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HtAliuikcr-l'Allon Wedding.
A murrlngo of Interest to Salctn
'Trlonds was that of Miss Lethn Patton
to Mr. Owen D. Stnlnakcr of Albany.
"The wedding occurred on July 24, nt
'the homo of tlio brido's parents, Mr.
-and Mrn, Porter Patton, In Halsey,
Knd tho young couple nro now taking
fc trip acroHH tho continent.
Tho brldo has vlsltod In Ralcm
qulto flfton itH a guest of MIbs Dessl3
3Fr)sby. Sho Ih n charming young
'woman and beautiful as charming.
On hor wedding dny nho woro a cos
tume of whlto silk organdlo and car
ried whlto carnntionR. Sho was nt
t on (led by hor sister, Miss Lyla, who
woro nlnlc nrirmnlln nnd nnrrlod nlnk
nwoot peus. Tho brido's traveling i'ntor
tn hi m n ii hi miii ii in
Vli'ht PrcNbytcrJiin
Church street near Chetnekotn.
street, Ilcv. Ilonry T. Babcock, pns
tor. Morning service nt 10:30 a. in ,
preaching by tho pastor, theme,
"Faithfulness In Social Worship."
Annual offering for board of church
orectlon will bo taken. Sunday
school nt 12 m. Christian Kndeavor
at 7 p. in. Evening service at 8 p.
in., prenchlng by tho pastor, theme,
"Disappointed Profossors of Christ."
The church will bo closed for the
month of August on account of re
pairs. Sunday school and midweek
mcotings will bo held if poBalblo.
Doflnltc announcements to bo mnde
There can bo no prayer meot-
coBtume wan of brown silk and wos
very becoming.
Ing though this coming Thursday.
Wodnosdny afternoon and ovcnlng
our Sunday school will havo a picnic
on Fnlrmount hill. A car will bo
chartered and will start from tho
liUWtt Social.
A Tirotty lawn foto wns Klvon by
tlin T.rwlln., A I.I onnll.lw f llm Hnnl rnl '. COrilOr Of Clllircll Olid CllOmokotll
JonitrfigaUoTial church Tuesday oven-BtrcotB "r,' ,n u, ""ernoon. Tho
Hm Tm tho church grounds. Tlioro ,t,mo wl" ,)0 announced In church nnd
w&s n largo number of guofltfl, mid ," ino vnvortt. mi ciopnrimonis m
'the groundH Indood prosontod a plea-, eluding tho primary and homo do
ing Bight. Tho music, soft and low, liartmonts nro Invited.
Idenl for u Hiimmor night, was fur- vlrHt Congregational,
ailshoa "by tlio reform school bnnd. I Contor nn(1 LHiorty streets, F. 1-3.
1'rutty girls In light Hiimmory con- I3o,l imator. Tho pnHtor will occupy
tiunOB proslded ovor tho Binall tables, ,Uo pulpit at 10:30 a. in. and 8 p.
-whoro rofioHhmonlH woro sorvod. Tho Tll0' 'or morning hour will
Itrnnnda woro lllumlnnlod with oloe- . "Somo homnm Drawn from the
trie lights. (Sinking of the StonniKlilp Columbia."
Asld'o from tho yountr ladles who Stibjoct for evening consideration,
Great Mid-Season Summer Sal
URSIslod lii serving, much credit for
"tho miccoHH of tlio ii if n I r Is duo to
"3MIR. C. Van Patton, Mrs. (llonson,
311rb Slovens, Mrs, Faniugton, Mrs.
-tArtnur Held and Mrs. Milton Hold.
Htnlo Pi-Jnoii ICntcrtiiiiimciit.
There wiih a delightful ontertiiln-
mont given at tho Orogon Htnto prison
"larit night, through the cnurtoiy of
Mm. Edith Tozlor Woathorrod, who
In IntomUod In the Prisoners'' Aid
'flooioty work of Orogon, In which
Mrn. Bylvlu W. McGuIro, or Porlland,
was tlio principal performer. Mrs.
McOulro gave loadings mid Impor-
Honntloin of tho rtoiithorn nogro, with
IiIr dialect and folk-loro. She Is ono
of tho most- talontod artists In tho
lino of dramatic renditions, and gavo
"tlio prisoners an ovonliig of puro
jiloiiHiiro, which was shared by a
nutnbor of visitors.
A Honolulu Function.
Mrs. Frederic Church wiib tho
charming host oust of a swimming pal
ly on Thursday nftornoon at tho Soa
xldo Hotel, In honor of Mr. anil Mrs.
