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HOFER BROS., &&& and PpfletofS
Jt. HQFKIL Editor. A, F. IlOFBlt. Onager.
What do thoy hunt tonight, tho hounds of the wind?
I think It Is Joy they hunt, for Joy has lied from my heart.
I only romembor tho hours when I sorrowed or Binned,
I only romombor tho hours when I Btood apart
Lonely and tired In difficult dreams entranced,
And I forget tho days when I loved and laughed and danced.
Gray hounds of tho wind, I hear your wistful cry,
Tho cry of unsatisfied hearts hungry for happiness,
Tho hottBO Is full of whispering ghosts as you hurry by,
And my bouI Is hoavy and dark with n great distress,
For hoavon Is far away, and hope Is dead;
And tho night Is a tomb of tears and despair and dread.
Oh hunt no more, wild hounJa of tho wind and rain,
For my soul is afrold of tho bound of your hastening feet,
And auroly undor tho stars a boutlful Joy Is slnln?
Fly, black wings of Borrow, wet wings of tho night that boat
At tho shuttorod windows and swiftly fly away,
lioforo tho aim god gathers tho golden flower of today.
Ollvo Douglas.
Anna Gould, Emma Eamcs and MI
ncr All to Marry Again
Chaotic Is Iho only word that llttingly doscrjbos tho condition of our
inarrlago it ml divorce laws horo In tho United States.
No other public question can bo moro vitally Importnnt in Kb rolattoa
to tho -malcing or unmaking of good citizens, yot nono has boon more
jiorslBtonlly neglected In tho past by reformers of ovory typo.
Possibly a national codo of mnrrlagw and divorce, lawn mny ultimately
prove to bo tho Only practical remedy for tho existing ovlls; but uniform
ity of Blue laws would, of course, bo far preferable to that, If only It
could be had the groat difficulty thoro lies, first, In tho long tlmo nccou
mry to bring It about In forty-ulx states oven If nil wore favorably dls
3in8oi! to uniformity; and, Hocond in ovorcomlng tho oxUtlng tondency
among the Htatos toward tho making of dlvorco laws dlftoront from those
-of tholr neighbors.
Still. It must bo admitted that a very consldornblo portion of tho peo-
31I0 regards npprovliigly President Itoosevolt's last message recommenda
H1AOE AND DIVORCE ono that would apiily to ovory stato nnd terri
tory In tho union nnd Including our dopondonclos.
Tho divergencies and contradictions "f tho Amerlcnn divorce laws have
tholr root In tho wldo llbur(y of tho states.
It would hooiii, mys an English writer In tho London Dally Chronicle,
-that, "no statu over there Is going to do so humdrum nnd spiritless a
thing as tamoly to copy tho examplo of nnothor state.
"If ono state forbids dlvrro on any grounds, that Is a good nrgumont
itppnrontly why Its nolghbor Hbould grant divorces on all grounds."
Our llrltlHh critic Minis furthor roiiHons for tho anomalous conditions
that wo all doploro uniting otherH tho factor of stato BolMshnosa.
lie ayrt that It la hero tleomod profltnblo, for Instanco, to Imvo free-and-easy
dlvorco laws bocauHo It "attracts custom."
Tho lawyers and hotol-koopors thrive thereby; llttlo communities of
wottld-bo divorcees spring up hero and thnro within such n Htato's hound
nrlos; hiioIi a place stands a ehnnco of becoming a porpotunl holiday ro
scrt, open all tho yuar round, and with no "oloso season."
llu fools uoiistrnlnod, inoroovor, to duclnro that tho groat contributing
Inlluonco Is tho "Aiuurlruti passion for exporlmontH"; according to this
observant critic In u raw and unsettled wstorn stato you will oncountor
it mats of loglslatlvo Idealism of chiorful contempt for nil human oxperl
onco and still moro rhuerful confidence In tho vlrtuo of tho political
"short cut" miioIi as history outside the Fronoli rovolutlon can scarcely
parallel anywhere. .
