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Tomoittow Only
Spcclnl Hnrgnin Snlo Number 320.
For our mid-week .special salo wo offer a lino of white
Embtoideted Belts
fitted with patent adjustable buckle
Thoy come In a great variety or pret
ty pattorns. You'll want one or two
for tho summer Benson. Nono Bold
until 8:30 a. m. Wednesday. No
phono orders received.
Wo havo Bocurod tho excluslvo agency for tho celebrated
and arc showing a full rango of sizes In tho twelve and sixteen button
lengths In tho colon) wanted. Now Tans. All bIzcs.
$3.75 and $4.50
Yeung: Business Man of This
City Passes Away After
Long Illness
Spring Shoes
In matters of dress It Is In
stinctive In women to domnnd
vnrlty and nownoss. That wo
hnvo caught tho secret of appeal
ing to this femlnlno Instinct Is
evidenced In tho many beautiful
creations In ithocn wo nro show
ing. Soloctcd by men who know,
for tho womnn who npprcclatc's.
All tho nowost shapes and
Spring Clothes
A represent ntlvo showing of tho
season's host styles in fabrics that
nro correct for spring woar. Your
partlculnr stylo in Just tho right
patterns and color 1h roady.
$10 to$ao
a prni.jhAL KUMIIEM
Hit UDiK flOME journal
tit .
0 BffliE
u t w
i ?gm&WL?
t lrc''VS X.
wnv -
I W - T " " "' ' ' ' -1
Ladies' Home
For May Now Ready
A Collection of Important Par;
grnpliH for Your CoiiNldonitlou.
Wood Cut (era Wanted
Will pay It. 10 por cord for chop
X)lng whlto fir wood. Ilonrd 4 por
week, with good bunk hoiiHO, six
inllos north of Saloni. Apply to
Spnuldlng Logging Company oU'co In
Balom. E. D. Turner, foreman of
camp. 4-17-Ct
Our meat mnrkot on East 8tnte
etreot has boon doubled In nlzo and
I Klvo hundred peoplo to root for
Salem at tho baHkotball gamo on
IhUiUoh at tho Auditorium. Wo must
wIh this gamu and keep tho cham-
ploushlp In Salem.
Practice Guim.
Tho High School and Wlllumottu
Junior basobull teams will play n
practlco gamo of about sovon Inning
this nftornoon, after school. Tho
high Hchool toam Is getting In prepa
ration for tho gnmo against Multno
mah, in Portland, noxt Saturday.
Perry Jones Is not yot sulllclontly
ovon IiIh Injury rccolved at Con'nl
IIh to bo out with his team, but ex-
pectB to bo ready by Saturday to go
Charles DoMotte Tlllson.of tho firm
of Tlllson & Co., of this city, died at
his homo on Ccntor street early last
evening, nft'er an illness of several
months. Ho was tho son of Mr. and
Mrs. W. C. TlllBon, of this, city, and
has for tho pnBt flvo years been as
sociated with his father in tho grain
and fruit business.
Ho was born April 12, 1870, at
Marseilles, 111., but spent most of his
llfo at Kearnoy, Nebraska.
Whllo In that city ho was chosen
td a rcsponslblo position in tho
Kearney National Bank, of which his
father was president. About 12 years
ngo he romoved with his parents to
this city, whoro ho has mado nn'en
viable record and a largo circle of
friends. He was a young innn of
sterling qualities, generous and up
right In his business dealings, and a
professed and earnest Christian.
Ho was a member of St. Paul's
Episcopal ohurch In this city. Do
sides his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.
C. TlllBon, ho leaves a wife, throe sis
ters and two brothers, ono slstor,
MIbs May Tlllson, having died about
two weeks ngo, thus causing tho fnm
ily douklo grlof nt this timo. His sur
viving sIstorB nro MrB. Chnrlcs Free
land and Mrs. Clydo 12. Spoonor, of
Portland, and MIbs Suslo Tlllson, of
this city, and his brotliors, Lewis Till
son, of Snlom, nndlEdwnrd W. Tlll
son, of Oakland, Cal.
Tho funeral services will bo con
ducted from tho Episcopal church by
Itov. I3arr G. Leo tomorrow at 2:30'
p. in. Tho burial will bo in City
View cemetery.
