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Daily capital journal. (Salem, Oregon) 1903-1919, September 19, 1908, Image 9

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DAILY CAPITA MCUSfrli, SAI.HU, ORrt;?y. MTUlteAY,: gHPTlBWHMl 19, 19m.
f f
kbrcd, Standnrtl, Morgan
x.a stallion, three nnd
Tb. lloltgrlevc'8 Phaon. Mot
1 Portland. Stanaara. im"'
r,"B,cker's Zo-bK ,. ,.
nmninio" '-"
Saadard bred-A. W.
f Awards.)
etilllons-Four years and ever:
A Lcriove's Phaon, Portland,
B. '" " i.l,- Tnln Ttl.
. second; B. J. Barley's
rC,B. The Dalle?, third.
r-Four years old nnd over:
- . MtLMghlln'B Mlsly'a Pride,
i C B. Holtgrieves uuiun, n.-
0ne year old-C. a. moil
'i Anna Phaon.
standard 11 rod.
rDlon, four and over G. J.
rttr'i Zombro, Los Angoies, iirin.,
P porter's Zabona, Vancouver,
t,iMond; Geo. A. Koncy b uo-
u,tr. Walla waun, iniru.
!Wjer.old James Eldson's Loat
UJ, Sllrerton, first; J. u. uoruuii
I goa'i Sovran, Dundee, uecond.
weir-old P W. Brook's uyp-jy
Prilnd. first: J. D. Gordon &
ti'iHIlb Hoo, second; 8am E1-
efi'i Jn Jacques, Astoria, tnir.i.
HfifKjld Earl Raco'8 Water
1,1;. Silem, first; J. R. Dlmlc 9
tjifilotk, Hubbard, seconii; Mnr
tofttum's Bailey S. Wave, Salem,
f$l Under one year Prank E.
iij'r Roieburg Doy, RoBOburg,
k Alley's Umpqtia Chief, second ;
JSj'i Count Bonl, third.
Jfcrcs and FJlllw.
Hint, four years old Prank E.
ity'i Mabel Wynn, first; John A.
fcr!'i"A. R. E.," Shcdd, second;
ttLarabio's Alamo, Portland,
rl. Three-year-olds Frank E.
bf Bertlo 0., first. Two-yenr-
-A. W. Vernon's Lou McKln-
!, Independence, first; Henry H.
toiett'i Marie, Portland, socond;
h:k E. Alley's Mario Dillon, third.
Ca-rttr-old Frank E. Alley's
njHii Wynn, second.
PJUes under ono yoar J. W.
hta'i Hal D Alrllo, first; Frnnk
I kWty't Dtolnta, second.
Bt four colts pot of ono alro
fcuk E. Alley's Maud Gronenr,
fcrtle 0 t'mnnun Chief. Sitka.
tit J W Brown's HopH, Zobonu,
"stiDare fno namo), socond.
Bat two colts, nroduco of ono
a-El Race's Allco Mny Norto
w Water Baby, Art; Frank E. Al
kfi Boniday nnd Count Ronl, boo-
ond. Frapk E. Alloy's Dlabolla C.
and Roseburg Boy, third.
Best stallion, two years and. under
Frnnk E. Alloy3 Roseburg Boy.
Best mare, three yars and over
F. X. Laddable'a Mabley Wyn, Port
land, Llngton Ganyinede, Loa Ange-!
ic3, imru. rnree years oiu William
T. Mlddleton's Sky Rocket, Salem,
Best get of . ono 8lre( French!
Coach) Clayton Howell, Browns
ville, second.
Grand champion, any stallion W.
G. Eaton's NowBboy,
Stnlllons, four years and over
W. G. Eaton's Nowsboy, Portlnnd,
first; Eaton's Lambert Boy, second.
Threo yearB old J. W. Brown's Rat
tle Wings, first. Two years old
Wm. J. Ball's Old Glory, Salem,
first. Colt, under ono year J. W
Brown's Golden Seal, Becond.
