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Wiw MHL1
t Tjl Biliousness,
KJU,lj A tV Ayer,8 pills
, rfe. thmtau II "3,.
,f m7 octrasiln. Don t forget.
escrvntlvcu and Processes In the
unitcu states.
(Continued .from Yesterday.)
he of each, pt.thoso. . Processes have
ecn dovoloped which Involvo tho
improsBlon and expansion of the
Mr In the wood structure to expet
srne of tho expensive creosote, leav
ic only a film along tho cell walla
ho amount of oil loft In tho tlmbor
reduced, and In cpnsequonco the
lost of tho trcatmont as well. In
Ithcr cnBco znc chlorld and .creosote
ire mixed togothor and Injected into
io tlmbor In tho form of anomul-
Ion, tho object being to reduco tho
lost of tho treatment and to prevent
ho zinc chlorld from leaching out
t the tlmbor. Somotlmpa tho tlm-
ler Is Impregnated with zinc chlor-
1, and only a narrow outer layer is
filled with creosote; of again, glue
Ind tannin are employed In tho of-
lort to plug up tho outor wood colh
bd so keep tho salt in tho Intorlor.
rho Saving in Dollars nnd Cents,
No procoss to prosorvo tlmbor
can como Into uso unless It Is cer-
taln that tho outlay for tho treat-
lent will bo moro than offsot by tho
tongcr sorvlco of tho treated tlmbor. ,
It is uuucuii iu give u (juuciui u.v
amplo of tho saving effected by .
treating cortaln tlmbora with pre-
iervntlvcfl, slnco it depends 'so,
largely upon locnl conditions nnd tho
class of tlmbor. Tho following ex
amples of tho saving which under
tertaln clrcumstnncoo can bo ef
fected by proper prcsorvatlvo treat
ment nro ,howovor, typical, although
I hey may not apply to othor local
tics and to othor kinds of tlmbor
dthout 8omo modificatien:
An untreated loblolly plno fenco
lost coats about 8 cents, or, Inclini
ng tho cost of sotting, 14 conts. It3
length of llfo In this condition Is
Ibotit two years. Compounding in-
t'reat nt C por cont, tho nnnuul
Ihargo on such n post Is 7.53 conts
-that Is, It costs 7.53 conts a year
keep such n post In sorvlco. It
liven n prcsorvatlvo trontmont,
rhlch costs about 10 conts, the
pngth of llfo of tho post Is Incrensod
about 18 years. The total cost of
Inch a post, set, Is thon 24 contj,
lilch, compounded nttho abovo In-
erest rnto, gives nn annual charge
f 2 04 conts ThUB tho saving duo
trontmont Is G.49 cents n year,
ssuurihg that thoro nro 200 posts
it mllo, there Is a saving ench year
or every mllo or leneo oi a sun
univalent to tho lntorest . on
Tho saving duo to trentlng rnll
oad tl?s Is also worthy of consp
iration. A loblolly plno tlo un
seated Is worth about 30 conts, nnd
h length of llfo In this condition
about fivo yenrs. To this flr3t
ffilio Kind Tor Hnvo Alwnys
in wso for ovor 30 years,
0 Bnd lins Deonmnuouiiucr m iur-
T gonal snporvislon since its Infancy.
iT&ccUi Aiinwiio -ono to deceive you in this.
ah n i T...uninna
Exporimonts that triilo with and endanger the health of
Inlimts nnd Children-Experience ngalnst Esiieriment.
What is CASTOR I A
Castorla is a harmless wibstltuto r fwtor Oij Pi.
jjorlc, Drops and Suotlibiff Syrupfc It rg
contains neither Opium, Morphia nor oor nrtot lo
substance. Tts ago is its guarantee. It dcrtross .onus
and allays rcvcrl.shncss. It cures Diarrhoea a idj
Colic. It relieves Teothlnff Troubles cures Co "-"PJ"0"
ud PIntuleney. It assimilates tho FooU, rc
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy ami natural Mt-tp.
