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L--l ' pia-
jfls?(5i,p0hs s.itwT fr Arww--
by the United Stntos In such work.
Tho sorry condition, and ono that 1b
Browlnjr worso ovory day, of tho rail
roads renders absolutely Imperative
tho development of some additional
CAMPTMBrVJfL means of transportation.
Washington, Dec. 26. Ambassa
dor Aokl's recall to Japan, omlng
Washington, Dec. 2C. If thq
South Amorlcan countries view with
mntnd fyiiMrtnA f1in front flcrhHntf.
Hcet now bearing down along the,1081 a the same moment as the
astorn coat, tho ofllcers and men of departure of tho fleet for tho Pacl
tho powerful naval aggregation, al- flc, has started fresh rumors afloat
rso llkoly will opon their eyes at the'aB to tno immin0nco of a violent
Mnmdcra of the South American' ,n tho frlond, roItttlonB b9.
shores. For tho groatdst squadron
of modern battleships tho world evor.tween tho United Stales and tho Micro-
will Hnd safe anchorage In bar- do's empire. On tho other hand,
fcora worthy of its reception. In- representatives of both countries as
stcad of tho shallow indentations In 'ort unofficially that tho situation
Uib const line, Admiral Evans will bettor than It has been for months
turn tho noses of his sixteen engines Ofllcla.lly of comrso it is not
of destruction Into deep-water ports recognized that there has ever boon
la which Ihey may ride at ease. r,s,s ,n th relations of tho two
TTho urulso thus will be ono of od- .countries, but the very fact that of
ucatlon for Americans, as well asals aro willing to admit that the
Zwnlshtng evidence to tho world at satuatlon was at ono time decidedly
largo Lhat this nation is capablo of grained Is regarded as the boat ln-
ttc Unnn nn Mm h ell un.uuuii iiiui. iuu uuiiiu " 4'.
sens. TJiero is a rooted idea in tho
mimlB ot pooplo of tho United States
.gnnorally that South America Is n bo
silghtcd country, with small enter
prise nnd fewer ambitions. Tho Im
jprcssSon is ontlrely wrong.
It -was brought prominently to tho (
and that tho authorities fieo a clear
understanding ahead.
Another phnso of tho situation is
presented by Adnchl Klnncsukn, tho
well-known Japaneso writer, In tho
exceedingly frank article In the Jan
uary Apploton'B, which has aroused
itm,Mnn .r Mm Amnrican neonlo this .much Interest hero In diplomatic and
month that tho Latin countries of administration circles. According
Iho Woatorn Homlsphero aro In many to Mr. Klnncsukn, Japan doos not
nvuys outstripping tho United States, want war, becauso sho Is too much
JoTin Barrett, director of tho Bureau concerned In securing tho absoluto
-of Amorlcan Ropubllcs, in tho courBo I commercial mastory of tho Pacific
of an addros boforo tho recent con- ;y tho rapid expansion of her mer
vcntlon of Iho National Rlvors and .chant floots. Sho Is straining ovory
Hnrbo-fl Congress horo, said: 1" to accomplish this boforo tho
"Tho ono contrnl thought I wish .United States wakes up to tho Im
to bring out In this address Is both portanco of building and operating
Tomnrknblo nnd surprising, but on- Icommorclnl vessols In tho Pacific,
llroly truo. It Is that our sister ro- tThat tho Land of tho Rising Sun will
pu-bllcs of Latin America, which wo bo ready to light to maintain hor ad
linvo boon In tho hnblt of neglecting vantngo when hor conquost is securo,
us unimportant and regarding caro- (Mr. Klnnosuko doos not say, but it
lensly as tho homo of revolutions, may bo inforrod from what ho tolls
nro Bpondlng moro monoy and follow- of his country's past policy.
