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We have sampled tlie city with
-., n. Finnic.' call at tho ofiw
When you buy flonr bo snro It is like the sample.
$1.00 n sack at nil grocers. Mode from old wheat, too.
The Chas. K. Spaulding Milling Co.
.....yiW sEzzZ2!fokrnrZiii Sr ' "
Among other things you will want
U a perfect fitting shirt, one that
u mouldod on nn oval board to fit
Ilia body, and such a machine Is in
operation at tho Salorn Stonm Laun
dry. Your dinner will not bo com
plete unless tho linen wna sterilized
nd finished by us, and at prices that
IH Burprlso you. Tableclothes Cc
"P. napkins lc, one-half what others
hargo for Inferior work.
I'hono 25. 130.100 Liberty St.
..Machine Works..
Machinist mid Manager.
17H South Liberty St.
wi: hiild anything that
can 1113 made from iron or
sti.el. none rut first-class
Workmen employed.
General Repairing" Solicited
Woven Wire Fencing
01 a1! kinds. Hop Wire, Plokets,
Post. Gates, ShlngleB and P. & B.
read roofing. All at loisoet price
Walter Morley
250 Court St Salem, Ore
For we take eapeclal cara to buy
,one but the best, and our customers
ill! a,Wa8 depend upon getting the
n tie market at right prices
, Be they buy at our market.
. Q. 0056,
Wild Rose Flo,.- t, ?
.,.i r ' " ou dl net S
Tho best place to buy is where tho
boat stock of lumber la carried. Tho
entiro building trade know that
thoro Is not a flnor stock of lurabor
tlmn that curried by us. We are
ready to fill the largest contract
promptly. We don't keep the build
or waiting. That's a very important
point. Noar S. P. passonger depot
Phono 52 Main.
That's ' at ou want these
rhl!' du'i. and at our placa 7ou
K,t 11 ihlnjr cold, aud always the
1, .,? ill market affords.
White House Restaurant
H. S. Gile & Co.
Wholesale Groecrs and Com-
mission Merchants
In the msrket at all Umee for
dried fruit and farm produce of all
We have for m w ! "
lnc ad slleJag machines; iw-pnt
for a large dryer; will mat a low
r..nx kll 'A "C
pri..- i,.ji. i . i.r -
lumber bllM. and ri3t
at the right Pla " gj
for lumber of all klDJ-
jumber a tpecizuj
Voget Lumber Co - j
- ". 4faM vt
Order a packago of this
fatuous health and bralu
building flour and enjoy
some good old fashlonod
New Knglnnd Brown
Dread. A chanco at a
right hot loaf will make
you think you are In
Host on. With Allen's
.Self.rWiig U. B. 11. Flour
vou ran make bread Just
like the Puritans used to
3-11 Pancake Flour
Is also a pure food; self-
Trado rising and all ready to
Mark mix with water and bako
on a hot griddle.
Pacific Coast Factory, San Jose,
Cal. Eastern Factory, Littlo
Wolf Mills, Mnnnnn, "Wis.
Epply's Perfection Making Pow
der Is Just as noar perfection an
It Is poselblo to mako it. And
you got ' full wolght for your
money, too, besides n useful fruit
Jar or Jelly glass with every pur
Just What You
Are Looking For
and the best In the market, fur
ther than this you are helpline
build up a homo Industry anil
your money is kept In circulation
in Salem. Your for square dunl
in bb.
Salem, Oregon
Highest Price
267 Commercial St.
The Fashion Stables
Formerly Hirapson'a Stables.
Upto-date llveiy and cub line
Funeral turnouts specialty. Tally
ho for plenles and excursions. PboBt
44. CHAS. W YANNKK, Prop
247 and 2-19 High Street.
Spent wisely is the mute of muck
sallafacUoa. Why not apad a llttlft
of It wisely sow buyls groceries ol
Baker, Lawrence & Baker
Hucceesers to Harrltt tt Lawrerwa
Muy Ho So.
WHV-Tesv it Wt l who brought
all the mom tnt tMs household.
What did yo aofore I married
Husband -Talea
Siiru Curo for I'll.
IUhhi Plli aoc oitura aud
r.M ItchlMt. W at Wll M
Bllad. ntt4la or FroUudlaK Fhi
,re earc4 T Ur Be-ta-ko. I',
Hudy. iKhlac aad bkNMlluj.
Abaorfc tumora, ft a Jar at dru
g tcu. or mt by . Tre4H fre.
Writ " Wlt r ' Dr ""
muMo. PWIa . I.
1 r 1 1
Nc U llotherfiiK-
Wko tak ' ot tB0 bw,Mw
aeowDtA. yoi or your hwband?
