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Lips white? Cheeks pale? Blood thin?
Consult your doctor.
&i2S?ZJ&tntt ? k"S eh ?
-..-.. jwmi UUWIUt.
27, 1007.
Ask Him
MvourJodoratouttaktngslytr's J! PP,c,,e? Poor digestion? Discouraeed?
flenuiM""'"-- r " wa ,. :..- ... .
km. Uo exacuu as ne says. thefortaiiiofii-.".i T.pud" J.o.
" i f m !! i urn . . wu uituiainui.
I I II I IP I II ! I I -- ,
Avr n
Lowell, Uin
,ln the society mansions on the Lake
.Shore Drive. Now n benefit enter,
tnlnmont 1b helng plannod which will
rlvnl the much advertt-ed "pageant
.vlvant" in which society lenders
poscm ns famous paintings, some in
gown9 that cost their husbands mora
money than it would take to buy a
buou mrm in the corn belt.
IChlcago, Dec. 23. Nearly 4.onn
iters addressed to Santa Claus ' ImPrts of Gorman toys, French
re confided to the Chicago nostof.l,ncos Russian furs to a value of n
!e facilities this; year by trustful jm,1,lon nnd n hnlf dollars is tho now
hopeful cnuuren whose sentiments v""u which ine unicaigo customs
nouso will make this December at
the wto sot for tho first twenty days.
If the financial flurry could have
been foreseen the imports would int
have been so heavy, perhaps, for it
has caused some brisk scrambling
for currency to pay tho duties. For
sre expressed by one, Uiub:
papa snyB 'twon't be no ruse
(For me to go ahead
bd hang my stocking up this year,
iFor Santa Claus is dead.
Just as sorry ns can bo and
Papa's sorry some;
The trial now Is expected' to tako
not loss than no days. Figure It
yourself, with merely tho hotel bills
for the Jury at over $40 n day. But
oery tiny the lawyers devote hours
to sparring, wrangling, to "ojectlng"
and when their objostlons nro over
ruled, to "excepting." The pondor
ous record of the case Is as filled
with objections and oxcentlons ns a
Plum pudding with raisins. Judge
Anderson has grown discouraged,
the Jurors yawn nml medltnto on
their next dollar meal, nnd tho only
ones pleased are tho court reporters,
who got $1.50 a page for all the
squabbling tho lawyers get Into. It'.
a harvest for them.
"" "' ... tj1: sasswm
on't bo like Christmas tlmn nt nil iul "m tvc'vo days tho customs
f Santa does not come. (collections were $512,000, on the
n nccordnnco with the postofllco 19th tho total lmd rcnchod 1750,000
nrtmenfs ruling, officially recog- u ino "lB" ll(le not 'ot reached.
ne Santa Claus. the lottem worn 1,,u 'b previous rccoru ror any
ned over
Como to Hundreds of Snlcin People.
There are days of dizziness;
Spoils of headache, sldoacho. back-
Sometimes rheumatic pains;
Often urlnnry disorders.
All tell you plainly tho kidneys
nro sick.
Donn'B Kidney Pills cure nil kid
noy 111b.
Hero la proof In Salem.
I. N. Rldgewny, with tho Oregon
Nime.y company and living at 205
li relies and
to oharit,- orsantaUon, " ' ' ".000,000, for Docm. ' ",- ' " " or "I .
. l l i. ... .. 1)0 mnilO In nllPronrV. n ninni-liii. I
stva un-u iu ruaon me merry old .---.;-: "-'' "" ." tliaro woro nalns in tho small of mv
p were various, Including "Caro "" B" "' or cnecn ucing ac- .bnck nB(1 u -
Jack Frost. Tovlnnd." vnrii iCL:'l0U' ll lins been a curious fact,
' -' ..v...,- ... .... .... .... I
le, Iceland, enro Chimney Depart-j"1" m0Sl ot U1 cnsl1 tlin1 ,mU1 th0
it." Another ncld. i,im 'uuu n01 come irom unnitt, nut
Ivn Town, Chicago," which wns'from 8U,ns wltnhold 'rom clrouln-
nMo, for Chicago spent almost ,uon nn(l u nnR ,,U9t,e(1 OVOn th0
J00.000 merolv In .tho birr Bnr.iu,B "rmB l0 Kl "o H'Bai tenner.
