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- Tta
Demand Better Roads, Advocate Parcels Post and More Adequate Compensation for Services Rendered
ia! Convention and Election of Officers nf fral M.i
Carriers-.-Knighte of the Red Covered Wagon Do
Dame Tor the Cause of Good Roads
tural Free Delivery letter
of Oregon held n Inn? nn.i
j . .
mi convention at Albnn
m -
Iday and Saturdny. That
ier the leadership of Secre
sent of the Commercial club
ied the delegates In great
jm Btart to finish, and con-
flth a theater nartv nnd twn
and, as much refreshment as
slblo In a dry town.
3apltn4 Journnl prints an ox-
flon today that each carrier
ro a report of tho convention,
sterest and enthusiasm was
ted In tho work of tho rural
i'thnn ever before. Tho car
iemsolyes aro a fine body of
seemed to bo actuated by
pc motives of bettering the
of the entire community In
ley work.
Ulliccrs Elected.
lent, W. II. Doyd, of Denver-
Bt vice-president, II. M.
IBs, of Qorvnllls; second vlco
it, Prank Kratzborgcr, An-
ccrotary-trcasurer, and . dels-
national convention, John
Us, Albany; cxicutlvo com-
I'A. D. Parker, Independence;
srnett, Albany; Fred Spoon-
trongest kind of good roads
Dns wero adopted.
illlt was choBon ns tho next
holding convention.
'a Incoming trains bore thy
tural Frco Delivery carriers
ay to hold their sixth annual
Ion. FIvo yearB ago. 1003,
association was formed by
anndful of carriers at Salem
mlzatlon now has about 150
There woro 133 enrolled
In 1907.
)to energy of Secretary John
a boautlful souvenir pro-
is presented to each delegate
invention mado tho cause of
ids prominent at this con-
Secretary Golns Is an en-
on this subject and had It
to tho front at all times. A
eommlttoo was appointed.
Royally Entertained.
llbany Commercial club bad
if tho entertainment, under
of that splendid captain of
Bury I. Dasent Tho do'o-
irere mot with a band,
through the city to music,
l&wltli badges, nnd royally
at tho assembly hall.
muslc, J. 8. Vnn Winkle, Al-
rpeerolees and handsome
postmaster, delivered the ad-
welcomo. Wm. H. Boyd,
president, of Bcuverton, re-
U In an equally happy and
nner. Prof. Kendall did
dlng that Immensely
stho audience, as did tho
by the male quartet.
idlng lunch was wrved tor
before they wejo shown to
rlous roosting places. Jt
back up nnd fill your plate"
m and was got up In grott
Observed Mcmorlnt Day.
ttho Rural Carriers accepted an In
vitation to Join tho Grand Armv In
Its parade and exercises In hono'r of
Memorlnl Day. It was a patrlot'c
impulBO tha,t Induced lhe carrier
to march, many of them In uniforms,
under tho flag Jo tho comotery In
honor of tho Blue nnd tho .Gray.
Saturday morning Tom Richard
son spoke In favor of a Joint conven
tion of Oregon nnd Washington car
riers to bo hold at Portland In 1000.
When nn effort Is to bo mado to
hold tho national convention of Rur
al Carriers at that city at tho snm
time. President K. P. Loop of Mc
Mlnnvllle heartily Bsconded tho sug
Alfred C. Smith, president of tho
Albany Y. M. C. A., rend an able
paner on tho "FInnncIal Valuo of
Freo Rural Mnll." In the panic last
fall tho carriers all helped maintain
confidence nmong tho rnrmors. In
Albany tho banks had no runs nnd
no credit certificates Issued. Ho
read a very valuable nnner in n.
thoughtful mnnner.
Fnvor Cnre-Tnkcrs.
A resolution was offered In. favor
of care-takers of mnll roado and on
motion referred to tho commlttco
on resolutions. It was received with
great enthusiasm and on motion of
Jay Cox1 was endorked by tho con
Want Better Itomls.
That tho rurnl carrier hlmsolf
should have- some authority In tho
repairs on mall route roads and
should cp-operato wjth tho county
supervisor In Its Improvement w.w
ono or tho lrrfportant recommenda
tions In tho good roads resolutions.
