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Daily capital journal. (Salem, Oregon) 1903-1919, January 21, 1907, FIRST EDITION, Image 6

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- T T-t.
M B10 ti flYnJIll
Lionel Ihkk . "" iK-iani" famous ,,. (ow fr K w,j ,, r,.,noV.l.
around J'nrilHiid hio tlm aro hii.1 a ntmjorftir 0f MVn voted for II
who aorved some time In the penllen- 'rpnw, for M0ona.
At .... a .. 1.1. tiuiMljiMfv it
unry on ncirmiii. . ,..". .w -
tho nrt of buiieolns;. la wilder rreet
nt Baltimore charged with bleadlna;
aomo capitalists on a scheme to es
tablish n homo for supeninnuiited
nowspnpor men. 4
HorBOH nre helnic shipped h tho
onrtond from Monow uounly Into
Alberta, Canada.
Tho Mim County Horticultural so
ciety hits decided to oriTul it fruit
annory nt Albany.
A branch road will ho built from
Tlllnmook up Wilson rlvor, 30 miles
1o MoNnmor's ontnp.
Mr. nuil Mrs. Joseph Thornborc f
Grnnltu hnvu Just rttlabrntad tho fif
tieth nnnlvursiiry of their ninrrltma.
Thoy nro tho piironta of (Irnnt Thorn
borK, woll known nil over tho state.
A rnrload of nm I whh bniiled In
wagons Herons the roliitiihlti river at
Tho DhIIos lust week on the Ire The
coal whs for the use of the railroad
construction people on the north
"Profeaeor" Mpeuoe, tMaher at
ilnnchiK, left Pendleton between two
huiis and without hie hat, The tile
wn held by Willie friends whom he
owed. This Is not Nil the money that
ho Is said to have owed Hint he left
hurriedly rajmnllnw of the Invitation
of tho town marshal rnr him to re
main. A now dynamo has been Installed
In tho Klootrlo light plant at HlnyUin.
A hay famlno Is on In the iiihlniii
valloy In WnshliiKton. In a inmisuie
this affooU tho tiorlheru countloa In
this stnto.
Tho subject of a canal from Kit
Reno to CorvitlllM U beliii imitated
It Is urKUml that tho canal will bu of
groat bit mint to iUI thu people of both
Innu unit tlmiton counties.
Thu now postoltlro bulldliiK at Uor
vnllla that Has contracted for last
siiinninr Is now oompleto and tho wl
ron of the oftlo are khIIIiik their
mail nt (tin new uliiee. It is an ele
Kant iireeeetl brick UuiIiIIhk.
The county roiHinlloiiere of I leu
ton county have deeldetl that It li
ahenper to rare for the )HMir without
n liaiir farm limn with It and thev
have recently sold the farm to T
Uio Davie of Albany for $1180 Tbe '
nvorHKe number of aeonls to be kwl
Is onb !
At an litin hrltt last wees Koi ,
eat t!n.. has rnf h.-i mh! i
''blind pit imx UimI h rtti.(..l
Xhfe bUc IVcparalton for Ah
SltimUi tttcTiXMamtlttuU
lk the SkusAcki atsl lkyvb of
UcaaiUKiitret conujiiuiitdiher
OwumtMarphliic nor Mmaal.
y tf(U nSlNt(OLmfXtlX
Apcifccf UettuMy forCorwllrvi
Itott Sour Stotivuh.DiaiiUkj.
Wortixs.Cttuibwns lovrish
oos ondLoss or Sleep
Tax SiuO SnJsuilurt at
The best medicines In the world cannot
t.k ih ntsee of the family physician
rnn.ui him eirlv when taken III. If
. t.L ... ! Krnnthtit
tile trouDie is wnn your uiiuif ..............
tubes, or lungs, ask him about taking
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. Do as he says.
w. k... .... ....i.i W. sablltti J C.lrerCo.,
lbrBmalMCfllorBrprtloii IjOWIKW
, ri.m g.,,,.1,.,.... p-rfflr rallrimJ neo-
! pie propose tu build a spur from the
innlfi line to the cor I mines uenr
U. K. MlKlii wanu ltov. K 1..
JIoiiho, ltov. V. II. Ileppo, I'nul Un
der and X. J. HlHKfii to pay a wIiIm
koy bill of $XX,R0, numerous soda
mid InmoiiHde iiLTOiintx npjiroxlinst
I UK (li.KO, mid other thliiKH that n
tumpermico ilutootlvo drinks. Mr. Kl
Kin was iirlvato datoctlvo for tho Ore
Kon Antl-Hnloon Ickikuo. For months
ho Irnvolnd about tho state RHthcrluK
ovldonro avolust the solium men nuil
ilrugKlsts In local option products.
