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flAIIV rtl'lTi. tnmvit, AM0W, OliBOOIf, BQ6t 'r agtUOIAdM. '.MKISSHMIHAI
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, Now Yofk, Nov, 4. Mttiiy,,toilte3t still remaining in doubt,, mark
the results of ttyo gubernatorial races over the country and somoidl
them may not bo Bottled for sovoral dnys.
Tho victory of Governor Hughes by 50,000 over .Lieutenant Gov
ernor Low! 4 Stayvcsant Chattier la, one of the big surprises of the
election.' ' Ho developed run-expected strength up-stnto, overcoming
tho plurality given Chanlor" Jn tho city. 1 '.
Johnson, tho Republican', jp.obably has ben clected'In'North Da
kota over Burke, tho Domocrat.
Governor Warner, of Michigan, probably hns been defeated by L.
T. Hemans, tho Domocrat, thoough tho state Is fiafoly Republican
Chances favor tho olectlon oftijo Democrats In the' hot, contests
In Indiana,' Nebraska and Minnesota.
Governor John A. Johnson hm been re-elected In Minnesota but
by a reduced plurality. Mashnll, Domocrat, has carried Indiana
undor Temarknble circumstances, as tho state went for Taft and jilt
6th6r Democrats on tho Btato ticket wero beuton. Shnllenbergor
probably Is winner In Nobrnjku though It Is still In doubt.
Govornor Davidson, Republican has carried Wisconsin, according '
to tii6 returns today,
' Othor governors' olocted are.' Aneol, Democrat, South Carolina;
VcBBey, Republican, Bouth Dakota;, Patterson, Domocrat, Tonno.s
soo; Campbell, Democrat, Toxns;- Spry, Republican, Utah; Cos
grove Ropubllcnn, Washington; Glasscock, Republican, West Vir
ginia. In Missouri the race botwoon Hndloy, Republican and Cowherd,
Democrat, Is doubtful and the rosult cannot bo predicted positively.
Tho samo condition oxhtB In Ohio where Harmon, Democrat, and
Harris, Republican, both claim election.
Mormon Carry Everything, wo would enrry the state. Counties
' Bait Lake, Utah, Nov. 4. Returns that should havo glvon us majorities
today show Utah ovorwhclmlngly went the other wny. It, was ovldent
Ropubllcan. The Republican ticket ly a Ropubllcnn landslide."
carries Utah county with pluralities Sari Francisco Nov. 4. Returns
ranging from '8000 to 8000. Tho from all portions of tho state UiIb
morriions' combined against tho nntl- afternoon Indlcnto that Hnn'y A.
Mormon or "American" party and I Malvln, Republican,, has boon oleotud
snowed thorn unUor. Not anoflldlal justice of tho supremo cqurt oyqr
was elected blf" tho . antl-Mormou Frank J. MurnBky, Domocrat, 'by' 11
ticket. hutjorlty of 27,000.
, u . fc '
Grovdfi Crtl., Nov. 4.
Eleven prcclnctitfbut of 28 lit Mon
toroy county gavo Taft f370, '-Bryan
780. Neodham, Republican, for
congress, 1230, Follr. 000.
Hcfcwt 'Anti-Graft Judge.
San. Francisco, Nov. 4. Two hun
dred and Bovonty-flvo precincts out
of ,300 in San Francisco, glvo Judge
Frank II. Dunne, Domocratlo and
Good Govornmont loaguo nomlnoo for
uporlor Judge a substantial plural
ity. Returns from those precincts in
dicate that Judgo Carroll Cook, Re
publican, has been defeated by a big
vote. (Jook was opposed by Attorney
'Francis J. Henoy and othor loador.s
of tho graft prosecution.
;Molvln run behind his ticket bo
causo of tho big majority given to
Judgo 'Murnaky in San Francisco.
