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The Old White Corner
,lSJiO w I" 10 V!a.
$1 1 .50
.if in the house that for-
Jw sold for 113.60 to $16.00
ahavo the cleanest stock of
Ithing In tho city. Every suit Is
lr and stylish. Como and sco
tttm; wo win sno uu fcU
nlues you have oyer seen.
THIS Hltili". unux.
80 pieces of wash goods fang-
l.- in nrica from loc to 7&C tt
Lrd will bo on sclo nil this weok
imN'HIBTTA, 20c.
c tho display In our Court
street window of now Honrlottas
In fancy printed grays, plaid and
itrlpe, cream, plain bluo and plain
brown colors.
In tho powerful four-net comedy
( And tho great four-act mountain
Prices 15 and 25c.
Stand Opera House
JX0. F. COKDRAY, Manager.
the New rihrco Act Comic Oporn
Yankee Tourist.
frtcei. :r, 7"i, $1 00, $1.50, $2.00.
-U n fj at box ofllco Thursday
9 a, in.
In Bifocal Lenses
i a neat, up-to-date
J far-eeelag. It I
ne expendr kind,
hi la
.way your broken
'" m to tu. Wt dm
t. with little ox-
Chw , H. Hinges
' " OptJctan.
I Mr-, H$t doer to
VilioiutI IlHk.
Salem Fence Wire
I tioliw
p v - j,a . ,,. t,i,.
L T 1 , Cintam Rt.lnolr.. orwl
4B H alyRoofla
A.1 at lowest prices.
Walter Morley
urt St. Salem, Ore.
Mounlarn Tea Huflgett
i.izyst ?'&.
Lisr ir r" "v."18.' . ..
MotSf1-trean MOweU. JUci
Mil I i!,S? c"'iT, Mdtaoo. Wk.
pecial offerings the feature this week
$1 .25 to 1 8.50
A big stock of petticoats camo
last Friday evening, and out of
tho lino wo selected a lot for in
troductory specials. They are thu
regular $3.00 vulucs, and will bo
sold at that next week, If any arc
left. But this weok they go at
Just this week only.
50c and 75c wsec it CiJ '
mlns in tho now block chceltt
and plain colors. Special
35 YARD.
Twenty-two pieces on salo this
Home From Knjisas.
James Roberta, who hns Just rc
turned from spondlng threo months
nt Garden City, Southwestern Kan
sas, says they hnd a flno winter, with
f lin flHAllf I. II, n tr nnl ilnnl 9 ...I...1
Tho outlook for grain crops is very
poor, as tho winter and spring have
been very dry, and, uiiIcbs thoro nro
general rains, there will bo a dry
time. Ho Bays Oregon boats any
country ho has boon In, and ho Is glial
to be homo ngnln. Mr. Roberts I?
tho ninn who mot up with Tracy in
an ovll hour aud Involuntarily ex
changed clothes. On the way homo
ho wns relieved of anothor suit of
clothes carried In a teloscopo grip,
that ho hud checked through on thu
rnllroad. Ho says people hnvo a fond
noss for his clothes, nnd It miiBt be
tho Btylo,of thorn thnt makes it lin
poBBlblo to keep tholr hands o hlo
Doing Business Again.
"When my frlonds thought I wns
about to tako loavo of this world, on
account of Indlgostion, nervousness
nnd gonoral debility," writes A. A.
Chrlsholm, Treadwoll, N. Y., "and
.when It looked as if thoro was no
hope loft, I was porsuaded to try
Electric nittors, and I rojolco to Bay
that they aro curing mo. I am now
doing business again as of old, and
am still gaining dntly." Host tonic
medlclno on enrth. Gunrantood by
J. C. Perry, druggist. 50c,
Appoints by tho Governor.
Rov. Hiram Vrooman, Chns. F
Doobo, Hornnrd Albors, D. D.
Inmnn, Honry Gurr, Charles,
Gram, Snmuol Von toll, L. T.
Gillllnnd, Portlnnd; R. Fromnn, Con
don; R. A. Harris, Arleta, wero ap
pointed delogatoa to tho National
Civic Federation at Chicago, May
For Xnibnts jutd Children.
The Kisd Ya Hiw Always BsffW
Xmh tha
Chick feed
There la no b-tUr chl.-k f.d
made than tho kind have.
ig ataiemont, but a fail btjond a
doubt. Coruinly the best fed ta
tart th chhk with. Remember
e have a full Uoo t poultry
u')i)l!e of all kind.