O '
Besides Elegant Offices Power
Plant to be Enlarged
InrgeHt Bnrgo on tho Upper River
Slid Into tho Water Today.
wo nro butter propnred than ovor to! up buhl ml tho bat again. Tlioro will
servo customers. Prompt iiorvlco and
tho beat of mcutti our motto, Call
or phono 199. B. E. Edwards, Prop
Soon to lie Uuiuvlieil
Tho big scow which U being con
structed by tho Spauldlug Logging
Company will bo Inunahoil, tomorrow
nt 2 p. m. Tho bargo Is tho lurgost
that has boon built on tho uppor
Willamette and Its coiiHtruotlon lm
glvon omploymont to a largo foruo of
inoii many wooks.
llnnUethull on Uolloi
Hugo-no vh. Salem tonight.
the World
Wonr glannos, but not halt of that
half wear tho right glasses. Tho
wrong glasses aro ofton worse than
none; thoy nro a constant strain and
a permanent injury to tho oyos. Only
sclontitlo examination can dotormlnd
what glasses your oyoa require, you
cnu't toll by try Ins on glnssos.
llo on the safe side; lot our op
tlclnn glvo your oyoa enroful examin
ation. It doesn't cost anything ho can
tell you Just what you need dolnys
Aro dangerous. Our prices aro roa
eonable, and wo gimranteo satisfaction.
bo no udmlsHlon chnrgod to tho gamo
this afternoon.
Current Events
State and Liberty Sts., Salem
Tho Gorman govornmout has made
a number of tariff concessions to
tho United States.
Tho Phlllpplno commission Is silo
ing tho Standard Oil Company for
dutliM on Imported oil.
TorrorUU at Lodlz, llusslan Po
land, hold up a carriage that was
convoying government funds and so
ourtd 2000.N A bomb thrown nt the
OMcort ktllvd Muuo uoldlora and
wounded live.
Cab drivers and stroot enr om
ployiw nr on a strike, nt Cairo,
At Chicago, whoro a largo bulldlug
waa burning, u hoy ran nn olovator
through tho llamas sovornl tlinos,
saving tho Uvea of 15 girls.
Secretary of War Taft la home
from n month's tour in Cuba.
Krooxlng woather la roportod at
El Paso, Toxas, and Hoods at Mobllo,
Cabmon at Toronto havo struck
for nn ndvonco of 3.00 por week,
and 25 cents nn hour overtime.
Japan has adopted nn effective
long-rnngo field gun that la good at
Sr00 yards,
General Botha, premier of the
Trnnsvanl, proposes to ralso a volun
teer Boor army.
Hah for Salem
At tho rink tonight. Eugeuo vs.
Salem, Basketball on skates. Ad
mission, 25c.
niSHOl. At Salem, Moudoy
Tho largo scow built by the
Spauldlng Logging Company will he
launched this afternoon about 3:20
o'clock. A largo crowd has gathered
at tho foot of Stato street to boo the
This Is tho Inrgcst scow that has
ovor boon used on tho uppor Wil
lnmctto, and, if It proves successful,
tho logging company will bogln tho
construction of another soon. Tho
bnrgo Is 12C foot longj 32 foot beam
and G-foot hold. It will bo used
principally to 'haul wood Biiltnblo for
pulp to tho mills nt Oregon City. Car
penter J. M. Jones has hnd chargo of
tho construction work, and hns used
a forco of 10 to 12 mon for tho past
two months. Tho workmanship Is
tho best, nnd doubtloss tho bnrgo
will provo to bo n gront advantago
to tho logging company.
Evangelist Thos. G. Rogers
And, wlfo of Cnllfornln, nro hold
ing meetings In tho Gospel Chnpel,
Flftoonth nnd Mill Btroots. Thoy
will speak on Wednesday, Thursday
nnd Friday ovonlngs, and on noxt
Sunday morning nnd evening. Tho
public nro most cordially Invited to
llonoi' Dr. Shaw,
Tho Bonlor class in tho Willamette
University medical department re
cently prosonted Dr. J. D, Shnw
with a lino gold fountain pen, to
show their appreciation of clinical
favors which ho has glvon thorn. Dr.
Shaw, whllo uot connected with tho
University, Is woll llkod by tho stu
dent body, and Is always roady and
willing to aid tho collogo with any
Iiorvlco which ho can rendor. Dr.
William Pollard, of tho senior class,
presented tho gift of tho students to
tho doctor.
besides putting in handsomo of
fice on one of the best buBlneso cor
ners in tho city, tho General Electric
Company is advertising for bids to
put in a larger power plant at Salem.
