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- ' ' ' -' ) i"iMiiii'iimniMi I'M 111 i u nil
OLi) fOlKS
H " ' V. V L' o
Einelllr need "Kittare'f Remtdr" (NH TcbltUiineedlUoiikotlieRh'eii.
inatlim out of their Jclntii need It to keep their Stotriich. Ltver, Kl Jttejri
Mid Boweli In good ordert need it for the ttreoeth and vlgpr It give.
Let "NATURE'S REMEDY" Re Ywr tiictsr.
Tftke it tablet now and thent It will keep ronr iritera In' tnoh (rood
condition that dlieaiet cannot take hold. Ever box U Buaranteod to
Hire lailifcctlon, or the pnrchua jrlc refnndod. ' '
Better Than Pills For Liver Ills
' GET A 35rt. SOX. i ' '', m,
1 1 JJ il fl n t! IiH i rJ
jFor Blo by Capital Jjnig ,Ct,,IZ.i'T. Biggs, Salem, Oregon.
yells given, Aftor leaving the
square they took In the dlffcronl
flve-cent theaters. Tho party was
chnpdrohed by Miss Topping,
Entertain Bnschnll Tennis.
Ralph Moorcs entertained the
members of tho Snlem nifd West
Portland high school basebnll teams
and a number of girl friends at h!a
homo Inst Saturday ovenlng. An
enjoynblo social tlmo was had. Re
freshments and punch was served,
Among out-of-town guests wero
Misses Nell Thlelson nnd Miss Baker
of St. Holon'B hall, Portland.
Anderson-Anifrraon Wedding
Tho marriage of MIso Nora L.
Anderson to Mr. V. Everott Ander
son was celebrated quietly "Vodno9
' Chu'rch 'Btret, near Chemokoluf
Rev. Henry T. Babcock, pnstor,
Slornlng service 10! 30 a. m., preach
ing by the pastor; themo "Don't
Worry.". Sunday school .12:00 m.;
junior O. B. 3:30 p. m; Senior 0.
E. 7:00 p. m.; everting serylco' 8:00
p. m. At the evening sorvlcb tho
cliolrs of tho First. .baptist church
and our church will ropeat tho East
er musical service given .on Easter
Sight last, at tho first BaptlBt church.
ytm win givo tnoso who wero un
ablo for lack of room at that tlmo
an ontiortiinltv fn hrnr thin vnrv
(-, " T -"-, wir -rf
musical cantatn, "The King Tri
umphant," by Flnlny Lyon. '.'Tho
clors of
The human body is
ml amount of wo k wffi lta"dr ! ai J
;c stored energy to it the 126,r, fttkS8
When you feci "all tuckered ou,'?'
rly exhaled and ypu a refe4'
to renew the supply of cnercyi w. , Hf
indigestion, bilious attacks. e..: ':; " ""J
Paul Bandy, of tho Unltnrlan church
performed the ceremony.
Tho brldo Is tho youngest daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. O. Andorsbn, ahd
has a host of friends In this city.
Tho groom Is tho son of W. R. An-,
dorson, also of this cltv
After a short trip to Portlnnd and
tho Sound cities they will be at homo
Magnificat" an,(i"Unfolu yo Portals"
will also bo repeated, Tho cholrl
will bo composed of. 32 voices. Not
ice tho chango of tlmo In ovonlng
service to bo 8 o'clock. Tho publlu
cordially Invited to all of these ser
vices. Central Congregational.
iNinoicentn ,nnu Forry streets. P.
$olnt:and needs to be replenished Iow'orWfLwJ'
UHCLIWIIII H flllB Mu. . . T
the stomnc 1,7 ; (T'.1"' PPly ot'ut . i.H
fegtect the Hwhi !
l t In boxes with lull air,.tu. "T . 1 ZI
--' IMT
Miss Hutchins'
M"1bb Mario' Hutchliis,
Piano Recital.
who Hna
been a Rtudent with Miss Well or of
.this city for three years paBt, gave
piano recital Wednesday ovenlng
kl tho First Baptist church which i
tiled tho beautiful auditorium of
iiflt building with a delighted audi
ence. Mr, Charles Roth gave a num
ber of high class vocal boIob, and
Was given several recalls to which
lie responded with happy effect. The
Evening was a musical surprlso to
11 who heard MU33 Hutchins play.
