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Use A.
Wick Blue Flame Oil Cook-Stove
Because it's clean.
Becauseit's econom
ical. Because it Baves
Because it gives best
cooking results.
Because its flame
can be regulated
Because it will not overheat your kitchen.
Because it is better than the coal Or wood stove.
Because it is the perfected oil stove.
For other reasons see stove at yout dealer,
or write our nearest, agency.
Made in three sizes and fully warranted.
QjfCSSii JLtQfTip for ?U bright'wd
gr steady light, simple construction
mm and absolute safety. Equipped
with latest Improved burner. Made of brass throughout
and beautifully nickeled. An ornament to any room,
whether library, dining-room, parlor or bedroom! Every
lamp warranted. Writo to our nearest agency if not at
your dealer's.
Hi ' . " 11
' ! '
should bo borne .ln niliul lint nvng motley Is tho"fltart towerds
wealth Eory" man ' '" ."',' ..f
get rich, but ovurynuo can save something. No inattor how
Kinall your Income may he, If you make up your mind to lay up n
part of your earning every woek, It may
ami (lion rain jmmo moro, hut wjtli a HiniBrJttlu sum, to your
credit lit thu ImnKJTyou caa laugh atlianlj thmjs and JRipvorty.
Wlillo lit Htm of Prosperity iq i-.jjhilng In flio,tTiiio touavtf.for.tho
rainy tlnyH thataro " . .
bound to romo Wo ran help you save; our Savings Dopart
niont (loo the IniMti-'s-; $1.00 will start an arcooint. Start saving
Wo wire strictly In accordance with tho lat-st rule of tho hoard
of flro underwriters. Nlectrle repairing of all kinds. Extra
lights and swllnliex Installed at a roaouublo charge,
We Give a Parlor
Fixture FREE
will! all roRldonro wlilng. This o'cctrollcr will 1Q Mulshed In
bniHh brawn, oxydlzed, c.op'por or any oth .r finish you want-, qqulp
ped with either two or three lights, and hung In your parlor.
Our charges urn reasonable but couulstbnt with f Irat-cliiBi ,work
and tho high grade matdrlalH' required' by tho uudorwrltorsf Safo
wiring roducoa your Insurance iintl minimizes tho clangor of flro,
Electric Fixture & Supply Co.
245 N Liberty St. Phone 263
when you play It on one, of our in
struments, it is like rippling water,
tho limpid tones, will plonso you. Uut
what a difference y; you buy one, of
tho cheupor grades .made by, .'other
manufacturers! Wheat yoni buy nu
Inatrumpiit fj;oi usHi.wllbhavo a
real musical luatnulicfnt. ir yolijugt
not satlhtlod at any'tlmo after you
have mad j tho purchase, come in
and mo us and yo will make you sat-tailed-
bofojroi y.ou lonyo jhut's us
Coini In and soo our now stock any
way. '-., '
A mud turtle farm, which will n
so bo devoted to tho raising of mush
rooms, gold-fish and, guinea. nigs, Is
tho latest vontttro of tiiolicnd, of ono
of tho IJlg western raliroads Pros
deut!l. 1. Miller, of thpfiTcaBO and
ErtBtorn Illinois, Is tho.intm who has
hit upon this novel form of diversi
fied farming nH a rellof from business
cares, and ho Intends lucldontlally
to show tl o fanners of tho grain
bolt that 200 acres or torrnplns and
guinea plgo will pny-bJKEor -dividends
than Oven eighty tout corn. The
rarm Is located at Harrington, u iiuU-.
urb'tfr Chicago, and Is a tract f
rolling timbered land. Numorouo In
goonu mid roads are '"being dug at
Various points on tho property and
ait elaborate 'Bystom' or Irrigating
ditches will bo established. Tho
guinea pig yards will cover several
acres and will bo tho 'lnrgCBt, It Is
expected, In tho country. Tho mush
rooms will bo allowed to grow wild
wherover they wlIMn marshy spots
and damp nooks In to woods. Wltn
the starting of tho farm comes to
light Borne Interesting facts about a
flttlo known Industry. It Is estimat
ed that overlO.OOO turtleo aro cou-
sunied annually In Chlcngo restaur-
a ut i j. Some or them aro terrapin, but
tho greater pari aro mud turtles, soft
shell and "snappers." Tho demand
for mushrooms 1b eiiormonis and sev
eral hit nd rod men and women' mnke
a business during tu mimmor aim
rail of scouring tho woods along the
"north Bhoro" and gathering the
wild varieties that grow there. Others
make a living runt'lng frogs to sup
ply the big hotels and tho growing
or Helglau hares for market Is now
an established Industry.
t V 7"
" m i ii w
jC -y
I jv i r S i
J? .-HZrttfl
i i t AI (y.l' A
price: range
&20 TO 40
Kodol is thu best. known prepara
tion that Is oltered to tho people to
day Tor dyspopsla or indigestion or
any stomach .trouble. Ivodol digests
all roods. It Is plcsnut to take. It
Ih Bold hero by all druggists.
