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Daily capital journal. (Salem, Oregon) 1903-1919, January 21, 1907, FIRST EDITION, Image 7

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0f the State Press
litical events
. ... .A til
the btaie aim "
mm', I, ; events Of
nn ronn"1 , ,
that 14 bright, brainy Republican
senators would so far Corset their
political manhood to sell themselves
to the opposition. If this deal proves
to be a fact, they should be branded
with the Benedict Arnold stamp and
shunned by nil Republicans and de
spised by honest Democrats. Junc
tion City Times.
"Make Salem a Good
V, Idiul t Si'""'- , t tt
Is informed inm n-
.i,i!. rpr
'"-" . ....,. V
intention of stocKin... ,
.. ...,.. ,. march on tho
. . (a lO ?'l'
rui o 3
d Crook county folk and
. I., this winter In
,hClf ' C .J ; no objection to
!''n1' ., c.nViiifin rolltltV.
a formation '""'' n .. -
ttcniDt ifiMti""
townships of
L, lhs a
... nli
,.r nf t 10 - ' s
Ed old Sherman county will cause
00a '" ..... ,, lis It
elr Ignon.lnous - -. -
dto years nco - sue. ,.... r ,
W Vif
Oregon l.ciuR
Tt popular election of United
..... tinu tmnii nrnctlcallv
..tcs scnaiui" " ,
eCbOlCOOf tllC 8IUU- i-uimv.....
rlnc ana has boon selected by the
(Mature out of respect for the ex-
... ... nmivniiHnn.
ression irom iu
In Washington tlie local opuon.u"
j the direct primary law will
i.,. .iojiiI this wlnor and
it. i S3 "l "'" .... ,
t Orcon mci Mires will ne sen-
ls dlSCIISSl'll
. .iii.. r..M lifin tlitllirlt.
Oi.;nn is wiimi" - "
, to imitate her. She lias sot n
us pace in popular government.
u (;, d. mom,! rated Its worth nml
a5 1,0m the brunt of tho experl-
. 1. .. 1. nM IWlI'lUlt'nUt
ea'j now me mm-i w. ..""
ut.-i can adont the welt tried prln-
Ipi j wMiout "rlif. -Hast Oregon-
Phldo (iraiit Ciuiiity.
J dc n3 from ticwsonpor reports
111 -.Oil 01 It mil I I-IMUIIJ rnv.-l.in "
tl ascuuUnrv. though it has its
, cr rts, The Hlue Mountain Englo
. .1-. .1.,. .. .. !.... ...i... il
lit . J null '"' iiuiniviii I'm i
rty should not be hold In
Grar U'.P inunmuiiiis in uiu nu-
los'dr w count desire same. I Ills
lajrlVve thai to be the sentl-
tc-Mai'm nait of Ornnt county.- -
hi" Murrain K.igb-
lilt (he Itull's Eye.
Judging from tho remarks of the
state press. Governor ChninhurlnlnV
message seems to have touched ex
actly the right spot. Eugene Guard
Will Make Mote Jobs.
As n niattor of fact, if there is any
politics In tho question at all It lies
with the advocates of county divis
ion. The creation of the new couut
will double th" number of olllces and
ofllce-holders. If .this were not true
we venture the opinion that county
division would not have been
thought of. The Dnlles Chronic'.".
Pitimtntllc Trickery.
T' uunnirats are making the
. ' r' Mic fi-w promises made them
, V sd.ni Halms of tho Oregon
cu indue strew Ik laid upon
In j irvm worn lie utierou no-
' flutlnn to (lie chair and his
a, -i momlsi distorted to the
:. ' f! 'i furm of a convicting pledge.
' av with TiolttlcIniiH of
i r i. a' u pirsuaMoii, aipl he had
' ' ' maincj satlifletl with ills
a' "i 'lie Horn of that chamber
'" ha''' ri-k a the odium they
cailiis and will rake him
V Is a dangerous expedient
t! ' ri llnim unon Uemocrntlc
p-- r, or gooil faith. AKtorlan
Solar I'leMW lllow.
