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Graduating Exercises of the Salem High School Clai of 1
splendid lrogram-Address by Prasident Kerr of 0. A. C-Silver Cup Presented by the Governor
Largest Percentage of Students Re
mained Loyal To Their Four Years
Course Banks of Roses and Many
Expressions of Appreciation From
With their asncmbly hall beautifully decorated, with tholr tnt hM.
Mil championship banner flung on high, with music and song and bril
Hint recitations, the class of 1908 closed its high school career in a
&!zo of glory Friday night.
City Superintendent Powers showed that the class had broken nM
records for completing their forar yrnr course, and he wn: cheered for
lliiplendid tribute to the class, and to the public schools of, this city.
FOKerr, is unu ui vnq meu-oi wnora tnis.city reels proud. .IIe has made
toed and has become one of the recognized educational Traders- of th!?
Toere was a fine -surprise in store for all at the conclusion vhen Gov-
rcor Chamberlain through Secretary Starr, of the normal school boar.l
if regents, presented the baseball champions with a large silver cup as
t token of IiIb appreciation.
At the conclusion of the cxorcldos tho entire class and Prof. Powers
ltd his faculty were heartily congratulated by the hundreds of admlr-
!lir friends present.
Graduation cxr-rclBOB were held
it the high school assembly at 8:30.
There wns music by the High school
orchestra, prayer by Rev. Babcock,
ul then followed the main address
clthe evening by President Kerr of
tic Agricultural college,
Mr, Kerr showed up tho value and
Motility of industrial education.
He showed that it was no more dif
ficult for boya .and girU to learn
practical and useful things than it
j to learn much of tho matters
tow taught. Room could bo made
'or manual training, Industrial and
domestic science and not reduce tho
tuentlalB of mathematics and other
Klences now taught. Room could
b made by cutting out non-esscn-t'i'i
and substituting a more prac
tical course in mechanic nrts, agri
culture and domestic arts. It was m
taportant to train girls In tho enro
t( the home and of children ns It
i to teach boyB how to ratio crops
ud breed fine grades of cattlo.
Mr. Kerr'B addross was receivod
lth the great03t keennea of interest.
Mm and women were needed in tho
orld today who could do things.
That wng tho burden of 1i!b plea,
that tho schools give tho best possi
ble preparation to all classes to fit
Htm for tho greatest usefulness in
tltlr respective spheres of activity.
He was given hearty applause at
'he conclusion, lasting several mln-
Thh sbject of Industrial educa
tion is vp-j- c'oee to the heart of
f,tjr Sunerlntendcnt Powers, who
' slven It a great deal of thought
wd g very anxious to see Eome
(form cf manual training Introduced
MInton, Winona Savage, Royal Nilea,
William PerklnB, Aletha Moores,
Roso Hogg, Aurolla Beck, Walter
St. Pierre, Joy Turner, Leo Walton,
Ednn White, Fred PaulUB, Francis
Lambert, Lauronce Kccnc, Clara
Hardwick, Albert Lafky, Delpha
Moore, Ethel Thomas, Francis Smith,
Leona Graham, Floyd Utter, Alvls
Powers. Geo. Watson, Orpha Bell,
Susie Watson, Allco Palmer, Erblno
Newman, Ruth Plank, Hortensc Ep
pley, Laurence Hofer, Marguerite
Klein, Hnla Bradford, Delbort Bin
ton, Carrie Prince, Luclle Chase,
Grover Powers, Nellio Sykcs.
There was an unusual display ot
flowers. Tho class of 42 students
who wero graduated wero Bhowered
with flowers by their three hundred
fellow-students of tho High school,
as well riB by their parents and
friendB. Tho result can be Imagined
Tho stage was piled knee deep with
fldwers, tho most beautiful roses,
peonies and heliotrope. There wero
at a low estimate 2000 bouquets,
some ns largo as
Tho young ladles
clais were named
a bushel basket.
of the Junior
to distribute the
Profited Governor's Cup.
C. L. Starr paid a high tribute to
the work of the Salem High school
under Superintendent J. M. Powern.
He was very happy in his remark
for the baseball team, In presenting
a silver cup.