'fjie Kiilser'H Heine In CoJ-fu.
The Villa Achlllelou In Corfu, de
serted la yenrs before hor death by
Its former owner, the into HmprcsH
of Austria, and now In tho possciv
h'oii of tho OorinUu Hmperor, Is well
ndnptcd to tho Ideal lire, ir not, It
ought to be, considering that al
though the Kaiser bought It for
$200,000 only, It Is said tho (import
ha cost tho impress who created It
at the very least $10,000,000.
The villa oeuples ttio summit or a
rock that overlooks tho sea, ami Is
Hiirroiiidod by a peristyle of a doz
en iniirliH columns, ai tlio imso oi
each or which there, stands a piece or
ancient Btatuary. Indoors u nias
s've Btalrcdso gives accoss to tho pri
vate reception rooms, or which, all
it old, the palnco' boasts no loss than
128. There aro, besides, an up-to-date
gymnasium, a bathroom having
lu Its center a white marble basin
let Into the Moor, and a llyzantlue
chapel rich lu treasures from old
Keaport cltlea or the Mediterranean.
Upon the terrace, bushes to tho
number or 25,000 bloom with rosos
or all kinds ithnt .owing to the eqift
hie climate, llowor constantly and
ptnfinne the air. Heyond this rose
Junglo thoro lies 'tho pnrk with Afri
can pulius, tropical shrubs, and na
tive trcos. Here, too, Ih a diminutive.
Greek temple; and again, upon do
sceiidlug by a narrow staircase- to
tlio ww, the visitor will find, perched
on it lie rock, another and yet smaller
temple havliiK a monument to Holno
tho fnvorlto poet or the lato Em
press, Shortly botoro her death, tho Bui
press, falling to secure a purchaser
for Achlllelou, caused It to bo dis
mantled of her .personal treasures,
and these conyoyed to tho castlo of
LiiIiik. Since, bo camo into post.es
slon the Kaiser has effected vonsldor
able alterations and ndltlons. The
pilvnto nimrtmcutH of the Imperial
family have been.ontlrQiy ronovatod
lu the Rmplro stylo. To presorvo
aymotery thoro has boon built for t!e
accommodntlon of tlio sulto an an
nex with additional rooms for tho
idqjnciitlca. An' artoRlnn well sunk
ty no Pai'K suppiiuji gooti uriuKiiiK
wfUQr. uarngp ami uarracKs nave
njso siirung 'into" existence with tho
now reglmo, Harper's Weekly.
mid promotln , kii iCUuik
for the
will lind
ivstein for
tlio ordeal
noun , kii awinun
child. :x)Vctni
It a i rlcclcssHuiJri
or buby'n cemlnt
Kurslng Mothers and
Orcr-burdcued Womcii
In all stations of llfo, whoso vigor and
Vitality may have been undermined and
.broken -down by over -work, exacting
octal duties, the toq frequent boarlnir ol
rhlldran, or other causes, will find In L)r
Plerco's toivorlto Prescription tho mosl
potont, Invigorating restoratlVo stronuth
glycr over duvlsod for their special bono
fit. Nurslmrftnotliors vrRflnu Itesnoch'il
y Valuable IKaiistalnlng Niiilr strength
ira too
v n cemlmr and roTKUxluu
coinuaratlvulv nalnlcsi. lt
gun jtjjia.hngiiJn.niiy stitto. or condition
uLt he fojnii jo tywtein.
Uellciucj, Tifrvoiis, weak women, who
Biitror front frcuiiont headnohes, back
uche, drnKglnvr-uown dlattesa low down
Irt'tho iibdqineii, or from painful or Ineg
ulur monthly (icrlods, itiiawlug or dis
tressed si'ii.ntilluii In st'iiuuch, dizzy or
fuliit x polls, sue liiinklniiry ypeolis or Rpots
Heating before .oyoa, have dlBiigrooablo,
pelvic eatan-iiiil drain,, ptolnpsim, unle
version or ivtio Version or other dtaplnoo
oiu'dti of wi-i saiilv tli'Biilirt from weiiKiieM
bf (inns' will, whether they oxpt-rluuci
tnauy or onlv a few of the above syrup
turns, llud i i 'f and a peniiiineiitciiru by
uslnix falllifi iiy and fairly persistently
Ur. rlorre'K l iMirito rreerlntloii.
