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aily OArriAii JoraurlicSiSiBkBGON, Saturday, October 17, io
il r fr J
Jfe Sure
u,HtenHat-' wc
.. tf W
The above misnomor Is tho sub-
. ' u..,iim nnnrnnnnor nrtl.
kjnee 01 nuiuiuD ..-..-,.-r-
i. throuchout tlio country nt ma
trrtcnt time, the cause of wldo and
Irmtd comment, nnu tno source 01
fch more worry up ana uown our
- - i
."- wrmnt. Tho trauhta i
L arisen aut of a Btatomont of Mr.
ouia Beem iu mt tit-
E H liarnniau iu mu hsw i. "
hdfle Steamship lines In which ho
i Interested nnvu uuuu uuijihb "
Ltttd of freight" and that tho Idea
rii largely a dream and n fako.
U. wmilmontB havo been reln-
iorctd by Mr. James J. Hill's avowed
tercat of sooner onnior lumm over
l!i Oriental lines to oporatlon under
I Until It UBS uueu iirupuuy uuubiii-
ired this situation BcemB to augur
kluiter to tnlB nations comracrc,iui
IctUlUcf. Proper nnnlysls, howovor,
Ihovi no rensonablo cauBO for alarm.
I The United States as a nation oi
Lsbltlon nnd enterprlso covets,
Imflsr other things, tho commercial
Inprtcicy of the sens; and It Is n
et teat wo (10 not nnvu, ana can
ot now conslstly partako of thla
A l the good ronsonB in tno worm
lilst, however, to show that dur busl-
icu, contentment, commoroai nnu
tlo'nal success aro not contingent
s either tho subsidizing of our Bhlps
if tne existence oi a niurcunui. mu-
Hte andor our flag. It will no doubt
conceded without argument tnnt
re are at tho present tlmo tho moBt
Imperous progressive nnd nccumu-
iilio people on carin. arnauauy
i a process of yonr wo navo, pass-
t other nat'ons, attained nrat pinco
i the running. This fact has been
kcnpllshcd In tho absonco of n
i:j merchant marine j and tno pros
es ot such an nddltlon to our na-
laul'organlzntlon would havo havo
i llttlo cfloct upon tho ultimate
KIM 310.
The reasonn for this aro sufficient-
r plain. Each nation of tho earth
Agates Itself to furnish lucrative
i&loyment for Its nconlo nnd snilt-
itoontlots for their activities. Minus
p possibilities within Its confines
n cation must shoulder nil nvallablo
rrtffla and co cunning for them.
I'.llie tho nations, of small gco-
tjoie scono. which havo. In nu of-
pt at telf-nrcsovatlon built up tho
Neat merchant marines of tho
pah. we are n land of vast area, of
wia Intornnl resourco. Our area
i compared with that of Entrlnnd.
laleh leads tho world In morchnnt
wiei, Is ns 90 to 1: compnrod to
krnanr, which followa Englnnd In
f'i, wo nre as C4 to 1; whllo
'H which rnnks high In trnnrv-
nnie activities, has less territory
a lnc'o ono of our smallest
Fitfi U follows thnt these nntlons.
M1jr stricken In regard to land
.0Terrun with a restless populn-
. were under tho nccosBlty of
'ting an outlet for thoir people
r irom ncie; honco thoir mer- absorb .our nneniion so mucn ns uh
jjradlng ships, honce thoir rest- question of who Hhnll All thorn.
similat(n$iiHRwfnipiiIii. ttogUieStoaachsaaxlBovsof
Promotes DigesHotiCW -
Upunij-iorphlnc RorHMeni
ftQT Narcotic.
Ihruto S,rJ j
Wt vat.
Apesfecl Remedy fw Cf-
HAM. P. !
ftcSmsk Sawrtjf
?Vr of Wnr,
COldS. bard COUB. severe hrftnrhlH.
weakthoat8,weakluiigs". We wish you would
4sk your doctor if he knows of anything better
for these troubles Man Avcr's Cherrv Peefo.
S i a a . ...