Tho Children's Paimcea-Tho Mother's lrlend.
Be- the
The Kind You toe Always Bought
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T e.HTu ,-. TU
Aycr's Pills.
Ejsy to take.
.'yer's Pills.
-Jsy to take.
Jon't forge.
cost should bo added the cost of lay
ing, which Is about 20 cents. Tho
annual chargo figured as above Is
then 11.52 cents, if treated It will
last for about 12 years, its cost
of treatment 13 about 35 centB. A
troated tie In tho track, theroforo,
costg about 85 cents. Compounded
at 5 per. cent, as In the above px
ample, Its annual chargo is 9.48
conts. The saving per year Is there
fore 2.04 cents per tie. Assuming
2,8,80 ties per xullo qf track, tho
saying duo ,to , treatment alone
amounts to $58.75 per mile, which
corresponds to an Investment of
$1,175 per mile.
Assuming that tho cost of an un
treated oldfleld or loblolly pine
polo. Including hauling and sotting,
Is $5, and that It lasts Ave years
a fair estlmato for many portions of
the United Statos the annual
chargo, compounding Interest at 5
per cent, amounts to ILK, In other
words, It costs tho owner $1.15 a
year for ovory such pole In his lines.
This corresponds to a capltdl of $23
Invested at 5" por corit lntorest. or.
for a mllo of 40 poles, to 020.
Again, nssumlng that tho butt of
such a polo can bo treated for 1,
tho first cost of tho pole, set In
tho ground, Is $C. The treatment
may reasonably bo expected to so-
euro a sorvlco from tho polo of 20
years, Instead of fivo years when lun-
treated. TIuib, tho annual charge
uh mu ireaieu poio, wim mo snmo
rato of compound lntorest, Is only
,$0.48 por polo, which corresponds
to an Investment of ?9.C0j or 384
por mllo, as compared with tho $920
per mllo In tho othor caso. Thus
during tho llfo of tho troated polo
a yearly raving of tho Interest on
$530 will bo effected for every mile
of line.
It might be said thnt It Is not pos
itively proved that tho treated poles
will last 20 years, and. that It will
bo necessary to wait until tho polos
nro finally removed boforo tho
length of their service can bo deter
mined. A oufllclent answer to this
argument Is that treated poles need
to last only 1.0 years longor thnu
untreated poles In order to Justify
tho cost of treatment. Moreover,
there Is abundant ovldonco to show
tho long' llfo of crcosoted wood.
Evon In this country thoro nro many
examples of polos and othor tlmbots
crcosoted 20 and ovon 30 yenn
ago, which today nro apparently as
sound as when first sot In tho
ground. In Europe, whore wood
preservation is nn oiuor inuusiry,
tho results aro still moro markod.
Tliero havo .boon fnll'iros, but In ov-
cry Instance they can bo traced to
In competent or fraudulent work, ln
Mifliclent Impregnation, Improper
pregnntlon, Improper preparation of
tho timber, or somo similar cnuso.
What Wood Preservation Cnn'Do In
tho Future.
At tho presont rnto of consump
tion tho exhnustI6n of tho supply of
structural timbers In tho United
Bouglit, nnd whlcli lias been
lins lorno tho slgnuturo er:
nnd "Just-ns-irood" nro hut
Signature o
States is a thing of tho very near
future. Moreover, tho coat of fenco
posts Is an over Increasing burden?
