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- tj,it
K st&) Doctor
'. oka a sufferer
, L Lorinnhe. neuralgia,
pain from any cause
or -i,l1 rnad the fol-
ELir letter from a nurse.
Tor some iro a x waa j,aVnff
W. , J?A every week for head-
tometbnf ncafl bo Bovero that I
Kw-1 n05JS over me nnd buvo rno
fe '.LSnrteen . mlnirfes until
FsPHis tell into my hands. I
took wo : j Mt wo8 getting
rcctloM "?., "tho druculflt for a
nd took, them unUl x
uch iSltthe 'aXternoonr I .have, not
l0!isO doctor for hendacho since.
.Aedmctrm9 ometlrne after ho
intUt I had done; and lie replied:
help you, suck iu . . rccommendcd
Pto a great many srateful people.
!2X ??? 'hadSjoh awful
S! ntri.n ?. ius7s
gfea SrVAtt
7j W. Ocnesco St., Auburn, N. Y.
n Miles' AntlPaln Pills are sold by
Sir&Torrn bu.k.
ililes Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind
Scrlpps nnd Other News Associations
Now York, July 15. The comple
tion of tho consolidation where
by the Publishers Press, Scrlpps Mc
Rno PrPBS and Scrlpps News Associa
tion, became ono concern undor the
name of the Unltqd Press Associa
tion Is ofllclally announced tub morn
ing. Ofilcors of tho new company are:
President, John Vnndercook; vice
president, Max Balthasar; secretary,
Oliver Horshmnn; treasurer, Andrew
McLean; chairman board of direc
tors, H. B. Clark.
Tho use of salads prepared from
tender plants and vegetables is to
bo encouraged, aB tender vegetables!
aro among tho most healthful foods
to be had. While thoy may not bo
very nourishing in thomselves, thoy
contain salts, which aro very excel
lent correctives, and those Baits arc,
iti many ensos, changed or destroyed
In cooking. Salads made of raw
vegetables contain an nlkallno salt
which is of tho -greatest value in all
skin diseases. Such foods aro ap
petizing, and tho oils used with thorn
are nourishing If not killed by too
much vinegar, popper, and like sea
sonings. Green foodB aro excellent
for clogged uivor.
roinnel Samuel Pomoroy Colt has
'lthdrnwn from tho senatorial fight
nhode Island. His rovoivors,
offerer, nre s; 111 on "tho mnrkot.
ashvllle American.
.. o
Deafness Cannot bo Cured.
t local applications, "as thoy cannot
,th tho diseased portion of tho
ir. There Is only ono way to euro
afnesa ,nnd that is by conBtltutlon-
1 remedies. Dcafnosa is caused by
Ei laflaraod condition of tho mucous
nine of the Eustachian Tubo. "When
Is tubo la inflamed you havo a
innbllng sound or Imporfoct hear-
ir. and when It Is ontiroly closed,
Icafnose la tho rosult, and unlcco
he inflammation can bo taken out
pi this tubo restored to its normal
ndltlon, hoarlng will bo destroyed
irevor; nlno cases out of ton aro
twed by Catarrh, which Is nothing
lut an Inflamed condition of tho mu-
u surfaces.
Wo will give Ono Hundred Dol
ra for any caso of Doafnena (caused
catarrh) that cannot bo cured by
all's Catarrh Cure. Send for clr-
ilars, freo.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0.
Sold by druggists, 75c.
Tako HaH's Family Pills for con
Tho attorney for tho defense hns
denounced Hnrry Orchard vfe a "mon
umental liar." Had thoso tall, tow
ering monuments In mind, too, no
doubt. Bnltlmoro Sun.
The Doctor Away from Home When
Most Needed.
Pooplo aro vory much disappoint
ed to find that tlnlr family physician
la away from homo whon thoy most
need his sorvlcoo. Diseases Hko cramp
oolio and cholora morbus requlro
prompt trontmont, and havo In many
Instances provon fatal boforo modl-
clno could bo procured from or a
physician summoned. Tho right way
is to keep on hand a bottle of
Chamborlain'u Colic, Cholora and
Diarrhoea. Romody No physician
can proscribe n bettor medicino for
thoso dlsooooa. Dy having It in tho
hoiiBO you oacapo much pain and
Buffering and all risk. Buy it now;
it may oavo lifo. For salo by Dr.
Stono's Drue Storo.
Nicholas of Russia Is so unnonu-
r that he could hardly bo elected
n the legislature in Pennsylvania,
iven If he ran on tho Republican
icket. Pittsburg Sun.
lest .Medicine- in tho World for Colic
nnd Diarrhoea.
"I And Chamberlain's Colic, Ghol
ra and Diarrhoea Romody to bo tho
t remedy in tho world," says Mr.
