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a".C-rtW 'Swimrm' W. V
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I f ysWlfWS
1 f
Ladles' watch, Elgin or Walthain,
finely jowolod movomont, gold-filled
caso. Warranted far 20 yoare.
Gentloman's bIbo, Elgin or Wnlth
em, gold-flllcd case, warranter 20
$12.00 to $25.00
Urabrollas, 25 por cent off. Christ
mas gifts In largo abundance, from
50o up.
Loading Jeweler and Optician.
123 Commercial 8t,, noxt to Bank.
low liko llto topaz, tho bluo crystals!
had become green liko omornld nnd
thovlolot had turned to bluo liko tho
Thus was overthrown tho theory
hold lifthorto by sclontlstB that each
of theso precious stones has Ho own
special coloring oxtdo, and that these
several oxldos croon, bluo, red or
yellow havo no deflnlto relation to
each other.
Professor Bordas, as tho published
accounts relate, took hla nowly
created gems to a leading lapidary
jowolor, from whom ho had pur
chased tho corundnim crystals, who
Idontlfled and tested them and found
that they had beon convorted Into
a topaz, a ruby nnd a Bapphlre which
filled all tho tests and requirements
of natural stones.
Ho then obtained from tho Bamo
Jowoler a now series of corundum
crystals In pairs, each pair of an ex
actly Bimllar color. One stone of
each pair was exposed for a month to
tho action of radium, tho other re
tained for comparison, and tho result
of this second experiment was tho
samo as beforo.
For valu
able informa
tion In. ro-
gard to your
I..VO, . "
s o mo splen
did jokos got
a frco copy
of Hostetter's
A 1 m a n a c
from your
sevVKSS" aiso try tno
Bittern for Indltfiitloii, Dyspepsia,
Kidney Ills, Chills, Colds and Malaria
It always cures.
Free Box VotingCo
Tho Capital Journal will present a freo box of flVo flPntfl V-"l lV
saleslady. Voto your choice. UVo ecatB' Price Ji.60 each
li ' lh ttOi j
Cut out this coupon and deposit
In ballot box at ono of tho places
mentioned bolow.
Ono ballot for proo Tin, ,.Z"
" Wl viVE nt.M
Ine. nnrnmlm. nt .. 'U8i Tkni
i "' '"' l0 wax Plcmnn , ,(m. ""! j
- " . i
"The Mn
tho Grand Opora House.
plies for American machines can bo
promptly procured.
1 o
A Home Mado Happy by Clianibcr-
Iain's Congli Remedy.
About two months- ago our
baby girl had measles -which
Botllod on nor lungs and at last
rosultod In a Bovoro attack of
Tho light reddish bronchitis. Wo had two tfoc-
corundum, valued In commerco .atltora hut no rollof was obtained.
about 50 cents nor carat, had beon . Everybody thought she would dlo. I
Tho scientific sensation of tho mo
ment In Paris is tho fact, which is
profusely announced in tho news
papers, that Professor Frederick
JJordns of tho collogo of Frnuco ha
succcoded, after long und patient ex
periment, In producing precious
stones by oxposlng tho coarse ordi
nary form of cryvtnllized nlumnin
known ns corundum or adnmantlno
spar to tho action of radium..
Tho poMlbillty that this procosn
mny bo mod Industrially for tho pro
duction of cortnin klixU of precious
stonoH at a cost which will Borloiusly
modify tho prosont market vnluos of
tho nntural goms Invosts the subject
with so much Intorost that brief re
port may provo of value.
It will bo romemborod that nil
those gpinr. aro In composition crystal
lized alutunla, hut through long ox
posuro to varying conditions of heat
nnd prossuro during tho slow cool
ing null development of tho earth's
surface thoy havo assumed dlfforont
colors, to which tho names of ruby,
amethyst, etc., havo been given.
Tho discovery of radium revealed
tho aotlvo ngont through which var
ious changes In certain subBtnnccs,
which had hlthorto boon or slow pro
gress, might be intensified and ac
complished In a comparatively brief
Tho prosont dlsovery of ProfOBsori
Bordas wns Huggostod by tho fact
that the mlnuto glaiB tube In which
radium la conflnod and kept for
sclontltlc uso tako on gradually a
beautiful ozuro color rosombllng tho
sapphire. This was attributed by
Professor Bortholot to tho presence
of mlnuto tracoa of mnnganeso In tho
jjlaga, which tho marvelous projec
tive powor of tho radium reveals and
revives with varying grades and tints
of coloration. Professor Bordas,
therefore, placed crystallized corun
dum of sovorol tints In contact with
mlnuto tubos of radium, laid thorn
away In a dark placo not subject to
changes of temporaturo, and found
niter n lapse of several wooks that
tho whlto corundum had becomo ycl-
converted Into a ruby valued at $100
to ?1G0 per carat. Tho dark-red
corundum became a dcop brilliant
clolct, tho violet amethyst had be
como a sapphire, and the bluish
corundum a topaz.
