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Daily capital journal. (Salem, Oregon) 1903-1919, October 31, 1908, Image 8

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fllHI I I I I I I I 1 1 II I I I I 1 1 I III I I I I I I 1 1 I 1 1 M 1 1 I I III 1 1 I I Ml I 1 1 1 1 I M 1 1 I H H M I flrr-M-H-H 1 1 I I I I I 1 1 I 1 1 I I I 1 H I II II 1 I
- . . - .. M - ...,!.-..-
WtllllHlllllllllllllllllMHIIIillllllliminilll Mrs., Glover u tho youngest Mrs. u. . uuej, a uumuor ui .h.
J -daughtor of Mr. and Mm W. H. ago, and is won Known nere.
f Byars, and Ib ono of tho Capital ...
City's most popular and accom- Dance at Asylum.
I .. . . ..!.. i- ..n.i.. ...i. .,-.
piiBiicu young women, one 19 a T115 regular iuumwuj --ii'iu
grnduato of Willamette University, special dance was given at tho asy-
also of tho college of oratory of the liun Thursday night. The hall was
'varsity under Dean Savage, and re- dncoratod with ferns, roses and
celvcd a d'ptoma from the North- chrysanthemums. Tho asylum or-
weatorn Normal Co.loge of Music chostrn furnished the musical pro-
undor Dr. Z. M. Parvln. Mr. Glover gram. The guests numbered about
Is a graduato of tho university law -50, mostly town people. Mrs. Philip
department, and was appointed prl- Motchan, who Is visiting Mrs. Dr
vate secretary to Congressman Haw-, Griffith, was a Portland guest.
ley about a year ago.
1 1 1 1 1 II III 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Ml 1 1 M 1 1 III H M 1 1 111 I M M 1 1 1 Ml I I
Halloween week has
como to a 'and was secured with lilies of tho
lively closo. Beginning with a dance valley. Her maid of honor, Miss
at the armory, Tuesday night, fes-j Agnes Holtkompor, woro a corn
jtlvtlUe will temlMto srttk a colored tarfeta Costume and carried
party at tho high school tonight. white chrysanthemums. Mlsa Myr
The danco at the auditorium last tlo Montgomery, as bridesmaid, woro
night, rind tho rocoption at tho ft handsome princess gown of light
high school will probably havo been blue silk organdies ovor bluo silk,
tho two largest affairs of tho wook, Sho nlso carried white chrsyantho
ln both bf which tho Halloween' mums,
spirit predominated. I Tho brdal party mot tho brido-
Armory Dancing Party.
Reception at Klmluill College.
Dr. and Mrs. Kimball, of the
Hallowe'en I'arty.
groom and his best man, Mr. David
Tho young ladles of Lausanne Hlchards, at tho altar, and aa thoy
hall cntertnlncd their gentlomon woro ' leaving tho llttlo flower girl
friends at an Hallowo'on party on strewed flowers before thorn.
Friday night. Numorous games woro Following tho coromony a rccop
onjoyed, among' thorn being a Hon was held In tho church parlors,
"String Game," in which each of the with only relatives and lntimnto
gentlemen was given tho end of n friends as guests,
cardinal string, and tho girls old- Mr. and Mrs. Fawk will bo at
gold .tho University colors. Those homo to frlonds nftor December 15,
woro wound around plecos of furnl-, at 180 Grand Avenue Portland,
turo, and tangled, and on tho end of , Tho bride, a pretty girl, Is tho old
each was a folded paper,. which nt est daughter of Mrs. C. W. Simon,
a givon Blgnnl wero opened, nnd on of this city, and Is plpulnr with n
them woro wrltton a 'stunt" which largo lint of friends, both hero and
oach must porform. During tho oven-' in Portlnnd. Mr. Fawk is salesman
tho lights wero turned low, nnd with the Eggort '& Young Shoo Co .
gliOBt and other stories told. A four- j Portland, and Is also well-known and
comrBO Btippor was sorved in tho dln-i popular In Salem, whoro ho formor-
Ing room which was decorated with j ly resldod.
autumn lcavoi, Ivy and HoworB. Tho '
plnco cards woro hnnd-pnlntod cald-l Rynr-aiover.
rons. Tho decorations of tho pnrloti ' Easily tho prottlost function of tho
tonded townrd Hallowo'on time, weolc was tho marriago of MIsb Vora
Jack 'Luntorns, autumn loaves and Mary Rynrs and Mr. Ronald C.
ponnnnts furnishing excellent ma-' Glovor, Wednesday evening, nt tho
turlal. I homo of tho brldo's parents, 685 N.