IrK a moro Bystomntlo plan at this: Tho rapid expansion of Japan's
moment for tho pormanont Imprdvo- shipping Interests In tho porlod fol
ment of thotr rivers nnd Jinrbors .lowing tho wnr with China, tho ox
tlmn la tho United States. In othor .tension of ship yards and tho build
words, llvo of our twenty Blhtor na-(lng of ships, snys Mr. Klnnosuko,
tlons, namoly, Brazil, Uruguay, Ar- was for tho ono purposo of preparing
Konllno, Chllo and Mexico, lmvo now for war with Russia. At tho pros
undcr way haibor and channel con- out tlmo tho expansion Is much
Alrnctlon Tor which direct npproprl- 'greator and tho ships that aro being
ntlon of not loss than $100,000,000 .turnod wit aro largor and moro Im
lmvo boen mndo, and thoso samo portant. In 1903 tho totnl tonnngo
soYornmonlH annminco that they of Japan's morchnnt (loot, according
lmvo only bogun a vast schomo of to tho flguros given In tho Apploton
Improvomonts which thoy contom- artlolo, was 057,200 tons, mndo up
Tltito. of 8tamer. At tho prosont tlmo
At Rio Janeiro, tho capital of B-a- tho tonnage is ovor i.auu.uuu. in
11 ndbon.tlnK a population of 8B0,- NiPl'on Yu.on Katsha, tho largest
MOO, the Brazilian government la of tho Japaneno companion, has a
uBiidliis I2B.000.000 in making bar- fixator tonnngo than any oooan
Lor improvement and comtniotliiR twnwhlp company In tho United
onenH lu-ln and dock, that will State, and I- adding now line, and
mrpHM anything In till, country. " "teamihl, ovory. yonr. A lg
lirull alio li wondlm t Parn. noar nluennt undortaklng Is the NtablMi-
he mouth of tho Amazon. $13,000,- mit of a now Japanwo company
U00; nt Santos, a swampy port, has which I tn operate a hundred vw
ltn irnneformed Into a splendid o' from the beginning, covering
tarfeor t n oo.t of $15,000,000, and praotlcally all Pacldo port.
i Rio aimnde do Sul work t going "Agnlnet nil thle Nippon o lv
tonvara on hrbor Improvement, to Itr." "i the writer, "what ha. the
motlier $18,000,000. ted ttatee dono to cover the Pa-
olllc? Tho morchnnt tonimgo of the
This activity Is not eoullned to Unlt(Ml stntos 0Jl the pncjflc ao6 not
llrazll. Argentine In equally active. mm t0 l)e oneimif thRt of Nippon.
lt lmrlior at Buenos Ayree le tho Qno Cft flgupo ,. ,u mMy wnyg l)Ut
prtile of the country and cost $50,- thg ,f tho ,j0st ,,Q own 8ny o it.
000.000. hut tho government la pro- WJn lt to Ule trans-Pnclflc
paring to epentl $15,000,000 nddl- 80rvoo tn0 gi,0vlng Is much worso.
tlonnl In Improvomonts. Roinrlo, Wo ,mVQ honrd from Mr, nm. n0 iH
fcuvoml hundred mllw from the sea, nQt gojntf to roplnco thaDnkotn. Wo
-on tho Hlver Parana, Is a iplonilld CRnnot gee wny ll0 ,hould. Off.vs
seaport, because of Improvomonts lmv h9n made nml thor9 j3 rf.a!on
lo the river and the onetrictlon by to bollov0i aro bejnR mna0 now by
w governmont of docks costing NIpnon COmpnnlo8 for tho purchasn
10,000,000, at which tho largost .f UlQ 8hpa of tho Paclnc Mnll
atranuM-e "oml and unload. -stonmshlp company and those ot tlK
Tho oxpondlturos made 'by this Ocoanlo steamship dompnny."