Thnt Important, and also no.w, rec
ommondntlon wns voiced In tho'fol
'owing resolutien:
"Wo urgo tho delegation heroin
fhai a great deal of executive abil
ity. He Is a socond Tom Richard
son with a great fund of earnestness,
vim and enthusiasm. Mr. Dasent Is
tho salaried booster who has been
employed by tho Albany businoss
men to put that city on tho map. He
wan formerly advertising manager of
tho Portland General Electric. He
produced statistics to show that In
sanity nnd nervous disorders wore
on tho docllno nmong tho farming
population since tho Introduction of
freo rurnl mallB. His remarks on
behalf of his city woro vory approp
riate and drow forth much npplausi
For Good Bonds.
Judge Scott, who has worn out
several pairs of good lungs talking
for good ronds, took up this sub
ject and handled It with, great suc
cess In creating cnthuBlnBra for bet
tor highways. Ho mado an eloquent
plea for carrying this enthmslasm
back Into every local community.
County Judgo Stewart, of Albany,
snld ho wns In favor of moro Immed
iate rosults by grading up dirt roads
nnd Using tho road drag. Fix tho
bnd places and ralco tho nvorago of
tho wholo road. A road was no bet
ter thnn the worst place on It so
far ns hauling wont.
Mark Forestor, of Tangent, a
road supervisor, who has UBed tho
road grnder nnd road drag a great
ideal. Ho advocated n new drng with
three cross pieces,- steel on tho mid
dle ono. Pictures word shown of
some flno roads ho has built. Ho
said a road drag over tho roads once
a month would keep them in order.
Ho showed, thnt It cost but 13 3
pair all tho year around with drag. "" 8 J'? 9 ,15'000'
The improved road drags would I ' ha Sa,om '
mako good roads If gone over ones
a month. His district had 48 miles
of road and ho had served 12 years'
assembled from each county in this nnd thought bad roads duo to road
state to tako up tho mattor with oiporvisora moro than to county
tholr rospoctlvo county courts of got-lfK08
ting tho sum of SG0 nnnronrlated. or w. J. Clarke npoko on fraternity.
Kich other sum ns In tho Judg- Postmasters work hand In glove
,.. . a m -- .. will Win rnrrlnr ntiil It la nnf tvrfi.
adequate tho same to bo placed at POd to havo Irate, benefit A.; BJBjg ' D0 u .?"!
he dUposa. of each rural carr or u --------- position. Ho mu.t bo able to mako'
o do ww uy-njm ana unaer n.s ai- """ "" ,"":;," ,- - fr,en(l8 tho n. womo nn" "
by spying tho four greatest nchlove
of tho past century wero laying the
Atlantic cable, building- tho Suez
canal, undertaking tho Panama ca
nal, nnd establishing freo rural
malls. In Ub socialising Influence
tho latter was the greatest of all;
and ho predicted would become tho
greatest institution ever built u,p by
the government.
"No one can overestimate tho Im
portance of tho Freo Rural Malls as
a factor In tho development of our
national life. The transformation of
social conditions, tho extension of
tho advantages of hlehlv organized
.modern municipalities to the groat
masses of rural population was novor
so .much hastened by a single Instru
mentality as by tho establishment of
rural free delivery. Do wo appre
ciate the fact fully? Do wo protect
and recognize and reward tho men
who are the Instruments for carry
ing tho greatest agency of modern
clvllzatlon into effect? Lot us sco.
"According to tho latost atatls-
ics moro are now 33,038 rural nrp good. Then one to two hours
routes established, serving In round at tho o'fflco to make up his report,
numbors 15 millions of people. Of Beforo he has hi horn nn nut
those routes all but 721 handle ho has put In a 12-hour day. Onofl
dally mall, tho latter bolng throo in a whllo there aro reports to mnko
uuiiw n WU3K rouies. in nu mere out that tako nights and Sunday
1 n A .MIM 1 J A till
,., uceM oU,,o.i peuuona lor work. To got good treatment of
routes, nnd with only nbout a thou- his patrons ho must do thorn favors,
sanu to do acted upon, you can seo nnd his rnlary covers many an r
thnt many routes nro pending cstnb- rand down town for which ho can
llshment. Thoso who fear that tho mako no rhnren. tin r.nnnt Mmr
national treasury will bo bankrupted ft dlmo for a fifteen cent purchnso
u mo extension oi tno rroo delivery nnd koop tho roputntlon of being a
should remember that only n llm- good fellow. Such things nu 40
Ited portion of tho rural population monov nrdorn fnr sr. wnrtb t
Is sltmated so ns to avail lUolt of stamps In two to Ihroe ccntB nro nln-
thl service.1 or mftttern for carriers.