Now, na he svprs, his whiskey and
othor bills have not been pnlil by the
luaRiie, he brings suit In the west
hIiIo Jiistlco court at Portland aKHluet
tho leasue and the ministers, mem
hers of the hoard of trustees.
Miss It cum Kllctibers, a student of
ih normal school at Drain, got In
the way of a slwU while coast inn anil
had her leg broken. It Is feared she
rosy be am Invalid for life
Pearl Wlllard deer and Ml si
Sophia Wolfe, both of HtlverloH, wars
mairled last Wednesday In the city
hall at New York by Mayor MrCleU
Ian. (loitier Davenport, the cartoon
ist, was the best man and Dr. Louis
J. Wolfe whs the other olllrlal wit
ness. The weddliiK was the outcome
of the safo return of the Peary ex
dltlou. Mr. Wolf was siiriceon on
IIih trip and tho weddliiK was post
poned by the hi hie until hor brother's
The llcnton county tax levy was 12
mills last vt.nr anil will be lrt mills
this year
Wiley liiKrum. a farmer at June
(ton City, shot his arm off while
huutliiK ducks tho othor day. On the
same day Miss Lilly Hayes, living
three miles from Junction, shot her
self In the fool while tnrnet shootltiic.
The I. J. Klmusou Lumber com
pany at North lleuil has eold Its (ten
era I iHerrhHHillee store for $15,000.
The stock of hanlware was sold to
oae ttrta ami the srncerlea to an
other. It Is the Intention of Mr
ftlmiMMMi to illecoatlMue the sale of
uotts In coaneclloH with the lumber
About SO roons hsje hwu klllwl
In ihi vlilnliv nf Knov bultc within
Hi. ui four ir Hv.' ! niiiiibi-r
h. u- !,. kill, d m ih S. In im-IkIiIuh .
For Infanta and Childron.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
, k vt t.r.
ft III
f T As
Two Tracts of Land Are Sub
mitted As Eligible For
a Site
One himilrwl ami tlfty-three thou
sand dollars will be asked of th
present session or the legislature in
be used for the purchase of a, site and
the erection of a series of bii!lrilnu
and for the maintenance of an Inst
tutlon for the care and treatment of
the feeble-minded population of t!i
state of Oregon. A bill has alrcadv
been prepare,!, at the Instigation of
the state hoard of build In commls
sloners, ami will be presented to tli"
senate within a few days by Senatot
J. X. .Smith of Marlon county.
This Is In accordance with the m
lion of the legislative assembly o'
1905, which appropriated $lfi.0(ie
for the selHctlon of a situ for the pro
posed Institution and delegntud t'hc
rospouslhlllty for tho seloctlon of tin
mime to the hoard of bulldliiK com
tiilssloners. Two'Teaslble sites hav
been selectwil for the purpose, one lo
cated four miles south of this city
and consisting of H00 acres, the price
averagliiK IHR per acre. It Is offered
by Waters llros. of this city. The
lam! Is 703 acres tolling and level,
135 acres bottom, flflO acres In cul
tivation, and fiO acres In timber, am'
llrst quality agricultural land. The
person offering this land also agree
to build and operate an electric car
line between the city of Salem and
the site offored free of cost to the
statu, and further agree to have the
same In operation within 18 month-"
fiout the date of purchase.
The other tract lu contemplation
la oomposi'il of the James ColeuiHii.
Miller, et al farms, located on tln
Southern Puclllc railroad one ami
one-half miles fjom the terminus of
tho Kalem street car line hiiiI two
mid one-half miles south of the cap!
tol IiiiIIiIIiik. The total ufTerlm;s in
this tract itKKreKHte about !M)0 ncrM,
5R0 of which are now In cultivation,
mid remainder In pasture and tlmbi r,
tho prlro uei'HKliiK about $C5 per
aero, If this Humility Is purchased
Tho land Is first quality nurloulturn'
land, has considerable timber, mid
most excellent bulldliiK site, Ph
the rullriHid ninnlnu throiiKh It.