Curd and Dancing; Parly
Mrs. Harry AlbortB, Mrs. George
F. Rodgorfl and Mrfl. 0. L. McNnry
woro hostesses at a dollglttful card
and dancing party at tho Auditorium
lnflt night. Tho decoratloiiH suggoat
vd tho Hallowoou tlmo, Jack o' lun
torns, lings, autumn leaves, Ivy and
ovorgrooiiB bolng used. Cob' corners
woro nlso arranged around tho hall.
Six card tables woro UHod. An ox-
nnlluM illlllltrtfll t ItlMI III ttfl O f 1 I 1
t,u" "T , '... M (carnatlonfl.
nlflhod by McElroy-'n orchoBtrn. Miib- ' . . .
tor uroymn uoibo aim aiibb aiur
garot Rodgora attended tho door.
The gowiiB worn by tho ladles woro
exceptionally hands Jine.
Celebrate Golden Wedding.
' Mr. and Mr. J. H. Elgin celebrat
ed their fiftieth wodding anniversary
lit their homo In South Halo'm lnflt
"Wednesday. It wan In tho nature of
u family reunion, as only tlm m Bin
bora wero prosont. At 5 o'clock
am otijoynblo. dinner wiib sorvod
Thono present woro Mr. and Mrs.
AV. A. Mooros, Mr. and Mra. Chnrlen
F. Elgin and children, of Salem;
Mrs. llowltt. of Albany, and MIbb
Emma Elgin, of Sllotz. MombotB who
woro unablo to attend wore: Mr.
nnd MrB. A. T. Ghlpman, of Portland;
(lelrgo nnd .Harry Elgin and Mr.
and MrB. Clifford Elgin, all of Sllotz.
Cnmmorcfflt street.
Tho decorations of tho d I ft o rent
room" woro oxcopt tonally pretty. In
tho living oom whero tho coromorry
wns performed tho color scheme ot
whlto nnd groen was artistically car
riod out wftlr chrysanthemums,,
roios, Ivy and forpB, in ono corner
a bower was formed of Ivy, from tho
eduo of which hung Rtrnnds of the
ivy, nnd utrenmors o' white ribbon,
on tho ends of which woro tlod' whlto
The background vruo of
i lerus. a inrgo luvoi'B-icnni oi wiuio
innllno complotod tllo derorntlOTin of
thlB corner. Tho parlor was protty
with plnlc rosos and ivr- Ivy wan
nlao UBo'd In tho hallway nnd (rnnn-1
titles of It waB banked along tho
ataTrway, Red nnd' green" wore tllo
colora rtiaod In tho dlnfngj 'room.
Cnndlos, autumn reavoB, carnnttbna
nnd Ivy being used'.
Jimt boforo .tho coromony MIsb
Lonlso Thompson Bang "Oil Promlso
Mo." Sho waa daintily coBtumed In
yollow silk nmr carrfed' yllow
At 7 o'clock MIbb Etva Wlnslow
played tho weddmg march from
Lohengrl . Tho brldnl party com
posed of Mlsnos Zoa Stockton, Cora
Talklngton. Emma Wright, Olivo
Rodoll, AugUBt Rooth, Tono Flahor.
all gowned In pink and bhio ontored
tlrst. Noxt enmo the two brides-
JIIkj Marguerite Wilson, u Haleni Society Girl,
December -l.
Who Will Re Marrlett
Tho accond or a aorliM of daiuini;
purtleii to ho given this winter bv
Mr. A. Ij. Wallace and Mr. A. If.
GIllo took plncv at the Armory
Tniosdny night. Ovor sovonty-flvo'
couplcB of aoloct young people at
tended Including; u number of' out
or town people. Tho program con-
ta'nod twenty nutubei-B and two ox-
tris. Tho iuubIc vai turulBhcd In.
nn excellent mnnnor by tho Peorlesia
orahcBtrn. A. new dnnco tho "flvo
st:p" wns Introduced with groat
buccobs, nnd will probnbly bo a
popular number on dancing pro
grams liero ithla winter. The third
dance of these scrtoa Is scheduled to
thool gcnl college, received tho stu
d"eut:r and professors and their wIvbh
at tho college Wednesday evonlng.