MIbs Mildred KniBe nndEthel Hard
ing, with Prof. Roberta as head of
tho music department. Ho has mnJe
a nnrao for himself as tho most noted
blind plnplst and pipe organist In'
tho west, ahd wfll ilurjng the, sum
mer vacation have seeing students
on tho violin nnd tuno pianos. '"Tho
studonts have nearly nli"departed for
to their friends at 114 North High S. Knight, pnslor. At eloso of Sun
day Bchool, 11 a. m Rev. . E.
Wnlker, many, years n missionary in
China, will deliver nn address. Let
'Iron- nil bo on time, as tho servlco miut
The "rm Mtstcr."
Tho presentation of tho
their homes and all report an cn
Joyablo and prof Itab'le" year's work.'
t perfection, as did also Miss Augusta
LcRoy OcBiier MtjRlcnl Rccitnl. Booth In tho rolo of leading lady.
On Mond'nv -nvfinlntr n inr n.ii'. Perry Rolgolman nlso deserves the
lf ..,.....0 ., ...Dwi - 1
Master" at tho Grand Opera House, close nt 1:30,
Wednesday evening, by tho students ; Rev. F.' H, Reeves will conduct
of tho College of Oratory of Wlllam- servlco at 8 p. m.
etto University was witnessed by n Lutheran St. John's Church, Mis-
good-sized audience, who thoroughly sourl Synod.
enjoyed tho artistic work of the stu-j Regular Sunday service at 10' n.
dents. Wallace Q. Trill, as .leading m. In tho German Lutheran St.
vmnn, handled his difficult rolo to John's church, cornor Center and
Fourteenth streets. Geo. H. Engal.
Besides a. few loBsons given by horlenco jrnthorcd In thi university ehnn. 1 "'Bhest credit for tho part ho took
. ... i. t. v 1 ,.. i(.. ' ... ..- . .... 1 n ihn nnini1lnn.
jAother, sho hns been trained and. el to hear the annual recital
brought out by Mies Woller, who
took her as an exclusive student
when sho was In sonatina work, and
in Improved her natural ability un
til It can bo safely said she has a
wonderfully exqulslto touch, and
All her tonal work hns high quality.
The program opened with n quartet
toy Althea Moorcs, Maudo Evans,
Delbert Barton and Mnurlc Roberts,
aad closed with another by Mario
W. O. T. U.
Robert O. Mlllor will deliver un
address at tho hall, corner Commer
cial and Ferry Btreets, Sunday at 4
Tho public aro
All tho parts wero
by nunllo of LoRov Oosnor. excopuonany won givcn nna was a
It Is nn unusual thine for nunllo cred,t to tho atudonts ns well as, p. m. Good music.
to ulnv with technical fromlom. nn.i Profossor May Bello Adams, under invited.
benuty of tone, but such seemed to,wno8 d,roct,n th P'ny was given,
bo tho rule with the young violin-1 Tho H,sh 8cho1 orchcstra furnlshod
lsts taklnc nnrt In thin nroernm nn.? . delightful music.
,, " "---- y-"" " , , .
Birthday Surprise.
A mo3t delightful birthday Btir
prlso was given In honor of Miss
Mr. Gosner Is to bo congratulated
upon his success ns teacher.
Tho program opened with a vie
lln chorus. "March Romnino." bv
Goranod. This numbor. nccompanlodi Grnco Robertson nnd her brother,
jijutcnins, ucrtruao urower, Eleanor by cello, bajs and piano, reminded j v"lu,ltu, " a inimuur oi meir
Celony, and Miss Wellor. All showed I ono of a symphony orchestrn. Thoro frlon(ls flt thflr homo nt Prlnglo,
piendld assembly workton tho part is no music moro -beautiful than tt 80Uth of Snlcn,t n l"t Friday ov-
of the Btudonts. violin, exceni moro vialins. In th's cn,nB' Th3 evantng wns pleasantly,
'nnnh.. .i'i..A. .- ..in -n BDOnt with must'; and cirmea nftorl
....... i.u I, JiW'Vl iMU V ViUilllT I'll ' "
plcylng with fine engcmble ancj It wan wh'?h refreahmentp wero -erved. .
rccolved with' a great doal'of onthus- Those presrnt were: Mr. and Mrs.
lasm by tho nucjlence. I Robins, Mr. nnd Mrs. .Robertson, Mr.