Larry Keono wob given a great
ovation as he stepped forward and
accepted the cup on behalf of tho
Tho cup wni a present from Gov
ernor Ohomboxlain and was a beau
After a sonc bv Mr?. Hue. for,,... n ,.i At ifr?o kIzo thn.t
;aich s"e was recalled and Bang "I ! wUl b0 added to tj,e 0thr high
""ii I Dwelt in.MarVe lin s."
,a"e wR, a recitation by Miss Win
a Savpge. it was a burlesque on
tlle c ass play that wns very much
'PPreclated. The reading was a very
fflcult one and she was loudly ap
landed, Superintendent Powers delivered
a adfigs, on behaIf of t!ie ciaS9
ht as rr'jch appreciated. Out of
wh,i fifr.fl four years ago 12
We'o graduated last night. Thl3
as a vrv largo per centnge o
!"P U gather so lone. Miss Savage
s it first president. Tlie clais
P-d'iced some of the best ran-
,!'an End debaters, and the cham-
pn ba.fball twirler of the whole
ate of Oregon.
Deb rt Rni-Mtt nlnvml Irnm.
foae P ' anJ 4I ,., .
""M md recalled.
Miss Edna White was presented
'n p "cho!ar?hip from Whitman
J-se. M?eg Ctara Hardwick with a
wnola ship at Willamette unlver-
V, ani Miss Leona Graham with
'tno'arshlp ct Albany college
neT were presented with these
JJioiarship? and the class its dl
POQas by retiring Chairman Croisan
01 toe board.
The Class of 1808.
,4 Fisher, Carl Gabrlel&on.
u,uche LiBton, Jennie Fry, Albert
school trophies
The fate of the
breakfast is decided
by the quality of
the Coffee.
.1 1 rnirralC
makes breakfast the begin-
ning or a cnccnui u.
Aroma-tight tins save all
the fragrance and strength.
Sold on merit. No prizes
No coupons No crockery.
J. A- Folger (B Co.,
Sar Trm.nclca
Clasn Poem, Snlcnj HIrIi School, J008.
(By Wm. H. Perkins.)
Oh,, time; stay yot a moment, In thy flight,
Nor hasten on tho coming flood of years
Till wo who stand expectant on the shore
Looking with eager eyes to pierce the mists
That shut trom view the sorrow3 and the Joys
That shall bo ours In measure full and deep
May once again clasp hand and vow anew
To keep the fires of friendship ever bright,
To quit U3 worthy of our mentors' love,
To trim our sails, no matter where tho winds,
The ebb and flow of Btrong, rslitless tides
May dash our barks, that when tho cnll fs made '
And wo our homo wnrd nennants holnf ninf
The self-same port may meek whera shines the 'Light,
- . .ww M4IIVU ...a W. .i: lit. 1111
Wherq g,!
And 8rys,
V 'ft
sailed, well' done, re?t here for nve."
Hnply, there may bo times when, weak and faint,
The rudder from Borne nervelesi hand may Blip;
Oh, weary, heartsick, one' mny sink him down
In sl'imber, while tho fateful, sullen tldo
Shall carry him to unknown, stngnnnt seas
Where black oblivion reign;, 'supremo and, lone.
But bark, a cheer! a shout off courage deep
That rings In lUtlcss cars; nnd firm, strong hands
Shall reach them forth, nnd he who slumbers deep
Shnll wuko to find true friends who know him best
Eager to set him on 'his course onco more
And side by side, guide safely into port.
Oh, friendship! When the singing heart is young A
When deep affection puts her tendrils forth
Renchlng for that which holds and nourishes
And meetq her kind on similar purpose bent,
0,'then It is the plants shall intertwlno ,
And bo ns one nnd no known human pow'r
Shall sever them, but they shall stronger grow;
The wlndB mny blow, their loaves bo scattered far,
Their flowerB fade, their fruit fall to the earth
Tho Btorms of winter strain their twined nrms-' '.
Yet staunch they stand, for In their Inmost hearts '
They know the qulck'nlng rnin nnd kindly sun
Shall come again, and they shall blossom forth '
BlesBlng tho pregnant earth wlht bounty free.
O, this friendship, Bncred, mystic word
That binds our hearts together by Its spell.
