MjcFaddon, 9-15 Interest in
lot 2 block 12 Highland Add.
Salem $100
Agnes C. McElroy et al. to Mag
gie J. McFadden, 7-15 inter
est in lot 12 block 21 High
land Add. Salem 100
T. J. and C. E. Arthur to Adam
Kork, land In Rlvervlew Park
Add. Salem 300
Almjra J. Hicks to Inez B. Mill
er,' 1.1 acres In SUverton ... 1
L. F. and J, M. Griffith to David
B Smith, lot 21 A F Waller
Add. Salem 200
Star Land Co. to G. B. Mllloy,
lot 5, block 11, Mill City... 25
Claud E. Smith to G. B. Mllloy,
lot 7, block 15, Mill City. . . 75
J.and T. V. Scott to J. F. Steel
hammer, fruit lot No. 27,
Friends Oregon colony .... 420
Anna Scott to J. F. Steelbam
mer, fruit lot fto. 37, Friends
Oregon colony 1
.Te Care a Felon"
says Sam Keadall, of Fhllllpaburg,
Kan., "J Hit cover It over with Buck
lea's Araka Salve aad the Salve will
do the reei." Quickest care for
Burns, Bella, Seres, Sealda, Wouads,
Pile, Eeaeasa, Salt Kbeaat, Chapped
Haada, Kara Feet aad Sere Eyes.
Only 25c at J. O, Parry's drafttone,
for sale.
For Sale Pointer puppies, nine
months old, cllgiblo to rcglstray
and partly broken. Address C. L.
Ransom, Turner, Or. 9-24-3t
liny for Sale. Baled Clovor or cheat;
$G.50 per ton, In lots of two tons
or over. Thos. F. Walker. Phono
Suburban 154. i S-21-lm
For Sale. Light farm wagon, with
removable springs. Heavy and
light spring wagons, both now and
second-hand. Buggies from $15
up. Ono delivery wagon. Inquire
of W. Fennel, S03 North Liberty
Btreets. 9-4-lm
For Sale A fom-horso power gaso
line launch In perfect condition;
at a bargain. Inquire at Fraser'a
plumbing shop. Phono 135.
seventy-me Aero farm for rent, ono
mile from tho city. Apply to Mrs
A. Strong, 483 South Commer
cial street, Salem. 9-22-tf
For Rent. Furnished and unfur
nished rooms nt 790 North Com
mercial St. M. A. Dice, Prop. 5-1-tf
For Rent. Seven-room house, baso
mont, well water piped In . In-
oulro of A. Schrlober, at GG01
High street. 9-19-lwk
' - ' m
rnkcu uii on tno streets inreo
small pigs. Inqulro of W. T.
Rnmsden, 15th nnd D streets.
Owndr can havo samo by paying
charges. 9-24-3t
Tillson & Co. Havo commenced
packing prunes. Pruno facers!
please report. 9-24-lwk
Good Position For a boy to loam
a good trade. Call at Journal of
fice. 9-10-tf
Say Havo you tried tho now steam
laundry? Phono 201, and tho
driver will call for your clothes.
Miss Evn F. Cox Will resumo her
classes In tho study of music and
sight reading September 6th. Stu
dio 317 Front street, Salem.
Butte Jt Wciulcroth. Fine wines,
liquors and cigars. Wo handle tho
celebrated Kellogg and Castle
whiskies. Cool and refreshing beer
constantly on draught. South Com
mercial street. 9-3-lyr
Snlem Iron Works. Founders, ma
chinists and blacksmiths. Manu
facturers of all kinds of sawmill
ranchlnory. Hop nnd fruit drying
stoves, etc. Manufacturers of tho
Salem Iron Works Hop Pross.
Miss EIniu Weller WU1 bo ready to
receive pupils In piano, beginning
Soptomber 3d. Tho regular work
will begin September 17th. Mu
sical kindergarten, which is a pre
paratory work for tho piano, made
a specialty for children. 9-3-lm
It is worth moro than nny other
bread, yet tho prlco Is no higher. For
salo at your grocer's t -
Thomas & Cooloy, Props.
Krcbs Bros. Growers of and deal
ers In hops, Salem, Oregon. Phone
121. Office over Salem State
Bank, 116 Commercial street.
O. C. Donovan Hop merchant; rep
resents best firms In America. Cor
ner Commercial and Stato streets,
Salem. Phone Main 137. '
Notice. The hdlder of policy No.
0155, Milwaukee Mechanics' In
surance Company, of Milwaukee,
Wisconsin, will please bring same
to my office for endorsement. W.
A. Llaton, agent. 9-1913t
vllle, Mo., under founder of ote
pathy. Boom 21 Breymaa bldg.,
Comsaerclal street. Phone 87. Beit
deuce 680 State, eer. Church. Phoae
1110. Dreats aeate aad chronic die
case. ExasalaatlOBS free.
Dr. W. Ik Marear. Graduate of KJik
villa. Ma., aader founder of ete
, pathy. Reeaw SS-26 Breyataa bUg.
peaaurelal St. Pbeae 919. Sett
deaee 419 Nertk Samaw etreet
Pfcene 614, Treats aeate aad ehreale
dlaeatce, Examiaalloa Ittt,
aaare erpt, Fladar kara word
at SS Marten aire, aad Jt will
b HlM tor. WW ajr rawajd.
Mr. D. P. Juk. -JMt
Wanted. A plnco where a young
boy can work, for his board aud
room and go to school. Address
Wlllametto University. 9-24-tf
Wanted A chambermaid for tho
Wlllametto Hotel. Apply nt once.
9-2 1-3 1
Wanted. Boy with horso to enrry
Portland Journal. Apply to Wm.