?"cve J 's me Dest medicine you
loss Benrch for traffic In lands rlchor
than thoir own.
Now it is staled that ono of the
chief reasons why mon of capital do
not create for us a vaBt morchnnt
marine nt tho present time, Is becauso
thoy can find nioro lnicratlvo employ-
ttf ,
inv inn imn r
moans in tho stay-at-
channels of commorce In tho
ibulldlni: of factories, tho onenlne tin
of now Btnto?, tho erection of sky-
Bcmpors, tho construction of rail
roads, the operation of banks and
mills nnd life insurance companies,
and in a thousand other avenues of
creative wealth within our bordors.
This statement alono should reduce
thd problem to Its simplest form and
tone out tho dark spots In tho plcturo
of disaster which, the yellow press
so sedulously photographs for us,
So long ns we ns a nation havo a
protective tariff wo cannot hopo to
compete with freo trado nations In tho
carrying of trans-oceanic commcrco;
nnd so long ns our wonlth and our
onorglcs may bo bettor and moro
profitably employed wo do1 not caro
to. This nation loads all others to
day In tho business of manufactur
ing. In tho year 1905 wo had fourteen
billion dollars Invested In this lndus-
try, for which wo paid to our peo
plo annunl salaries in excess of three
and ono half billion dollars. Our
exports of foods and tho rnw prod
ucts of clothing nro Incomparably
larger than thoso of any other coun
try. To tho world's International
trado thh country contributes one-
fifth of tho whent, ono-fourth of the
hops. ot?e-thlrd of tho corn, two-fifth
of tho ment, nearly one-half of tho
oil cako and oil enko meals, nlmost
ono-hnlf of tho tobacco, two-thirds of
tho cotton nnd four-fifths of the cot
ton-seed oil. Wo cry out agalnBt the
govornm'on,t becauso tho law la such
ub to forbid Americans from purchas
ing foreign built ships and oporatlng
them Kinder the Amorlcan flag. But
rathor would wo protect our shlp
bulldere, together with all otho'r lu
tornnl wealth producors at tho
presont time, thnn to undertake
tho task of subduing tho world
In tho mattor of morchnnt inn-
rlnoB. Tho creator of wealth is of
moro Importnnco to nny country than
tho conveyor of It. Tho dovelopmont
of tho commerco of pur Interior Is of taken with chronic diarrhoea," says
greater Importanco to ub than- tho Gcorgo M. Felton of South Gibson,
moro cnrrylng of goodB to foreign pn, "I havo Blnco tried many romo
portn. If all our peoplo and all our dies but without any pormanont ro
capltal may find lucrntlcc employ-. nef, until Mr. A, W. Miles, of thU
mont In our Intornal dovelopmont, pinC0, porsauded mo to try Chambor
thon hnvo wo dUcovered tho baBls of Iain's Colic, Cholora and DIarrhooa
national hnpplness. If this work Is nomedy, ono bottle of which stoppnd
moro profltnblo to ub than tho opera-1 it at onco." For snlo at Dr. Stono's
tlon of a gront morchnnt marlno thon rug storo.
will wo pormlt our Iobb fortunato .
brother nntlons to carry our wealth I TJ Jn0r0 fl0pon,i0nt wo becomo
to market for ms ot n prlco nnd n . . inr,n.iian n
prollt less than wo enro to consldor. ' PO" 1&W the less tho Inclination to
until such prlco ns wo nro ready to
tako tho tank out of thoir handB.
Thcro will always bo ships to carry
our products to tho outsldo world
and brine us back our return cargoes
Who shall own tho ships does not now
or infants and Ohildyen.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the A
Signature jyp
W Ft
tmc "itirriua onrr. nt o srrr.
TtMim Astt
According to tho Western Tobacco
Johrnal tho month of August was
not a particular graluylng ono from
tho viewpoint of the manufacturer of
cigars, but other leading b'ranchos of
tho Industry compare quite favorably
and show some Improvement over
tho corresponding month of 1907.