Be3t four colts, jjet of ono sire
J W. Brown's Echo, Black Egypt,
Lambert Jr., Nowsboy, second.
Best two colts, produce ' of one
mare J. W. Brown's Echo, Black
German Conch.
Grand champions Best Btallion,
nny nge A.' C. Ruby's Bonfire.
Stallion, four years anu" over
J. M. Nichols' WilUcTt, Junction
City, first; II. West's Lufcns Pearl,
second; Boedlghelmer & Ynnnko'a
WInBor, Salem, third. Three years
old A. C. Ruby's Stolnert, Port
land, flrBt; Ruby's Brlgnnt, second;
Ruby's Pirns,' third.
French Couch, Hackneys iiml Cleve
land Buy.
Stallion, four nnd over Ed. Pon
hnm's EH Sir Garnet, Tumor, first;
Albany Hackney Co.'s Putney Pros
pect, Albnny, second; William Mc
Klo's Bhld.
Sweepstakes stallion J. W. Ira
nian's Chief, flrBt; John S. Murphv'fl
Wellington, pecond. Mnre Boedle
holmcr & Ynnnko's Isnbolln.
Grand champion stnlllon A. C.
Ruby's Potncho. Mnre A. C. Ruby's
Champion stallion, four years nr
over A. C. Ruby's Totacho. Two
years nnd fundor Ruby's Chief.
Mures Threo yearB nnd ovor Ru
by's, Rosotto. Two years and under
Ruby's Gnmlno,
Stallion, four nnd ovor Fawcett
& Iroland's Potncho, CorvnlllB, first;
Dayton Horso Co.'b. Orllllon, Dayton,
second. A. C. Ruby's Equatour,
third. Threo years old A. C. Ru
by's Luther, first; John S. Murphy'B
Wellington, Corvnllls, second; Ru
by's Digestif, third. Two years old
II. C. Constances' Podro, Indepen
dence, first; Ruby's Godlltol, second;
Ruby's Grn'lnnllto, third. Ono yonr
old J. W. Inmnn's Chief, Albany,
first; Mrs. D. F. Burgo's Solgbort,
Turner, Rccond; Spires Brilliant,
third. Colt, under ono year J. W.
In'man'B Chief,
Marcs and Fillies, four years and
ovor-T-Boorlghelmor & Ynnnko'B Ro
sotto, Salem, first; J. M. McFaddon's
Modoc Mnld II, Corvnllls, second; B.
& Y.'s Crosottn, third. Threo yertrs
old A. C. Ruby's Paulino, first; W-
Vflln DAftnnill T MnniiM Kl Pf
-'3 u'i uuuj- a uanune, mai. uu
dor one year B. & Y'a Isabbela
Best four colts, got of one sire
A C. Ruby, first; Boerlghelmor &
Yannke, second.
Bert two animals, produce 'of ono
mare II. C. Constance, Awt; A. C.
Ruby, 'second.
BelylaiiH. . .. i
Sweepstakes, stallion J. C. Ru-!
by's Fortln.
Stallions, four and ovor James
Eldson's Fortln, Sllverton, first; A.
L. Thoma-' Admiral de Houtaln,
Stnyton, -econd; A. C. Ruby'B Flour
d'Aval, third. Threo years old H.
C. Campbell's Zlphlrlm, Portland,
first; A. C. Ruby's Marz, second; A.
C. Ruby's Mentor, third. Two' years
old A. C. Ruby's GaBton, first Colt,
under one year H. C. Campbell's
Easter, fint.
Mares and FiUle-', four years and
qveri H. . C. Campbell's Joann,
first; Campbell's Melbn, second.' Un
der one yea' Campbell's Black
Best four colts, get of ono sire
James Eldscn, Sllverton.
Grand champion stnlllon D. M.
Dryden's Dupont.
Sweepstakes Dupont.
Mnre Gordon &. SomV Alpine
Sweepstakes Alpine Rose. .
Chnmiilons stnlllon, three anl
over Dryden's Dupont. Two years
old W. D. Clnu'gett'B Oregon Stnmp.