Comrades of mine, you of the storner sex,
Whoso mcttlo oft wns tried In school nnd field,
Gird well. yourselves agnlnst the coming dny
When we shall wrest from fnto bur lawful due.
Full well I know your courage deep nnd strong,
Full well I know tho world will better be
Thnt you have lived and striven through your day
And earned from tlmo its meed of honest praise.
And you of fairer mould, what,.fthall I cay
To you, who merit all the wraith of lovo
That shall bo yoprs so lonR'.ns lifo shall last.
Yours was the quiet, gentlo influenco
That conquorod our half-savrlge, wilful hearts
And mndo us what we aro, not perfect, nay,
Perfection is a word that nono but Eve
Or her fair daughters may with justness wear,
But wo aro vastly hotter than we wero
When first our hnlting steps tho threshold passed
That led ub hero, blessed by ycjr presence Bwcet.'
O, happy mothers of the world to bo
Full earnestly wo wlsli you all the Joy
That life can give. 0, may your lives be sweet,
Your daughters virtuous,, your sons all brave;
May all your fondest hopes bo fully met '
And all your days be full of lovo and peace.
And ono thoro was who staid with us a while
And mingled with us in our dally round;
Kindly of heart, full earnest In his tasks ''
Beloved by us, his clnssmnt03 and hU friends.
But God knows best; wo know not tho hour
When Ho shall say, "Stand forth, my chosen qne."
0, let us llvo that wo may stand erect
Nor fear tho kindly voice that bids us come.
Hall classmate, not farewell; Jn life's thick fray
Always and evor side by side we press;
The victory shall be ours; guard well tho day,
Our noblest efforts God will surely bless.
a Jiinlor-Senlor Class Banquet.
;The greatest social event in the
history of the Salem high school
was the banquet given byahe Junior
class to the graduating class of
18,03 last Wedneedny evening nt tho
high school building. Tho ban-quotters-woro
seated nt an early
hcur and with the numerous courses
which followed scarcely knew tho
tlrhe had passed until nenrly the
midnight hour, Tho hall was beaut
ifully decoratod with largo yellow
Paper popples mndo by tho Junior
girls. r These flowera on long green
stems together with a slnglo fern
leaf wero hung from tho coiling over
the tables with a very artistic effc5:.
Tho walls were also decorated in the
same manner. An orchestra hidden
behind n bank of palms furnished
music throughout tho evening and
as a final number solo was given
by MIsb OHvo McGec.
A number of speeches nnd toas'.s
wbro mndo during tho evening, two
n number ot out-of-town mu8lclitaiy
A flashlight of tho party wan tnkenf
auring tno evening,
ArthtiMVIieclcr WctldlRir.
The home of Mr. and Mrs. W. D$
Wheeler In North Salem presented a
very nttrnctlvo appearance ba ,l6tY
daughter, Annn'Fnyf w'bb united Jn
marriage to Carl a. Arthur. w
v Ferns and roses woro in ovtdenco
everywhere; tho arch Hinder which ,
' tlfc ceremony wbb performed was)'
mado of ferns studded with whits
roses and over-topped with a large
bell ot the same flower, Chinese
lanterns- furnished tho light, The.
young cotiplo atlonded by Erma Lla
not Cooper and Jessie Floyd Wheeler
took their place under the arch while
Miss Belle Coopor played the wed
ding niarch. The ceremony was per
formed by H. A. Dck, pastor ot the
United Evangelical church. Re
freshments wore served, after which
Mr. nnd Mrs. Arthur midst 'bl
especially good ones by Professor I wishes and Bhowcrs of rice left for
Thinks It Snvil His 1AU
Lester M. Nelson, of Naples.
Maine, sajB In n recent letter: "I
have used Dr. Klnr's New Phcovery
many years, for coughB -and colds,
and I think It saved my life. I
have found it a rellnblo remldy for
throat and lung comnlalnts, and
wou'd no moro lis without n hottlo
than I would be without food." For
nearly 40 yare Now Discovery ha
6tood at tho hoad of throat nnd lung
remed'os. As a preventive or pnou
Uncle Charley Miller gavo a vory
Interesting. talk on the good work
done by the grange In tho past,
which was greatly appreciated by nil,
Thtro wai also Interesting re
marks' made by SIsterB Pnrmor,
Slmw, Stratton and others.
