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Does not Color the Hair
Destroys Dandruff
PM ! ( ,
Yesterday's rain jtut a stop to tho
macadamizing of North Winter street
for tho time being, but work will bo
resumed as booh m possible In order
to complete tho' work beforo tho
winter linn fully Btartod In. Ovor
two blocks of this highway hns boon
built up In excellent shnpo, and with
in another week, providing tho
wonther permits, tho street will bo
mostly finished.
A good ninny of tho peoplo nro
under tho lmprosslon that Prosldent
Smart of tho General Contracting
company, has left for Portland nnd
closed down tho rock quarry Bouth
of tho city, but tho Btroot rock la
yet bolng prepared by tho contract
ing company and this will continue
until tho Wlntor streot Improvomont
has boon ..wholly completed. Prosl
dont Smartwas on tho point of
shutting down tho quarry some
weeks ngo for tho wlntor and loavo
for Portland, but upon tho urgonl
request of tho proporty owners -and
thoso conducting tho actual build
ing of North Wlntor stroot, ho took
tho matter up with tho Arm, and it
was decided to furnish tho rock.
North Wlntor Btront will bo a prom
credit to tho city whon finished, nnd
will bo onpf tho inn In- drlvownys
during tho noxt dtnto fair.
Why rToldH 'Are I)nngerui.
nncaiifo you hnvo contracted ordl
nnry colds and recovered from thorn
without trcntmont of any kind, do
not for a momont Imagine that colds
an- not dangorou. Evoryono knows
that pcnumonln and chronic catarrh
hnvo tlielr origin In a common cold.
(' tiMimptlon Is not caused by n cold,
but the rold pro pure the system for
th rpp,tlon and dovolopmont of the
germs Hint would not othorwlso have ;
found lodgmont. It is tho snmo wltli
all Infectious dl pases Diphtheria,
scarlet fovor, measles and whooplny
contght nro much more IlkHy to be
contrated whon tho child hns n cold.
You will soo from this that more roal
danger lurks In a cold than In any
othor of tho common ailments. The
ciBleHt nnd qulckotat wny to euro .a
cold 1b to tako Chamberlain's Congo (
uomouy. i no many rumnrKimiu (
cures offoctod by this preparation
have made It a f.tnple article of trade J
over a largo part of the world. For
salo at l")r. Stone's drutr "tore.
Tlirco Lines, Three Insertions. 25c.
n-Aero Tracts In 18 mllej of Port
land. Flue fruit land and close to
now ulec'.rle lino and county rond.
760, $60 cash and $10 pur month
HomoHOokcrs Information Bureau.
222 N, Commercial St., Salem. Or.
For Sale A flrst-oltiBs 1 Vi horse
power Mitchell guHolmo engine,
with nuto spin kor, both In good
condition. AUo 2 horao power
wntor motor. Enqulro at Journal
olllco immedlntoly, If you wUh n
bargain. 10-20-tf
For Sali Sovon-rouin house, all
rnnlern eonvonloncos, onO'lmlt
block land. For furthor pnrtlou
lura call on me niornlnua nt my
reeldenco, end of car lino, touth.
Mrs. Geo. II. Jonoa. Phono 1181.
. 10-27-tf.
lfW SnK Uy owner, good Iiohbo,
barn. shed, cow,- horso, light
wagon and buggy: ton lots nil
foncod nnd cultivated; fruit troea:
corner Twonty-socond and Hydo.
Turner Road. 10-22-3W
A RmuH House For salo nt 1025 N
Cottage street. 10-2-21W
For Snle Ten Blmrea of Hickory
Bark proforred stock. Address
Drawor 618, Snlora, Oregon,
' 9-25-tf
Herrli'K I hnvo ono of tho boat and
largosf varieties of tiny grown on
tho const nnd can furnish you
good Btock and trrto to namo. Bend
for catalog. Goo. L. AUn. l.ebn
non. Or. 10-28-lmo
flood dairy rnneh near 81 ub oreok n
Tlllnniook county. 160 acres with
10 good cows. 20 acres olonred.
fair C-room houso, bam for 12
cows, 2 horBoo, 20 tons liny. This
' for salo or transfer for Sn'om
proporty. AVMl tako SG00 cash.
nnd $1 day till paid out, only
A beautiful dairy farm, 40 acres. 5
mlloi from town, fine spring wntor.
good barn, fair 4-room houso, 250
. English wnlnutB, 1200 logauber-
rles, 2 acres hearing orchard, well
tiled, M00 worth of tiling on lilaco.