upon tho farmer and Btockman. Iti
tho enso of structural timbers tele
phone polea will servo as an cx
amplo. Statistics gathered by tho
Forest Service show that In 1900
moro than 3,500,000 telephone and
telegraph poles wero out. This In
cludes only poles 20 feet and ovor In
length, and Ignores tho far greater
number of poles and posts of smaller
slzo3. Of tho poles cut. at least 40
por cent, or nearly 1,500,000 wore
olther of white cedar or of arbor
vltae. Under average forest conditions If
requires more than 190 years to
grow a 30-foot cedar polo. Tho av
erage llfo of such a pole, when sot
(n the ground In jts natural state,
does not exceed 15 years. In othor
words, in order to meot ovon the
present annual consumption there
must be nearly 13 trees growing In
tho forest for every 30-foot cedar
polo standing today. A study of tho
rates of growth and tho durability
of other kinds of wood used for oth
or purposesthis, mlno props, pil
ing otc. Bhows that tho consump
tion of structural tlmbor greatly ox
coeds Us production. Yet rollof can
bo had In prolonging the length of
sorvlco of tho timber now bolng
placed In position. Most of the
cross-ties placed In tho track today
must bo renewed within eight
years. But If their llfo can bo
lengthened to 15 years tho benefits
of tho preservative treatments nro
plain. It is oatlmnted that 150,
00 acres are required each year to
grow tlmbor for tho anthracite coat
mines nlone. Tho nvoraEO llfo of
an untreated mlno prop Is not moro
than threo years. By proper presov
vatlvo treatment It can bo prolonged
by mnny times this figure. Polos
which In ten or 12 yearB, or even
lots, decay so bndly at tho ground
lino that they havo to bo removed
can, by a simple trontmont of tholr
butts, bo mado to Inst 20 or 25
yenrs. The samo Is truo of fenco
ppsts nnd other timbers exposed to
direct contnet with tho soil. Sap
shingles, which nro almost valueless
In their nnturnl state, can bo osatly
trcntod and mado to outlast oven
painted shingles of tho most dc-cny-roslstant
woods. Thousands of
dollars aro lost overy year by the bo
callsd "bluing" of freshly sawed Bap
wood lumbor. This can ofton bo
prevented by propor trontmont and
at a cost so small as to put tho meth
od within tho reach of the smallest
operator. Millions of foot of In
sect nml flre-kllled tlmbor In tho
West are standing untouchod In tho
forest. Under presont conditions
this tlmbor Is not only msoless, but
is an netunl detriment to tho forest.
Much of this dead wood possesses
nil tho requirements of hlgh-grndo
structural timber, with tho single
exception of durability. Ofton whoro
dead timber Is most abundant thoro
is an nlmost completo nbsenco of the
naturally durable kinds of wood,
tlmbor for structural purpoies tlo?, .
mlno timbers, poloi, posts, otc.
nnst bo trapsportod long distnucos'
nt hoavy oxptnso, Tho, thorough ,
seasoning of several years has
strongthonod tho doad wood and put j
It In an excellent condition for
treatment. Fontnntoly, most of It
.. . ,,., ...i.i.i. 'in.. i...,., I
la ui ti iiiii iiivii ivuuiij uuauiuj'
tho liquid prosorvatlvoa, and so Is
we)l ndantpd. to biiccossful Impro-
nation, Therefore, expensive proi
sure plants nro, In most casos, un
necessary, nnd tho cost of erecting
nnd cneratlng a smnll open-tnnlc
tnatrint. Fortunatoly, most of It
tho Sfjth tho cheap nod ajhundanl
loblolly plno, ono of tho easlost of
all woods to treat, can by proper
preparation bo mado to tako tho
placo of tht hlgh-grado longleaf
pine far many purposei. Blnck, and
tupelo gums nnd other Ilttle-U3ed
woods .havo a now and Increasing
lmportnn0 bocnuse of the possibility
of preserving thorn from deony nt
small cost. In the Northeastern and
Lake Statos ate tamarack, homlock,
beech, birch, nnd maple, and tho red
and hlack oaks, all of which by
proper treatment may help to re
pine tho fast-dlmlnl'hlng white oak
and nednr. In the States of the
MlulHlppI valley tht prewlng fence-
.. .inm nmv be ereatlv ' r.-
ii i i... mnHnn. ennh Rnooioi n
cottonwood, willow, 'and olm.
Rirn In Iomi.
Our family were all born and
ralsod In Iowa, and have used Cham
berlain's Colic. Cholera and Dlar-
:?? ?imi;i.atiS5 ,nor.