The hiHird of commissioners reenm
mend that I5S.000 be appropriated
for the purchase of the site, $7Mui
for the construction of the ImiIMIiimk.
and $10,000 for maintenance from
July 1, lUH, the estlmntetl date of
completion, to December 31, lUO't
The board recommends the rottaae
system as the best for the care of
defectives, which affords provisions
for the classtnestton of Inmates at
lo sex and age and also to segregate
the emploe and educational and In-
duotilal deitarimenu from the living
hikI service deiwrlmenls. It Is rep-
i'i -tiled much more conducive to
k-'o.i nvmm, nesioes leesenlng the
jilitiiHi'i tiom destruction bv Ore of a
i iiati amount of property
' Hi.' following Is the list of hulld
in- with probable cost, as uenr as
i hi !, ( (mated, baaed o the cos
I "i iMiiiiliiii-s of similar alae and eon
ft mi i ion erectod by the slate:
VdmluutiattoN building, fur
lsl $ 1 0.000
Three dorwlMty buildings.
furniture, eta Sl.voe
Central dlniew bull sad
NutpmoNt ,&
tieneral kltosMM, wttki eook-
tag apparatua S.&QS
Central benilng nail pwtr
bouse 1,11
Uundr) bulMllig and equip-
Kmploea cottage and fuml-
' I.M6
It li taUtjujiSMj that tbers are &
per wiibln tto aula thai are
qua lined lor Msalsslon lo an Insti
tution of this kind, but the board, la
a spirit of scottowjr and neresetty for
letrenrbweni, concluded to recom
mend buildings to accommodate one
half that number The taard. bow
ever, predict tbai the population of
the institution will nave lnrreed lo
i least lotto within two decode
The ruui'ilemeai of otrtrt and em
phie fur u lostliuiiua f 11,
haracter. mrgo eoougb to accom
iu,hIi :ue mM, aggrogaio tT,
aud (xtnslsl of a superintendent one
natron one engineer, two supervW
ts twehe attendants, two night
watrhe two rooks, to laundry
womea. thnee teacher Mtta one far
ner The eeilnuiied it ,f AWr
sat'i'H farnnuipieuttP anamarliU
" da") ecus Inrscs c". u $7000
" i MiMissnssMraiilMinilir'"M,,Bga""'J'' M to "slBnw
.. .
That we still have tne wsi siuv
Men's. Women's and Children's
Shoes in Salem.
Oar Own Make
326 State Streft
Repairing a Specially
jf Ill lllgMiWlltMIs
On the Stool
of Repentance
Is where n man tlii'ls himself that
takes his linen to any laundry hut
the Salem Steam laundry. If your
conscience don't prick, jour collar
and ruffs may anil make you appro-
elate the smooth dgos. soft button
holes and exquisite cilnr and flnlh
that ou inn iilwus rely on RettltiK
at tli Sub !) Steam Liiiindi, at bw
Phone U."t.
sri:.M i,i.Di:v,
111(1.1(1(1 S. Libel l St
Ttio ntioo cut sIiowh o.ir brick
lined Torrid Zono rjrnace Oiiar.
auteed kuh and dust imiuf I'lonoin
Icnl and duiablc, fot ilu- imiii. uturs
Inquire at
J."5H Stole Stieet.
Salem Fence Works
lleilniiaiiei for own Wtio
Hop Win. ii.ni, ,, j.,, r
NetiliiK. I'd k.t. Hull. jJhiiml. - .in'
P. U lteuh Hooflna
All at Km out prices
Walter Morley
250 Court St. Salem, Ore
H. S. Gile & Co.
Wholesale Grocers and Com
mission Merchants
In the market at all tlinen for
dried fruit and farm produce of all
We have for sale a few apple par
Ibb and slicing machines; eqttlpatBt
far a Urge dryer; will make a low
vnirtL UJMMIivblON CO.