ColumbUB, O,, Nov. 4. Noon re
turns indtcato a plurality or 80,000
for Taft. Harmon (Dom.) will prob
ably bo, elected i'govornor but the rest
of tho stnto ticket wll bo Republl
Missouri Republican.
KanaaB City, Mo.,' Nov. 4. Cow
herd, Democrat, this afternoon con
ceded tho olectlon of Hadloy, Repub
lican, his opponont for govornor of
Now. York, Nov. 4. rTnft's largost
voto was in Now York, whoro from
lato reports it was estlmntod ho hud
rocolvod a plurality of 2.10,398, ex
ceeding (tho Inndslldo plurnlity of
Roosoyolt four' years ago. Taft's big
eastern voto was n surprls'o to his
manngors who declare their delight
at tho result.
Washington, D. C, Nov. 4. Pros!
dohl Roosevelt today declared that,
tho' olectlon of Taft was.Ji "triumph"
ovor unwiso nnd ImpropoV radicalism,
as Taft's nomination wns a triumph
over reactionary conservatism,"
- (United Press Lcniied Wire.)
Chicago, Nov. 4. According to
figures given out at the headquarters
of the Republican congressional
committeo, the next ho.use will bo
made up of 218 Republicans and 173
Democrat1!, The poll by states, Indi
cated by reWtrns received at noon
Alabama, 0, Democrats; Arkansas,
7 Democrats; California, 8'Republ
cans; Colorado, ono Republican, two
Democrats; Connecticut, 5 Republi
cans; Dclnware, 1 Republican; Flor
ida, 3 Domocrats; Georgia, 11 Demo
crats; Idaho, 1 Republican; Illinois,
Id Republicans, C Democrats; Indi
ana, 4 Republicans, 9 Democrats;
Iowa, 9 Republicans, 2 Democrats
Kansns, 8 Republicans; Kentucky, ?.
Republicans, 9 Democrats; Louisiana
7 Democrats; Maine, 4 Republicans;
Maryland, 3 Republicans, 3 Domo
crats; Massachusetts, 11 Republi
cans, 3 Democrats; Michigan, 12 Ro
iwtbllcnna; Mlnensota', 8 Republicans.
1 Dcmocrnt; Mississippi, 8 Demo
crats; Mltrourl, 2 Republicans, 14
Donioci'Ms; Montnna, 1 Republican;
Nebraska. 4 Republicans, 2 Demo
crats; Novndo 1 Democrat; New
Hampshire, 2 Republicans; Now Jer
sey, 7 Republicans, 2 Democrats;
New York, 26 Republicans, 11 Demo
crats; North Carolina, 10 Domocrats;
N'orth Dakota, 2 'Republican?; 'Ohio.
10 Republicans, 0 Democrat's; Okla
homa, 1 Republican, 4 Democrats;
Oregon, 2 Ropubllcnn; Ponsylvnnla.
27 Republicans, 5 Democrats; Rho'do
Island, 1 Republican, ,1 Democrat;
South Carollnn, 7 Democrats; South
Dakota, 2 Republicans; Tennosseo, 2
Republicans, 8 Democrats; Texas, 16
Domocrats; Utah, 1 Republican; Ver
month, 2 Republicans; Vlrginin. 1
Ropubllcnn, 9 Democrats; Washln-?-iton,
3 Republicans; West Virginia, 6
RopubUcaiiB; Wisconsin, 10 Republi
cans, l poniocrnt; Wyoming, 1 lt.
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Tokiq, NoV, 4 All Japan Is de
lighted today at the outcome of tho
presidential election In tho United
States, and tho local papers in vari
ous cities Issued extras announcing
tho victory of Judgo Taft. Tho Jap
anese are particularly pleased at the
endorsement of tho administration
of President Roosevelt, whom they
look upon as their good friend.
PreUdent-olect Taft is well re
membored nnd much admired in Ja
pan, many rererences to uis visii 10
this country Inst year bqlng pub
lished today.