Tho Bplrlt of economy which pro
vails just now Is perhaps rosponslblo
In a large measure for tho poor show
ing made by cigars. Many smokers
have Undoubtedly taken to the plpo,
which will permit them to enjoy fre
quent Binokes at less expehsb than
by the cigar route.
Tho constantly Increasing output
of manufactured tobacco scorns to
bear out this statement to a certain
extent. It is Impossible, howovor, to
detormlnd juBt how great Is tho In
crease in tho consumption of smok
ing tobacco, ns tho government makes
no distinction botweon it'and (show
ing tobacco in its roilort. Cigarettes
aro also appealing btrongiy to the
economic Bmoker and havo robbed
tho cigar trade of many full-fledged
o '
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local applications, as thoy cannot
roach tho dkeascd portion of the
ear. There Is only ono way to cure
deafness, and that Is by constitution
al remedies. Deafness Is caused by
an inflamed condition of tho mucous
lining of tho Eustachian Tube When
this tube Is Inflamed you havo n rum
bling sound or imperfect hearing,
and when It is entirely clo3Cd, Deaf
nbsB Is tho-result, nnd unless tho In
flammation can bo taken out nnd
this tubo restored to ItJ normal con
ditlon, hearing will bo dostroyed for
ever; nlno causes out of ton aro
caused by Catarrh, which' Is nothing
but nn Inflamed condition of tho mu
cous surfaces.
Wo will glvo Ono Hundred pollar't
for nny caso of Deafnosa (caused by
catarrh) that cannot bo cured by
Hall's) Catarrh Curo. Bend for c'lr
culars freo. P. J. CHENEY & CO.,
Toledo, O.
Sold by all druggists, 7Gc.
. Tnko Hall's Family Pills for con
stipation. o
Tho primary olection is simply tho
rncc-horso stnrtor's "go" I
Why isn't everything
money back?
Everything; isn't good'
Your cTOffrretnrni T"r rnnner l( to doo'l
Uk ScblllUiv'i Uuvt; V-l la
Profanity or milk Btools hulod at
a cow costs tho hulor monoy.
For Chronic Diarrhoea.
"Whllo In the army In 1863 I was
dopond upon ourselves.
Oold "Weather Alvlcc
to nil Is to bowaro ot coughs and
colds on tho chest; as ncgloctod they
readily load to ponumonla, consump
tion or othor pulmonary troubles.
Just as coon nH tho cough appears
treat it with Ballard's Horohaund
Syrup tho standard curo of Amorlca
Uso ns directed porfectly narmlosi
A curo and provontivo for nil dis
eases of tho lungs.
Prlco 25c, 50c and $1.00 por boV
tlo. Sold by nil dealers.
Even tntv Wright titrshlp proved to
.bo not right. Names are of ton uo
celtfiul things.
N'ever Worry
about a cough thoro's .no neou oi
worry if you will treat It nt It's flrrt
appearance with Ballard's Horohound
Syrup. It will stop tho cough at
onco and put your lungs and throat
back into porfoctly healthy condition.
Sold by all dealors.
Tho farmers' auto carrlago will
strengthen tho farmor desire for hot
ter roads.
P- -
A nealthy Family.
"Our whole family has enjoyed
good health since wo began fusing
Dr. King's New Life Pills, three years
ago," says L. A. Bartlet, or Rural
Route 1. Guilford, Maine. They
cleanse and tone 'tho system In a gen
tle way that does you good. 25c at
J. C. Perry's drug store.
The early fall cow and tho right
stuff to feed her is a profit-making
Slightly CoWer With Snow.
When you see that kind of a weather
forecast you know that rheumatism
weather U at hand. Get r
it now by getting a bottle of Bal
lard's Snow Llnlmont. FInwt thing
made for rheumatism, chilblains
frost bite, sore and stiff Joints anc
muscles, all acbe and pains 2BC.
50c and $1 00 a bottle Sold by ai'
Three Lines, Thre Insertlwis, 25c.
O-Acro Tracts in 12 mlle of Port
land. Pine fruit land and close to
now electric lino and county road.