Bee Supplies
We lMtv tha largest itok of
bee bappltae In U valley, and can
fill your want. Now U the time
to put on the supers and get the
bees to work. Our prleea on hive,
supors and oxtras is tho loweat in
kho city. WI?
A full line of smokers, sections
foundations, veils, etc, on band.
255 Commercial Street.
To . Refer the State
University Grab
OneoftHe Largest Granges
in the State Unit for the
The fight to rofer tho big nppro
prntlon for tho Stnto University to a
voto of tho peoplo Is a farmors and
taxpayers' fight, whero they will
meet tho aggregated. Interests of
combines, political grafters and sub
sidized newspapers in a hnr.d-to-hand
conflict. Tho University forces aro
led by tho Alumni Association,
which consists of tho graduates of
that Institution for tho past 40
years, tho professors and tho ro-
gonts, Republican, Domocrnt and
Many of tho smaller Grnnges of
tho Btnto hnvo expressed thomsolvcs
ns locnl organizations, but the
Grnngo as a state organization hns
not, nnd probably will not, tnko sides
on this pnrtlculnr bill, unless an ef
fort Is mndo to enrry tho county nnd
stato Granges for tho appropriation.
Then they will hn"o something to
say. Tho oxccutlvo commlttoo of tho
Stnto Grange, which composed of A.
T. Ruxton, muster of tho stnto
Grango, nnd, by law, ono of tho ro-
gonts of tho Stnto University, nnd
nlso of tho Stato Agricultural Col
logo; 11. G. Loody and C. 13. Spoucor
decided to rofer tho $100,000 appro
priation for tho nrmorlos, nnd tho of
flclnl pnBs bill, but woro divided on
tho Stato University appropriation.
So tho lnttor bill Is being rotorrod by
tho action of locnl organizations, nnd
not undor tho direction of tho Btnto
Iwnl Organ lit Ions Active.
Rut many of tho local Granges nro
an unit ngnlnst tho big annual appro
priation for tho Stnto University.
Wholo countlort nro nu unit ngnlnst
It, nnd mnny of tho petitions coming
In Include tho wholo voting popula
tion of bright, intelligent nnd pro
gressive communities. Tho press of
tho stnto, ns far nB posslblo, Is sup
pressing thee locnl expressions of
protest ngnlnst tho quartor million
biennially, without specification, for
a Blngl Institution of higher educa
tion. For InBtnnco, Mncleny grnngo
on n voto takoa nt tho last mooting
suHtnlnod tho roforondum undortnk
on by tho Linn county council. This
wns not roportod to tho pnpora, whllo
ovory llttlo Grango thnt endorses tho
University la hornlded In tho press
with big hondllntw. This Is dono to
enrry tho Idoa that tho Grango
stands for the big grnfts, and to keep
tho stato Orango, that moots nt Hood
River, In lino to protect tho combina
tion In tho Intorost of the log-rolling
program of you ttcklo mo nnd I will
tloklo you. Hut locnl Granges iyo
tnlKIng out. Hero Is a word that
comes from Enstorn Oregen:
Volt-o of a Imvuo finingf.
Frewntr, April 21, 1907.
The work of the Linn County
Council, P. of H., l being felt In this
vicinity. A vry large ami enthusi
astic meeting of Hudson Bay Orange
No. S61, whose members are about
up to the 200 marks, besides many
Tlsltors from adjoining Qranget.
This Grange la a representative of
some of the vry best and prosptroiis
cltliens of this vicinity. A reolu-
Itlon was offered by D. J. Klik. '. i
reads as follews:
j "Whoreas. The ataV' 1-t.Miture
'at its 24'h regular sosulop iaiMd
boiib bill No. 37, apiroirl.tl.i In
'a lump sum. annually. 1125, ono for
the support and malnt uan- of thu
Statu Fnlvfrslty. at K.iK' ne, and
leavtug the nitthod of f-x riilture
wholly in the bands of the bm'd of
' regents, therefore be it
"Rsolvtl, By the liuduon Day
Orange, No. SCI. P. ol H.. In reguUr
session aasemttled, that we are unnl
' terably epponed to this excessive ap
propriation sad the method of Its
' expenditure, nnd oomme'nd the stand
! taken by the Linn County Bullae
: Council. P. of II., In referring the
said UIM00 appropriation to the
, legal voters of the state at the reg
ular eUotlon, to be held June 1.
