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UY IIOFER nnos.,
Puslislicrs mid Proprietors.
wsz& 3
i ' Dy Midi.
Daily Journal, ono month .... 35c
Daily Journal, thrco auonths , . $1.00
, Dally Journal, ono year 4.00
i Wcokly Journal, ono year .... 1.00
By Carrirr.
Daily Journal, per month .... 50c
Latest Events in the Gay
Eastern Metropolis
Now York. Doc. 29. Undor the
Tory oyea of ttio customs authorities
smuggling ta cnrrlod on to an enor
mous oxtont In Now York harbor.
!fho rocont Bolzuro of n quantity of
yaluublo lyrlan lnco In a bag of peas
recalls the solzuro of over fourtcon
peunds of opium somo years ago In
(four bago of rlco Imported from
fJnpan. The retired qiiartormnBtcr
of ono of tlio well known liners told
ma a fow days ago that on his ship
an assistant steward ench trip Binug
glod upwards of $10,000 worth of
itncut diamonds from London. An
hour before tho sallluz of the ship
In London, a man who purported to
bo his fathor would como on board
with somo undorclothlng wrapped In
h ploco of brown pnpor. This tho as
sistant (Howard would carelessly
throw on tho dark and would rccolvo
from tho man u small Jar of shav
ing pnsto, and, to disarm suspicion, a
rassor Htrop, Tho diamonds woro
corcealod in tho paste, but tho
xtrnngo part of tho story Ib that tho
Jflr wan always loft cnroflessly on tho
iian's bunk and occasionally usod by
Ills birth inatOH, On arrival In New
York, a shoemnkor usod to como on
board looking for orders for ropnlrH
Nie assistant steward had nlwnji
kwork for tho supposed
?.... .. ... ... - . .
f tliOThil ' huso ni'i'is
.,ni, ;tlmt tho Htouoa round
. T.y n
I.-i- . U.
This uamo wn
urneu on for lvv
iitv tii..i .1 vuwru u iiciihu
my Clint tho nmli fri
hst Vimr ,. x.l ... ...... . k'
ioto in "'"u""" a Vjshlonablc
I" '"nnv vKwoj'JI) how
v "" niiiiiKKIOtf Into thin
UmjcaI sa.iors who amj ,B
I' X TTtmL... ...... -,X "'
q linlf .,..!.....
It,.... rHta,' i"ivuuu
lib tho!
' m,.. ,0 W "Witii wait'
' ir i. km . .
.lip .. 'nhinrt7i... .
r iifin..
i lias lli'st
I. . "'
wg 0,1.7.
- '.WJin 11 l.i .. '
A, tills 1)0'
ickod. On
o customs
'ough tho
o tobacco
w Yorkers
thu lapor
rnuwif..a., ",
'" H... '""
14 an ?ntt
. "v" ti
.ml had boon
. It has trans
it prosout ton
In 1,'S housed In
igjund, nbso
Ny awaiting
igf. Though
igsjjd as con
Uits lopor
or, whloh
toway of
' not bo
Va tho
y Qon-
io Now
w9 .T).l,v
,i LVJ
'I i7..
tnt and
, walkad In-
-t ,-n ft fow days,
.n.lceilfrb iookod, up. suy-
lio v? uuablQ to find om-
;heiit liaa no monoy and had
lkod tho streets ror woeus wuu-
onylhlng to out except wuai no
id nick up. Tho pollco In tho
ilon roundly nbusod ulm, brandod
T Twt" r
yBkiV t
tlm of
as a hobo nnu mrowenwi iu
mako It hot for him. Ho was brought
to court and committed to tho work
house for six months. The court
keeper, after his conviction, ques
tioned him and when he found tho
poor man was actually starving gao
him a double portion of food. Sheoly
disposed of It ravenously and was
very soon Uiken ill. Beforo tho am
bulance arrived ho was dead, and tho
hospital doctor who made n post
morten examination has stated that
Shooly's stomach was so utterly de
ranged by starvation that tho hearty
meal ho ate had baon tho causa of
his daath.