ns much moro elsewhere to buy
llstmns rlioor. Ono utoro nrnunr.
jfor a quarter ot a million pooplo 'tIur,"K tno nnv8ntln sonson on tho
ly and then was swamped. Tho kurwi 1'nKI" ims yeni nM mxi om
wrltted to Sontn rinn. In ",u rriKiuors nnu 01 mew, -mo
Ivnrie hope that imoxpecttd gifts "ri'". R "l", r nrK- WH l
(h, tomchow, como on Christmas "",7 onp 1,Ior wn" R Bir"R
l.to relievo tho blonknnt of rlilKl. """y wn y u.o oiu woinivii
Of tho 3S vengols Hint woro lost
or ; ft 'd Even nl night tho pains
The management of tho Cap
ital City Laundry wishes to no
tify Us patrons that it will bo
closed for repairs and to In
stall new machinery until tho
first of the year. After the
first of the year. Aftor tho first
of tho year it will bo run un-
fho owners belne thn manncnm
frfC f ! t-ffrHH-
ro pai.w
For Sale? Fresh milk cow. Enqulro
nt 525 Twentieth street, or phono
1287. 12-23-tf
O C T Co
Stenmors Pomoni . OiVonlt
lenvo for Portland Mondny, Wou'e
day and Friday nt 10 n. in. and
Tuosday, Thurnday and Saturday at
6 a. m. For Corvnllls, Tuosdaj.
Thursdoy and Saturday about C p.
For Sale or Trade A Droom rest
donee on Center Btrcot, good loca
tion corner lot, coment walks, al
so barn. Latham Land Co., over
Portland Gonernl Electrlo Co.
For Sirte 320 acres of good land
and farm Implements, for $3000,
12C7 arnrlon street. l222G-3t
Dry Wood for Snle .Delivered to any
pnrt of tho city; 1790 East State
street. Phono 1419. M. P. Den
nis, Snlom. lll-26-lt
I l.-i it .l t...uu ml.-
Ivo were not in vnln. On0 llttlol"0"1 '" uwlT yuarn,nB lo uur" inm
wanted "a llttlo broom so I cnn,108"H "KBBaung ti.uus.uuu, aim
nnmmn w.nn n,i nnfi,-. . tl ckilms for dniifagos In collisions
e: "I understand that every 8taKr"l tl, rlno Insurnnco com-
tmaa you lmvo a lot of things l,",0l8' T,,a ,1088 ,or, ",0 1u,"rfl
latltl la n im'ufnrv lull tlirt llinnru la
oer. If so, plonse snd mo n1 . . "'""" """' ""-'
nnd somo iiute nnd candy and 'Umt,t,,p e,, ore . wun '"
1 ho much obllgovl." The Sal- WB' ,on,,BU ,onnui i'"".
i Army romomborod -15.000 n m,li;m,vu l0 ""l"1 " UBU w "
the Volunteers of Amorlca ovor- throwing her on nor suio. b.io
a banquet to 5,000. Somo of-""" ' u"" "Ul "' l"1w """'"" -"
Ig hanks nnd coal companlosi" iruiiBiit w..,, .. .u iu .
M,r.i. ,iv. Pi,r....n0 .f.:uottom of Lake Suporlor. In plan
ed pleccn, and every employe of j"!" "" JJ
mil order houses, tho gas com-P"00"'0 ," , .... 1 V Z
' 41. - xHlinlillU 4 lint In n fnW vnnM
nml mnny other compnnlosl1"" i" " " -" -
Ivon n Christmas turkoy. in 00 0"n"1 , ,rom ,""'.