Kogano Palmor, of Linn county,
was called for, and explained wberlln
ho favored the referendum. Ho
spoke for 45 minutes, scoring at ev
ery turn. He said he was not op
posed to tho University, as such, but
was opposed to log-rolling and the
U. of O. duplicating tho work done at
O. A. C. by tho general government
free of cost to the taxpayers of the
stnto. Ho said tho public school
was the foundation on which. to build
nnd compared tho child of tho public
school, nt 17.00 per capita, to tho
student of tho U. of O. with his $313
per capita. Ho was opposed to tho
appropriation, because it was oxecs
slvo and continual, and becnuso it
was optionnl how it should bo spent
by tho board of regents, In whoso
hands It wns left, and becauso It was
n continuing fund, nnd not a cent
could be turned bnck to tho stnto, ov
on If not needed. Ho paid n tribute
to Prof. Campbell, but snld tho wholo
bill was all wiong nnd conceived In
iniquity. Ho compared tho Oregon
inn editorial of February 11, 1905,
with Its present Btnnd, whoroln It
wnB stigmatized na tho "machlne
citlzonB." Ho said, "consistency,
thou nrt a Jewel' 'beyond prlco. Mr.
Palmer's address mot with hearty
accord and ho received a very hearty
applause by over 250 who woro pres
ent. The resolution wnB adopted unani
mously without a dissenting voto,
Just ltccmiso
Your cough Is only In tho thorat and
does not troublo you now, don't think
that It needs no attention. Whon it
lins not had much of a start Is tho
tlmo to check It. Tho slightest cough
onslly leads to Pnoumonln, Bronchi
tis 'and Consumption. A bottlo of
Ballard's Ilorohound Syrup will cure
that cough. Tho prlco puts it within
reach of all. Sold by D. J. Fry.
Shall tho TritHtH Own tho Nation?
Hear Geo. M. Goobol dlsciiBS this
question nt Commercial Hall, Thurs
day, April 25, 1907, at S p. m. Como
out nnd henr, from ono who knows,
Just what Socialism is, and Its rela
tions to tho problems thnt now con
front tho nation. Mr. Goobol sorvod
his tlmo nnd worked for yenrs as a
carpontor, tho Inst ilvo years bolng a
travollng salesman, Uiub understand
ing by nctual oxporlonco tho ques
tions which ho dlBcussoB. Mr. Goob
ol haB spoken In 38 states, two terri
tories and British Columbia to In
tensely Interested and appreciative
audlencos. All Intelligent men nnd
women recognlzo tho growing 1m
portnuco of tho SoclnllBt movemont.
If you want to hoar a cloar-cut, Intel
ligent exposition of SocInllBin, what
it Is, and whnt It 1b not, doltvorcd In
a manner froo from porsonnlltleB,
nnd nt tho namo tlmo embolllBhod
with witty nnd npt Illustrations, you
should hear him.
Eight million peoplo bollovo In So
cInllBin I Can you nfford to bo Ignor
nnt of what It Ib7
Through blood poisoning caused
by n spldor blto, J.ohn Washington
of Bosquovlllo, Tox would hnvo lost
his log, which boenmo n mass or run
ning sorOB, hnd ho not hoop porsuad
ed to try Bucklon's Arnica Salvo
Ho wrltes: "Tho first nppllcatlon
rollovod, nnd four boxes hoalod all
tho sores." Ilonls every soro. 25c
at J. C. Porry'B, drugglBt.
ikii:i iii;i:u in iii'uc
i'axcv ckicam ririuisii
7 11k LHrgo Wlilto Hmiiiti . . . .9C(
lhn Fancy Urail Itleu
8 cans Minced Clams, Ks, for SUIc
1ft mm MlarffA .Cfejus for ISc
atto ran Miner! (tame for 25'
a cans Kktra htaiiLrd Ojrtor
or 3r
tktu'l ovcilook "ir stock of
high-grade cautted goods. Wo
have n great varl. ty of nice goods
for your table, toe nuw-tous tu
Tmnwlnl ftwlss t In?, WUiowaln
Burls Cheeee.
Iiini riwtiiii(iHH nmKimni'i""
Roth & Grafoer
410 State Street.
Phone 36
267 Commercial St
Phone 179
Cash Purchasers of
Eggs, and
AH Farm Produce.
Roth & Graber
(Continued from pago ono.)
flat from Portland on nil kinds of
lumber by water.
The llallrotul Contention.