A Joo dandy, (6000,
Houses &nd lots for sale find rent.
Reasonable price If you want any
thin lit tata Jino. Want notary
work, of of Uakrasce; want
help or want work of amy kind.
ReftttM ym wanU wltk
H. K. KtATt, '
mm wmwiiw
New Notnrlcs.
Edw. L. Hlbbs, Sumpter; C. E
Cochran, La Grande; II. W. 01111
land, Portland.
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local applications, ns they cannot
rench tho diseased portion of tho
car. Thero is only one wny to cure
deafness, and that is by constitution
al romcdlos. Deafness is causod by
an Inflamed condition of tho mucous
lining of the Eustachian Tube Whon
Hi la fiilin la Inflntilml veil! llilVG a rum
bling sound or Imperfoct hearing,
and whon It Is entirely closed, Donf
tiesa li the result, nnd unions tho In
flammntion can bo tnkon out and
this tube restored to Itj normal con
dition, hearing will bo destroyed for
ovor; nine causes out of ten aru
cousod by Catarrh, which Is nothing
but an Inflamed condition of tho mu
com Hitrfaces.
We will give One Hundred DoUnr
for any case of Doafnosa (caused by
catarrh) thai cannot bo cured by
Hall's Catarrh Cure. Sond for cir
culars free. P. J. CHENEY & CO.,
Toledo, 0.
Sold by all druggists, ibc.
Take Hall's Family Pills for con
A costly JOko Was porpetratod on
tlu o. It. & N. Go. a your ago when
ono of the ralirond commissioners
by namo of Alohlion said to Asees
or Slgler, of Portland, that ho
know of a nest-ogg of 322,0000 oon
of porsopal property If u railroad
company 'that was not on tho uasoss
ment rolls. Slglur 'jumped up in
tho air and said ho'd look it ip,
with u result tlmt on a two-third's
basis ho .slapped tho borporutiou'H
porsonnl property on tho books for
Where Hullctn Flew.
David Pnrkor, of Fyotte, N. Y., a
votoran of tho civil war,-who lost a
foot at Qotrysburg, says: "Tho good
Electric Bitters have dono is worth
muro than $H00 to mo. 1 spoul much
money doctoring for n bad case of
stomach troublo, to llttlo purpose. 1
thon tried Electric Dlttors, nnd thoy
cured mo. I now tako thorn nu a
tonic, and they koop mo strong and
woll." GOo at J. C. Perry's drug story.
n -
Loral Date
Nov. 0. Registration cIosob for
city prlmnry.
Monday necember fl. Roglstrn-
tlon clones for city election.
December 7. City oluctinu.
December 1-5, Fruitgrowers'
mooting. Portland.
Ono 0-room houso, 3 lots, good bnso
mout, wash stand, bnth, tollot;
good now windmill, all kinds of
fruit; close In. $2500.
Qooil 7-room house. line wood Iioubo,
stable, xood well, force pump, 3
lotn; $2000.
Good 0-room house, good stnblo, (1
acroi of land. $8700.
0-room houso ou.lSth stroot, cor
ner lot. $050.'
Good A room house, bnth, tollot,
pantry, lot 75x175. Proco, $1300
Ootid plaeo with 12 lots, small houso,
woll feuood, all kinds of fruit,
ono horee, ono good cow, 2 one
bono wagons, 200 chlokous. Ah
for $1750.
3 ohonp houses In Yew Pnrk; houeen
of all prices from $1000 to $1000.