Tho fact that the Democratic par
ty on the Pacific coast made an Is
sue of Japanese exclusion also makcB
tho source n result bf gratification,
as tno people consider n a roouico
by their American friends, who, the
visit of the fleet bus led them to be
llovo are In the majority.
PROTECT "ovk 0ct.
They ro too valuabl
to bft e. .. l
hnlltr. vnn-.M t ,l,.,i :. '" OLYH'l
t. 11 li V' Jl ""u 'Wlllitt!
tun i nciy it, ii yum uooKCijse is
siyic soiiu coiijirucuon. Belter r
' tho trt. .
of r,r-"'W
.ni , ;, rs
Fargo, N. D N,ov. 4. Taft's plu
rality in North Dakdta according to
late returns today will reach 30,000.
The pluralltlea on tho Renubllcitit
state itieket with the oxeOptJon tj(
juwmkjb v'un'UBiifHj, tor governor,
Ap fro ?0iOQO.
1 Ma.r(gll 14 U thelftepublcan
J'rimary for ifttifiation tojthe sons
rhlp and W itlon is concerted.
!, Lincoln,, ffW.ov. 4. Brya)a
elept BOtindta.lMtilKkti and aroM
thin mornln, S p'clook. aparently
refreshed apaiJa'BSod jplfttB. After
reading tk.:iiiHn!ng papere.ke najd
.KxWQM wa,ti WrwcMiiletj
return Triip JWdHnaa, Ohio, West
Vifklula RjIliaVjjCR ltforj!MM
MeHtlaK'on the outcojM jof )kiltO'
t'loH, cc'l . T. . . ..
TwUhIo a'ajfti PjHiwIty. "
Toledo, 0., Nov, i, O.filqlal re-
turnn today show Brynn gaining in
Lucas county. '''jTaft, howe'Ver, wjll
probably rcculvo a plurality of 3,000.
, 4
,'St. Paul, -Minn.. Nov; .4-Tnft'H
plurality, an approximated front .to
day's returns, w)l reach 100,000 In
Mjnnosotn. This is 71,000 less thnn,
ito?s9Y0lt lUvd four yours, g0,
Jnhnaon (Demi will bo oloctod
KnVovhor by from 8000 to 12,000
plurality. For congrosa Hammond
(Dent) defeated McCloary (Rep) by
aVout 1500. Tho remaining, eight
congressmen aro Itopublk'anB.
Francisco, Nov,
froM all over th it a to ludlcato that
i Indlntut Democratic
Indlanapollo, Ind., Nov. 4. Con
gressman Overstreet today admitted
hlB dofoate by Charles At Kol-nly
(JaV), aid CoBgressHian Landls ad
mitted Jj!B,defeat byMorrlgpn (Dem.)
by J,M ve. This -will gve, tho
Dentocrats pjae congfeBmea and 13
8ta,e senatora. The ehjuWIcan cd.at
mlUemen are admitting tjiat the leg
laWe will bo pifjiQcratlo aad. that
a Tmoorat .will aucceed Hemeaway
(Rep.) In the United, States senate.
I?es,!Molnefl, la., Nov, i Late re
turnBJjdicate that AW, T. Jatnlen
will probably defeat Congreeeman. W
P. Hepbjir (RepjRepubUcans aro
claiming to have evened matters by
tho olectlon or Kondall (Rep.) over
Hamilton (Dem.).
1 HHPUiiLicAN itur-r;
Dos Mtilnes, la., NbvT 4. Tho Re
publicans of tho stnto aro "getting
together" today In n general move
ment for hnrmony, following tjo
.totnlnntloii of Governor A. R. Cum
mins ror United., States Bonator nt
tho, primary yesterday, and thd ok'c
tlon of Taft nnd Govornor Carroll,
giving, tho party Its former powor J)i
tho stnto.