After pnrtaklng of the fine re
past sproad out under the troos, the
rcincll adjourned until tho first
SnturJny in October to meet at
monla, and hoaler of weak lungs Jt Grange No 10 to help ddlcato tholr
has no equal. Sold unuer guarantee
at J. C. Perry's drug store. DOc nnd
J1.00. Trial bottlo frte.
new hall whifh they hope to have
complctd by that tlmo
Llun County Council.
"I titTa Warning CirU for Irmnl with .
wLlru lin L.n tfl UI t r !tr totalr Iu. '
Kcdl oiiitrtiiiti r(i b i.'ia m u.w
tilf tbin k i rr.ii r Lh- ft trUd i
ttikil r. lk i r r- " i a llif rn to IBf IrUuUt
Best For
The Bowels
A largo nd onthuslastlc crowd,
consisting of grangers and members
of Linn County Council mot at
Morning Star grange June Cth, with
Mr. Bodlno In the chair. Interesting
dlscusalones wore mado by merabeis
of th council Including Mr Cyris
Walker, Eugene Parmer, Thomn
Froman and others.
Questions under discussion were
one board of trustees for V. of O
and 0. A. C, thereby cutting out all
H ' duplication of. courses. And outun-
i Ing plans for the work in tno corning
too-iaintnrp T'non motion of Mrs.
Stratton Master A. v- J"nny wa b i u,,biei.u, wt.erOrtr in Mi
i en bearjty copgratuiniipns uoin uy tiB,rikBUUMgifrj .9rwurt..
members of tho council and Morningl guriiDcRereidyCo.,cbucocrM.y. sw
Sar grange on the victory he had ANNUALSALE, TEH MILLION I0XES
won. In the late election
I '
r Hw jw ineooweia .a
Mnrlntto and Mies Edna Pearl Luck
oy. Tho serving wns done by bIx
prptty sophmoro girls assisted by
six sophmore boys." The Sonlor clns1
flower, the white Marguerite, was
"worn by ench of tho ten-era and tho
senior class colors woro In ovldonco
In sovernl of tho courses sorved. The
toasts were drunk with grnpo Julco.
Miss Francoa Pohle noting nB tocst
LflUy-Dcnlton Wedding.
Tho mnrriago of Miss Daisy Dcone
Denlson to Mr. Emll J. Lnlly took
plnco ThursJny ovonlng nt 7:30
o'clock at tho homo of tho bride's
pnrents, Mr. nnd Mrs. L. D. Denlson.
Rev. II. T. flabcock read tho sorvico
In tho prcaanco of relatives.
Tho room where the ceremony
i wns performed was beautifully dec
I orated. In " corner suspended
J from a canopy of pink rows nnd Ivy
Mas a protty floral boll of brides'
roses. Rotes artistically arranged
In vases were placed In nil avallnblo
places about the room , Tho dbnlng
room whero refreshments woro
served was decorated in pink nn.l
Tho bride, who Ib tho only daugh
jcof Mr. and Mrs. Denleon is well
known in this city, nnd very popular
among her frionds, Sho is n pro
inounccd brunette, and looked
charming in her wedding dress' ot
white silk mull, hnnd embroidered,
mado princess. Sho carried an arm
bouquet of brides' roses, Hor at
tendant, MIbh Bessie Lnlly, wore n
protty coitumo of whlto mull over
green. Her flowors woro whlto car
nntloni. '.The groom was attended
by Herbert NJtter.
MIbj Myrtle Knowland played tho
wedding music- from Lohongrln.
MIsb HosbIo Lnlly caught tho brldo'a
bouquet. 'Miss Harriet Eaton, nnd
Miss Lottie Lally assisted 'In serving.
The weddlpg glftB werp numerous,
nnd pretty;
Mr. Lnlly 1 n competent employe
In tho Wells-Fargo office of this city.
Mr. and Mr. Lnlly left amid n
shower ot roses, shoes and rlco on
tho night, train for Portland, and
win bo' nt home to their frlsndi
nftor July 1st, at 415 Court street.
Ifncojitlon n t HurrtM Htiirt Aradmiy.