81 aoroa, Reed houso nnd barn, good
woll, pleuty of all klndB of frutt.
10 caws, 0 hogs, 2 dozon chickens,
good wagon, buggy nnd 2 horsus.
plow, harruw nnd somo othor fur
nlUiro. $80 per noro.
80 acres 3 miles of Salem, 10 acre
in ciilt'vHtlon, balance In pnsturo
and tluibor; $05 por noro.
3 10-acre traota from $1000 to
30 acre, housQ, barn, orchard
21 noros of good land, good houso,,
barn. 0 aoros orchard, 3 horses, 2
cows, wagon, buggy harness,
plow li) fnqt, all tho furniture on
the place, $0000.
30 aoroa all In timber and pasture
$1600. '
And some of tho host of tho rlvor
bottom land.
100 State St. Ralciu, Or.
Cummins Bros.1 TniMfer Oonipany
All kinds of transfer work dono
Furn'turo and plnnoi boxed ready
for shipment. Prompt service U
our motto. Stand nnd olllco at
23 South Commercial street.
Phono 210. Residence Phone
Wonircr Clierrington Pianos and
organs sold on easy torms; tele
phono 1187; 247 Commercial
Street, Salem, Oregon, tf
Hveiy ua FI Stables Old FeJt-
oee itafclee, at 254 rtirry street,
betweea Commercial aad Fret
ltJlSffi!!. XII' ,52f
,MtW U Mm r m
a f m 1mmt. Wetott MM
You haven't Catarrh of the
Stomach, or Nervousness, or Gas
tritis, or Cancer, etc. Prove this by
taking Pnpo's Diapepsln after your
vory noxt menl. Convince yoursolf
within ilvo mlnutos that your actual
disease was sour, acid Stomach
Food fermentation that ovory bite
you ate turned to Stomach gnJ,
Stomach poison and Acid, which
makos you feel sick nnd miserable,
nt-nrlttntnfr nn oh nvmntnnm ns nnln
, 11 ll .t il atniMnnll T I Tl .1 . 1 1 11
in V11C JUl "l lU SIUIIUIUII. ASlUlliUlljr
in bronthlng after a meal, Head
aches, Belching, Hoartburn, Nause
ous breath, Water brnsh, Bilious
ness, Sour risings, Gas 'on Stomach
and many othor bnd feelings.
Indigestion Is n result, not a
cause, of your misery. If tho Stom
ach Is sour, your ' food becomo3
tainted, and that's why you have
thane stomach disorders;
Ask your -pharmacist Jo shdw you
a 'case of Pnpo'a Diapepsln, which
costs only 50 cents. Read what this
offoctlvo Stomach and dlgc3tiy?
treatment contains, nnd how abso
lutely harmless It must1 be; how it
doos for the Stomach wjiat tho wash
ing jind sun bath do for tho churn;
absolutely removes overy corrupt
ing or tainting element, and wl'l
dlatost all tho food yoiucnn oat.
Go to your druggist and got somo
D'apopofln now, then cat anything
yci want at your noxt moal, and yoa
wl'l not siiffor from Indigestion or
Stomnoh troublo. Enc.1i bltb of food
will tnsto good, nnd, bCBldoa, you
will not nood llvor regulators to
keep your intestines and Stonmsh
clean nnd fresh.
Now and forovor rid yourself of
tho misery of Indigestion nnd Stom
ach troublo. Mnlco your meals a
pleasure by going to tho table with
a healthy appetite.
For Chronic Diarrhoea.
"Whllo n tho nrmv In 1S03 r wns
takon with chronic diarrhoea," says
uoorgo Ai. i'ouou oi Koutn unison.
Pa. "I have since tried many ronio
d'es but without any pormnnont ro
llof, until Mr. A. W. Mile, of thH
plnce, porsnudud mo to try Chambor
laln's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy, ono bottle o' whjph stuped
It nt onco," For Bale at Dr. Stono's
drue tnro
$1800Lnrge two-story, olght-room
house, modorn, all uuv. Inside
$4 6 00-7-Very handsome, new( nine-
' roon'i houso, nu Court street, lot
76.X.105, modern, boated with
furnace. A Bargalii.