9760, $50 cash and $10 per month
Homesookers Information BUreau,
222 N. Commercial St., Salem. Or.
For Sale Tetk share of Hickory
Dark preferred stock. Address
Drawor 618, Salem, Oregon.
For Sale One lot, with seVen-roOMa
house, fruit tree, berry vlnee and
garden Bpot. 366 South 17th St.
Prlco I860. 9-23-lm
For Salcj By ownor, good house,
bnrn, shed, cow, horso, light
wagon and buggy; ton lots all
foncod and cultivated; fruit trees.
Cornor Twonty-second and Hydo.
Turner Road. 10-12-lw
For Sale nt a Bargain Now resi
dence. Btrlctlv modorn. nlno largo
rooms and bath, flno cement baje
ment, lnrgo lot, bcBt location fpr
n home. Terms to suit prurchnscr.
1499 Court Btroot. 10-12-lwk
A Small house for Enlo nt 1026 N.
Cottngo st. 10-13-lwk
Good plastored 8-room Iioubo nnd 4
lots, In good location, for n fow
days, $1400.
Small now houso, good well, 9 Ion,
all In fruit on car lino, only $1300
This Is a snap.
CG a,crcs, all extra land, flno 10-room
house, windmill, hot and cold
wntor In houao, wator piped to
' barns, 2 good barns, fin oldcatlon,
10 acroo flno bearing prunos, R
acres In apples, Just commenced to
boar, good varieties; 3 acros
Royal Ann cherries, small frultB,
etc., 4 ncros flno timber, 8 line
cows, 2 horses, harness, 2 wagons,
buggy. 30 hogB chickens, farm
Implements, separator, 6b tons
hny, ontB, furniture, etc'. This U
ono of tho best homes.' I have seen
In Marlon county. Investigate
'Also houses to ront and monoy to
IV loan.
a. o. Binrn a 00.,
Room 9; over Unltod Stales National
Bank, Balota, Oregon.
3""cno!co JotB closo In, $750, $850
and S950.
Good lot on Court ftlroot, $900.
Lots fronting cast on 19th street,
$300 and $350.
Houso and lot on Stnto street, $1800,
eaBy terms,
17 Stnto street.
Good 7-room houBO, pantry, wpod-
shed, good well, bnrn, a ncrca oi
land, nil kinds of fmilt, Btovo,
carpets nnd othor things go with
it, for $3800.
120Q 1ioibo In Vow Pork. Reed;
5 rooms, pantry, largo lot; $1200.
A good 8-roorh house, cloBot with
onch bedroom; good bnBomont,
barn, 4 lots; $4000.
Good 8-room houso; good wopdBhofl.
good well, largo barn, 3 lota;
A good 6-room houto, barn, city
wntor; $1600.
5-room house, bnrn, 6 acres of land,
somo young treos; $2700.
Good 5-room houso In Englewood;
good woll, lnrgo barn, 3 lots,
$25j0O. ,
2 nlco lotB In North Salem, all In
fonco, somo fruit trees; $560.
Also tsome Tory nlco farms and 5-
nero tracfa and 10-ncro tracts;
eoml lmrcnlns of nil kinds. Bo-
fore you buy soo
100 Stnto street, In tho J. L. Fre
lanil Dnlldlntr. .
"Twenty ncro close In, good six
room houso. 4 cows, good team,
wagon nnd lmrnoHs. chickens,
plgB, some household flxturos, now
cream sopurntor, nil for $2600. A
For "5, 10. 20 und 40-acfo tracts,
see ub,
gnni) $850 -will buy 2 lots, fenced,
with. 2 hou&es, ono 8. roomB, one
3 rooms, rent for $7; $3 per
month; fruit, garden, good woll
water. Remember prlco, only
$850; worth good den! moro.
Modern Ilosw 91100 and up.
70 acres, no houso, all cleared. A
good buy. $40 per acre.
30 acres, $3000, well Improved.
