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MHn ,
J. L Stockton
The White Corner
Kcdonmi Crepe, Brown, Blue, Rod, Gray, Tan, Black, Green,
Reseda, etc.
An excellent assortment to select from. All prices reduced.
Cnpilnl Assembly Initiated SIS
Candidates Last Evening-
Elnlornto Banquet.
Beware of Imitations
offered under the name of
There is but one Genlile
which is perforated
m a s
a tf
! a
Every three yards on the selvedge
Stock Company
seating tho 4-act comedy drama
Hut a Woman Will Do?"
Illustrated songs, Bpeclaltles and
Tins pictures botwoon nets.
Miss Gcrtrudo Gray, who has boon
visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. M. McNary,
of this city, loft InBt ovonlng for hor
homo in Soattlo. Sho was nccont
panlcd as far as Portland by Miss
Veda Cross, who will visit In tho mo
G. W. Conlllnrd, of Portland, Ib
visiting In tho city.
Cloyco M. Matthews, of Astoria, Is
visiting rolattvos and frlonds In thin
Cnrl Abrams hns roturncd from
an oxtondod trip In California and
Miss Ethel Ilotn, n popular stAt
'dont of tho Capital Business Col
logo, loft Inst ovonlng for nn ovor
Sundny visit to hor pnrcnta in Auma
vllle. Owon Grnvos, who, with his wife,
L Swan has gono to Burns. on lias boon visiting in the olty, has ro
lls'! - turned to his boms In Newport. Mrs.
UtCT.'" T II. McNary went lo Grnvos line gone to Portland, where
Hani tijn on Ivuslness. .she will visit friends and relative
l"x M Mvnott, of Portlnnd, H, before returning to the Bay City.
BUsg h-r sl-ter, Mrs. H. N. Elcy. John Mnuror and Glmrlos Donnl-
lohn H ?n wns among tboso who. son loft this morning for Tnngont,
whore they will tnko chargo of the
Wobstor Klnonld pouring oar, which
is dlsablod at that place. Tho auto
will bo taken to Enigono by Mossra
Mnuror and Donnlson. It wns used
in this olty during the Inst state fair
to convoy paosengers to and from
the grounds.
A Notre Dame Lady's Appeal.
To all knownlng sufferers of rheu
matism, whether musoular or of the
Joints, sclattca, lumbago, backache,
pains in tho kldnoya or nourallga
pains, to wrlto to her for a homo
treatmont which has repeatedly cur
at ,o Po Mnnd last ovonlng,
P MfCornack wont to Portlnnd
terdn, i i a short business trip.
Irs Chan Hanna, of Eugene,
rkltht; rrlntlvos nnd frlonds in
w C r Spldoll, of tho nsylum
If, l"ft Ian evening for nn over
May ! l in Portland.
r aid Mrs L. M. Prnzlor went
Port' and !an evening for an over
lay vl-lt,
l!3 Via" a Fisher wont to Port-
today to bo n Bnectntor nt tha
garaette-Multnomnh gamo.
rs, Victoria Boschon and son.
&ur, left this morning for an ed all of tboso tortures. Sho feels
-Sunday visit In tho metropolis, tit hor duty to Bend it to nil BUfforera
E B-own left today for an ex- FREE. You cure yoursolf at homo
I fast ii!li m x a .' 4 - J .111 aVnn via Jtl n tl rTit
moii una Business trip in as mousauus win luamj -uu t""'"
One of tho most elnbornte musical
and literary programs which has
beon given In tho city by local tal
ent was rendered Inst evening In the
assembly hall, after tho business of
the Artisans' district mooting had
been finished. Notwithstanding the
Inclemency of tho weather there
woro many out-of-town visitors pres
ent to witness tho local assembly ini
tiate the 25 candidates, who wero
shown tho mysteries of Arilsanshlp,
and to bo cntertnlncd by tho mom
bors of Capital Assembly and friends,
aftor tho business mooting cloiod.
Tho lodge wns honored by tho prea
onco of Supremo Mnstor Artlson
Hudson nnd Supremo Superintendent
Morrow, who delivered nddrossoa
during tho evening. Tho Artisan or
chestrn of this city, led by Chnrlos
Kurlli opened tho program with n
selection, which was well received by
tho largo audience.
