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What Women Need
somethlngto strengthen thedl
to tone the nervous system when it is depleted. ffsorSlni fi
A natural and sufTicicnt remedy for the weaknesses and derange
ments so common among women. A course of these pills Twill kK
congested conditions, dispel depression, act mildly Pon the bowe
stimulate the liver, increase the red corpuscles in the bloXanJ
strengthen the functions of the several organs. '
The Right Remedy
la boxes with lull dlrecUoaa. lOc and 25c.
(Pendleton Tribune)
That much of the depression that
or visited ranchers of. Umatilla
iiunty and businoss men of Pendle-
hn since It was reported that crops isldernbly
Jties of tho season's output. The
Journey covered from 75 to 100
ml es. Stops were made at Adams,
Cold Springs, Stage Gulch nnd other
places. Conditions varied somewhat
from place to place, though every-
wnuro mey wore round to bo con-
batter than was believed.
ould bo a failuro or practically sol "Almost everywhere 1 found. that
shown uy tuo resuus oi an inapec-.xno nends or tlio wheat were small, V
m of tho whent fields mado yester- rnld Mr. Temple, "it was this fact
bv by W. P. Temple of this city. His
inclusions, for from supporting tho
jesslmlstlc opinloitB of many who
not informed nt first hand,
how tnni ovon wuuout any moro
nln tho crop will bo of fair size.
hllc If rain occurs, n ono of normal
Proportion will result.
Without ram, rrom ao to 30 bush
s nn acre will be rootaed, whllo
iflth moisture from 25 to 40 bushels
nay bo anticipated.
Barley was also declared to bo In
good condition, running from
GO busncis per ncro.
largely that has given rise to the
belief that tho crop Is smaller than
u reauy is. Those who look for a
Bmall yield lose sight of UiOvfact
that whllo the heads of tho gran nre
that while tho heads of tho grain are
"The crop th's year may not be a
bumper affair but It certainly won't
b? a failure,"
Tho rtatemonts by Mr. Temple are
much tho samo as those made by
others who have familiarized them
selves personally with conditions.
lO.Thoso optimistic reports nre llkoly
to go far In reassuring many who
The trip was undertaken by Mr. have felt dubious over the yield.
reinnlo at tho request of a number That depression about this time of
pf ranchors and buslnosn men who, the year ordinarily nn annual
Muui'u iu kui u nuu uii uiu iiruutiuu- fviiu is punned uui. ocurcviy u
Grace De Koven
The World-Famons Medium, Consulting
Clairvoyant Specialist
Mental Scientist, Psychic Palmist
seajoi! goes by that grave fears for
the Bummer's business nre not enter
tained. To have n year free from
uoubts and misapprehensions would
be contrary to custom nnd ordinary
Can bo consulted at her offlce, No. 2 CO N. Liberty street
9 A. M. to 9 P. M., dally and Sunday. Phone 832 Main.
Hours from
(Dnker City Democrat.)
Tho wool gale yeste:-dny were
anything but fatlsfn,ctory to the ma
jority of the growers who had wool
for sale. Out of nearly 2,000,000
pounds offered not more than 500,
000 pounds were sold. Tho top
notch price went to Mr. Gale at 15
cents, his clip nmountlng to 10,270
pounds and the second highest price
wont to Mr. T. E. Maklnson for his
clip of 20,130 pounds at 14 . Tho
buyers claim they are offering all tho
wool 9 octually worth and are quite
disgusted with the growers for with
drawing the clips from the market.
They say this Is tho only wool mar
ket where wool growers don't hold
for sales day, and they complain that
n lot of tho best wool 1b sold at pri
vate sale before they get here that
Is above the market price, for tho
purpose of defeating the public buy
er nnd that when n fnlr mnrirpt
prVe Is offered on the floor which
Is below tho false price offered prl-!
vately, they aro put out nnd refused i
uiu unci, mis is nn uone witn n
view of breaking up tho wool sales I
day by tho buyer who exploits tho,
Ilakcr market. Somo wool growers
mny be benefitted by. getting a high-!
er once lor tno cup.
In tho work of yesterday there 's
this Information gained from the
buyers: That long wool Is in usual
demand and the scouring price of
long wool stnplo Is 15 cents higher
In Doston than Bhort or clothlnc
wool. This nccounts of hort wool I
bidding low yesterday, the rest Is i
a question of shrlnknge and bright-1
ne3. Wool men do not recognlzo
wiiuii inuir wuoi iu uui origin nnu nt-
tract've and has dirt enough to
bring up tho shrinkage how much
the prlco should bo off nnd theyi
wrongly refino fair bids. Many
Ornnt county people were offered n '
very low nrlco nnd were Inclined to '
think themselves objects of dls crlm-!
