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r -.(-,T
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lw, ISKwi
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refbaAfd Prohibition Coast the Tax
Pirert Thousands of Dollars Pendic
le Ptpt ShowsAntiSalo'on Dctectvc
gu Criminal Record In Umatilla
fl'PJ'w mif if m ifvq'aj ypapiff
1 1 a
CMgMMMHIHMItt yraV f. 4 "Ji
there wn no1 a nW8Pa
Uan county knew anyunng,
Ilsctl option or would warn
e against It tnai coumy
i poUUcl&ns dared not oppose
1 of the entireties., i nrcc-
,cf the county would proo-
,drr-biit Albany was voted
k the county. Lebanon nnu
had saloons nnu wanicn
fdor oath that ho hal signed an nfil-
davit that was false, and another
whoso neighbors eay bears a bad rep
utation for truth h-nd voracity.
So, therefore, we aro Justified In
tho assumption that tho taxoavers
of Linn county will have- to. pay all
tho costs la ull the contested cases,
which amounts to thousands of dol
lars, r
After all Is said, what haB bon
Bat tho local option law accomplished to Justify tho perpetj-
iwohlbltlon on tho three 11- ntton of such an abnoxlou's law as
feus and disorder resulted, jtho local option or so-called prohi-
icoantr baa been dry for two bltlon law? '
(wwlih no regulation In tho It Is thoroughly known now that
aHltt that were, nntl-prohlbl- tho sale of Intoxicating liquors was
iK'ntlmcnt tho whole county not ended with voting tho county
latl disorder and dcmonillza- dry. tho revenuo dorlvcvl from tho
I Hconso lo cut off; tho tax payors aro
tiro yea rs of this unequal called upon to pay court costs for
icd thousands of dollars attempted prosecutions (which
i from court expenses, Linn should bo changed to persecutions);
rtt about ready for a moro enmity, hntred, bitternoss In en-
it iTStem The Albany Her- gendered nnd fostorod by conditions
let us deliver to
lb hu rcrlew
facnurT of Llim County,
as now confront us, one church or-,
gnnlzotlon is arrayed against nn-
that tho local option casos othor; neighbor nrrayod against
prtlcaUy been settled by rca-nolghbor and holt to pay goncrnliyl
i unworthlns of tho proso- Tho Horalil editor haB docldevl opin-
'itHnmes a brief review of Ions on this obnoxious law. IIo be-
p'llau and th results of tho Moves that tho saloon well regu-
M may be of Intorost. Mated, restricted, fairly hlgh-llcenso
b first place a number of com- 1 tlywiunnd times moro to bo do-
terefl!d together when tho.slrcl than tho bickerings nnd broils
troHUo for the on force-, m which we now And oursclvofl.
tt local option law bogan. I Thoro ur a fow very few rabid,
in that prohibition doos not "Intomperato" local option advocates
and thnt whiskey nnd boor who generally given credit for being
! Uan county, under tho ox- tho causo of theso prosecutions.
Iwl option law, a recital of .What tholr purposo Is doos not mat-
tut three Albnny parties, tor. It remains a fact that 12 men
wargeu with foiling In- '-inn county do not crodlt tholr
by tho so-called "good cltl-1 Judgment or tho associates whom
utkaloon leaRuo, admitted . they attempted to UBe to convict up-
ana promntlr nlomlml . right, law abldlne Albnnv nltlwnnn.
- ' -I
laere wero tevon or eight
home a Buck's
on aLpprovixl
p.iurtM Vth the snlo of
1 it with the three who
P"T There worn R in.
i io averted that thevliad
m any law prohibiting tho
(Pendleton Tribuno.)
W. L. Pnson or W. L. B. Pason,
olectrician and detective, and chief
witness 'for tho prosecution In tho
Albany liquor case?, pleaded guilty
HMCfl O. T Pnptn- nn.i alrpillt rnnrt rt l.l. ..... Tn..
In the lower, tirt'o ohnrgo of ombozzlemont In tho
Jnrrmen wero conmoRivi ary -1. 190G. wna Bontonwd hv .iwAan
exertion of Albany
kad whose Jurv Hit la ni.i
'indrawn by two strong
tftha loCftl Anllnn In.,,
ftUau and H P AfrHin
Nttttea were disposed of
f r " naan's as follows;
KJ thrM Hi.ifn,...
tiese convlrtJfina tt-n. ..
Fred Dawson, ono of
t drugclsta In Allinnv
ho for flffAtn . u-
r "7 be-1 reputation as a
np-rlgh ntiMn nn1
6sand who saiiui nmn.i.
f8It,'d With nna t .i.
fi3rch orrsBii.
Baptist --aft,. iini
; u tk. j. . iw.4.b
7 - uiiirirt court was
(-,. "" IHBII
jTr ''' PU of Llan
Ellis to serve two years In tho peni-
parolcd during
ni z. .ww J,,ry
" tiuia f h a i
u twelr n
'Hen . . ' u ul
J?: M hT the same mn
l the 1a...
t .. . '": uuuri.