What Is ncnulrnj. Compaml to n 9000 Poitinnstor.
Under tho, present syttom a routo Compared to n nlno hundred dot-
must bo at lenst 21 to 27 mlleB long. jnr rnlnry of B poltmRBtCr, the rural
Thero aro 125 boxes on an average cnrrler earnB whnt ho gots. Ho wean
route, but some run higher. If l out two suits of clothing to tho for-
falls below 24 miles tho cnrrlor gets mor'B one. Exposure to Inclement
a proportionate cut on his princely weather may bronro his chooks but
tminry oi " n monui. tho unitci it ftin mirrnn. ,i. iimll.
dyt, and ennridt afford tb keep up
the' rtc for less than that, and does
nbt4hVvo to pnss a civil sorvlco ex
amlnallo that takes almost a col
legey ducatlontogeUthf, iobtlM!
Freo Rlirftl MalW.Vnrrtr. 'wnim
the magnin&nfiii&it. of -alwt I2.7S
a trip"41 from the iiovermentr andftlf'j
hehs good luck wkI thero art not
to niany pretty girls nsklsr farrs,!
h'o ny pick nip 2 a month for
pftCKftgO DUBin0B8, "' !
4l Tho Carrier's Honrs.
I 'know tho hours of somo of the
Salentj carriers on the rural route,
Tjjey get up at 5; 30 a, m. 40 feed
tM horses. TI19 'salary of 1900 a
year and all they have" to supply that
Boe'lth tho service doqa not aVj
lowuinng ani'one to care' ror tn
team. Tho horses have 4o be citrrlod
and ted and Valued. T.he "wagon
hastd be greased, Breakfast eaten
he'as ono to two hovifs bt close
work ' at tho office making' up his
mafl. Then on an average ho has
rilx"hbur on tho rond If tho ronds
4 ?t
paid for a similar service
other department of human a
Our countryjtohtoo large, th
get too Jach,iSiH;. the kon
M ftfr-apart Jif anywan to frm
IJ"? Th
.ntng ftir .Tlrt. Th
sure front- the kuwe nltlet il
VBpaper ,1s putting on '$
tr!n f'o ;rnj its morning edftM
to tho farm deliveries. ' f)8
Deserve ICqaal Troatmei ,
ifhe rural' earrlW dwerve tdte
ut'pn- a, nay wlt thiijr city Kfttf
rcn so inr as compenmiioa W R
crHedr They are lHeeris, eatfeii
llslpng a ev branch of the MWe,
a wrisft I?at &, grayfrng naraff.
the CQl!
States ovor, each carrier handles an
avorage of 3500 pieces of mall por
inonin. in mnny or tno cactora
states tho avorage falls below 'this
wjijlo In tho western stntea tho av
orags Is ab'ovo 5000 pieces a month.
AH tho Salem carriers nro abovo the
5000 mark, and somo months thev
It Iirs boon
postofflco sonds
ojit moro froo rurnl mall than nny
ono postofflco wcU of tho Rocky
What h FumNhod.
Havo you over ottlmated what'
most bo furnished to maintain .1
Tree rurnl route? In tho first place
thero mr.Jt bo a man of moro than
nvorago Intelligence, business nblll-
reetlon In firneirlnir. mlnlne- nn.i tor nna can uo oxionuea o leuer
otherwl-o Improving tho roads ovor,crr,er8- Ho holloved somo slmplo
which h's route extends." I plau of insurance, like $1 per capl-
R. G. Allen,, of Sllvorton, read n1 'or widows, would bo found to be
Ho mut
carry a supply of stamps, stamped
cnvelopon, applications for money
ordors, must reglstor letters, mako
change for stamps, and, In fact, do
overythlng that tho poetmnster does
bosldos distribute nnd gather up the
mnll rain or shine, sleet or hall
warm or cold, be polite, answer
questions, carry neighborhood news
and peddlo gosfrlp or bo branded an
unsoclnl chufllrh fellow. An a piat
ter or cold hard fact, much talking
nnd good mall servlco do not travel
together. An occasional bright lot
of peoplo will glvo a carrier qnough
'or package buslneio to pay fop h
horsft feed, but most carriers do not
mako axle grcaso out of any service
rendered noldo from tlfolr mall
TJ10 CTihhjc Nultflfice.