T"' ill" kslii'i iaft sot a body
I'W t le sm.u- wlien the rosolu-
I'Q .mn'Itif oteil to nlioIUh well
In! hi nr if thbt reconuiionda-
i', adv,ini (1,.,-kal help will cost
c-ttin 'n mtiSHttkor City
p-fi i .it
I'nrtlniiil (ieiieritl (Jet- II.
I . r islit Willamette valloy conn
f"'d nffnul to Wane bonds nnrt
" ' tni'J locks at Orf Ron City mid
" oi-n. v o.r the prsont oxtor-
huniU r.ii. t-.nn nftA . r.
"".WWII III u llJ
.mU cl 8v Intent of $25,000
' T'n sann counties are nnv-
5S ' "' limi tiini ...,.... ... i...
- miliiilllll iij llir
M Cneral Kk-ctrle company.
Vbrtv Hernlil
W Little IjunlK.
u Hedses -will faai n imin
lWw'Be. benn iha, . .... ......
-wed lunib in tho black fold
-"' t aub Tribune.
tantmt Do Much.
.athtt he hM little hopo or
"iti ? ",,,ain wo'00 up-
111.4ml. T.. . '" "w Puuhc
"U llf M .1 ,
tiii,U I
t"'v tit..
Got I'ree Ride.
The railroad compdnv falls to be
very much offended at tho nntl-cor
porutlon (?) Oregon legislators, it
furnished them n socclal train for a
free ride to Portland Thursday.
ISugone Guard.
Chop OIV Clniv.s.
Cnmpbell of Claclcnuius Is after
the public service corporations with
bare knuckles and blood in his eye.
Ills bill for their regulation, Intro
duced in the house on Thursday, I"
full of meat, nml makes a tip-top
showing 'of the pooulur hand and
mind in the IWlit that Is pending. It
has the tenor, temper and tendency
of the real sort, and expresses the
Idea that the xoople of Oregon nre
ubout to do business tor themselves,
and for the corporate combines. It
is drastlo In some ways, but its tone
is rljsht and w'holosoiue. and we hope
the legislature will take Its cue from
the measure and follow it to tin hon
est ond, oven If It has to modify tho
terms In some degree. Aatoiiun.
Stelner's Market.
Dealers in flshf came and poultry.
Highest cash pricrf paid for eggs.
Prompt delivery. State street.
Local Wholesale Market.
Wheat 57c.
Local wheat Goc.
Oats 32c.
Hurley ,
Klour $3.2f.
Mill feed Bran, S1S.00; shorts.
$l$0 $21.
Hay Cheat and clover, $0.00 per
ten: timothy, $10.00 per ton.
Eggs 2S??30r.
Hens 10c: young chickens, 10c.
Ducks 10c; geese, 8c; turkeys,
13 5?lGc.
Butter 3t"c; butter fat, 33c.
Onions 55(0 750 cwt.; potatoes.
GOc cwt.
Hops Choice, 14c; prlmo to
choice, 13U 13c; medium to prime.
107 12,c.
Chittim bark 5 V G? Gc.
Tropical Fruit. t
Bananas bike per lb.
Oranges $3. 00(57 $4.00.
Lomons $ 1.00 (fj $". 000.
Retail Market.
Flour $1 per sack.
Ilran Goo per sack; $20ry $21
per ton; shorts, OOo per sack, $22 (w
$21 per ton.
Hay Timothy, G5c per cwt ,
cheat and clover, 45c por cwt., $S
per ton.
Oats $1.20 per cwt.; wheat, 75e;
rolled bnrley. $25Ct$2S per ton.
Eggs 3 Be.
Apples fiOc to $1.00, according
to quality.
Butter Country, 25(0 27c; creanl
ary. 4 0e.
Solent Chronology.
In Salem everything dates from the
legislative sessions.
Like the farmer planting his pota
toes by tho changes, of the moon,
Salem gauges her affairs to tho open
ing of the legislature. It la a sort of
biennial sunset and dawn In her lit
tle world. Her chronology centors In
this ull-absorblng event.
Bills long contracted are payable
whon "the legislature meets." Prom
ises made during political campaigns,
months In advance, uro discharged
during the golden 40 days. It Is a
sort of clearing house for political,
ilnuuclat und social obligations.
