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jl. varj't tMEmn hijmmi
If you are uil run down, casllv tired, thin. H
E Mfii , w i
I- B paic,ncrvuu3,j;uio your doctor, btopgucss-
f 771 bCS11)11 inB stP experimenting, go direct to your
X$W'jt- doctor Ask his opinion of Ayer'snon-alco.
ff bt 0t,T,hhe cZ- tlon' A bl00d Puriner a nerve tonic, a strong
S.AffL?AtoaW "tlvt nn aid (o.d.gestlon. fcfcfr.rcj:
u.jauLJWiWMUiir 'mi
HI I II 1 1 1 n u
a 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 n
. tho child of prayer,
Flon -LSSSSs-.-
for spvernl years will play as tho
proludo, "Pilgrim's Chorus" from
"Tannhauser", (Wagner), nnd as
tho offertory C. D. Morrison's "Med
Itntlon." Mr. M. J. Petzel, bass singer and
director of tho choir at tho Catholic
church Is preparing for Easter ser
vices In tho morning Leonard's Ma3S
In D and E flat. As an ofTertorv the
Roglnn Colli will he rendered. Mrs.
B. Wash Is organist and, while tho
choir consUts of only nine members,
they huvo. been adding much to tho
sorvlces In the wny of music.
Tho Baptist church chorus consist
ing of 18 voices Is directed by Mr.
Chas. Roth, one of Salem's best ten
or singers and progressive music
ians. Tho members of tho chorus
while Salem does not rank tho
:t In musical ' enthusiasm we
ML ih rholrs In the city are
voting much time on a class of
Cjiihat Is a credit to Salem hnd
Pope once said, "somo to
orch repair, not for tne .uoctnno
.l miiain liiki u.
IUO "-". ---L . In 1.a' ,-l- l..i.t ...-
ome of tne uesi. biub' " ",u,aro niumi.'Huug cuusiuuruuiu mior-
ro singing In tho choirs and est In music. They have two splendid
. .hn.iffh many of them aro busy nuartets ladles and male the
hold In reserve a fow momenta, members of which aro respectively,
their busy days for choir dunes. Mrs. Comer, soprano; MIrs Ermine
Bnecla mention nugui- uu umu
I Of WO lamuuuivaa urn .w.. ......
'rk done by the organists and choir
ksters. , , i-
ho special music ir c-wmr i-
s receiving cohmubiuuiu miibu
hV tho mnJorlty of choirs and
f,,ia in tho city Is n class of
sic that will bo Interesting and
fhtliil to lunr. ,
he first .MeiiioiuBi iiuui-u hub
largest chorus in me ouy, tun
ing of 33 voices aim u uiruui.-
br Dr it. a. ihthhku, " in
n of tho CoMego of Music and
U doing much to crenio a grem
unlral snlrlt In Salem,
o new pipe organ nlso tho lar
ln the city, Is presided ovor by
( T S Roberts, a giuou music-
frorn the Blind School
e icadln- soloist' of this chorus
Miss Edna Browning, Boprano;
nessle Cornelius, illte: Mr.
nk l'Ji?h s, tenor; and Dr. R.A.
Itage, bass
d Master mumiug, jinui'inu"
i the Knights Templar sorvico
be rendered tho following pro
a I're'iiJe. "MarchoMilonnoIle"
silgre): Offertory, "Romance".
iini. Anthem, "Easter Dawn"
rlc'tv O'orlu Pntrl", (Moun-
G'or.ri In Excellls" (Bnrn-
. Doniun Est Conntorl",(Smart)
m Mlscrentur" (Plorce): Hymn
mt the Lord. Is RUon Todny";
I know that My Redeemer
ith" from the 'Messiah (Ilnn-
Mlss Xlnn P. Johnson. Post
In D' (Tours).
tenlnc Preludo.(n) "Question"
Answer" (WolBtonhoimo) ;
rtonV'Myllo" (Alfred LoBen-u):
tern, 'Mighty .Tohovah" (Bel-
) Solo. ' High Heaven has Stoop-
to Earth so Lowly," (Gounod),
Edn.i IVo Browning. Violin
P5sto prof I.e Roy Goflnor. Post-
Ma-Mi T umiihnl" (T. D.
be fr n a tho Presbyterian
fs -a ' i rp" ItIub good mu
i1 rn Milder the dlroctlon
Rfr H T Habcnrk until rccont-
vfn lit k rur-d as soloist, Mrs.