Miss Laara Farrlngton played a9'l,Bon Misses Lena and Carollno
a s6lor,""BorcouBo"siav;'" by Noruda,Coburn Ednft Cannon, Sarah Thom
In a very artistic manner, holding I BOn Jenne Oupp, Margory Bonnlng
tho attention of tho audience ' hoff Grnco 'Robertson nnd Cora Mil
through tho entirenumber. ThUJlor! Mc8srfl. Porcy and Ohns. Robins,
llttlo girl will bo a great violinist j Storrlo Cannon, Ernest nnd Frank
somo day and tho .writer Intends to Clarlt. Justice Coburn, Fred Slowert,
noto her progress as she appears in CBlor "Odmb, ueorgo and Will Gra-
publlo from year to year. I bonljorst, Joseph Imper, Eugene nnd
Miss Lillian 8toge camo next on,charlio Orabonhorat. Christ Mumm,
Ltho program, and tho moment sho uinrenco Houortsos'., and Clyde Ben-
came Into tho vlewof tho nudlenco;n,nsnor:
Xlw Hutchins work-.Was all mem
orlzed, playing her first sonata,
which waa loudly npplatidcd, and
n'ext somo poetical studies from Hab
erbler. Next came Rubeusteln'3
wonderful Kamonnol Ostrow, which
was tho mastorpicco of the ovenlng,
and revealed Miss Hutchins
as rv
aaatchlcB player for her age, In
tvid, If sho were tho product of somo
fttnl European master sho would bo
heralded as a wondor. Her closing
jkreo numbers from Chopin wore ab-
eMtely Jjorfoct if perfection can bo
jfaeiied "by so young a player. Miss
Still 4 . '. .-. .
wnner has reason 10 do proua 01
likvlng brought out suobtn prodigy
t. ,4,i.. r..i ...
iuiHs tiuiciuiiu, ana is 10 ua com
pllmontod on tho E'jccesB of tho re
ntal In hor honor.
At tho Blind School.
The closing exorcises 0f tho
JlJInd $chool wero given by tho stu
dents Thursday ovonlng, assisted by
Mrs. Mornlo 'A. nug. Many of tho
relatives and friends of tho studonts
if ere present, and greatly appreciat
ed tho splendid work of tho pupil 1
The program given ya8 as follews:
Orchostrn Prince Charming
Tlano Mabel Rosonbaum
Song (a) Tho Miner's Song;
(b) Tho Blrd'B Noat
Primary PupIU
Clarionet Cnnzonetta. .John Foley
IJfcitatlon Guess Whut's In
My Pocket...". Zella Lomax
Recitation Burglar Bill. , . ,
- Mabel Rosonbaum
Tocnl Evon Bravest Henrt
thoro was an outburt of nnnlnuso
that would certainly convlnco ono fcCorklp.Canulcliacl Wrddlnr.
that sho Is a favorite with lovers of M,8S Kat0 Carmlohaol, only dnugh
m'.iBlc. Sho played tho Canzonottn'-'tor of Mr- John Cnrmlchael of this
by D'Ambrnsio, In a way that won
tho admlrntlon of ovoryono; thor
was no feeling of doubt nB to whotb
or sho Avould bo qual to tho techni
cal domnnds of th CnnzoneHta, for
this part of. hor work wnB accuracy
and sho plays, with moro tempera
ment and a muciv 'larger 'tone thnn
over before.
city, was married In Portland Inst
Tuesday to Mr. Jobbo McCorklo of
Portland. Tho ceremony took place
at tho Oregon hotel, and was per
formed by the pnstor of tho Episco
pal church of Portlond. Tho bride
was attended by Miss Nettlo Reddl
koff of Dallas, and Mr. Dan Fawk of
. I Portland was best man., A banquet
Christian Slcence.