841 SUte Ht, IlayMe RnUdlng.
Thco. M. Harr Plumbing, hot watar
and steam beating and tinning;
164 Commercial street, Phonf
Main 192. 9-1-ljr
M. J. Petael Plumblns, steam ano
gas flttlHg. Successor to ox
Murphy. 226 Commercial street
Fboao Main 17.
LJverr ami Feed 8taWe Old PoJt
o,iUbl( C lrry tMt;
between Commercial and Front
aHMti. Telephone 188. Somo of
lteonw ToTLcfc Furnished and un
furnished rooms at 790 N. Com
mercial; east aide ot street. .
On October 1 Drs. Darby land Cor
nell' will remove their dental par
lore from the Gray building to
rooms over the Thompson jewelry
store. 9-26-lm
CcmeAf Weifk-Concrete walks, sep
tus tanks, cement floorB and foun
dations, Estimates' furnished and
all werk guaranteed, J. P. Vetch,
328 Marlon street) Phone 608.
Wcngfcr & Clicrrlngton Pianos and
organs sold on easy terms; tele
phono 1187; 247 Commercial
Street, Salem, Oregon. tf
Salem CAfth MArket The finest cuts
of meats at tho Ibwcst prices. My
phono 370, 173 S. Commercial St.
P. W. Royolte, Prop. 7-21-tf.
Help Furnlshca Freo of Clwrgo By
Latham Land Company, 478 State
Btrcot, phone, No. 149. Parties
wanting, holp plcaso call at ofllco
or phono uo. Also havo cows for
Concrete Work dot my prices on
sldowulk, curbB, spetlc tanks and
comont work of nny kind. All
work guaranteed first class. M.
Ward, 2378 Maple Ave., Highland
Phono 660. July24-tf
Cwrpcntcr-iCan do all klndB of
rough and inside work. Anything
from repairs to contracting. A. C
Drown, 1390 North 17th streets
vogi't LumtRT and (fold Co. -Lum
bor shingles, building material
wood and coal. Low price asti
prompt deliveries. One block east
ot 8, P. paseenge? depot Phone
198. 7-1-tf
DHtte & Wcsdcroth Fine wlnea,
liquors and dgar. We bandit
the celebrated Kellog gand Castlt
whlsklea. Cool and refreshing heei
constantly oi draught. South
Commercial street. 9-S-lyr
Miss Elma Wcllor Pianist. Appoint
ments caa be made for lessons ev
ery afternoon from 2 to 4 o'clock.
Classes in Dunning Method Tues
days, Fridays and Saturdays. 696
North Liberty street., Phone 1351
Wanted A flat-daBS cook at the
Salem hospital; good wages. Ap
ply. In person. 10-12tf.
Carpcntcra Union No. 1005 Local
Union No. 1065 of Carpenters ana
Joiners of America meet ever Sat
urday evening at 8:00 p. m. In
Hearst hall, 420 State Street
A. W. DonntB, Rec. Sec,
Foresters of America Court Sher
wood, Foresters, No. 19. Meets
Saturday night In Holman hall,
Stnto Btroot. Waldo Miller, O. R.
J. C. Perry, financial secretary.
Central Lodge No. 18, K. of P.
Castle hall In Holmnn block, cor
nor Stnto and Llborty stroots,
Tuesday of each week at 7:30 p.
m. Oscar Johnson, C. C.J E. B
Andorson, K. of R. nnd S,
Modern WoodnicH of America Ore
gon Cedar Cnnip No. 6240, Moots
uvory Thursday evening at 8
o'clock In Holmnn hall. W. W.
Hill, V. 0.; F. A. Tumor, dork.
Woodmen of World Moot every Fri
day night nt 7:30, In Holmnn hall.
E. Lupton, C. C; P. L. Frnzlor,
Lincoln Annuity Union Sick, acci
dent nnd ponslon Insurnnco; $2,
000,000 pledged; ovory clnlm paid
Oood agents wanted. J. II. O,
Montgomory, wipromo orgnnlzor,
Box 432 Snlom, Oregon. R. R
Rynn socrotary. 540 Stnto Btroot.