A tnnlo quartet, composed of
Messrs. Pierce, Ellis, Knowlnnd nnd
Parker, snng "My California Queen"
In. n manner, to mbo a trito oxpros
Blon, that brought down tho homo.
It is useless to sny that tho violin
solo by Profossor LeRoy Gesncr, Sa
lem's talented violinist, was appre
ciated, nnd given a hearty oncoro.
Mr. Gosncr Is n genius of rare music
nl nttnlnmcnts whoso numbors nl
ways plonRo ovon tho moBt critical
audience. Ho wns accompanied oy
Mrs. C. D. Cnrnos, Snlom'fl nccom
pllshed pianist, nnd wns compelled
to respond with n recall number.
Chostor Cntlow kopt tho nudlonco
In n mar of laughtor by relating n
story of n society swoll calling on
his lady lovo and Bitting down on
sofn cushion which wns smonrod
with glue.
Bonn Snvago ,of tho Willamette Uni
versity coIIoro of orntory, and hoB n
ploaslng nnd forclblo manner of nd-
dress that fascinates his hoarcrs.
Probably tho numbor most nppr
elated wiis "Faust," which was boau
tlfully rendered by Mr. LoRoy Goi
nor nnd IiIb stringed qnilntottc. To
sny that tho musical organization is
composed of tho following muslclnns
Ib enough, MIsb Lllllnn Stogo, flrtit
violin; II. N. Stoudonmoyor, Bocond
violin; Edwnrd Cnppor cello; R.
Turnoy, Btring bnss and Profosanr
Gosnor, viola.
Cooko Patton, tho prlnco of ontoi
tnluera, took nn Impromptu plnce on
tho program nnd ontortnlnod tho
crowd with hypnotic, stunts in his
usunl nblo mnnnorv
Aftor the program tho members
nnd the few Invited guoata ropnlraj
to the dining halls, where one of the
famous Artisan banquets wns sorvod.
In r Few
May Bo Mads at Home
It is not too late to mnke nttrncttvo
Christmas presents nt home, even If
tho selection hns been delayed until
tho Inst few days, for the womnn who
Is ingenious con fashion decidedly or
fectlro gifts out of cardbonrd nnd
bright colored paper, nnd by choosing
practical and nrtlsttc models can turn
out just as ncceptnblo articles ns those
tnndo by ernorts.
In making paper gifts tho amntour
must remember that, though tho actual
work is easy, consisting only of cut
ttng nnd pasting, this must bo care
fully dono or tho materials will bo
spoiled nnd tho labor wasted. For
this reason tho simplest kind of modola
should bo docldcd upon as gifts to be
made in a hurry, for tho caster they
aro to fashion the less difficult tho task
wUl be.
.If nn envelope holder should be
cnoseu nB n gift, tho work on It would
requlro but n short spneo of titno nnd
renlly no skill, for It am bo mndo of
tbrcu or four pieces of enrdbonrd cut
Bquarc, round or with the upper edgo
In scallops. Ono of theso pieces tho
ono that Is to form the back should
bo nt least one-third wldor than tho
other two, whllo tho second ptcco need
not bo more than two Inches decpor
than the Inst or third one. Tho width
of nil thrco must of courso bo tho
When cut to plenso tho fancy, pnsto
on dccorntlvo crnpo paper In a light
. tiliniln nf tntl l1lln Al- lllnlr f wltlfll
Mr. Catlow la n pupil of; .. .V,. , . n . ,.
v.iv.u ...u f..n..w vv.w.uu .-....-, ....
Cures Winter Cough.
J. E. Govor, 101 N. Main St,, Otta
wn, Kan., writes: "Kvory fall It hua
boon my wlfo's troublo to catch n
sovoro cold, and thoroforo to cough
nil wintor long. Lnst fall I got her
a bottlo of Horohound Syrup. She
used it nnd has boon ablo to sleep
soundly nil night long. Whenever
tho cough troubles her, two or throe
dOBes Btops tho cough, nnd alio la able
to bo up and well." 25c, 50c and
t-0. Sold by D. J. Fry.