It is thought that the olectlon of
Cummins will put nn end to tho bit
tor fond that has neon conducted so
long betweon tho stand-patters nnd
iiio progressives In tlto party. It 1b
bellovod thb ol dtroublo that Uont tho
legislature deadlocked for wcokB this
fall will not roap'peaV, "
Rotttrns ' today Indlcato that
estimated Republican plurality
40,000 prdbablyvas too low.
Seattle,' S'ov, 4. Washington stato
has Joined In tho InndMlde for Taft.
The heavy vote'" and the slow count
makes it Impossible to determine ac
curately the extent of tho Rpublt-
enn victory, but It Is certnln
Washington gives Taft n plurality -of
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L" w" ""Vll
Yrokn. Cnl.. Nov. 4. After nti v.
tna citing nlght rldo to escape n 9royd
of I'ortugcso laborers, bont on lynch
at lenst'4r,,000 exceeding by 15,000 ,ng hm Donny lJfaoh convlotod of
the pre.imlnary estlma'e of Stato tno mUrdor of j08 h s,lv ft pop.
Chairman nonruller. Tho entire Re-' tuge80 .fft t0(, michod tho
publican stnto ticket Is -elected by
mnjorlt'e; that run well uu with tho
nrfslder.Mal tlcke-t; Mint the legisla
ture Is ov-rwhelmlngly Republican
although on Dcmocrnt gets in from
Stevens co-mty, possibly a Democratic
senator from ,M30n, Kitsap nnd Ial-
Jull hero, from, which ho escaped last
Hnzpl wandered through tho
country ,untll forced by hunger to nsk
food nt tho homo of J. L. Crenshaw
last night. Crenshaw gavp him
BnmnHltnrf trk nnt nntl ftinn nnllfl.wl
nnfl Tlnirn' nrt ilnnlit Hinf Wnalnv . . T- ' ..
. . ..... . . .. .. . tho shorl, ffat Yrokn. Tho news of
union high fechbol forij
nnu Monmouth. Th? prml
ciuul'b n general awaktalng jj
cuy up mo river.
Now Mexico ItepaMIrt
Santa Fo, N. M., Nor. t.-il
ritorlnl Democratic coma
horo today conceded th rum
of Congressional Delegate ,
Tho legislature will pfokblyfci
L. Jones will bo elected to tho Unl
ted Stn'ns senatd next .Tnnunry to
Ktcc-jed Senator Ankny.
The ptntn ticket falls but little bo
low ith Taft voto. Counts tickets
are goueraly Republican, Hero and
there a fnv Democrnt'c ofllcla's havo
got In spnte of the pattern Wnshlng
ton eduntioilbut tlio'y nre exceptions.
It is estimated that at least 18G.000
votes' we're' cast 'Jn tho stato. Tho
Democrats made their chief" showing
on Bryan. Th6 Socialists cast ap-
Hazel'B capturo reached tho Portu
gese laborers, and a lynching party
wan formed.
Hazel bogged Crenshaw to taka
him to tho Jail, and Cronahaw, heav
ily armed, sot out. Ho was mot by
deputy Bhqrlffs, and, nftor a fast rldo,
Hazel waB safely landed In Jnll.
How to Tren't a Sprain.
Spraliisswollihgii 'and lameness
nre promptly relieved by Chamber
lain's Liniment. This liniment re
duces inflammation and soreness so
Taft will hay a plurality of 75,009
la California. Reports front the
ffiountala oottytles, coming la slowly,
out down the' Immense lead of the
Republican candidate, but It Beens
ertHln that he wit) have at least
"We .will hav a nrwraMtyBtm,
Q aMly,'' -akl Gfaara) George
Stoae; state XetpuMtoaa manager.