-.mrouueed by the
"; to rtow that
At tl ;e Mrtl8 wo
1 av nrf. . . . .
CMlJ r6B hP nnhlin .
Wtliy aM BrMl'inl.iA
SO n.l .. . .
'ftihM..,.: 7,"M
-- nuaoi n,an
u i r irM. a
to. J! " - "'tam-
L ' "OV tilku i. .
'TSr thev-
ftrv . " .Wfa t Of
tentinry, br.it was
good bolmvlor.
Ho had been accused of embezzling
about $200 frofn tho Proston-Pirton
Milling Company, of Athena, having
collected this amount of money for
them In Wostoh and Athena. After
collecting this money ho skipped out
and was arrested In Portland a fow
months lotor and brought back for
Hojjvas confined In tho county Jail
for some timo and finally after ho
had promised, to rolmbur&o tho com
pany Dlstrlet Attornoy Phelps yield
ed to the tearful pleadings of his
wlfa and her mother and consented
to recammouj that ho bo paroled if
he would enter a plea of guilty.
Pason wee accordingly paroled and
for a tlm- worked for tho mill com
pany, but one day while In Walla
Walla ho mysteriously disappeared
and nothing had been heard of him
until h!s name appeared In the pa
pers as a detective and the chief
witness for tho anti-saloon league
In tho Albany liquor prosecutions.
While lu Athena ho often boasted of
his ability as a detective making
those who are familiar with the case
hero sure that tho Albany man and
tho embezzler aro on and the same.
At the same timo ho stole the
money from tho Preston-Partoy com
pany he mortgaged a piano belong
ing to tho Wise piano Iiomso to Ed.
Knight for $150, which Is n felony
Hnder tho laws of this state. Knight
rofralned from prosecuting him upon
the promises of himself, his wife and
mother-in-law that tho money would
be paid back. After be skipped out.
however, the ofiloerj made a search
for him and there Is a possibility
Beauty - Economy I Convenience Durability "BUCK'S
Just as Webster's is the standard of Dictionaries, so is a Buck's range any
standard of rangedom. The above astonishing offer is made because of our
great faith in these truly exceptional ranges. If the range does not in every way
fulfill the promises made for it, we will cheerfully remoye it and refund the
money that may have been paid on it.
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arrost on that score. onomles, foar onoralos, worry ono-.Tho occupied mind, tho busy mind, Tho Washington Republican stato
Pason's wlfo Is a former Walla mleg. l the safo, tho hnppy 'mlnJ. It Is cornrnlttuo hau doo'ared for Taft for
WalJa girl, aho and her widowed I npsy people do not havo the time a remarkablo faot that when any ono President.
mother having arrived in the Garden think about themselves, to pity, fools under great obligations to do; LaKollutto men ore making capl-
CUy only a short time before her land coddle themselves every timo, a cortaln thing at a oertaln timo, ho- tol of the fuel that a Marlon county
marrlago to PaBon. (they have a llttlo aoho or pain. Thoro Kenorally manages to do It. Othor 'eonvenUpn was so organized that a
Tho sensation of the Albany liquor Is n great, Imperious must which things equal, tho ohances of puoh motion to endorse Taft wns not oven
trials was tho nttomnt of tho defense . forces them to proceed, whethor they person being physloally dlsquallllod considered.
to provo that Pason under the name.foel Hke It or not, Tho reiult Is t a certain date are Infinitely loss Iown gave Taft a solid Instructed
of William Mason, was sentenced to that they triumph oyer their little"" '" tho caso of a person who delegation for Prosldont. Tho AIM
serve two years In tho Wisconsin Indispositions and orush out little J1"18 Plenty of leisure. Mental aotlv.soii leadors endorsed tariff reform,
state penitentiary, August 12, 1902, ailments boforo They havo a chancc'ty ,s Kreat health prosorvor, a Tho Republican state convention
for stealing a motor cycle, valued at. to grow into blggor ones. Fear Is .Croat llfo saver. j 1" Oregon will not be called until
$200. the great oneray of thu unoccupied Exorolso of mind and body soems( after the April primarlus, bays Stato
While living at Athena, Pason fol-J mind. Tho porson who does not lto b0 tho normal medloinal corrective Chairman Woslgato.
i,i tua tmiiA nf nn oiMr!iiin ' feel the nrossuro of his vocation has.of dlaoase. It seems to bo ahMfuto. -
and It was by toachlng Ed Knight, 'time to worry over the possibility .'y nocesiaryfor tho preservation of
a bicycle repairer, something about 'of his getting the diiease which may robust health.
ninnfrinitv wnrkrvi hia wnv infn ino uw uruvuicuL ui 1110 uuiu. nut ill -' --...-.. .. w ,.. ., ,
--" "' -,--- i t.i.,.. ... . ..., ...... ' t.n ..m . . ..
vniinir man's ronfldence anr! neoured ovory crovlce of his mind Is filled Miy, in u normal conuiuon mniess "' i vnnuue sons mai ar
the loan on tho piano which had' been! with his work, hS resisting powers .'J ' oxerolsed.