Liko the Hheeplierder who eoiuoo
to town from the "wild and wooly"
hills to take his animal bath, Salem
puts off her obligations until the
legislative session. I.Ike the fawning
admirer of old BUI Jones who onl
shlned his shoes when old Bill gave
his annual "blow out," Snlom saves
up her surplus social energy until
the legislature meets. Kast Oregon
Ian. Want liiillrimil Commission.
It is to be hoped that tho present
sosslon of tho leylnlutiii'u will devote
Its attention to that class of legisla
tion ihat will converse tho Intorosf?
of tho wholo people. Sneclal nets In
favor of localities or Individuals or
spoclal business Interests should be
turned down. Probably there Is no
one net that would confer so great n
public boncflt as one creating a rail
road commission. Toledo Reporter.
State of Ohio, City of Toledo,
Lucas County, ss:
Frank J. Cheney makes oath thnt
he is senior partner of tho firm of F.
J. Cheney & Co., doing business In
the City of Toledo, county and stato
aforesaid, and that said firm will pay
tho sum of ONE HUNDRED DOL
LARS for each and every case of
Catarrh that cannot be curod by tho
use of Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to before me and subscribed
In my presenco this Gth day of De
cember, A. D 188G.
(Soal) Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken Inter
nally, and acts directly on the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system.
Send for testimonials free.
Toledo, O.
Sold by all Druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills' for con
stipation. o
l'niILiVnn.-nn cm rr
"" iiui B.t , tSk0n UIK I Dally except Sunday. Leaves W1I-
li. .v m1 School nilABtlnn 1.3 I, .. w. . . . .
lameue noiei, salera at 3 p. m., con
nects with motor for Monmouth and
Dallas at G:15 p. m. Leaves Inde
pendence at 8 a. m. Phone Main
m...: n Kr"t ! to obtain
Ufctiv, r
dnbody. Pell:
uoVliip it,.n. I...-.
1 rrUfc,l r.f ...
r a--dit i. ... .
Ft i.,. . - - eonvlotlon
. V:i: If wUh a viw
l fcoti .... fc""" n, coinin' "
Li&. .. J'nibo It Ion tnkon ....
" Eli'lr 1 . .. ul.
!" 'he Ki-i l 1tlon Is
Tiding "wcraeni.
ctterU,i U'e An,"'' Sta,,,,,.
ear?n' lined to doubt
lb stoers,
3 V, e.
Lighter stoors 23tfji234c!.
Cows and heifers 0001000 lb,
2 14 3c.
Stock hogs ()fj(P4e.
Hogs 175 fT2f.O lb, fat; $G.00t?
Sheop 5c.
Lambs. 5c. ..
Veal Droned, GJSc!.
Hogs Drossod, So.
Wheat Club. GC(!7e; valley.
Cite; blue stem, GSCfGPc.
Oat Choice white, $25.50 $2G
Millstuff Bran, $10.
Hay -Timothy, $12 $13; nlfalfa,
Vetch $7 Cf $7.50.
Pot n too S500c.
Poultry Avorago old hen, 7Se;
mixed ehiekotiH, 11 12c; young
rooster, 12 13c: clrossod chlokons,
12f i:ic; turkeys, live, lG17c; tur
keys, droBSod, Hi 20c; goose, live.
10c; ducks, 15 lGc; plgoons. $1.00
Pork Droisod, 0 0 ft c.
Beef Drosgnd, 5 5 Vie c.
Mutton 0 7c.
Hop 11 14c lb, according to
Wool Valley, coarse to medium,
2021c; onstorn Oregon, 131Sc.
Mohair '20 2Sc.
Buttor Fancy Creamery, 30 ST
35e; store buttor. 227c.
Aro you tirod fagged out, nervous,
slooploss, foeK mohn? HollBter's
Rocky Mountain Tea strengthens
J your nerves, uIiIh digestion, brings
refreshing slcjep. 3j cents, 'lea or
Tablets. For sale at Dr. Stone'--store.
Southern Pacific Co,
Time card No. 48, effective Novem
ber 20, 12:01 a. m.
Toward Portland.
No. 16 5-: 23 a. m., Oregon ex
press. No. 188:31 a. ni Cottnge QroTO
No. 12 2:58 p. in., Oregon ex
press. No. 14 9:28 p. m Portland ex
press. No. 222 11:3 a. m departB at
11:30 a. m Portland fast freight.
