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ClubXFormcd to Provide Wives For
Spokane's Young Men
Spokano, Wash., Sopt. 27. De
signed to solve tho problem of the
scarcity of marriageable young la
dlos In tho Inland Empire, tho SpQ
kano Affinity Club has Just organized
with theflo efllcers: President, J. 0.
Drown, secretary of tho Spokano
Brokers' Exchange; secretary nnd
treasured, Wallco A. McDurnoy, vlco
prosldent and manager of tho Falls
City Lumbor Company; manager,
Cndwalder .Tones, manngor of tho
Unltod Stool and Equipment Com-T-nny.
Branches nro to bo established In
every town of moro than 500 inhnb
itnntfl throughout tho Spokano coun
try, embracing 1G0 squnro miles In
Eastern Washington, Northern Ida
ho, Northwestern Oregon, Western
Montana and Southern British Co
lumbia, nftor which It Is tho pur
poso to extend tho Influence of the
club nil over tho Northwostorn and
Pacific coast states nnd provlncco.
"President Hrown gnvo out tho fol
lowing slntomont nt tho closo of tho
organization moeting:
"Tho purposo of tho club Is to
jirovldo wives for ollgtblo young men
of tho Bpoknno country by Inducing
thorn to como Into tho district. Thoro
Is a groat scarcity of young womon
1n tho Northwest, and tho Inland Em
plro Is no oxcoptlon. I am not over
stating tho fact whon I any that G000
womon botwoon tho nges of 20 nnd
ttO yonrs could And good husbands
nnd comfortnblo homos In Spokano
nlono. This may soom an extrava
gant statomont In a city of noarly
100,000 population, but tho fnct Is
that tho young mon hnvo como to
thin city In hiicIi lnrgo numbors dur
ing tho last 18 mouths thoro nro not
enough girls to go around.
"Tho Aral Htop In tho campaign to
bring young womon Into tho country
will bo to wrlto to our frlonds nnd
acquaintances In tho old homos In
tho Mlddlo-wostorn, Knstorn, South
ern and Now Euglnnd stntos and
"Enstorn Canada, urging thorn to
como trt tho Northwost, nnd thou pro
vnll upon thorn to wrlto to tholr girl
ncqunlntanrcH. In that wny a chain
nystnm will bo ostnbllsbod, and tho
problem finally solved."
President Hrown added that nn.v
ninn botwoon tho ngos of -2H nnd 40
years, Industrious dud of good char
notor and possessed of nt least $1000
or Its equivalent In realty, Ih ellglblo
to uiomhorHhlp In tho club. Tho or
ganization will provldo the minister,
bent man and ushors, nlso a matron
to glvo tho hrhlo away and foot tho
bills of tli wodding fonst, to which
nil unmnrrlosd members will bo In
vited as guests. Tho club proposes
touching also Into tho larger ottlos
for working women, who will bo
provided with transportation to Spo
kano and given employment In of
Hcoh, stoicH and households. They
will bo roqutrod to hnvo slatomontH
from at least throo porsons, of whom
one shall bo n mlulHtor, In tholr
linino city, vouohlug for tholr charac
ter and gouornl behavior.
San Francisco, Sopt. 27. Max
Manlock, an ox-huporvlsor, was on
the stand this morning In the For(
trial, and sufTored under tho severe
vrouB-oxnmlimtlon of Earl Rogers,
for tho defense. Mnnlnok tostlllod
that ho borrowed $1800 from An
il row Wilson, another corrupt minor
vlBor. lingers tried to get witness
to say ho borrowed It from Juntos
Gallagher. YltnoBa flatly donlod
this. ItogorH then showed him a
copy of hlH testimony heforo tho
grand Jury, where ho said ho had
borrowed tho money from Clulhighor
"Oh yes," said tho witness. "1
remember now. I borrowed Mint
from (InJlaghor to pay back Wilson."
Constant wrangling botwoon Rog
ers and Honey marked tho sosston.
Judgo Iwlor was constantly Inter
fering to keop tho attorneys within
Supervisor Sanderson stated on
tho stand that ho votod for the ovor
Itenil trolley boonus ho thought it n
good thing, and that ho votod for I1
"before ho rocetvcil any mouoy, nnd
did not know that thoro was any
money In It until ho got his onvelopo
from aallaghor.
.I o ii.
Charley Km Hurled
Tho funoral of Charley Koo, tho
Chlnnmnn, who died Wodnsday us
tho rosult of being kicked by n
borco, took pluco this afternoon, and
was largely attended, all Chinatown
allowing tho hoarse.
- i .1-. i .. O' ' i
Owimih Round Over,
Loh Angoloa, Sopt. 27. At tho
prollmlnnry hoarlng today Dr. J. S.
Owens, chnrgod wliU extortion by J.