sovornmnt for wntorwny Improve-1 Ag flhowlng thnt Jn,mn la thor
iiiont sotn paltry bosldo thoso fig- 'ougl ly n oarnost ln nor detormlna
wob. Tho National Rlvors and Ilnr- ton tQ control the paolflc. Mr. Kin
burs ConBiOM has boon Insistent for noglko qMotog tho Jnpanoso subsldy
several yoars that not loss than $50,-'lftw wh,oh glv0jJ from 12 to 30
OOO.OAO annuaJlly should bo oxpondod cont8 ft ton for evory X(000 mllos
- l""'"1 by n shin ownod In Japan. It
aUp grants a bounty of $0 to $12 a
ton and $6 a horso powor on ovory
ship built In Jnpanoso yards,
j Tho conclusion roachod from read
ing tho statements of this out-spo-kon
Jnpanoso wrltor Is that Japan
will not fight now becauso sho Is
not rondy. Whon sho has soourod
tho commorclal mastory of tho Pn
cltlo and whon, as sooms llkoly, the
Amorloan flag has ontlrely disap
peared from that oooan, thoro may
mo a different story to toll.
-. ' O ' '
Whon pains or irritation exist on
any part of tho body, tho application
of Ballard's Snow Liniment gives
prompt relief. E. W. Sullivan, Prop.
Sullivan House, El Rono, O. T.,
writes, Juno 6, 1902; "I tako pleas
ure In recommending Ballard's Snow
Llnlmont to all who are afflicted with
rheumatism. It Is tho only remedy
I have found that gives Immediate
rolIof.M 25c, 60o and $1.00. Sold
1 A dispatch from Albany yesterdny
Roturnlng homo from tho Christ
mas ovo church services at Kingston,
to bo held up by a masked madman
at tho point of a rovolvor, was the
terrible experience of Mr. and Mrs.
William FoIUs, who resldo on a
farm about a quarter of a mllo from
Kingston. The presence of mind of
Mrs. Follis, who escaped from tho
houso and ran to tho nearest neigh
bors, Informing them of what was
occurring, perhaps saved tho lives of
both herself and husband.
When Mr. and Mrs. Follis reached
homo aftor attending tho Christmas
exorcises they woro surprised to find
that tho front door of their resi
dence was opon. Entering ln the
darkness, Mr. FoIUs struck a match
and was about to light a lamp stand
ing In ono corner of tho room, whon
bo found tho wick was turned down
Into tho oil. Tolling his wife that
ho would get another lnmp that was
ln an adjoining bedroom, ho opened
tho door to enter, when ho wa?
brought to a Eiulden stop by tho sharp
command, "Hands up," enforced by
a revolver Hoveled nt his bead.
JuBt walk back whoro you camo
from and keep quiet," continued tho
volco. Too frightened to spenk, Fol
Ms obeyed with hands held high.
In tho monntimo, Mrs. FoIUs, who
hnd boon Btnndlng within a fow feet
of hor husband when the order to
throw up his hands was given, quiet
ly hnBtonod from tho room and out
of tho front door loft standing opou
nnd ran toward town to glvo tho
alarm. Owing to the darkness in
tho room tho holdup man did not boo
tho woman leave.
"Whoro's your wife?" quorlod tho
masked flguro. "I hpad hor Just n
moment ago."
Folllu lookod about but not sooing
hor answered that h" supposed sho
had falntod In the kitchen. Guiding
his prlsonor boforo him, tho man
with tho gun ontored tho room des
ignated by Follis, and whon no trnco
of Mrs. Follis was found, Immediate
ly aurmlsod whoro tho woman hnd
disappeared to. In tho half light,
Follh rocognlzod. tho "holdup" as u
tramp who had workod for him somo
days previous. Ho accusod his cap
tor of bolng the man formerly In his
Suddenly changing his demeanor,
tho man nseumed a confldontlnl tone
nnd udmlttod that It was true.
"Say, I lmvo $10,000," he contin
ued, "and I will give you $500 If you
will koep this matter quiet." Tho
man appeared to bo frlghtoned, and
ln Bomo hnsto backed toward tho
door, still, however, kooplng his ro
volvor pointed toward FoIUs. Reach
ing the front door ho ropoatcd hU
offr to Follis, who had not replied,
and with a quick movomont turnod
and ran out into tho night, disap
pearing In tho thick undorbruBh
alongside the rond. Follis, nftor his
harrowing experience, ran up the
road toward Kingston, whoro ho mot
u pnrty of men who woro hnstonlng to
tho house In rosponse to the alarm
given by Mrs. Follis.