$3,000 A new modern "bungalow,
just comploted, fluely equipped
with modorn conveniences. On
Court ntroet. A Snap.
$1550 Unoh Two newly built cot
tagos In Yow Pnrk, modorn.
Notholng ehenper In Salem.
$1250 New houso and barn, vory
largo sevon rooms, woll built.
North Salem.
$1460 New houso, six rooms, bath
nnd tollot, soptlc sower, woll built,
on Asylum nvenue.
Lots from $160 to $1000. Some in
side lots at $350.
Modorn houso, 7 room, electric
lights, bath, toller, pantry, half
block, beautiful ground, fruit.
Wo hnvo n largo list of city proper
ties for sale. Ilrxwn and lots
$000 and up. Vacant lots 150 and
up. Call on
till Rtato St rent. Bay no Building
15 ncree. good 7-room pla'taro1
uid pnporod lieu barn, ontbull 1
Ings, fruit, ote. good home, Inside
corporation, only $8000.
ft acres, good house, barn, fruits, etc
In good location on good road, for
a fow days, $1760.
Good 6rooui plnstoml-haUso. barn. 2
acres, all lu fruit, just out of Sa
eom. Th' is good land, good home
Only $1300.
Also porno of tho host lots on Stnto
19 acres, ono mllo of good town and
school, on good rond. good 7-rootr
house, barn, outbuildings all kinds
of fruits, etc., good water, good
house, only $2400.
Houso' ty rent. etc.
If you nro looking for fnruis, or
houses, see
Room 9, ovor United States Natlon.il
Bank, Salem, Oregon.
" ' 't i
WaHted All-round good family
maro or horse. Harness and light
6prlng wagon. Call at 495 North
Commercial street, or addreaj N.,
car thts office, 10-30-3t
Fw t Tw kMM eaMlr
.T?Zr . . a8. H,
li i Mill street. lt-S-St
First Christian;
Comer -of High nnd Center
streets. Preaching by the pnstor, D.
Errett, at 11a. m. an d 7:30 p. m.
Uespectivo thomes, "What Do Yo
More than Othero?" and "A Cure for
Sectarianism." Bible school, 10 a.
m. Christian Endeavor, C:30 p. m.
Tho Christian church chorus will
furnish tho music Tho public cor
dially welcome. Strangers and vis
itors especially invited.
Lutheran's St, John's.
Missouri Synod. Regular Sun
doy service at 10 a. m. In the Ger
man Lutheran' St. John's church
corner Center and Fourteenth Sts.
Goo. H. Engel, pastor.
CenUiil Congregnt ional.
Itev. O. A. Stlllmnn, ono of Ore
gon's Sunday school and missionary
workers, will bo present nt tho Sun
day school" and morning service.
Full attendance doslred. All other
sorvlces as usual.
First Congregational.
Comer Center nnd N. Llborty
streets, Rev. Philip E. Bauor, pna
tor. Morning' worehlp at 10:30 it.
m sermon by tho pastor on "The
Ch'ld of tho Kingdom." Evening
servlco nt 7:30 p'. m sermon by
Rev. O. A. Stlhman of Eugene.
First MuttinriWt Episcopal.
Rev. W. II. Sellock will pronch at
10:30 a. in. on tho topic, "Tho Choice
of Moses." Blblo school at 12 m
Epworth Longuo nt 0:15 p. m. At
7:30 p. m. Bishop Scnddlng ' will
preach beforo tho convention of the
Y. W. C. A. Spoclnf iiiubc nt all
.ervlcoB. Strangors hoartlly wel
comed. W. C. T. U.
Rev. Noff will sponk at the W. C.