Tho possiblo effect of this discov
ery upon tho trndo In Jewelry and
precious stones can bo Readily In
ferred. Radium Is as let ono of the rarest
and most precious substances known
to science, but tho duration of Us
powers Is practically unlimited, nnd
Blnco ono milligram (0.0-G4 grain)
of radium Is sufficient to convort sov
oral corundum crystals Into precious
stones within tho spneo of a month,
and since this process may bo ro
peatodly with this spook of radium,
1t Is naturally, though pochnps pro-
mnturoly, aseumod, that this latoet
diioovary may havo an Important In
dustrial value nnd load to serious
modifications In tho commorcial
prices of cortnin procious stonos.
Professor Bordas, howovor, ro-
garde his discovory as a more labora
tory oxperimont and disclaims any
Intention to secure for It n commor
cial value Consular Report.
wont to olght dlfforont stores to find
a cortaln romedy which had boon
rooommended to mo and failed to get
It, whon ono of tho Btorokoopors In
sisted that I try Chamborlaln's Cough
Remedy. I did so and our baby Is
allvo and -woll today. Goo. W.
Sponco, Holly Springs, N. C. For sale
at Dr. Stone's drug store
Advlco to n Young Man.
"What do you say to a young lady
at a dance?" queried tho youth who
was about to attend his first ball.
"Oh," repllod tho Bocloty man,
"talk to her about her beauty."
"But supposo alio hasn't any?"
said tho youth.
"In that case," rojolnod tho S. M.,
"talk to hor about tho ugliness of
iths othor girl prosent." Chicago
Ballot Boxes at
Jos. Myers' Sons
Patton Brothers' Book
in, jjju .uiirecoonery
McEvoy Bros.' Chicago St
Capital Journal Office
It Will lin thn cf-nntnat annnl nn.i .
.... .. ouuui aim uranui a ...! .,.
Max Flgman is ambitious to bo th tJZ?.?
American Btago. He is naturally and Irresistibly tZ
... .... v UV.UU,.,, utuaiacrincoolthottisij,i
W&men as Well as Men Ar Made
Miserable by Kidney and
Bladder Trouble.
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind,
dUcourngesnndlessensambitton; beautv.
vigor aim cliei ful
ness soon disappear
when thekidnevsnre
out of order or dis
K idne- trouble has
become so prevalent
that it is not uncom
mon for a child to ha
born afflicted with
weak kidnevs. If the
chtMuriiiatestoooften, if the urine scalds
tlie Jlesh.or if, when the child reaches an
ge when it should be able to control tho
91,000 PHo Curo.
A Thousand Dollar Ouaranteo goes
with ovory bottlo of Dr. Loonhnrdt's
Hom-Rold tho only cortaln euro for
ovory form of PHob.
George Cook, St. Thomns, Ont.,
writes: "Dr. Loonhnrdt's Hom-Rold
curod mo of a vory bad caao of Piles
of ovor ton yoara standing. I had
tried everything but got no perma
nent curo till I uaod Hom-Rold. I
had Blind and Bleeding Plies and
sufforod everything. Olntmonts and
local treatments failed, but Dr. Leon
hardt's Hom-Rold cured mo perfect
ly." Hom-Rold Is a tablet taken lntor
nally which romovos tho caueo of
Piles. $1.00 nt drugglBtB. Dr. Lcon
hardt Co., Niagara Falls, N. Y Pro
prietors. Sold by Dr. S. 0. Stono,
AiitoiiioblUng in Europe.
It Is estimated that thoro woro Ml
Europo 8000 Amorlcan touring pof
Plies Cured nt Home by Now Absorp
tion Method.
If you suffer from blooding, Itch
ing, blind or protruding Piles, send
mo your nddroas, and I will toll you
how to curo yourself at homo by tho
now nbsorptlon troatmont; and will
nlso sond Bomo of this homo treat
ment froo for trial, with roforoncoa
from your own locality if roqueated.
Immodlato rollof and pormanont curo
aflsurod. Sond no monoy, but toll
othoro of this offer. Wrlto today
to Mrs. M. SummorB,, Box P, Norto
Damo, Ind.
Bonrdor You can divide a chick-
on with mathmomatlcal nccurrncv.
Mrs. Hashlngton. Mrs. Hashlngton
Dividing It is easy enough. I wish I
could multiply It. Philadelphia In
qulror. ,
Dramatization of Famous Book by Harold
Macgrath will be presented at SALEM
Thursday Evening, December
Friend So that Is your Httlo boy?