Marc-, three years and ovor Gor
don & SonV Alpine Rose. Two nnd
under John Painter's Margaret.
Stnlllon, four years and over J.
n. Gordon ft Sons' Royal McQueen,
first; A. L. Jones' Lydo Stamp, 5oc-
r.nd; John Painter's Preacher, third.
Three years o'd D. M. Dryden's Du-
loht, Woodburn, firi Ono yonr old
W. I). Clapgott's Oregon. Stamp.
Rnlem, flr't: J. D. Gordon & Son's
McQueen's Pride, second. Colt un
der ono yonr John Painter's Toron
to. flrM: J. D. Gordon ft Son'n Pride
of the Glon, second; Gordon ft Son's
McQueon'B Heir, third.
Mares and Fillies, four years nnd
over J. D. Gordon ft Son'B Alplno
Rose, first; John Painter's CoBmo,
Bocpnd; W. I. Cochran's Blanco,
Brownnvlllo, third. Three years old
L. P. Lnrdon'a oBtsoy, Salem,
first: J. D. Gordon ft Son's Orogon
Snlly, Becond; Felix Comcggs' Vlc
.toria, Amity, Or. third. Two years
old John Painter's Lucia, first; Fo
llx Comogys' Lottlo, second. Ono
year old John Painter's Margaret,
first; J. D. Goi-don ft 8on'B Glen
Gordon Mnld. eoond. Filly, undor
ono ynr J. D. Gordon ft Sons' Bnbj,
first; W. P. Claggett'B May C, sec
ond; L. P. Lnrdon'B La Bolle, third.
KiirIIsIi Rhlren.
SweoptnkOB Stallion Salem
Shlro Co.'b A'blon.
Grnnd champion Gordon & Sons'
Bonnoy Mnld.
Champion StnllionA. C. Ruby'i
Stall'on, four nnd ovor Salem
Shlro Co.'b Albion, first; Nnsh nnd
Follls' Buckondon Puck, Stnyton,
second. Threo yenrs old J. W.
Brown's March Lad, second; A. C
RMby's Match Bon Bolt, third. Two
yenrs old A. C. Ruby's Bllllngsford
Slnshor, second.
Mnroa nnd Fillies Gordon ft
Sons' Bonney Mnld, first. Threo years
old J. W. Brown's Lilac, first.
Grnnd Champion Bull H. West's
King's Valet. Cow C. E. Clove-
land's Mndilena May.
Champion Bull H. West's King'.:
ftoKInd Yor ETftvo Always Bought, and -wliicli has l)eea
- uo ior ever oU years, has porno tno sigTiacuro or
nud has bconninuoiinucr ins por-
A ,jn
ri '-- . sonal saponlalon slnco its Infancy.
--iSJAf m. .1 t ...I.. Jl.lu
-- wuuiiTi Nis, ximuiuons Rnu."just-as-om.-- mu uuu
PrlmeiitH tliat trillo with and endanger tho health of
"tfants and CUildrenExperlenco against Experhuent,
What is CASTORIA -
Cwtoria I n Jiarmless enhstituto for Castor Oil, Pare.
rtc. Dy,, s ftnd soothtajf Syrups. It U Pleasant. It
alm lir.tlu-r Opium, Morphlae nor oUasr Narcotic
MBUnec Us ago Is IU guaraatee. It de&troys Wornw
JJJ aUajrt Fevorlshncss. It enroa Dlarrhooa and Wind
wilr, t. re. loves Teetliiny Troubles, cures Constipation
JJ Tahil -iiM, it atwimllates tha Food, rcfpuhitea tho
"arliuiu I;owels, giving' healthy and natural sleep.
w vdfu'a I'anucea The 3Hothr'ii Prlcud.