Jack London. Tlio guests assembled
imdor tlio ban truos and an hour wns
xlollghtfolly spout In sporting with
tho waves. Moth Mr. and Mis. Lon
don lire perfect swlniinors ami oujoy
n dip lu tho surf liko hpIiooI ohlldroit
JWih London iilwayi Ionics vary fetch
Ing In hor Jttiinly bathing suit, and
ran perform mniy dllnoult fonts. Af
tor the bath a dollolous ton wan .loliueon hiuI MUh 'Vera
liorvoa In tho private itluluK room. alng olos. MIh Mary
"Tho Ono Foundation." Sunday
school at 12 in. Young Peoples'
mooting at 7 o'clock. Prayod meet
ing Thursday evening at 8 o'clock.
Sunday school teachers' meeting Is
hold Imiiindlatoly after prayer meet
ing. Public most kindly Invited,
Tim morning sorvlco at 10:30, tho
pastor, Dr. J, It. Comer, preaching,
tlioino, "Tho Sorvlco Wo Should
Give. Sunday school at 12 m. Tho
Young Puoplos society will hoar from
tho Seattle delegates at 7 p, in. At
S p. in, Horinon on "The Preaching
of .losus." Tlio malo chorus will slur;
at all tho regular servlcos of tho
clnirch. You aro cordially Invited,
and all will ha .welcome.
Kind CIiiInIIiiii.
Corner High and Centers streets.
Pioachlug by tho pastor, D. Errott,
at 10:30 a. in. and 8 p. in. Hospoc
tlvo thomos, "A Church With a Fit-
turoj" and "Tho Extornal and tho,
Intornnl Foroon of Life." Illblo
school, 12 m. Chrlhtlau Endeavor,
7 p, in. Midweek prayor mooting
Thursday ovuiilng. A cordial Invita
tion to nil to thoso sorvlcos.
Flfht .Methodist.
Row W. 11. Solluck will preach n
10:30 a. in. on "Serving Ono'ii Own
Uoiiuriitlon," and at 8 i. in. on
"Looking for a Wlf." This Ih tli
socoiid In a n til on on "Mnrrlago and
Ih ilomo," and Is especially ad
drud to young moil. Miss Nlu:i
Ilyars wl'l
Wann will
Cottage Art Carpet - - 30c
Good Union Carpet -. - - 40c
Good 2-ply Catrpet, Cotton Chain 50c
Good AH Wool Carpet - - 60c
Good Tapestry Brussels - 75c
Extra Heavy Tapestry Brussels - 90c
Axminister Carpet, new designs - 95c
Good Velvet Carpet - - 95c
9x1 2 Tapestry Brussels Rug - $1 1 .00
Ar (lie height of perfect Ion.
Everyone Is warranted to gho
off inoro cold dry nlr to ij glv
en amount of Ice than any ir
frlgerators on the niarket. Wo
aro making special prices (liu
(hls miIo.
Our Block
A iv far ahead of any make wo
havo handled, and nro such
ready .sellers that wo are now
about to receive our fourth hhlp
incut this season. You should
see thoso carls when they ar
rive. In the nieantlino we havo
a good stock of wicker folding
carts, at special prices.
We Must
Have Room
In our warehouse for a car
load of Iluck ranges now on
tho road. In order to do this
wo will mako sM't'lul induce
ments on ranges' for tlio next
15 days, Call and get our
prices mid terms. Wo can mako
It to your
advantage to buy
v $S$ T"' -""T
o artistically hung with old tnpit
cloth uiid Oi'luntnl rug. Mr.
'Church wiih prettily d roused lu nil
oinbroldorod whlto llnon. The
KiioMh Included, hosldos tho Lon
dons, Mr. uml Mrs. O. W. Caso Deor
lug, Dr. and Mrn. Hiiilth, Mm. Der
Ktn, Mrs. NovIiih, Mr. and Mrs. II. A.
XInwos, Jr., MIhs llarvoy, Miss Alloo
TMcfarluno, MIhh Marlon ltoth, Mr.
Robert HIiIiirIo, Mr. "Soiiny" Mtc
tarluno, Mr. William Uoth and Mr.
Krodorlo Cluireh. Honolulu llulle
tin. o '
OoABtl patton.
For rontttlpntlon tlmra U uothlnc
tjulto eo nloo m Ch&mborloln'i Stom
ach nnd Ltvor Tublota, Thoy nlwuys
vrtxluco a ploAiant movoiuont of tho
1ow1m without liny dUagrowvblo of
ft. Prlco, 2G coats. BampW frH
t Dr. Stono'4 Drug Btoro.
Chocklug nccouuti onablo folki
to dopoalt their monoy aud ro
oolvo iv passbook, ngulust thoso
tccountd they aro permitted to
dmvr checks.