Phone Ul
Ul State St.
In order that we may close out a line of good, honest
wearing Shoes within the next 30 days, we wiN make the
following very modest prices:
$3.00 Heavy Shoes $2.75
$3,150 Heavy Shoes $3.00
$4.00 Heavy Shoes $3.50
$4.50 Heavy Shoes $4.00
$5.00 Heavy Shoes $4.50
Only a Limited Amount at These Prices
One-third saved on rcpalrlng-Mcn's half solo and heels 75c: LauHcs 50c
wles L Spauldlng, the
Harry Spalding and
" accompanied the Wil
'ball eleven to tho rat
morning, W Pogue, of the Klm-
. o
The Southern Pacific offlolala at
Rena, New, have succeeded in secur
ing $ 100.000 in gold to pay off their
-. o
Oyster cocktails are the baat
of cllmnte being necessary. This
woll- Blmple discovery banishes uric acid
m lucbcrmau, went to Portland, from tho blood, loosens the atlffen-
! morning on business. ed Joints, purifies tho blood, and
KS J H MnPnrlflfl vhn linn hrli-htpns thft AV03. clvlOff elasticity
visaing her daughter in this and tono to tho whole Byatom. If
h 'l las evening for her home the above Interesta you, for proof
K,'encn address Mra. M. Suramera, box ll,
r P- m.. i..j l. tj
- - us uiuuitg iuo Biuuumu ,ruiru UUUIU. IUU,
'ent to Portland this morning
Mtend ho Willamette-Multnomah
ca Na
ette f,
01 8 f-
er r
l-oecr?fal college, left ladt ev-
PS '" B'ld'pvnlo u'Tioro hn wl'.l
t5 f Sunday.
eT A P i... ...-., i tu
' "r ;rirnl nnllana 1ff lnof
Was f- Crntral Point, where ho
-: i a ViPfk'a rAvlvnl maotlnc
HtJ G - rtnnth nnrl Xflaa Thln
twra' 0 Portland thia.morn-
p teo ' Willamette beat Multno-
a 'no pigskin contest this af-
:Premo f'ourt Reporter Robert
vw am m -t ,.. .
Vijns the local Artisan assem-
Jl m.S f.tV On om.1.1 l.l loaf
a rc"4rnP(i today to their
,a Portland. They hold the
' aUDretnn aiinnplntnnilnnt
rfeme Master Artisan, respes-
v me order.
Only 35 centa per bushel for fancy
clean cheat aeed, while it lasts.
Put In your order qniok.
Flrht Unitarian.
Corner of Cottage and Chemekot.i
stroeta. Servlcoa In tho morning nt
10:30. Evening Bervlco nt 7: 30.
Sunday school at 11:16, Immediate
Jy after tho morning service Tho
ovonlng will be dovotod to a Thanks
giving servlco, for which apaclnl
music will bo rendered nnd tho
church appropriately decoratod. Sub
Joot for the merning: "Habit."
Churoh open to everybody, nnd nM
are not only welcome, but are urged
to attend.
Lnt Monday Evening.
Thero was a social hop given last
Monday ovonlng In tho Elka' hall by
Mr. R. O. Hunter and h. C. Stringer
that will not bo forgotten by those
who attendod for some time. Mr.
Hunter and Mr. Stringer have al
roady gained tholr fame as enter
talnora from the three dances glvon
by them whllo they comprised the
soola'l commlttoe of Company M, O.
N. O. Tho dance laat Monday ovon
lng was simply another one of their
usual sucoeeees. The Peerless or
chestra renderod service that was
most tyisolnatlng to the dancora. The
significance of the hop being held in
khe boautlful hall of the Blks, la of
Itself enough to convince anyone
that all which would be presented
would be the best In 8alom to make
the affair an elaborate auccta.
iiLorrcn ron table.
hb red roHoa nnd yollow chrynautho
mums, tied prettily with long ribbon.
When the panto Is thoroughly dry, nn
edging of heavy papor or tnpo to finish
tho pieces at tho top Hhould !o added.