Tho railroad malingers say they
cannot haul tho lumber from tho in
terior at tho rato of ?3.10 rato with
out actual loss, and thnt this rnto is
tho greatest causo of tho Bhortngo of
cars, as they cannot provout diver
sion of enrs to more prolltablo lines
of traffic, and honco thoro is continu
al enr shortngo In this part of tho
country. Thoy any they ennnot haul
In empties from 500 to 700 miles nnd
haul tho lumber out nt tho $3.10
rnto except nt n loss, nnd tho rnll
rondB nsk to hnvo tho rato raised to
$5.00 por 1000 pounds. This would
bo equivalent to JS.00 por thou
sand feet of rough lumbor nB freight
to San Francisco. Rough lumbor
thoro Is worth $22, and deducting
freight nt tho rnto proposed would
loavo tho sawmills $14.00 por thou
sand feet for rough lumbor. Consid
ering that tho Portland sawmills pay
as high an $12.00 por 100 for tho
logs, It mtiBt bo thnt tho mills make
tholr profit on tho clear lumbor that
is cut out of tho logfl, nnd tho by
products. If tho Portland mills can
do this tho rnllronda say tho mills In
tho Intorlor can do still hotter, as'la
bor, rents, tnxes, lntorcst nro lower
thnn In Portland. Thia la tho wholo
stntomont of tho railroad peoplo In n
Sawmill IMni 'Say llulu.
In tholr contention boforo tho
Railroad Commission tho Bnwmill
men Bay bluo ruin stares them In tho
fnco unlpsfl thin $3.10 rnto Is con
tinued. Tho rnto wns put In forco to
develop trnlllc nnd cstnbllsh tho
lumbor Industry In Westorn Oregon.
It nppllcd to Portlnnd at flrnt, nnd
In fnct thoro wns llttlo or no lum
bor shipped out of Oregon by rnll
but from Portlnnd. Afterwards tho
rato was raised to $5,00 at Portland,
hut tho $3,10 rnto was loft on for
tho Intorlor mills. Threo yenrs ngo
nu effort wnB mndo to raise this rato
to $5.00 on nil Intorlor buslnciMi. But
It wns resisted by nil tho mill men
nnd commercial bodies of tho ntato,
nnd did not go Into effect.
Tho lumbermen then contended
thnt thoy would ho ruined, nud thnt
nrgumont proved offecttvo after a
prolonged hearing with tho t radio do
partmont, in which tho InrgOBt oper
ators nnd tho highest trnffio officials
participated, and It ended In things
romnlplng us thoy woro. Sluco then
tho rnllroad company has OHtnbllshed
n numbor of snwinlllB In tho Mohawk
country, nnd la sawing out Its own
tlos nnd brldgo tlmbors. Tho contro
versy ovor thoBO ratos will bo pro
longed, nnd yot muy end In n com
promlso nt any tlmo. Cousorvntlvo
mill inon Hay a htghor rato that
would roBiilt In mnro cars coming In
to Wostom Oregon would bo bettor
for tho lumbering business. Tho pros
out rnto sooniH to rediico tho IjiihI
iiohs to n minimum, nud If a higher
rnto mndo it posslblo to Bend out
two enrs whoro thoy now send out
ono, thoy Bny It would go a godHoud
to tho sawmills. A full rop.irt of tho
arguments on both ldo will bo giv
en In this pnpor, and tho rosult will
bo watched with great Intorost.
On behnlf of tho rallrondB W. I).
Fen ton. of tho lognl department; 11.
1 B. Miller and Mr. Buauohamp, of tlu
' traffic depnrtmont nppenrod and werc-
hwird at bho conference.
o- ' '
Guntlo mid llircctlve.
A well known Manitoba, editor
writes: "As an Inside werkar I find
' Chamberlain's Btomaeh and ' Ltver
, Tablets Invaluable for the touches ol
biliousness natural to sedentary ll,
, their action Mo gentlo Mil effec
tive, clearing the digestive tract and
the bund." Prlos 28 cents. Sample
fre. For sale nt Dr. Stone's drug
I O"
I Wiiln-r and (Von MnmitMt-y.
DWctor IUa!s, of Portland, iath
i er and crop bureitu, writ's
'I b. weather during the week was
very pltmsaul, Uh u ubunduuco of
,btlht suunhlne. Light showers oc
curred nearly evrrjab-jre on Wed
nesday end Thursday, and the rale
bold ovwr In the north sitn eouu
i ties during the greater part of Fri
day. The Umpexatur averaged
about eight dagrcs above normal In
jail the counties west of the Cascade
mountains, and about three ier
below normal la the counties east of
this range of mountains. In the lat
ter district frequent frost? wore re
ported, but that did no damage of
consequence. In the western coun
tlos a few light frosts occurrod on
Baturday and Sunday mornings, but
they wero too light to causo any
harm worth mentioning. Tho winds
woro gonerally light, but with suffi
cient movemont to causo a rapid dry
ing of tho top soil, and by tho end
of tho week tlto roads were dusty, al
though thero was ample moisture la
the ground below the surface.