No. 226 11:GB a. m., Departs at
12:45 p. m -way freight.
Toward San Francisco.
No. 13 131 a. m., San Francisco
No. 1111:08 a. m., California
No. 17 6:32 p. m., Cottage Orova
No. 15 9:56 p. in., California ex
press. No. 2212:33 a. m., Portland fast
No. 225 11:25 a. m., departs at
11:55 a. m., way freight
A Woman's Back
Das many aches and pulni caused by
weaknesses ami falling, or other displno
mont, of the pi-lvlc organs. Other synij
torns of female weakness ore fivqnen'.
headache, dliztness, imaginary spooks or
dark spots floating before the ejes. gnav
Ing sensatlcin In stotnaelt. dragging or
bearing down In lower abdominal or pel vie
region, disagreeable drains from pelvic
organs, fa In tt pills with general weakness.
If any comidorablo number of the sibov.
symptoms aro present there Is no remedy
that wiHglvn quicker lvllef or a moro pe
mnient jvcj) than Dr. Plerco's Favorito
Prc3RnHiRt has a record of over fort 5
years of c.rV. Tt. Is 1 It p.. n' est homj
xllicijciinw n ' tiidiciljrtetire. It jj t,. a.
of the glj cri:.: extracts 01 native medic i
nal roots f"iind In our forests and con
tains not a iJr.ip of nK'ohol or harmful, oi
habit-forming drugs, li.i Ingreilleutt are
all printed on the bottle-wrapper uml at
tested under onth as correct.
Every Ir.'.-redict.t entering into "IM
vorlte Prescription " lias the written on
dorsetuent of tlio nnst eminent inodlea.
writers of all tho several M'liools of prac
tice tnoro vithiablu than any amount
non-profs.dmul testimonials though th.
latter are not lacking, having boon eon
trlhiiteil voluntarily by grateful patient
In numbers to exceed the eiulor?eni"i''
given 'to any other medicine oxtant foi
the cure of woman's Ills.
You cannot alTord to accept any mcdlcliii
of unknown composition a. a substltuti
for this wnl'i proven remedy ok kmw:.
comi'dsu ion, even thoiiRh the dealer nia
make a little more prnllt thereby. Tout
interest la regaining health l paramount
to any sell h Interest 0 lit and It Is m.
Insult to your Intelligence for him to try
to palm off upon jou a substitute. You
know what von want and It Is his busi
ness to Mippiy the article railed for.
Dr. Picr's Pleuaiit Pellots are the
nrlglnul ''Little Liver Pills" Urst put up
by old Dr. Pierre over forty years age,
much Imitated but never equaled. Llttlf
fugiir-coatiHl granules ousy to tuKo m
See Us for Bargains
in Real Estate
Six room house, barn and 22 lots,
45x130 each; prlco $1S00.
Six room house cm car line, 4 lots,
75x150; price $1500, easy terms.
Nine room house plnstored, closots,
pantry, basement, soptlc tank, ham
20x34, woodshed 1Sx22. This place
Is three blocks from court houso;
Price $2025.
Six-room house, plastered, closets,
pantry, toilet, well, good barn, live
lots 75x150 each, on cur lino; prlco
Two acres, 7-rootu houso, barn,
well, and all kinds of fruit, near Sn
lom; prlco $1250.
Fifty-live acres, 35 In cultivation,
20 acres In timber, now 7-rooni house
largo barn; 10 acres in imps, all
wired. This place Is nil good black
soil.- Price $110 per aero.
Forty-ono and one-half nr.ro all In
cultivation, 7-room house, largo barn,
10 nores of fruit, good woven wlro
fences, Implements, 2 horses, 0110
row. This place Is near school and
churoh, one mid ono-half mllos from
Salem. For prices seo Itadrlllt & Co.
We have our hundred acres of
good laud near SmI.mii to trudo for
Snloin property.
Wo also have 11 :ood business
block mid dwelling In Colorado
Springs to trade for property hare
If you wnnt hop ranch, timber
grain, fruit or grazing lands see us.
Several houses for rent. Call If
you want nnj thing In Insurance or
notary work.
Reliable Agents
Itoom 11, Mooros block, Salem, Ore.