I According to tho statements of
residents of Kingston tho mnn who
did tho holdup act, and ndmlttod to
having worked for FoIUs, had boon
'nmitirl Wlnrrntnn fnr il llttlo OVOf .1
Iwoek provlous to Christmas evo's oc-
Mr. FoIUs -that ho hod boon In LyonH
for a numbor of wooks. Apparently
tho man gavo no nnmo.
Thoro Is somo suspicion thnt tho
man may havo boon connected with
tho murder of tho Castool family and
itho hired man Montgomery, which
occurred a few wooks ngo at Macleay
jnoar Salem, as Information obtained
Inst nigbt uy auerin: amun, 01 uuui
county, from Lyons, Indicates that a
man nnsworlng tho holdup's descrip
tion was In Lyons until a fow days
,beforo th murder of tho Castee!
This man left Lyons on tho Friday
preceding tho murder, and residents
of Lyons say ho Intimated that lio
was going to Salem.
Sheriff Smith this morning loft
for Kingston, and will mnko a thor
ough Inquiry Into tho nrfalr(nnd will
attompt to find somo trnco of the
missing man, who Is bolloved by
Kingston residents to bo Insnno.
Thoy sny his actions whllo ho workod
around Kingston woro those of n
crazy man. Tho ontlro population
around Kingston Is much oxcltod
ovor tho lncldont. and yesterday n
Boarchlng party of mon scourod tho
woous nujucuui, iu mo rui iiuiuu,
but could find no trnco of tho man.
Pay Bills
With Cash
Thoy iKiy by chook, booauso lt
Js tho &Jost way. Tho slm
pltcity and couvonlanco of a
check account appeals to ovory
on irto knows Its advantages.
If jiou nro not familiar with
tho detail, wo ask you to call
at tho bank, wo'll bo ploased
to Toplnln to you personally,
nnd toll you how you will bo
Mm State Bank
When to Go Home.
From tho Bluffton, Ind., Bnnner:
"Whon tlrod out, go homo. When
you want consolation, go homo.
Whon you wnnt fun, go homo. Whon
you want to show others that you
havo roformed, go homo nnd lot
your family got acquainted with the
fact. Whon you want to show your
solf at your bost go homo and do
tho act thoro. Whon you fool Ilko
bolng oxtra Hbornl go homo and prac
tlco on your wlfo and children first.
When you want to shlno with extra
brlllancy go homo and light up tho
wholo household." To which we
would add, whon you havo a bad
cold go homo and tako Ghambor
Iain's Cough Romody nnd a quick
euro is cortaln. For salo at Dr.
Stono's drug storo.
An Appeal for Aid.
Tho following letter has boon re
ceived by Tho Jeurnal:
Dear Sir At Monongah, Wo3t Vlr
glnla, Hvo miles from Ifalrmount, nt
10:30 n. m Friday, December 0,
1007, an explosion ln mine No. C nnd
mlno No. 8 of tho Fairmont Coal
Company occurred, resulting in tho
death of approximately 350 em
ployes. Monongah Is a mining town of
uhout 3000 Inhabitants. This disas
ter hns destroyed almost ono-lmlf ot
Its brcnd-winnorB. Tho othor half
la composed of tho employes of two
othor mines of tho sumo compnny,
nnd of tho usual stores, etc., which
co to tnnkn un n. nnrnlv mtntntr mm.l
m unity.
Fully 250 widows and 1000 chil
dren nro loft without any moans of
support. Tho most of these fnmllles
llvo ln tho company's Iioubcb at Mon
ongah, tho romnlnlng onos ,ln vnrlouj
countries of Europe. Tho company
j has generously declared thnt tho fnm
. Hies occupying thoso houses mny re-
mnln until othor provision Is mndo I
for them, but operations ennnot bo'
resumed at tho damaged mines until
tho houses nro avallablo for the now
force. Many of tho resident fnmlllo3
no loubt will wnnt to return to thotr
rolntlvos ln their native countries In
Europe Tho othor resident fnmllles
must seek a community In which thoy
can earn a livelihood.