Be' h Sinatma of
MWYiHi Me Always BogM
n Usa For Over 30 Year
? oimiif, w tHNuwur umwf, .)
nonfni'RH Oinnot no Cured
by locnl npnllcatlons, aa they cannot
"ppch tho dlsoased portion of the
enr. Th re b only ono wny to cure
den'nea", and tib Is by constitutional
remedies, nenfnesa Is caued by an
nflamed condition of tho mucous
lining of tho Eustachian Tubo. When
this tubo is Inflamed you havo n
rumbling pound or Imporfect hear
ing, arid when It Is ontlroly closed.
Deafness is tho remit, and unloss tho
Inflammation can bo taken out and
this tubo restored to Its normal con
dlt'on, hearing will bo destroyed for-ove-:
nine cases out of ten aro cnused
by Catarrh, which Ib nothing but an
Inflnmed condition of tho mucous
Wo will glvp Ohe Hundred Dollars
for any case of Deafness (caused by
catarrh) that cannot bo cured by
Hall'a Catarrh Cure. Send for cir
cular: free. F. J. CHENEY & CO ,
Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists. 75e.
Tako Hall's Family Pl.li for con
stipation ... . o
"Wo reason from our heads, act
from our hearts." Hubbard. If truo
there must bo many puinpkln heads
and stony hearts.
A BurBt Child,
dreads the fine. The dread Is whole
some, but not the burn: that can be
healed and Instantly relieved by ap
slylng Ballard'a Snow Liniment Be
prepared for accidents by keeping a
Dome aiwnjs iu iuOU. "v.17.
sprains, bruises, cnta, scalds, rheu
matism, neuralgia, bunions jny
and all aches and pains. Price 25c,
60c nd $1.00. Sold by all dealer.
Vnlet. Junior Bull Gibson & Mc-
Intyre'B Brown Lassio'B Guonon Lad.
Champion Senior Co'w C. E
Cleveland's Madllcna May. Junior
heifer H. West's Sndlo of S. B.
Bulla three years .and ovor H .
West's King's Vnlet, Scnpposo, first;
H. West's Gentle Lad, second; W.
O. Morrow's An)es Chlof, Rlcktonll,'
ithlrd. Two and undor throe D.
II. Loonoy's Scnpposo Lad, Salem,
flrBt. Senior yearlings Gibson &
Mclntyro'a Crown Lassie Guponon
ind, Snlern, first; A. F. Domes' Itoso
Marigold's Challenger, McCoy, sec
ond. Junior yearlings D. H. Loon
oy'B Golden Hero, first; A. F. Ddno'B
Lorctta D'b Cloverdale King. Sonlor
calf II. West'B Smlnont 24th, flrat;
D. II. Loonoy's Tina's Inda, Becond;
H. West's I. 0. Lnd, third. Junior
cnlf II. West's Lad's Ladle, first;
D. II. Loonoy's Rioters' Pot Regis,
second; W. J. Domo'B Pacific Poarla
Lnndsccr, third.
Cows, threo yenra nnd ovor C. E.
Cleveland, Jr.'s Mndilena Mny,
Grcshnm first; D. 11. Loonoy's Zam
olca J. E. Rlotor, scond; II. Woat'o
Mnzie of S. B.
Holfrs, two years and undor threo
D. II. Loonoy's Golden Gnzolh,
first; II. West's Josslo Fox, second;
II. West's Lady of S. B third.
Heifers, Bonlor yearlings H.WOBt'c
Sultana Norn, firBt; II. West's Gold
en Biddy, Bocond; D. H. Loonoy'B
Golden Zolln, third. Junior year
lings II. West's Sadlo of S. B.
first; D. II. Loonoy's Muriel of India,
Becond; A. F. Domo'B Pacific ToarlB
Prldo, third. Senior calf D. II.
Loonoy'B Znmoola, flrat; Loonoy's
Lady K., socond; H. West's Ferns
Lady Bug, third. Jninlor cnlf D.
H. Loonpy's Znmolea S. L., first;
Loonoy's Mauchosin, Becond; A. F.
Domo'B Clovordnlo'H BIosHom, third.