!' H'K win Ih dollRhtlng tho
r ?i'i n with nweot tincrou
if 0r S inii iv th wk provloiu
j's 'n an Itnproulvo manner
P Tt nf HU Prosonce"
0 iS'tbl ns) As nn offortory
SM-E'rov a nromlslntr young
to n 1 Schumaiin's Traum-
BS Fl-'r rnnrnliicr tho rtnntlst
ni w I! Join with tho Prosby-
'V-in tn render "Tho' Mng-
r' iCn'fkOinnkl! Mrs TTiiu
' sing ' I know Thnt My
"eht Lvet" (Hnndol): Mrs.
A whi lias been organist
Bushnoll, mezzo-soprano; Mrs. II. S
One, nlto, and Miss Elma pyrno, con
tralto. Messrs. Chas. Roth, tener:
Theodore Roth, second tenor; II. S.
Glle, baritone, nnd Earl Anderson,
Tho First Proabytnrlnn church
chorus are uniting, with tho Baptist
church chorus In their preparation
for special Easter services on Sun
day evening, April 19th. Tho chor
us' of 32 voices will bo directed by
Mrs. Chas. Rooth. Miss N'lna Bush
noll. nnd Mr. Jos. Albert aro ac
companists for tho Easter program,
which wlU be rendorod as follews:
Prelude, selected,. Miss Bushnoll; an
them, "Tho Magnificat" (CmiUk
shnnk): solo. "Christ Is Risen"
(Dre Hlrr) MIm Fnve Hutching; vio
lin ob'lgato, Miss Vloln Vorcler. "Un
fold Ye PortalB" from tho oratorio
"Redemption" (Chas qounod); can
tata. "Tho King Triumphant" (Fln
lov Lyon): hoIo, "I know that My
Re-demo!- Llvoth" from tho "Moi
slab" (Handel), Mrs. Mornlo Hug.
The excellent work done by the
choir nt the St. Pnul's church can
bo Judged by tho special Eastor mus
ic which will bo rendered as fol
lows on Sundny morning nt 11
o'clock! Organ prelude, geleeted: ln
trodiictorv hymn US, "At tho
Lamb's H'gh Feast Ws Slug," (El-vey):-
"Kyrlo lrson" (Sehubort);
"Gloria Tlbl" and "Gratlns Tlbl"
(anon); "NMcono Creed" (Bruce
Stonne): hvmn 112, "Jesus Chrht Is
Risen Today" (Worgnn); offortory
solo "From Gloom to G'ory" (Adnm
Goldol). Mrs. V. V. suur; vionn ou
'Igato, Miss Joy Turner. "Sursum
Cordn nnd Sanctiis" (Cnmldgo);
"Benedlctus (tul Vonlt" (T. Adams);
"Agnui Dol" (T. Adams): "Olorla
In ExcUls" (II. B. Ellwnngor);
"Nunc Dlmlttls" (C. A. Barry) : re
co'slonnl hymn 100, "Welcome Nap
py Morning" (Sir A. S. Sullivan);
organ postude, selected. Prof. I. L
Vowberrv. organist. As tho rector
wlP bo nbsont there will b no jor
vlcos In the ovonliiR.
Owing to tho extra work nnd
'mo spnt on tirepurlng tho citntnta
"Faith Triumphant," reennty flvon.
the chorus at tho Christian church
whh unable to nropare tholr usual
Easttr Music. Dr. Enploy. n mom
Ujr of the popular Stalwart qunrtot,
aco director of the Hioru. Is doing
miioh to makb iwisle n sneclal foa
turo In the churoh, and In fact, In all
Saloni, for ho Ik In touch with music
In the public icliools. Tho membora
of the mnlo qurtot havo been render
ing -Bomo txeollont music nnd a la
dle i quartet ami other divisions of
music nro soon to be organized. In
nbout two years tho choir has grown
from throe or four member to nn
energestlc chorus of ovor 30 voices.
Tho Enster services will bo held In
tho evening when the chorus will
slug the anthem "Magnify tho Lord
Forever." Mr. Frank Churchill, or
gnlnst, and Mr. Chester Catlow. nih
Tho First Congregnttonal church
"ho'r under tho direction of Mr.
McGllchrlst, will have the pleasure
to bo assisted In their Eastor pro
gram by the Beaver Male Quartet,
who will render ceveral selections,
and, no doubt, the friend? and mem
bers of the congregation will bo de
lighted to hear them. In tho oven
Ing tho quartet will sing nt tho Cen
tral Cougregntlonal . church. The
choir will give the anthem "Christ,
Our Passover" (Schilling); vocal so
lo. Mrs. Car'oton Smith, "Hosannn"
(Gainer). Miss Sholton, who Is xmo
of Salem's popular music teachers,
and who has boon long connected
with music in the churches, will bo
assisted by MIbs Viola Vercler, al
so a promising yotingjvlollnlst.