At the bottom or about nn Inch from
tho edgo of ench two holes Hhould be
made, ono on clthor Hide, for through
thoHo openings ribbons thnt tlo tho
pieces together tiro run. The ribbons
lire Hindu Into protty knot nnd help
decorate th holder. Through ' two
holoH at the top of the large plecn of
cardboard n ribbon la fastened, with
bowknotH, so thnt the bolder may be
attnehud to the wnll or n desk whor
evor It will 'mug conveniently.
Quite iih Horvlcenblo na the holder
nnd equally Hpproprlate for man nnd
womnn la a blotter for n desk. It Is
mado of n Htpinre piece of cardboard,
over which n light blue or dellcnto
pink blotting pad Is placed. This la
held down by four decorntlvo cornera
mudo of cardboard covered with crnpo
paper in pretty floral deslgua. These
corners are made like right angled tri
angles to fit tho bqunri edgoa of tho
bottom and are attached to tho latter
by flno wires.
Tilison & Co
5i-i6t HfgfcSteeet
pfreste 1 39 SaIeiB.Of
Start winter In a healthy condi
tion, be free from disease. Hollls-
ter'a Rocky Mountain Tea, the most
reliable preventative. Nothing so
sure to keep you well. 35 cents, Tea
or Tablets. For sale at Dr. Stone's
A Knitting Needle Gate.
A moat suitable present for a lover
of knitting la n case In which the dif
ferent sizes of needles may be kept
nnd preserved from rust when not 1o
The outer cover, composed of any
pretty material, may be as elaborately
worked as you Uko. It must be cut a
little longer than the length of the
longest needle it la to hold, and about
Utreo times as wide na It ia long. In
making the case you will be guided by
your own or the recipient's usual re
quirements la the way of knitting neo
dles, as ouo or two size may be pre
ferred to the entire "set."
The lining should be of wash leather.
Choose it pleco with n not too uggres
slvo yellow tlut uud uot "thin" in
placed. Cut It to tho size of tho case
aud allow half an Inch over to be
pinked out and uhow over the edges.
before fixing in, place u moderately
wide piece of leatuur down tho center
piece nnd nmUo us muuy runulugs
aurortt It as will correspond with tho
number of Lulttlug needles the case Is
destined to hold. If deolred, the leather
lining need only meet tho edges of the
cane, which may bo bound with rlbbou.
The case can be rolled up wlrtn uot
In use and tied with a ribbon from the
outside. These cases can be adapted
tor various uses by regulating the aize
o tho center ruunlngs, into which can
be slipped embroidery silks as well
as knitting needles, and such a case
lined with oil silk would make an cd
inlrable brush holder for a student in
water color painting.
(Jive Knjoynhlc Kutcrtniuimiit.
Tho mombora or tho United Breth
ren church Sunday school liiBt ovon
lng gnvo n very onjoynblo entertain
ment In tholr church In Yow Park.
Tho Sunday Bchool of this congrogu
Hon Ib composed of wldo-nwnko nnd
onorgotlo young poopjo, mnny of
whom possobb rnro muBlonl nnd lit.
orary talent.
- o
Thcro'H No Uie
Tnlklng, you enn'o boat Horblno for
tho llvor. Tho groatost regulntor
ovor offered to Buffering humanity.
If you Buffer from llvor complaint,
If- you nro bilious nnd rrotful, Its
your llvor, nnd Horblno will put In
In Its propor condition. A positive
euro for Constipation, DIlloiiBnoss,
Dyspepsia nnd nil ilia duo to n torpid
llvor. Try n bottlo nnd you will nov
or uao unythlng olao. Sold by D. J.
lit Honor of Member.
Aftor tho rogulnr mooting of the
Lndlaa' Relief Corps lust Tuoedny
ovonlng, nt tholr hull, nn Informal
recoptlon wns glvon to two of their
membors, Mrs. Thompson and Mrs.
