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Smart Clothes
Are $11 their .name implies. Made for
young men who care. Swagger cuts,
cleverly tailored and equal in every respect
to the high cost custom tailors' best efforts.
Business men's suits, street and dress
up suits for particular fellows.
$15 and $16 values for $10.00
Nothing will be reserved; you can have the pick of our stock,
which comprises the very best productions of the season.
"Once Our Customer, Always Our Friend"
1 elderberry wine, ''roklng hot,1' and",
after luncheon at llolgate, mado the
grand halt for dinner at Staplofleld
Common. Hero folk discussed rab
bit puddlng3 and the llko for two
solid hours. At Handcross neat llq
ours wero brought to tho aid of tho
digestion. All and sundry turned
out to wait up Clayton Hill, an ex
erclso which Justified a cup of tea
at Patchnm, and so to Brighton by
7 p. m.
In 180S a revolution In coaching
(wns effected by a llttlo company of
geniiomen wno subscribed 1200
between them and established two 4-
horso coaches. In 1815 tho Boiler-
'option, a huge structure with two
compartments took the road with
Hlno as drlvor, but was soon aban
doned with to Increasing demand for
pnee. By about 1820 tho tlmo had
been reduced from 12 to flvo hours.
From 1822 onward thero word at
different periods of the year, somo CO
eaches on tho road, 30 each way.
"Hlne," Bays Brighton's historian,
Errodge, "must have brought into
town moro than 100,000 perBon3,
and that without an accident." In
this respect It Is to bo hoped that the
(Vanderbllt revolution of 1908 will
bo no whit behind that of 1808. As
to speed, It Is said that tho Quicksil
ver, with a Kings' speech of William
IV, mado tho down Journey In threo
hours and forty minutes, London
o '
Thoro Is nothing clso "Just as
good" as Kemp's Balsam, tho host
cough euro, and the other kinds
cost Just ns much as this famous
Asylum Unncp.
Tho regular monthly dnnco of tho
employes of tho asylum waB given
last night. Music was furnished by
tho asylum orchostra. About 100
guests were present among who wore
Judgo and Mrs. Burnett, Mr. and
Mrs. R. B. Folmlng, Mr. and Mrs. F.
W. Bonson, Mr. nnd Mrs. E. Hofcr,
Dr. and Mrs. Orimth, Supt. and Mrs.
Of Course You're
Going to Celebrate
the 4th of July in
You'll want a now suit for the occasion.
IT'S AX UNUSUAL OPPORTUNITY you havo this year of buying
High Qrado Clothing tor yourself and your boyj at Bargain
That's why we're offering
Every Suit in the House at
20 per cent Reduction
Kodol Is tho best known prepara
tion that Is ottered to tho peoplo to
day for dyspepsia or Indigestion or
any stomach trouble Kodol dlgostn
all foods. It Is plcsnnt to tako. It
Ib sold horo bv all druggists.
m wi ra -m t .. -
" . . - - . . i
.The Kind You Him aimtj Boun i
From our regular prices, uJHWjjV r'"
Every Mian's Suit Reduced
20 per cent
Every Boy's Suit Reduced
20 per cent
Many careful buyers aro taking advantage of this tale because
thoy know that wo novor mUroprcsont quality nor prices,
Ladies', Men's and Children's
Oxford Ties Reduced
Reduced 20 per cent
Every pair of Oxfords In tho houso Included In thl talo.
srrMjr0n A msST A - M SSJNfrZ.
t jriAltf -jftZJb' LJl4LiArtS rmsw zs
&SO&tirvuiSi Psci:
Tho Elect.: Ic Hiillunyg of London.
