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No. 402
No other sales like our Wednesday Surprise Sales. We
are the originators of these sales in Salem. You might
just as well have your money's worth, so come and shop
with the early shoppers who realize the value of trading
at a reliable store.
in ofer Urge ready to wear section wo offor (or this
big selling evont 100 Molro and Imitation Jloathor-
bloom Petticoats In black only. Each ono la linn J-
Eomely flnishod with nn oxtra wide nounco, Those
' skirts aro largo and goncrously full, usually sold
tor 1.2B Today only fE?
On ralo nt 8;30 a. m. r.jC
No tolephono orders received. ivx
Wool Sox. TIiIb valuo should bo of Interest to
every man. Prom tho Cents' Furnishing GOoJs
Section (Now Annex) wo have on display Ave
gross of black wool sox, regular 50c vahios. To
day only, your pick of the bunch,
39c pair
3 pairs $1
Savings in Dress floods
2000 yards of Plaid
and Mixed Suitings in
a very large assort
ment of styles and
colorings, for Wo
men's and Children's
Apparel of all kinds.
Best values up to
$1.59 a yard
I; Now on sale at
the yard
Of Ladies' and Children's Un
derwear. In this assortment
will bo found a wide rango of
bIzos and ninny difforent kinds.
This store
is the home of
Hart, Schaffncr &
Marx Clothes
for men and
- young
Supply your wlatornerfa. now.
Wo have piles natf plies ef soft,
fluffy Dlankots a ad Comforters.
Makes bno sleepy to oven loot
nt thorn". Tho cold Bnap of
early winter calls for moro cov
ers and for ovory ono1 be
comfortable This winter wo
havo provided a largo asaort
mont of bed coverings at low
50c Ei
See Court
Ladies' Home Journal for November pre now on sale at
i . j
City News
U'fHllict lViknast
QviicrnUy fair tonight d Tlmrs-
U'l.i.u In PlM-ilttMll f
Visit Hall's roataurnnt, 330 Wnah-v
lagtoii street. '-l"u
OlteoH' Place piovon barber chairs.
TROVER'S gottlng busy. ood-tl
UmIh-vIIhk - ....
Covered and ropairod. Hnusor
Bros, 10-20-81
TImv Willamette Valley Meat Co.
Tito now moat murkot on Court
struct, ls one to be proud of. Give
them a trlul. rhouo 854.
Threo reasons for buying Glevel&ud'j
Baking Fowder:
awrlo-r Quality (Puro Cream of
Htet Paokaga (Scrow top can).
leat I'rlco (3 lba, l; 5 lbs. 91,05).
W ITa f V a
Coverod and ropairou, nauBor
r0. 10-I0-2t
lUlH W BiklHO - , ,
Call up Stouslort meat mnrkot
and they will fill your order Just as
oaHafnntnrllv Rl If VOll WOTO at tllQ
market yourself. Phono 321.
RocImI Wednesday
Tho ladies of tha Episcopal church
will glvo a social nt tho rectory on
Wednesday Qvenlng. October 21, to
whlok all members and frlonds aro
invited, io-ap-at
Temperance Mini Sued
Complaint was lllod in tho circuit
court last evening by Loo Paget to
rocovor $1410.70 on a promissory
note Issued by hauls Aral.' Tho com
plaint ullages Arl nindo out and do
llvorod to tho Pnclrtc Mnll Orler
JIouso a promissory note In tho jum
of, 11010 75, upon which hod boon
na!d $01 boforo being delivered to
,t)io plaintiff, and ho asks Judgment
on thin account with iutorost at 8 per
'cqiU and S2fi0 uttornoy's foes.
For Chapped Skin.
Clmppod Bkln whether on tho
hands or foco may be cured in ono,
night by applying Chamborlnln'a
Salvo. It 1b nlso unoqualod for sore
nipples, burns nnu scnius, or saie
at Dr. Stone's drug storo.
It In Up to You
To take advantage of tho offors
mado by tho Yokohama Toa Company
in thoir advertisements, appearing in
this Issuo,
Up for Re-Electlon-
V,Ai Moorea Is requ,osted by many
l.i.aliima nimi n Hlnllil for rO-OlCCtiOU
as city rocordor and police Judge. Ho
inn l.nnn mi nllln nniMIU fllld 1118 111HCU
would bo hard to fill, Ho accepts the
Cirtl on P. 15. Bhafor
The harness man, for your har
ness, or harnots oil.
