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Daily capital journal. (Salem, Oregon) 1903-1919, September 09, 1908, Image 4

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(United rrt4 Uanti Wire.)
Parle, Sept. 0. Search is being
mado today for Mrs. II. II. Utl, wife
of a prominent merchant of Portland.
Oregon, who disappeared a fort
night ago, a short tlmo nftcr her ar
rival In Paris. Mystery surrounds
her disappearance.
Mrs. LIU was ((topping, with Mile.
Swlnskn, a te,achor of French, at No;
7 lino Albino. On August 24, at
About 4 o'clock In, the nftornoon, alio I
loft her room wJth tho intention.!
ihu declared, of going to tho Ameri
can Express Company's office In tlu
Ifcuo Scrlbo, to soo wholhor thoro wni
R lottor for hor. Prom that -motnont
nil trace of Mrs, Lltt scorns to havo
noon lost. 8ho did not return to tha
Iluo Albino, and inquiries at Mw
American Expreeo Company show
"that silo did not Call thoro Monday
afternoon, though bIio had dono bo
during the morning of tho sumo day.
Mile. Swinska Informed friends of
Mrs. Lltt of he'r disappearance, and u
search was Immediately begun, but
no clow to her whereabouts has been
Mrs. Daly, an American -woman,
living In the Chnmps Elyseo quarter,
who know Mrs. Lltt at home, said
Mro. Lltt camo to Europe In May,
1007, wont back to America and thon
rolurnod to Paris last spring.
"The noxt I saw of Mrs. Lltt," said
Mrs. Daly, "was August 23d, In tho
American Express Company's office.
She wai unable to speak French. We
had lunch, nndi nftcr .doing some
shopping, I dliled with hor Jn tha ov
erling nt No. 7 Rmo Albino. It was
raining, nnd at her Invitation I stop
ped til tit night with her, We went to
tho BpanlBh 'church the following
morning, and then separated. I nev
er eaw hor again."
Chicago IlccelptK.
Chicago, Sept. 9. Receipts, hog
18,000; cnttle, 14,000; sheep, 30
000. Hogs opened Gc higher; left
over yesterday 4100. Receipts year
ago, 20,000. Mixed, $6.40 Q 7.124 ;
heavy, $6.80 3 7.15; rough, $0.40
0.50; light, $0.40 6.75. Cattle, 10c
higher; sheep, dull.
Kansas City, Mo., Sept. 9. Re
ceipts, hogs, 9000; cattle, 14,000;
sheep, 7000.
Omaha, Neb., Sept. 9. 'Receipts,
hogs, 4500; cattle, 7000; sheep, 14
000. Chicago f'rnln.
Chicago, Sept. 9. December wheat
opened at 07 5s m" high, 97; low
97; closed, 97 M.
December corn opened nt 99 ',
high, 79 ; low, 70 &; closed, 79 V.
December ont'i opened nt 49;
high, 49?; low, 49 4 ; closed, 49
(United I'm t.rnned Wire.)
San Francisco, Sept. 9. No np
parent nttompt Is bolng mndo today
to effect tho capture of 11 Chluoio
who escaped from a (Intention Hhoil
on tho water front Sunday night,
wMllo two watchmen of tho Pnclflj
Mal.1 Stoamshlp Company and an In
spector of tho Immigration bureau
wero supposed to bo on watch.
Eighty Chinese occupied tho shod.
Tho 11 who oscaped aro olthor hold
for deportation, or had boon donlod
entranco to tho United States by tho
local Immigration officers.
Both tho steamship offlcjals nnd
Immigration officers aro Inclined to
clflc Mali, states, howovcr, that the
company will nnsume the responslbll
Its, and will mnko an effort to cap
ture tho Chinese. At they havo hart
two days In which to covor their
tracks, tho task will bo dldlcult. In
tho event of falluro to capture tho
Chlncso, tho qtcamtfhlp company will
bo llablo to a flno-of $500 per hend.
Tho ChlncHO offected tholr oscnpj
by sawing a hole In tho roof of tho
dotontlon Blicd, using a carving knlfo
nnd several razors, which had been
converted Into snws. As little ap
parent effort was made to proVent tho
escape of tho ChlnoRO, another scan-
blame each other for the oscapo. A dal, which wl)l rival that now on in
Q. D. Kerrell, representing tho Pa tho Immigration bureau, is Imminent.
(United I'rrii ,?( Wire.)
Uuluth, Minn., Sopt, 9. As tint
winds about Hlbbln havo died out to
day, tho situation of that city, threat
ened by forest llres, Is less critical
and It I. hoped that tho town, which
Is ono of tho largest nnd most pros
perous of tho Moinhn range, may be
saved. According to ndvlcns from
Sturgls, South Dakota, and Caluinot
nnd Norway, Michigan, llroH nro rag
ing near (bono towns, which may re
sult In a still further dostruetlon of
property. Three dotaohmonts of
soldiers from Fort Mead, near Htut
kIh, wore sunt to thnt place today, to
battle ugaliiBt tho tiros. Tho situa
tion 'thoro Is critical ami many peo
ple nro fleeing for their lives.