!.U Carter of Sktrum, Ala. I am sub
t to colic and diarrhoea. Loot
Pflng it Boomed as though I would
' and I think I would if I hadn't
frn Chamberlain's Colic, Cholora
'ad Diarrhoea Romody. I haven't
n troubled with it since until this
rwk, when I had a vory sevoro at
ck and took half a pottle of twon-r-flre
cmt alzo Chamhorlain'a Colic,
Solera and Diarrhoea Remedy, and
M morning I fool Hko a now man."
or salo by Dr, Stono's Drug Store.
Tesla i3 talking to Mars all right,
he only x'ouble Is to get a response.
Pn"ade1 hla Public Lodgor.
Tho increased cost of living hns
mado our honest gold coin n GO-cont
dollar! sometimes it is not more than
40 cents. St. Louis Post Dispatch.
Long Lire tho King!
is tho popular cry throughout Eu
ropean countries; whllo In America,
tho cry of tho prcoont day Is "Long
Llvo Dr. King's Now Discovery, King
of Throat and Lung Remedlosl" of
which Mra.'Julta Rydor Palno, Tru
ro, Mass., says: "It novor falls to
glvo Immodlato rollof and to quickly
euro n cough or cold." Mrs. Palno's
opinion Is shared by a majority of
tho inhabitants of this country. Now
Dlscovory cures woa" lungs and core
throats after all otLor remedies havo
failed; and for coughs and colds
it's tho only suro cure. Guaranteed
by J. C. Perry, druggist. 50c nnd
$1,00. Trial bottlo freo.
o '
Evor read what Washington had
to say on tho third torm quostlon?
Never mind. Washington was an
"old fogy." Sioux City Journal.
Tako tho Postmaster's Word for It.
Mr. P. M. Hamilton, postmaster
at Chorrycolo, Ind., keeps also a
stock of genoral merchandise and
patent modicinoa. Ho says; "Cham
berlain's Colic, Cholera and Diar
rhoea Romody Is standard hore in IU
lino. It never falls to give satisfac
tion and wp could hardly afford to
be without it." For salo by Dr.
Stono's Drug Storo.
iHfi' r J3 l
vru r-
You Need
A Natural Tonic
The majority of so-called "Spring"
tonics supply a false stimulation to
the body but this is not the natural
and most beneficial way of helping
the system to overcome lassitude.
tones and builds up tho body In tho
natural wav through the stoitl
ach, A run-down condition off
health is almost Invariably duo to a
disordered stomach and digestive
organs. Jayne's Tonic Vermifuge
tones the stomach and restores
it to its normal healthy condition.
Then the restored stomach docs the
building up and brings the body
back to a stato of perfect health.
This is the natural way.
Jtyn'! Tonlo Vtnnlfatt J told by ftU drotiU,
in tut iizm. 91.W, ous. n un.
1 Jayne's Esocctornnt In the otdeit
I and moit reliable Couch Cure known.
Notice of Intention to Improve n
Portion of Broadway Street In the
City of Salem, Oregon.
Notlco is hereby given that tho
common council of tho city of Salem,
Oregon, deems it oxpcdlont to im
prove, nnd proposes to lmprovo,
Broadway street in said city from a
point 518 feet south of tho center
lino of Belmont street, northorfy to
tho center lino of Norway Btreot in
said city, except a strip eight feet
wido In tho contor of said portion of
Broadway strcot now occupied by tho
track of tho Oregon Electric Co.,
with full Intersections In tho follow
ing manner, to-wit:
By grading tho roadway of said
portion of snld strcot full width ox
copt a Buld strip eight feet wido in
tho contor of said portion of said
street, with full intersections to tho
propor sub-grado, and by thoroughly
rolling tho sub-grndo of said strcot
nnd by placing thereon crushed rock
In layers to tho depth of eight Inches,
nnd by thoroughly rolling snld
crushed rock.
Also by constructing wooden curbs
along both sldos of Bald portion of
Bald street.
All of snld improvements to bo
mndo in nccordanco with tho charter
of the city of Salem, Oregon, nnd tho
plans, specifications and estimates
for tho doing of said work horetoforo
adopted by tho common coincll of
said city and now on fllo In tho ofllco
of the recordor of snld city, to which
snld plans, specifications and esti
mates the attention of nil persons In
terested in Bald improvement is here
by called.
The cost of all of said improve
ment to bo assossod to tho owners
of property adjacent to aald portion
of said street hereby proposed to be
Remonstrances ngalnst the nbovo
improvement may bo filed in writing
with tho city recordor of said city
within ten days from tho final publi
cation of this notlco.
By order of tho common council
of tho city of Salem, Oregon.
W. A. MOOrfES,
Dato of final publication of this
notice is July 20, 1907.
- - . i
rv (gp2fc ?7 .
A thorough business training school, skilled teachers, modern
methods, excellent equipment, conscientious service to pupils, both
In school and afterwards. We cannot supply all of our calls for
help, and tho demand will bo greater next year.
The Capital City of Oregon
Is an Ideal school city. Tho surroundings aro excellent, and tho
cost of living is fcaich less than in a larger city. If you are inter
ested In making a successful start in business, let us bIiow you
that no better school advantages can be had any place, at any price.