W''d an Wltnea
Sheriff Foutcar of Douglas oounty,.
camo up this morning nnd got John
Mny, who was arrested by Chlof of
Pollco Olbuon yestenlay by tho re
quest of ,tho Hosoburg aiithoritios.
Mny is wanted in Roseburg to nppeai
08 a wdtuoss fn n legal settlement,
Mnrshflold, 0., Oct. 21. In hla nd
drosH horo today llrynn promised tlint
if ho la oloctcd proaldont ho wi'l havo
a rojirosontat'vw of lnbur In Ii'b cab
Infi, and seok to havo tho anti-trust
law omoodod. provoiitlng Its oppllfca,
tlnn to labor"' unions. r
Ho declared that ho would urifa
upon congress to pahs n law guaran
teeing Jury trlnlf. In labor injunc
tions nnd contempt proceedings.
In closing, Ilryan declared that ho
was not nominated with tho nl'd of
tho Prosldont had no corporation to
threaten Its employes with discharge
if tboy did not favor hla election, and
ha no rich relative to contribute
monoy fpr the circulation of oulogloa.
Tf rortoon can kill Bryan ho la
dead and burled.
Covered and
ropairod. Hauser
CHhm4 Vrj TActur
y Dr. Bradford Loavltt at the
Unitarian church. Cottago and Oho
.t atvi.Ata. this. Wodnosdav. ev-
hIhk', October 81. Rt 8 o'clock. As
H lecturer Dr. Lavitt has no superior
on tho ooat,
Kx-Janltor UnrHM, of Korth Salem
tc ruasUg for alfrH 1 l "h
Ha geiM to ay w o-jwiltlB, a.
wul4 wak o
-, , m
ru u'u RMM4 tU yoM that
god. SoU by all'4iWMfW,
An I'niiHiMtl Oflfr
Is mado by the Yokohama Tea Co.
lu thoir advortlBomonts in this issuo.
V, T, Rlgdon, Undertaker
Always progrosslvo, up-to-dato
Kull eQMipmont, largost Btock.
XU-3 1-OOU-ll
M KlMl
Chinook .palmon, 7e jor pound by
the wlvolo flslv, at Farrlngton's, tho
grocer and marketman.
At tho W, C. T. U. hall tonight. A
good program will bo rondered.
Kriwr Will Khh
Abo (Shorty) Fra8.or bos consented
to run again for aldorman la tho.
fourth ward. Ho is a good business
man and lma mado n very good coun
cilman. A petition isilfo out for II.
J. Sautor.
More "Penults
Marriage Ucouses wero tsiued lato.
veat.rday ovenlns to cnaries Turner,
iel 30, of WlUsonvllie, and Nettlo
Aktt. agot 2C, of Ml. Angel.
1 Ya tjka Kodal Ivat far a UtUa
wall yH aavo rt'gkt attak
of lndlt(tt. im m,wM r jtm a
UtM l4atir la wrdtor .to f; raJW
frMi w attacks of a4lMtl ar
Harft Dfaaala, Try Ko4i tf
day. U ay all raa.
Valley Meat
We carry a full line
of Meats, Poultry,
Fish, etc. We vtM ap
preciate your patronage.
279 Court Fhie 854
doorslll to Tlmmons room, and that
Which still continued to ooze from the
mau's throat. Westcott, who was
standing behind Mrs. Hayball when
she oponed the door, took in tho situ
ation, nnd rushed to tho room of tho
couple to see what cculd bo done. It
was plain to be seen nt n glance ithat
Mrs. Timmon9 was beyond human
aid, lying in a pool of blood on the
floor, with ono foot still elevated to
tho bod, from which sho, apparently,
sprang as sho received tho death
dealing Blnsh, Tho man had climbed
back into the bed and was once ngain
In a stupor. Westcott, nftor sotting
his son. Harry, nt tho door of tho
liou'ti, to Bee that Tlmmons did not
csrapo, hurried to a nearby telephone
and notified Chlof of Pollco Gibson,
nt the city hnll. Gibson went Imme
diately to tho scono of tho crimo, and,
In turn, notified Dr. W. D. Moreo and
Coroner Clough. Dr. Morso Btated
that ho believed tho man would sur
vive. Tho cut In thq woman'B thront
was sovornl Incli03 In length on the
loft side, and was inflicted with such
strength that It sevored tho wind
pipe nnd went far Into tho back pnrt
of tho neck.