IIo look vory Intelligent. Proud
Mama JuBt as I waB at his ago.
My daughter, now, is moro like hor
father, Nos LolBlrs.
Badly Mixed Up.
Abraham Brown, of WIntorton, N.
Y had a vory romarkablo oxporl
onco; ho says: "Doctors got badly
mixed up ovor mo; ono said "hoart
dlswiBo; two celled It kldnoy trouble
tho fourth blood poison nnd tho
Soutlvern Pacific Makes Special Rntos
on Account of Christmas and New ;
Tho Southorn Pacific company ,
lines in urugon wiu innito raio on
faro and a third to all stations'.
Solo dates: Docomber 23, 24, KG
30, 31- 1st return limit January 2,
Gonornl , Passongor Agent.
1 12-12-17t.
n r
Howoll You seem to think that
Notice of Appolotmnt t(l
Notice Is horebrflm)M
20tb day of Dectmto.m
County Court ot Marios C(
gon, duly appointed J. CH
To Curo Cold In One Day. (administrator of the tw.l
Tako LAXATIVE BKOMO QulDlno 0. Josonh. deceased. udi
Sft Dr".B,starefd JKSyJJ'ouaUIW as required UM
BlenatnrA o , nnri, ho. 2Kr ,I0D baring dalM iplKI
laio are nereoy nounr
them with proper tojc5c
law required, to tbt i
hla residence la Satan, 04"
tho law office of F. A, Tsne.ii
city, within eJxmonlljtMll
of the first pubUcatloaet
tlco. to-wit: December II, ifcj
j. a B0BStaJ
ties in automobiles during tho um-n(th stomach end llvor trouble; but x llos77 i Inake thrinvMtniont"
mcr, concerning which tho following n0no of thorn holpod mo; so my wlfo VoZlly lay It s j I X L'
observations aro mado by ono of our advhod trying Bloctrlo Bitters, which ..!fM L. .. ;!,.J", '" .!
consuls; Inro restorlni? mn tn nnpfoot lini(h
Each car carries on an nvorago'ono bottlo did mo moro good than
flvo persons, making a total of 40,000 Lu tho flvo docto nrinrihi
Americans motoring on tho Contl- GAiarnnteod to curo blood poison
nent. Tho oxpenso will averago 10 woaknoss nnd all stomach, liver and
pur uuy mr oaau poraon, waKing a i kidney comnlidnt. bv .T. n Pr
, ,, ,,, 1 At I . m
iif Aiouiiuiu ,u hub UII138 ui urUgglBt COC
American iravoiors in Europe of
Tho American
motorist usually
"That fisherman is always talking
about tho whoppers ho caught." "H
"7'"u " " o ouiuiuuni, aoosn't catoh them," answered Miss
ttuiuu uuuga wie uBBiugmo oxponai- Cayenno. ."Ho merely tells them."
nuu ii iu ?-i,uuu,uuu tor mo Boa- Washington Star
son. bo groat is mo number of
dorslng a noto for a friend. Brook
lyn Llfo.
A Real Wonderland.
South Dnlrotn. with ltn rich nllvnr
mlnos, bonanza farms, wide ranges INSnHSl2SI5f'
nrA afvnnci-k nnfurnl frti.?rinlnTia fj o ii .jj
"4 "..., ..V.U. IW.A.lUk.UUU, .a u
vorltablo wonderland. At Mound
City, In tho homo of Mrs. E. D.
F, A. Turner, AttofBty
insist on voru
r u kii' i Trmmmi
SHv n
f mk wLV J IL. I
Amorlcan nutoiiaobllos on tho Conti
nent that th transport of motors
passage, it is jet afflicted with bed-wet-
ting, depend upon it. the cause of the difli.
culty is kidney trouble, and the first
step should "be towards the treatment of
these important organs. This unpleasant
trouble is due to a diseased condition of
the kidneys and bladder and not to a
habit as most people suppose.
Women as well as men are made miser
able with kidney and bladder trouble,
and both need the same great remedy.
The mild and the immediate effect of
Swamp-Root is soon will zed It is sold
Iiv UrtlL'L'lStS. in ilft- Kl
cent and one-dollar
size bottles. You may
have a sample bottle
oy mail tree, also a item or swusp-noot
pamphlet telling all about Swamp-Root,
including many of the thousands of testi
monial letters received from sufferers
cured. In vWitiug Dr. Kilmer & Co.,
Binghamton, N. Y., be sure and mention
this paper. Don't make any mistake,
but remember the name, Swamp-Root,
ir. iviimer'8 bwamp-Koot, una tue ad
About Digestion.