First Church of Christ, Scientist,
440 Chomekotn street. Servlces:
Sunday' at 11 a. m. nnd 8 p. m.:
subject of lesson sermon, "God, tho
Only Cnraso nnd Creator." Sunday
school at 12:1G a. m. Tho Wednes
day ovenlng mooting Is held nt 8
p. m. Reading room In tho church
open each afternoon excopc Sundnv.
All aro cordially Invited to attend
tho services and tho reading room.
Yew Park.
Sunday school at 10 n. m.; preach
ing nt 11 a. m. and 8 p. m. by Evan
gelist Tatman. Public cordially In
vlted. J. H. Merryman, pastor.
Cornor Cottage and Chem3kcfn
' . '"T 1 1 -
Power a
Hand Pumps 3
For all kinds of TOl.
Bnrnv. . . '
' 'w, mi u
suction how, I
","r e v "v
Get tome cf our Gmto?
tin Pnlnt . .1. '
"" ",uv Wi:a or tfrik
roors. QwtiM A I
' U4 "W xflU k. Vaa Vik. 1 f,
1 98 State Street
Harry Munson very modestly ftt tho BOn Allowed the cero-
camo upon the stage and created ft
sonsatlon by his playing of tho ma
zurka do Concort, by 'Musln. This)
mony. Tho guests were: Mr. John
Carmlchnel, Mr. and Mrs. Bent
Jones, nnd Mr, Elmer Roece of Sa-
numbor embraces vnrlqus kinds of e : ,? ,. V" RT,koff of Da'
technique and makes largo domnnds. !"8; va Fletcher of Lnfayetto, Or.;
upon tho flngor dexterity of tho ner- Mr nnd Mr8 M-A McCorkle, Mr.
former, such a pleco If not well ?"n . .M,8S Mont&omory ftni loins, weight in the lower part oi
played, falls flat with tho audlenco MT' A J' Ljmui " or Portland the body, tlint a woman's feminine
In this enso his clever work camo' After an extended wedding trip j onanism needs immediate Attention.
far from passing unnoticed, for y "' i,rouao'y n,no tnr nomoi iu nuvtwra uiuuuosure remeuy
Tho back is the mainspring: of
woman's organism. It quickly calls
attention to trouble by aching. It
tells, with other symptoms, such" as
nervousness, headache, pains in the
.. ln.l.tl o Hearing It .,. n8' "'' " - P.'t oom. yrafSff'SaS
William Bailor
Cfcorus Gather Yo Rostbiuls Tho rniioim onniintto ihmmi. n- Pnny,
OrcbeBtra..,, VIjIoii of Sleo1) gnnlzed by Mr. Gesner principally
?'no John Foley; for giving advanced pupils training
Toy Symphony Hnydn in onsomblo nlnylnc has taken n
Sophomore Class Bay.
Tho sophomores of the
Mrs. Will Young, of 0 Columbia
Ave., Rockland, Me., says:
' I was troubled for a long time with
dreadful backaches and a pain in my
World Is Sloping. Memle A. Hug Handnrd In thin locality. Tho num- Pa03 representing different,' I doctored untlll was dlsuraMd and
Piano Frank Sanders her by the Qulntotte was a fitting schools, ot. wore the principal' thought I would never get well. I rend
Chorus.. Soldier's Chorus (Faust.) c'lmnx to a program of such ex-- Mature. At noon two sophomoro w,,at Lydla, E. Pinlcham's Vegetablo
Supt. and Mrs. E. T. Mooros haro crllonco and It Is to bo hoped that son whloh had been composed by gUdlo trj itafteMautehwS
had charge of tho nllnd Institute this combination will appear oftenor members 0f tho class were sung. Ati bottles I can trulv sav that I never felt
Violin ..William Bailor prominent . part with musicians ns,8cho1 celebrated Friday as tholr
Vocal (a) Crossing to j nn organization, and hntt done ' class day. At tho morning assembly
Dreamland, (b) Tho Silent great deal towards elovatintr the members of tho class as Hvlns
When You Are Dry
A puro and wholesomo beveraga that Is wA& la ill lb
of Western Oregon and Northern California.