Dr. anc? Mra. D. h. Rador, of Port
land, and Pro;, nnd MrB. Ilomau, of?
Wlllametto University, woro apucinllr
honored g'.tostfl. Dr. Rndr, who Is
editor of tho Pacific Chrl.tlan Ad
veator (follvored nn address. A so
cial hour followed. Tho reception
Ib ,glvnjT at tho beginning1 of caclvt
year to enable tho students to be
come hotter ncQunluted with ono an
other nnd" with tho profossors.
Avery plenum evening wus apont
fn St. Joseph's hall ThMisdny in the
form of n Hallowe'en party glvon'
:. i......ii- nnaitiB. aiicui Anna wnanon. ot uoao-
.lIOIHglHlH'tJ- k
One of th olargost nnd prettlcut k. mm - '""- 'r. ..y
.LimuH of tho weak In Portland wore gowns nllke of lavender ellscla. I
wah celBbmtod Wortneadpy rnlng clotli ovor Invoudor Bilk, and onrrled
nt 8 o'olook at tho (utnl RnptlBt , arm boquota of lavondor chrjaan--1...-1.
x.-i.an mIhr ISdna MontKom-! tlicmuuiB. Procodlng tho brldo came
UIIIIIXl ." .... i
or. of this city, btetuno tno nnuo
of Mr. Herbert W. Kawk. or Prt
1nr.d. Rev. W. T. J rdnu rend the
service In the pi'JHeuet of about 200
Tho churoh w rfotlvly dooor
atod with rosea, ehrysanthomumB
and Binllax. Garlands of thobo wuro
arranged along tho ohnuajjl mill, buck
of the nltnv nnd In ollior nvnllablo
PreuodluB tho coronuiny MUa Ev-
oiya Hurlo). of Portland, sang "A
bong of altiug." nflor whlgh Mlas
Gortrude Fawk, a BlBlor of tho
groom, played Mendelssohn's wed
ding inarch.
Tho groom'B attendants, Messrs.
O. 11. Wilholm, Edgar J. Sherman,
William H. Uudorwood, Rort O,
Coffoy and A. O. Andorson, ontorod
first, forming In couplo8 nnd coming
up tho two alsloa. Noxt enmo'tho
four brldoamulda, Mlaaea Nolllo
Daly, In light bluo taffota; Oraco
Fdwk, in oream colored not ovor
pink allk; Kato Scott, In pink Bilk
mull over whlto bIUc, and Mra, Jose
phine Friulor In Nile groon allk mull
also ontorod In palrB. All carried
pUk carnations. Foilowlag them
camo tho ring bearer, llttlo Mlm
Jordan, In whlto, carrying the rla
in n largo calla lly. Tho Howor girl,
Mlw Ruth Jordan, preceded Ue
Wrldomald and ld of hoor. The
Vrlde entord aloae. She lleked e
ecltilly lovely in a robe pt yrhjte
erepe de chlae over whiter attk. " ' A
Kmi, veil cowjpltly ev44 Mt
hor nluco little MlBi Vera Wright,
wonring pink and carrying tho rtnt?
In a 'urge pink roao on a silver tray,
Tho bride mado a lovely picture In
a gown of whlto laco, mado upon
princes llnoB, over chiffon and taf
fota. and .trimmed with folds ot
whto Bntln. Her vol! waa hold by
hor engagement ring and waa caught
to hor Bhoulders by tiny whlto roso
bndrt. Hor boquot was of brldo's
Tho groom and hla boat man, Mr
Ralph Glovor, mot tho bridal party
under tho largo bower, whoro Rev.
W. II. Sollcck performed tho coro
mony beforo about sovonty-flve
guoatB, Including many from out ot
After the ceremony Miss Thomp
son served punch and Miss Gesiltr
coffee In tho dining room to tho wed
ding party. Afterwards Mlas Cora
Tftlklngton Berved punch and Mlas
Zoa Stockton coffeo to tho guests.