A rollof fund of over 130,000 linn
already been raised to aid tho desti
tute Mifforortt, anil everything pos
sible Is being done to alleviate the
condition of tho rofugeos.
At (Iruud Marias, Minn., tho situ
ation Is more critical than nt Illbblng
Tho town Is almost in tho grasp of
tho Haines, and tho people havo no
placo In which to take refuge to os-
capo from tho 11 ro which threatens
their lives and property. Tho tiros
nro raging within n short dlstanco of
tho town, nnd If tho wind changes,
driving tho blnzo Into tho thickly set
tled districts before n relief boat can
arrive tho fnto of tho entire popula
tion Is In doubt.
Tho United States rollof ship
Clophor loft this morning for the
north shore with provisions for the
(SuunlM Stop liireiidlailNiii.
Chlsholm, Minn., Sopt. 0. The
guards hero aro taking the most vig
orous means to prevent utiy disorder
during tho rebuilding of the town.
Tho people aro constantly afraid of
incouuiarism. u is reported tlint a
woman saw a strange man setting
flio to waato paper, and frlghtoned
him away by sorenmlng. Tho relief
work Is now In hand, nnd the recon
struction of tho town, which was de
stroyed Saturdny, soon will be under
A wagon loaded with buor was
stopped by tho guards today, tho bot
tles all being smashed In the road.
(United Prers Insert Wire i
San Francisco, Sopt. 8. Wheat,
No. 1 California club, per cental.
$1.0? tt 01.70; Cnllfornla white
Austrllan. Sl.7fJlT-Sl.S0: northern
blucstom, $1.72 V 1.80; northern
club, $1.07; Inferior grades of
wheat $1.501. 00; red $1.65 J
liarloy Feed barloy, $1.30 fr
1.3G; common to fair. $1.25 rP 1.30; ,
brewing nt San Francisco nominal at
71.45(3)1.55; Chovallor, $1.50i?
1.C0, according to quality.
Eggs Per dozen, California fresh,
including onsofl, extra, 3U4c; llrsts,
324p seconds, 26 &; Eaotcrn select
od 22c; Eastern flrsto 25c; Eastern
soconds, 23c; thirds, 21c; storngo,
Duttor Por pound, California
fresh cxtrns, 2Gc; flrsto, 23c;
seconds, 22c; thirds, 20c; packing
No. 1, 20c; do No. 2, 19c.
Now chcoBO Per pound, Callfor
nla flrst9, fancy, lie; firsts, 10&c;
seconds, 94c; California Young
America, fancy, 12 Mc; firsts, 12c;
Eastern Oregon, fancy, 13c; do.
Young Amorlca, fancy, 14 c.
Potatoes Por cental, Rlvor whites
(sacks), fancy, 75 Q 90c; poor,
05 0175c; Snllnas Durbnnks, $1.35
1.50; early rose, 75g85c; sweet
potatoes, lii 2c.
Onlona Per sack, Yellow, 60 O
65c. ' ., .
Ornngos Por box, Valenclas,
For Business in our new building
on Court street with a new, complete
and up-to-date line of iiousefurnish-
ings, etc.
We are not quite straightened up
yet but we herewith tender you a
hearty welcome to visit us in our new
quarters whether you purchase or not
(United Prr" !.rncd Wlrr,)
Now York, Sept. 9. Whllo Mrs.
Claronco Mackey would not admit
today that she is an ndvocato of wo
man suffrage, hor offer of prises for
compositions on "Tho Need and Right!
of Woman Suffrage,1' shows that sho
has a tendency In that direction,
Principal George P. Dann, who
conducts tho school nt Rosyln, I.on
Island, received a lottor nt tho open
ing of thu school term, In which Mrs.
Mackay agreed to give two prises ot
$35 ea,ch ror the best articles on the
suffrage question. Tho compositions
wilt bo Judged next May,
Mrs. Mackay declined to dlsous
tWe question of woman's suffrage),
further than to state that It Is worthy
f le study,
0t, No. 1 white, $3T If 37.50;
grey, $36 930.60.
Harlsy, feed, $34.50; roll, $37(1
38 brwlHS, $36,
Vetch Seed
Wo have tho finest lot ot seed
that wo over saw, and our price
Is as low as tho farmers waut
around here. Our seed Is abso
lutely clean and tlrst-claw. Place
our ordor now.
Clover Seed
Wo aro In the market for all
varieties ot clover seed. Send us
samnlo for offers.
J. It. Wllsoa, CorrMj J. Q.
Rtsjcv, Grant ; Jefca M. Will
hat, J, J, WaltM, Hii;e; Qrf
?. Kusms, IrtUft4,
255 Cm. Street, Salem, Ore.
Hmh IH.
Portland, Or., Sept. 8. Duttor
extra croamory, 3003114c; nncy,
, 27 Mc; storo, 18c.
Butter fat Dollveroy f.o.b. Port
land, sweet cream, 28 i 030c; Bour,
200274 por lb.