Tt la not thn nunntltw nt fnn.i
across tlio Atlautlo has becomo a'Mn. ... .- .. .,......
, , ...... ,u um mo uuiuut uigesiea ana
regular and specialized buslnoss. A assimilated that gives strength and
properly equipped touring car Is a vltallty to tno 8stom 0
private train nnd yacht combined. ,nm's Stomach and Liver Tablets
Tho traveler can go north, sonith east invigorate tho stomach and liver and
or wost when ho w shos. ston m .m u - . ..
tlons. Tho result is a rollBh for
your food, Increased strength and
weight, greater endurance and a
clear head. Prlco 25 conts. Samples
iree. For sale at Dr Stone's drug
dress, Biughamton,
N, Yh on every
many days as ho wishes at ono point,
and has no need to worry about
tickets or luggage.
Motor tourists on tho Continent
aro brought muoh moro Into touch
with national llfo than the railway
traveler, who passing through Eur
op ou a train do luxo, from ono
hotol do luxo to another, finds all
Europo alike, sees nothing of nation
ol costume or habit, and hoars little
excopt his own language.
Tho great lntorest in motoring in
all parts of tho world, and especially
In using automobllos as a means of
travel ns well as pleasure by Ameri
cans In Europo, will furnish addi
tional stimulus to tho trade and an
lucentlvo to Amorlcan manufactur
ers to moot tho demand for and com-
poto with tho continental manufact
urers In tho world's markets for high
grndo touring oars. Tho luoroaslng
number of Amorlcan automobiles In
Europo will encourage tho establish
ment of muoh needed central Euro
pean agoncles whero repairs and sup-
c., . , or"(eHc SSEKfrSE
uua imuijr ucuunuu, iiur uuu ueumu.i
near death with lung and throaj
throublo. "Exhausting coughing
spells occurred every flvo minutes,"
writes Mrs. Clapp, "whon I began
giving Dr. .King's New Discovory, .. c Tinnvn nrvtx
.. . ,, , ., ... VVIrtV1141VI M& llillil.lM t -
mo great mouicino, mat savea ms
llfo and completely cured him,
Guaranteed for coughs and coldn,
"Youngling is going to marry the
widow Honpook." "Why, she's twice
as old as ho Is." "Oh, well, he'll ago
fast enough after the wedding."
Town and Country.
Hero's Good Advice
O. S. Woolovor, one- of the best
known merchants of Lo Raysvllle,
N. Y., says: "If you aro ovor trou
bled with piles, apply Bucklen's
Arnica Salvo. It cured mo of them
for good 20 years ago." Cures evorv
sore, wound, burn or abrasion. 2 Bo
at J. O. Perry's drug store,
o .
lha Kind Yoa Haw Ahrart BjbjJ
sj rzj-t-a.
'" SJ G&GG
throat and lung troubles, by J. C.
Perry drugglot. 00c and $1,00
Trial bottlo free.
' " Q
'Choer up! Thoro is a Bllver lin
ing to every oloud!" "Well, what
good Is that? I havn't got an air
ship." Plck-Me-Up.
When to Go nonio.
From tho Bluffton, Ind. J Banner:
"When tired out, go homo. When
you want consolation, go home.
When yoiu want fun, go home. When
you want to show others that you
havo reformed, go homo and let
your family got acquainted with tho
fact. When you wane to show your
self at your best go homo and. do
tho act there. When you feel liko
being extra liberal go homo and prac
tice on your wlfo and children first,
Whon you want to shine with extra
brlllancy go home and light up the
whole household." To which we
would add, when you havo a bad
cold go home and tako Chambor
laln's Cough Remedy and a quick
cure la certain. For sale at Dr.
Stone's dnug store.
Will treat you with Oriental herb!
and cure any disease without opera
tlon or pain.
Dr. Kum Is known everywhere In
Salem, and has cured many proml
nent people here. He has mea m
Salem for 20 years, and can be truit- ,
ed. He uses many medicines un-j
known to white doctors, ana wu i
them cah cure catarrh, asthma
lung troubles, rohumatlsm, stomach
llvor and kidney diseases.
Dr. Kum makes a specialty ot
dropsy and female troubles. His rem
edies cure private disease when ev
erything else falls. He has hun
dreda of testimonials, and gives con
sultatlon free. Prices for medicine
very moderate. Persona in the coun
try can write for blank. Send Htami
If you want some extra fine tea,
get It from us.
167 Soutb. High street, Salem, Oregoa J
y i5- :
Tho ab
bricic lined Tor,i J
nnnrftnteea bi
A. L. FRASai
BsUmatej iw
.ri PI
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.11 tie
.. A
0B - l
l..vfO. ' ' fl
. K(n iU . .1 iI
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you vuni '.jti

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