The brldo's boouot was caught by
MWs Rodvll nnd a piece of tho wed
ding cako containing the dime was
given to Mlsa Cora Talklngton; tho
pleco. containing a silver heart to
Miss Fisher, and llttlo Mlsa Taylor,
nloce ot tho groom, received tho
Jr. aud Mrs. Glovor left Wednes
day Bight fer a short trip south,
after whleh they will return to Sa
teM, and, la November will go te
WahlagtoB, D. 0., where they will
the w later.
HmgiH . nttx iHflBBHIHLLI
F- ; lJ!kHHHHl
Miss Dean Taylor, in "The Flaming Arrow," Monday, November ti.
Grand Op'era House Mon
day (November 9th,
Mr. James J. Corbett, who has
scored a pronounced hit in fnrco
comedy this season will bo tho at
traction at tho Grand opera house,
Monday, Nov. 9, In "Facing the
MubIc." Corbett Ibb good actor and
a natural comedian and his delinea
tion of John Smith In Jnmcs Henry
Darnloy's refreshing comedy la said
to bo. a dollghtful piece of work, and
a pleasant surpriso to hh many nJ
mlrors. This scaton Mr. Corbett comes to
us under tho management of "II. II.
Frnzeo, who has surrounded hh
hnndtomc Bt'nr with an excellent
company nnd a superb scenic equip
ment. Tho play Is n bright, absorb
ing come'dy, fairly flashing with an
un broken series of lnughablo slt.tn
tlons. ' It was originally produced In Now
York nt tho Madison Square theater
with Mr. Henry E. Dlxoy as "John
Smith" and subsequently disclosed
at Powers theater, Chicago, whoro
It ran nil summon
Rice and Cndy aro regarded by
theatergoers throughout 'tho United
States as tho natural successors to
Wobor and Field In tho delightful
Gorman dlnlect comedy. They will
npponr In "Hip Hop Hooray" at tho
Grand opora houso on Thursday,
Nov. 5. Tlth pleco comes direct
from Weber's music hnll on Broad
way after an entire season of success
In Now York. Rice and Cndy, as u
Gorman promotor of "Excited Oatfl,"
a new break fa'.t food, and as a capi
talist reluctant to Invoit his money,
go to Dooflttlo UreTvorsRy to see the!'"
Bona on tho great day of a boat nice.
A comic opora corapauy Is In town
nt tho same tlmo. There nro Bomo
Interesting townspeople, nnd boys
and gira, Gorman comcdInn3, wid
ows mid tho like become Involvpd In
oplsodca which nro delightfully fun
ny. Too production comes intact
from New York and h tho most ox-
ponslvo ovor stnged by Jos. Weber.
Tho girls aro tho pick of tho fam
ous Weber chorusis.
tako placo at tho Armory In about, by the Mlssoa Eckerlon and Mrs. A.
two wooks.
Kngageutcnt of Former Salem Girl.
The engagement has been an
nounced ot Mis3 Gertrude Corlne
Rtloy to William Chrhtophor Darker
tho wedd'ng to tako place November
15. Tho wedding tour will include
several months la Europe, where
theywU laetor & the ecaUaeat,
Th. aheve. appeared h kit Sua
E. Hucke8te!n. The hall was taste
fully decorated with autumn loaves,
flr boughs and Jack o'Lautorns. An
Interesting musical program was
rendered Including a pumpkin march
by ton young ladles. Mra. A. O'
Brien and Ml Holen Barr carr'ed
off the prizes In a guessing contest.
Appropriate refreshments were
served and al! reported an enjoyable
DeWltt's CaYfeoltred WKch Haiel
MiMin. ni-ii4n-iwnRt s?3K jpajTs
ib wiw hw !, r. ana mre ryfHl , JWM', U ,tf all
Little Johnny Jones.
"Llttlo Johnny Joiiob" tho mttal-
wnl piny by Geo. M. Cohnti which
Is booked for an early porformnnce
In this city Is doscrlbod a3 one of
tho fnstost and swiftest comedies
ovor sot to music by thU dlat'ngulsh
ed young nuthor. It la so different
from 4ho majority of Its kind nnd bo
original In Its construction that all
Now York last season poured on
mnsso to boo It. It" phenomonnl run
In thnt city for twenty-six weeks nnd
nil Bummer In Chicago, hna glvon It
gront prestige. Our theatergoers
havo boon talking of no othor bIiow
for wooka which augurs v for a
crowded house' when "Llttlo Johnny"
conies to this city.
alert to Mrs M.t1
tlionv Al.nni.... ' ,0'iT ft!.
tho audience, m'olU
vuous parent. The hnT, ,lB
ro ,to be conIf..e H
the opera hryi. ... .. 0I h
cult, "" ua m "Plendlde
The play8 of the i
nearly all presented h '
ato prices and next 11 1V
bi8 under the m U 1M k
Meredith. Keep the 11 J
i ii ii -
A rnullall. ..i.
far west will be tho ottZ?,J
Grand opera heu89 unt L?
of "The Flaming Arrow? 5 ?