Tho couplo had lived nt tho West
cott homo for tho last flvo weeks,
and Tlmmons had boon drunk tho
groator part of that time, according
to Mrs, Hnyball, who says sho had
ordored him to leavo tho house on
several occasions, and wao doing nor
utmost to mako ithetn leavo. A short
tlmo ago, Mrs. Havball states, Tlm
mons enmo homo lato nt night and
UBCd such blasphomous languago to
his wlfo and In such a threatening
manner that flho, in foar, sont a Iinr-ry-call
for PoIIcomnn Welch. Tho ar
rival of tho officer on that occasion
Boomed to havo n quieting offoct up
on Tlmmons, as no moro nolso whs
hoard during tho night. But tho next
morning Mrs. Tlmmons told Mrs. Hay
ball how sho had spont n slooolcss
nlgHt In torrlbta dread, her husband
wnvlng Ills razor over hor hood and
thrpatoning hor orory moment.
Tho Jend woman, who Is young nnd
protty, with light golden hair, camo
to this cfty with hor husband-slayer
a short tfmo boforo they took tho
room in tho Wbitcott lionso. Just
proviouB to this sho lived in Port
land, It is bolicvoil, nt H7 Tlbbltts
street. She is nn orphan, hut has an
unmarried sister, Edna B. Bognrt,
nnd an undo, Mr. Bogurtr nt Eugonc.
The undo Is n farmer, and Is snid
to bo qulto well known Tho mur
dered woman lived" ?omo tfmo In Eu
gono nnd Oswego1. From itftero It Is
boHoved she wont to Toledo, Wash
ington, whoro Bhe m"t and mnrrled
Tlmmons, after whfdi tho coup'o
enmo to Portland Tlmmons is a
pinstoror, 37 voars of age, who comes
from Lexlron. Nebraska, and Is a
brother of Abo Tlmnuin-, nlso a plas
terer, who llvod In th fa city a inun
ht'r of years ago. und' is now said to
ho a well-to-do workman lir Port
land. Trmmon", v;!on -oljpr, ?ppn-rn"7
realized that It wni iroloss to (ry
to 'ongor remnl'i w'tli hi wife. nnJ
liorhnya know of his murdoruus fr.
ollnntiru w'len drunl:, jnul ynstonfay
afternoon tho coupltj, 'nt f o'o'ock,
onVv at th" ofllco of Attorney W. E.
Koyoff nnd ngrcpd to sooura a dlVorco.
statrirg- that It was absol'uto'v fm
posslhro for .them td 11 Ve together.
ICoyos was buiy, and. after a short m
tnrvlow. told them to call again nt 10
o'clock this morning. IIo stated thnb
fio believed Tlmmons was souor nt
tho tlmo, nnd 1hat the couple Btarmf
rhat It was 'mposlbto to llvertoguth-
or anv rongor. it must novo ix-on
uftor Ms call thnt Tlmmons asufn
got nncfur tho Intluouco of llqnor,
una", thrnking of tho fnet that' hh wif j
was to leavo him, bwamo frenzfed
and onrngod nt hor.
Among tlmse who know what intio-is-
known of the couplo silice thoir
rvsldonco In this city. It la sold Tlm
mons was I'rnne'y Jen'oiiH o Ills wife
and that, when under tho Inflhonco of
Ifquor, ho was wont to abuse ana
threaten hor to n terrible extent. Tlm
mons, when questioned' thfs morning.
whllo unuulo to spenk, nouueu his
hood In afflrmntlvo, when askeir If ho
Trad comntteil tho crimo1.
Coroaor Clough & mnWhg arrange
ments to hold nn Inquest orur tho
romntni tomorrow morning. Await
ing the ontromo of hi Injuries, Tlm
mone Ir hold confined in the Salem
The remains of the unfortunnto
girl wore taken to Coroner dough's
undertaking .parfors.
Mnrshfteld, Or., Oct. 31. B, D.
Hume and party and two gasoltno
schooners aro reported wrecked off
Gold Beach, on the Curry county
coast. Whether any lives havo bom
lost, cannot bo ascertained at this
hour, all tolephono communication to
the south being shut off. The last
wlro went down after a brief mes
sage of- the disaster reached horo laat
Tho schooners Enterprise and Ox
troy left hero for Rogue river Sunday
morning, tho Enterprise bolng In tow
of the Oxtroy, because there was, only
one captain for the two vessels.