Rurnl Carriers havo to rondor on)
Ifit nt Court Ho!ie,
fa other sess'ons were held
urt house Saturday foro-
e sesaloh wa$ devoted o
rrpport3 of the commlttess
landing Committees.
tutlon W. Boyd, Beaverto-
-ox, Salem; C. LaVee, Cor-
ig Arrhle Parker, Ind-
W F. Eberhardt, Mc
R G. Tweed, Lents.
loads Franz KraUberger,
R N Smith, Springfield; J
eon, Salem.
ice Frank Litchfield, Sa-
pn H Kline, nervals: John
ell, Eugene.
tlals A. E. Tawer. June-
Alford, Dundee; J. H. Go-
tlons H. M. Cummlnp
M P. Cady, Beavertdta; E.
tt, Albany.
t Order B. F. Wells, Dal-
'Cfulill,. Ikwiia; , Frd
very practical ta(k on motorcycles.
It wm vory well received,
M. P. Cade, of Beaverton, present
ed an able paper on rules for pn
trons. Inventions wore presented from
Corvnllls and Eugene to cntortalu
tho n:xt State Convention. On be
half of tho Salem Board of Trade an
invitation was extended to tho asso
ciation to meet there. It was well
The morning session was conclud
ed with reading of letters and re
ports of committees.
Afternoon Session.
Secretary Dasent, of tho Albany
Commercial club opened the ball
with an address on tho value of such
a convention to n city where It
maots. Ho was Introduced by Sec
retary Golnj In one of his happy
Hashes. Besides being a bard work
er for th good of the order, Golns
helpful. Jt would bo a simple as
sessment system.
Bert JohRfwn Talked,
When appointed poitrantiter ho
had to buy out his predeoessor for
$1000. He had to sell It a fow
years later for $350. Ho had to
pay annually $200 to $500 addition
al for clorkhlre. It was not all
smooth salllnp for the postmaster.
Ho had to stand for all tho kicks of
his own patrons and the patrons of
the carriers. Ho reviewed the ef-
dren, and a large part of the farm ' 80r,v'co ,s n,ot "ctod Atho
dogs on bis route. Ho must furnlan "um,u "' B,,,r rr"n ".. got iwuv
from two to four horses, harness, R yenr'
nor of postmasters thorn
two vehicle., ruhber rovers nnd BV,VV- "lul compwung wiom o
wnrm robes In winter, whips, axle ,akf "p ,e,tonf wUhont P08tnK0 nt'
greato, horse shoeing, blacksmith. c.a nnd wlier U' ,atronB of
Ing nnd rcpeirs. Tho government l"u ltv Tumt " "' l"row inH ',c"'
furnUhes tho mail Backs and tho poo- "VB ,r inTvr C,",I,KW " Utf ,n,
Jplo furnish itho mall. While an ,)0X wlth the,r ,ottor' 'mPcr or noJ
ordinary man and team cost $4 por ,nl cnnj8' Th,nk of tJ, men ,t,f'
in urn 1 1 foned up with n long cold drlvo, hav-
WflHPI ae Wi!l Haa fflra M.itd ,nB Aiv0 Mo the n,al1 box0if for
nuWC AS 1T5II 15 IBCB HlM mm- pennies nnd thin hlnlng dimes nnd
ftwalte by Kwiiey and incke,g o"" "avinK to nh them
l'iv u iiiv miiDi 111 iiiv iuua; ijuaus,
romovlng their gloves to get a tho
money for unstamped mall that Is
Mki Trwfck,
Kilncv trouble nrey",utKn the mind J
forts mado In th past to establish JlKouragesondlcMeiisambitlon; beauty, , mlxed jn wth tho stampod. having
rural routes and the benefits of free js Jgor ,! chmfui. tQvl Jt 0lU nnd keop u B0Jmrnted
ffl,ri- when tliekldncvsaf until they get to tho postofflco and
jfPoutolordcr or (lis- then having to nccount for It nnd
f eased. t . .....