Bob herd aged D. II. Loonoy,
first; II. West, second nnd third.
Young D. H. Loonoy, flrnt; II. West
second nnd third;. Herd, cnlf D.
H. Ioonoy, first; II. West, second.
Bost four nnlmnls, got of ono Biro
D. II. Loonoy, flrst nnd third; II.
West, Becond. Bost two nnlmiils, pro
dnco of ono cow D. H. Loonoy,
flnt; II. West, Bocond nnd third.
Polled ,Torhy.
Bull Grant Mnnn'a Orogon uke,
Cornollun, flrnt. ' Heifer Ornnt
Mnnn'a Oregon Duchess, socond.
Fnfc CVittlo (Grndcs or Cross).
Frank Brown's Dijncan (grado
steer), Carlton, flrBt.
Milch cows (any.) Hazolwood
Farm, Spokano, flrst.
ltM PollMl.
Grnnd Champion Bull 0. A
Drnpor'8 Bryan.
Champion Bull Junior E. A.
Hlnklo's Salem, Roseburg.
Chnmplon cow L. K. Cogswell'
Swoot Roso, Chehalls, Wnsh.
Champion holfers George 'M. La
zello's Orvotta, Orogon City.
Bost herd, aged a. A. Drapor,
first; V. II. Porter, second; L. K
Cogswell, third. Young F. II. Po.
tor, flrt: O. A. Draper, scond; Geo.
M. Lazelle, third. Calf G. A.
Drapor, first; F. H. Porter, second;
L. K. Cogswell, third.
Best four animals, get of ono slro
F. H. Porter, first; 0. A. Drnper.
second; E. A. Honko, third.
Beat two animals, produce of ono
cow E. A. Henklo, first; F. II. Por
ter, second; Geo. M. "LarcUo, thlrJ.
Geo. F. Blmeral. Macleay Bulls:
1st on Red Cloud, 3 years old an. I
ovor; 1st on Oregon Boy, Junior
yearllng;3d on Red Chlof. Junior
calf; 1st on ned Goods, sonlor
Cows 1st on Rana, 3 years and
over; 2d on Mldg&t, 3 years old and
over; 2d on Lady Portland, 2 years
old; 1st on The Beat, 2 year old; lt
on Junior calf; senior champion bull.
Red Cloud, Junior champion, Ore
gon Boy; senior champion cow,
Rana; lat on aged herd; 1st on
group, get of one sire; 1st on group,
.product of one eow.
W- I,. Rlmoral. Macleay BulU
are brain signals that your system Is In some way disorganized and
unless the cause of the trouble Is removed they will become more
and more frequent, nud gradually increase both In duration and
Intensity. Tho sympathetic nerves are weakened by the repeated
attacks, nnd the malady finds an easy lodgment whenever the
bodily an J mental conditions favor its return.
On the first sign of headache you should at once take
Complete recovery from sick headache, bilious headache,
nervous headache, throbbing headache speedily follows the use c4
these famous pills. They settle the stomach, stimulate the liver,
act mildly on the bowels, Improve the blood and quiet the nerve.
The tonic nnd strengthening properties of Bcccham's Pill build up
the bodily health and fortify the system against subsequent attacks.
For all headaches, disorders xA the stomach and nerves,
Beecham's Pills are
The Needed Remedy
la bakes with lull dlrectlenft, the. nd 3t,
3d on Golden, 3 years old nnd over;
3d on Lady Myrtle, 3 years old.
Emma C. Slmoral, Macleay Soc
ond oh Bcntor bull calf.