Tho Portland General Electric
Company has Its plans and specifica
tions propnred for constructing a
concrete, brick and steel building ad
joining Its present steam plant on
Mill street. The building will bo a
one-story structure about 50 feet
square, and Is designed to receive
tho high tension current coming from
Portlnnd very soon nt 00,000 volts,
and nlso tho current coming from Sll
verton nt 20,000 volts. A rotary
converter of 1000 kilowatts capaci
ty Ib now being made In tho East for
Installation in this building, which
will supply electric current to tho
street cars, both In Salem, nnd if
necessary, to tho Oregon Electric
Company, building between Snlom
and Portland, ns woll as to commer
cial motors In Salem.
Spaco and foundations aro being
provided and tho drnwlngs contem
plate tho Installation of n second
unit of whatever capneity is found
to bo nccessnry a year hcuco. This
will probably bo a 2000 kilowatt ma
chine, and will furnish lighting pow
er ns woll ns power for motors. This
building Is designed on very plain
but BUbstantinl lines. It will bo nn
ornament nnd a credit to Salem in
Its Blmplo solidity nnd Arc proof chnr
nctcr. Its construction, from nn elec
trical standpoint, Is tho best that
money and skilled modorn olectrlcnl
engineering enn dovlso. Each trans
former will havo its own sopnrato
concrete compnrtmont nnd nil tho
switches nnd sub-station nnd sub
station wiring will bo in Bcpnrnto
compnrtmonts. Ono of tho features
of tho building will bo Its thorough
and carefully designed system of
conduit wiring, bedded Into tho solid
When this sub-station Is finished
and connected to tho transmission
lino which is about to bo built from
Portlnnd, ns noted in theso columns
recently, tho sfcnm plant of tho com
pany will bo held In resorvo, nnd,
with tho Increased capacity which Is
now bolng added, to tho extent of
500 horso power olectrlcnl capacity,
tlflo company will havo a very modern
nnd up-to-date plant, with ovory fa
cility for making Its Bcrvlca absolute
ly roliablo and satisfactory, bo far
as Its generating ond is concerned.
Tho estimated cost of this building
alone, without any mnchlnory or np
parattiB will bo In tho neighborhood
of 110,000. Tho machinery which is
proposed to bo Installed presently
will coat in tho neighborhood of
$25,000. This does not includo ma
chinery which will bo Installed In
tho future.
Buy yourself a bicycle and get out n . ,
ing a small payment to Frank J. Mooro .. r ronrll .
Ynlo. nornpll nr Prlnnntnn 1il,.i . wl SteiK . '
' " """ UH-'e, Jot It - . ""! b.
lest you forgot It. Do it now,
Racycles $50 and op
Yales $45
Cornell $40
Princeton $25.
Wo aro prepared to do anything and everything . ..
ropdlrlng your blko. Tires, rims, coaster bralo .;Ja..tt,,
everything for tho bicycle. Our stock is good ei.. , '
our price Is right. Glvo us a call or call nn i uaol.i
ar wvw
Best Wojffc at Honest Pri(
F auk J. Mooti
Don't forget the new No. 447 CowtStfett
J. II. Campbell, of Portland, is in
tho city, looking after his property
Mr. and Mrs. Owen Dciin, who
havo bqon vlBltlng hero, havo re
turned to their homo in Albnny.
MIbb E. 13. Aldrldgo, of Portland,
is tho guest of Miss Virginia Mos
slck, of this city.
Attorney nnd Mrs. Bruce Curry
after vlBltlng Salem friends loft this
morning for their homo in Oregon
City. N
Frank E. Guile, of tho Portland V.
M. C. A., who spoko nt tho local Y
M. C. A. lost night, loft this morning
for his homo In tho metropolis.
Miss Loulso Cuddy, n trnlned
nurse, of Portlnnd, who -has been at
tending Mrs. Louis Lnchmund, left
thiB morning for hor homo.
Mrfl. L. J. IIlckB, who has boon
visiting Mrs. S. M. Smith returned
to hor homo in Portlnnd thlB morn
ing. Pickons Frnzlor and hlB friend, Mr.
Knox, enmo to Snlom yesterday from
Smith Cnrolinn. Mr. Frazlor Is a
nophow of P. L. Frnzior, tho attor
ney. Mrs. Francosco Seoloy loft this
morning for Seattle, whero sho will
Join her husband, to mako tholr
homo In that place.