Iteferenee, nny bank or business
house in the city nf Snlom.
4 I 1 4-g-HH-rW
1 3
R. O. Cununlns Successor to White
Cummins, express, dollvery nnd
transfer lln9. Prompt service la
our motto. Furnlturo nnd piano
moving a specialty. Stand at 150
South Commercial street. Phone
175. Residence phono 96S. 8-4-tf
New and Secoml-llaud Goods.
Bought nnd sold, nlso ranges,
stoves nnd cooking utensils, duti
es, grantto nnd tinware of all kinds
Olvo us a call. O. L. McPeok, 170
South Commercial St. 8-13-ly
Booms Furnished for light house
keeping, 730 North Front street.
For Rent Seven-room houso with
hnsomont. Good well wator, piped
In nnd out. Inqulro of A. Schrolb
or, 5C0 N. High stroot. 1-7-lmo
Furnished Rooms With or without
hoard, phone, electric lights nnd
bnth room. ,T. Jay Cook. Phone
5.13. 1-12-lm
liny for Sale. Wo h.ivo baled ehoot
liny for sale. George Swcgle, Gui
don Rond. l-10-3t
For Sale. Throe blocks of laud,
largo orchard, two-story house of
eight rooms, good barn, for $3700
Also houso hold furniture, includ
ing piano. Also two blocks or land
for $1500. Inqulro at 747 South
Twelfth street. 1- lfi-3t
For Sale. Ono McCormlek mower,
one revorslblo Pitts harrow, ono
14-inch Oliver plow, nil good ns
new, nt n bargain. Call nt olllco
of Orogon Slonnn Paint Compnny,
Salem. 1-7-1 m
Foresters of America Court .Sli.r
wood Foresters, No. 19. Mcota
Tuesday in Hurst halt. Stato stroot
It. S. Uldor. C. It.; A. L. Brown, F.
Central Lodge No. 1H, K. of P.
Castle Hall In Holnian block, cor
nor Stato and Llborty st roots.
Tuesday of each week at 7:30 p.
in. E. W. Hazard. C. C.j W. I.
Staley, K. of It. and S.
Moilct-u Woodmen of America Ore
gon Cedar Camp No. 524G. Meeti
every Thursday evening nt 8
o'clock In Holnian hall. W. W.
Hill, V. C: F. A. Turner, Clerk.
Woodmen of World Meet every Fri
day night at 7:30, In lllilman hall.
F. R. Capper, C. S.; P. L. Frazlor,
I'm- Sale. Gentle pony, hroko tc
rl.le or drive, also phulo, which I
will sell on Installment. W. B.
Gllsou, 117 Commercial stroot
For Sale. My 80-nero farm, foil'
miles south 0 tho huslnoss conter
of Salem, at Liberty, will sell In
smnll tracts to suit purchaser, or
entire tract at a bargain, or will
rent to right party. Call on J. ('. j
Johnson, at Salem, or address J
II. Daniel, Eugene, Oregon.
1-1 7-1 111
Dr. 11. II. White Qradunto of Klrks-
vlllo, Mo., under founder of Os
tcopathy. Room 21, Broyman
building, Commercial street
Phono 87. Residenco 390 Summer
street, corner of Center. Phono
1219. Treats ncuto nnd chronle
dtsenses. Examination froo.
Then. M. Bart- Plumbing, hot water
and steam heating and tinning,
104 Commorclnl streot. Phon
Main 192. 9-1-ly
M. J, Potzol Plumbing, stonm and
gas fitting. Successor to Knox A
Murphy, 220 Commo-clnl ltreet.
'Phono Main 17.
A. L. Frazcr Successor to Burroughs
& Frazcr, plumber and linncw. Manu
facturer of coppoir nnd gnlvanlzeJ
iron cornice, ami tuotnl skylights,
105 Stato street. 'Phono 1511.
Dr. D. 11. G'rlllln, the Specialist 011
Morphine All drug nnd liquor
hnblts, which he cures In 3 dnys.
No money until cured, 214 Trnilo
St., Salem. Ore. Phono 508. John
Doyens, Business Mnuager.
Frank M. Brown. Manufacturer of
snsh, doors, mouldings. All kinds of
houso finish nnd hnrd wood work,
Front street, bet. Stnto nnd Court.