Inntlon. Thoso nre tho snme buyem I
they would moot In Shanlko and ,
there Is no reason for any dlscrlm
Innt'on between nhkor nnd Shanlko. '
In othor words this discrimination Ir I
Baker and glvo a square deal In
Shnnlko. f there was dlscrlmlna-
. tlon. Thoro scorned to bo much
'dissatisfaction with Ellory. from
Boston, who quit tho snlo before the
day was half over. The buyers say
to tho growers, go to Shanlko, with
tho avowed purposo of breaking up
the wool sales In Bnkcr City. Yes
terday qulto two-thirds of the wool
wns withdrawn from tho market,
and not moro than hnlf a million
pounds woro sold. Some of tho grow
ers claimed that buyers offered nil
tho wool was worth, and It wns not
good fnlth for tho growers to refuse.
This made the buyers mad and tho
dny turned out very unsntlifactoiy
Don't Fait igBgjJL W Graife
These' HBW Low Prices!
nmm iin Tfnvon'n nxtrnordlnnrv clairvoyant power, comoineu nuu
mnn Hfo with nnorrliiL' nppiirncv from In fancy. to old age. Her powers
aro wonderful and Indisputable: her advice is always reliable; her infor
matlon clear, concise and to tho point In love, courtship, marriage, ,ui
vorce. business, sales, mills, patent, Journeys, pons ons
taken as n wliolo. Mr, G. S. L. Smith
dhposcd of hi clip at 13 -H nnd felt
To Introduce these new designs we will make special low
prices on this line
Just Received S Wall Paper
Big Bargain in Our
Old Stock of Papers
nnd every bin Is numbered nnd cata
logued with nil tho nccuracy of n
business house. London Tlt-BltB.
Water 1)4 Cents (lie Gallon.
Wo who can batho and splash
about In cool, fresh water as wo wl'.l
can hardly apprcclato tho Inconven
iences of n condition in which each
drop of water Is carofutly measured
out. In Goldflcld tho two problmns
dny and never really having things
qulto clean.
Tho water supply of Goldflcld
comcB from wells In camp nnd nt Ll
da, GO mllcft to tho Bouthwcs.
Whether bought from the mnn who
wntor Is still tho problem of tho des
ert. Ico being too oxponslve a lux
ury for general o. everybody re
sorts to African watorbags. These
I nre filled and hung In shady placee
whoro tho brcczo can Rirsxe iHm.
goes around with n cart of from tho ' By puncturing thorn with a needle,
wator company ovory gallon costs on i suniclont water ooxes out to wet the
nn averago nt loan a cent nnd n outside, nnd tho dnmp cloth and air
half. At best It Is nn expensive lux- keep tho contonts cool. Hanging oh
. Punn .rnilni,. .Irnn lina n lin'tllft HrlBllV slilO (if OVCry 1101180, SIIHCK
'"''. !"' u,"i' "". ".""".; -.j ., .i. .n.i.u ut
aiiu icni, iniiniuu iu uiw buid w
satisfied and nt n meeting of tho
growers from Grant county mado np-
Grnco do Kovcn-B extraoruinnry .c,nvonu""-, .I'""u "d the m-i Plication for membership ns one of
bJ!PArJ"lit! SLJWTS'&tiS. "HiwwoSi iho growora from Grant .county. .
Tlio consoiiuntron or tno urnni
county growora with the Bnker
Investments, , County Wool Qrowers association
mi-Li.-, UUHIUU8B, umt-o, miiw, iki ,w" " ;, ' ' , "7i,, inim Bnnlls um not materiaiizo ns expecicu.
speculation, real estato nna innu u?ui, on uu u, ! v - -,.-"- o
tl"n tho ec: , II Cellar, of Bt.
cult Bcloncco
If you aro undecided, In doubt or unhappy, consult her nt oncoj ; a
reading of your llfo nnd chnrncter by this fpmouB and gifted eclcntut
will bo of grent assistance to you in solving mu ,,uu v,"a "t' .,":,
1' ThoVeopio no longer question the strange and JJSot
of Grnco do Koven, tho world renowned clairvoyant. The i crowds which anU aeuvorj oi mr)
those who need help. If pour heart Is heavy, if In trouble have 111 iu,
lad health or misfortune, call on this girted woman at .once. She Is a
clairvoyant by nature, a medium by divine gift. ,nn?atnt" you
trouble, she will help you. She tells your name, vhom f eer
will marry, with name and date; gives reliable 'lZJunyeZ sales
Paent. wIUb, friendship, love, marriage, vorce chances, travels sa.ts,
and in fact every question of importance to he hun,nrnnllrBRec30,n ufcs Rnd
unites friends in the bonds of love nnd affection nnd causes quicK ruu
hnppy marriage with theo no of your choice.
if vnii nro Intnrcatoil It would 1'6 WCll tO Call llll ",
Grace do
If you are mtorestea it wouia ie cu i ;":; nnd 9 P xr Low
Koven will recolvo callers betweon the hours of 9 A. M. ana 9 i . . h
fee. Drink this ndv. Phono Mnln Hi!. Bycciai ...-h "
200 NORTH LIHEHTY CTKEET l!00..ext door to Ml iwn. .
J It's alQucstion of Patriotism
That is Buy Your Printing at Homell
1 PfKne1243
w .t rr V.... ...i t. until thev vere or-
22 3 S. Commercial dig "rnobody knew quite bt
James' Pnlnce.