Made of the Choicest Malt and i
Grown in Marion County
fado of Filtered Water and strictly la ccrdate ?3 l
Puro Food Law Salem Beer Is the best mild beTer:jefiJj
Mado by scientific processes and gusrantwd pore nl I
No adulteration. No drugs or chemicals and BBiblUI
poroot sanitary conditions. Address all orders to
Salem Brewery Associaft
since lnet Septomber and hnvo ctfrod during tho coming year.
3:30 the, class served punch to the so wellln my life."
for 37 nunU They hnvo added ono1 MUs Nina "Bushnell presided at whole school, and In the evonlng a j Mrs. Augustus Lyon, of East Earl,
in., wmes 10 jirs. I'uiKwun:
"I had very severe bncUachea, and
pressing-down pa,ins. I could not sleep,
and had no nppotite. Lydla E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound cured rae
and made mo feel like a new woman."
For thirty years Lydift E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound, made
from roots and herbs, has been the
stnndaftl remedy for female ills,
and has positively cured thousands ol
women who have been troubled wjth
displacements, inflammation, ulcers
tion, fibroid tumors, irregularities,
priodio pains, backache, that bear-
iRg-aown ieeungt flatulency, indhjea-
aew Industry, carpet weaving ,and tho piano, and upon this, na upon c,as.8 Part' wb held nt the school.
two boys hnvo finished many ynrds other occasions, proved herself to be
of beautiful rng carpet. Besides a clevor pianist. " i Cfoslng Piano Recitals,
about 40 hammocks bnvo been mndo, I j Tho closing piano recitals of the
4$ chairs canod, nt 50 cents each, tho ' Freshman Class Jolly-Up. Western Conservatory of Mjuslc will
atudents doing tho work receiving Tho freihman class of the high ba glvon Jn tho auditorium of tho!
xno pay, ana nuout 1&0 nasKots or school held a "Jolly-up" Thur3dny tlPl Christian church, Tuesday,
all kinds mado, from the flnost 1ml- :lght, which was attended by nearly June 16 Friday, Juno 19, at 8 p.
tatlon of Indian work ' serviceable all the members of that class an-1 m T.ho Public is cordially Invited to
basketB for dally use. Tho gtrla do nlso tho faculty. They met at the attend. Frank B. Churchill, Inter-.
Mwlng, knitting and ' crochettlng, high school at 6:30 o'clock where 8tat0 teacher.
Besides glvlagr their prsopal time a dollghtful luncheon was servetl by
aaet attention to the atudents, Mr. the Freshman alrls. Thv nAVf OASTORlAi
They next
and Mrs. Moor, have aasisted In went to tho City Square, where mim- 8MT,tfc9 -Vm w &
tbe teaching. The other teachers aro orous games were played, and class, " wSJ&57
etreeta. ' Servlco nt 10:30. Preach
ing by the minister, Rev. Paul S.
Bnndy. Sunday school and Bibi
class at 11: 4, Immediately after th
morning service.
TNrtif 'mlrlBtIOHa,.
At tho morning syorstslp srvic.vj
10:30. will occur tho Baccalaureate
Bormon for the high eenooi. oi
school, 12 m., Bpeclnl aorvlces. Even
lnc worshln Bervlco, 8 o'clock, Dr.
J. E. Walker of China will speak
1 IpHnf
1 ImBh
' The bov cai'V"
Torr. " .,
. llna1
brlCK " :. ,jn
a. -
Can be obtained from our prim,
tender aad juicy beef, mutton
nprk. AU our raw ;
from the choicest, and ,prparea 10 ,
the Uble to suit tb- deiaa""' 0l "
fastidious. Our prices are ior ,
quality than you eaa una -place
la Balera,
K. C. C K O M ,
tiaMntwrTWptwJU4rie.i'- H
v vJzv
..aUOHK w
1" iSsV
. uAofe .A-Ut

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