Cndo, It being tho occasion of their
bIrthdnyB. Mr. Drlggs, who hat
recently returned from Albortn, Cnu
ndn, wnB nlso n guiwt of honor. A
vory plonflnnt oolal tlmo wns pasaod
nnd light rofroshmonts sorvod by
the Mlssoa Viola Forstnor, Cordoll.a
Vlggon. Altn Cnmoron nnd Abblo
nnd Myra Mcllrldo. Tho IndloB of tho
Rollof Corps will hold tholr next ro
ular mooting next Tuosdny and will
bo vlaltod by tholr depnrtmout pres
ident, Mrs. Cora Davis, of Union,
Untlly Mlxixl Up,
Abraham Brown, of Wlntorton, N.
f., had u very romnrkablo oxporl-
enco; u says: "Dootora got naaiy
mixed up ovor mo; one said heart
disease; two called it kldnoy trouble;
tho fourth, blood poison, nnd the
fifth stomach hnd llvor troublo; but
nono of thorn bolped mo; so my wife
udvlscd trying Electric Hitters, which
nro rostorlng mo to porfoct health
Ono bottlo did mo more good than all
the flvo doctora proscribed." Guar
anteed to cure blood poison, weak
neaa and all stomach, llvor and kld
noy complalnta, by J. C. Perry, drug
gist, COc.
$ s
! '. IMiro and fancy candloa a ! ',
; ; Bpoclalty. Will touch tho trade ; ;
and nuyono wishing to lenn
. . to mnko candles will do woll . .
to call nt onco. Torino roa- ', ',
T nonnblo.
113 North Commorcln'l sraot.
FOUNIRR. In Snlom, Orogon, on
Friday, Novombor 22, 1007i to
Mr. nnd Mts. W. J. Fornlor, a
' O" ...
If Yon Know
Tito morltn of tho Toxna Wonder, you
would novor aufforifrom kldnoy, bind
dor or rhoumntle troublo; U bottlo
two months' treatment, sold by drug
gist or by mnll. Bend for testi
monials. Dr. R. W. Hall, 2920 Olive
stroat, St. Louis.
Don't suit stale candy.
Norwich Union Fire
Insurance Society
Frank Meredith, Resident Agent.
Offlco with Wm. Brown & Co., No.
29 Commercial street.
Ovor Ladd & Buxh's Bank, Salem, Or
ItiMtno Man Ivscpf -
Bort Grootoh, nn lnsano patient,
mndo hla escapo last evening whllo
at work on tho asylum farm. Ho Is
iC years of ago, nnd was oommlttod
from Lane county.
Piles Cured la 8 to 14 Days.
PAZO OINTMENT Is guaranteed to
cure any ease of Itching, Blind, Bleed
Ing or Protruding Pilw la 6 to 14
day sor vtoaey fefue4. 6Qc.
IliIlouHiies and Constlpntlon.
For years I was troubled with bil
iousness and constipation, which
made life mlserablo for mo. My np
petite failed mo. I lost my usual
force and vitality. Pepsin prepara
tions and cathartics only mudo mat
ters worse. I do not know whero 1
should bavo been today had I not
tried Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablota. Tho tableta rellove
tho ill feeling at onco, strengthen
the digostlve functions, helping the
system to do Ita work naturally.
Mra. Rosa Potts, Birmingham, Aala.
These tablets are for sale at Dr
Stone's drug store.
Lost Ladles' gold watch and silver
fob. Return to Beulah ChaiH,
1071 D. atroot. ll-22-3t
Wutttetl To buy ono or two lota 'n
Englewood or North Salem, on
tho installment plan. Address
"B," enro Journal. ll-22-3t
For Hale Sovornl Iioubos In Salem,
aud farm 'amis at a bargain. Cap
ital National nank. fl-l-eod
Lout -Drown aud white setter, oar.)
iightor brown than body. Answers
to namo of "Bowdon." Ieturn to
079 N. Cottago. Phono 910.
Tho Secret ot &
Beautiful Fact
Hti In keeping the iklnpre
tcctedawcl!uc!cans4. Juet
waihing li not enough, tkt
only leavci the delicate euefeee
more expowd to the kriurioe
of dtut and gtrm to Bef el
icit attacks of tua bjm!
weather. After whiu, s-
fly Robertfne asd ertwMS
It deUshtful reereeluMMt.
You wUlaimlrt Uu Kae-Wee
sofuicM k Imparts Jece,
neck and anru. K imM edy
itltnulatei a nu&at glow, hit
protect! the tkln I tew kecee
Ing scan. Prevents iNita
hig, tao aad freckle.

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