EggB Local host, 27c; ordinary.
20; largo lots. 1 c loss; onitorn 25o;
local storago, 24 025o.
Cheoso Full oream Ilats, triplets
and dairy, 144; Young Amorlcns,
15 He.
Poultry M Ixod ohlokoiiB, 12Vi;
fancy lions, 13c; roosters, old, 9c;
fryors, H015c; hrollon, 11015;
per lb.; geese, spring, He; turkeyB,
alive, 17c; spring duoks, 13 015c
per lb.; pigeons, $1.25 dor.; dressed
poultry, lflHc per lb. higher.
Hops 1908 crop, O0Sc por lb.
Wheat lluylng prlco new, trnck
Portland ekib, S909Oc; bluestotn
93 094c; forty fold, 90091c; red,
87088; Willamette valley, 90c.
Mill stuff Soiling prlco, bran
$20.50; middlings, $31.50; shorts,
$29; chop, $21029 per ton.
Flour Selling price, nstem Ore
gon patents, $4.85; straights, $4 05
04 55: exports, $3.6003.70; val
ley, $4.45; graham, one-fourtlH,
$4.40: whole wheat, $4.65; rye. 5s,
$5.50; bales, $3.
Fresh fruitsOranges. $4 04.50:
bananas, 5 Mo per pound, orated
lemons, $4.50 06.25 box; grape
fruit. $4 04.50; prlneapples. Ha
wullan. $3 03.50 doxon; cantaloupes
$101.75; blackberries, $1; poacher
50086c; pears, $101.25.
Grapes 75c0$l.6O; watermel
onn, $101.50 cwt.; casabas, $2 0
3.35 dos.
Portland HocolpU,
Twonty-sovon cars barley, SOO
sacks barley, 38 cars hay, 6900 sacks
flour. 542 bales hay, 21 cars oats, 24 4
sacks oats, 202 cars wheat, 13,615
sacks wheat.
Onions $1.25 cwt.
Hops 1907 crop, 5 0Gc.
Cnncora Bark 2 M 3C.
Mohair 18c.
Iletall Market. '
Oats $1.45.
Wheat $1.05.
EggB 30c,
Butter Country, 30c; croamory,
35c. J:
Flour Valley, $1.25 per sack;
hard wheat, $1.4001.45.
Bran 90c per sack, $30 per ton;
shorty, $1.30 per sack.
Hogs Fat, $6.25.
Stock hogs $4.50.
Steer's 3rc.
Veal 507c.
Tropical Fruits.
Bannnas $G.50.
Oranges $4.00.
Lemons $5 06.
Portland Markets,
Poultry -lions, 12c; ducks, 12 0
14c; pigeono, old $1 per dozen.
MllUtuff Bran, $26.
Flour Valley, $1.20 per sack;
hard wheat, $1.45.
o .a. m I o xi. x ux. .
Bn tU j Kln M Hlw Unn Bl
Do You Want a Suburban Home?
Do you want tho pleasures of tho country with tho advantages 61
tho city?
Do you want to pick your own berries fresh from the bush ml
ent them with rich Jorocy cream?
Do you w.ant to raise garden two weeks carllor than your frlcndst
Do you want a chicken or hog ranch Just over tho fence from
tho Cherry City, whoso pavod streets nro tho talk of the North
west? If you do, bco F. P. Farrlngton, tho Stnto street grocer and mtr-
I will soil my homo placo on tho Turner road, consisting ot IS
acrco of rich gravol land, fenced and crosa-fonced, two wells os
placo, young orohard, two acres of Logan berries, also strawber
ries, raspborrles, blackberries, black caps, Himalaya berries, shrub
bery, etc.
Hoiibo 34 feet square, two stories high, oil 12x20, water In kltch
on, drain to cesspool In Hold.
Woodshed, good lawn, carrlago shed, cow barn, chicken house,
nnd other out-bulldlngs; also building 40 feet square, shingled,
splendidly nrranged for hogs or chickons, wator Inside.
A good family horso, cow, about 100 ohlckeiiB, now set bujr
harness, ono set double harness, ono sot single hnrncsB, $150 worM
of hay in barn, $75 worth ot wood in sheds, other tools, all bull'
Ings In good repair Insldo and out. All you havo to do Is to move
In; tho rest Is there. Terms on part. Call and seo me about it
- ...--.--" - iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. : :;..i
t i ttttm "mmi I M M I I I I I 1 I I I H 1 I I I I I I I I 1 1 ' I I 1 1 I I II I 1 I I II 1 1 rnTT
lxcl Wlxlsle Market.
ERS 25c.
Butter Creamery, 33 He
Cowt $303.50.
Ileus lie; young chickens 12c
Local wheat S6c,
Oats .46c,
Brley $33.5,0,
Flours-Hard wheat, $5; valley,
Hay 34t, tU; dovr, $9 pr
to titay; $U1J.
B B I if
The Clothes attracting the widest attention at
present is the famous
For Men and Young Men-Prices
$10 to $35
HiSMAKf, STC MM 4 to,
... (tea, , ,,
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