Aid muBt bo glvon thoBo fnmllles to
reach their new abodes nnd to help
mom OBtniuiBii tnomsoivcs; ami me
families living nbrond must bo pro
.vltlod for until thoy enn adjust them
! solves to tholr now conditions.
As near as can bo dotormlned nt
'this lime almost $50,000 from all
! sources hns boon subscribed. Upon
tho bnsls of $300 for onch widow
'and $100 for each child under 1G
I years of' age, $175,000 will ho re
quired At loast $25,000 additional
,wlll bo noodod .to provide on rolntlvo-
ly tho samo basis, for tho aged de
pendents of tho unmnrrlod victims,
tho many now unborn children nnd
tho undoubted ncccsslon to tho mnr
rlod victims' llBt whon comploto In-
formntlon has boon received.
Tho commlttco fools that n bnsls
j lower than tho nbove will not bo ad
I equate to proporly care for tho noodB
of tho boron ved onos, and a totnl of
'$200,000 will thnroforo bo required
J to carry out tho rollof work on this
Tho Immodlnto needs of tho res
ident families nro being amply mot
by tho compnny and a commlttco of
women from Fairmont nnd Monon
gah". Tho commlttoo bogs to cxprose Its
profound gratltudo for tho contribu
tions alroady so gonornusly mndo,
nnd to oarnojitly nppoal for tho furth-
too Krctlf tn, ... . "S.
committee feol. n entK a fc
in. n. ..... tttraandrfem.j..T
!' tllO llnUnn
A11 checks should i
Fairmont, V Vand,'ttH
cash conlrih,,.!.-! .nd kJ W
" tonca nnQualhTrf 1;
matter what your UMn. J'
Rooky Mountain it
,ventlon known "f'8.eia
attaincr ,iia.. m
Tea or Tablets t
8tono'B B,nr ' For BaIo lt T
(United Press Uaei wij jj
, Now York, Dec. 27.Fo!!ol'
tho lend of tho Erie rallrcU,
un xorK ucntral has auouttil
reduction of 10 per cent It
li'nnno f It. nr . T
cut will ho made In January b"
expccicd mat the otherralhuj,
ntinnnnrn rniliinllnn. I. n. o
-" "uviiuuB in tee rs
An otllclal of tho New York fa-
trnl mndo tho Btatoment thttUjn
ductlon might lio orfiet bj Ih ft.
nil n rifn nf iiawan amTa... .. ..
" "" "' nvi 1.UIVIU1H W JUlj
compnny. Tho cut Is juitlfi&Hjai'j
rauromi omciajg on (ho ptnH i
monotnry stringency and onlloclk
reduced earnings.
or nslRtanco thnt It fools Is so badly
Tho mngnltudo of this dtenstor U
n. ucni uonacnaso.
South Dakota, with Itt rkl tCre
mlnos, bonanza farmi, ild mr
and strango natural (oraitlolii i
vorltnblo wonderland. At tort
City, In tho homo of Hall
Clnpp, a wondorlul uHofMfi
1ms lately occurred, llwrawnl
near death with luof t:J liwt
throublo. "Exbauitltf ca
Kpclls occurred orer In e):m,'
writes Mrs. Olapp, "ilu I Nn
giving; Dr. Klng'i l'i Kwwr,
tho great medicine, tht unt U
llfo nnd complete cai li
Qunra,nteed for coujli ui cslii,
throat nnd lung tnutktiflC
Perry druKglot. IH 4 W
Trial bottlo frco.
Constipation and Ul Vsd
Iwlna. kill DoonlO lDChljlKiW
llfo away. Holllitert to
tnln Tea rollevo conitintw "
hnd blood. 3Bp. TeaorTib!(u.
salo nt Dr. Stono's im
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