You will illioorn that the luw-nmkors In these Aronillnii communities
..,. i i,. ....I.,.. ..it..ii.niuJiiiiiiu dtirttrAi'H (if tlin world mid h!1 Its Ills.
'111! 1IIO Wllllllllliil Mimi-iMv.m.ii. -v--. - - - , ., ... ........... -., i,.Unl
DISAPPROVE OF, 1IIC EXPLAINS, TIIUV WASTE NO TIME TRVINfl .wUlcli she Is said to bo considering
TO ItKOULATE IT; TIIEV SIMPLV AND COMFORTARLV AllOLISII IT. ,"rloin,ly. The divorce proceedings
Thus In typical we.t.rn etui-, von nml only look at tho statute-book ,were Instituted b,foro Justice Arthur
... , .11.. -...i .....i.iinK un.t lninkPtiin.M mul climrottte- ,S. Tompkins at White Plains and tho
smoking for boys mul other lullrmMle "f civilisation, so far from
nourishing, cannot even oxlut, apparently.
Thoy Ituve been decreed out of the very chance of life nnnthllntiM
nnd mndo an end of.
Tho legislators, In a word, have declared that thoei tlituim ihnll not
bo; and so. of course, they nru not.
It 1h conluntled that thestv dlvoico-lnw conditions can rosttlt only In
anarchy; "nnurchlnl" U Indeed tho only ailjectlvo that gives any Id on of
tlio ulMiiunt Incredibility of our American divorce laws.
No olvinoitt of confusion has liwoit ontltttid.
no absolute dlvorco; Tvnnossuo grants thorn on twolvo separate
A man divorced by hU wife In Ohio, and who has romarrlud, can bo
convicted of bigamy In Now York.
Tho Htipromo oourt solemnly rolense tho stato of Now York from any
obligation to glvo full faith and orudeucu to a doergo of dlvoroo ob
tained, Hityx, In Connecticut.
It U only ooenslonally that an American citizen can bo sure that hU
dhorce is equally valid ovory wheru throughout tho union.
Nut alone In tho uihim of divorce do tho states so preposterously con
tra.tlet each other; thoy differ not lees widely on almost ovory point of
practice, procedure, the rule of evidence, alimony, the question of re
marriage and the period ueowmiry to oetnhllsh a legal residence.
It will no du be muy long years before tho statu hnve taken nwnv
from them by the peuple-at-largo TIIKltt (IIUSAT CONST1TITIONAL
ludeed. that ever comes about.
The ditto will continue to be wnndtiloii as It Is picturesque" to
burrow our l.oH.loa rotU out porn ty's chnracterlsntlon of It so long as the
I'tihUr cuttclon- liubtrs in the matter of promoting uniformity.
Now York, July 27. Man that I
born of woman Is of fow dayB and
full of fool notions.
Yesterday he Is married and today
he visits Bloux Falls nnd tomorrow
he Is to bo found at tho Llttlo Church
Around tho Cornor, bogging for an
other whirl at tho matrimonial wheo'
of misfortune.
For instnnco, there is WllBon Mlz
ner, wIiobo marriage to Mrs. Charles
T. Yerkes Bhortly after the death
of her millionaire husband was con
sidered more than a seven day sen
sation. For a tlmo tho question a
to whothor Mlznor nnd Mrs. Yerkes
ore really married was as absorbing
ns "How old Is Ann?" An tintluo
amount of electric Julco was expend
ed in spronding tho glad tidings of
Mlznor's mntrlmonlal exploit to the
four corners of tho earth. Then tho
popular InteroHt subsided, tho ox-Mrs.
Yerkes tired of her young Lothario
and secured a dlvorco and Mlznei
was rolegatod to tho comparative
obscurity of n tnvorn keopor on WojI
Forty-ninth street.
Now Mlznor Is to bo mnrrlod again,
this ilmo to Mrs. Ilolon Green, a
pretty grass widow. who wrltos clover
stories of theatrical and Bohemian
life for tho Morning Tologrnm. MM.