Our new school catalogue is ready for mailing.
W. I. 8TALEY, FrJaclpaf.
S i
&L..V .&
' T "
n f
Portland General
Electric Co.
4 A
To gas stove patrons
of this company we
will give for the next
five days or until the
limited stock is ex
hausted, free of
charge, a Crane toast
er to demonstrate the
advantages of toast
ing by gas.
Cor. State and Commercial St.
' s
'- ,
A? I
Bend Call.
Notlco is horoby givon that within
thirty days from tho dato of this no
tlco I will redoom Bend No. 3, Sorlos
No. 2, losuod by school district No.
17, Grant County, Oregon. If not
prcsontod within tho dato mentioned
lntorost on said bond shall ccaao.
Dated at Canyon City, Orogon, this
13th day of Juno, 1907.
C-14-5tFrI County Treasurer.
. o
For Snle.
At a bargain, tho Candolarla Fruit
Farm, Bituatod throp-fourtha of a
mile from tho southorn limite of tho
city. One-half mllo from electric
ntroot car lino. Ono of tho
finest locations In Marlon county.
A nplondid view of tho beau
tiful Willamette rlror, Polk county,
hlllfl, city of Dallas, Monmouth, In
dependence and city of Salem, atato
fair grounds, capltol building, asy
lum, penitentiary, asylum farm,
mute school, reform school, Mta.
Jofforeon, Hood, Adams, Rainier and
St. Holons. A Reed crop now In tho
orchard, of cherries, Bartlett pears,
pooches and Italian prunes. If sold
in tho next ton days the crop will go
wltli tho salo. This year's crop will
raoro than pay tho lntorost on tho In
vestment two years In advance.
7.2-lm Agent.
'f If aMsWMlH
Special Eastern Excursion rates.
May 20, 21, Juno 0, 7, 8, July 3,
4, G, August 8, 9, 10, September 11,
12, 13. To Chicago and return,
$73.15. St. Louis and return, $09.15
St. Paul and return, Omaha, Council
Bluffs, Sioux City, St. Joe, Kansas
City and return $61.65.
5-21-tf Gen. Paa. At.
aao court street.
Call and try thom. Moalu
15c. Board por weok 2.75,
also furnished rooms vory
t i : :
jUMii-H-inmnnniii it
I: Outing Shoes ;j
;; For ooashorosand mountains. ;;
All atylos in loathors and can-
. . vas.
;; Ladles' 2.2G Tan Shoos
;; now $2.00
'.'. Men's 13.50 Tan Shoos
now 93.00 t
Chlldron'o Tnn Low Shoos
11.25 now fl.00 T
Gold Dast Flout j
! Mado for family um. Ask your
i grocer for it. Bras aad shorts
atwaya on saao.
P. B. Wallace
Superior Restaurant
103 High Street, Upstairs.
First-class In all appointments. A
place for ladles and gentlomon to got
all kinds of Cblneso dishes and the
famous LI Hung Chung Chop Buoy
and Yakama,
R. H. Baker
For water terries fcpply at ee
Bills payable ostnly ia adva
Successor to Whoy Sen Yow Co., Prop
Wholesale dealers and commission
merchants. Cash paid for Butter,
Eggs, Poultry, etc. W, H. Cummlngs
and) O. A. WItcraft, Cottle block, Ba
lem, Or.; J. C, Stapleton, 86 Union
Avenue, Portland.
I! Children's High Shoes
$1.75 and 2.00 '
X For Mon, Womon nnd Chll- ','.
dren at lowest prices.
Jacob Vogt
U15 Stato Street.
w " r
It is worth ors than aay otker
bread, yet tks prise Is a bfeasr.
Vmr Mis at ys-ar greMfg.
Taswui ft Om4V Tr;
niiiiuim illinium ii'
I Salem's Favorite
Best Cookine J
Always Borved at tho
White House1
Restaurant I
McGllchrlBt & Son,, Props,
iii um n tint in nun
Rocky Mountain Tea Nuggets.
A Bnijr MeJlcIae for Buy People.
Briagi Qolden Health aad BenewtJ Vigor,
A np-clllo forContl)atlon, Iudlgftitlon, IAi
ud Kidney Troublen, l'lmplc-n, Kcems, Iriipur
Ulood Had IJreuth. HlUfrgUli I towels, Ueaduclia
and IlacUucho H' Ituclty Mouutalu Tea la tl
let form. 3.1 vent u bos. Oenuloo nudo by
Holuitku Dnua Ctmvxar, MAdlion, Wii,
Jtllin, Cmtjk Riu.r MRvrruuiUisnv.iu,
HUH NIWM T6 Mil. '! rfainl grjri 8..U.
(n Iinu.we4 m M.at H4tuiS. rWul lr.v.14
klit Umm M4 Jtli4u K
VM ITU M S4M. ,. T4. UHqwfm. Pa.
r u ""' ku ru f mj -
3fll If Pinto id twcKiImM,
.. f5tJ-

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