Nov Corporations.
Palmer Realty Company Princi
pal ofuce, Portland, Orogon; cnpltal
stock, $5000; incorporators, S. S.
Palmer, C. Palmer and Edward S.
Powell Valley Company Princi
pal ofTlce, Portland", Oregon; cnpltal
stock, $5000; incorporators, Edward
S. Taylor, Robert J. Upton arid E. S.
J. McAllister.
The ri.Tii.
acrobat finds" It necessary nt all
times to keep his muscles and joints
supple. That Is tho reason thnt
hundreds of them keep- a bottle of
Ballard's Snow Liniment always on
hand.. A sure cure for rheumatism,
cuts, sprawls, sore throat, lamo bncK,
contracted muscles, corns, bunions,
nnd all pains. Price 25c, 60c and
$1.00 per bottle sold by all dcalorj.
Notaries Appointed.
, S. N. Steele and J. Running, both
of Portland, havo been appointed no
taries public.
Death Wns On Ills Heels.
.TotEO P. Morris, of Skippers. Va..
had-a closo c?U in tho spring of
190G. Ho says: "An attack of
pnouMonln left mo so veak and with
such a fearful couch thnt my frlen'ls
declnred consumption hnd me, nnd
dsath wns o.t njy heels. Thou" I wan
pTsurdcd" to Vy Dr. King's Now
Discovery. It helped re Immediate
ly, nnd uftor t-.klng two and a half
bott'cT I was a well man again. I
found out that Now Discovery Is
tho bo-t remedy for coughs and lung
dlsorv Hi all tbo world. " Sold (under
gunrintcd r-t J. C. Perry's drug
store. 50c nnd $1.00. Trial bottlo
Al.f nn.. - '"-I
IL'te SioaadB andBaw&cC
ia .
rWSSniUl Rtrnntilnciuiitwr
Opuni Morphine norHiocralJ
, "''I Remedy forConsfija-1
- i ajuriroacn.uurncH
v-rtsx omnlswiisfevensa
j rcss aniLosi orSLSEP.
Fi-SjaSe S.iMOtjcf
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the.
z .r
l Alt
ChriMlnn Science.
First Church of Christ, Sclentlrt,
140 Chemeketa street. Services:
Sunday nt 10:30 n. m. nnd 7:30 p.
m. Subject of lesson sermon, "Tho
Doctrine of Atonemont." Siinday
school at 11:45 a. m. The Wednes
day evening meeting Is hold nt 7:30
p. m. Rending room in tho church
onsn ench n'tornoon except Sunday.
All aro cordially Invited to attend
the sorvlcOB and tho rending room.
First Baptist.
Sundny, April 19th. t90S. Sun
dny school at 10 a. m. Mr. Will Fos
ter nctlng superintendent. Preach
ing sorvlcos at 11 a. m. ' The pastor,
J. R. Comor will proach an EABtor
sermon. Mr. II. S. Glle will sing
"O, Heart Bowed Down, Arise." The
large chorus will sing "Awako, A
wake," by Stnlner. . At 3 p. m. nd
mlnlstrntlon of tho ordlnnnco of bap
tism. 7:30 p. m. the Prosbytsrlan
and Baptist choirs will render the
cantata "Tho King Trlunlpliant" by
Lyon. This cantata with other chor
usOH solos, duolg nnd qunrtotts will
lo tho musical ovont of the nenson.
Mr. Chas. Roth, director. Tho pub
lic aro cordially Invited.
First PiX'tdiytcrliin.
Church stroot, cornor of Chemok
ota stroot. 'Pastor, Rov. Henry
Townsend Bnbcock. Morning sor
vico, 10:30 n. in. Pronchlng by the
nnstor. Thome, "Power." 2 Tim.
3:5. The chorus choir of the First
Baptist church will nsilst the choir
of this church In the morning, nnd
the two choirs will 'inlto In tho clon
ing in rendering Flnlny Lyon'H Sac
rod enntntu. "Tho King Triumphant"
This later service will bo held In
the Flrrit Baptist church, on account
of which no evonlng sorvico will be
hold In this church. Sundny school
at 12:00 in.: Junior Chrlstlnn En
deavor at 3:30 p. m.; Sonlor Chris
tian Endonvor at 0:30 p. m. The
public aro cordially Invited to all of
thoio sorvlcos.