A roceptlon was given yosterda"
afternoon In tho ball of Sacred
Heart academy In honor of Rev.
Father Mooros Feast dny, by tho pu
pils of tho sohool. A number of
musical numbers woro given and an
addross made by Florence Moore.
l'lniio lU-ritif! TiicMlay.
At the Christian church, Tuesdny
ovonlng1, June lGth, tho advanced
pupils of Frnnk E. Churchill will
give n recital for the benefit of tholr
frlondB. They will be assisted by
some of the best talent In the city.
The program will begin at 8:15,
and no admlsilon will bo charged.
Tho public is cordially JnvlUd to
attend. A piano recital will also
! be given at' the Christian ohureh on
Friday evening, June 13th.
fihli'twiilr,t Party. I
Tho shirtwaist dnne glren by
Messrs. GUI and Wal'aco 'at th
Armory, Monday night was attended
by about CO younc peop'e. The Ar
mory was attractively docorated with
flags and flowers. Music was turn
hhed by the Peerless orchestra, with
n short trip to Newportv They will
return and make their home In 8,
Tho gupta were: Mr. and MrsTwV
D. Wheeler, Mr, and-Mrs. T. J. Ar
thur, Mrs. L. F. Keith, grandmother
of tho bridegroom; John M. Keith
Miss Mollle Jackson, Mr. and Mr.
Frank Arthur, George Arthur, Mrs.
R. C. James and sons of Portlands
Mr. nnd Mrs. Frank Wheeler and
daughter- of Portland, William
Wheelor, Bessie Wheeler, Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Stanton and daughter,.
Mr. nnd Mrs. D. J. Mlllor of Macleay,
Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Edmundson or
Macleay, Rev. and Mr. 0. N. Ken
worthy, C. R. Welch of Portland, Mr.
and Mrs. W. M. Welch, Mr. and Mrs,
C. C. Burrough and Miss Vlton "
For MIkh DcnlKOn. "
Miss Carrie Dee gave a nilscellan
ccjs shower for MIbb Daly Denlson
on Wednesday afternoon. About 7"
of her friends wore present. An Im
promptu musical program was glVHtv
on the lawn, and later the guests
were called into the house, and the
glftB unwrapped, which consisted ot
protty pieces of linen and silver.
... i
Vive Hundred Parly.
Mrs. C. D. Oabrtolion, and Mts.
R. C. Bishop wro hostesses at fc
"rJOO' party on Wednesday after
noon nt thp homo of Mrs, tlltkop'.
Tho rooms woro artistic with ijtUH
titles of yollow roseH, nnd nsparaguH
fern. Pdzos wei'o won by Mrs. Ln
nn Westacott and Mrs, T. B, Kay.
Tho hostesses wero assisted by Mlw
Althca Moorcs, and Allno Thompso
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Wear Out
Dr. utiles' Anti-Pai
Pills reliovo pnin not
only onco, but as miuiy
times as it is necessary to
take them. Many persona
who suffer from nhronic
ailments find in 'hem r
Hourco of great relief from
tho suffering which thoy
would otherwise ho com
pelled to endure. Their
soothing influence upon
tho nerves strengthen
rather than weaken thoin.
Por this reason they hoI
Uom loso their effective
ness. "I nrn 62 year old nnd hht nufffil
for 42 years trom norvoua trutle.
rtieunmUm nnd nourn)lu, jMilpitatlon
or the heart, Rh)rtnu4 of broaili.
f-r.kn, and pain around the
heart. Th Dr. MUM Anll-J'uln l'lIU
havu bctn it lilonoinjf to me. 1 don't
know what 1 attuuld do without Uiwn.
nnd tlmy aro the only rnitily I hav
ever ut-d thut either did not weor
out In low tltn tiwn I tuivo been u
Inc them, or l tho Injurl.mn r.ult
wcrt ench ttiHt ! vrut'ld Ui olUgtH to
ctu their um."
UltH. r ilODINBON.
27 Carter fit . CliattanooKti, Turin.
Dr.. Mile' AnU-Pln Pill are told by
rour drugoltt. who will guarantee that
he firtt pcKane wUI benefit If It
fall, he will return your men.
2S doie. V cent. Never told In bulk.
Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, liui

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