J. C. Sabln, Hnrrisburg Bulk:
2d on Valley Boy, 3 years old. an1
over; 1st on Daddlo, Junior yearling;
2d on Webfoot Bnrnoy, Jiunlor cnlf.
bud, junior cnlf; Bonlor champion
bull; senior champion cow; grand
champion bull; grand chatupton
cow; aged herd; 2d on group, got of
one Biro; 1st and 2d on grounp, pro
duct of ono cow,
D. P. Itunnit, Junction City
Bulls: 1st on Taft, senior calf; 2d en
Chnmborlain, junior calf. Cews: sd
Cews: 2d on Lotta Glnzo, Junior on Maud J. 2 yeara old; lat an
heifer; 2d on aged herd; lBt on Flosslo J, 2 years old; lftt on B'esile
group, product of ono cow; Bonlor Brawn, Junior yearling; lat on Cora
champion cow, "PrlncosB III; Junior Lillian, aonlor calf;' 2d on Florence
chnmplon, "Llsmoro Mary;" grnnd Ounn, Junior calf; champion Juntor
chnmplon, "Princess III." bull; champion Junior heifer; 1st
Geo. J. .Wilholm, Ilarrlaburg and 3d on group, get of one Blra;
Bulls: lBt on Jumbo of Wlldwood, 3 3d on group, product of one cow.
yenrB old and ovor; 1st on Geergo J ' o
Junior cnlf. Cows; 2d on, Stapdnrd Tho story the thresher tells Inter,
Pot, 3 years old and ovor lat on csta raoro people of all aorta than
Hazel III: junior calf :. jsonldr cham- any other story told,
plon bull, Jumbo of Wlldwood; Jun-, o
lor champion Gcorgo J.J 1st on ngod No modlclne haB ovor dona more
heard; 2d on group, product of ono towards warding oft grip and pneu-
cow . ( inoula and rollovlng distressing
Polled Angus Cattle. , 'grin feoUgo than Komp'a Balsam, tie
M. Porter & Son, CorvnlllB-i-BullBSiWsyp&Mgk cure. "-
lBt on Badger II, 3 yenrB oiu ami
Tho country la in Inch which has
more thoroughly good men than et
travngantly 'rich ones.
ovor; -senior champion, Badger II, nl
so grnnd champion.
J. M. Sclmefor, ForoBt Grove
n.illn. 9,1 nn "fritrnn Pnrt. a vonr
old and ovor. Cewn: 2d on Orogon " n back and aide may
v nM ni,i n,i nvr. 1 .( (n., como from the kdney or liver.
,..,"-,.- 7..... u. 1-. Lane's Family Medicine the tonle-
Lndy Belle, Junior yoarllng; lat on
Black Boauty II, Junior calf; Jun
ior champion cow, Black Boauty, nl
so grnnd champion; lBt on group,
product of ono cow.
Richard Wilson. Portland Bulls
fixative, and a groat kidney and liv
er romody, will glvo relief,
! o
, Ltvo ntock requires good blood.
good form, good food, good care and
let on Portland. Bryan, 2 yearB old; K00tl 8enM'
1st on Gonoral '.Booker, Junior calf; -- -1 ,
. nt . ir i..i -i rn.,a. They Take, the Klnke OhU
2d on Black Van, Junior calf. Cows , ,)ftV UBm, Dp KInRs New ufd
lat on Black Satlnott, 3 years old pma f0r mny yoara. with Increas
ing satisfaction. Tliey take me
kinks out of stomach, liver and
bowol, without fuss or friction,"
says N. II. Brown, of Pittsflold, Vt.
Gunrnntood satisfactory at J, 0:
Porry'a drug Btoro. 2 Be.
.- i . o .
It Is bettor 4hnt ono displease you
than decoivo you.
and ovor; lBt on Anna M. W., 2 yoara
old; lat on MIbb Vldn W., flunlor
cnlf; 3rd on Mlsu Curloy," Junior
cnlf; 2d on MIbs Loin I Junior cnlf:
Junior champion, aonornl Bookorj
eonlor champion cow, Black Satln
ott; 1st on nged hord; 1st on young
hord; 1st on cnlf herd; lat nnd 2d
on group, got of ono Biro; 2d on
group, product of ono cow.
Brown Hwlfta,
Jnyno & Bend, Solnh, Wash.
Hopplty Hop.