Two oxploslons, another murder,
nnd hundreds of blackmailing let-
tors have nt last moused Pollco Com-',
mlsslonor Bingham, who now an
nounces that he will rout out tho
Black Hand from every corner of tho
city. Tho campaign commenced with
tho arrest of fourteen suspects, all of
whom woro found to bo armed with
either pistol or stiletto, and in somo
cases with both. A largo forco is to
bo organized and all houses suspect
ed of harboring tho suspected Sicil
ians will bo rnldcd.
Tho heirs of nn undent Van Horn
havo commenced proceedings against
tho city to recover property roughtly
estimated to value $500,000,000. Tho
claim affects half tho city In the
Bronx direction and Its revival by
tho descendants of Van Horn will
glvo work to lawyers Innumerable
Tho family blblo on which tho Van
Horn holrs aro pinning tholr faith is
now In tho possession of Dr. S. W
Lnmoroux of Stroudsburg, Pa. who'
took it for a debt thlrh years ago
linlng doctored a Van Horn, and It
was onb rocontly dlsrovured that tho
blblo was worth half a billion, as
patents ginntud In the year 10GC
wuro found In It. Th pntentH show
that the land wns granted to Abra
ham Van Uoin, who dlod lu 1700, by
itlchnrd NlcolU and Thomas Don
gun, uovoruors of tho colony.
Prof. J. a. Adam!, a scientist of
this city, states thai ho will In a
short tlmo conclusively prove that
man Is not dust, but U mndo entirely
of soap. Prof. Adaml U In dnd
oarnost. There aro scattored through
out tho human body, ho says, an un
known number of globules called
"myelins," which nro now believed
to bo tha primitive form of truo soap.
It Is tho only pure typo of soap on
earth and tho aotontlat says It may
bo that man was originally construct
ed on n self-cleaning principle Tho
soapy nature of human boluus hns
boon discovered by moans of tho
polarizing microscope. Professor
Adaml gives a history of tho curious
researches which led up to tho groat
"llnd." Fifty years ago Vlohrow
stumbled on tho proemc of myelin
-ixlobuloa In nearly evory tissue of tho
body. Thoy woro plentiful in tho
bralu and dissolved lu hdt nlcohol,
ht strong nlkalU caused thbm to
shrink. It was not until 1S0S Itwas
idlBcovorod thoy posuossod peoullar
rofraetlvo power. Finally, Professor
Lohloln of Carlsruho mado an olabo.
rato study of globules, and showod
undor tho polarlelng microscope thoy
had queer, cross markings and woro
In reality "liquid crystals" showing
procisoly tho samo markings as soap
globuloa. This was couBldorcd sufll
dont to domonBtrato tholr idoutlty
with Boap. Tho myelins, or soap
globules, aooip to contRln a romark
ablo BUbstanco Indetortuluato between
nulda and crystnls.
To ow games of graft aro being
iVyiajCK&&YvciZ?M xs .
JHtfHk MtoK jK w
Hlili Ilk mMpmmFmBKn &
worked In tho city with great suc
cess. In ono caso tho operators keep
tholr oyes on tho socloty columns of
newspapers and mako notes of the
names nnd addresses of persons who
nrs visiting out of town. When a
woman roturnod home she was called
on by ono of tho graftors. who said
ho was a relatlvo of na lntlraato
friend of tho person whom she had
been vlstlng. Ho Is generally re
ceived and finds opportunity to con
fide to his hostess that ho was short
of traveling expenses and would re
turn the amount of n loan aB soon na
possible Those men who live on tho
credulity of tho peoplo to mako a fat
Hvlrfg are a groat mennco to socloty,
as they are well educated and, dress
in tho height of fashion. The second
systom has worked oven' better. Two
men with slightly foreign accent
have visited all the fashionable Ro
man Cathollo houses up town solic
iting subscriptions for thd feeding
of tho poor. Thoy produced a forged
authority from several high church
dignitaries, and so successful woro
tholr operations that the police es
timate thoy collected over $14,000 In
six weeks.
Sure Curo for Plica.
Itching Piles produce moisture and
causo Itching, this form as well as
Blind, Blooding or Protruding Piles
nro cured by Dr. Bo-san-ko's Pllo
Romody. Stops Itching and bleeding.
Absorbs tumors; 50o a Jar at drug
gists, or sont by mall. Treatise froe.
Wrlto mo about your caso. Dr. flo-
tmnko, Phlln., Pa.
A Natural llcsult.