Tho electric rnllwnyi of London
are for tho moit part constructed on
tha slotted conduit system. Tho
cost of tho track work nlone, with
Its deop oxenvntion for tho conduit,
Is over $170,327 por mllo of 'double
track. Attempts havo boon mado
to got tho borough councils to con
sent to tho ovorhoad-wlro systom,
which would only cost half tho mon
ey for permanent way, Including
pole and wlros. Thoio nttmpts havo
failed. Millions nro being spent In
tho London electric railroads, mlloa
of horBo lines remnln yot to bo oloc
trined, and nddltlonnl routes requlro
to bo oponod up. Dosplto tho onor
nious trnfllc the tramways, accord
ing to a recent commercial audit, nre
barely paying their way,
During ln3t summer, the now
ciuiicll approved n proposal to try
a surfaco-coutnet system, and on the
advice of their engineering exports
choso a system which Is In use In
L'ncoln. Tho route solocted Is tho
horse tramway from A'dgnto along
Whltechapel and Mile End roads to
Dow, n dUtanco of threo mllos. .The
leakage amounts to only a fifth of
an ampere for three miles of track,
and tho current consumption Is on'y
one unit per car mllo, with nlno-ton
T)m4V V
i i i . . . i
There Is a Lot of
Unnecessary Eye
In this world. Wo allow our
selves to become nervous and fret
ful. Weed3 of care overrun tho
garden of the heart when they
should never be allowed to take
Is caused by peeoplo selecting
Glasses for themselves that aro
unsulted for their eyes.
after thorough examinations and
Barr's Jewelry Store
State and Liberty Streets.'
I cars on a lovol track. Tho London
. routo Is lovol. Tho cost of construc
'tlon Is put generally nt about $4SC0
por mllo of slnglo track moro than
for tho ovorhoad-wlro systom. Tho
following figures hno boon put ba
foro tho county council ns tho coat
of tho Aldgato to Row Installation.
Tho length of routo Is threo mllos,
giving six mllos of slnglo trnck;
track construction, $23G,599; rails,
$r3,G31; special track work, $14,
COO; fedder cables and cable ducts,
$G7.401; Burfaco-contnct equipment
for 48 cars, $10,351; royalties, $14.
000; total, $403,082.
This la equal to $07,180 per mllo
of s'nglo track. A largo part of th
traok construction ltm would bo tho
sumo for tho trolloy system, nnd tho
rails, special track work and feeder
cnblos nnd ducts, would bo exactly
tho same. . It will bo noted that tho
enrs thomsolvts are not Included, ns
thej form pnrt of the council's
stock. Forty-eight of thvo largo
cm with roof covorsmny bo es
timated roughly at $101,000, bring
ing the total for construction, equip
ment nnd rolling stock up to about
$597,742 or somo $99,024 por mllo
of slnglo track.
Power station and sub-statton
costs aro. of course, left out, as the
city's power station suppllos current
for tho whole of the systems both
north and south of the Thames
Consular Report.
... r
When the doctor Is called he asks!
"How are the bowels?" They are
'generally wrong. His visit migni
have been saved by a uroeiy uuo u.
Lane's Family Medicine.
Hrlgliton Couching, 1808-1008.
In connection with the Vanderbllt
: Brighton service, wm ..
'commenced. It Is of lutorest to note
the evolution oi siagu euutuw .....
nlng between London nnd Drlghton.
Pack horses trudging along very
narrow and very muddy lanes and
byways yielded soon after 17F.0 to
th elght-horte fly wagons, and these
In turn were superseded in 1798 by
the Prlnoeis of Wales palr-horae or
post coach, whloh traveled from
Brighton vlt Steynlng and Horsham.
In 1801 two pair-horse coaches
ran between London and Brighton
on alternate days, one up. the other
down. The whips were Messrs.
Gossweller and Hlne. The 12-hour
run from London was obviously re
garded as a plearsure trip rather
than a business Journey. One got
aboard at the Blossoms Inn. Law
rence lane, at 7 a. m.. breakfasted a
the Cock at Sutton at 9 stopped at
tho Tangier, Banstead Downs, for
Great Removal Sale
A genuine opportunity to save money, a distinctive in
ducement to buy while this great sale lasts. Don't fail to
take advantage of this money saving sale now going on.
Everything in this stock of furniture is a bargain when qual
ity and prices are considered, but unlike the usual "bargain"
it is not something old or out of date.
The value we show below is just representative ot many
hundreds now to be found in our present offerings.
This Bed $1.98 .;.;.
A good strong full size Iron Bed exactly like cut, regular
$3.09 value, special removal sale price
-t. -jffgrvctgi.ii",,.A iowgH ?
MtH'-i' -4tmc

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