Green rocontly soctirod nn Interlocu
tory dogroo of dlvorceo from hor hur
bnnd, Hurt Green, nlso a membor of
tho Morning Telogrnph staff. As
soon as tho Mnal dogroo Is granted,
In nbcut a monlli, bIic will become
Mn. Wll?nn Mlzncr II.
Mlznor nnd the lady In tho case
Mrrt mot seven or olght yenrs ngo,
when tho father of tho former wns
minister to Gttatomnln nnd tho pros
pective Mrs. Mlznor wns traveling
through Contrnl Amorlca with h?r
parents. Lntor tho cotiplo met in
Nomo, Alaska, whoro tholr friendship
wits ronowod. Mrs. Orcon rocontly
took upartmontM In tho Hand liotol,
wholly Ignorant of tho fnct thn
Mlznor wns Us maungcr and pait
ownor. Thoy mot by nccldent and
Mlznor bogau tho Imnasslonato court
ship that is soon to end nt tho altar.
EaincH to Marry Again.
Tho lutorlooutory decreo of dlvorco
granted to Mmo. Emma lu nines, tho
o)iora star from her htiRhaud, Julian
Story, tho noted portrait painter, bo
romes final today and Mmo. Enmes It
Tho Si'lti StotU Htlr.
The prviutum IU( nd cetuloiiUf of
A Proiiiblug Mllt Class,
MIm Theo HenuHt of this city re-
'reetly oiKHnlsed a large clues In
the Hclo Stork uud AgrlmUnrnl fair jpjauu fori which inert at the home
fiMwIftilon tuts )ut been hunted from ol Miss Alice Sheiwrtl, lit Polk cotin
tli pree of tke SmUlAW New otttcolty, every WwlawMlity. The rUee
ud is h Kent sntl well gotlvH up 'ooutnliu several pupUti who have
AUtphlet of nearly Ml . The'sjiowii litre talent tor nmnteure ut
fair will be heUl t the new Svlo ftr jaomblee uHtler the IneU-ttctlcut of
grounds on October l, I nnd i. hh1 Mtel llenuett tkey will develop Into
from the preeent IntllontlOM the fair
will be h suoveee He U has tbe united
support of H that ectlo.u of tbe
cmmlry" with the biulne? men of the
live town of Sclo. The mattar look
ed largo to bu undertaken by a small
town Ukv fitvio, but tho husluiws men
wont ut It with n vim and gavo It auoh
n boast and tUod up suah grounds as
o nsuro a succe4. Lebanon will
bo with 8clo at fair time. Lebanon
Crllerlon. '
prortctent muelclans. Miss Dennett
U it resident of this cltj and n atndect
In the WllUmette l'nlverlty.
The. Texas Wouaer.
Cura nil kidney, bladder nnd
rheumatlo troublo; sold by all drug
KlsU, or two months' treatment by
mall for II. Dr. , V. Hal), MH
Olive atreet, St, Louis, Mo. lend
fer tetlMOlala , gold by etone's
drug store, dw-lyr
decree entered on April U7, to bo
come final In three months. Sevornl
UHiuet have been mentioned as of mon
who are open iiepirnntH to tho hand
of Mine ISiimos, but tho fortunntu ono
Is not yet known.
Mine. Entiles and Mr. Story woro
married lit Loudon In p. Tho
match was violently npposod by tho
famlltoa or both. Thoy established
homos In Paris and Italy, spending
most of tholr time for sovornl yonM
after tholr marrlago In tho French
capital. In thug Incompatibility de
veloped and Mr. Story took up his
rosldenco In Philadelphia whoro ho
boonme nn Invalid. For tho Inst five
yours tho cotiplo woro wholly
outrange. On the occasion of tho vis
its of Mmo. Eamcs to Philadelphia
Rho did not visit hor husband. Ru
mors that nnothor woman had sup
planted tho operu elugor In tho honrt
of tho artist woro clrculatod In Phila
delphia, and It Is bollevod that Story
nnd tho Philadelphia woman, who Is
said to ho beautiful nnd wealthy, will
It takes inoitoy to maUe money,
Tho young timti who opens a
savings account with its and 1h-
gins to .vivo his money will soon
have money working for lilitt.