This world i imed sprolllc for woiiuui'i
weakness and pt-eullar ailments w a
pure glyceric rxjraot of tho choicest na
tlvo. iiicdlclnul roots without a drop ol
alcohol in Its maUu-iin. All Its luurrdl
ents printed In phitu LnglMion Its botth
wrapper and stunted under (mth. Dr
i'lerco thus Invites the fullest llio.stliw
lion of bis fr-nulfv kiiowng that It Vfll
be found to ouiiain only thu beta nuciit.
known to the most udvaiuvd uifillcki
icluucouf til! ttiodiiierentnelioolsof prac
tice for tlio cure of ucmiiiii'm puculU.'
weakuesse.s and ailment...
If you want lo Urmu moro about tlic
composition mid iiir)fo-iMUiiiiil eiului'he
uieutof the " Til voi Itu l'ie.ciipt.iiii "iiul
postul cuid nouest to Or, It. , IMerce,
liulTulo, N. Y., for lib) free bouklot treat
lim of MlllllU.
You can't uffortl to accept as a .siibstl
Uito for this mriiidy of Amiri ciiiiiii.i"r.
. wwrot no'lilitii '(' u'hwwn vmiii'u
Hon Mon't do H
(Jiitnrtli Caiiuot lie Curl.
'with local applications, us they
cannot reach tho seat of tho disease.
.Gtitnrrli is a blood or constitutional
dlsoateo, and lu order to euro it you
must take Intornal remedies. Hall's
Catarrh Curo is taken Internally, and
acts directly on tho blood and mu
cous surrnec8. Hall's Catarrh Curo
Is not a quack medicine. It was pre
siTlbe.d by ono of the host physicians
in thlft country for years and Ib a
regular prescription. It Is conuiosod
of tho best tonics known, combined
with tho host blood purifiers, acting
dr,Q;tly on tho mucmis surfaces. Tho
perfect combination of tho two In
gredients la what produces such
woudorriil results In curing Catarrh.
Send tor testimonials freo.
P. .1. Cheney &Co props.. Tole
do. Ok
Take Hall'a Family Pills for con
stipation. Bold by all itrugGtet, prlc,e 75c,
Notlco Is hereby given that the
common council or tho city or Sa
loui, Oregon, will at 8 o'clock p. m ,
on the 8th day or. June, 1008, at the
common council chambers in Salem,
Oregon, proceed to assess upon each
lot or part thereof or parcel of land
liable therefor Its proportionate
share of tho coal or Improving Com
mercial street In said city or Salem.
Oregon, between tho north line or
Trndo street and tho north line or
Center street In said city, In accord
ance with the (ilium and specula
tions on file lu the olllee or tho re
corder or said city.
All nersoim Inleroded In said
assessment nhall appear at said time
before said common council and lire
sent ob lections ir any they hnvo to
snld iiHsesPiiiont mid apply to said
common council for the privilege If
they so desire to make said Improve
ment In lieu of their nNHCHmiout.
Done by order common council
this 1st dny of .lime, IPOS.
C-2-3t. City Hecordor.
nr. ii.. s? II") KinJ You ILmh Alwais BougM
Summer Ri
MlfiunOr roui
- . " "" ""-'IS"" eoiist. Tti o.iJ ,"
aro unexcoi.e, ttnywlii-po- Miles of (ho finoit 2t&t l
lain acenery tnnd trout strennm mnir. . .W.:!.
W P, on Ynijulna Hay, , tt, .r
?.. w.u uruunn 0(mstt Thofl,.":muj
tnoto of all. UoloXv aro tho lej
Who was cleaned out by tlio fro tast a,.,
iiuun u&utu uu u larger extent limn .. ' llfi cm r i . 1
all old customers and Bn V ,irt '
Fresh eggs, vegetables, and all tiznCZ. ". to w I
Biimnior peopio nood. My now croeorv Z'?- Eitnai.9
coin county. Free delivery. S Cr fi,0re th JJJJf,
LEE W. WatUHS, faJ
Dr. Stone's
Drug Store
The only cash drug storo lu Oro
gon, owes no ono, and no opo owes
It; carries largo stock; Its eholvos,
counters and show cases are loaded
with dungs, medicines, notions, toilet
articles, wluog and liquors of all
kinds for medicinal purposos. Dr.
Stouo ,ls a regular graduato In med
Iclno, and has had many yours of ex
perience in tho practice. Consulta
tions aro freo. Proscriptions aro
freo, and only regular prices for
medicine. Dr. Stono can bo found
at his drug storo, Salem, Or., from
f In tho morning until 9 at night.