. , , jtho Gulf of Mexico will bo nn ac-
itrlUn ,kn In , nm ,T 'compllslwl fact. It is tllO dOCUIOll
V O V fyv w f - ai. 1..4 n..M.A.lllhH lin InlA
l American public toward music'01 ,l" ou" T Vi . m
serious profession Is shown by.aU can bo built that will have
arm support that Chicago 8lew,nK HUBr .u,..i iw .... .-
to a plan o pension aged Ball0 0I nvQr8 n,anu'"0 ,u uu
ers of tho famenis Theodoro """""' - -
as orchestra. Unknown to , ... .
neonlo .this uninue band of With the poronnlnl Issuo o Sun-
day closing of saloons or unioaso
t practical Chicago, traditions m r mldi Kansn , by htr
. ' i attorney .coneral. has sent a mos-
ilfnnvn1 narmnnv whnrn mom. I "llu '" ib"'"-1"'!
"""'" " ' " - ...i t... iinnrtnln rlncr.
f tho same "trade guild" were " ' " "-
together with 4Ie8 of mutual I r: .- -J I. r irB.n.
and nftectlon almost as 8, u" " r"Z. '
as those of blood. When ono, fa "; "";-" ' ,X.
nt fh r,notrn h..n n hlrlll. lUmUU Il.eca w.v .,.. - -
u ., , ,., 'Chicago churches and did not
uu UHUT luuiuuura Kl" "" " ... . . ... .i,i,. Gun.
..... crowd the church pews olthQr. oup-
r nnd play for hm Impromptu wow" , l" ,,,, ,., ,hn &.,
..i ' 1. .i.-. i. m..i.i noso, 'ho oxplnlned. 'that tho ma.
""" "" " - Bhould nrm and uniform 100 men
est got together and help him "a " mliA. unilt .MlMt a nub.
. . . . .l I1I1U BUIIU Ilium ""I. WD-'"-' "
a pension mim is now u.h . h 8,10U,d tnrow
wero en uuie, anu in me morningjm. ji. p. Dnldwln, ngont. Ofllct's
I would rise lnmo and soro, I tired and dock nt foot of Trado Btroot.
oaslly and felt languid nnd sometimes
was dreadfully nervous. Occasion
nlly I had hondnches and nt such
times my sight would bo blurred.
Thoro was also sodlmont in the socro
tlons. My oxporlonco provod that
Donn's Kldnoy P11U havo no suporlor '
for curing kidney complaint
Trains Irom nnd to Ynquiim.
Ko. 1 .
nnd ''tnves Yoqulna 7:ir. n.n
Thoy ar Just tho thing Arrives nt Corvnllls 11:00 a.n.
vi ry 7uffrr from th"B troubles Arrives at Albany ll:6Sn.u.
should use. Nothing could hnvo buU- Xo. 2
od my cat bptttr. Ttiey wont right leaves Albnny 12:35 p.m
to the sent of tho trouhlo and com- l-onves Corvallls ,. 1:30 p. re
pletoly relltvod iiip. Doan's Kldnty Arrives nl Ynqulna 5H0 p.ai
Pills hnvo my ondorsemont." I Trnln 'o nml from DctrSit.
For snlo by nil donlors. Prlco 50 No. 3
conts. Fostor-Mllburn Co., Iluffnlo, Lenvcs Albany J:30a.m
Now York, solo ngontB for tho Unl- Arrives nt Dotrolt 12:30 p.m
ted State:?. Xo. 4
Itomombor tho nnmo Donn's Loaves Dotrolt 1:00 D.in
nnd tnko no other.
Bwi th j7 fw Hate Umn BetigM
BJgnator J , jL3rf .
Notlco of Appointment of Adinlnls.
For Snle Good houso and barn,
now, 26 acres all under cultivation
berries, prunes and all kinds or
fruit, fivo miles from Salem, $3500
This Includes 6 cows, 2 horsos.har-
"i navy wngon, spring wagoa
200 chickens and otnor farming
necessities. Enqulro 493 Stato
st'cot. 9.23-tf
arpeuivra uniou Ay. aotin ixml
Union No. 10G8 of Carpenters &4
Jolrora of America moot ovwy,
buturduy ovoulug at 7; 30 p. m. iu.
Hearst hall, 420 Stne 8U A. W
DeuuU, imc. Sec
Forestflrs ot America Court gar
vo:d Foresters, No. 18. Msi
ednosdny m HurBt hall, WaU
sliut. Lo eAbbo, O. 11, J, Cv
Poirj, flnanclnl secrotnry.