Nitbar. Tk erdor do ikat
Traaiaiitl- Tak
C J. M V O XI X-fw a
bmiO -? m " '""" '
- S
m WM TM ran fcwrt sp
(W, i
Buildings aud Lives of Pupils
Without Protection
From Fire
Helnp without wntor with which
to mako a tight what would wo do In
eaa tiro should break out In any of
our school buildings tomorrow?"
This, In substance, is th ques
tion brought up by Chairman Dyrtl
of tho school board during a discus
sion of tho feasibility ot adopting thi
automatic lire alarm system, now
hPlnp Installed throughout tho city
by the State Agont Company, for tho
several school buildings of the city
at tho meeting of tho board Saturday
It developed that not one ot tho
school buildings of the city was
onulpped with stand plpoa to afford
a supply of wntor In enso of a con
Hagrntlon and, Bhould tho llnmoa so
curo headway onough boforo discov
ered, not only would tho properly
stand in dntigor of compluto demoli
tion hut tho lives of scores of Hohool
children would aluo be In Joopnrdy
as a consequence. I.ocnl Agent
Gamble of the State Agent Company,
who la superintending the Installa
tion or the thermostat system In this
city was present at the meeting and
explalued Juat how the little mute
Instrument would kwp an ever
wntihful ve to guard against Juat
anon (-ondltloQS an Dr. Ityhl pidntod
out. although Director Rpley, who la
a meniher ot the aiteclal roinmltte
or the board to Investigate Into the
virtue of the syalein. reported favor
ably upon the adoption of It In the
city school buildings. It was Dually
derided to paHS the question up for
Una) derlalon until a later moutliitr
when a fuller attendance of the
members could be had and the dis
trict In a better nnansial condition to
meet the expense.
The com of wiring and imttliiK In
tho alarm system I- the Huat hoIiooI
was placed at $ whleh would In
clude the niacin or 1 1 thermostat
In the buiement and thu Kevernl
rooms of the buildings and thu cout
or installing of, the tame system In
(ho other buildings or the district
will be the same in proportion as to
size. It v represented by the ngent
or the rotaiMUy that the plnelng of
the automatic alarms In the tohool
buildings would reduce the cost of
Insurance to the dUtrlct at haal J ft
por cent.
The report of the special ooiumlt
tea to Investigate inequality or work
performed by o C. Klnveti on the
Imminent noor of the Xorth school
blinding was received and to the ef
fect that the work was In all respeeu
satisfactory and quite up to contrast
stipulation und the bill of the con
tractor, amounting to $o.0 was
allowed In full The original con
tract orlii- for tZUS but the x
trm work performed made up for tho
balance. Tb bill ot August Berhvr
gar for the. amount of work be per
forsaed on the hasement ttoor was re
Jectttd, and this acduu was Haal so
far as tbj board is roomrauMi.
The mailer of the alleged nee
cltrancy or ombative disposition on
the part of Henry Huffman, towaid
the facult of the North SaUui
seiNHN, which reettMed la kls arrwt
on the vhargc of tkreatealsx ti kill
Professor McCaan, was also reported
U tlw board and dmniaiMitl at some
length but It was) thosgJit best to
1st the civil court baadle the case
Inwfsr as it ka curried ui
UwJb extresse, fsjerUUdet Uw
era la discussing the matter said
lifittmtuk sbonM be gieea a lesson
laaaaw bad swea tS4ris the scftMul
bHtkUnc sad had osod laguae na
hfasjwtoi a g 'sssasn aad suite 1
Upt "some of 'ke principals are at
H$ftj aratd of tfcelr lives oa klg
M this Chairmag Urd said ha
UtOalkt the Uy s4jperiMUadsii.
1'rofeasor Powers. ' woahl ke t
proper persoa u g dowa taare aad
Kiv the follow a good tbraeJUag."
TMa sogaestluu bowever. did got
gett to ' wltb tke approval o'
jgoperlMlea4Sit Powers, aad tM la.
afdoMt waa dropped for tho ties of
Vftom motion of lHrrior Kplay IP
was ordered UtM to Noor of Bnper
Intuadeat Powers' prtvato ofliso be
laid with Uawlesm, some sfealvtnK
put La for the aseowwod&UoH of hU
books and that soma wladow shade
bo provided to pleM the olflca- la
keilHK with the Iwlanuo of tha new
bulldlBK and ita furnishings aad
theso details were left to the discre
tion of the eomiottte on repairs.