T. U. hall Siuiday afternoon at 1
o'clock. Special miisla, Evorybody
Cold Weather Advice,
to all is to bewaro of coughn and
mills nn tho chest: ns n"irIuotcd thev
read'ly lead to penumonln, consumt
tlnn or other pulmonnry troublos.
Jut as soon u the cough npponr"
treat It with Ballard's lloroho'ind
Rvrup tho standard ere of America
uso ns directed porfcetlv linrmiPM.
A euro and preventive for all dis
eases of tho lungs,
Prlco 2rc, COc and 11.00 per bo.
tle. Sold by nil' denlprs
a i. 3 s a 3SL I Sl. .
IlftRrs tho Th8 K,r0 'w m ''1,V8lfS Bou2,;'
.Tha Klro ou liana M.b I
CarpentcrH Union No. JOdft Local
Union No. 1005 of Carpenters nnu
Jolnors of Ainorlca meet over Sat
urday evening at 7:30 p. m. In
Henrst hall, 420 State Stroot
A. W. Dennis, Roc. Sec.
Foresters of Anierlcn-Court Sher
wood, Foresters, No. 19. Moots
Snturdny night In llolmnu hall,
Stato Btroot, Goo. F. Pnttorson, C.
R.; J. C. Perry, financial socrotary
Central Lodge No. 18, Iv. of 1
Ca' tlo hnll In Holmnn .block', cor
nor Stnto nnd Liberty streete.
Tuosday of each wook nt 7:30 p.
m. Oscar Johnson, C. C; E. B
Andorson, K. of R. nnd S.
Modern Woodmen of Anierlcn Ore
gon Cedar Camp No. 524C. Moots
ovory Thursday ovenlng nt 8
o'clock in Holmnn hnll. W. W.
Hill, V. C: F. A. Turner, clork.
Woodmen of World Meet ovory Fri
day night nt 7:30, In Holmnn hall.
E. Luptou, C. C; I . Frazler,
Lincoln Annuity Union sick, ncel
dont and poneios insurance; $2,
000,000 pledged; evory claim paid.
Good agents wanted. J. H. C.
Montgomery, supreme organizer,
Box 432 Salem, Oregon. R. R.
Itynn secretary. 540 Stato street.
5 Aero Tract Good homo and barn,
well water, somo fruit, very boat
of soil.
$730 Ten Acres.
10 acres on tho Portland Electric
car lino. Snap $750.
80 Acres $85 Per Acre.
80 aoros of of the very host land in
tho valloy on Howell Pralrio on
main road, bountiful location.
Snnp. Adjoining laud hold nt $125
per acre.
I rouses.
Modorn house, 7 rooms, eloctrlc
lights, bath, toilet, pantry, half
blook beautiful grounds, fruit.
Wo havo a large lot of city proper
ties for sale. Houses and lots,
$G00 and up. Vacant lots $50
and up.
To Exchange.
If you wish to trade your city pro
perty for country property see us-.
Wo have a large list of exchanges
Call on
641 State St. Bayne BkIIuXhk
247 Miller St, South Saleas, waBH-
at '" ' " ' e, eratM
Btla4 frlt dryw -asiiaasrtoe. Faaae
Hfe?5 i&MM!MBJ
Awviivu 3 run cuwr,
. ...... - --.-
simuaun" mctooaandKcgud
(injjllur Stomaclis oialBwtJsol'
Promotes DigesllonlKctfBl-1
iicss unu iKsaoiuamsnciw
Op'itm.MorpIiir.c norJIiacral.
Not Narcotic.
An'ribcl Remedy for Consllra
hon , hour SlomacIi.Dlarrlwa
RicSkillc Sidunturc or
Exatt Cv-ij; of Wrapper.
You tnko Kodol just for n .little
whllo whon you hnvp sl'ght attacks
of indlgostlon, nnd you tnko It Just a
little longer In order to get relief
from sovoro attacks of Indigestion or
I Nervous DyBpesln. Try Kodol to
day. Sold by all druggists.
For Ciiapped Skin.