Central Lodgo No. 18, X. ef P.-
Castle Hall In Holtnan block, h
nor Stato and Liberty street.
Tuesday of ,oacb. week at 7:S p.
m. Oscar Johnson, O. O.; X. H.
Anderson, K. of R, and S.
Mwkra Woedmea ef America Ore
gon Cedar Camp No. (240. Meets
overy Thursday ereaias at
o'clock ia Holaaaa Ball. W. W.
Hill, V. 0.5 F. A. Turaer, elerk.
Fon nicNT
To Kent. Flvo room flnt. over Far.
rington & Vnn Pntton's market.
Inqulro of Sterner t Dorgor, 188
Bouth Liberty strot. 9-24-tf
Take Common wnshlngs. Ad-
drew 290 South 21st streot. Phono
471 Snlom, Or. Katie Von Lnnn
on. 12-2C-3t
(Arrives nt Albany 6:55 p.m
Trains for Corvallls.
No. 8
Leaves Albany 7.55 a. m
Arrives at Corvallls .... 8:35 a.m
No. 10
Leaves Albany 2:25 p.ra
Arrives at Corvallls .... 3:06 p.m
No. (J
Notlco Is hereby given that on tho'Tnii ..... .
20th day of December, 1907, tho'" ' A b! njr !:" P.
r. '.-. . ,..i- A...J . Arrives at CorvallU 8:16 p.at
itgvt LumlxT nml Fuel Co. Lum
ber .shlnglw, building material,
oixl and conl. Luw prleow and
prompt dellvorlos. One block east
of S. P. pa$son(r depot. Phono
198. 7-2-tf
WooilmcR of World Meet every Frt
day night at 7:30, la Holaiaa kail,
L. E. Ponnoll, O. O.j P, L. Fra.
lr, Clerk.
Lincoln Annuity UHlon.-Slck, aeeV
dont and ponslon Insurnnco; l,
000,000 plodg-d; ovory claim pF
flood ngonte wanted. J. II. O,
Mongomory, supromo orgnnUer
110x432 8nlom, Oregon. It. R.
Rynn, Bocrotnry, 540 Stato street.
Uutto At UVnUoroth Kino wines,
liquors nnd cigars. Wo hnndlo
tho eolcbrnted Kollog gand Castle
whlsklos. Cool and rntroihlng boor
constantly or draught. South
Commorclnl street. 0-3-lyr
Our meat markot on East Stato
street has boon doubled In slzo and
wo nro bottor preparod titan ovor .o
bikto customers. Prompt sorvUo nnd
tho boat of meats our motto. Call
or phono 199. D, E. Edwnrds, Prop
surgoon. Tolophono 307 Main.
Olllccs, 540 Stato streot, opposite
court houso, Snlom, Or. Hcsldonce
lMiono 3ia Main. 8-13- lmo
(.... 4uu ., . .. -.-o ftIinmv. if thoy should tnrow
1 to provide for agod n.ombor8c onen U thjr
aeslght or hearing Is bogln-!" 0,n whRt?
) fall, Tho announcement, Uly ",'',,, ma on-
. . . , . ., v. Tronson. Tho law could me on
Id n flatter of Intorost and ox
?nt among music lovers
lgh ut tho city and especially
The Kidneys Are
Weakened by Oyer-Woik.
flthy Kidneys Make Impure Blood,
forced by the governor, the sheriff
tho mayor." Then a big collection
was takon up for tho Law and Order
Loagtie. By a mistake a brewer
last week soat a Methodist proacher.
whoio nnmo appeared in the "blue
book" Of Chleago." some beer ad
vortisemonta and received a fiery de
mand that his namo bo erased from
the mailing list. "Know that you
are my onemy and I am yowrs," the
preacher wrote. In reply the star-
said: "I agree wuu
County Court of Marion County, Oro
gon, duly appointed J. C. Robertson
administrator of tho estato of James
C. Joseph, docoasod, and having duly
qualified ns required by law, all por
sous having clnltnB against said es
tato aro horeby notified to prosont
thorn with propor vouchors, as by
law required, to tho undersigned nt
his resldenco in Salem, Oregon, or nt
tho law office of F. A. Turner, In said
city, within six months from tho dnto
of tho first publication of this no
tlco, tO'Wlt: Docembcr 21, 1907.