13 from long expsrleno In tho use ot
iur vaia. iiv -. " " --- -:
tha n-ritdr'a Hfn was saved by the
In fact, wnen in m raiu, iA.,
prompt use ot this remedy. We are
now engaged In the mercantile busl-;
ness at Narccossee, Fla., and have
Introduced the remedy here. It nus
proven very successful and "Con
stantly growing in favor. Ennls
Bros.- This remeay is iur sc
Dr. Stone's drug store
Xv Notaries.
j W DeGraff. M. E. Fowler.
Portland; H. A, Sonne, Baker City.
FRIDAY, JUNE 10, 1008
ft . '
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Enqutro nt Journal oltico.
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Stock consisting of 40 hoad good
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wagons and Implements goos with
place, all for $40 por acre. Good
tortus may bo had.
15 AcrcH Located In tho famous
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cultivation, 3 acres orchard con
sisting of prunes, poars, apples
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strnwborrlcs. About 8 acros In
oats nnd vetch, balnnco pasture.
5-room houso nnd barn; price
20 Acres Located 0 mllos from
Salem, all undor cultivation ox
copt n Vt aero of timber. Soil, a
rich black loam, no gravel nor
whlto land on placo. A 20x26
Iioubo and n'now 24x32 barn, aldo
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432 Stato street.
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. """ "BW - ,
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wood Forostors, No, 10. Moeti
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ner State and Liberty street
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m, Oscar Johnson, O. O,; E. H
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n'l ll''ll in"ii" '!'' ?".". " , ," I .
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nna lltfffWui IhJ nU-kMiMOi" rri'i' t,
UuuiuDim rjpiv, JIolino. Wl j
A tin, taiu um fa mta utmmitim.
k...a.-i" .
ScU in Salem by Dr. S. C. S
Are Yob, in fte
MirkeM Some
iod Bays? "
375 acres 4 mites 'frdin SleA;
-good house and barn, 300 dcrea
in cultivation,. $,31t8J5.. v. ,j
20 acres at Fnultland, 12 acres fa
cultivation, balance timber at&(
pasturo, good spring, 5-rooM
housp, now barn, 2-acre apple
orchard whtcli nottcd idoo last
year. Price $2100.
Modorn 5-room cottage on Court
Blroot, ( city water, t Bewer, ettf.
Prlco $1000. . .
Farms For Any Purposo Art
number of-acres to buU, loek
ovor our lists before, buying,
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Salem Branch Yorox tiros. Co.
Balcm, Branch. Vcrcx..flrp;., Ce,
Grain, Stock, Dairy and Fruit Farm
Somo of tho very best In tb
015 Acres 340 undor cultivation
In crop, balanco tlmbor and goeel
pasturo, spring water all year. Aa
Ideal stock or dairy farm; well
fonced; good houso, 0 rooms, bars
and grannry; good orchard. ThU
b a snap, only 937 por acre; tul
Joining land hold at $40 to 969 .
por ncro.
Houses and It In all parts ot tk y
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nnd lots $000 and up. We malt
a specialty of closo-ln property.
Modern Hntitto i rooms, 3 bloekf ,. ,
of courthouse, only $2700.
871 HlMto St., In Ritofa Mnww Stew ) ',
I The vj
I WliRe llotiM Ritaiirwit
For a RcgnUr
1 25c Dinner at 20c I
Tbey crnt't be bt
' McGilclH-ist & Son
Ctll and try tfcML MW
16c. Board per Vert IJ.7I, 9
alto furnished rooa ft,
Cor Seventh nnd Stark H.
Partland's New and Modern f
Hotel. Rates $1 per day and
up. European plan. Tree Bus.
;! The Leonard;;
t First class rooming pnd ioard- J
f lug houso. A. Clark
prop'le- 1
I tor. Phono 971.
l.t or. j Prnn nr Balem. Or.
it 2C4 Front St.
l j w . " - m
i 4-m-hi

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