A heavy storm was encountered
Monday morning and tho vessels were
driva, ashore ia tho gale. The En
terprise, valued at 110,000, la said to
bo a total loss. Tho Oxtrey may bo
-aved. It Is reported. It Is valued at
Among those aboard tk Oxtrey
were. It. D. Hume, a man nainod
Riga, and a travo)lng, map In the
employ of the Falrbaaki-Morse Com-
DWltt's CarboltMNl WUek Hum!
81y U tha b$t Mlva for alias, B
para yo gat DaWKt'a. Sold ky all
.Movements of
Salem O
People. ) p
George Johnson wont to Portland
this morning to transact business.
Clarenco O'Dny, of Cottago Grove,
Is in tho city transacting business.
R. D. Gnrdner, of Slnyton, lo in tho
city looking nftor business matters.
Honry Smith has loft for San Fran
cisco, whoro ho will vldlt for a fow
Mrs. George Viosko lma gono to
Portland to spond a fow weeks with
frlonds and relatives.
Knuto Moyors, of CorvnlliB, ar
rived this morning to transact bitBl
nesB for a fow days.
Will Pattorson returned .this morn
ing from a week's business trip in
Southern Orogon.
A. D. Perry, of La Grande, is in
tho city visiting friends nnd trans
acting business at tho court house.
Bud Statesman wont ito Woodburn
this morning to look nftor business
interests for tho Llvesloy hop firm.
Mrs. F. H. Case, who has boon 111
at her homo bn Liberty street, with
n povcre attnek of tho grip, Is re
covering. Mol Baldwin, "Doc" Hussey nnd
Hnrloy White hove loft for Cow Greek
canyon, whoro they will Bhoot for n
fow days.
F. F. Sholl wont to Portland thfs
morning, and will remain tho re
mainder of tho weok transacting busi
ness. "
Miss Grace Tyler left for Oregon
City this morning to vhit frloniTs for
a fow days.
Jay Hfnkle was passenger for Port
land thU morning to look aftor busf
noss matters for a fow days, and also
visit rolatfves.
S. P. Show, of Eugene, arrived -thfe
morning nnd will attend the mooting
of tho Bonrd of Equalization for n;
short tlmo.
Mr'. NpIHo Frohmndor, or North
Front streot, fs very 111. nnd tho fam
ily nro alarmed for hor. Sho has
been ill for some time.
Mrs. John Konworthy returned
from Albany today, whoro she Iiob
Boon visiting hor dnughtor, Mrs. L.
G'. Green, for tlitf pnst weok.
' -o
AllMUVjr NotCH.
(Special Correspondence.)
Albuny, Or., Oct. 20. Tho Albany
tron Works began work this morn
Ing, under tho direction of tho votbr
nn machinist, Mr. John Holmnn, the
proprietor, nftor a long period of
Idlono'B-cntiBPd by the burning of tho
old Plant last summer. If Is nowly
furnlsliod. nnd Is oirn of tho bOBf
foundries, outsidd of Portland, In tho
A reception was tendered tho now
nnstor of the First M. E. church, Rov.
Wi'l In in Stewart Gordon, at tho
ohurcli Jast night, and a plensnnt
tlmo wntr onjoyod by a largo crowd.
Mr. nmf Mn. W. D. Mlxtor, of
Junction City, am moving to Albany,
bemuse of lt .lendTr rafTrond fa
rllltlo. Mr. Mlxtor donls in timbor
mid otbnp lands, and" ft a good add
Mon to A'b'nny.
"filnblo Information has boon ro
co'wod In Allmny tint tho oxtons'on
of the Corvn'Hs & Entorn has !ie"n
orilorod Tills l rHrtaTnTv good
-ows. and" menm a whoro- lot to Al-
fhany, tho growing city of tho North
Mr. V. Vincent ,Thn, who sells
Portland roaltv tnr .YuolW-STMn Co..
of Port'and, hag been in tho city for
rovp'-nl rtujis.
Senator Bourn riV m"ot n largo
oomTiitteo of Alhanv cHlzons next
Frldny nlftht at tho Commercial Cl
ooms, and a ''i"nnnt, non-pollt'cnl
vfs't will bo nlov't.