It Is vory rensonnblo to supposo Ift
tho foundation of n structuro wan
romovod that tho building itsolf Is
bound to como down. This snmo prin
ciple can bo applied to dlsoaso, Take
modlclno Into tho system that will ro
movo tho causo of sickness, nnd 111
nosa will loavo Itsolf. Dyspepsia, In
digestion, sick hoadaoho and bilious
ness havo tholr foundation In Btomach
disordors. Romovo this weaknosa
and tho other symptoms aro no more,
Thoro la ono curo for all this that all
druggists soil for 2Gc per box, It 1
Dr. Gunn'a Improvod Llvor Pills.
Thoy get right at tho beginning of
those diseases and mako tho cure by
taking away tho causo.
American Wtnldlng lu Japan,
Toklo, Dec. 29. Pines, palms,
fnmboo and plum and cherry blos
soms fostooned and decorated the
Amorlcan ombassy hero today, tho
gala occasion bolng tho marrlago of
Miss llaUlo Ermtnlo Hives nnd Mr.
Post Wheeler. Tho coromouy wns
porformed by Dr. McKlm, tho Amorl
can bishop of Japan, and was attend
ed by tho ellto of Toklo. All tho
guests rocolved luvltatlons from the
American ambassador In Japan nnd
Mrs. Wright. Miss Rlvos Is a con
spicuous (Iguro among Southorn
American authors, nud ono of hor
books, "Hoarts Courngeous," was
dramatUod lu Philadelphia a few
yonrs ago. SUo has occupied a prom
Inont plnco In Amorlcan society, and
ha trovolod oxtonslvoly. Though
boi In Christian county. Kentucky,
she comos of old Yirslnln stock, of
which sho Is vory proud, tho Virgin
ian Rlvos having boon sottled In tho
old dominion slnco 1G45. Sho was
brought up to tho "simple Hfo" out
doors, hunting, fishing and shooting,
almost tow n boy, by hor father. Col.
Stephen 'iYe, and is as lino a
Cold Weather Ahead !
on Buffets, China Closets and many othe
things in iutnitute fom now until afte Jan. J
Bt$f en & Hamilton.
horsoWomnn nnd shot as sho is a
writer. Many of tho pictures of Miss
Rives which havo found tholr way In
to print doplct nor on "L'omplro,"
her favorlto horso. Sho owns a hunt
ing lodgo In tho Virginia Alloghanlcs
which sho hns christened "Moon
Bhlno," slnco a United Stntos mar
shal, mistaking it for an illicit still,
rodo down tho hlllsldo to raid It. Miss
Rives Htorary caroor commenced
whon sho was 1C. Thon sho wroto
"Fool In Spots," which netted $1,000.
Her next work wns "Smoking Flax"
In 189C. a novel of southern llfo
We have sold
;ers in the past
! some good reason for this.
that's the reason.
We have a few heaters to
close oat Now is the time to
take advantage of a cleat ance
sale on this vety necessary
piece of household
Special prices will
dealing with tho question of lynch
law. In 1900 appeared "A Furnaco
of Earth," a box problem story, and
In 1902, "Hearts Courageous." This
hostorlcnl novel nnd colonial Phila
delphia for tho sotting of many of
tho scones, nnd old maps and docu
ments In tho library of Pennsylvania
woro closoly studied by hor. Mr
"Vheolor Is second sccrotnry of tho
Amorlcnn ombnssy. Ho studied mcdl
clno In tho University of Pennsyl
vania, but abandoned it for lltcra
turo. Ho Bpont somo tlmo among
tho Gudukh Indians in tho Arctic re
Throw Away That Old Tub
and Washboard;
Boy a Good Washing!
over 200 Ocean Wave Wash-
two years. There must be:
be given
gions and has writlf n Interesting de
scriptions of thorn. Ho Is a well
known mngazlno writer and umougst
his works nro "Reflections of a
Bachelor." For hla best man, Mr.
Wheeler had a Japanoso count, who
Is a member of tho houso of peers,
and who was a collcgo chum of his
In America. Tho embassy was draped
with Amorlcan and Japanoso flags,
wlillo tho windows wero decorated
with cnmollns and white ivls. After
tho corcmony Ambassador and Mrs.
Wright hold a reception nt tho em
bassy. 9
They are good,;
& CO.
jtfcV i-iti f

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