It is tho Miiv way of getting n
start in tho world. Try It,
Savings Department
Capital National
i soon be married in Europe. Under
I the New York law, Mr. Story is pro
hibited from marrying in this stato
so long as Mmo Games Is alive.
At tho divorce trial extraordinary
steps were taken to prevent any Ink
ling as to tho nature of tho evidence,
said to be highly sensational, from
i.onnmlnir nubile. From the time th-J
referee was appointed all tho pro
ceedings were conducted In secret.
It is known that Mmo. Eamcs told
in detail of a series of circumstances
that led to her separation from her
husband. Mr. Story contented him
self with a general denial and stated
that while ho resided with his wife
that hor only thought was her art and
that she flew into a passion whenever
ho approached her in their own
Anna Gould Engaged?
CIoso on tho heels of the announce
ment of Anna Gould's Mnal dlvorco
from Count Bonl do Castellano comes
tho opparentl yauthentlcated rumor
that tho wealthy American woman Is
shortly to marry another Frencii
nobleman, Prince Hello Desngan. It
Is believed tho ongngnement will be
announced Immediately after tho ex
piration of tho sixty days allowed
to Count Bonl for an appeal from
tho divorce decree.
Tho prospective sticcossor to Bonl
Is n brother to the duko of Vnllncay,
whom Helen Morton divorced. Prince
Dosngan- Is seen almost dally In tho
company of' tho 'pretty Amorlcnn
countoss nnd tholr infntuntlon for
each othor has alroady becomo com
mon gossip on tho Parisian boule
vards. On scvernl occasions tho
prince has paid extended visits to
tho eountosB nt hor chatoati nonr
American frlonds of tho countoss
In London nrc slow to glvo crodonca
to the roports, despite their npparont
ntithontlclty. Tho prlnco Is known
to bo an ovon grontor spendthrift nnd
rotio thnn Count Bonl nnd Is now
snld to bo on tho verge of financial
ruin. Ho dlsslpnted an Immonso for-
tuno within a fow yonrs after Inherit
ing It and Is now forced to llvo In a
comparatively qulot and Inexpensive
manner. Ho Is snld to bo depend
ent for his living on tho bounty of
lils mothor, DuchogB Tnlloyrand Porl-
gord, who comcB of ono of the mort
ancient titled fnmlllos of Frnnco.
Tho prlnco ntalnod notoriety some
time ago by challenging Prlnco do
Unron, an attacho of tho French lega
tion nt Washington, to a duel. Do
Unron Is tho husband of a Bnltlmoro
holross, formerly Miss Wlnnns.
Such n marrlago as tho ono pro
posed would glvo Mine Gould n far
higher Boclal position In Frnnco thni
slio enjoyed hs the wlfo of Count
Bonl do Castellane. Whether tho
railroad magnate's daughter would
be any hnppler wit lithe spendthrift
prlnco thnn she wae with the disso
lute count Is a question Of which her
ft lends aro extremely doubtful.
A Now York dispatch of July 23
Llonol Staggo alias Vlllard, was
arrostod last night on Broadway,
two Indictments, ono for forgery In
tho second dogroe and tho othor for
grand larcony, having been Mlod
ngalnst him,
Staggo who was onco Unltod Stntoa
bank oxamlnor on tho Pacific coast,
has boon In trouble horo bofore. In
1901 ho was hold hore on a chargo of
ombozzleuitmt nnd jumpod his bnlL
In 1003 he was arrestod In Washing
ton on n chargo of obtaining money
undor false pretonsos. Ho was ills
ohnrged after promising to loavo
Ho was In Jail In Oregon for a
year, after conviction for forgery In
1SS9. He got out of Jail In Bnltl
moro lately, having been convicted
there of swindling. He has been
posing as a tnagaalne writer and ask
ing prominent men to give him cm
slderabl suras of money for writing
complimentary accounts of th-i-Uvea.
He Is accused of forging t o
name of Homer Davenport, the cartoonist.
.utif nn his arrival.