rrrt Kldne-trouble lias'"ftnip tno le"or8 ftn'1 p0m car8
( become o prcvalont Rotting a bunch of 26 or 50 plcturo
Pll FC
On Jtir eo
Afi-jl I l'Ku lklni L'ursrsu
for eoilliHo In tut count il k 1 u.Hca '
1 bar mffre4 with nllta for thlrtr tli Jr
llUi Atll I
in tut count n
ditfpar abJ nv I
A trouble tat t k
(Ml lUta iin)am " Oturt KrJr l.ixUoi,. O
rural delivery. It had been tho vital
force that compelled road Improve
ments. Threo thousand two hun
dred dollars per mllo was the lowest
estimate of increaso In vnlue of
farm lands for each mllo of freo
rural mall routes. At $1 per trio
to fwn for mall $4,000,000 a week
was saved to tho farmers of the
that It is not uiicohi- poitnl cards or uncoalod invitations
inon sora ciiim to ik nnd ,ne monev j0 ftftn,p them, and
S Wdncvs IHlie ,ulvnK t0 rto M t,,e89 th,ngB w,,en
cbililunnatestooofteii.iftheurinctcaUU tho patrons nro afforded plenty of
the fljli, or If. m ben the child reaches nu opportunity to buy stamps. Is t
United States or $208,000,000 a age when it should be able to control tho nnv womior nrofanitv ia not on tho
year. Free rural mall Increas.d the ve. U I. yet aiTlictJ with bed-yct. ffi orthrr tho carr e?8 aro
. ,. , , ,. , ting, depend upon it, thecauscof thediffi ' increaso or vntf tno carriers aro
dally mall of over family and per-cuUv u Sidney-trouble, and the fi.it begging the department for n ruling
son on the routo. Boxes that got step should be towards the t treatment of thnt w, compei country patrons of
I"; Z TiirotZY ;rtTi! unc, 8a'" to ,tamp the,r mr" tho
got nvo to ten oi eacn. xue i io , ,.,.!. ,. t.in.i.i.- n,.,i llfl, . gnmo m c tv neonlo nre ro nn I red to
phono followed tho rural mall. Tho liaI)lt n8 ni08t JH.opie Uppote. do bofore they can put it In the
tii plUt Mean t dit'par abJ at tli nJ of nil
( lb Ulvl net trouble hi at all Caartt
hTdoo ucJr t rm. I am ullrirar4au4
6est For
Tho Bowels
HtuHf. P)hl. fotont Taato & L
Virli(kia, T.iita orCr.'f-.. Ue.ftfm
oM la balk. Tb ftaalst tblt ;tanpl OUC.
Biartalirl to r or jwur nonf luk.
wtojll j" ?St-ri
iMHM. SmJTf 1 ER
farmer and the farm havo been im
proved. Peace and plenty took the
place of strife and bare necessity.
His papsr was heartily aplauded and
ordered published In tho R. F. D.
Fair Treatment for the Carrier
Col. E. Hofer of Tho Dally Capital
Jonrnal was Invited by Secretary Co
ins to present the cause of the Free
RuraJMal) Carriers from the stand
polat of fair tretUraeat for the sr
vtces readered, aad kls ftWr9 wai
received with a great deal of enthu-
ii4ws sad kyMWt is pHilWt4"
ia frail. Col, Hofer opened nu ad dm tonic.
Women ns well at men aia made miser
sble with kidney and bladder trouble,
end both need the same great remedy.