Easter In St. I'ntil'H.
The services In St. Pnul's on tho
Master day will ho as follews: Holy
Communion, 7:30 n. m.; Sundny
school, 10 a. m.; socond colobratlon
with fiormon, 11 n. in. Thoro will be
no oVonlng servlco, as tho roctor will
be In Woodburn. It Is expocted that
nil nprlshlonors, so far ns possible
will mnke their oommunlons at tho
ear'y sorvlea. Tho 11 o'clock service
Is Intended urlmnrlly for worship
Tho public Is cordially Invltul. but
It I exnected that ovoryone will re
main until the close of the service.
This ftppllo to pnrlahtonorg and to
strniifcri nllko.
First Methodist.
Rev. W. II. Sellock, minister;
Prof It. A. Ilerltngo. oholr dlroctor.
Prof. T. J. Roberts proildes at the
plue organ. At 7 n. m. wirirlse ser-
vlco; nt 10:30 special Easter er
vloo In chnrgo of the Knight Tontn
lr, who will attend In n body. The
pastor will nroneh on "The Refwur
roetlon of the Body." At 7:30 the
Ensto'r missionary progrHin. render
ed by tho pupils of the Sundny school
will be of gpecUl- attractiveness, A
cordial Invitation to the public o
attend tho services.
First Congregational,
Special Eastor sorvlces. At the
morning worship gorvlee 10-30, The
Benvor QuarUtto. of Eugene, will
sing and tho pastor will preach onJ
Tin- Power of tho Endlesi Lir
The evening uorvlce will be by the
Sundny school and the Storoptlcon
will bo used to Illustrate some of
the Eastor lessons.
United Evangelical.
Sundny school nt 10 a. m At 11
a m. a program will be rendered lv
different membors of the school and
the pastor will nlgd de'lvor a brief
nddreM on "Thtt Reasurectlon nf
JeHus Christ." Thpmo for the 7
... . i
m. sorvice. "now ana rnen
Niagara Compressed Air Spraying Outfits
. M
Tho most complete sprayer In the market. Something to de
pend upon, D'scilntlnn on roqmst Complete Wind Mill and
Pump Hoih Wood and Steel Tanks.
CHASE & SKAIFE, 198 State Street
White House Restaurant
For a RogHlr
J 25c Dinner at 20c
They can'i bo best
McGkltrist & Son
CU and try tMw. XmH
16c. Board per Wk U7
also furnlahed
at xna
mti Measiwtmti
Robtnurant and hotol, on
Europoan plan. Mcnla at all
hodrs on short order. Rogular
dinner 2D cents. Thirty now-
4. ly finished fumfshod rooms.
148 Commercial St,
mm ii iini iiiminm
ed, under thtFoodl
Cqpy of Wrapper.
For Over
Thirty Years
Those who havo tried our laundry work say It Is with
out equal in tills vicinity.
"Wo havo studied tho weak polnti of other laudrlos and
made them our strongest polti's.
We uso a special soap for colored goods that does not fndo thoiii.
We uso a special soap for woolens thnt doos not shrink them.
Wo iiBo n Hpcclal Hiap for white goods that does not rot thorn.
In ovory department our work Iff guaranteed porfoct.
May wo havo u trial from you 7
Phono tis.
Tol. 25 13C-1C0 S. Llborty St.
Cor Seventh and Stark Sts.
Portland's New and Modern
Hotel. Rates $ I per day and
up. European plan, free Bus.
Salem Fence Works
Headquarters for Woven Wire
Poultry Netting, Pickets. Quteg,
Ma) mold Rooiing, p. & u. ucaur
Roofing, Screen Doom and -Adjustable
Window Bcroons.
SuccoEsor ,
. WATIKU morlky.
A large number of them nre nov using ALLKN'S ROSTOV
RROWX IHtlUll FLOCH. The peoplo of Now England havo
lived on jugt such Puro Foods for over a hundred yoars. Theno
goods aro pnit up in packages and In 10 and Sfi-pound sacks,
and ara for sala by ALL KIRST-CLASH CJKOCHRS.
ALLICV Ji LKWIS, Portland,
Distributors for Oregon.
Sau Joso, Cal DosMolnos, Iowa
230 Court St.
fiulcm, Or.
of L. of C. 13. at G:30 p. in. II
Deck, imstor.