The resignation of iilia Adella
SchfntSlr, ft a twicher in the Bikm
sohoola was tendered and nccoptod
to tnko effect Docembpr 27, and the
resignation of Hamlin P. Smith, na n,
mombor of tho board of directors wn
also received and accepted tMr.
Smith having removed his placo ot
residence from this city to Vancou
ver. Wnshlnglon), and tho clerk
of the bonrtl was Instructed to noti
fy the county school superintendent
of the vacancy, In accordance with
the school laws ot tho state. A suc
cessor to Mr. Hnmllu will probably
not ho elected by tho bonrri until the
next regular meeting.
Clerk Johnson reportod a balnnco
of ?4 17.17 on hand December 1, and,
ns this will not be sulllclsut fj)
meot current Indubtodnoss of tho dls
trlct, tho clerk and chairman wore
authorised to borrow enough money
to mako up tho tlotlolenoy.
The following blll wore ordered
Theodore M. Barr 27.00
Thoodoro M. llarr 5.75
11. Fleetwood .,.... 20.00
C. U. Ptlrdy 10.00
J- A. to.00
W. II. Uurflmrt Co li.
l'ac. States Tol. Co 10.30
John G. Unrr 3.50
Central Scientific Co 147I
O. K. Spnuldlng Co........ 3.00
J. W. Piitmitn Co 54.80
tieorge V. ltodgers 1 17.00
Huron A Hamilton ' .00
W. II. llurghart Co , 11.05,
W. A. Rowlea , 12,00
O. C. Kunnon COO.Ru
J. W. Puttnnn Co Bfltl9
A. W. Ilnll Sslsntino Co. ... U
A. W. Mall Selentlllo Co.... R1.02
After some discussion tho bill ot
the different Janitors for work done
to get the bulliPugs ready for the
opening of school was allowed. The
Janitors receive 10 for th'nt work,
wlih the exception of tho Mont sohool
Janitor who receives $10 and that or
the high school whoso compensation
Is determined differently.
" ' ot
(If lutcrvM to Thin, Weak People.
It Is perfectly understood by every
slrk man or woman that If they can
get some remedy that will stop the
gradual !os of Hush nml strength,
their recovery In assured. Peoplo
that are nervous and, unsteady, with
illszy Hpells. wenkonud momnrv. and
lotw of ambition, their blood Is tUlnu novor knuw boforo why that was
and watery. It sIiowh In thulr ntil-iaunh a lively ptaco.
low eomploxlon nnd tired manner. I "
noon an they commenco to giili llesli j Tho President Is koIiik to run .out
thoy look belter and uleup bettor. To
gain from 1 to 3 iMtunds of good nolld
lleeh per week, the blond must ho
Hindu rich mid pure. Dr. (hi tin's
Wood and .Nerve Tonle puts In the
body tho very pith ot whnt make
PHre rleh bleed in the most direst
way. and cures disease by inakltsj:
strength. Tills tonic is In tablet
form, to bo taken right after tuents.
Sold by all druggists for Tits per box
or S lioxo for f8. Tor woman's
weakness k. battel remedy wn never
' -' ' '"
Hiileiu Public Itllirury.
Ittffiorl for November. IvOft:
No. using reading room .17
Oally avers sje 9
Sew members . . . !io
Total membership . .11"
Sow Hook.
Purchased . 34
tllft . 1
Total ' I
S'liiHlwe or lteim.
LU '
Pei iod Mali 121
Total li"l
No of volumes In library ..Isl'.
IteiiMirlvoblo turn.
' I wan mudt aMUeSod with solan
m," writoa Md O. Mud. Jowgvllle.
oedsrwkk Co . Kaa . "golag aaoat u
cmtapea sad eufferlag a deal ot lwla.
t was lodueoa to try Beiwvd Sapw
Unltaoat. wsJcit roUevwl me.
1 used throe boUle. It bt
tk greatest, ttpimeal 1 wrr ml
ka-ve recommoodetl it to a amaber
of persons; all express tfeamapitot M
boJns uestoqllat! by It. I ftQK walk
without wrmubm. able to parfuflu a
jirestt deal of Itgbl labof o HU
farm "
fa. Sue and l "e Moid kf U. J
srr'a draf store
.i -o. -. .. 1
Could Do Hiur.
Miotrees-4 sjat aot qtb iV
with your MtetoNoa.
'foe ApplleaMV-Waythttr m I
mam. but tkeyY tb bast I MPl
Hot - Ally 8tonrs.
Kow Jum for I'plIeiV
J n. Wataroian, of S'aterton.
O , rral tro dejlvwy. writes: "Jly
daHghter. anlletod for years with
epilPy. 'as cu'l by Dr. King's
New Idle Pills. 8ha has not had 6H
fcttaek. for over two years." II Mt
body cleanser and life giving tonic
pills on earib. 26c at J C Psrry'l
drug store.