H. Perkins, ngent. 9-22-3t
Wanted. At once, eight porsons to
pick prunes nnd work in dryer, B.
A. Clarke, R. F. D. No. 2.
Wanted. A supply
wood for heater,
nal ofllco. ,
of good oak
Apply at Jour-9-19-tf
Wanted. Twenty homes In private
families whoro students can havo
furnished rooms and good, plain
tablo board at reasonable rates.
Phone or mall terms, name, street
and numbor to Wlllamotto Uni
versity. 9-10-tf
Wanted Twenty places whoro young
mon and women can work for tholr
board and attend school. PJuono
or mall terms, name, street and
number to Wlllamotto Unlvorslty.
Wanted Twenty places whoro young
mon can work for tholr board nnd
attend school. Phono or mall
terms, name, street and numbor to
Wlllamotto Unlvorslty. 9-10-tf
Wanted. Furnished or unfurntshod
rooms for Btudonts for light house
keeping. Phono or mall terms
name, stroot and numbor to Wll
lamotto Unlvorslty. 9-10-tf
Sliver nnd Pctlto Prunes Wanted
Without blenching and undipped
In lyo. Will pay extra price de
livered at my packing houso at
Jefferson, Orogon. Address E. H
Rhodes, Albany, Or. 9-11-lm
Wanted. A marker at tho Salora
Steam Laundry. 9-17-tf
New nnd Second-IInnd Goods.
Bought and Bold, nlso ranges,
stoves and cooking utonslls, dish
es, granlto and tlnwaro of all kinds
Glvo us a call. O.Xi. McPeok, 170
South Commercial St. 8-13-ly
Foresters of Amorlca Court Shorwoou
Foresters, No 10. Meot.1 Tuosday In
must hall, Stato street. U. S. Rider,
O. R.; A. L. Brown, F. S.
Control Lodgo No. IB, K. of P. Castle
Hall In Holmnn block, cornor State
and Liberty streots. Tuosday of each
week nt 7:30 p. in. J. G Girnhsm. C.
O.j W. I. Staley, K. of R. nnd 8.
Modorn Woodmen of America. Ore
gon Cedar Camp No. 5240. Moots
every Thursday evening at 8 o'clock
In Holman hall. W. W. Hill, V. 0;
F. A. Turner, Clerk.
Woodmon of World. Meet evory Fri
day night at 7:30, In Holman hall,
A. J. Basey, C.-C. P. L. Frnzier,
LlncofiiAiinulty Union. Sick, nccl
dont and pension Insurance; $2,
000,000 pledged; evory claim paid.
Good agents wanted. J, II. O.
Montgomery, suprome organizer,
Box 432 Salem, Oregon. R. R.
Rynn, secretary, 54G Stata street.
Evans Barber Shop. The only first
class barber shop on State street;
everything new and up to date.
Finest porcelain boths In the city.
Shaving 15c, halrcutting 26c,
baths 25c. Two flrst-clasa boot
blacks. C. W. Evans, prop. 8-9
It. O. Cummins Succeaeor to White
CuBunlas, express, delivery aad
transfer Use, Prompt servlee U
our motto. Furniture aa'i piano
moving a specialty. Stand at 1C6
South Commercial street. Phone
175. Residence phone 968. S-4-tf
Dr. E. J. Teasg. Veterinary Burgees
.,aad daatlet, SS years' e-xperleaee.
All week 'gMMateed. Pitteelt ear-
glaal afHNtta a tpaelalty. Pxa
Ml. 0e at Ctab aHaUe. Paaw
7, Seleai, Of, --U
Frank M. Browu. Manufacturer of
sash, doors, mouldings. All kinds of
houso finish and hard wood work.
Front street, bot. Stato and Court,
Musicnl Studio, associate teacher
Wostorn Conservatory, Chicago,
111., roprosontlng Intor-Stato Sys
tem at Salem, Oregon. Diplomas
grnnted upon completion of course
In tho opora Houso building,
rooms 8 nnd 9. Studio hours, 9
to 12, nnd 2 to 5. 9-8-tf
Thco. M. Batr Plumbing, hot water
nnd steam heating and tinning,
1G4 Commercial stroot. Phone
Main 192, 9-1-ly
M. J. Petzol Plumbing, stoam aad
gas fitting. Successor to Knox ti
Murphy, 220 Commercial stroet.
'Phono Main 17.
A. L. Fr&zcr Successor to Burroughs
& Frazor, plumbor and tinnor. Manu
facturer of coppw and galvanised
iron cornlco, and metal skylights,
105 Stuto stroct. 'Phono 1511.
water Company.
For water service apply at office.'
Bills payable monthly in advance.
Mako all complaints at tho office.
Vetch and
Clover Seeds
Call on
Tillson & Co.
151 High st.
Rubber Tires
High Street
Lies boblnd that of tho approaching
Thanksgiving, and that Is the lum
ber question. During tho Winter
the, supply Ib always uncertain, apt
by ordering of us bofore cold weather
comes you can he sure of haying
your wants filled, We aje .ready o
supply any kind of lumber you need.
O. C. T. CO
Steamers Pomona, and
Altona leave for Portland
(aaily except Sunday at
740 a. m.
H. S. Gile & Co.
Wholesale Merchants as
Proiface Dealers
The Prune Asaoclatlan wants Ijpft
reliable jrfrle and wewea jo bfU
work about September, 26th. Cow
fort able work roosM provided with
ladle' cloak, tallet a,a4 wash roowp
for the eowfort of employe,
KagfeUr now at our eftoe,
Hit hkicimbi XnPA
m M

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