Contrul CoiiBiVKatlonnl.
Nlneieonth and Perry strt-etg. P
S Knight. imBtor. Sundav grhonl
10 a. m.: aadaavqr msetlng C:S0
i. in.; grmon and quarterly com
munion at J I a. . At 7: SO p in
Children's Banter service, with Hing
ing br the Ueavwr Quartette Con
cert Monday evealug; pa -tor's recep
tion TiesUsy evening, .
Cornor Cottage and CnenxfceU
streets. Services at 10:30, preach
lug br the mlnUler. ISaeUr Sundav
w Don't read this unless you nro In ned of nomu of theso
articles, and wish to save money by buying thorn nt n bargain, M
f I'ntU March 30, n order to mo room for new goods, theso items
will be offer.od at greatly rouu',"" !" ,
Those nro all of standard nko and good quality.
One new U-lnoh wagon, comp't ,...1110.00
One new buggy, boBt mako. n'nn
One now buggy, best make. .. , ??'!!
Ono now runabout SSJJ
X Ono now dlso harrow -.wu
One now Tiger drill JW'VU
Ono new RMokoyo binder' , lri!'nn
One new Buckeye mowor . . . "'"?
Out now Huokoye rake ;. ... .. '""
nm nau- Tin via nrOftlll BOIinrflUir 1U0.UU
nn. nw 1 4.lnnh Rook Island OIlllRflr atftOl plow.. l'J.CO
A One new 12-lnoh Rock Island OIJPMr Utoel plow.. 17.60
ono new i-iiien hock ihiuuu vm - ,.... .. -r-"
One new handmade light eiprees o-
n..,. ..... L.u.l.nfwla llvht aviirefifl 76. UO
Aleo seoond-hand cultivator, mower and rage at a bargain.
Slngle-treae. donble-treeg. neck-jokee, dughboardi, cushions,
at a 30 per oont reduction. ' , . . , ' "
An aaaortinent of aboiu $300 wortn of palnU. lead, oil, var
nUheg and stain 1U b put on sale. .!.,,
l will alo sell on eominUwlon any ImpuunMt or vehicle
whlen you may wish to dlapose of, at y tJwo.
10 per cent dhxuuiu on paints, ataiag and varntok until April 10
Sale coailnuei.
rrnnpn n ii'aoc t'oniwr lMno and Front St.
$ OS. 00
80 00
42 CO
48. CO
cr 00
JG 00
13 CO
GO 00
GO 00
I JvHklLflmiinfMir4HaViLLBg'
M pm Jj ggggL lggfi J3l&&&&&Wi3PW
fjli.trtlSfir of neTSZe I llril
Coneecratlon of children. Sunday;
school and Mule elas at 11:45.
W. C. T. U.
Gospel U Hindrance meeting at th
hall, corner Perry and Commercial
Mreet. 4 p. in., Sunday, the 19th.
Select reading. Mite Minnie Oliver;
oration. Perry Relglemon; adilreu.
Iter. J. Oliver. Good music. A cor
dial welcome to all.
First Christian.
Preliminary Batter servloee at 11
a m.. theme. "The Ressurection
Necesary." Bible school, 10 a. m.:
i Easter service, 7:30 p m. See pro
gram The cnristian church Chorus
will render appropriate music at the
morning and evening services. The
public cordially invited. D. Errett,
I ;.
In one of our rigs Just a much as It
you owned It. More,, In fact, for
you wll'haie all tho pleasuro and
only a mere fraction of tho expense
of a private stable. You are not
limited In your choice of a turnout,
titter. Our livery sorvico can sup
ply anything you require, from a
runabout to a coach and team. How
can wo servo you?
O. W. Yaaake, Prop.
131-117 N. High St. Phono Mala 44
The above cut reproionU '
brick lined Torrid Zone Furc..,
Guaranteed gag, smoke and dusS
proof. Economical and durable,
Estimate furnished on heating
Rftcky Mftuntain Tea NiHrPti
A Bair Utdleiat In Buy FwpU.
BHbji Oold'a ilMltn 4 Koiwri Vljor.
i, neclNa f ' r (V)itlrUl'-)n, InIlitloo. Lire
and Klday Troubles, I'ltnplrt. Kcoja. Impure
UUxxi, B4 UrUi, Hlilrc.t Ilonrpl, Iletacl
yui IUciiActM. It Itooky Jlouqldht Tttt In Ul
M' 01m. at oat u Ihx uriiuin mU by
Hoixuria Uacu Corr, JlJi.v Wt.

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