1 Carl Gritzmachor, now chief of
'police, was at that time chief o da
, ectlves. About the time of Water
'house's arrival Chief OrlUmarcher
received a letter from a prominent
.hotel In Sacramento, stating that
.v.t.irr in Portland
iWnternouse was i;u....0 - -
and warning tho officers to ook out
'for him. He had defrauded tho
hotelkeeper, it was said, and had done
.u thin in many other cities.
lilt! HUIUC .D - ..
Waterhousc had been at the Oil
man hotel only a few days before ho
prscntcd a check which proved to bo
, ,. Thn detectives had been
watching him nnd ho was arrested
as soon as the check was presented.
"He mado such a great bluff and
was so Indignant that ha almost
scared us out of arresting mm, .
Chief Gritzmncher today. "Ho was
very pompous and a magniMcent talk
er and his talks of damage suits
frightened us considerably. But I
was yotlnger then than now and
wnsn't particularly afraid of 'any
thing. So wo arrested him nnd ho
was sentenced to one year in the pen
Serving out his term ho returnod
to Portland nnd was soon employed
in tho business office of tho Orcgon
inn under tho name of Lionel Stagg.
Then his career was phenomennl. It
was only a fow months after his con
nection with the pnper that ho wns
appointed bnnk oxnmlner, nnd ho
livod like a prlnco. Ho married a
beautiful young womnn of a very
prominent family In a valley city.
Then came the panic nnd ho lost
his position as bank examiner. Ho
left tho city soon aftor and slnco that
tlmo nothing has boon honrd of him
except his occasional arrest nnd
numerous daring crlmos.
There la something moro, how-
over, than tno .journal s iui.
Stngge hnd servod a term in tho ponl
tontlnry, and ns ho oftorwards claim
ed hnd changod his nnmo bo as to
got employment after gaining his
Ho hnd lod nn Industrious nnd
honost llfo from tho time ho loft tho
Mion, hut some ono uiscoverco mm.
Staggo and Watorhouse were tho
snmo man, nnd Immediately mado
known his discovery. Then tho
groat majority of Portland's elect,
Jumpod on him, nnd hounded him
until ho roslgnod. Ho wrote n man
ly statement at tho tlmo, saying ho
had boon In tho pen but thnt slnco
coming out ho hnd led nn honost life,
which was truo and thnt nil ho de
sired wns to bo glvon tho opportune
itv to rodoem himself. Somoono olao
wnntod Stnggo's Job, and got It.
Stnggo no doubt finally bocamo dls
couragod and drifted hnqk Into
crookod wnys becnuso people would
not let him llvo nnd bo straight. Tho
story of his having beon In tho pon
wn glvon ' promlnonce all ovor tho
( Unltod States owing to the position
(Stagge had hold, nnd ns n result tho
."holler than thou," pooplo polntod
him out wherovor ho went, nnd it
I perhaps affords that gang much satis
'faction to know that owing to tholr
! kindly offices, nnd forgiving Chris
tian spirit Stnggo'ls liable to bo hack
In tho pon. Anyway ho will Imvo tho
consolntlon of knowing thnt tho
chnrltablo scnndnl mongers having
dono their worst, can no longer
nsanll him,
Blood Hu
Commonly cause Pimple,,, uj
or salt thoum. or some fZMS
In,1lnl,1 , 1 1 ? Ut b-
loss of appellor ceneri &
causlnsr any bfCaklnir out.
iinnn'fi nftrnniiif- - ii
stroncthona and tonMrt m
This is tho testimony of jl ' HJ
Accept no substitute. & J
j- :"
vuu o oarsar
known as Sarsatabs. 1(5
I 1 I Ml I I I It-
lane Bniem a Qoaj
I i 1 1 1 1 n 1 1 n-
lMcnl Wholesale MaJ
Buttcr30c; fat, 28c.
Hens lie; young chlch-.
Local wheat 76c.
Oats 37c.
Barloy $21.
Flour Hard wheat, 5 oj.'J
Mill foodBran, Wu,.