The mild and the immediate effect of
Swamp-Roet it soon realized. It U sold
by dniL'uuu, in fifty- tKL
cent and one-dollar
fize bottles. You may
have a sample bottle
oy null tree, alio a Ho or wmpaact.
pamphlet telling all about Swamp-Root,
including many of the thouiands of testi
monial letters reeved frofci sufTerers
owed. In writing Dr. Kilmer U. Co.,
JBitighamton, K. V., be sure and mention
this paper. Don't wake any mistake, ,
dui remesioer tne same, Bwamp-Koot,
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, a ad the ad-
,, T4Cf my
Only a Square Deal,
It would be only simple justico
If the other reform thoy are asking
wero enacted rtho allowanco of
$250 a year for horso hire. This la
now allowed the 'city carriers, and
compared to tho service rendered
who will say the rural agent pf tho
postofflco department ai'o not jMttly
entitled to It? They are only human
beings but can the state or national
governwiest alford to take a service
that la worth $l'6t per moats If U
la worth aaythlng for leu than It
ountry settles mn. Tim hiimI
m. ..' f '" 7. "'
)I "their Mwtrons,:;especlaUy ia
Ws, are Increasing; dally, jppurfr
pay should advance according Ut'fc
number of persoas wretl with malt,
altovo a certain' minimum, and i
minimum should be perfectly. Mr
from thp standpoint of :servl rvim-
ered. One of the fHBda'netl prla
clplea we shettld teeh ear ehlldnm
Is that It Is unworthy of true Inde
pendence to take anything for noth
ing or that has not .been earned, and
on tho samo principle It la unwor
thy of a great government to take
tho scrvlcea of Its citizens ea a baarfr
of starvation to the horsee or th
man, and a constant temptation to
dlahoncaty Bomewhere.
Postoflico Derlcltw.
Wo have tho atatemeat of thw
postmaster general that free rnrat
malls havo Increased the reeelptn r
tho postofflco dopartniHRt far ahevtr
tho cost. On the other haad we
noto tho statement that daring th
month of March the reeelpk of tk
50 largest ofilcea la the Ualtd
States fell off $280,000. Many faeto
could be sIiowh te similar eKeet, and1
If there are postofflse deflelU, hm rt
ever occurred to the wtaeaefea af
tho department that the rady for
that condition which soema t ha.
chronic Is to briRg the wa4! snriei
closer to the people and It will eoa
running behind, It la etlated' tat
I a slight extension of the pare)
post to that each rmral oarrMr waW
take out on an average Ave- etoves-,
pound packages a day, wewkt' BMk
a net earning of $SI5,08e,kr amT
wipe out the whole iledcit. TKe'ojer
ornment should kwakea te Mm ac
that the free rural mall srvi M'
In closer contact wHh t
iiinnn ui inn jiouj) man sarii
nrm of the govornmeat, aad H jmt h
n popular vote as to what they weatd
rather do without, IJhj peaale arvd
by tho rural mall would dkpawM
with congress Itself bef thy
would with the free dellverr
Llinlfoil ParrelM letv
' Postmaster General Meyer h
mado a practical nuggeetteR far a
limited parcols poet by whleh vk
ages originating- at tho office af rural
delivery would pay Ave ceata far th
first pound, ami two coHt tar ak
(Continued on Pag(j 9,)
Tho action of dig6
tion is controlled bj
nerves leading to tb
storaacb. When tbey ar
weak, tho stornacb fg d
pived of its energy. It
Las no power to do it
work. If you -yant per
manent roliof, you mutt
restoro ibis energy. Dr.
Sile3, Nerving restore
nervous energy, and give
tho organs power to per
form tbeir functions.
Tor many rears I
wm a Uwmtm
r Irpiu nervowi lrHmilwm: at
I Wat no daaitondnnt Ba --- -1
kltnuyt n turilta. 1 ra M M3ma$
remiJit' uwX ynrloua jiaritiotas w((k
Mill or no relief. unM mm alaZt ulT
liuimcr I Hnur llr UiLu wruTT. . ...
Heart Cur hfawtXlw. I mnmnVc t
tt jurchA of omi tMMtt!if Nryl
and on of HwrtCur. Tmiw 4ya
1 Uftan lo lct WlJer, witMi (mmv.
KK(fm no inuc tbt 1 mIm4 jkt,
mkwi ci nu nn J Hi UtlMa
KKttl m HO MUCh tMt
tMdfcIn until 1 Viut ti
a Aoten bcHliw. Tih Vwry sum
pwtfi wr aiva
nd anlrto alne. auki m.
olnl 3d reritnmtn4 iI.a aj-j--
I fi m lncre liltMwm Ia kurtu
mm inns emce. 1 Mki .
that Mrrn) urmna k.u k
bh tlirourn my riiniinmnjtlnaa "

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