Aro you Just baroly gottlng
around by tho nld of crutchoa or a
enno? Union you have lost a limb
Bulls;, lBt on Yatos, 3 years old and 'or 1 nvo a doformlty If your troublo
Mr, ;., n nnnnv t 2 von old- 1 19 rhoumntlsm. lumbago, Biiraln, allfC
ovor; lit on Bonny J.. 2 onrs oja, Jo,nt0 or nnyt,nff 0f llko nnturo use
1st on "Buster, yoarllng; 2d on I Dnlnlrd's Snow Llnltnont nnd In no
Acorn, yoarllng; .1st on CIipbh, Junior
cnlf. Cevys: 1st on Grlselda, 3 yoar
old; 3d on Lady Fronch, 3 yoara old;
3d on Solum, 2 years old; 1st on Is
run J, senior yearling; let on Roue-
Of the two. It is better to spend 2d on Raymond h., Junior yearling;
money unwisely than time. .2d on Golden Lad, Junior calf.Gew:
Do you get up in the
morning tired, langiu'd,
and frequently with head
ache almost unbearable?
You havo been unable to
rest or sleep. It is nervous
exhaustion, and affects
the heart, lungs, stomach
and. all tho organs that
depend upon tho nerve
for motive power. What
you need is Pr. Miles'
frervino to restore nerv
ous energy and give new
life to tho organs.
"For yeani I hava Vctn very nenr
ou, uftr!t terribly with Iimm1ac)(.
1 hurt alwsya gon to tlio doctor, and
wu about to ko on ly t try mux
far the last tlm. when a friend ad
vtioU mi to try Dr. Mlloa Hotttoratly
Kervln. I purchiutcd a bo(U and the
rejult wer to wlUfaotDry I hava
been taklns It ur lnc. Jt ha
heled me wondorfully. Pr. Mllon
Kerv and Uver Iu have don loti
of Bood tor rn. When I et to feeling
nervou novr, I ao for th Nervlrta
tM(ll u I i o thankful I hava
onu-lh n to belli n without a doo
tor bill" MAIJUS IUHHIH.
114 CcUege BL. Pliua, Ohio.
Or. Mile' Nervlna If sold by yew
elmoo'it, who will ouarante that th
Aret-lottle will benent. If it Uil, He
will refund your money.
MilM Medical Co., Elkhart, Ij
tlmo you can throw away your
crutches and bo no woll na anyone.
Prlco 26c, COe nnd 11.00. Sold by
all dcalorfl,
o .. '
Tho lasy man Is ofton a liar bo
cauBo lying Is orntier tliiin truth tolling.
Lanov Fnmlly Aiodlclno cannot
savo nil doctor hills, but can save a
good slmro of thorn. Ono two-shll
ling package hnn kept a whole family
In good health for n yonr,
Airship trnnsportatlqn will ho an
alrlino proposition.
A Burglar In Town
his nnhio i "hnd cwgh." Ho doonn't
care for gold or silver but ho will
ntcal your health away. If ho ap
pears In your bouse arrest him at
onco with Ballard's Ilorohotind Syr
up. It may mean consumption If you
don't. A euro for nil coughs, colds
and chest troubles, Price 2Cc, 60o
and $1,00 per bottle, Sold by all
Thoro Is no place whero "common
Bcnse," applied, tnakea bettor return
than on tho farm.
, o.
Don't tako coldf but l( you do,
don't fall (o takeKemp's Balsam to
irovent serious consequences, dotti
ng oUq la so valuablo In treating
coughs and colds.
. . i. i . . O ''I
Oklahoma has the climate, soil
and constitution for a great state.
A fiHre-enoHgb Kitockcr.
J. 0. Goodwin, of Roldivlllo, N
C , says: "Bucklen's Arnica Salve in
a sure-enough knocker for ulcer. A
bad one camo on my leg last wm
mer, but that wonderful salve
knocked It out In a few rounds. Not
even a scar remained." Guaranteed
for piles, sores, -Imnw, etc. 25e at
J, 0. Perry' drug siore.
r t-,v)MWMWm mmfw

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