"Wbody spaaed.
Kidney Troubles Attack Salem Mest
s;U Women, Old and Younjf Allko.
lidny W1 selio ywntf ih eld
Qdkly feuio no httlo wtunhig
UhlMren -suffictr In thlr earfy ywvrs
Onn'4i eentrot 1 kkhoy soorotloiw,
tllrt s1o hpjfij nervooe, euftVr
' bnieti vmcty, eeu't tV dally ,urk.
l!olut mvn lom Wuw wall aehlttg
OKI foJkn xvtiAk, rliwinifltlo. lama,
Kixluro 01.itre.wlng nriMry 1H.
Tlw oiwvi ft nmn for woine or f"
I h omo tlo ctifj 4'iw kilnt"
Dean'rf Ivldiiay PWe euro elck kid-
Ctl r rdt the wWcaIi fennfi of kitlnf
Slom tn-rtnxry fcviarrdi tMT
J. Cwrlton, of Hfl Tldnl Hre,-t
SWctn Ora, K)vt ,,XAU,) 1'iuUet
PIMe, wWeJi I procurer et Dr. Stoue's
tH elore, dW aely trcTiRthcned- wr
kWnwj', Imt tttey ejwuUlj" removed,
tho buokariilj ami tntixanH. A renxd
llmi note with euU proui wl bene
fleLnl nwillrt ns Poan'e KUncy PUiH
do iti worthy of all eotvflikraeo, and t
en couMohoithxifiy roonmmcimli thorn
to otfows, for I kov I nwwr ha4 any
uxxllelno of M10 Mtul equal tlwm for
curing lwiknolie i4 kldht'y trouble.1'
For mJo iy nU AtUem 1 ice 50
dontA lAostor MIUw4n Co., ltuffnle,
Vv York, oolo fajteota for tb VnPl
ltinwnUr fetto atuiisr-Dotn'a-and
tk wo etler.
. 0-
Oregon bus ton many baby homes,
and ton many home without babies
"The Irish and the Dutch.
They don't umnunt to much."
In the opinion ot 11 Sulsm minuter
lie probnhly tins none of thosa na
tionalities among his hoard of trus
tee. .
A man tit Umpire bus rend every
copy of the Oragonlnn for 60 years.
jot ohlldless men to appoint to tho
hlKhost olllfim In Oregon nfter awhllu
Oregon newspapers wage too much
destrttetlve warfare on public men
to over have n delegation In Wash
ington that amount to anything
The demand for macadam pave
ment at Salem Is nevr voiced until
something else I proposed. It is a
good sop - orllh
A man may hnv ilv.'d ftu years In
a state and yet derv. hanging oil
general piliirlple Think of Hock
Twenty thousand ijpl a year
hilled In ralUttail r-eks aud awl
deals will not do u much to stop
that business as ktiliutg t rnllroud
pr aldeut is a smaahuj
Isn't It an ontrsur "u hi imiin
people of fre mnlrr ror a uiir
atliiti to sequin tii.eeo nrr nt 'in
ber land la a bloca from la- iiHt- f
ldboT Tot M what r a- don
In Orgog In th iiuioi of goveri.
ment nr sad over 1 ) aur
der there r goclul1-.! aod -vh
aaan huts
W)oiulaf "ed frauds are said to
involve Oeaeral l.sod tommbllene
Itkhards. . Probsbly he, like Uer
MMaa. was looking attar rrxjuesu
Xfofc "boaoat eimstiturnts " Hut lei
tiu- .iuHKUtlul go h.4d V hv.
got over being scnattlvc.
CanjiiiK Hpelt (niikrjl Ilojih.
"Harry Duckweil agod sft ..
oboliod tv depth Nitty )etw.Ji
iporuJC ', Hl home. Is th pneni'
Of Mia wTfe sad tbild He coium i"i
n slight mid a few dsys "'
e4d bit Utile aiusUoa t It I 1
ftwrdajr iporulng he wtw yUl wiiu
(tt oi eougblag whUh eoutlonwl '
4Pue time Hi " sent t.'
pbyalplaa but ixo" ho tuuiJ -tlvp,
aaotiMfr oaig seU
Usui Dtkhwall di-ol tt0 auriK'ivi
it l-oobi tioos-Demoi4t, l
lac, 101.'
I)alled's llorthoamt )i '
wosid have saed hiw. i- &vo un-l
$1.00 Sold by p. i Pry's lruj store.
Fr lufaots ajid OklMroit.
Dm m Ym to Um iiwfM

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