Chappod skin whether on tin
lianda or fnco may bo cured In one
night by applying Clmmborlnln's
.Snlvo. It Is also unoqualod for sor
nipples, burns nnd "cn'ds. For snlo
at Dr. Stono'n drug storo.
Look" Out For" tho Forotors' dance
Novembor 7. Ilolman's hall.
Cement Work Concroto walks, sop
tlo tanks, comont floors and foun
dations. Eatlmatoa furnished and
nil work guaranteed. J. P. Votch,
328 Marlon stroot. Phono COS.
qnltMii Cash Market. Tho finest cuts
of moats nt tho lowost prices. My ;
phono 370, 173 S. Commercial St
P. W. Royeltz, Prop. 7-21-tf.
Help Furnished Freo of Charge By
Latham Land company, ua ouuw
stroot, phono No. 149. Partlos,
wanting hol4 plenso call nt olllco
or phono us. Also havo cows for '
sale. '
Comrt'to Work Got my prices on
Bldowulk, curb3, spetlc tanks and I
comont work of any kind. All
work guaranteed first class. M. i
Ward, 2378 Maple Ave., Highland..
Phono 5C9. July24-tf
Carpenter Can do all kinds of
rough and Inside work. Anything
from repairs to contracting. A. C.
Brown, 1390 North 17th streot.
ogt'T Lutnlwr nnd rHiel Co. -Lum
ber .shlnglM, building matrla.l
wood and coal. Low prices anc"
prompt Aoliverlw. Ono blocV aasi
of 3. P. p&asengc depot. Phont
198 T-J-if
JUittc & Wenderoth Fine wines
liquors and clgar We handle
tho celebrated Kellog gand Ca?tl
whiskies. Cool and refreshing bee
constantly e: draught. South
Commercial streot. 9-3-lyr
Then. M. Bnri-PIumblng, hot water
and steam heating nnd tinning:
104 Commercial street. Phone
Main 192. s-i-iyr
M. J. Petzel -Plumbing, steam and
gas fitting. Succea'or to Knox
Murphy, 226 Commercial street
Phone Mala 17.
I will Buy your land or Sell you
mine or Exchange if it suits
both of us. I can give any Infor
mation regarding the Government
Lands on the frontier in Lake or
Crook countless, aad caa five a
satisfactory description of any
part of Oregon or qallfor;!-
from personal experieace aad ob
servatloa, J. O. ROBKRTSON,
taen t,..i.. .luif Salajn. Of ,
ow ott Steuslof Brw. li-ll-f.
Ri r.'!
'U- .IISiUHITKiHIl feivT7
The Kind You Han
Always Bought
Bears the
tmi ctNTn eeuMhr, mwtMin,
Two tnflrriBi?o Been pi thv j
yostordsy nfterncon bv Cosj ty
I Allen, one to Henry nh tj
'57, and Ellen It. Morgan. u SI
Both the liappv npplleas :Jfi
Salem, Tli" otlier pe-mlt mLwi
to .1. A. Pnpe, age 29, of Porui
and Clara IUi'gel, age 2" 'fSui
KnnpN Balsnm wl'l i!n uj
cough Hint ran bo KtoppeJ br W
medlcluo and euro cocjbi (bit cu
no be.cin'cd by,amp;ki
It Ih niwnvs tho uesteottfinn
. a. n.lloi 1 i a Si St
iuu acre , nu " - i
good ten-room houiM"1!!
1.1 it i'.' II
xuu, siraw uw ---splendid
place Price I. '
5 acres, good Blx-rooa i-r
. ntnkiMflnf Brtlt""'
50 bwrlngnpple hew.
. . ...i Th ltllC
troos in ownub. -
close in nnd cheap t I-H;
New 0-room house, clen:
three los. gow - c
Cily lot. for -;;
amottuts oowu. - r
monthly Installment.,
873 STATU 8TBff'
Graber U
., ttt
:: wm give p'irt
10 uu v
.v ooSfir-
8treet rJZ in.
Store. r
Z T-mtJ
- -.M0i
U For Over
'Thirty Years

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