Attorn?v A. A. TMsslnir: of Brown
vll'o. flloil a uft tofthv lt behalf of J.
C. Morgan ngnln-t n. E. Bloln. of thl
frltv, and" 184 others, to n"Iet title Ur
J-H31 ncrr at union Pomt, Lfnn coun-
tv, near Brownsvlub.
1 mo- Rnr
This nllmont Is usuallv caused hy
rheumatism of tito rmuscleo of the
small' of tho hack, and fs nulckly
cured by applying-Chamberlain's Wh
Imont two or throo t'mes a dny and
massaging tho parts at each applica
tion. For salo at Dr. Stone's drug
Tfean lis Jf l RB 'oa re73 " "W"
Now York, Oct. iiSrJS 1
East Sfdo tnnn,"'rlrPlilrti
was dlscororcd eatli ili. '
Tho flamM irrn!5i A " t
house woro Rerin.u ft1'1
panic that followed the SiS
engines, and wero teSM
nco. n
Scarcely find M( i.u
taken from tho Wa:lfir bu!i!
tho police leforo ST2?ll
detectives wero fnd"?;!1"
clous circumBtAnfM tJfi "
"."?s!?if; c
ment worn no nun . il. .r"
flames wero first dlscoterJ in.2
fmrf (fa ftrt.,1., IW .!"'"' il
building In the bawniMi S.
X?. . w DlU11, ua eTW7 floor
Tho inmates beccmn ru.i...'
and ran poorly clatf into ta n
Tho nasswavs bMAmir n..i .
flghtrng humanity, anj th folW,
nrornen had to ffrht iUJ
through to reach the upriM
iTignienca women &H d
clnmbored out on the Iron 8r,
whoro policemen reacRetftMni,
they Jumped to the nrfeiwri.
ors" reachotl tho Dcutftlevitoi
woro helped to safety orcrtUii
or noigiiDonng houaer,
Tho hndtcK of the Tletfrni
uroncneti by tno nremeffafter o
was oxtlngutthcd.
Tho tonomont wns roci'fji
Tijast Tnlrd s'rpet. The SMI
ueen- Identified as follcrwir
Mrs. Tetta Moscowlti.
Maurlco Moscowltt, 7 nrotkak
Louis ., a boarder,
Moro Thnir Erroseh U Iw)
To maintain health, tnntirei
or wuninu needs Just enenrja Mi
ropnlr tho waste and inppij tv
and body Trent. The htWtml i
BUntlo" nf more food thiffliiw
snry for thiro nnrro en Uti
.cntiso of stomach troublCKfto
tlfim and disorders of the Wim !
troubled with lnd!gHt!, rrt'd
3our diet, Jet reason ui wtiwj
tito control ana inico iiitiwi
rhnmlx-r-nlir's Storanch vA Utj
TFiblts pnd tou irtH-Mnkollr'j!
niraln. For sale at Dr. Koa
. .. . .)..
auA & Bush's uaai.e--!
NccwJcb Union Fke
r..,.k Morwliiii. lU'sMeat At
OUlce with Wra. Brows &
29 Contmerdal stmt
227 Commercial Street
Government In
spected Meats
Choicest Sausage
and Hamburg
Phone 205
4-M-4-H-H IN 1 1
new toijS
soeond-hand buckboanl,
ond-hand Qeorgla v.
...I v.n.l run.abost.
ond-hand top buggy, rri
ono eecond-hand rldW
... I. .l MtM
wagon wim ur, """d
Mitchell, Lewis & S
ted A tlrat-claM coj
Salem hopsltal; goo ajj
piy in rer'on
For SaleFive roOBiffJ",
lftl cottago. -5
street. Price, IWnJ
piace i"
Sale Agrnts Wat-1
or 400 per cem f-t
nifl 8tatlonery and art
free. We want oat rjj
auent In tms ioco g
X. inrA and fr"
4 ,io Rmerlenea aT
We Instruct you ha
coods and furnlih i tat -rj
and promapwi -- t!t&0'l
day for parUouUf. "j-,
cago. THur
WRHtetl Laundress jJ
Hotel. TA
r-n Tuesday afteraji
"mVc.deVe ltiw.1 .ijy
t Journal office pMlft
wr p1 Several -
aw farw 'an 4H
Hal WaalJ.
six laoatas vTi.
par. lf 'lM,

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