Wnut'Hl A position u hotiuokgoper
by mlddle-nged lady. Inqulro nt
Journal office. 10-10-3t
Wnn tl Dollvery boy nt Hngnn's
Court Btroot grocory. 10-16-tf.
Wmitcd A flrst-clasu cook nt tho
Snlem hopsltal; good wagoa. Ap
ply In j'orion. 10-16-tf.
Wanted At onco, good oy to carry
papers, one with pony preferred
Apply to Journal. 9-8. tf
Wanted Good young driving horse
weight about 1000 pounds. T. W.
Itamson, Journal. 9-29-tf
Wanted Success Magazlno requires
the services of n man in Salem to
look after the expiring subscrip
tions and to Bccure new buslnoss
by means of special methods un
usually offectlvo; position perma
nent; prefer one with experience,
but would consider any applicant
with good natural qualifications;
salary $1.50 por day, with com
mission option. Address, with ref
erences, K? C. Peacock, Room 102,
Success Mugazlno Bldg., Now York
CumtlH Broi.' Transfer CoBHMy
All kinds of transfer work done
Fura'turo and pianos boxed ready
for shipment. Prompt service U
our motto. Stand and oHce at
253 South Commercial street
Phone 210. Resldenc Phone
i"" i ' ' '-T'lwiwmr
Farms from 1600 acres down to
S acres, at right prices. ,
$2100 9 acres, six mllea out, im
provements worth More tham
we are asklag for tlrt tfaMu
$ 3 1 6 0 Medera -rooi heaw, MK
basemet, bath, feltft M4 tmh"
naee heat, Om bkwk INM
court hoM.
City iota for sale cheap. Small
amount down, balance la
Installments; bo la
Commercial hall for rent, for dwell
ings and lodging house.
A splondld 40-acro tract; fine Im
provements, orchard, walnuts anoV,
loganborrles; excellent spring
wator at houso and barn; 6 miles
out, .
100 acreB; splendid' dairy farm;
houso, barn, orchard, spiemaia
spring water to both house a4
Houses for sale and rest; money ob
real estate; notary work dene; Aire
lite and aceldeat Insurance that
pays It losaes promptly. Dmploy
ment office fer all kinds et work.
Corner OonuHercIal and Center St.-
i n n 1 1 ii i n 1 1 m i a 1 1 Hi
IGraber BrosJ!
Will give prompt attention ; ;
to all orders, guarantee our
work to glye satisfaction anu , ,
f to be up to the sanitary stand- ; t
rd. "
Call at our shop on Liberty .,
street, baok of Barr's Jewelry .
T . t.i Ren
t more, ruuiio tiuv.
Dr. Stone's
Drug Store
Tho only cash drug store In Ore
gon, owotf uo ono, and no ono owes
It; carrlos large stock; Its hIiuIvm,
countors and hIiow canes nro loaded
with dnugs, medicines, notions, toilet
articles, wlnoa and liquors ot ail
kinds for medicinal purposes. Dr.
Btono la a regular graduato In mod
Iclne, and has hua many yours of ox
porlonco In tho practice. Consulta
tions aro freo. Proscriptions ara
free, and only regular prices for
medicine. Dr. Stone can bo found
at his drug a to re, Salem, Or,, from
6 In the morning untl) 9 at night.
A Th SMrtt i tk. A
9 BHtMtl 7M 9
Km U kMtag the thh ww
tHdllKMUalMUli. )t
wuhfef U aot wouehlh
Mly Imt m Um dMaM wriMfl
bwi Wyowl U th Itritarii
ef dut tmd pnu lo BMivi-
HM attacks el fa aa
wMthcr. AJtefwsiahfcf
fiy ltiblt aai nrtwM
Vtti htbW ariinli tkf ImiWMMC
toliMM it MRfwto hi,
swek mmI vm It at only
tfmuktM a iwiht glow, bwt
prottcU Um Ua from Ucom
iiif cowm. PrcvcnU burn
ing, tan asd frarUti,
- jU r-r DrmU fir i P"
jm ttmjn xjir
,tL 'BkliBfekk.1

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