'ThU )eetl shw MMt CaUfralk
gawoUry MutVit the Deaw
oratle tate atfal aialtoal
te4aV: a v
141, l 1,-mA ..Lo 1 4 J WA
MA11YIjANI goks ovUu
Now YorkNoY. 4, Tho Republi
can ptatp central committeo today
cpneoded Maryland to Rryan. The
stato has 8 electoral votei. Late re
ports show, that hundreds of votei
w?rq thrown but on account ofscom.
plications in the balloting Bystom.,
Until thl evening Chairman Hitch
cock and other' HfJubllcan leader
Were confldonl the stnto hnd been
swung, for Taft,
Sua Vranclsco, Nov. 4, Re.turna
from all tho legislative districts In
tho stnto Indicate that tho .Republi
cans will have reduced majorities in
both the uMwmibly and the sonata nt
,th nogjt scsalqn, of the legislature.
Tho DomocrawjtaVeelectod 13 nteni
bera out of 80 In tho assembly, w(h
vevoral more districts, doubtful. 'Hia
Domocrats kaye also elected three
senators, which wHI give thQnt ton
members out of 40 In the somite.
ISelf Pr5ervation,
ia tka trat taw natnrt ," and tk'
first let( lf-frvatlH k
keaHh. " Prtot yr kaaltk igtjmt
iM '?eainew ttk, tod keep well
TW x
Alt' .J-iiw.
BHliiiHBBVBuilWiiH IMitkiaitV .1W SVV
unicago, Hi, Nov. 4. -Tho Romib-
llcan national congressional cp'mmlU
iw uuvuirun mio toaay tnat, aa. a ro
ault of "tho legislative olocUon, tho
ronowing Btntes would bo loft with
ono Republican und oho Democratic
Bonator In tho United States sonatn;
Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky,
Nevada and Oregon,
, Tho following will havo two Dom
ocrntle senatofs in tho upper houfee:
Alabama, Arkansas, Florida. Louisi
ana. Maryland, Mississippi, North
Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carollnn,
Tonncssoe, Texas and West Virginia
proximately 12,000 votb as nearly
as. can ho dotermlhed with returns, that a sprain may bo cured in about
which show only nbout 40 por. cent',on-t1h,irJl -thQ. tlrro. roqulrcd by the
A Ilrokca Bfk.
That pain in your betk m(
inmuago, stilT muKlee or i its
nn easy thine to kImM t
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tism, wmbaco, soreiMitlfi
Btrnlns, sprnlna, cuti, tii )nw
scnius ana an ncnetaMnm.
need a bottlo In yovr bent
dj an aeaiers. vt
. . j . rHl
Almost two to ,(,,
Los Angolos, Cal., S. ir
pleto runoIQclal returw Imlen J
gelcs city and coustr fWe TiA'l
179; Bryan,' 14,511. Far)
sovonth district, J. MoLkWh I
publican) 23,651; J. R.R,(1
ocrat) 16,886.
Washington, D; C, Nov, 4 It Is
.presumed that tho first official an-
houncoVnont by Taft will be tho ap
pointment of a now cabinet Follow
ing are aome of tho. suggested pres
ent aspirants:
SeoVo'tary of stato,' Meyer.
Secretary of tho treasurer, Loeb.
.' Secretary of tho navy, Newberry.
Postmaster-Genoral, Hitchcock. ,
Secretary of agriculture., Plnchot,
A.ttorndyVgeneral, Frank B. Kol-logg.
(Dlt4 lrM Lnh4 Wire)
Albuquerque, N. M.,Nov, 4. A;
cused of buying four awadfred votes.
J. Porter Jones, secretary of the ter
ritorial .Republican committee Is un
der arrtol toiif.
,L Jenee, who was directing the enm-
gn Mi.w, h AMrews annate
for raeJeXloa.as rllprlal delagatii
Kwnmfs. -wh a.reetHlMieljt
attor tbel.U cle., Jl ww,glYe
a kWiand hM, tiadar ,110,tl
of tho vote8'caBt, 'Tho Prohibition
ists mnde their usual showing nnd
cast probably' abqut 3500 votes.
:. , o U. -'
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