$21. "
Hay Cheat, S8.5O09
ver, $7.00 per ton; tlraottjl
nvi'iuu iur iun.
Onions $4.00 per cwt;
$1.00 nor ftvt.
T ....
choice, 8 9c; medium Wi
Chtttlm bark 4 05c.'
Wool 20 c.
Tronlrnl Frnlii t!
Bananas $C75.
Oranges $3$i.
Lemons $0.00 J0.50,
Hotnil Market.
Oats White, $30; whutj
bu.; rollod barloy, S27.
Eggs 25c.
Butter Country, 20Q!5t;J
ory, 30 c.
Flour Valley, $UEQUh
sack; hard wheat, $1.3
Bran G5c por sack; (iljj
Hay Timothy, 85c pi
cheat, GOc; clover, 60c pel
shorts, 05c por cwL
Hogs Fat, 6c
Cattle 1100 01200 I
Llghtor stcors 33Ht
Stock hogs 56Cc.
Cows and holfors 9O0JW
2 2 c
Lambs lV&c.
Veal Dressed, 507c.
All tho World,
knows that Ballard's Snow Liniment
has no suporior for Rhoumntlsra,.
, Stiff Joints, CtiUi, Sprains, Lum
bago and all pains. Buy It, try it
land you will always uso It. Any
(body who haa used Ballard's Snow
Liniment Is a living proof of what it
dooa. All wo aok of yon Isto gdt a
trial bottlo. Price 25c, 50c and
$1.00. Sold by D. J. Fry.
i ;i
Portland Wholesale JWfl
Vheat Club, S3c; wild
bluo stem, 85c.
Dats Choice white, S5t
Mlllstuff Bran, $17.
HayTlmothy, $17H;
Votch $8.50.
Poultry Hens, 13(3 8
chlckons, 15lCc; dressed
HVo. lldri3c; ducks, jom
pigeons, $1.25.
Pork Bost, 7WSc
Lambs Snrlntt. 9(
Mutton 7c.
Hops Choice, per pound,!
Hops Cholso, porpounU
Wool Valley, coarw to i
20 21c: eastern Oregon,
Jacksonville real estate Is rising In
ftatee ! ca
On tnU the Portlawl Journal k
the following eemment:
SUgge. for ke always spelled his
name with an "e." Is well known to
the ptflleo of Portland, or rather he
wis well known almost a scoro of
yoars ago. His career in Portland
was metoorlo and Indeod romantic
lu IS00 ho arrived in Portland
from Sacramonto, California. Ho at
that tlmo had tho namo of Water
house. Ho was u handsome youns
man of ologant manners and a plead
ing personality. Ho registered nt
tho Gllman hotel, then ono of tho
leading caravansaries In the city, 1m-
It Is not quite that late In
the salo of the crockery, glass
ware and dishes at our store.
But they will soon be all gone,
as they aro being sold bolow
cost, to make room for more
! Phone131. 432StatSt
A Memorable Vh
Ono of tho days we restf
nloaauro. aa woll as vita
our health on which we &J
qaulnted with Dr. IC1dj'1I
Pills, tho painless punei
nnro tinnriflnha and bill0
l.nnn l. ftnurnla rlpht. K
Porry'8 drug store.
rtii.. r-n So. 4Hfl
Juno le.
Townrd Portland V"n
No. 165:23 a. a.,
No. 18 S :30 a. ra., CoW
Passenger. v
No. 124:25 p. m., S
press. lm
No. 14 9 ! 28 p. m- rwTl
Towartl Portland-!
...rf . IB-
No. 222 iu:o " ".,
11:38 a. m.. Portland f.
v.. nt in-40 a. V
- - - titw PrelJtt. I
ii:as a. ra., . . m.
ril 1 c Francis" J
No. 1111:03 a. .
pres3, . CU
Vn 17 C:42 P.m., """ 1
- -
Passenger. ..wmI
imo. xo "
press. m
XT 19 1?31 a.
ni " -
co Exprons. 9
No. 221 S:S3 .
clsoo Fast Freight.
Ne. ail ll:i

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