Check nitty bo given to partkM
tor euch auun a dotlred, thui
voMlu (rctiueut trips to the
If Interwtod call nut! Me us.
Salem State Bank
ImuI tlio Ijpworth League at 7 p. m.
St. iloscph's Catholic.
Tuuth Sunday aftor l'ontncost
First mass at 7 a. m. Solemn high
mass at 10:30 a. m. Sermon by Hev
Fat hor MoGuo. Aftor soloiuu hlh
mass Father McCloo will glvo his first
hlesdug to tho congregation. Ves
pers and bound let ion at 7:30 p. in.
Hev A. Moore, pastor.
St. I 'a ill's Episcopal.
Chomoknta aud Church ntreots.
Hov. Uarr (1. Ito, rector. Ninth Sun
day aftor Trinity. Sorvlcos nt 7:30
and 11 a. m. Sunday school nt 10 a.
m. No evening sorvlco. During Au
gust tlioro will ho no service nor
Sunday school.
W. C. T. I'.
Tlioro will bo a gospel tomparanco
ineutlng nt tho hull, corner of Ferry
and Commercial strouts, nt -i p. m ,
Sunday. July iiSth. A cordial Invi
tation to all.
Lutheran St. John's,
lloguhir Sunday sorvlco at 10 a.
m. In tho (lurtuan l.uthoran St.
John's church, cornur Contor and
Kourtoenth st roots, (loo. Engel, pa-tor.
Cent ml Cougivgatloual.
Hev. V. (V Duller will conduct tr.
vloe at S p. in. No fnranoou sorvloo.
SKiidHy school nod lfindwvor mootluK
Ht imuhI hours. Dusliiesa mootluf
mid Utbln study Thursday ovonlne.
(iul Chnpel,
Flftooath and Mill Htroets. Sun
day school nt 10 a. m. VroaohlnR,
1 1 a. m. and S p. m. Tostlmony uiul
pralso at 7 p. m. Friday ovonlne
prayor iimetlng.
i . .i .o
A Wimtlcrful Happening.
Port Hyron, N. Y., ha wltneaoJ
ono of tho mo-it romnrktiblo custa
of hoillng ovor recorded. Amos 1
King, ot that placo saya: "II tick
Ion's Arnica BaIto cured a som on
my log with vrhlch I d iuSred
oyer 80 ycr, I am nor eighty -vo.'
Guaranteed to cure alljtore,
Ih .T O Parrv J.uvrUI 1K ""
i i " - -vv.
ClHMiiewn Coiiiiiieiiceinent.
Tho annual commoncent of tho
ChomnwH Indian Training school will
bo hold on Sunday, July 28, Tuesday,
July U0 and Wodnosdny, July 31,
Thoso entertainments In tho pnst'have
been among tho most Interesting of
tho year's social ovonta and doubtless
this season's conimoncomont will
bo up to It's predecessors standard
of excellence
Hov, J. H. Co m or, D. I)., of tho
First llaptlst church ot this city, will
deliver tho bnccnlauroato sermon on
Sunday, July 28, at 3:45 p. m.
Tho following Is tho class which
will be graduated on Tuesday, July
30 at 'J: 45 p. in.:
Ella Drowor, Puyallup; Hobert
Cauioron, Wnllalkal; 1'otor Casn..-,
llyda; Honry Dlllstroin, Modoc;
l.lrzlo Friulor, Klamath: Doro Gray,
Shasta: Hobert Davis, Liimnil; ApU
Cloudy, YMklmn: Joslo Poono. Col
villo: Sara Pierce, Klnmnth: Philip
Sonihan, Washoo ; Nora Vnn Pelt,
Chotco; Ooorgo Washoo, Washoe;
Potor Soltleo, Coour D'Alene.
Tho cIubs colors 'aro grotn aud
old and "Try, Trust aud Triumph"
l tho class motto.
Tlio following is tho ooinmne
in tint pregram:
Sunday, July US.
3:41 p. in. Hnccalaurnto irwo.
Tuesday, July 30.
10:00 a. in. Inspection Industrial
8:45 p. in. Graduating exercises.
6:00 p. m. Hand conoort.
Wednesday, July 31.
10:00 a." in. Annual cross country
1:00 p. m. Field sports.
6:00 p. in. Dross parade.
7:45 n. ui. Oporata. "The Jananoso
Election In the Philippines.