F. A. Turner, Attorney. 12-21-5t
tied brewer
sfl to be considered that only
y and bladder troubles were to b
traced to the kidneys,
but now modern
J) science proves that
have their beginning 'you. that our product are aot for
in the disorder of , k8 you. But i wlsfe to brand
ollZr imiM,r irL the UUet that they are
The 'kidneys filter brewed 'for people who fill poor-
and purify the blood- Jj,ouii, Jails, aad brothels. You wli
that is their work. I . ....a.iatinti that there
. . .. .. mini uiiun i in owv.
' re whenvourkidneysarewh ., ,h drink oar beer
of trier, you con understand how are more people who ""'"""
ly -entire body is affected ana i the ohurclioa an i " f
tr v.r6'au seems to fail to do its ;n0Hge jai8 and brothels. We re
gret that you pmlalrn that you are
oar onemy and we are your. Will
you kindly show from the Bible or
any works on ChrlatlaaUy aaything
whleh teaehea oa Prt to become
At ins unni-
For All Kinds of
Spray Material
Lime, Sulplier,
Blue Vitriol He.
Trains for Albany.
No. 6
Leaves Corvallls 9:30 a.m
Arrlvos at Albany 7:10 a.m
No. 9
Leaves Corvallls ,.12:30 p.m.
Arrives at Albany .1:16 p.m
No. 7
Lcaves.Corvallls 6:00 p.m
Arrives at Albany ...... 6:40 p.ra
No. 11 (Sunday only)
Leavea Corvallls 11:15 a.m
Arrives at Albany ll;68a.n
No. 12 (Sunday only1)
Leaves Albany 12:35 p.m
Arrives at Corvnllls 1:18 p.m
For furthor Information apply to
Gen. Pan, Agt., Albany, Or.
Wo Aro Caau Purchiwcrs Of poul
try, oggs, and all kinds of farm
produce Dcrry crates made up
In jnllmltod luantltios. Capita)
Commission Co., 267 South Cora,
morclal street, Salem. Phono Male
White House Restaurant -
For a Regular
I 25c Dinner at 20c E
They cahU be beat
McGikhrist & Son
Notice All kinds of rnHJIug going on
at tho shooting gallery, 173 Com
mwrolal streot. Ruflllng for rifles,
shotguns, revolvers, turkoya and
othor things. Como on, boys, and
lmvo Bomo fun, and carry away a
prlio. 12-20-lwk
on re 5?ck or feel badly," begin
ii ' ureat kidiiev reiuaoy, lit.
s imp-Root, because as soon
"t -es are well they will help
"f rrrtrans to health. A trial
Fa e niivnnp.
Pu a-t? fjck you can make no mis
py ' vt doctormtr vour kidneys.
P-I . 1 the ertraordinorv effect of
plr-- s Swamn.Poot. the irreat
I lf lv. i snnn realized. It
Ue i ,hest for Us wonderful cures
Itt "t iiictretTicr ciiim. nndiBold
- - V WW.... W..WW. .- .
1 V5h all
fits Tfiftyent
- ..ar Rrt
Ju xnav
-". 1C bottle nonwcfSwunp-Eoot
H ire?, also a pamphlet telling you
fnniout if yoa have kidney or
trouble. Mention tbis oaDcr
. . . i"- i.
uingio ur Kilmer & Co., Btng-
Don't make any mistake,
anothor's enemy?'
mas season, too.
I have lot H W of tav,s
time in this ea. J'w "V Jav
wasted so inucii ue w"'fi -- :
!S ifi-S - "SSSUI war, n,0,.x h
prnidlne "" "M "' ,Jn ",ll.V BALEM. AND SOLD nV ALL
r!X: "'ZTyo oTOOH.!f A.vo nan.
nearly $40,000; every one of tbe JTS VfiB WItL 1XBrnB
. i man TUSB UI a CHW.K " ""
nber the name, Swamp-Root. 'InH-r at least, at every m1 m SATISPACTORY BESUMTS.
acts SwamrvRrt n,1 the ad- d1Iar' Bl . " .. , ,.a nntdone
ghaaton.N.Y.. on every bottle, the two ballina aru
Tlma Card No, 4H Effectlvr
Juno 10,
Toivnrd Portland Passenger.