Whyto Kvana, of Portland, was hold
to tho grand Jury.
i o '
Other Could See,
"Hut, my dear," nrotcatod nor
"husband. " you should closo your
eyes to tho fact that I am not per
fect." "JBven If I did," roJolRed hla wife,
'tnt would not Impair tho vision of
Hk Bcluhbora." Chicago Now.
Des Moines. la., Sopt. 27. George
T. Schlonkor, a farmer living rfoar
Dos Moines, is noro. Ho Is mad
clenr through. ThlB much Is to bo
derived from tho talc of mental nn
gulBh, sad disappointment and
blighted hopes which ho sets forth
In a suit filed in district court, in
which ho asks for $550 damages
from a local scod dealer.
This spring Schlonkor, according
to his sad story, purchnsed three
and n half bushels of tomato seeds
from tho dofondant. Ho dovoted
several acres of his richest land to
tholr culture. Through tho months
that followed ho worked early and
lato, valiantly fighting tho Insect
hordes that attacked his loved plants
and watering them by hand when
Jupiter Pluvlus was not on tho Job.
Visions of wealth haunted tho mind
of Farmor Schlonkor, as ho conjured
up hundreds of bushels of big, red,
Juicy tomatoes, to bo sold on tho
market at tho highest price.
Tho final chnptor In Schlenker'a
tnlo of woo lo almost too hnrrowlng
for publication. The crop, Instead
of tho big, red vnrloty which ho had
expected nnd which ho supposed he
had planted, turned out to bo tho
llttlo yollow plum tomntocs, wholly
unsalablo nnd without market valuo.
Therefore, Schlonkor Is sore, and
scoks financial salvo for his soro
(Continued from pago ono.)
Bishop Modern St. Paul.
Bishop Thoburn, who Is known in
many lands ns "tho modern St.
Paul," declared to his hearer's, at
Oraco Mothodlst Episcopal church,
that ho hns Just discovered this great
fact, and -explained thnt he regards
It ns tho most significant move
ment within two or throo centuries.
Ills attontlon wn3 nttractcd to It, ho
sold, through tho Incoming of tho
Hindus, about whoso arrival In
Puget Sound porta thoro wns recent
Uo snld thnt after visiting Sonttlo
and talking with thorn In tholr hn
tlvo Inngungo, ho realized that they
nro but tho forerunners of tons of
thousands who nro to follow, not
only from India but also from Chlnn.
Japan nnd Corcn, to say nothing of
otlior countries, Including Europe
Revolution of Omit Virion,
To thoso who heard Bishop Tho
burn and who know his oxporloncos,
covering moro thnn 50 years In mis
sionary sorvlco throughout tho
world, his words cnrrlod groat
weight, nnd mnny remarked that It
waB tho rovolatlon of a groat vision
by a man outlroly cnpablo of nc
euroto prophecy. Tho bishop Bpoko
for 30 minutes, In doflnnco of the or
dors of his physicians, who hnvo for
bidden him to talk In public on ac
count of his dcllcnto honlth. Ho
snld, howovor, that ho rogarded his
Hiibjoct ns of yut Importance, and
of sufllrlont wo'rth to aiBrognrd, for
once, tho doctors.
Xew Km Has Dnwiml.
Bishop Thoburn, In tho courso of
his remarks, asserted that ho had
nttcortnlnod from tho Hindus who
wore recently In trouble on tho
Sound that thoy nro In this country
of thflr own froo will. It wns then,
bo said, that ho realized that n bIj?
nlllcnnco far moro Important thnn
usually Bupposod wrs nttnehod to
tholr coming and reflection nnd study
led him to tho linn conviction that
a now ora hns dawned and thnt Clod
Is to Hond tho bonlghted of other
lands to this country for uplifting.
Cannot Stem Tide.
" I hopo no ono will grow alarm
ed, " said Bishop Thoburn, "but Just
as cortnln nB anything thnt has nl
rondy transpired In history, tho Hin
dus, tho Japanese, tho Chlneso and
tho Corenns nro going to swnrm to
this country, nnd wo mny ns woll try
to swoop back tho tides of tho ocean
ns to try to keep them out. No mat
tor what tho rowdy oloment does,
thoy are coming, nnd whothor thoy
nro n peril or not lies with us. Wo
must elthor lift thorn up or they will
carry ub down.
Thinks No Danger Threatens.
"I do not think tho mnvomont to
this country carries any dangor, for
thoro Is plenty of labor for thoso
who como, nnd thoy nro not npt to
work nny harm to others. It Is a
deop mystery to mo how thoso Hin
dus who camo to tho Sound secured
tholr pnssago, ns thoy hnvo to work
I,.- t
Soon you will bo wading
through mud and slush.