Washington, July 27. -Tuesday
will bo eloctlon day In tho land of
tho llttlo brown brothor, nnd Wash
ington is awaiting with consldornblo
intorost tho roturns from tho intlal
exporlmont of a partlnlly Indopond
ont government for Undo Sam's ori
ental dopoiidoncy. According to
cablo advicos from Manila, tho Fili
pinos aro manifesting considerable
Interest in tholr first political cam
paign, although the mnsseB, who nro
not qualltlod to vote, nro natuilly
enough not evincing nny wild en
thusiasm. Washington officials who
havo Bpont moro or loss tlmo In tho
Phlllpplnos bollovo that the proporty
ownora nnd Well-to-do classes will
profor to contlnuo tho prosont regime.
Although tho campaign has been for
tho most part qulot, tho blttorost
rivalry has characterized certain fac
tions In Manila. One of the mo&t
notlvo of tho politicians, Dr. Donilna
dor Gonioz, was lnndod in jail on ac
count of Incendiary speeches in which
ho attempted to roiu tho "om
broys" to rovolutlon against the Uni
ted Stntes. He vilified the Yank-.a
luvndors as "swlno" and otherwUe
comported himself in such a manner
as to qarn tho right to oxcluslvo pos
session of a coll lu the Jail. This
kind of revolutionary campaigning
Is common In tho native quarter of
Manila, but the authorities have as a
rule, oveMookod and condoned It as
a safety valve for an exeltab'o and
unstable people.
Among Washlngtonlans versed In
tho ways ot tho brown brother tho
widest difference of opinion prevails
as to tho wisdom of allowing him to
manufacture his own laws nt home.
Thoso who hold to the doctrine of Im
perialism and tho "white tnnn bur
den" holiovo that congress nnd tho
Washington officials know best what
Is ko4 tor tho Filipino, and that to
allow him to dccldo what ho wants
for himself Is tho rankest folly.
Othors hold that tho right to vote
and hold offico, so denr to tho Ameri
can hoart, should follow tho flag. It
wos moro In sorrow than In nngor
that tho boys in khaki chased the
Tagalog over tho plains of Thingum
bob, Booking opportunity to pump his
system full of bullets and bnd booze.
Now that ho has bCen civilized, say
tho optimistic friends of universal
llborty, ho should he given an oppor
tunity to work out his own salvation.
Tho Filipino assembly will consist
of SI membors, to bo voted for next
Tuosday by ndult male ctlzens, who
must bo ovor 23 years of ago, able
to road and write In Spnnlsh or Eng
lish, who pay as much as 30 pesos a
yonr In taxes, and who havo not
homo arms agninst tho United States
slnco May, 1901, nor violated any
onth of nlloglnnce to the United
Tho acts ot the assembly cannot
bocomo operative until thoy have
boen concurrod In by tho Philippine
commission, whloh will boar about
such relation to the assembly as the
tenate bears to tho house of repre
sentatives. While this is n very short step to
ward complote Independence for tho
Filipinos, It Is at loast a step, and
further progress toward that end will
uo largely dopondout upon tho
tlvos themsolvos.
Special Eastern Excursion rates.
May 30, 21, June 6, 7, 8, July 3,
4, 5, AuguBt 8, 9. 10, September 11,
13t IS. To Chicago and return,
$73.15. st, Louis and return, $69.15
St. Paul and return, Omaha, Council
Bluffs, Sioux City. St, Joe, Kanaaa
City and return $61.65.
"" Q. Faa. Agt,
When an nuto kills Its owntfkij
genoraHy an "auto-da-fe."
Joaquin Miller says ho Intend1
seek tho nomination for the fn
Coney. This country might do i
thnn elect Miller. It mlsM, ,m1
6tance, elect Borah or Hawley.
Tho Journnl Is not disposed
kick at tho mall service, but w
Albany and Eugene papers are I
or getting to Salem than ti
FranclBco nanora there is surely i
thing that needs fixing. It ntt
fault of tho naners. for ther!
Two men with a cart are bur
great deal of tho time gathers
Kind wnnA nff tlio RfreetS. lltM'
Incrcnses a little tho city can t
Its '.vlntor fuel that way.
sinin Qirpnf to well snrlnkM '
the dust laid, duo to the enter
of Tlnl Pnttnn. It seems C0WO
street has no Hal Patton.
Bat I
Caii i.nn nt.. nnn Tiai ran"
fact, there are not many in 0repi
m m m
Tho dispatches stnto that tM l
of Techernoschln Is burning
morning. It Js hoped the nam
bo ton badlv scorched to be rF
He Fired the Stkk.
h flriH the V1
t ....i.j . m vp&ts.o
i o uatitsu uiw
of a sore tkat restated every
... t ..n T fried
iiwuuiem, bum, .,!
an. a .y uiJa ma S. bafff
mitv Mitt nw - ..Afc
write Jolm Garrett, ol N1
n, u, uaxaMi -
c, fcy J. O. FT irMf

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