A Fresh Comnlexion
f ....! in.l tirnflnrrtlhv
ft Kobertinc, a mild, delightful
1 preparation, ueucaiciy iragwii.
l.nrBltAa nVA onftf.nmnrA fflllS(l
f.w wm-ArvnMt rffliri3 fhft MZC Ol
. duce mtkniirution and spreads an even,
naianigiowaueio yviioicbohio uuuiuir
meat of akin glands and stimulation oi
tno capillaries wnicn sno iccu n.
ak?n ntul minnlv Its healthful color.
Ask jour Druggtitftr a Jrtt tampit ej
i-frHH- 10)8181 -r-H-.HPUir:
Yo Will NeedFm7
Wo can supply vo. with nvni-M,i.. i- .. uvu
froBh butter and vegetables of n iinif. 8f l': uttJ
Nye Heach and one at Newport. Vn,, '"IV T? imtSk
llvory. n nium. vri
""I lCJ I
tm i m 1 9 tfa4Ji)I"i "RoaH Xn
- - ' - ' ,rTTTIHm
Kooms and board. Rooms with freo mo nf . (l
Inclwdlng dishoj and wood. Half way to vtS4 l!t
tho "cean. -riates reasonable. ' W4 W
. W. C. COOK, iw v.
' '" m,i
hunt, hrl.li .i
Board fntaiitN. ShT
tween Newport i iu
Plln 1,m!aJ ... ' "T".!
.r..-l... w,rw.!
On JunolBt thp Southern Pacific!
company will plnco on salo at Salcrti
oxcurBlon tlckots to Nownort and ro- In Soa VUw Mortt ,
turn. In addition to tho usual tick-' c,0, 'bswh. Prlcnim
..i i t .1 n .. iTerins rtasooiblt Ijda
,.,,.1 , .I llnfcnfa ,MI . ' 1.1 n LJVl.m
v"" -"' -.- ..... mU DU.u w loaayiou. CbUtffl(H,Sfl
atniniay morniugi, gooa to rdui.
following Monday, at the tow rate oi
yj for the round trip. This affords
nu oxcHlleut oppprtunlty to spcnl
Sunday ut tho beach. Tho rhododon
drons aro now In' bloom, and tho
weather nt Newport Is dollBhtftt A
you uro not roady to go for an ex
tended sliiy, don't mlas this clmnco
for nu outing.
Prior to Juno 1st, excursion tick
ets, lo Ymiulun only will bo on sale,
on Wednesday and Saturday, nt $4.60
from Snloiu. t .(4nn v
J. M. SCOTT,. (1: l. A. S. I CO.
A. 0. i'..A.. S. 1 CO. tf.
. rO
Notice or Ilulldlng Proposjils,
Sealed proposals will bo iccolved
until Thursday noon, June 4th, at
tho olllee or the secretary or tho
board or trustees or Oregon School
for Deal' Mutes, J. II. Ackvrman,
superintendent or public instruction,
for tho construction of n porch and
enlargement of tho main (lining
room and -for tho construction of au
extension of the present brick holl
er house. Tor use or the laundry
I'Imiih and spaoltlcntloiiB may bo seen
at tho clllco of PiiKh & LegK nrclil
toctH., und any further Information
may ho had from tho superintendent,
13, S. Tllllnghnst. B-20-Ct.
Gold Dtist Flout
"Made by THB Si'DNKV 10W
1?U COMPAQ'. Sidney, C.
...... m...li. ru fillilUV im'
(till, ...w ... w
Dir .(i.i fn-nroi for It. Hr"n
41111I fchorts always on baud.
P. B. Wallace
When you 56 to KeipwU
Bain's Hack SDn(
gives special atteatloa ta t
rins baggage and cup oris
nisueii and nciarclutl
wood and hay for ult
dors at Data's Iiiltrr, .l
Xewport, Orojoa. ft
Slmond Lwdtcn U 1
LaunchO) ir.d C kU4l
for rent tear
any part of the bij.
trains at aat tlsi tl
ronucsL MhuM
nort. Ore. V
A. J. Raders CamptS
Horo you ilU Hsi W
auntie tanks, mi lott'l
tinn nnri furnished tu'J 1
NyeCrccfc. A. J. ruler
Newport, urcgon.
Mrlnall Hon- A.:
irnnrletor Y'KV
in,ii.m moJenr n
cooking, LoatM-V
Newport, Orfjos.
LTn fcti
T Ii; rw .rji
" . ... ( siw"
Wh-Q ,,mVfho carefol VT
t Wo arc, Pleasing the tuo P
LirtwiiAt work and sU"
Tel. 25
.. vn Iiml. GridcUe C M
- . "'A-JakLIHi?,'imMaMkm

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