Tho Btnff of cellnrmen nnd bot-
tlora at St. James' Palnce is a lorgo
ono, nnd Ib under the control of a
. . '. .1-1. ., -l.l .MI..iiiii
Clliei CIUTK UiiU ll i-uivi evi ui i urn ii, i
whoso duty It Is to check tho receipt ,
ery homo ana io
wlnea nro bup-
pedal e'reum-
Btauces. Thus, when tho trench
President wns tho guest of the king,
special brnnds of claret were sup
plied, whllo during the sojourn of
the Kaiser hock was the wine mobt
In demand. Tho Cznr drinks chnm
pngno of a comewhat sweeter char
acter than Is generally nopular In
this country, nnd the wines mou
favored by tho King of Spain nro
dry champagno and sherry and selt
zer water.
Tho wages of tho cellar Btnff nroj
P9VI out of tho Klng'o private purse
and not by tho Lord Chnmberlnln.
Tho high officials of the court nro
given a cortnin allowance e: wum,
and tho chief servants nre given an
mllownnco of spirits. A? a matter of
ifact. however, vory little spirits nro
drunk nowadays nt the royal pnl
ares and punch. h famous tlpulo
o' the Georgian davs when deoo
drinking and shallow th'nklng' wa
ho rul of the t'mon Is unknowp.
Som time ago a large tock of fln
old rum was prlvato'v sold, and from
time to tlmo 'ales of othor spirits-
hrnndv. Schnapps, gin, whisky
hav tnkon placo. -
Thn unnrsm tiMil of the rovai
t. cellars bears the title, ''gontlamnn el
.the collars." and It, Is his duty to
' -4i.i . in .f ranrMiinllWI nt HI! Ilia
M'lnrinal a'3 and to acou!r BHltr,
Bblo 'lots." The fadt that the King
reallv the nurchnser '. of rour,
Veif secret to pravsnt "fancy" pried
Vug run up.
The Prlnco of Wale 8B hN oWB
cellars, but is occasionally uppnjd
from those at St. Jarao palac- The
lm vhon Prlne of Walw. always
rnp-1"' a point of taklasr his own wine;
with hm when h attended puuile
bannuet. an 1 this custom I sMH
9 ... ... tt.A .wnaAn fio'r In tnfi
hronf. who usually drinks a speolaj
bra'id of hock. .. "
The Duko of Cnnaught, on the
othor hand, takes the wine upplleil
at the dinners ho attends In an of,
flcla! canaelty. The King has hs
own wine sent to private houses
when he accepts Invltaton to din
ner excent In places where ha to ail
o'd'or frequent visitor, and knows
that his spoclai tastes are under
stood and will be catered for.
Originally tho cellars at Windsor
..! n,i.it, nrA nt enormous ex-
f tent were the chief repository of the
ls". ...i . j ,.ntii thev vere or-
put to ns mnny uses as possible. Tho
bathing establishments offer hatha
of dust nnd wnter glvo most trouble i nt ono dollar each, with the bath
I There Is novor n tlmo that thoro Is Joko thrown In, Tho Joko runs like
not plenty of tho formor nnd Ittlo tli: In tho early dnyu of tho camp,
of tho lnttcr says a writer In the whon baths cost two dollars, after
New Idea Woman's Magazlno for tho man who had olected this luxury
July. Without wnrnlng of any sort hod finished, bb a matter of economy
crest whirlwinds como down tho tho wntor had to bo nut to somo use,
canyons nnd through tho strcotH, ro It wbb offered to a second bnthor
carrying blinding clouda of dust. A nt a reduced price, ono dollar, thm
uiuw oi WJJI1C Burl. I u uuuj- tur- iiiiiiiu tu u muu "i w wm, ..... ', I , i ..i nL '
rence. Tho fine whlto dust sifts Inro to a fourth for "two-blts." Follow- l tno uownpour wu m - rr
tho homes and covers everything. It Ing this enmo n few fenta of dish- mlnutei. Rarely aom u wy "
Is a case of dusting a doron times n washing. Times navo ennngcu, uul nun.
ovnrv nrosnector. In the hand or
fastened to tho neck of every India
Is a wator bag. The weather, Ip
other places r plank on which t
slldo gracefully Into converaatiea..
here 1b a fruitful and Interesting too
ls for unondlng dlicuaeloa. It IU
varloty It Is uncloylng, Orio snm
mor i wot wot for the desert aiw
tho next ono dry. Usually there l
llttlo rain, and when It di ce
, ! ' "r1
There's this difference between
the cocoa habit and the coffee
habit: Cocoa makes yoa health
ier, stronger, steadier, better, able
to do your share. Dqes coffee?
jL C-.dM k
'. '
&, -
rLLw itBLr eLBT mF
m HT 'm tt.
Is made with scrupulous,
scientious care and old-fashioned
attention to cleanliness, purity,
goodness and quality. No cocoa
at any price can be better or
more delicious. Your grocer sells
and recommends it. -
I). Ghlmrik-Ul Conlny
3x iVaHclfcco.
t - j
tbev contained- Tb. ; w "
now muminaies ihvh " v. ,

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