Lane's Family Mcdlclno will give
you n digestion that will pormlt you
to eat good things Instead of health
purchased on the
and not paid for.
Installment p'an'aro not weakoned by the fear of dls-
ttnr rj t ..
"fcoi,. T"' - that be will be brought back to this
tSs T e of C,y ad bo nroseouted for thla of-
'tx-.. . H titl- fflSBe fhnnp-li Knight U nnw llrlnt?
iIXi aodt1 for ,h.ln Wa,,a Wa,la
LuZv;vM,f,or Since there were no particular
mVq , " -- ivuumuus uiiucucu ip ma parous mc
oase. In other words, tho btiky mind
Is In Its normal condition.
The mind was constructed for
Hurtl Work n a Medicine. work flnd wnon ,t ,s Ido al, MriM
Great responsibility seems to be a 0f trouble begin. The foar Jnemles
powerful health protector. People and worry enenilp creep Into the
In very responsible positions aro cnt mentality and work all sorts
rarely slrk. When a man feols that
great results are depending on bis
personal effort. Illness seems to keep
away from him, as a rule, at least
until he bai accomplished hie task.
U Is well known' that great stag-
' ! lrt I Jul kiixM ef febxvl Tfue.ll mkttb fMfl
t tf & ky d4 lsl I liaiuita lit ,iubt UU(
rtUl Mr U- fill fcf . wp i ,(I blui-
'tAJt. ArUriikUi ".' -W ihy ui iA Jam
ur lbai lu ftuutndlnr
2. .iCft
can not be said to have broken that
Judginjjfrera the tops ettrir)wdj,s9
people like kard-vee4 Beersl Tlat sow
forAycr1 Htk Vigor to completely cevcr
this uer story, but you miyaddarucer
two here sadthereby tbesTsteaasticHecef
kHut Aycr"s Hslrfjer. DsotcoIortheba!r.
bottie. fi:AL
' '"fr4C W.IUb HZ a ML, lit uk, H.J.
Best for
era. ereat actors anu leciururs ri) limn i" w. ma . i hi i. m i ru u
seldom' sick during their bu sea
son, i
Hard work atul great responslbil-J
Ity are the best kinds of Insurance
against sIoknoM. When the mind;
Is fully employed, there does not
seem to be rauefe chance for disease
to get In Its work, for a busy, fui'y
occupied mlad Is the bet klad of
safguard agaisit UlBese.
The fart Is, the brain that it earn
pletely saturated with a great pur
nose, thai Is fully occupied, has lit
tle room for the great enemies of
Work seems to bo ax Wtatablo a bay.
Ilia .irrAn raittilainw mIiaYm,
machine. Idleness has always and Having voted thtimelve abOue
everywhere brod mischief. Vlco and 110,000 a jeur, tho offlw of con
orline are engendered during idle-'Krewman U said to be more at-
nM. jtrneuvo than formerly.
When a man is busy In some use
ful employment ho Is safe. He Is
protection from nil sqrts of tempta
tions whlob Injuro him In Idleness.
Like an unoccupied building In
the country, or unused maohlnery.
the idle brain detorloratee rapidly -Success
CAUtrr CATiumne
JUf Jwiaa, W4 "f Ur), Hv t lii, .
MJ4 ia fcoli TU fa.a lablta Ua4 OOO.
or MIMI fcf tne.
Surfing Km4y Co., C1U-k H.Y. jei
MkWM. IMIi ffM MfcUMNttt
D ii fur Dlspatoh oh Statement No.
1: The editor of this shoet la in
favor of the pledge or something
similar. We believe, and always
have Wlleved In tho election of Uni
ted Slates senator by tho people, and
also bolleve this Is the beet way to
get at it under the present system
of natloRal government.
(live our advertisers a trial and
you will like It and help e meet
good union payrolls.
DeWltt's Uttlr Karly Kisera . small.
safe, sure little liver pilJs, old by
1 drujmlits,
Appetite for Crabs
TJH3 coMsh fw n nerw8m ep(ik
let M-lUk, enkm ud kUw.
He tU feem alfvc 4 h tk fccm
tm. K tih tUm a wMtettf k
ti&tUm mi Jrewt UL He tw
TJe mt km H eWs Mm mi
Seitt's Emalsita
A mkmi fmtu U eVst mi W
Mikls. tvery tmmi.
Mfjf, WA IJayvak .ftim fafA Laju t.la UM if
w wm BBBBs,, vnwPsva IPaaaPl wajVjVJMK
All IknkMhtet tSv. el $tm
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