I Get a good home $
for your feet
I huve Just received my win
tor stock of shoes nnd can
nleaso nud satisfy both tho
young nnd old. Como and see
my now lino of winter Bkoes
boforo buying.
Jacob Vogt
345 SUte Street
tack the vil
The Cause of Many
Sudden Deaths.
There is ti disease prevailing in this
country nibst dnngerous because so decep
tive. Many sudden
deaths arc caused
by itheart dis
ease, pneumonia,
heart failure or
apoplexy are often
the result of kid
ney disease. If
kidney trouble is
allowed to advance,
the kidney-poisoned
blood will nt-
ortraus. causing catarrh of
the bladder, or the kidneys themselves
break down and waste away cell by cell.
Bladder troubles almost always result
from a derangement of the kidneys and
a cure is obtained quickest by a proper
treatment of the kidneys. If you are feel
ing badly you can make no mistake by
taking Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, the
great lcldncy, liver and bladder remedy.
It corrects inability to hold urine and
scalding pain in passing it, and over
comes that unpleasant necessity of being
compelled to go often through the day,
and to get up many times during the
night. The mild and the extraordinary
effect of Swamp-Root is soon realized.
It stands the highest for its wonderful
cures of the most distressing .cases.
Swamp-Root is pleasant to take and is
sold by all druggists in fifty-cent nnd
one-dollar size bottles. You may have a
sample bottle of this wonderful new dis
covery and a book thnt tells all about it,
both sent free by mail. Address, Dr. Kil
mer & Co., Binghnmton, N. Y. When
writing mention reading this generous
offer in this paper. Don't make any
mistake, but remember the name, Swamp
Root, Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, and the
address, Diughamtou, N. Y., on every
in tholr nntlvo land for from G to 12
conts a day, and how thoy got tho
money to como horo I could not
learn. Thoy declared, howovor,
thnt thoy are hero of their own free
will, and merely to bottor thorn
selves. "I hnvo already had somo of the
best men of this city appeal to mo
to sccuro somo of thoso Hindus for
work horo In Orogon, and nt this
tlmo, I fool cortaln, I could place
5000 of them In this Btnto at once,
If I sccuro thorn.
History to Repent Itself.
"Now, If I. can do this, somo ono Is
going to do it In tho futuro. I can
sco now the nations of tho earth
turning to this country, nnd I roallzo
that tho tide has alrondy Bet In. f
thnnk God for tho Woman Home
Missionary society for It Is equipped
nnd, I bollovo, providentially, to enro
for people who aro boglnlng to flock
to our Bhores. As I stand on this
platform today and sneak these
words, I cannot but bollovo thnt his
tory Is about to ropont Itsolf, and
thnt a world-wide movomont 1b Just
Spent Life In Missions.
Bishop Thoburn 1b ono of tho old
est mombors of tho Eplscopncy, nnd
hns spent practically his ontlro llfo
In forolgn Holds, moro especially In
din. IIo has circled tho globe many
times, nnd hns hnd moro oxporlenco
ns a missionary than nny living
man it Is said by his associates. Ho
Is ono of tho niOKt famous occlcsins-
tlcal characters of tho contury, and
In Methodism his nnmo Is a house
hold word. The wonr and tenr of his
work has so Impalrod his honlth thnt
... ' ..i.i mmntv Mm rlomnmln for now hats for a fow dnvn nfint. ni. .
wo were uuumu iu "W; " - - - uu weeK, can,j i
exceptionally heavy sales in this department during fair week, and tho week preceedlng
now replenished our stock by extra hard work of our eight ninkora and trimmers. Thi. i.
cBt placo in town becauso
Our Prices Arc Right and All Work Is Guaranteed to Give Satisfaction
240 Commercial St. RQSTEIN & GREENBAUM 246Commerx X
for two years ho has been unablo to
do much active work.
Rlshop Will Retire.
Ho has been bo enfeebled of Into
thnt his physicians havo positively
rofuscd to pormit him to speak in
public for many months, and ho said
yestorday that only tho vast impor
tance of his subject caused him to
disregard tholr orders and appear
for a Bpeoch of half an hour. IIo Is
living In Portlnnd at present, and
hns announced that ho will petition
tho next general conforenco of his
church to rotlro him.
Covington ami Rurjlson Probably on
Their Wny to Alaska.
Scattlo, Sept. 27. Information re'
colved horo from a good Bourco
forces tho pollco to bollevo thnt
Prank Covington nnd CharleB Burll
son loft Scattlo Soptombor 0th on
tho steamor Santn Clara for Kotalln,
Alnska. This throws tho pollco oft
tho track in tholr search for tho sus
pected murderers of Agnes Coving
ton in this country.
Will Approve It, Rut Doesn't Like It.