W. II. Stousloff returned InBt oven-
ing, April 22, 1907, of paralysjs,
Thomas W, Btsliop, of South Dakota.
lloml Approved.
Tho bond of Lydla Bowannnn, as
administrator of tho estate of V,
Bowerman, deceased, has been ap
proved. Tho bond la In tho sum of
$6000' and C. O. Portwood and John
Itolsncher, of Gilliam county, appear
as sureties.
Havo a torpid liver whon Herblno,
tho ouly liver regulator will help
you? Thero Is no reason why you
should suffer from Dyspopsla, Con
stipation, Chills and Fover or any
liver complaints, when Herblno will
euro you. F, C. Walto. Westville,
Fla., writes. "I was sick for a month
with chills and fever, and after tak
ing two bottles of Herblno am well
and kealthy," Sold by D. J. Fry.
Mrs. N. H. Loonoy Is visiting in tho
city today.
Ex-Mayor Waters wont to Albany
on business today. J(
John Aupperlo Is i Salem visitor
from Joffcrson today.
Miss Monn Clough has returned
from a week's visit In Portland.
Miss Elln Balsloy loft thts morn
ing for a visit in Stnyton.
J. W. Young, tho contractor, went
to Portland today.
Bollln K. Page is in Woodburn to
day on busluoss.
Hon. Clnud Gatch wont to Port
lnnd this morning on business.
Profossor Boyer left this morning
for n business trip to Fortland,
Carl Abrahams loft this morning
for a business trip to Portland.
Mrs. David B. Smith and Mrs. T. J.
Kross left today for n visit In Port
land. Mrs. A. M. Cannon loft this morn
ing for n visit nt "Lablsh Mead
ows." Miss Annora Welch and 1Wss Mc
Coy left this morning for a short visit
In Portlnnd.
Mrs. W. J. Culver has returned
from a visit to Mrs. E. L. Smith, of
Sllverton. (
Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Aldrlch have
returned from a visit in Moscow,
Stato Treasurer George A. Steol
returned this morning from a visit
In Fortland.
It. A. "Walte, travollng secretary of
tho Y. M. C. A. committee, of Now
York, after visiting tho local Y. M.
C. A. last night, left this morning
for CorrallU.
Spot of
Whoro you will find tho vory
best and freshoot of vogotablos
and fruits. Look at tho list and
then placo your order early.
ing from a business hip to p.
Clark Bullock, of fa.
ui mis cuy. l
"uuj were in tne city jtfc
They lmvo returned recall
men- Honeymoon trip to tU !
iir. una .mis. f. 0, tftJ
"iu wi), nnnsas, who b!
visiting Salem rclatlre. &
morning for a visit In Hibf.
.Mr. and Mrs. HelmrotnMt I
morning for Portland, tl.
Ilolmroth, together with Mr. 1
" uiKun a contract to UMM is
building for an Odd Feltorti
Tho building will be lociW i
car shops on tbo East SM,m
bo a ?25,000 building.
Honutr Contwt
The "beauty contest- it k
lamctto University Is still
with tho usual amount of J
Miss Dyars Is in the leid, i
votes, but tho possibility of i
coming to tho front as tin
draws to a closo keeps tb i
keen. Tiro votes this more!
ns follews:
MIbs Booth
Miss May
MIbs Cover
MIbs Kauffman
Miss Dyars
Miss Motcalf ..'
MIbs Fisher
Miss Hlddell
Miss Olsen
Miss Glover
MIbs Young
Miss Ketchum
i.',ir,in v. Salem
On rollers at the sistlift"!
night. Admission, c
Over Ladd& Bush's Bi.WM
Norwich Unloa Ffc
,-...!. xr.llth. RW
nfflr with Win. Bron
129 Commercial tfetL
WmiUHl-Brlght, " j
Aduress u. jjj,
-. . .(,. iC-8
For Sale ua -- -
a good 6-roo1- ' hl
four lots U "'7V.il'
bath, w- j,
J70 Ceart
For Sale,
nnd fa:
at Capita Nl
, " - ..wji
. ,.
and Wax --
" . ..II
Saturday Special
Moir Grocery
456 State Phone 182
" .1 l.irt
Are l'oa . . ,, '
nODD0rtW -!, I
- iiltoC j
sell . '"" j,- tfttf
tn wort. 1T...k1
lire. mofaLt
lease for w JZ
., noo . i
KonO &Z.1M
The aZ
3 s ;00

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