2n7 Innimnrnnl C
Phone 179
Cash Purchasers of
Eggs, and
All Farm Produce.
nocky Mountain Tea Nuoaets
nt ihmh i.U utl RuJ
IIMV T k...
I Ul
u. . . I .-' '
k " T' eW
jy9 a
Lyfc -s-f1 uligf Mk
ltoK HaSK
" U Tr ta .t
. i !.-. f f
Have yoa
of Shoes ?
The beet pltice to buy ta where the
best stoek of lumber Is cardod. The
enllro bulldliiK trade know that
there not a liner stock of lumber
thnn thnt emrletl by us. Wo are
I ready to
till the largest.
We don't keep.!
promptly. We don't keepthe build
er wnltlner That' a very linportnnt
I point. Near S P pasxenjter depot
J Phnne f.2 Mali'
C7()ODl.i: l.t MUKIt CO.
I'or ivm mke eppclal cure to buy
none but tho host, mid our customers
can hUhh depend upon gutting the
best in hi,, niaiket nt right prices
when Hi.m Lux nt nur niurket.
I. '. CltOSS.
" ' Mm ket Phono 201
' " a fair f Mto for our
v ' t ll.it ili l.tirlia unit
- "-......ct i. ill,
" guarantee of uultt .
, Our prices are never too low to
lve it to you, and never too high for
et our ijuotation on your needs.
Voget Lumber
and Fuel Company.
It's Going fast
nd KUes perfect NUNfactlou.
i:ery sid U Riiumiiteeil, ih1 that
moiuiilH for uu. nil(, ,m,vaso Jn
li i Mill Hiade of
nuil Is ,.e ivs, rtnr m Hnj lHco
Wild Rose
t all tlit i la
J-J -
rt.l.i. l
ijiul buiuiicn nna .,
to lnv seven timn u-
,.,. , " " . mr c'
.TC,b..i. ... vtiso u year The
ornge lien lays onlv i n
a year. But now fjiiV-v
-g- '
Rfifjiuiiu nii.cu ii'd t'at
keen hoc in neef. r u .1 .
nmke her produce stx,,, fin,l
lier woiEitt in eggs cu.y a
Pmilsnn'a Inmrnvnrl rn 1.
11 '
win uu ii. ouisou o o, 1
Condition Powdera frr .'.
also keeps them in (,ncj hraht
l-or circular ana run rxpiana.
tlon call on
151 High Si.
When you are hnnimcilng fa
a good cattso you cannot hit it toe
hard nor too often. That's tj
we persist In telling pcoplo of tt.
good (liiulltles of our
Eppley's Perfection
Baking Powder
It Is the best and It 13 nud lS
Salem, and It's put up In a unh'
package, and Its Just as chupji
the poorer brands. Ask jourgf
cer for It.
Salem, Oregon
Ordor a package ol thV
famous health and bnli
building flour and enjoj
soino good old fashlMtJ
New Kngland Bron
Itrcatl. A chance &t 1
right hot loaf will mill
you think you ar It
Boston. With AIIm'i
ScIf-iisltiB B. B. B. Flci'
you can inako bread "J.
llko tho Puritans utedlt
Il-lt I'nnrnKo Hour
Is also a puro food; tt
Trndo rising and alt read; f
Mark mix with water and bit
on n hot grlddlo.
l'nclllc Const Factory, Sun J
Cal. Kiihtern Factory, UHle
Wolf Mills, Manawa, WlJ.
Sliont wtsnlv In tha source of BS
satisfaction. Why not spend W
ui ii. wisely now uujiuh i,i--US?
Baker, Lawrence & Baktf
8ucceor8 to Hairttt & l!4
Fonnorly Sliapsoa'a Statt
T7n-trx.tnt llrArv arvd e
Funeral turnout a epecifllr- ?J
ho for picnics and excursion.
247 and 249 High Street
Corner of Seventh and St
Portland. Orewn-
Tht, n ti BnJn h&tsl o' ("
Catera oxrtlanlartr to rwWflt J
( lem and othor Oregon eltle 6ft u,
pun. lYeo bus. Bate w ,
an4 upward. HandeonKwt PDl B
Weet, end priew as low as '
lse attracUre. DsOy OspHl J"
.vert r;c-3 i
s Broccrs,
01 file.
1' WKiaHT.DIO!aaOK ko

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