Washington, Sopt. 27. President
Roosevelt announced yestorday that
ho will npprovo tho Oklahoma con
Tho President Bald ho hnd oxnm
luod tho documont with Attornoy
Gonornl Donnpnrto, and thnt ho folt
thnt tho quostlon of his approval
ought not to ho bnscd on his person
al opinion of tho documont, but upon
whothor It camo within the terms of
tho onnbllng act. His personal opin
ion of tho documont, tho President
laughingly Bnld, wns "not fit for
publication." Tho promulgation of
hlu approval will bo mndo later.
To Ro Trlpd October lBtli.
Uolso, Sopt. 27. Qeorgo A. Pot
tihono, pale nnd thin, appeared In
tho Adn county court room this
morning and listened to a formnl
ordor sotting his trial .for Octobor
15th. Judgo Wood then heard argu
ments of nttornoyfl in tho injunction
proceedings brought by Avery C.
Mooro, to provont tho pnymont of the
bill of tho Plnkorton dotoctivo agen
cy cnuscd by tho Haywood trial.
n i
Doctor u Wrestler.
Soattlo, Sopt. 27, In a prlvnte
match Dr. Rollor dofoatod Emil
Klnnck In a wrestling mntch, two
falls out of throo, for $1000 a side.
Swam Ashore to Join Wife But Over
looked the Infant
Victoria, Sopt. 27. Left on tho
wharf by the Balling of tho steamers,
Mrs. King snw hor husband jump
from tho rail nnd swim ashore, bo
thoy would not bo separated. In his
excitement King forgot their baby,
which was In tho cabin. IIo is now
prostrated, but Is following tho
Btenmor to Vancouver to got tho de
sorted infant.
C. D. Mintou, of This City, One of
the Lay Delegates.
Portlnnd, Sopt. 27. Dolcgntcs to
tho gonornl conferonco woro elected
this morning nt tho Oregon Motho
dlst convention, now bolng hold horo
Tho ministerial dolcgntcs aro J. W.
McDougal, of Albany; W. B. Hol
llngshood, of Portland, nnd B. F.
Rowland, of Portland. Tho lnymon
delegates nre: R. A. Booth, of Eu
gene; C. D. Mlnton, of Snlem, and
B. L. Paget, of Portland. Whllo tho
oloctlon of laymen delegates wns tak"
Ing plnco tho ngod father of R. A.
Booth, Robort Booth, was stricken
with n Bovoro attack of lllnoss. Ad
dresses from superannuated minis
ters woro heard today, ns well as an
address of H. D. Klmbnll, of Snlem,
"On tho Education of Young Minis
tors." o
TeiTiblo Flood in Japan.
Victoria, B. C; Sopt. 27. Advices
of a torrlblo disaster duo to jjrent
floods provnlllng in Japan hnvo boon
recolvod. Tho overflow of tho rlvor
Otonashlgawa, running through tho
town of Eukuchiyamn, nenr Kyoto,
causod tho loss of moro thnn COO
llvos, tho rlvor rising moro than 00
Will Change Name
ant I.
also nhnn V'iKe 1
location on Commorcufi
Monday, October m T !
buldinir nm.w"?. lb
Zinn on stnin ..-.! '" I
mono 125. 325 Comj
HOTEL AnnrvAis.
Mrs. W. B. Johnnn Pa.1
Mr. nnd Mrs. W. D. DeyJ
Ij. Charles, San Franclico
H. B. Hall, Portland. '
E. Keono, Lebanon.
A. E. Datln, Los Angelei.
A. O. MacLeod, New York.
C. M Rork, Portland.
. D. Swain, Portland.
B. L. Bnucom Portland.
U. S. Drako. Portljiml
C. II. Ovcrlnctnn. San Vn,A
Constnnco Whcaldon, The D1
L. A. Porter, Tho Dalles.
Kola Nols.
Wnltor Locklo. San Fftndsco
H. E. Stnnnard, Portland.
Jos. Ellison, Portland.
H N. Cokerllno, Albany.
L. M. Smith, Portland.
P.' D. Tuqun, Falls City.
O. J. Eskolson, Llvln&itos.
Wm. Tweed, Marion, Ind.
Clnronco Caldwell,
II. J. Romlon, Omaha.
T. J. CIcmo, city.
J. A. Schools.
.T. T. Slum.
D. M. Hamilton, MlnneipcEil
L. L. Brooks, Corvalllt,
R. B. Akor, Woodburt.
II. A. Hlnshaw, Woodbn.
A. R. Wlllard, city.
Cnl in rro.
Mr. nnd Mrs. F. C. SblrtliL&i
ton, Wash.
D. Swain, Portlnnd.
II. J. Tnggart. New York.
.1. u. llljl-io, lu.nuu
,rMM TO A A lUmii nnn TlfflCf
W. C. Berdlno and wife, W
J. E. Stunrl nnd wife. Callforl
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