1 111 ii 1 1 nun ii i in i m f
H--H II1IMII Illllllf
Tho following real estato transfer
havo boon Mod for record In the
offico of. tho Marlon county recerder:
O. O. Smith to A. J. Cook, lots
I, 5, G nnd 7, block 13,
Englawood addition, Snlom,
w d !..$375'
Sophia Wobor ot nl to Mary J.
Burnett, Innd In Marlon
county, w d 3000
M. J. and J. M. Burnott to
Chns. 13. Hcator ot ux, 100
acres In sco G, t 8 b, r 1 o,
w d 1000
ChnB. T. Mclntyro ot ux to
Ollvo S. Shomnkor, lot 5,
block 9, Jones addition, 8a
lom, w d 1109
Tho First "Methodist church of
Jofforsoti to F. O. Kontor,
lot 101 In Jofterson come
tery, w d 10
John Pondor, ct ux., to Albert
E, Pondor, 31.70 ncrcs In t
5 b, r 1 w, w d 2000
W. O. Wlthnm, ot ux., to Fred
Hnnn, lot 1G, block 1, Au
burn add to Salem, w d . ., 1325
Conlldgo & McClalno to N. E.
Townsond 1.07 ncrcfl In Ma
rlon county 1259
Mnry.E. Wlcko to Effico L.
Johnson, land In block 00,
North Snlom, w d 1000
F. nnd M. Sporgor to E. IT.
llourbnnntils, lots 5 nnd 0,
block 1, addition "B" to
Woodburn, w d 950
John W. Watson to A. A.
Coon, lots G, 7 nnd 8, block
1, Thomns' addition to
Woodburn, w d 550
O. W. Johnson, ot ux to J. W.
Bellnmy, lots 20, 21 nnd 22,
Snlom gnrdon nnd fruit
tracts, w d 450
A. N. nnd P. 8. Dnvla to Moll.
W. nnd J. II. Carter, lot 8,
block 3, HnlllRtor'A an
nex No. 1 to Stnyton, w i ;. 450
II. E. Noblo, ot ux., to Wllllnm
Crum, ot ux., lots 7 nnd 8,
block 1-1, Brooklyn nddltlon
to Snlom, w ft .......... 300
J. B. Scott, ot nl to William
Hunt, 17 acres, t 8 a , 1 o,
w d 200
Matilda Doano to FranclB E.
Bnkor, lots 1 land 12, block
0, Fnlrmount Park addition
to Snlom, w d 175"
Jacob Wongor, Jr., ot ux,, to O.
J. nud V. Thomas, n ', of
lot 10, block 5, RIvorBldo
nddltlon In Snlom, w d . . , , 49
M. 0. nnd E. Rhiephord to Mnry
Pratt, lot 3, block 0, Mill
City, w d 10
Joseph Luolor to Loulsn Luclor,
153. .37 acres In t 0 b , r 2 o,
q c d !
Jonnlo A. Jones to Daniel Rio
wort, ot ux., Iota 3 nnd 4,
blnok G, Capital Park addi
tion to Snlom, w d 1!
M, nnd J. W. Itdhortn to II. M.
On no, lots 1 and 2, block 1,
Illvorsldo nddltlon to Salem,
w d 100
Matllila Donuo to Francis E.
Baker, lots 10 nnd '9, block
0, Fnlrmount Park addition
to Salon, w d 00
P. L. Frnxlor, et ux to J. W,
Bellamy, 15.71 nortis in Sn
lom garden and fruit tracts,
q o d 900
J. F. Cunrad, lqt ux., to Lena
Ulvln, parcel of laud in t 0 s,
r 1 w, w d 825
Chas. D. Hartmajt, et ux , to
' Harvey C. Hartman, lots fi
and t, block 8, J. M. Brown's "
addition to Bltrertou, w d . , GOO
J II Mi Cm kit, H ux., to dm
I) Kmi'ian. lots f siid t,
tt(i U v J. at. Hiuwii'k mldl
i Ion to 8ilvormi, w i .... 600
J lui Mli'lke, t ux., to Una
fsanaiwwseaii wmmmmmwmmm i ami mm mmm
' Out
II. M. Bnuisoii. at his new
grocery store, 432 Btnto street,
Is selling out all his dlshos,
crockerywaro and glanswaro at
loss than cost. Going fast
Better hurry if you want saint.
Phonel31. 432SttcSt

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