Dr. E. J. Young. Veterinary Surgeos
..and dentist, 33 yenrs' exporlonce.
All work guaranteed. Dllllcult sur
gical oporntlons n specialty. Phon
581. Ofilco nt Club Stables. Plion
7. Salem, Orogon. 3-0-tf
WimtrdXSgung girl for light
l7 t 1-8-31
WaiTfen-Flve tp ten cords of good
111- wood. Apply to E. Ilofor, Jour
mil olllco. 12-20-tf
Wauled Stock hogs for fooding,
chickens, ducks nml all kinds of
poultry. Hlgheet prlco paid. Hop
I.no Co., 1S1 Commercial stroot,
Salem, Or. 12-5-tf
Wanted 10 iuon in unuh stuto to
travel, distribute samplos of our
goods and tack signs. Salary $85
per month; $3 per day for ex
penses. Saunders Co., Department
P, No. 40 Jackson Boulevard, Chi
cago, 111, 1-14-lw
A magazine wliicli lias steadfastly
stood for all that is best in American
life, has held fast by the soundest
traditions of literature, aided mater
ially in the development of American
ait by educating popular taste and
putting work in the hands of prom
ising artists, and in season and out
of season urged upon a people
engrossed in business, righteousness
and competency in public office,
justice to authors, wholesome con
ditions in the crowded parts of ciliei,
the larger educational opportunities
for all. The Outlook.
Sen J ftr full fHj? tut mi J
Union Square IVciv York
MTT Hn ImkiiuuMIIihi
H LKHTOkBupposiion
D- ju TH. '
ui- bm., maw, r.u, m l vriMi f a mj
Uu ta til . iuh l. Ufa tit . U il.nn,
KrtCct. w. Tk., vriuai T. ftr uli,uU.
'uUi. Vt. II. D. McOUl. Cluitkmif. T. . riu.
"U rrwlU. tt t i,u, I ti fD4 i.l; u
.U J..I..' fWI, M Cr,.. tMialtt r.M. M4
IfVimiw. K,,,!, WUOy. UIMCABTCW, lA.,
Sold In Sakm by Dr. S. C. Stone
Candy Stand-1 hnvo romovod from
Stato street to 489 Court street,
whore I Invito the eouttniiod pat
roniif'e of all and thuuk them for
past favors. I). S. Schonck.
Coiu-i-fto Work, Get my prices oiif
sidewalks, curbs, soptlc tanks and
comout work of any k'lnd, All
work guarantood llrst-clnss. M
Ward, Highland add. Phone 509.
It Is worth moro thun uny other
brend, yot tho prlco Is no higher.
For sale nt your grocer's,
Thomas & Cooloy, Props.
lliitto Ai Wcuderotli Flno wlnos,
liquors nnd cigars. Wo handlo the
colebratod Kellogg nnd Castle
whiskies. Cool and refreshing beor
constantly on drough. South
Commercial stroot 9-3-lyr
Salem Iron Works. Founders, ma
chinists and blacksmiths. Manu
facturers of all kinds of sawmill
machinery. Hop and fruit drying
Btovos, etc. Manufacturers of tho
Salem Iron Works Hop Press.
Lincoln Annuity I'uloii. Sick, acci
dent and pension Insuranco; $2,
000,000 pledgod; every claim paid
Good agents wauted. J. H. C.
Montgomery, supreme organizer,
Box 432 Salem, Oregon, R. R.
Ryan, secrectary, 646 State streot.
For water service i.nly nt oflke,
Bills payable mouth)) 111 advance
Make nil complaints at tlio ofilco.
y aif
f Gold Dust Flour I
ER COMPANY, Sidney, Oregon.
Made for family use. Ask your
grocer for it, Bran and shorts
alweyn on hand.
P. B. Wallace
a a 9
O. C. T. CO
i M. P. BALDWIN, Ajjt
A m
ai. u r"rvli.ii.il
1'UU U M.4 4 U.IJ B.1.II1AV
htm. tuli lth tlut KIU-.. V
Tk 1
.a !. Hyr mt .ur
riMl. A.k(MVHJ.t-M:M.TKir4
nias.ia o.'.i. i'ilui, lut na
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