No. 16 &:23 a. m., Oregon Bx
press. No, 18 8:40 a. ra Cottage GroTs
No. 12 2:4G p. m. Roseburg Ex
No. 1 4 8:60 p. m., Portland Ex
press. Toirnrd Portland Freight.
No. 222 10:C& a. m doparti
11:38 a. m Portland Fast Freight
No. 226 -10:40 a. m,, depart
11:38 a. m Way Freight.
Toward Snn Frauclsco Passetige'
No. 11 11:03 a. in., Roseburj
No. 170:47 p. m. Cottage Orove
No. 159:56 p, tn California Ex
No. 13 1:31 'tm m., San Francis
co Express.
Toward Han FraueJato Freight.
No. 221 2:33 a. m San Fran
cisco Fast Freight.
No. 22511:65 a. m., arrive
A. A. BURTON. lrop.
Brick always ca band, In car lots
o- otherwise. Pressed brick made
to order. Yard on Stato street, south
of pentltuntlary- -7-1-tL
Situation Wanted Uy oxporloncod
man as bookkeeper or olork, frosn
from grocery nnd hardwnro atoro.
Al roforoncos given. O. D. Dlmlok,
1124 Hluos stoet. 12-23-lwk
WantedYoung lady to do aooloty
reporting for the Capltnl Journal.
WnnltMl, Manngor for branch offlco
we wish to locate hero In Salem.
Address, with reference, Tho
Morris Wholesale House, Cincin
nati. Ohio. 12-9-lm
Hotel St. Philip
Fourth and Fifth and RanuM.
Streets, Portland, Oregon.
Now fireproof Europoan Hotar,
Steam boat, Modorn convenience.,
Rates (1.00 per day and up. Untoar
dopot car will land you at tho door.
H. PIERCE, Prop.
Theo, M. Rarr Plumbing, hot water
and steam heating and tinning.
164 Commercial street. Phone
Main 102. 8-1-lyi
M. J, Putzul Plumbing, steam and
gas fitting. Successor to Knox A
Murphy, 226 Commeroial ttroet
'Prone Main 17.
Mis X
9m court anuurr.
Call and try Umm. Heals
15o. Board per vok 12,76,
also furnished now very
Creams, Jces, clgarj and confec
lons. Corner of SoTenteentb, and
Asvlum avenue. N. u. uer, pro
Livery and I'wd HlableaOld Post
otnee Stables, at 254 Ferry street,
betweon Commorolal and Front
streets. Tolephnno 188. Some of
the finest liveries In tho city can
bo found bore. Dlek Wcstacott,
proprietor. 10-1-lyr
Cuiiuulna UrOB.' Transfer Cvtnpany
All kinds of transfer work done.
Furnlturo and pianos boxed ready
for shipment. Piompt service Is
our motto. Stand and offlco at
253 South Commercial street,
Phone 210. Residence Phono 968.
Frank H. Brown Manufacturer of
sash, doors, mouldings. All kinds
of houso finish and bard wood
work. Front street, between Statr
and Court. Make all complaints
at the office.
. . Tho Horseshoe Restaurant.
. . Scott Ferguson old stand, ;
; ; thoroughly renovated and now
' ly furnished throughout. I
; I Best 20c Meal in (be City : ;
; ; Chlokon dinner on Sunday ; ;
' Coll and ba convinced. '
". K. SI, AOKERMAN, l'rop,
:; 333 Stato Street. J
I H I I I M I It i i I M 1 Hr-H-f-f
Restaurant and hotol, on
I Europoan plan. Meals at all
hours on short order. Regular
dinner 25 conti. Thirty now-
X ly finished furnished rooms.
148 Commercial St.
LJQfL riiut wi mj u.u t.iikV
yl?l " iif j) jii ksi,yi
w bu- m iu acri rmw m wmmtm
Kavrt KStf 7ffi5ia
ttn Unu lint, Sbl A) win KttaUi
Yor water service apply at oalea.
Bills payable saostaly Is advR4.
. i

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