Is not, as might naturally ul
pectod, a blood and hnJ
tlon, nbonmding In m
othor hair raising episodes,,
"".I. io mo aimienco, but Is finJ
Picture of iifo on the froaUeT3
In ono of tho famous gorentJ
postB. it tells a beautiful lore 3
Is replete with thrllllne , J
lti chnrncters arc all taken t,
living prototypes, true ia daj
nnd costumo. As "The Old H
stend" Is tho typical play of tl
oast, so is "Tho Flaming Arret")
tho for west. Lincoln J, Cirloi
tho author nnd producer and trsh'
unanltnouBly concede It to be bit li
production. To add local colcrtd
renifm a trlbo of real Miai
carried, also Eevcral cx-Unlted Eu'j
soldiers, cowboys and brm tsi
which will give a band conceit If
foro tho performance.
Would Morfsaee the Ttm.
A farmer on Rurual Rootel,!,
inro ua., v. a. mojo. ojr Mae,r'
"Bucklon's Arnica Salre tare! H"
two worpt rores Iereriaw.edwii'
hard nnd ono of my leg. ftunrt
moro tnnn its weight la wuvtiK
not be without It If I had tonorti
ino iarm 10 kcj ii." unijr JMIN. Cj
Porrr'n druir store.
Mra. Mnlaprop and nil tho com
iany were enjoyed by a Snlem audi
ence lait night at tho Grand opera
houflo. The two Jeffej-sons n3 Lucius
O'Trlggor and Bob ,acres wero at
their host and their ontlro supporo
was flrst-clasa. No play In recent
years has been puf on with the per
lliini'O. 9
SEE The Attack on OM 12
SEK The Ocnulno indtaa t
-!-,. ?x- not. asf.36 i
feot detail of "Tho Rivals" at their gentsale at hot office M' i
hands. Tho audience wa8 keenly '
Flwt RrcHbjfcritt i
Church street, neat Cnmrtrtv'
Rev. Henry T. Dabcodt, ji
Pronchlng sorvlces, 10:10 1 a. i
7:30 p. m. Thomej, itwmil
"Tho Powor of Faith for fettle,'
Mark 9:23, nnd "OurlLnspIraUnS
Tompornnco Work," GaL 1:1. TU
church orchestra will play it tfc
ovonlng sorvlco, "The Foliet So,
by Lnnge. Sunday echool it II
Jr. C. E. at3:30p.nt.:Sr..C.E!
0:30 p. m. Mid-week prayer aC
Thursday at 7:30 p ra. PobD ct
dlally Invited to al lot thai unto
ljimn II rk.
This nllment ii usually wtrtH
rhoumatlBm of the bwkiJI el
small of tho back, and ft ih
cured by npnlvlng Chambr!!"l
Iment two or three t'mei i itow
massaging tho parts at d i W
tion. For sale at Dr. Stonel
Grand OpcraHos
Jno. F. Cortkay, W '
A Superb, Sensational. S1
Surprise A Vivid PsrW
tho Far West - UfJ. l
Cartor's Special ProJ
introducing he Worltt J
SEE Tlie council "'
.. .. m
Wo wish to Inform our patrons tlwt our home of wSi K
ment Is TIIltorGHLY VENTILATED and fa now
FURNACE. No other Motion PIctHro houso ia
this, . joy r
COME and hear tho pictures sing ami talk, a jg,
entertainment la the west wodeiu ami Hp-to-i
FIXED amusemeHt not only ia Salem, but oa '"V,
Pretty stronif, but It's fact Hevorthelcs See i i prf
MatlBeeft-rTHeeAay, WedaMdiy, Thndy, J t0
toS p, mi.

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